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"oakville bluffs" Discussed on Unexplained Mysteries

"Off of a plane flying just low enough that the ice wouldn't melt on its way down. For it to happen six times there have been six leaking low flying planes in August nineteen ninety-four. Each of those would miraculously have blue eyes plummet all the way to Earth without melting. That sounds pretty unlikely. This theory also doesn't explain why. The blobs only fell during rainstorms. If they came from planes. They'd come down rain or shine. According to Dick Mayer, it was absolutely impossible for the OAKVILLE bluffs to be human waste from a commercial airliner. However, he did have an idea of what they were. He explained that the FAA only regulated waste disposal from commercial planes. But the blobs may have been dumped as part of a military exercise. However this only raised another unsettling question for sunny. If the military had accidentally dumped waste material over OAKVILLE, they would've tried to clean it up. Unless it wasn't an accident. Perhaps, Oakville wasn't a dump site. It was a target. Coming up, we'll debate whether the OAKVILLE blobs were part of a much larger government conspiracy now back to the story. Mysterious blobs rain down in oakville in August nineteen ninety-four Four. They carried strange bacteria as well as fear, uncertainty and speculation researchers believed that they could be jellyfish or human waste dumped illegally from passenger planes flying overhead. But another explanation existed one. That perhaps sounded too outlandish to consider. Many covert operations, the truth is stranger than fiction. The Week of August Fourteenth Nineteen. ninety-four Jim and Kathy bellinger woke to the unmistakable sounds of a bombing raid. They witnessed a weapons test conducted out of nearby mcchord Air Force Base. At first, this knowledge supported the theory that the military had blown jellyfish sky, and that was the source of the blogs. But, soon enough some Oakville residents came to believe that artillery wasn't the only thing. The Air Force was testing. In interviews on the television show unsolved mysteries, Oakville residents expressed concern that they were in a plot straight out of a dystopia novel. They feared the government had used their small town to test the efficacy of biological weapons. Locals Sunny Bar Clifton dotty hearn claimed that during the summer of Nineteen, ninety four, they cited many military aircraft hovering above OAKVILLE. Bombers and black helicopters flew slowly over the town. Many past at low altitude disturbing the citizens below. According to Oakville. Maurice Go. Prior to the BLOB fallouts. The town was often a target of air force testing. He told unsolved mysteries. They let things in the air all the time here. There's testing done all over the place. There are lots of places you can't go into. Unfortunately! Go Bay didn't go into detail about what those experiments in tailed or where he got his information, but we know the air force tested bombs fifty miles away from oakville in ocean shores. This is an undisputed fact confirmed by the military, but if they were only testing at ocean shores, it seems like over. Billions wouldn't have seen military aircraft so often. To fly from the mcchord air force base to ocean shores, aircraft must travel approximately one hundred miles due east ocean shores is practically on the same latitude as mcchord, perhaps only a degree further south. OAKVILLE on the other hand is roughly twenty five miles south of the latitude, no line between mcchord and ocean shores. To pass over Oakville while traveling between the base and the coast, any military aircraft would have to fly in a giant curve. They be forced to go at least twenty five miles out of their way to fly over OAKVILLE. The bombers and helicopters Dadi and sunny witnessed wouldn't pass directly over Oakville if they were heading straight to the ocean. This means they must have flown over Oakville for another reason. Their Unorthodox. Flightpath, points to a shocking possibility. That the ocean shores bombing runs were merely cover story. Instead. They hypothesized that the air force specifically targeted OAKVILLE. In the real weapons being tested weren't bombs but blobs. The Gu's chemical makeup bolsters this theory. Five different times independent researchers tested the OAKVILLE blobs some identified white blood cells, floating in the Goo and one, even discovered a white blood cell with no nucleus something that shouldn't occur in nature. Mike Osweiler at the Washington State Department of Ecology also uncovered two types of bacteria. They could be harmful if ingested. Because the germs would naturally die outside of human body. osweiler believed that the Goo was a man-made Matrix. It was a vehicle and someone was using it to transport dangerous bacteria. osweiler's beliefs coupled with the frequent military flyovers. Make it simple to connect the DOTS The United States military might have designed the blobs to carry biological weapons in the form of bacteria. Throughout August nineteen ninety-four, this version of the story goes. Military planes allegedly dropped blobs containing mildly toxic bacteria over the town. The military then monitored the symptoms of Oh Cvilians aliens who fell ill to track the effectiveness of the bio weapon. If this theoretical test, run win well. They'd end up with a model for biological attacks on other countries. If the BLOBS wreaked havoc on Oakville, containing only gut bacteria. Imagine the destruction. They could cause if implanted with anthrax, SARS or Bala. But in order for the tests to work, the military had to keep it a secret. So when they believed that might osweiler was getting too close to the truth, they intervened. One morning while researching the BLOBS osweiler unlocked his laboratory at the Department of Ecology, he planned to test the blood sample. He kept in the lab, but quickly discovered that his specimen was missing. When he questioned his supervisor about the loss sample. They reportedly responded. Do, not ask. osweiler lab was overseen by the State of Washington. As a government owned lab rather than a private one. It's very. That the air force could have asked the supervisor to confiscate as.

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