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"Movies. March twenty third nineteen thirty three Hollywood an orange sun is setting and there's an electric in the air in front of a newly constructed landmark of Hollywood Boulevard Grameen's Chinese theater. It is a spectacle the outside built to resemble a giant Chinese temple with ornate guardian lions to either side of its majestic entrance up close. The detail is overwhelming and already there's a new tradition of celebrities leaving their handprints in the concrete out front. The Chinese theater will become the most famous movie theater in the world in the forecourt in front of the entrance is ten foot tall paper machine bust an enormous eight. Of that tonight is the world premiere of radio pictures, King Kong, and crowds and 'paparazzi gather as cast arrived and infront they're greeted by Kong himself, a prop from the film. It's a spectacle. Like, no one has ever seen before. Inside is a Grand Palace adorned with rich golden engravings and long red curtains. The Chinese theater is built for the grandeur celebrity of Tinseltown. The first theater to have air conditioning. And tonight, it's hosting the debut of the most anticipated film of all time. King. Call is breathtaking. The stories epic the special effects are breakthroughs. They use clay stop motion animation for the giant apes climb. The Empire State building. And it's the music that steals the show a booming dramatic or textual score. By the great composer, max Steiner that makes Kong terrifying. When the lights go up. There's a thunderous applause. The film is a masterpiece and that music, but where's the orchestra? They're nowhere to be seen. Somehow found a way to fit the whole orchestra onto the dialogue track of the film. A breakthrough Hollywood escapism King Kong will become a spectacle making over two million dollars in the height of the great depression and become an inspiration for decades, particularly for a young Steven Spielberg and a young George Lucas. Summer nineteen Fifty-eight Twentieth Century Fox studios. Composer named Henry man Seaney has hired a talented young jazz pianist to record the theme for a television show called Peter Gunn. His name is Johnny Williams. Something like that. You think Henry perfect beautiful? Johnny is twenty nine years old happily married to a beautiful actress named Barbara Rick. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Hi, sorry to bother. You. Do you know where the studio cafe is? I'm supposed to be meeting. Some the studio lot is bustling. Johnny makes his way through the crap. He never considered show. Business is calling. But every show needed music and he loved to play over the years on the studio lot he developed friendships with other musicians. None more. So than Alfred Hitchcock's grumpy composer yard hermit way. Obeng Johnny the nod. I'm so sorry to keep you. Wait. Henry you work in late Harman will become famous for the shrieking musical horror of psycho, especially the famous shower scene. A similar technique that Johnny would echo years later on a film about a shark terrorising a beach Johnny loved Bernard because he was direct blunt a New Yorker never afraid to tell him what he thought Johnny and Barbara would often have Bernard over for dinner. Oh, God, it would be wonderful to someday right of real symphony. You know, instead of these little TV tunes, look, Johnny. If you want to write a symphony who stopping you, you just gotta go right it. It was simple guidance like that Johnny found most valuable soon he was orchestrating then composing for TV shows, then writing music for little movies that barely had a music budget. Little did he know his soundtracks were already being collected by an up and coming filmmaker named Steven Spielberg who vowed to one day work with this John Williams on a movie of his own.

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