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Are You Ready for Rolling Blackouts for Fire Weather Season?

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02:27 min | 2 years ago

Are You Ready for Rolling Blackouts for Fire Weather Season?

"If you're in oregon. Washington california. Idaho montana nevada colorado wyoming arizona. Nevada already said nevada new mexico. Let's go into texas. Oklahoma north south dakota any of you guys and even further east. I'm talking to you. Because i honestly think that we this is going to be the season where we really see. Power companies reducing their liabilities by turning off power. When they're worried about a power line coming down to wind or storm lighting natural vegetation brush or crops on fire. So if you've got a couple forty eight hours of a heat storm. You know where you've got wind coming in it's dry storm and you're in the hundred degree range. Be careful you're probably gonna lose power so then you decide what you're going to do for your house because it could be one hundred degrees outside and tell you what food does not last long and refrigerator when it's one hundred degrees inside your house. It's just not that efficient. So you're gonna lose a lot of stuff. Are you ready with a generator. Are you ready to go someplace. Because we're not just talking one little area. You could have an entire metropolitan area get shut down on power so there's no going to a hotel star localized power outage this would be a large blackout event. So make sure that you have got extra water. Put away the. You've got all these things to make sure that you're ready to go in case of emergency. I think this is going to be one of those years. We're going to see that ramp up and see a lot more of this. They've sure been looking at it. Testing it along You know across the west coast. So i've got a generator that can run for days on end to run my house. It was Strong enough to run my air conditioning and refrigerators not so worried about the about the water heater and the lights. I can survive that in the summertime. Even though it would run that but i i i'd be pushing it by running the water heater and all that stuff with the a c at the same time. But you get my

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