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Hour 3: 11/20/19

The Paul Finebaum Show

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Hour 3: 11/20/19

"The Paul Finebaum show podcast is presented by capital one. Where you can open up a savings account in about five minutes in earn five times the national average this is banking banking reimagined? What's in your Wallet Capital One? NA member FDIC cried passion than pageantry of College Football Football leaves the Paul Finebaum show our three podcast. Welcome back to our show on this Wednesday afternoon. We are One day removed from the college. Football playoff rankings. For three and we're expecting conversation momentarily was the Executive Director of the College Football Playoff Bill Hancock. That's always one of the highlights of this week week. We'll talk to him in a minute. Reggie is in Kentucky. Hey Raging Hey Paul Haven't called you since the basketball. Terminate minute last year. That's when I was bragging on Auburn and that was two games before they play Kentucky. I wish I would have been wrong about that. Well we see we're Auburn into the headquarter here but Reason I called I do you want to remember. Tried Monday and to cede couldn't get through to And Fam and his family One of remember them In prayer and this is something that I have not heard from anybody. look watched a lot of stuff. I'm so glad had there was not a cheap shot. took him out. It was a football play. You was it was and I have never heard anybody say that but you know if if somebody would achieved shouting and hurting for the rest of his life maybe that would have been shamed. That would have been awful. Now that you're right then listen I've seen the players. You have a case of I think his ankle getting in the way he knew he was about to get hit. He couldn't get rid of the ball. Aw He tried to avoid serious hit and any went down. And it's just the only thing I'll say positively though is that the doctors are upbeat now. Listen I don't know if I don't know if they would be downbeat. I mean they got through doing a complicated surgery. There were no after. I mean sometimes things can happen. During surgery the expectation is good in terms. Of where Orlando. He'll lose money but if you're a good NFL quarterback it's not the first contract that makes you rich. It's the second second contract where you were you. Cash and thank you very much for the call. Reggie always a pleasure to welcome our next guest. So the program Bill. Hancock is the executive the Director of the College Football Playoff Bill Great to have you back on the program. All one of many things. I enjoy about college football season. It's our weekly conversation. Well you bet it's always find for me to To get to sit back. Put My feet up and listen to you. Tell us exactly what happened in that room over the weekend. So what were the big topic of conversation. You know. I think this time I I don't. I don't have a timer on my hand but I think the committee spent as much time as you anything this time on On that Alabama Oregon Oregon Utah Kinda segment of the group. That's my feeling about this. So we we know we know that we know the protocol all. We know what they're basing their vote on but help us better understand because to got hurt before the half so we had a half to. You're a pretty significant half thirty five to seven and then a little bit of Mag Jones. So what what are they telling us by putting Alabama ahead at least for now over Utah and especially Oregon. Well just telling us that the Ah The games with sixty minutes games of course You wouldn't have the committee rank on on. Have I mean look at the Look at the Oklahoma Baylor Half versus passes the debate like that over over a lot of different games. During season factories Alabama's resonated this day Was was strong and then earned him the nod over over Oregon. We know that Oregon has has a potential conference championship game or Utah Does. Can you explain to the the audience. I know you've done it before the importance of that conference championship versus a team. That will be home watching. It's significant As we talked before the committee is instructed to use for tiebreakers if it sees the teams comparable and those are head to head results against common opponents schedule strength and conference championships. One so those those are not way did Acceptance Committee member to decide which is which is more important is he and his or her mind but those conference championships? So that's really important. So if if the two packs RAV schools are one spot behind Alabama right now the committee saying Alabama Obama ahead of them. So what are we what. What should we draw in if we move this Conversation ahead two. Weeks and Alabama has has an eleven one record and Oregon Conference Championship. well-built service in the room. Don't speculate it's not our job to project for Jack to ask you about spectrum. I'll tell you what what does that mean. Well it means confiscate the chip so important and that that folks can folks. I need to read into that. What they will But we still have three weeks. Three won't more weeks a ball ahead. Okay so like you said. Let's sit back with our the feet up and watch what happens on the field can't wait Bill let me ask you about something that happened last night on the show. Reese Davis Question. Rob Mullins the chairman of the committee about his own school Oregon. Now we've we've we've talked about this ad nauseam that There are always conflicts in the room. We've had them before and the chairman goes out side. I suppose when Oregon is being discussed Do I have that correctly. IOS Out of the room does he have to go to a certain place where he can can. He wonder around or does he is he has to go to timeout. Oh man through the years not on this committee but I have wanted to put a few folks in timeout at during my career. Not Whatever you Paul not every no But there's a room out there. We have their four rooms in a row was the committee has space available and He's just goes into one room and I don't know what they do. They're never been out there with them. I assume them they read the paper check their email or whatever I don't know but they wait nearby and then when timeframe by Someone goes and gets. Thomas is okay. We're finished with that. So come back. And then they come back in and then the chair tells them or somebody in the room tells them what what happened while they were out to to bring up the speed and in fairness he's not the only one that has to go out no he's not he's not not through the years you remember when Gene Smith had to go out for allow state Dan Rather Kovic spent a lot of time out of the room when Clemson when he was when when he was on the committee Clemson Joe Castiglione Frank Beamer. We've had through six years. Lots of people have have had to go out of the room. And the thing to do that rekindled policy as just well and like you and I talked before it's essentially the same policy that the NCAA theory Basketball committed uses. except I mean we may or may not be heading toward a confrontation where it comes down to Oregon Oregon. I mean they have to win out. We know that And maybe another school and and and in that case clearly bill you you you watch us every week. The media is going to ask a lot of questions and the issue. I think we all see moving forward is what is rob supposed just to say I mean how. How is he the best person in the end to try to explain? Theoretically and I know you don't WanNa go there but I will Y Oregon Guide in or didn't get over another school. Well we were prepared to answer those questions last night rob did his. ESPN interview right. And the and the guys that I know you heard Rob Can answer questions about Oregon when when he's asked Based on what the committee told him uh-huh and then after the interview we have another layer of interviews which a telephonic interview with the press and We answered every question that that was asked last night about Oregon I was prepared to go into even greater detail myself than than than robbed it on. TV's interestingly testing. We didn't get the questions last night. I don't know whether people just didn't think of it didn't weren't tuned in or what but we we know we have a responsibility to I answered questions from the press. And we're going to do that and and you know some have wondered about the answer. Is that that that are given though I mean and I'm not looking to reopen old wounds here but some of US feel like we're not really getting much from rob mullins where you know people say that I'm always puzzled about that. United had deeper conversations about this In the past year not enjoy those conversations but you know we we we were prepared and I think I did this yesterday. L. The talk about the Alabama Oregon Matter Alabama's only loss was to our number one team and really dominated its opponents and no one other even Lsu come close to beating help them and we're gonNA lost to another good team on number one team all So in the those those. Summarize the committee's discussions in the there's not much else they're the the two got a lot of conversation of course it did. My goodness Somebody loses a player that caliber and the committee talks about it. But it just didn't the Alabama's resume to the extent that the committee thought they should move. moved down this week. I want to ask you and I know that you're you're busy yesterday and I don't expect you to pay attention every interview. That's me but we had Tim Brando on this program. I think you're familiar with Tim's background. Certainly a major voice in college sports for many many years and he's had a couple of things and I just want to give you the gist of what he said. And hope that you would react. You said teams that are considered blue. Bloods teams that have had success in the last thirty thirty five forty years multiple conference championships. This cabal of teams that have made this event the great sunbelt invitatinal could he went on to say if I can tell you in July that these are your teens and I'm going to be right on at least three of the four that I name. Then we've removed all of the joy of the regular season of college football and he said he went on to say the CF be playoff committee has all their cronies on TV all day preparing everyone for Alabama privileged alleged tonight. There's no doubt that the only dropped one or two spots. The committee will claim the eye test. And forget that non conference schedule. An embarrassment I hi dropped him five spots and obviously what he said the committee would do was right on the nose I ask you one two weeks ago about Stephen a Smith and I did ask ask him on the air about you and he said I was foolish for listening to you I don't know what you want to say about Tim. Brando's response but I think we're all ears. Oh my goodness I'm laughing because I've known him ever since the before he left. CBS Back in the day and Cabal I don't know I don't know that ball me what he thinks it things anyway I just I don't know what to say. I mean crowing That's that's just not even close to prove committee you let him to mock you see how it works. The mock exercise were you you come in for the role committee. Committee member analyze that we can be side by side up and down sideways and comes out with the rank and no bias. No regional stop there. What you say about Oh sunbelt invitational national. Yes lol. I thought I thought I sniff with wrong as I told you a couple of weeks ago and this is equally wrong. Oh my well listen. I just came from from the newspaper background. And so did I. And we've had those conversations long into the night and I just felt like if somebody was on this program talking about your your group if I wanted to give you the opportunity to respond. I appreciate that always do next week. I don't know who I'll be quoting but I'm sure I'll have somebody here bill Plato or William Faulkner that would prohibit you know I I always get confused between Aristotle Socrates Plato. I know there was a succession there but pretty out. There was an office guard. I believe yeah and the Plato was a five star. Think but they'll come back soon. I hope Okay Paul thank you fuck I never. I didn't think I'd get billed. Laugh that much but Timothy B. has done it again. We are going to take a break back with much more. The listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. We're glad you're here on a late afternoon Wednesday middle of the week. We'll be in Athens Athens on Friday. Look forward to talking to you there. Yes is in Chicago on this Wednesday. Hey Jeff Hey what's up man. Hey Look I'm so. Glad he asked Bill handcock question that you just asked him about the name on the Jersey and the brand meaning something because we we all know what do you do. We all know it. Does I mean he can sit here and talk and tell us that it doesn't but that's the U. S.. I know that's BS. I mean here's Howard tell you to ask it to him next time. Ask Him if he can unequivocally say say that in the first year the playoff if Baylor. MTC You were Texas in Oklahoma that Ohio the state would have passed those either of those two schools in in the final. 