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"october subaru" Discussed on The Thrive Global Podcast

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"october subaru" Discussed on The Thrive Global Podcast

"Today. We'll bring you a story from Sadie. Who found a great reward award at the end of a long road dealing with infertility after two years trying to conceive she and her husband received a life changing call that made them parents overnight? sadie story of perseverance has really inspired me. And I hope it does the same for you. Me and my husband actually met online on this online dating website right. I had just moved to Houston three or four months prior so I was just kind of dabbling trying to meet friends stuff like that. Just because I was new to the city so we matched on there and it was like. Oh I'm glad swiped right wasn't on tinder but it was a match. The two were deeply in love. It wanted to start having having kids as soon as possible from the very beginning like my husband and I always talked about having kids and everything like that. You know. That's what you do. You follow them. Oh you get married. You have kids best routine in October of two thousand seventeen. I got my birth control taken out because I had heard that it takes a few months for a woman's his body to get back to normal after birth control and I have been on birth control consecutively for four years so I was trying to just get ready for after the wedding so that that we could start trying like right away. I got the birth control taken out in October and then every month from them. We're just kinda trying you know tracking that kind of thing. I had went to like my doctor to get them to run different tests. Lab work stuff like that just to see like if everything was okay and as far as data tell everything was normal they just kept saying like. Oh maybe you're not getting pregnant because of your weight. So they encouraged me to you know work out stuff like that and I've always has been super active like I was an athlete in high school and Middle School. That kind of thing. I've just always been on the larger side so that was mainly the thing that they were telling me was like. Oh if you lose lose weight you'll get pregnant right away. CD had a choice to make for me. It was like I have family history of diabetes and things like that and it's always been super important to me not to pass that kind of thing onto my kids and I mean even if I didn't they didn't have it like you know like it's still a possibility but I wanted to just do everything I could to be healthy enough to raise kids. Keep up with my kids that kind of thing so I mean. I had tried everything I was going to the gym regularly. I was eating right and I just just wasn't losing as much weight and it wasn't. It's not really the wait for me because I embraced by positively and everything like that but it was more of. I'm not getting pregnant and it's because of my weight so I was trying to do everything that could so when I found out that my health insurance covered the surgery than I was on it right away like from the very beginning so in February of Twenty nineteen. I had gastric bypass surgery. which is weight loss surgery where they remove about seventy five percent of your stomach so that way you physically can't eat as much as you used to so? I had that surgery in February of Twenty nineteen and within the first month I had already lost like thirty pounds. Wants and I'm down a total of eighty right now oozing. An excessive amount of weight can change a person's fertility. But when you have a weight loss surgery like CD did doctors. I will say to wait a year to a year and a half before trying to conceive but CD didn't WanNa wait. She wanted to get pregnant but even with her surgery. It just just wasn't happening they call it a peo- a s added which is a pianist. Stick addict because like you get so obsessed with wanting to to get pregnant that you are literally taking a test every day like oh my cycles lake. Maybe I'm pregnant but everybody knows that it could be it. Could be a number of things and and then like when you're trying to get pregnant because you know when you ovulate you can start testing like twelve days after ovulation which is way before your miss period so so I was like obsessed in like taking tests regularly like I was taking tests with me to work so I could take a test at work in every time like I would take her tests it was negative and there was at one point where I had swore Assad line on the test and me and my husband like we're like okay. We're GONNA get excited because we don't know if this is real and then the second. We started getting excited was Maasai cocaine and I had went to the emergency room and everything and they were like. Oh it looks like you had an early miscarriage. was that kind of thing. But they wouldn't really say like if I was pregnant or not because they hadn't been able to test me for pregnancy at the beginning so it was like we ended up grieving miscarriage that we ended up finding out later on that I wasn't actually pregnant. So it's like you have line is like you WanNa see a positive line on a test so bad that you stare at it and you stare they are added until you see the line more with Sadie after a quick break. The Subaru Love Promise is a commitment Emmett made by Subaru in its retailers to right by the communities in which we all live and work according to the SPCA about six point. Five million companion in animals enter shelters every year in an effort to help each October Subaru retailers cluck new supplies to donate to local animal organizations in their community the Subaru also donate starter kits for new adopting families since two thousand fifteen Subaru. It's retailers and the local animal organizations wins have helped more than one hundred and forty four thousand animals across the country as someone who loves animals. I appreciate the commitment Subaru and it's retailers have made to help and care for these animals. Every little bit helps to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit Subaru dot com slash. Love Dash Promise I'm calling Balfe. Welcome back to love. Love what matters city went back to her. Obgyn who referred her to till it specialists. They ran tests on