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"Report says that Twenty-eight Phoenix police at a twenty Phoenix police. Shootings to use tasers Phoenix police officer deployed their tasers and just seven percent of cases. That involve officer gunfire in the first six months. Of, two thousand eighteen now we've talked about how violence against the police has gone up and specifically about. The Phoenix police department is this number? Too low to high why is it only? To tasers versus twenty. Eight Phoenix police shootings let's. Talk to Darren Birch now he's got thirty years law enforcement many with the Phoenix PD retired Phoenix police sergeant and author of, the new book twisted but true about his. Life, and law enforcement Darren is this number high? Or low to you twenty eight to No I think it? Sounds about right What's more important is looking at individual cases to. See if that was, appropriate or not that type of weapon a tasers. A very specialized, tool that has limitations so you wouldn't you say in a liberal type exchange for somebody with a gun or somebody charging you with a knife because of the distance that the taser. Propels probes is a limited distance appointee so if a single obstacle is, out there with a with. Justice, teaser he's gonna end up dead yeah that's kind of, what I thought if a man is let's say that you gotta suspect who's. Scott a knife and I'm the cop I'm. Not pulling my taser opponent my. Firearm that could cut. Right through. Me that's a deadly weapon. I'm not I'm not screwing around here I'm not going to try and, taste you if you've got a knife especially if you have a gun while. I'm, not even looking at my teaser Yeah there are scenarios but. They're very very unique where you have somebody with a night they're threatening but they're not charging and you may have multiple authors that's the perfect plan that you could then deployed peyser officers lives at. Risk because they have their service weapon out so there are those scenarios, but again the scenario would. Dictate, whether officer would would be able to have a watch, free appointing a taser Darren birches joining us and I would think that do. You usually use a taser if someone is. Resisting arrest like if one officer. Has the guy kinda. Down and. He's struggling and he's moving. And he doesn't wanna be arrested is that isn't that when are you, tell me if I'm wrong isn't that when most officers deploy the teacher taser Really depends. On a, particular police they all. Have their different general orders or operational procedures as it. Dictates the use of keizer However I can't say before I left, the with the Phoenix you weren't able use? Your, taser within uncooperative, combative individual but, again teaser you don't wanna use it around anybody. Who's pregnant, you don't want to use it somebody that you say. Has a health problem maybe your heart condition so there's limitations to the keizer so I don't want to over use. It but I don't want. To you, said the best thing about tasers is always having the training and no shoot shoot scenarios and when, to use a taser. Because that's the best kind of training is 'cause there's so? Many specialized scenarios we couldn't? Even lift them in a day retired Phoenix police sergeant and author Darren Birch joins us over thirty years of police experience then then Darren? And I think I know the answer to, this but you tell me then why have one Why why have a taser then if. It's used so infrequently and if. Most calls it's necessary for you to have, a firearm and I. Don't wanna take firearms away from cops but why have the taser then because, it's the perfect toll for. Perfect situations just like obser- pleasant is a you know a threshold for you know to prevent that use of force just like verbal persuasion just like your Mace just like your side handle petanque just like. The you know what they call the beanbag. These are, all tools and collectively. They provide us with a less lethal alternative which is. Good even if it's seven percent because seven percent time STAN thought, that Darren one thing I don't understand is Tasers don't they don't do the job all the time, you could nail. A guy with a taser and for one reason, or another guy still, walking I don't get that part Oh it's happened to me I had a young officer there. Was a subject that was. Threatening a woman who was speeding Prager into an apartment the officer right fully soul. Was a plate of a, barricade situation, and was ready deploys teaser it was ineffective on him I went to grab. Him and throw him on the. Ground and I got paid so it. Depends on different you know drugs in their? System and. All sorts of other factors to include their. Clothing so it's not the perfect tool it's a great tool in certain situations what does it, feel like to get taste Fun Not specifically what is not, fun lock your, body what? Happened It does it if you picture you know, being executed when putting a sometime, metal device into, a outlet Now like that Overextended. Amount, of time luckily I was able to just hold onto the guy until the cycle is off and that was able to resume the fight retired Phoenix police. Sergeant and, author, Darren Birch Darren thank you for the insight as always have. A great weekend you guys to answer. Effort all week what does it feel like? To get taste not fun and it. Shouldn't be, fun I mean there's things, should not tickle but as we pointed out sometimes, they don't work but his Darren pointed out better to have that tool in your arsenal. Shirt. And not yes, so this again we always tell you read read more. Than the headline Twenty-eight Phoenix police shootings to use tasers, they, will? Well? Well? Why why what it's not, for every situation but neither is a. Gun fire aspects these days are more combative They're carrying a weapon and. I'll say it again if I'm a cop? You got a knife you ain't gonna. Taste wrangling, and get shot right because, if you come towards me with a knife that, how did deadly weapon and guess what I'm going home you might not be but I. Am. All right coming, up we've got the five o'clock KTAR news expansion fifteen. Minutes of commercial free non stop news traffic and weather, an, announcement? By? The? McCain family came down this, morning.

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