'cause I'm sorry that's that would not have happened if it was Texas or Oklahoma because it it was Baylor and TCU. That is the reason it happened. It will we obviously unfortunately can never prove that and you know this. This is why I as much as I want to say. It's the four best teams it needs to be the four best teams because because of that I almost willing to say let it. Just be conference champions. You know even though the core of me thinks that's actually probably the wrong way to approach it. I mean let's just let it be conference champions that because they in that scenario a team without a name without a brand name in college football is always GonNa get host. They are just like how it affects. Point spread it it affects point spreads the same way teams within dame. You know it factors into it because of the betting public. I mean so for him to sit. They say that that doesn't affect anything they do is just. I mean it's false. It's what he has to say. I mean it's what he has to say. Obviously he's not gonNA come on here and say. Oh Yeah Yeah you're right Paul. It does affect it. You know we give You know we have Alabama way more credence than we would give Mississippi state if they have the exact same resume. Because after all it's Alabama look at their history and look do their coaches and and Blah Blah Blah. So I mean no one's ever GonNa say that that's why that's why I think you know that's why this whole thing bothers the people so much and that's why as much as I don't want it to be conference champions because you would have a playoff with that the five best teams or not the four four best teams or that the best teams. That's why I'm willing to say just make conference champions then and then you then at least you don't have to have this this this farce of committee try you know trotting out there every week with the likes of Bill handcock. You know saying the ad doesn't matter it's just such B. S.. You know it's you. I mean I know you know. I'm look I'm glad you asked it. especially you know on the networks mark. You asked that it's important that someone at least is so thank you there. Thank you jeff appreciate it. Greg is up next. Hey Greg how are you. Hey Paul thinking thank you. I'm doing well. Thanks for taking my call. I think the problem that a lot of people have maybe even Brando is that The committee has objective criteria. Arterial that they use subjectively each week in The goalpost will always change now. The problem I have with taken. Can I conference champions. Is What that conference. Champion has three or four losses. Yes in the SEC. You got three legitimate. Janet Teams That are better than almost everyone else. But but maybe two or three other schools. Yeah so to say play then. Yeah that's ridiculous in basketball Any any of you. When did you get the tournament? Your sixty eight you gotta you gotTa shot Winning exactly so I think you know the the more this goes on the more. I'm willing to believe that when it comes time to renegotiate the contract that is just as likely as they stay at four and if they do stay at four Paul. What's that GonNa do to those? Who are there? The KOMO curmudgeon. like Brandon. What's that GonNa do to them If they signed another ten year deal well. It says we'RE GONNA keep it at four. Listen we've heard me say this in a because I I think you know me pretty well Greg. ESPN which is my employer is a partner with the College Football playoff and they they have this television show every Tuesday night where the chairman comes on there and sounds like he's he's the official spokes looks person for the poll bureau and it drives me crazy and I been on that show many times following him. And and if you'RE GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA waste three minutes of valuable airtime say something. Give us some insight you can. You can give us an anecdote about this discussion. You're not you're not talking about national security clearance here. We're talking about thirteen people. Talk talking about the same thing that you and I are talking about every day college football. It's not life and death. Talk Doc in the south. I don't have a problem with With this conversation about Alabama. We don't really think their schedules. I mean this guy's everybody's great right. I mean we watch both have so I I mean come on people on that committee and and I you know listen. Brando may made a point that I've made many many times give us some transparency and by the way just because I'll hancock lexa throw it up while you were on the mock committee. How many times have you heard somebody here or elsewhere? We're so you know I served on that. Mock man big deal. Okay I have to tell you Greg. I was bored to death today. I was on the mock committee. Okay uh-huh well. That's because you had you you were hemmed into a corner and you're using data from last year or the air. It was like five years ago. It was a with two thousand and eight and by the way. All you're doing by inviting the media is giving them a day away from work and and and giving them carte blanche to act like they've done something that my feeling is let let callers to the the Finebaum show serve on the committee. Okay represents a couple years. I mean there there. I mean if you're a member member of the media right now and you haven't been on a mock I mean you're you're pretty irrelevant. Okay and and really all this discussion discussion about changing. It is pretty irrelevant to just fires. Everybody up Greg Greg. Thanks for the call break mortar com as we continue here. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast we welcome you back. We we start with the story about two hours ago but I need it just worth repeating again. That General Robert Kozel. He's a new president at the University of South Carolina Oughta has issued yet another statement. I've lost track of how many statements the president has issued. But this time he he's made it clear. Remember a week ago. He said much ample was my coach. At least until the end of the season or at least until we got blown out by a cat clemson and then he gave an interview where he said that Ray. Tanner has talked to Florida. State and talk to them about how they bought out. Willie Taggart he. He walked that statement back Monday during an interview. And then today a day He he offered another statement. General said He supported my champ and look forward to him. Being our coach next season. Listen in for seasons to come so because of The inability of the president and the athletic director to be on the same page. We are now. I think up to about four different clarifications of statements. It looks to me like will. MUSCHAMP is is smiling like a Cheshire cat the stumbling and bumbling above him as made his coaching look pretty. Did this year. Cat Daddy. You are on the Air Arbonne. I I was a guest two tablespoons of how many moons for that call. Veal's thank you. I'm on it right here and so I get them all I I have got an idea. I'm Don away. We can get rid of much. Trump would put him in the transfer portal. Okay and and then a little bit colleges can come get him if they won't and then he's gone. What are you doing I I don't know about that but I I've got a good job here cat. Daddy listen I mean. There are a lot of better jobs higher paying jobs but I am going to offer my services services and I want you to help me with US okay. I am going off for my services free of charge to the president and the Athletic Athletic Director in Columbia as their public relations consultant. Because all because my my my philosophy is say nothing. Don't keep I mean what's the old cliche when you're in quicksand. Dan quit trying to get out. Wait wait for somebody to come and help you. And the good general three star. General and Mr Tanner have just continued to try to swim their way to shore and they keep falling deeper into the abyss. Obviously with no water never made so strong. Yeah I mean it's just ridiculous I mean wh what did I say what are you. mm-hmm what are they saying about all this. Oh man they just I is sick of it. We don't spend all his money. Billionaire new facility people are tired title and there's maybe a couple as well as giving him one more year and I'm sorry for his five usually guys up on the latest. The man don't get eighteen million dollars. If you buy me and gave me eighteen million dollars. I have his man in the world. I'll tell you what daddy I changed my mind. I don't think I'm going to do it for free. Okay I'll job. I'm Jay Southern California. I'm I'm sorry where you think I should take the job in in Columbia. Yeah but I've met them. What do you think would be a fair salary? Oh I'm taking my media down payment okay. Yeah that's probably too much money for that job and all the barbecue and move John you can eat and drink you got it my friend. Hey Thank you oh my I feel great coming to work today and all of a sudden I can't I can't I think Bill Hancock I just choked on my word so badly My tongue is stuck in the middle of my throat. Jerry is up next. Hey Jerry Gary they're hey I appreciate. You had me on the show thank you. I won't talk about Auburn. I WanNa talk about the quarterback situation understanding that At the beginning of the year the two Frenchmen Joy gatewood and and Bow Knicks came in pretty well evil in statistics. Is that right or wrong. I mean there. There was the original theory. Jerry was that maybe maybe gave a slight edge because of his athletics. Eleven th lettuce system we we heard Cam Newton comparisons right. I hear co the question. Do you think as I do. Bonex got the got the nod because of his talent adult day. Wow what a good question Anybody ever gotten has anyone never gotten a job because of their daddy before absolutely. I know I didn't because my dad died before I finished high school so I never had privilege. But I mean nepotism didn't start day and and from what I've seen so far not all so it Auburn team in general but the quarterback specifically is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get from one week to the mixed and just feel like that. Joey gatewood being compared to the probably the next CAM. Newton Luton somehow got screwed out of this job because separatism and I hate to see that happen. Well listen something happened and I don't know what you you. You never know the politics. I know it was important to get bowe knicks to that university. And not you. Listen listen. I covered his dad and his dad's a great coach. And but I I. I don't know if that's true or not but I've grown up with that you've grown up with is it. We all have been part of something where somebody else got something because of their name or their dad and maybe because I never did I Ah I feel a little bit more passionate about that but thank you for your call really really appreciate it. David is in Knoxville. Hey David Hey Paul we love you down here in nossal man. Hey I gotta take You really think with With Tennessee having all these win stacked up now That we're on our way back or do you think that we're just bound to hover mediocrity in eastern SEC overall. No I I I was upbeat before the season and I gave an interview to the daily beacon and I came back and had my words thrown at me pretty quickly but but I felt like Jeremy was was a really good choice and had really turned the corner and it was it was. It was difficult those first few weeks. But I'll give I'll give coach foam or a lot of credit. I mean he never said anything. You never panicked. You didn't issue any idiotic statement because he because he knew and I've expressed this before but I'm GonNa say it again when we were in Knoxville for the Georgia game. I was really worried about the Jeremy pruitt situation because it was terrible at least from a PR. We are standpoint. I had lunch with a friend of mine. I won't mention his name but he is well connected and he told me that Friday afternoon he said listen. It doesn't matter. Jeremy Loses every game. He said Philip and the board are behind him and I thought that was significant. And I think that was conveyed. Jeremy as well and suddenly you could tell He was a little bit looser. The team star playing better and they are going to salve. I had a friend in Knoxville. Right me today saying. Is there any way to get Jeremy the SEC coach of the year award. And and I think the answer is no. Because does your on. Who's going to win it but the fact that we that I had to pause for a second and think well well? It's an interesting prospect shows. You how far he has come question. Thank you the question. Now how is you know. Can he finish the job this year. And what I mean by that is a win against Missouri I think is very important Tennessee is going to beat Vanderbilt That's not really a competitive situation. And then get to get a little bit bowl game and feed off of this recruit well and and in time I think the program can come back. Thank you for the call. Really do appreciate The thought let's check in with Ricky and Mississippi. Hey Ricky how you doing Paul good good. Yeah Well you know. I wonder response from yesterday with John. Rice plumbing man guy. It's very impressive. If I want to know Brett Farr 'cause he's right there and again. I don't know that he goes to grow. I think done some. Some Workman Workman there No I mean with a high school students Athletes Down there if I'm not mistaken but but anyway I I was wondering Do you have a secret ambition to be a musician. 'cause I think you active hearing your voice you light up when and when it comes to music I know you you must be a big music. Badly he went to Oak Grove. High School and you know you're Tehrik Edrich. You're you're you're you're perceptive. I've always loved music. In fact the audience will start yawning. We're not tell this very quick story. But I I've I've always wanted to be a song writer and a and a couple years ago a legitimate Nashville country music songwriter. who had number number of number one hits he came to? He came down to our show on day. I met him at a at a music. Event when I don't know if you're familiar with the group Alabama in I played in Randy Radio Golf Tournament and I went to I met this Guy There Walt Aldridge. He came down anyone to write a song about our show and And I said listen. Let's let's get together some day and and talk about this in more detail and I went up to two a Muslim shows to his studio and we'll wrote a country song now. Listen I'm not I mean I. I am good with words. I'm not good with instruments. He played He played the guitar and helped me. Construct the song Because I'd never done it. I had a blast and he recorded ordered it and we we we play it every now and then and it's and we never tried to sell it because it was just more for fun but yeah if I could if I could go to Nashville or or live or Hollywood tomorrow I would be songwriter. Hey thanks for the call really do appreciate it. We're heading to a break and all right or song during the break. Probably be number one and by Monday. We'll be right back listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast.

