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"oakland breath stadium" Discussed on KGO 810

"That I even I'm even going to the Olympics. The 20 year old will be leaving for the Tokyo Olympics. July 25th. She hopes the place in the top 10. She tells me her goal is to enjoy this incredible journey and another Olympic Games. Maybe in her future. I mean, that really is a journey. Wow. Had no idea that she was from such a tough background, You know? Yeah, when you consider that that's even more impressive. Congratulations, sir. We'll watch from a new movie, too. Well, just to show up. There is pretty amazing just to be in to have qualified. But Hopefully, she has a good competition. The Olympics Crazy plagued with Covid 19, as you're well aware there won't be a crowd. I don't even know how safe frankly these athletes are. I'd be very concerned, but They're going full speed ahead. You know? So Yeah, Watch it. I did you circle back around. Sorry. I'm just bothering me. I want to go to the bar. Let's go to breath. Let's go back to Brett now for an update everyone on that situation with the stadium in Oakland Breath Stadium correspondent. So so the issue is the A's have promised to privately financed this particular stadium at Howard Terminal. Problem is the access to Howard Terminal is the issue. And that's where the taxpayer is. It will be on the hook in this particular deal, so the project generated revenues from Jacqueline and Infrastructure financing District are estimated to be $360 million. In in, uh, taxpayer money. Uh, but then the project generate revenues at the Howard terminal Infrastructure financing estimated to include $495 million to be used for infrastructure development, so that would be the taxpayers on the hook for 485 million. That's just an estimate, though, and but just to balance that out. It's estimated that it would bring in $7 billion in new revenue over the life of the stadium for offers. Yeah, Yeah, well, that's so It's an investment, right? Yeah, well, these They always argue that in the case of these huge sunk costs of the short you're talking about, right is that look, you pay the money now It's a lot. But obviously over the life of the stadium, and usually they'll, you know they'll break it out over the course of a decade or whatever. It'll pay for itself and you know the city will get its money back. Look, it's a It's a huge commitment on the part of the city and on the part of the AIDS, but I hope they stay there. I mean, it's just that is a rich tradition. It would be really, um It would be super sad to see them leave. So, uh, when we come back, I want to do a I want to do a chunk of trump just a little chunk because this word about Giuliani And he's somebody in Trump's orbit. That's what we can technically do it as chunk of Trump and frankly, it's not just about Giuliani. It's about what he urged Trump to do. On election night. It's in a new book. There have been there two new books out about the Trump administration. They both appear to be really, really good. And you know what? When I say really, really good. A well source good authors, ones from a Wall Street Journal author, Wall Street Journal writer and he's got really good pedigree. So, uh, When it comes to sources. I'll touch on both of those things next, so we'll do a mini chunk of Trump next. You can participate in the show throughout the morning. 415 80 88 10 415 80 88 10 As I mentioned the Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Hiltzik joins us bottom of the hour. Uh, in the I'm sorry. Top of the next hour Bottom. The next bottom of the hour. Carla Marinucci from the California playbook and politico. She joins us as we continue. Mark Thompson, K g 08 10. Oh, What up everybody. Mark Thompson here on day Joe A 10. It is Wednesday, July 14th coming up bottom of the hour after Brett's news, Carla Marinucci. Co author of the California playbook from Political. We'll Talk About a lot of things affecting California. We'll.

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