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"okinawa avi" Discussed on Stories Podcast

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"okinawa avi" Discussed on Stories Podcast

"Hello, welcome to stories podcast. I'm your host. Amanda Weldon today story is called the giant's causeway, an adaptation of the Irish folk tale written for you by Daniel Hynes today. We'd like to say a special thank you to jewel and Jordan and bear family, Ryan and Allison and their family in Newton, Massachusetts. Sarah and her family from Okinawa AVI and lily, and their family Nathan and his family THEO, and George and the rest of the Kelly family from wrath guard Dublin Ireland and Dmitry Nellie and their family. Thank you so much, Nellie. Dmitri George, the oh, Nathan lily AVI. Sarah, Allison Ryan, Jordan and jewel. You are part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce. Fun new stories for our listeners. If you would like to support stories, podcast, you can leave us a five star review on itunes or just tell a friend about us. You can also head over to patriot dot com slash stories and make a monthly donation for just. One dollars a month. You can listen to all of our new episodes and our entire back. Catalogue ad free. Now here's a word from our sponsors. Stories podcast is brought to you by chase. So you're ready to buy your first home at chase. They know you you've done the rental thing you've done the roommate thing, you've done the ask the landlord for permission to paint thing, now, it's time to do your own thing. Buy your first home with chase and make it yours with the money. They'll save you overtime. Chase will save you money in the long run by showing you how you can lower your monthly payments. That's money, you can spend on decorating your new place, which is good. Because your roommate owned most of the old furniture chase customers save more. Learn more at chase dot com slash stories. Chase make more of what's yours. All home lending products, are subject to credit and property approval rates program. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, not all products, are available in all states or for all amounts. Other restrictions and limitations apply. Home lending products offered by J P Morgan Chase Bank at a, an equal housing lender with today's distractions and busy schedules. It's.

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