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More Questions Than Answers  (feat. Frank Figliuzzi)

The Daily Beans

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More Questions Than Answers (feat. Frank Figliuzzi)

"Hey I'm ready director cliff Dorfman and I'm stubborn audio CEO Jason. Smith. We host a daily podcast called stuck at home where we talked to filmmakers, show runners, actors, and journalists about what's new on streaming. And this week Ravi. Patel talks about his new HBO Max Series Ravi Tells Pursuit of happiness in showrunner Mike O'Brien on the new season of peacocks ap bio plus we have active as Alonzo from season to prime videos seth, Rogan soupy euro series the boy we have tons more time is running out. Okay. So that's it. Right. We can describe stuck at home star, Burns audio, apple podcast spotify, or wherever you listen to by guests boom. Insult. Hello and welcome to the daily beans for Monday August Thirty First Two thousand twenty today we are back from vacation and there are simply too many headlines to cover in the interest so I'm not going to try I'm your host. EIJI. Hey. Everybody. My goodness. We took a week off and I can't even begin to describe how much news has happened I'm going to try to cover it all in today's show starting with the breaking news and working my way through the major headlines I will also later on be speaking with Frank Figliuzzi former assistant director of the FBI for Counter Intelligence and as you might have noticed, there may be some counterintelligence news today regarding Rod Rosenstein and we will go over that in the a block animated talk to frank about it and see blocks. So you definitely want to stick around for that it is a big big news day. Jordan's going to be joining us for the good news box. So that's going to be That's GonNa be a lot more fun than. We're seeing up in the beginning of the show, but we have so much to get to. Not a moment to spare. So let's hit the notes. Hot Notes. All right everybody. So the lead story today initially came from Michael Schmidt of the New York Times. This is the reporter that didn't initially broke the Russia investigation story by the way this story I'm about to tell you about dropped Sunday morning. It's a big one. There's also some a lot of questions surrounding it. So permit me to read the lead here. Schmidt says the Justice Department secretly took steps in two thousand seventeen to narrow the investigation into Russian election interference in any links to the trump campaign, and this is according to former law enforcement officials keeping investigators from completing an examination of trump's decades-long personal and business ties to Russia. So let's begin with the scope of the Muller probe. We have been talking about this in the face of myriad conspiracy theorists and botnets ops insisting that Muller was derelict in his duty as the special counsel. We know from an August third memo from Rod Rosenstein that he detailed the scope of the investigation. We also know from the molar report itself that Muller had a forty or so FBI agents co located in his office to hand off counterintelligence information to so that they could write weekly summary reports back to the FBI and we know that Muller and we knew this from the Muller was limited to a criminal investigation he was only To, look at criminal conspiracy he could look into other things that arose from his investigations, just tax fraud for Manafort a lying to the FBI etc, and so he was able to look into those things but presumably any counter intelligence information that would tie trump to Russia and make him vulnerable vulnerable or compromised or make him. A national security threat would be handed off to these forty Kotik located FBI agents. So this doesn't really seem like news. Now a while it is said Moeller had latitude to investigate any matters arising from his investigation. Behind the scenes according to this New, York Times report Rosenstein curtailed the scope of the investigation within days of Mueller's appointment He Limited Molars reach by disallowing to investigate trump's financial ties to. Russia. And we knew that as I said, and we learned through subsequent subsequent public reporting that Rosenstein had told, trump. Hey. Everyone thinks I'm legit. I'M GONNA land this plane, and so we already knew Rosenstein wasn't a white hat in this situation it wasn't a good guy. and there were even leaks from the Department of Justice publications like business insider in. July of two thousand seventeen insisted insisting muller had been given wide latitude. But it was that part of a cover up or you know what's really going on here and we all know that in Muller's report like I said, he explained that while he could not indict a president. The reason he investigated was to get all the evidence and testimony while it was fresh in people's minds for potential future prosecution. But because of Rosenstein quote unquote interference as alleged in this article from Michael Schmidt in the New York Times. Maybe the counterintelligence and financial ties investigations never happened and that sort of bolstered by this memo put out by Adam Schiff about a week ago asking where's the counterintelligence information at least with regards to financial ties between trump and Russia because it's not in the Senate the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee Report on counterintelligence volume five in their you know their Russia in the in the investigation they did the Senate did the bipartisan Republican runs Senate Intelligence Committee did into trump's trump the trump Russia campaign. Now. If Rosenstein failed to disclose to the FBI that Muller wasn't looking into those aspects of the trump Russia connection as Schmidt says, it would make no sense that muller would say, Hey, we had forty FBI guys in our office and Gals probably So this. You know this article raises more questions than it does answer them and according to Schmidt law enforcement officials never fully investigated trump's relationship with Russia even though some career counterintelligence investigators thought his ties posed such a national security threat, they took the extraordinary step of opening an inquiry into them and we know that. Know this had come out years ago, and so now we're left with two realities because if you remember I made a video. Last July about pizza and the Mueller investigation and I said the more investigation is a criminal investigation into a very tiny scope. It's outlined in Rosenstein memo. We all knew this at the time, and now aside from that little tiny scope, we have forty co located Agents from the FBI gathering counterintelligence information and sending it back to the FBI as part of the counterintelligence investigation. So I I don't really understand what Schmidt saying here when he says that the FBI I didn't know and now tonight Weisman Sunday night. Andrew Weissmann. Former. Member of the molar team lawyer WHO's putting out a book by the way at the end of September said, the FBI knew and the new? York. Times got it wrong and so we are left with one major question here and I, think you all know what it is. It's if If the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on counterintelligence doesn't include trump's financial ties to Russia, and the Muller report obviously was just a criminal investigation that doesn't. Contain any information about trump's financial ties to Russia. In fact, muller even testified Hey I'm not looking at that and everyone what and we're like, well, no yeah, there's forty. There's these other. There's other agents that are that are doing that. and. It. Things just aren't adding up so. Here's what I've done. I have contacted who I think is probably one of the MO, the biggest greatest experts in in counterintelligence Frankford Lucy former. Assistant Director of the FBI four counterintelligence and I spoke to him a little bit today and I was like well, this isn't right after the New York Times article came out. But before Andrew Weissmann tweeted and we went back and forth like this doesn't add up I have more questions. And we we tried to figure it out and then the Andrew Weissmann information dropped and so I contacted Frankfurt Lucy and I am going to have an in depth discussion with him about this and what the big remaining question is, where are the counterintelligence findings? About trump's financial ties to Russia and. We have to also remember that in addition. To this counterintelligence investigation wherever it is or as Adam Schiff is wondering, it's not it doesn't exist or we don't have that information. We have to we have to sort of figure out. Is this an ongoing investigation. Why haven't we heard about it? We also have to remember we generally don't hear about these things. And I talked I talked with Frank Lucy about that. Later in the show, you definitely want to stick around for that interview. There's a lot of information in it and what does this mean in the face of the fact that ratcliff the DNA is now saying we're not going to. Brief Congress anymore on election security for twenty twenty. But there's new reporting out from NBC, which I also discuss with Frank. So stick around for that. and and I mean there's just so many other things going on here because you know. Bill Bar spun the Mueller probe. Findings. And now by cancelling the election security briefings to Congress about foreign interference, we have an issue there. But on the other hand, we have Republicans working with Dirk Koch and pro Russian Ukrainians through Rudy Giuliani to launder Russian disinformation about Biden through the Senate and bill. Bar was given the keys to the kingdom for declassification and gave himself sole authority to approve or deny any investigations into presidential candidates. Andy also appointed to lead an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. So we have all these other things to to think about as we look at this New York Times piece through that Lens and speaking of Dirk Koch. Go We learned this week that his former lawyers are cooperating with law enforcement and that says to me that Giuliani and the gang are also under criminal investigation, which we already kind of knew those are being by the way I don't have documentary evidence. I'm just being making reasonable assumptions. And to Biden associates in the Ron Johnson. Biden Charisma. Bullshit conspiracy have agreed to testify in the Republican's probe of binding Ukraine likely because they have nothing to hide, and the conspiracy theory has been been debunked seven ways to Sunday. Now it was also. Like I said revealed in this article by Schmidt Rosenstein never told Andy McCabe his decision to narrow the scope of the Muller probe and Schmidt asserts that that left the FBI with the impression that the special counsel would take on the investigation. Into trump as part of its his broader duties and the Schmidt quotes Andrew McCabe in this article had I known muller wouldn't continue the inquiry I would have had the FBI perform it. But of course, trump fired McCabe then tried unsuccessfully prosecute him but. It doesn't make any sense to me and. There's just something off and there are still so many more questions about this. Now, this doesn't preclude the fact. That in April of twenty one, thousand, nine, we did. A podcast. That month. When we had learned from the Washington Post that Rosenstein head told trump. that don't worry everybody trusts me I'm snoop dogg basically. I'm going to land the plane. and. Before that article came out. We were sort of with Rosenstein as protecting Muller's doing his job who who, who, and then we learn this and we're like, oh, wait wait a second. What the fuck is happening. It seems like Rosenstein might not be on our side and. This New York. Times article that came out today is sort of muddying those waters. It's I'm not sure who leaked the information who these law enforcement officials are. I'd be interested to know obviously. Because that might. Go a lot toward the motive here. But. That none of this precludes the fact that. I was removed from my job in April of two, thousand nineteen. And I was at that time flipping. On Rosenstein, and when I say flipping, I, don't mean like I was cooperating with the FBI I went from kind of supporting him to being against what he said when he told trump was going to land the plane. Could be coincidence but doesn't seem like a lot of things were going on in April Miller report came out bar MIS characterized it. We had Rosenstein we learned Rosenstein was going to land the plane. just A. Flurry of activity at that time and. I wish I had more answers for you. On this but we are going to continue to follow the story and. I. Want you to know that. What I discussed with Frankfurt Lucy. May help clarify some of these issues. So definitely hang out for that interview. I know our next president. Joe Biden has committed to getting to the truth about trump and Russia. But. We may never know the extent of trump's financial entanglement with Russia. Unless of course, the second circuit finds in favor of the Manhattan da Cy Vance tomorrow an orders order to hand over trump the trump organization's finances and trump's taxes to the grand jury. I guarantee you this is why he's guarding them. So closely, we may also catch a glimpse from the New York Ag Tips James and her investigation using Deutsche Bank information about the trump organization she just filed a lawsuit this week to get a to compel eric trump to be deposed. As he has unlawfully ignored requests to testify and has taken the fifth with regards to those crimes. So. This is all very intense and there's a lot surrounding it and we're going to keep following this story and I'll have more questions later for francs. So stay with us. We'll be right back with more headlines after this super quick break Incidentally, if you want these episodes early and add free had to patriots, dot com slash the daily beans sign up for a premium feed. 