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"oakland county scheme land" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"Talking about Michigan football. Hope they play the winter season. That would be my pick. Looking at everything I'd take January February March Big 10 Championship game on the march. Then who cares? I mean, With no fans. Here is one thing. It doesn't have to be Saturday games. They could play Monday night Football in January. February, You know, Big 10 Monday night football Seriously. There's when, when the playoffs get to the Monday night Football ends on December 1st week in January. Whenever the playoffs started, you could play Monday night. You know, Tuesday night. Who cares what day you play right? It wouldn't matter And like I said earlier, I'll be glued to it and the other Thing is, I thought I just had you know, January February March here in Michigan is Bill. Is it safe to say it's not the most pleasant time of the year to live here? They're going to use domes were going to use the use Lucas Oil, though, use a Ford field. They got the dome's covered throughout the Midwest that they could use. They'll have the facilities will be indoor football, and it'll be weird NFL stadiums for quote unquote home games, whatever, but just me personally. January. February March is not necessarily my most favorite time of the year and having football the big 10 season in the middle of that, But certainly a let me and the rest of the folks that don't love the winter. All that great. Certainly make my winter a little more entertaining and fun to get through. I kind of like that idea, and there could be and I tried to step back and analyze this without over analyzing it. But if the other three conferences go and yes, you're not going to go the college football playoff and realistically, the only team I thought they had a shot at the National Championship for college football playoff. Would be Ohio State. So that's the honest opinion there. So if you're the big 10 and you're showcased January, February and March on, especially after the NFL ends a Superbowl scheduled first week of February, you'll have a month 5 to 6 weeks. If it's a winter schedule, where you'll be the only football on You'll be the only football on anywhere. And so that means sports gambling which has evolved immensely. Yeah, you have the tournament. But like I said, they could get into Mondays and Tuesdays playing games at night when there are no and double tournament games coming from Yeah, absolutely. It would be like ascended. There'll be no shortage of interest. No, and we will be glued to the television watching this. It would just be weird, but it's that time of year and then it's just these league games. And you know, after the Super Bowl, we all have this collective football, deep breaths and exhale, right. We just got through all this. And yet there's going to be six more weeks of big 10 football going on. It's gonna be like this sort of strange. Spring football televised. You know, where does this fall in is this is the 2021 season is 2020. It's It's obviously going to be really strange and weird, but I don't care. I will be watching and millions of other big 10 football fans will be watching too, because we love our teams. His name is Doug Scheme, and I agree with everything you just said during the course of this interview, he's on the wolverine dot com podcast with Chris Ballas. He also is a former Michigan offensive lineman. Big 10 champion resides on the east side of the state and Scheme Land, which is located just north of Oakland County Scheme land. It's a beautiful place where everyone is like the majestic where everybody's happy all the time. Nobody's sick. There's no pandemic. There's football every weekend. It's a magical place scheme when I love it. Doug always appreciate your time. My mam. We will stay in touch and who's going to be your adopted team and the guy's palaces said he said he had to think about it. If there's no Michigan football this fall, no big 10 football who will be your adopting college football team you'll cheer for. I have to go to one of my all time favorite great. College football players, one of my heroes when I was coming through high school and pick his school, and that would be war Eagle auburn for Bo Jackson. I love that guy had been picking an SEC school. I'll be interesting. I know. Maybe Clem are all gonna be front runners go with somebody who's gonna have a great year. And that would be fun to watch that be the easy thing to do, though. Bill that be easy. I don't know. I've always I've always loved Bo Jackson. I follow him on Twitter he's still leading in his life. He does today, helping people I just thought I think the world of him and and so therefore, I guess I'll have to eat. If you make me pick. I'm gonna pick Auburn May because of Casey, my saw the future Tigers Ace is also out of Auburn. No, I I'd want to pick asleep or somebody who could shock the college football world, So I'll have to look into that. Doug. Appreciate your time. Here on the healed show across Michigan will talk some alright, Thanks, Bill. Go blue lug Skein Joining us on the Metro Health. University of Michigan. Help Guess sign.

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