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"oklahoma state bureau investigation" Discussed on Reverie True Crime

"Life did not matter as much or that she just wandered off. This man is merely making assumptions. And it's crystal clear why they did not do much at all for aubrey and our family. He claims that they made one hundred follow up contacts in her case but never found anyone or england leads that could point them towards any location of where she might be. Aubrey and her uncle christian fencer were only a few months apart in age and they were the best of friends christian said quote growing up. We knew we were different. In quote christian is gay an early on. that's how. Aubrey identified herself as well. A lighter on and haas school as mentioned earlier she identified as transgender christian sang her praises for being so strong and her authentic self through all the bullying and disrespect. Her goal was to always make people feel included and comfortable and their own skin. Kirschstein said she never wanted anyone to feel lonely or out of place because he thinks that's how she felt and she didn't want anyone else to feel that way. One strange thing was aubrey in christian. Talked all the time but right before she went missing. She wasn't communicating with him like usual. He may have heard from her every few weeks. And he found that extremely odd pam's children curtian and aubrey were all pretty close in age. So they were always together. Pam said she thinks. Aubrey driving along singing all country songs. She said quote she just fell in love with the song. You're the reason god made. Oklahoma pam recalled them all singing it together and having the greatest time over the past. Two years aubrey's family has received incredible national hell and support from indigenous groups. They've gotten together with the family to raise more awareness about aubrey's disappearance also. They've organized and led multiple searches for her many times. The m m i. W's usa a dedicated group that helps cases involving murder and missing indigenous women in america would step in an aide. In these efforts. aubrey's aunt pam has been very pleased with the group calling them phenomenal and an asset for families. Going through something such as this. The i searched for. Aubrey was on march. Twenty third twenty nineteen. There was a sop with possible glut on it recovered a half a mile away from the family's home this sock was given to the oklahoma state bureau. Investigation a conclusive outcome was never given to auguries. Family pan said there were so many red flags and strangely there were family. That should have been helping them. Look for aubrey. But they just weren't why this makes me sada the family for two reasons either. They didn't care or is it possible. A family member was involved when a search cardi came from louisiana texas and arkansas along with oklahoma city and canine teams three months later. They searched for a week and attempt steered them to a shallow grave and there was a black jacket right beside it. This was near cynwyd. The kanaan's also led them to a pond close by but even after emptying three feet of water and searching the pon there was nothing members of the family. Were responsible for giving over items aubrey's dna on it to compare to anything found. Everything was coming back inconclusive. Pam said the family was not even helping. So how could they trust them to give aubrey's dna they may have given them anyone's dna aubrey's close family will not give up. Her mother isn't talking at least answering any questions. From the media outlets there are only a few mentions of her mother's boyfriend that i found police did receive a tip that aubrey's mother's boyfriend had actually stated that he murdered aubrey. However this chip has never been able to be confirmed and he has not been named a suspect records. Do show that assault and battery. Charges were dropped on march first days before she disappeared. These charges were against aubrey for fighting with her mother's boyfriend. According to the cherokee phoenix in january of twenty twenty one oklahoma representative daniel pay fouled a bill to create the aubrey alert. The bill aimed to send alerts for missing adults within cherokee nation. The bill was later. Renamed the casey alert which is in reference to cherokee native casey russell who went missing from seminole oklahoma. In twenty sixteen according to cherokee phoenix. Dot org the casey alert woodson a public notification when people from the ages of eighteen to fifty five are reported missing and believed to be in danger like amber alerts for children and silver awards for older people. The house public safety committee returned the bill with ado pass recommendation on a six to to vote but it never made it to the chamber floor. Oklahoma's fifty seventh legislator will reconvene and february of twenty twenty two but the bill must receive a house vote before that deadline or the bill will die. Pam said that. The name change of the bill from the aubrey alert.

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