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Premium subscriptions to those who can't swing at these days you can sign up to be on that wait list to get a free one or you can buy a patron, a subscription You know if I for folks who can't swing right now just had to daily beans pod dot com scroll down to the bottom of the main page and it's right there. You can't miss it. All right. Buckle up. Here's what we missed on our week long vacation. I trump has the supreme court for permission to black people on twitter. He apparently, he's really sad that he's not allowed to block people and he's getting really tired of people being so mean to him on the twitter's his bone spurs are acting up. Next the STURGIS rally has been connected to corona virus outbreaks at least one hundred cases in for one particular tattoo shop. So we kind of saw that coming and I think another hundred cases from the smashmouth concert. By the way I wouldn't put big burly bikers at a smashmouth concert maybe it's just me. Now. Texas postal. Union leader. Has says the Postal Service Hid mail delays from a congressman? Congressman went to look at the post office and apparently the they were told to hide delays from from from Congress interesting and postal workers in Washington have defied postal service orders to and about the sorting machines, and they are by themselves, reinstalling mail sorting machines in Washington good on them. and then the House met on Saturday to discuss the postal service and we know that there was the to a couple of hearings, Friday morning, which we talked about on the on the last show, and then of course, the the Monday morning. which we didn't get to So it was bad in fact, it was so bad that I believe. There are there have now been flooded. They have the post office has been flooded and also are members of Congress have been flooded with phone calls to remove him and he's he's seated saying he'll stop everything and but you know he's he's stopped short of saying he's going to reinstall the machines or put the boxes back. So we're still kind of in the same spot on we'll update you when we have more information and also we've learned that Mnuchin pave the way for those postal service changes by the way it happened well before the joy got Detroit got their. married trump has released recordings of her interview with trump's sister Marion Berry trump. And or trump berry one marian. The one that was appointed to federal judgeship and there's still some questions out there I I personally am one hundred percent sure that. Trump sister is okay with this but these are really damning recordings and you need to take a listen to them, google them, Maryanne trump recordings, and. It's It's pretty damning and now that dominated the new cycle for a good day or so while we were gone. Navalny as we know who was poisoned in Russia. After drinking some T- had has been moved to Germany and he is has survived the poison attack. So that's a very interesting development and we'll keep you posted on that. And then of course, we learned about Kushner's backchannel with a Russian fund, the RDF. which that's still a breaking story, and again, we'll have the link for you in in the newsletter and I'll go over in detail a little bit later in the week That's a very interesting story but Kushner is knee deep in some serious shit. Kellyanne conway is leaving the white. House. That was a new thing and George Conway her husband has left Lincoln Project I think this has to do with their daughter Claudia who has been screaming out on twitter like upset that her mom was going to speak at the. I think this is a good move I. Do not give Kellyanne Conway a pass for anything she's a trader. Terrible person and a violator, the Hatch Act and I will always I'll stand by that. My dislike of her from you know till the end regardless of why she's leaving the White House. I'm glad she's fucking gone. Falwell Volleyball Junior resigned from Liberty University and then he didn't resign. But then he did resign and this is because of the pool boy who admitted or the Pool Person. Let's. Let's be neutral neutral here who has told the public that that Falwell was a cock and would watch him how watched the Pool Guy have sex with his wife. So that's where we are with that and then of course, you know we know all the. Other hypocrites things that are coming out from from the fall family and again we do not king. Shame we would never king shame we support consent autonomy and Kink. On one, hundred percent for it. It's the hypocrisy that I do not support So I mean you WanNa do stuff with your pool boy hell yeah. Hi, five do your thing I. Love it I support you. But you WANNA do that while simultaneously raising money to prosecute the LGBTQ plus community. No No. another headline here vitamins brother has filed a complaint for being wrongfully terminated. So That's interesting as well. And trump's CDC this is the Center for disease. Control has changed their testing guidelines and they did it when FAO CI was under anesthesia for surgery and boy this remind me of the John Ashcroft in the hospital bed for gall bladder surgery and Gonzales trying to. Get a surveillance program on Americans past while he was out of his mind and Muller and comi coming to the rescue to the side of the bed saying don't sign anything Mr Ashcroft. This asshole is trying to get you to do something while you are under. You know while you're drugged up. Now, another thing here the Biden advisers. I told you this in the block have agreed to deposition in the Ukraine prob-. I'm not worried about this they've done nothing wrong. The Biden burris MMA shit is debunked one hundred million ways to Sunday I don't know. I don't know what Ron Johnson thinking he's going to get. But there's nothing there. So they're they've agreed to testify. Felony warrants against Jacob Blake who was murdered shot seven times in the back they have been vacated in his restraints have been removed This is a a incredibly tragic story of more police violence against black and Brown people, and it's it's. There are now so many more protests. There was a march on Washington, this week and It's devastating. What happened? And we'll we'll talk more about about. This is the story unfolds. House the House panel has initiated contempt proceedings against pompeo member of the house was trying to subpoena him. He wouldn't come he wouldn't give. So I know Ted lieu was working on changing the rules of the House and and contempt so that they could find jail people we will see but they are working on contempt proceedings against Pompeo, General Milley, who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says, the military will not play a role in the election or the outcome and I love this because you know trump had said I'm sending the military out to the polls. If there's problems which is a real fucking desperate thing to do that is super authoritarian and. Millie said no we're not doing that BRO and we're also not protecting you if you WANNA stay in the White House and we're also not removing you which I appreciate as well because not the military's job to do that it is the it's the secret service and if Biden wins and certified and he's certified, when wins the election then the secret service automatically for Joe Biden, and if trump refuses to leave with his eight million fences around the White House, his I mean, it's just so fortified its ugly and scary and militant if he refused to leave, that's the secret service's job to remove him and the secret services not. Loyal to trump. And Finally, I want to dedicate this show to Chadwick Bozeman. Hey everybody. It's a gene. 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We really do because I spoke with you earlier today about the New York Times article, and both of us were a little confounded about the claims in it because as you and I both know and as I reported, I put out I put out a video last July about how the Miller report was like a pizza and there were forty agents or so co located with the Mueller investigation and he outlined in his report that he wasn't doing it by handing off the counterintelligence information to agents who were sending weekly written reports back to the FBI. And you and I had said we have more questions than answers. So tell me. Your top line thoughts about the New York Times piece and then what Andrew Weissmann. Former member of the team has recently tweeted out tonight. Yes. So the first time the Times piece. Asserts that they may have some answer to the the ongoing mystery of whatever happened to the counterintelligence case on trump that started at the FBI. That the I G said was properly predicated and and many of US wondered was it resolved to go with Muller Muller had clearly said in his testimony on the hill and in his report that note the F., b.? I was working that piece of it. The whole question of you know is is trump colluding in a kind of intelligence way in terms of CO opted or asset type. Function with the Russian government and So, today's piece says, no Rosenstein he he shaped. The case for Mahler and precluded Muller from looking. At the counterintelligence part and he told Muller that he didn't think the counterintelligence case was promptly predicated now comes council Andrew Weissmann who says in in two tweets basically that's BS and he said why? Why is telling us? nope. Nothing was hidden from the FBI agents. Note Rosenstein never said that the counterintelligence case was not properly predicated and that's it I wish Weisman. Was tweeting some more but this jives completely ag with what you and I were thinking, which is look this isn't how this works this. Cases don't vaporize it makes for good television and movies. Cases don't vaporize the FBI. If nothing else is a massive bureaucracy and and everything is papered ten times over. So the notion as kind of alluded to, in Mike, Schmitz piece in the New York Times that because Pete Struck was fired. The counterintelligence case went away. That was a red flag for me that that doesn't mean that's and you know in a bureaucracy week, everybody could get fired and the case will still go on so. It just wasn't making sense I. Mean that was one of the whole reasons that Andy McCabe. Handed this off to molar was to create. To, keep the investigation going right to keep it alive to hand it off to somebody in case something untoward happened So there's just so much in that New York Times article that that comes into question well, and Schmidt Schmidt actually quotes Andy McCain. Who you'll remember also unceremoniously fired like twenty, twenty, two hours or twenty six hours before he was eligible eligible for retirement. So what is mccade say about this reporting McCain says Gosh if I had known that Muller. And Rosenstein weren't going to work the counterintelligence case, I would have kept working at the bureau, but he's in the dark because he got walked out the door. So. What we really