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"One thousand KT. Okay. AM and K X Y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Today for the twenty fourth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing today, we may laugh. We may cry. But we will not say goodbye. Because we come here. To remember state supreme court Justice. Stephen Taylor chairs, the Oklahoma City memorial foundation, a terrorist bomb destroyed the P Murrah federal building on April nineteenth nineteen ninety-five killing one hundred sixty eight people today's service featured one hundred sixty eight seconds of silence, and family members and survivors reading the names of the victims and Oklahoma teenager, charged with murder, rape and other felonies following a twenty seventeen string of crimes Tulsa says. He does not want to take back his guilty pleas. The on fourth reports seventeen year old Deontay green pleaded guilty last month to first degree murder and nineteen other counts in a blind plea greens attorneys later filed to withdraw the plays in part because they say green didn't know at the word guilty meant green was sixteen when he was accused of killing broken arrow middle school teacher, Shane Anderson and raping an eighty one year old woman, he set to be sentenced in July and could get life in prison. You're listening to the Oklahoma news network to people were. Killed overnight in a head on crash. West of a token, the southeast part of the state highway patrol says forty five year old Scott Miller of Tokyo, hit a deer in the roadway. Swerved across the centerline striking a pickup truck driven by fifty nine year old Dilbert biles byles died at the scene. Miller died after being taken to a hospital. A man hunt is underway. In Ardmore for a man. Police say may have committed multiple sex crimes against children, they say forty year old whore. Hey, Maldonado hasn't been showing up at work and maybe trying to get back to Mexico to avoid arrest. A suspect now in custody for allegedly breaking into this rather elementary school in some inal earlier this week and setting fires inside the school. Forty five year old Philip done. Some was arrested in Holden Ville after a traffic. Stop the Seminole county. Sheriff's office has tips began pouring in after surveillance. Video was released Dunton is being held on one million dollars bond. A suspect accused of fatally stabbing in Oklahoma man in flagstaff Arizona last month, pleading not guilty twenty seven. Year old feeling Conley reportedly called in the stabbing of thirty nine year old Jason Kent heart of Koita to police after the March twenty ninth incident court documents show Conley got into a fight with heart in a wooded area. East of flagstaff heart died of the scene. No drought in Oklahoma state climatologist,.

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