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"odem hatem" Discussed on Marty and McGee

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"odem hatem" Discussed on Marty and McGee

"Y'all listen Morgan radio, we had our own there all the time. Nanna Lynn call. She loves Mark stoops because he was on this show. She called us. She goes and that warp in Kentucky, they just keep touchy winning. I mean, she loves. That now in the Ristori one Hello cooter. We'll talk about football. So football. That was a ridiculous reductive win. When you say Kentucky football right now. Yeah. What enters the mind is so different from what used to enter that used to be Tilleke? Yeah. Now, it's they got shot to win the SEC's they'll Saturday night against a really good Georgia team coming off this unbelievable victory in Columbia, Missouri against coach them in. The tigers. All it looked like coach Odem Hatem. It looked like they had. But the resilience of the Kentucky. Wildcats look at this celebration. There's been a lot of great locker room celebrations, the stage. Oh, yeah. And the well coordinated fist pump, and the chant the chant is this. Get it. A bellies out of his sweater on. Those Nike monarch those, you know, Costco, shoes that are nice. They come out the bin. Where? No matter what kind of shoes you wear long as you win a game. This this might already be the greatest history season. The history Kentucky football fate up. Because so these are the games that. Look at this. So. It looks like the ceiling of the Paris. Berg Baptist church basement when bones and Joe bears. Scotty and me play basketball against we didn't have a goal we use the lower the that the thing that hung down. Go tore up. The whole sealant of the church. Momma wasn't happy. Well, that will also like the ceiling of the Fred old elementary school library when we had the science fair and boy Schoenholtz he accident launch does model rocket in the library. And it went. That'll leave a Mark up into the ceiling. Did he go space camp when you know, I wouldn't space cabin. But I don't know what the space camp McGee would space camp and. Will this leave the command commander, man? I I wanted to Kobe..

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