need a G is for the current FBI director step up and go. Okay. Okay. Look. Here's what happened to the counterintelligence case. Now, we've got to deal with Attorney General Bar who oversees the FBI who of course has? Conveniently written a memo saying, Hey, no one should do anything in DOJ that might interfere with an election right? So here we go. Again can you imagine the FBI Director Coming Out yes? Yes. You can because we saw it with a guy named Jim Komi right before an election and saying something that might impact an election so so You're here we are good. Yeah and the other thing too, and here's the big question that still remains that Weisman or nor Schmidt nor anyone has answered is and this is probably stands to reason why Adam Schiff put a memo out last week saying, where's this information If, they're you know if there was you know the ongoing coordination between the molar probe into counterintelligence investigation in the FBI they have all the information. who was looking into trump's financial foreign ties and where where are the results of that investigation? Why haven't we seen it? It's not in the. Senate intelligence. Committee's counterintelligence volume five report. It's not the Muller report. So to me that says it's. Still ongoing or trump is a informant like I don't know, and that is still what it what the that is. Still a mystery is where that information is who was looking into it. We know we know Muller wasn't. Somebody was whereas that information. Yeah. I think I think you've succinctly portrayed the question that really the sixty, four, thousand dollar question, and you know where where is the case and? there. There is a disturbing possibility, but nothing these days should disturb us which is that it continued. unfettered, and now it is fettered because we have a guy named bill bar as attorney general and he may have either made it told ready to close it or They're just sitting on kind of what we call pending an active and. Bar Doesn't want it released and by the way I so or I know your listeners know this because they're savvy but ordinarily, counterintelligence cases will never see the light of day and so I mean that's the point is they're not public and Now, the huge exception would be if we've got a president who's a foreign asset and is co opted and I still have to believe. that. Chris Wray and others at the FBI would in fact, do the right thing if they had concluded that there is definitive evidence that the president is owned and operated by the Russians. My Gut tells me it something less than that, or we would have heard from the good people at the FBI despite the fact that they'd fired. So there's something sitting there sitting on something we need the answers and Congress should be demanding it of the FBI right now. Especially, in light of the the DNA now announcing that he's no longer going to give election security briefings to Congress. Yes but now this is interesting because I've checked sources on this and actually NBC News has confirmed the same thing that I'm hearing and this. So this may come back to bite the denied because what I'm hearing and is confirmed is that the FBI is going to do briefings. Now see this is the way used to be this it. We've come full circle. Nor in normal times, it would be the FBI doing counter Intel briefings, and the CIA and others. On the hill but. DNA. Rested that from the bureau which should give everybody pause because now that's that's very political. They got their head bashed when they tried to brief and they went Oh, you know what? Let's let the FBI do this again. So now it's possible that Chris Wray will be sitting in front of the House and Senate Intel committees in very limited leadership or or gang of a briefings, and now they can ask him hey, Mr Array whatever happened to that counterintelligence case on trump. Wow. Well, that's a lot of news today to take in and I'm very grateful. That you've come to talk to us about it. I appreciate you taking the time everybody follow Frank Lenzi on on twitter and Gosh I. Hope You come back We're GONNA I. Think we're going to hear more I. Don't think that this is the end of this story I know Andrew Weissmann book is coming out at the end of this month. So or at the end of September, I should say him I think we might know more than I have a feeling we will but don't forget. Those of us who are writing books the FBI we'll have Andy Ajay would have put it through the ringer in pre publication reviews. So we'll learn something but we won't learn everything but hey, have you back anytime Thanks so much everybody former assistant director of the FBI for Counterintelligence Frank joining me today. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back after this quick break with the good news block stay with us. 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It's just been truly truly truly a once in a lifetime experience during the worst time in my life personally so far politically for sure. So this has been a lifesaver probably and Yeah, I can't say. Good things in things filled with gratitude about everything. So thank you. You're welcome and I'm so excited for you because you're you're young and you've got this amazing career ahead of you and I'm so honored that I got to be a little bit a part of of your life for for the last few years. You're a huge part you you make me laugh so much and I love your laugh and I'm going to force you to come back. As often as you can. See to to help deliver good news or help go over the headlines news from under the radar and I'm just so so so so so so proud of you as a as a as a mentor and a friend I consider you a friend and I love you so. Thank you. I'm proud of you. I think you please to everybody please listen to the I disagree podcast. That's Jordan's podcast. That she does with a hoosier co host Steve Cystic everyone heard him once on the day. That was a fun day. Yes. It was if that at all made you interested. then. Yeah. Our whole podcast is based on. He's not like all right by any means, but he's certainly not like liberal. So it makes for just interesting conversation. We don't just talk politics to we try to laugh a lot in and Yeah and submit smaller topics that we argue about that are just more fun and lighthearted but I really appreciate you taking that. No. Of course I think everyone should continue to follow you and follow your career you or going. Major major places and I'm I can't wait to see what you what you what you come up with. It's going to be really exciting to watch and and I wanted to do this as part of the good news block because the good news is. That you know you're going to. You're just going to do amazing things and you're gonNA come back and see us and you'll join US sometimes for the happy hour and yes, you know this like you said this isn't goodbye. It's just. Good, luck yes. Definitely definitely, I, will be back We do have a good news submitted by Y'all and. Because Jordan's. Leaving we are going to subsume the quarantine confessions back into the daily beans pod. We are going to have one more final quarantine confessions, episode. This week I'll be recording it with Mandy but then you can still submit your quarantine confessions, corrections and good news stories all at daily beans pod, dot com, and we will be putting them all in in the D. block of the daily beans. So I just wanted to put that out there and thank you all for submitting your good news and Jordan. Do you WANNA kick us off with the good news from Amanda Yes please I'd love to. So, exciting is this mandy reader submitted. probably not good news for Amanda Different Permanent. cheater. Good News my book on detecting deception from public figures finally came out it was delayed a few months due to covid. It's my first and I'm super excited about it hell. Yeah. That sounds like unfortunately, that'll become increasingly useful. Especially in the next sixty days, right. Yeah totally congratulations. Amanda, I wonder if there's going to be stuff in there about body language I just saw another article about that about trump's body language during his RNC speech I find that. Fascinating probably really cool book. Yeah me too yeah Amanda. Let us know what the book is I. Want It. So send us send us a message head to the daily beans pod dot com or excuse me daily beans pod Dot Com and the contacting and let us know what the book is will plug it. I WanNa read it. Go ahead, read the next one to that was a short one. Go ahead read the next one to Oh What a treat all right next up from anonymous pronounced day them I meant that as sarcastic as it sounded they okay. they say after five years of training myself and trying to job hunt while at an unrelated fulltime job and then furloughed due to being high risk for Covid I finally got a fully remote job as a software developer. I have been working toward this goal for a long time and it all worked out just in time I, am extremely grateful to finally be able to keep myself safe and financially secure. He Amen to that go anonymous yes and I have to say I feel like the Universe is lining everything up right now and I'm so glad that. You got in the of this of this good fate because we you know we're coming up on sixty days to November, and I just feel an energy in the air and I. Think. All of us have worked so hard for so long and we are now in this position. Where we have a chance to. Save democracy and when things like this come up like you find like you've been working on this for so long and you finally got this job and you can do it remotely i. think that that's incredible and I'm I'm so happy that that this that this is working out for you. Too. Yeah. That's frigging. Read in good on you for like standing up for yourself and your own health. Yep GotTA, draw those boundaries man Okay. Next up good news from Nora Pronoun she her I like the opening here nor it says, fuck pence. And then she continues I'm a nine hundred, ninety, four Alumna of Wisconsin Lutheran College Gen-x, I love agee's references and I took Latin to who I was so disappointed in wwl. That's Wisconsin Lutheran. College for asking pence to speak when I saw the open letter on medium I signed immediately I was the oldest person who signed Oh. I was doubtful that two hundred signatures would do anything but today WWL see. Uninvited Pence I. Feel Amazing for the first time in a long time. We're not all crazy evangelical who won't see what's going on. Yes. Go. Thoenes Oh God. Yes. seriously. That must feel so nice. I was just talking to a friend about pence today actually in how the only way either he's completely a phony or he's just such a single issue devout. Bully. Ver- in trying to get Roe v Wade overturned that he's willing to look past all of the grotesquely Anti-christian things that stands for it's gotta be one or the other I mean mother his wife you know we read that report that she was pissed she hated trump and she's like you got what you wanted. Mike. Yeah, yeah, and she was mad. And then we also have to remember that Manafort who was installed to run the trump campaign by Putin, which we just learned from the Senate Intelligence Committee's volume five counterintelligence report and his contacts with constant and Kalinic who we have just found out but we all knew all along is. Tied to. Russian intelligence. That Putin was picked by herbs gives me Putin, pence was by man for same thing. So interesting, right? Interesting. Yeah totally. Yeah. Next up where would we have next here? Jordan lease next up is from Andrea Brennan she her Andrea Says Students at Oak Grove. High School my Alma Mater in Mississippi state a walkout in response to some students yelling white power football event God that's so. Last part the students that yelled the phrase have not faced. Any repercussions in the school administration is try to bury the story and I thought I would see a b. m. protests at my old high school and I'm so proud of these young people for standing up. Against? Racism. Fuck. Wonderful. Yes. I mean wonderful that they're standing in an in Mississippi and they staged a walkout in Mississippi I mean that's a ruby red. State. And Yeah, I can see Andrea how you're proud of of the young people for standing up against racism. This is our future. This is what Obama meant. When he showed up on pod save America for that very first interview after he left the White House and said I have hope that the young people in this country will wash over the wash over. US, like a wave. And and. and. We see it happening and it's wonderful. So hats off to them for for standing up to that. Racist Bullshit. Totally, that's so shitty. They're trying to suit under the rug to that's like. The same kind of things that they do in police departments and fucking like courts. They're just constantly sweeping that stuff under the rug and cannot go on protested. So hell yes. Yeah and the military does it too and yeah. Yes, it's good to see. It's good to see. Good job. Good job kids. I love you. All right next up, we have some good news from Jamie. Pronouns he him Jamie says I've never donated to any political campaign until now your tweet about the hatchet convinced me to send my first ever donation to Biden Harris. