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"ocho chizik" Discussed on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

"If i don't say my wife my wife's ever go on so to me. I wanted to in the last few years. Because i saw americana turn Going back to a little bit of conservative roots trying to be again and not worry about the rest of the world and canada took in my opinion you know whatever a turn for the worst like where they were getting away get to be just left alone and live your life to me i think ultimate and i think a lot of people here you know. Take that for granted in the us. And if you. I know americans don't really care about a lot of canadian politics and stuff like that but if you knew some of the things that were going on in your backyard you it'd be very alarming to you and so in that raising my children I wanted them to be. Us citizens I felt there was a little bit more opportunity here especially in sports like athletic guy. That never really got. Would you play i. I would've played a lot of football down here. I was a soccer. I with the pigskin but fog. Okay take it easy all american. Pa sorry take. We weren't johnny. I don't even know what you're talking about there. But i know ocho cinco tweeted something out about fifty minutes ago that i got a check out so ocho chizik you only soccer player at folly by stingy to me texas. Three down to to see left alone is what i think. A lot of people don't take for granted and that's why i wanted to be So always fascinated so like obviously like i got a lot of friends in the gas industry Like whether it's mike to sierra..

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