me and found out that like I was fine in completely an an they test on my husband and found out that we actually had male factor infertility. That's not something that we talk about a lot just because it's kind of personal. Oh but they told us basically like our options were to either adopt or do IVF and like the cost of IBM. It's like eighteen thousand plus each cycle. So it's like a huge expense and you don't know if you're actually going to get pregnant once we found out like that was our option. Oh the cost is way too expensive for. IVF cost is way too expensive for adoption. Maybe we're just meant to be godparents like we have two daughters and I was like well. Maybe that's we're supposed to do may were supposed to be ants to our nieces and I've always been really go. Kids time with my husband. Maybe we were literally just put on this earth to help other people take care of their kids and we just gave up. I mean it was hard but at the same time it was like a stress reliever because we had been spending so much time being obsessed with trying to get pregnant trying to get pregnant traffic pregnant that it was just taken a toll on us as individuals. It's not so much as on our relationship but just us individuals like me not feeling worthy him. Not Feeling worthy like. Why is this happening for me? So it was becoming like a thing where our whole lives were revolved around date so we were just like you know what I think is just time we take a step back in whenever something supposed to work out for us than it'll happen whenever we least least expected. It was late Wednesday night. CDs Family was preparing to go on a four day cruise to Mexico. But CD wasn't joining both she. And Jarvis Service had just started. New Jobs couldn't get off work but CDS. Little sister had forgotten her life jacket and see what the drop it off. That's when Zaid's best friend friend texted her she said Hey. Would you ever be interested in fostering or adopting a baby and I was like well. Yeah of course but the the cost for that is so expensive I was like. I don't know how anybody could actually afford that like. I'm twenty three. I don't have fifty thousand dollars just sitting around for Friday right so I just told her like yeah would but. I don't think that it's a realistic situation. And she kind of just told me like hey will I may have some. I may know of a couple. Oh that's looking to place baby up for foster care or for adoption in. I told them that I thought that you would be fit. And I was like okay and it was Kinda just I kind of blew it off because I was like. There's no way in heck that this is just GonNa fall out. The Sky. CD Jarvis discussed the idea of fostering the child and agreed we do it. They were worried about getting attached but at the end of the day they wanted to help a child in need so then we told them yeah. We'll foster the baby. Then the next they called back and said the birth parents have decided that they want you guys to adopt the baby instead and we were like what and I'm at work like literally in training in this class where I'm supposed to be learning computer systems and things so I'm sitting there and I get this phone call and I walk out into the hallway and I'm standing on the third floor. Where like all the like? CEO's and stuff are and I'm standing there in this social worker is telling me like they want you to adopt the baby. They have made it. Click to me. was she say you need to spend the weekend and start getting stuff together and I was like what do you mean she was like. You need a car seat. And why a car seat are you serious yesterday or the day before yesterday. I didn't even know anything about a baby after for almost two years of trying to have a baby. seedy Jarvis were finally being offered the chance to be parents. He was already a week and a half old At this point so he had already been born. It wasn't like we had a lot of time to prepare like most people when they adopt they find out while the birth parents are still pregnant but we found out way after after the fact it just happened so fast and it just came totally out the blue so I was in the hallway at work on the floor like literally I had slid down the wall and I was sitting sitting on the floor. Like sprawled out. Basically on the phone with the caseworker and then I had to hang up with her and called my husband and try to explain to him. And I'm like I wish I would have just called you on three way because I don't even I feel like I'm missing stuff. I don't know if I'm giving you all the information. It was just very overwhelming keeper world. Walking past me looking at me like I was crazy for sitting on a hospital floor and I was. It's just like there's some crazy stuff going on this phone. It was exciting. I was trying not to get too excited. Just because I didn't know they were going to change their minds or if it was even real but the birth parents didn't change their mind that next Tuesday. CDN Jarvis signed the paperwork at ten am directly after they went to go meet their son and for the very first time his name was Ezra more with Sadie after a quick break. The Subaru Love Promises. This is a commitment made by Subaru retailers. Do Right by the communities in which we all live and work. That's why Subaru partners with organizations across the nation to give back by delivering blankets to cancer patients patients donating supplies to animal shelters interning harder. Recycle waste into usable items. Like Park. Benches Subaru knows. Good things don't always happen by default. Sometimes the good is found in the daily choices that we make to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit Subaru dot com slash. Love Dash Promise. What is it that makes us human connects us? I would just climb up and sit and hold her and she wouldn't say anything. What are those moments that turned the ordinary into extraordinary? She would actually really make sure she took off work. So I wouldn't have to chemo by myself. I'm calling valve host of the new podcast love. What matters presents your story in my podcast? I'll be sharing real stories of love and compassion from real people all over the country. Listen and subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. 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