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us heart Oh. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. That's amazing. I. Appreciate that Boy The bots the botnets and the trolls are out in force. Against Video. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for reading that and your inspiration to me to Jamie all of you just purple letting me sit here and obsess about the news to tell you about it. Yeah I. Love. I just have a really good feeling about this election I'm not going to jinx it. So I'm knocking on Wood Yup Yup. I just my my knuckles are bleeding right now. You're like you're like cruel tutelage of Pie may with fucking kill bill just punch in that suck and. Merciless. fucking. That's all I'm going to say about it. Moving on. I'm too superstitious to indulge in any sort of positivity pass what already said. what next up good news for Mickey Pronounce Day Them Maki says, here's my good news at the beginning of the summer. My local chapter put out a call for people to train as in become marshals for their protests antigens I responded to that call and have spent nearly every single Saturday this summer using my white body to help create a safe space for black people. So their voices can be heard. I've met of absolutely incredible people and it has been such an honor to do this work. I know this is only the beginning. There is still so much more to be done but quite frankly i. have never felt more engaged in a life I. Don't know if you've ever heard of indigenous Australian elder. Lilla Watson. She is credited with saying if you have come to help me, you are wasting your time if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. By working to help others find. Yeah it's really good also in quote by working to help others find have their voice. I've allowed myself to actually recognize parts of me. I have been suppressing particularly my sexuality and gender identity into turn self hatred slash self loathing into self love and acceptance. who? Yeah I teared up reading that thank you make me too me too and I'm I'm with you I'm with you. Mickey. I'M IN A. I'M IN A. Little bit of pickle about turning self hatred and self loathing into love and acceptance as well. So. We all to varying degrees. Yeah I. Have to say this to in response to your vision good news. Sorry not yet. Your good news. I think that a lot of gratitude is owed to black communities that are allowing white people the space to stand alongside them and for them. To not be you know. In. Honestly justifiably sceptical and doubtful of White People's intentions and I think it's just a really harm odious in beautiful recognition of the shared humanity that everyone has and credit is owed to you. Credits owned to the to the black community first and foremost, and I'd love to hear this kind of good news. Yeah. Agreed. And I'll never forget when the woman spoke out particularly about Black Wall Street and she said. You know we're we're lucky. that. The black community doesn't the black community wants equality and not revenge. Yup and I really really that sank. So deep with me that like God thank you I think allowing us that space and allowing us to be allies. We do I feel like I don't deserve it. Right, it's mercy. Honestly that's incredible. All right finally. Last good news story. Of the day this is good news from in memory of Triscuit and the pronouns are she her and good girl. I don't presume most people are familiar with social media, platform imager or anger. But. It's a delightful alternative and provides an endless stream of good content while garbage and hate get down voted to oblivion I. Love Him. So. gen-x thing Apparently, there is a frequent occurrence organized by the free. Pizza. Dude, where people who are down on their luck ask for a hand and people respond by buying them pizzas it appears. It appears to be so effective that are getting responses in under five minutes and every time I refresh looking for someone to help they've already been taken. Guess I'll just sponsor a patron and Thank you also fun fact apparently the phrase give it some beans can mean to apply force accelerate or otherwise step on it in the Thirteenth Twenty four twenty fourteen episode of Adventure Writer Radio Motorcycle. Traveling Englishmen Austin Vince declares twice the way to get a motorcycle through deep sand is to give it some beans and power through. Here's hoping all. Here's hoping. We can all give it some beans and get through this sanity. Desert that is twenty, twenty, two, a lush valley future where pizza grows on trees loved. Oh my yeah. That's so interesting having beans means having spunk or verve right I know that when Amanda Joel's Dog Marley is like. Roundup and ready to go and needs a nap or walk They say he needs to get. He's got some beans right now he needs to get his beans. And so give it some beans give it some Gusto, you know. So that's also interesting. I don't know if I don't know if that was on dialysis mind. When. He all I'm wondering, right? On it I, think he literally just meant he wants beans on stuff. Yeah But who knows? Well Thank you for that in memory of Triscuit, and that was a wonderful good news block. Please send us your good news. We need all the good news we can get. We're going to have a lot of shit dropping over the over the next sixty days. It's going to be a lot in. So submit your good news stories personal or political anything. Any little thing, and you can do that at daily beans pod dot com contact. And submit good news and. Jordan. Do you have any final final thoughts? Yeah. I'm tearing up and crying now. This has been like so incredible seriously and I have so much hope. For what people can accomplish in the solar sekine provide to each other. Just based off of the community. That was built of so sorry, this is such dramatic you. Yeah. I. Just I really really really love. You created allison and everything that everybody else created together and. You are going to keep creating. And this has been like such a traumatic and horrible for years otherwise but this has been like such a huge. Just. Beacon of light and love and support, and I have so much so much. Gratitude and hope and I really really love you all really gonNA. Miss. You. Couldn't have done it without you and your laughter is. My goal all the time and. I have to say that. You're. GonNa do such amazing things and this community is so important to to everyone and you helped create it and. You. are going to be tied to the right side of history and with a court of steel and. I hope that you know the impact that you've had on on people and me and and and I love you so much. Thank you. Thank you thank you, everybody. Everyone please take care of yourself. Take care of each other take care of the planet and take care of Your Mental Health I've been ag. Jordan Coburn. Them's the beans. The daily beans executive produced and directed by AG and Jordan, Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Zalin and Star Burns Industries are marketing manager executive assistant production, and Social Media Direction Amanda. Reader fact checking research by AG Jordan covering and Amanda. Are Music is written and performed by they might be giants are web design and branding by Joel reader with moxy design studios, and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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Full Show (Cowboys/Bears, LeBron's malfunction, Tim Ryan, Jason Witten on Jason Garrett)

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

1:49:13 hr | 1 year ago

Full Show (Cowboys/Bears, LeBron's malfunction, Tim Ryan, Jason Witten on Jason Garrett)

"Visa wants to know. Where would you like to be whether you're a superfan or just in it to win? Your League. Visa knows we want to spend less time standing in line and more time pursuing our passions. That's why for over sixty years. Visa has been adding innovative. Plays to the way we pay from tapping to pay to getting paid in thirty minutes or less. They're giving businesses and consumers more tools to do just that they know that every visa transaction is a promise. Promise whether it's a street vendor in front of the stadium or picking up the latest. NFL Gear Online visa wants to provide us with the most secure an easy payment payment experience possible so everyone everywhere can get to where they'd like to be visa everywhere. You WanNa be welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jenny. Taft this podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome undisputed we are live from Los Angeles. I'm Johnny Taft here with skip bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Good Morning. What as you need have cowboys losing night? I'm not coming in tomorrow. Oh you can have it chairs chairs and you can debate yourself tomorrow because you can ridicule yourself tomorrow. I can't take it anymore. Do Pass your home on the way to work the company I might move out of. I can't take six and seven. I don't know if I see that happening. We'll have to wait. Go home girl. Oh John Zoo Ginny thank you. I tried to really step it up today. We got a lot to get to on this show go too far. Doggone the Lakers big win less and is Baker. Need to tone it down just a little bit. But first we've got the cowboys. The bears tonight on Thursday night football on Fox Fox and according to Fox bet. The cowboys are three point favorites tonight in Chicago. Both teams currently sit at six. And Six Dallas will be looking came to end their two-game skid and get back above five hundred so Shannon Boo Hoo wince tonight who who skipped you know. Oh maybe maybe this is my pride talking. You know. I've been known to let my pride get the best in Virginia. I mean you know sometimes I against my better judgment I let things like pride adding foolish pride to Zach. Get the better of me you. Yeah sometimes sometimes not very often. 'cause I'm not every single day on the show go ahead normally. I'm very thoughtful and methodical about how I go about doing things but sometimes when it comes to the cowboys are held. What so what scared? When I look at the bears I think their defense is still a very good unit? I think their offense is put them in harm's way and a so many three and outs no matter how great your defense is. And we're starting ready to see this. You look at the Games in which the Patriots have struggle as good as their defensives when their offense really can't generate anything Baltimore. Houston we see what happened and so no matter how great your defense if you constantly put them out there bad things are GonNa happen and I think that's what's happened. I think trubisky got a lot of confidence last week. Considering they were down fourteen. Nothing playing against Detroit and Detroit's still obviously they're not you know playoff-caliber team but they played really well at home and for them to fall behind fourteen. Nothing in for him to do what he did on the road I think they gave him some confidence. this defense hasn't played great suffocating as they were last year but I think Chuck Pagano. WHO's the former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts? I think he's done a great job of coming in there. I just think if they can just limit the big plays. That was the front runners. You don't turn the the ball over. They don't do a great job. Taking it away so you be judicious with the football is not going to be overly cold. Skip a clip kick off the beaten somewhere in the mid forties. Maybe by the time the gay men midway through the third quarter fourth-quarter. It'd be down somewhere in the thirties. So that shouldn't be a problem. But saying all that I'm GonNa take the home team. Seen in a very close ballgame. I don't know why I'm saying twenty two seventeen because neither kicker field goal kick is very good. The bears kicker is not very good. They thought they saw that problem problem. Clearly they have it. We know what the cowboys they worked out. Some kickers on Tuesday because Brett Maher was shaking balls. Lifted Thanksgiving Day. I'm gonNA take the burt. It's going to take the bears at home. Two thousand seventeen skip for whatever reason Dak Amar has not been. I haven't been able to find the chemistry on the road as they found it home. Amartya I think it has something to do with targets. Yeah I think it has more to do with Dak.. When Dad got the got the starting job they basically told them we can run the ball? As long as you don't force it and turn it over you'll be fine. That's been ingrained in him. For the most part that does not force. Football's not tomorrow not to Jason Win. Not the Michael Gallup does not force the ball and so maybe. That's what the marist. Maybe he needs to target because he said it has something to do with help. It's hard for me. You believe that you thought the present healthy home but every time we go on the road unique so that doesn't make sense to me. Skip with that being said I'm still riding the bears point. Seventeen man I cannot tell lie. I just can't defend my team anymore. I can't disagree with one point you just made. I usually disagree with every team but not anymore. Because I'll be honest with you. I will be rooting like crazy tonight. But I don't love their chances even against the bad news bears in Chicago. Another six and six underachieving outfit because my cowboys for me have turned into more like my Al Boys as in how. Oh Oh I have waited all year all too long for them to switch that proverbial flipped proverbial switch. Just flip it and and here they are there they are. There's the team that everybody says is so talented on paper. They don't play the Games on paper and I I will route like crazy. They're still a three point favorite tonight. I still believe that they will go win at Philadelphia and win this division Asian or back into this division or win it by default however you want to characterize that I still believe they're going to play a home playoff game but tonight I I can't make a case. I don't have any logical reason to pick them. I don't have any evidence. Because because they've given me none over the last four games to pick them and I've tried everything and I'm out of amount of jinx breakers acres. Because I told you earlier this week I've tried different caps t shirts jerseys socks underwear. I've tried everything so yesterday was my birthday. They may be tonight. I should try my birthday suit. head I'll be going to a bar to one house. She doesn't watch with me anyway. I'm just by myself so I can wear my birthday suit by myself. If I choose I choose not to even watch been times while. Walk around on the corner. At least I'll just listen. You don't even listen to the audience but at least I could sort of listen and you could just hear the voices go up. Oh yeah maybe that would save. Save me but the point is my team doesn't even need to win this game. I told you I've never seen anything like this in my entire career. Covering in your sport they can lose this game. They can lose to the rams ten days away at home and it doesn't matter because if they go to Philly and win Dan which I believe they can do. I believe they will do. They can come home and beat the redskins. They win the division. But don't you thank you for their psyche. Sure Jerry's heart only ought to win the game. Okay just just because you need to rebuild a little momentum rail self confidence a little bit of faith in who you are and what you're able to do due rick against a six thousand sixteen that it's like I got the lesser of evils going on here because the bears have underachieved. Maybe worse than the cowboys aloys because the defense still fourth and points allow but it doesn't seem like what we thought it was going to be so I- I remind you the bears have won three of their last four game right. My team has lost three of its last four games right now. Those three bears victories were to Detroit's in one giants. You impressed my one. Victory in the last four was Detroit so they've beaten Detroit twice in the last four. We'd beaten once. You're not do dry three loss of the Times so I remind you again. My team still has not beaten a single team in this league with a winning record not one and Dan and by the way the bears do have one there. I say signature win just one at home. Over Kirk cousins and Genie's Vikings Kings Sixteen six trubisky got hurt early in the game and it was chase Daniel the rest of the way but it was sixteen to six because they sacked your third cousin or they sacked him here. Now right what is he. I serve Campo Kinfolk. Okay they sacked your kinfolk six times in that game hey six times because Khalil mack instill rush the passer and Kirk cousins had a Qbr in that game of fifteen scales zero two hundred so he was the old battled kirk cousins right and. That's their loan signature win that they have this year. So I'M GONNA go. I'm GonNa go bears tonight and I'm going to go. It seems like my team loses every game by the score. So I'm going to go twenty four to twenty two bears because there will be a crucial misfield gold not by the home team but by my team because to your point my team brought in three no-name kickers to audition for the job of Brett Maher for her and for whatever reason they chose to stick with Brett Maher but now he clearly has heard the media however elsea wood here they brought in three guys is to replace me. He was kicking on Tuesday. One in it would have had three Before his job on the weekend that they brought him in but whatever whatever he knows uh of course so his confidence was already shattered me because he went completely south mentally. So whatever's left of his destroyed. Confidence is newt. Because he's going to go into this game on national. TV IN CHICAGO. Think he just not going to have any faith in himself. So this game to me will come down to which quarterback you taking Dak Prescott. I love that Prescott. He's the only reason why teams even six and six or a guy. I have little to no respect for Mitchell trubisky and he the reason why your team is six mix them say okay they would NBA. Okay good and bad and I will give you that but he is up against a very good defense that will play with pride at home and that defense. We'll take the ball away. My team has not taken the ball away. One time in the last four games that ties a franchise record low. And they'll it'll probably break that franchise mark tonight. I'm counting on it. Well you could be right because my team is twenty six in the whole. NFL In takeaways. My I team is dead last in interceptions with a grand total of four in twelve games. Four they'll be some kind of record. Leaves like new. England was getting getting four a game for the first six or seven games so tonight missing from my defense is my starting safety and the only one I really trust. Jeff he opt one of my study young linebackers who have not played up to their potential. This year we'll has gone late. Vandereycken not playing tonight with the neck injury injury for the third straight game and I hope he can return but that could be as you know series Moodley Antoine Woods. People probably don't know he is my number. One anchor runs stuff. We're in the middle of that line. It's the reason that against Seattle last year in that playoff game. He was the one who took over the middle part of the line and said Seattle L.. You can't come here today. L. Came in leading the league in rushing and left with the grand total of seventy three rush yards and we won that game that Magic score twenty four to twenty two so you take those three away from my defense. Whatever it is do I have that they can even stop Mitchell trubisky because I thought listen than seriously? I watched that game on Thanksgiving on Fox. He was pretty good quarter. I was impressed brought. He's got a big arm and you know what he's an athletic kid if you let him and get loose like Jeff Drew Leah. He can he can run. He got lakes along not Josh Allen League but he can run pretty mobile so my team. mm-hmm is number one in the whole league in yards gain weight ago. Dak Prescott Zeke for the for what it's worth but wait a second. It's eighth in points scored and does that get worse. Its Twentieth and Golden Goal Scoring Twentieth in the League. So you get it first and goal at the whatever. And you can't score a touchdown down a lot of that has to do with. Sometimes you get first and go and you get a Pre snap penalty or you get a holding and you have I down tonight and now you still got I doubt you the nineteen or you have what has transpired. You have an identity crisis right. Dak or Zeke. The core Dak or Zeke and they somehow picked the wrong curtain each time. What's behind this curtain door? Number one door number one but minus three is on that door. What's behind door number? Two DAK incompletion completion. Right or holding your number three clothing. And maybe there's a door number four sack minus seventeen on a Senate right so they just Seemed to go backward when they get it first and goal so what has happened. You have seen this happen with teams before and I cannot tell a lie. I'm being honest I'm throwing it all out in the middle of the table. Able my team has lost its confidence. It's lost its its swagger it's momentum it's sway it's lost its winning edge and you see it because it is that finest of lines in the National Football League. My team is extremely supremely talented. But what happened last year was they took off and went eight and two down the stretch including a playoff win over Seattle because every time a play needed to get made either by the the offense the defense it got me. That's how you take off right Grind House get what they're struggling with is that they can't put the phases together in the same game. Is he the one game. The offense plays extremely well in the defense gives up thirty one before the offense can get on track or the defense plays really well allowed to give up twelve points and they lose ten twelve. Okay okay that at some point in time and kicking games. It's hard for me to believe that Brett Maher imperfectly condition. Seventy two degrees or turf indoors doors is all of a sudden. You're going to feel and going to be knocking the ball. They need a forty yard organ. Forty eight yard bugler supposed to be light light night which is shockingly kingly on December but even as a win there is no wind and the I know soldier field. It's still a creepy creepy. Plays Football Ball. Yes old candlestick used to be maybe a little worse yet but this one is now. It's the worst escape his cold. If it's a night game is cold and it's a different type of coal in the in the ball is heavy. Had the Lakefront is right on the late. Yup Okay and weird bizarre. Things happen to football's up in whatever breeze there is it is so that's why I don't trust that in the bears. Probably don't trust their guy anyway. Maybe he'll be replaced before the game. But brings me back to Amari Cooper who is always always. The X factor team took off last year because Amari was acquired by Jerry Jones and I gave Jerry huge props for eight life changing at least for the cowboys boys acquisition so to your point in six home games this year Amari has forty seven catches for seven hundred and fifty eight yards. That'll work right six road games. He's got seventeen catches forty-seven at home. Seventeen away help me out. What's wrong seventeen for a grand total of two hundred thirteen yards? so He's triple home. Would he is on the road and in two and a half times catches at home compared to the skit that look. I know he might be nick. But so what you get healthy at home. Because I don't believe if he has the type of injuries that you know the need the ankle of whatever's give. He's not doing doing the whole lot of practice early in the week within Thursday. He's probably not doing anything Friday. Probably well obviously The game so walk through maybe little. We'll get up tempo on Friday but he's not doing a whole lot of work so it's hard for me to believe he's that helped that much more healthy at home then he is on the road. It's just hard to see that. Oh Aw I don't get it. I don't love it because it shows a level of softness. It's you're not mentally tough enough to go on the road and say I got this. I can't get it out of my psyche. that he went to the jets and one ball three yards and he said his tie was bruised. Call it they called it a day. What a what a gale will make him do made him quit men and put on an overcoat he he took himself out for a whole series and just stood over therewith overcoat on because he couldn't get open he just couldn't get open? Your Mama say play. Come stand by me okay as you head against. You can't get comes stab me. Put your coat on. Because his mom over she might have been you know maybe some Chunkys Luebbe okay do do I love mark. Cooper is a route runner. You'd better believe I'd do in going into the New England game just two games ago pro. Football focus ranked him number one in production of wide receivers in the whole national football league. He can be that great. Dat can be that great. Zeke can be that great so you have beaten on me all year about Zeke. So what's my only hope tonight. The maybe the script. Maybe they just say okay we give up. We're not a pass. It will be kinda cold not really Chicago called but Bite Light Dallas Standard Cowboys. It will be because the truth be told he does not like any cold weather. He's been practicing with the glove on his right hand. I I don't know if you'll even need it tonight. But maybe he should be handed off all night. Maybe we should see if Zeke is that guy. I haven't seen that guy. I still fear Jerry way overpaid him. I'm giving him fifty million guaranteed. He has not lived up to what he used to be once. He got his money. My greatest fear is he got his money and kind of put it in little neutral just cruise control. I just think the opportunities in skipped the thing is like Zeke is a runner. He's not a home. Run hitter Zeke as they singles and doubles guy and then occasionally singling double. He'll catchy lax and then he'll turn a double into a triple but for him. They think he's going to hit his head on the goal post like they've been very few guys that run the contact and still have breakaway speed. Yeah Earl Campbell have breakaway speed. Adrian Peterson Randy contact but still could go. Eighty Eighty Peterson still can go seventy five. I believe he even at ten. I think he's for ten years seasonality. Maybe a little long. Maybe maybe but more But you can't get discouraged. I think the thing with the cowboys skippers like big. Beg to get five six eight yards on every carry in when he doesn't oh we can't run the football. No you got to stick with it. I've told you all year. They have tried so hard to establish him on first down. But after you see so many one or two yard runs in a row row on first down in your in second nine or second. Eight and Dak Prescott has been according to pro football. Focus the best quarterback on second down in the the whole league. He's been extraordinary because its second long and where does it get them to six six. He's because that's second down. And he's not not throwing touchdown passes he's just completing eleven yard passes for a first down run and they tried again and they give it to Zeke on first down as predictably as anything. I- AH outside of the sun coming up. They're going to get on first down so I hope tonight that they do what. Sean McVeigh did. At Arizona Sean mcvay said I said I was an idiot and he gave it twenty times to Todd Gurley finally at Arizona. He got ninety five yards against the not very good defense changed the world. No ninety five yards but he established a reestablish the run off and it allowed them to play action. More in the next thing you know they have over five hundred the yard told wow okay so tonight I'll just give it up and say you got it. Let's see thirty carries going to zeal Elliott and. Let's see if they can win a lower. We're scoring game where they control the clock and the other one is thirty years. I don't because he gets thirty carry. They're GONNA probably win the game. I'll really I want. Chicago's okay do it. Then Dallas I dare you kill and more and more important I dare you Jason Garrett and by the way he is still the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys the last act dot co Caroline. Jerry already told you so he'll he'll be good coach. Jerry you gotta break tradition here this year it has become DAX team but tonight just to flip that that script. Let's give Zeke thirty five times. Let's go old school at at old school bears and see what happens. You got ten days to recover now it'd be fitting fitting recover. I just don't even see my team getting up for this game because these teams have little to no history very little and nobody can remember what eyewitness because that covered the game back in one thousand nine hundred five when the bears had their one great year in one great team. VDB But yeah when lately year after the A playoff game playoff game but late in that year I came to Dallas and it was a big NFC showdown and guess what the final score was forty four to nothing Chicago. So that's the only history I know between these teams was the debacle. That was that night and something has told me in the back of my mind this is going to be debacle on a much lower level. Now what did they say. You don't need extra motivation when you're six and six and hopefully they're still would. Hey I hope the rest of them see everyone said we have to execute cute. Will they all right. Lebron Twenty points and twelve assists last night in the Lakers win against the jazz. The low light of of the night for Lebron was in the first quarter when he picked up the ball mid dribble and walk several steps before dribbling again which the refs did not call traveling on after the game. Lebron said he had a malfunction. Instead it was one of the worst things I've ever done in my career so Shannon. What do you make of what happened? Pretty basket pretty bad. I think this might have been worse than the one Russell had a couple of years ago skipped with rough hand. The Guy handed him the ball. He started walking with at least he's walking back right yeah he just started walking. I've seen that a couple of times but Lebron was dribbling. Blink picks up his dribble walks like three steps and stopped dribbling. A fan skipped normally when we see miss. A call is like the guy picks up his dribble trouble on the way to the basket. Layup temple like that or he forgets to put the ball on the floor before he takes off and because they're calling traveling a lot more this year than what they have having to pass through but at the top of the key at at mid court what is just Lebron and the defender the officials right there to miss has that however many turnovers Lebron in the season with the we can go to it. Okay go this one's give now here stat. Lines are going to hear twelve assists easiest and one turnover but in actuality at twelve assists into turnover. Battle I still don't know because I don't think of the referees thinking I don't know I know I know good d where Lebron James Ages dribble the ball take three steps star driven. There's no way so I'm not I can't even call it. I can't there's no way he did that he did he did it skip. It shocked me. I'm like even the people on the side of the people in front row. But what are you doing. You'RE NOT GONNA YOU'RE NOT GONNA call this now because you don't call this. I got no chance of guarding is already already tapped me with an impossible task but now you just go let him just pick the ball up and just care like football. He had a malfunction skip doing a. Aw My grandma my GRANDPA. He's doing trying to do too many things that one. Yeah so okay. I'm getting ready to get ready to pass the ball. And he said I'll get ready path. P. Donovan Mitchell collided and now I started dribbling Mcginn. so He's trying to hit rain work. He balked you. Don't Jose he he really rain mainly rain man in the basketball call it raisman with Jim. Shore told that's what he is So he can see things before the transplant. He knew this would will happen. So Dustin Hoffman. Plame in the Lebron. You we're going to jump shot. This wouldn't agree regis. This was an egregious error and the officials missed it. I don't know why they missed all if they can think of. There's there's no way. Lebron picked his balloon walked. Three steps started. aww Dribble Mcginn. Because but that's what he did so they missed it. Lebron was right. He feel bad for the official because they're gonNA get downgraded and it's probably might hurt those guys for an opportunity to to rip a playoff game because at the end of the day skip just like your NBA player or player. You WanNa advance to the playoffs. Yeah that's what these officials want. WanNa do. That's how that's how you judge. That's why Joey Crawford and all these guys get the big may not the regular season games. the Post Sleeve and Finals Games. That we wo- I'm on a big state. So they would. They blew it did they. I'm trying to figure this out and I'm wondering is it possible. Lebron had a senior moment of a senior moment in your seventeen because the more more I watch this the more unbelievable it gets because to your point. I've said this from day. One about Lebron James. He has the highest basketball. All I Q in all of the game and I don't think is even close loop. This man is in his seventeenth season. He has played more within fifty seven thousand NBA minutes. And you know and I know when he first started dribbling a basketball I don't know what was he three or four. Yeah the first I fundamental rule a basketball. He was taught or he learned on his own was for every step. You take you have to dribble. The ball is the most unum mentally rule of all the whole game is based on you have to dribble for each stride. You take so the other bizarre aspect of this malfunction was it didn't happen in the fourth quarter of what had become a blowout by then. It actually happened fairly early in the game name and guess what the score was at that point that that happened it was eleven to three Utah at home. Utah ahead made its first four shots. Bogdonovich spoke of had made his first two three point attempts. Joe INGLES WHO's just disappeared for most of the season season actually made his first and only shot of the game. He made it three only two games. That Joe Ingles and started will delay there you go and so he makes one and then they had another Rudy Gobert dunk and all of a sudden. It's eleven to three UTAH. So you can't tell me that. Lebron had lost focused because once again again they were steamrolling another western conference opponent because they were not at that moment so there is no reason to lose focus but Lebron did say and this is the truth that he got momentarily distracted because Casey P in Donovan Mitchell along the baseline right under the basket got tangled up. They ran into each other and briefly but only briefly Casey. He goes down with one hand on the floor but pushes himself right back up in a flash yet it's possible and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here. It's possible Lebron was thinking in the back of his mind. Is this going to be a little fracas. Is this GONNA me up. Maybe a fight. Am I going to have to run down and try to split them apart. Are they going to go at it and maybe he started walking with the basketball thinking. Oh I'm I'm waiting for the whistles to blow because there's maybe going to be a double technical or somebody's GonNa go the free throw line so I might give him that but now I go back to the refereeing question. I have to go to the closest referee in proximity to this air. Jason Gobel wears number sixty eight a former Miami police officer in his third season riffing. Mba gains he has a brother who also refs NBA Games. I'm just going to put myself in his skin. I guess he's thinking in the back of his mind. This is Lebron James. He is incapable of just walking three and a half steps with the basketball. It's like Jason Goebbels Mind would not process what was actually happening. He wasn't believing what what he was seeing. Because of all the players you'd say who would pull that stunt off you'd put Lebron at the bottom of the list. Well he's not going to do that I. I don't think I've ever seen that before. where he just checked out for a moment mentally and lost it in Jason Gobel went along with it and thought I can't do that? I can't call him for that because he's incapable of doing that right. Yes okay now. Here's the most bizarre aspect of all the weirdest angle of all. Lebron claimed that he didn't even know that he did it. Because he said according Dave mcmanamon of ESPN DOT COM. He went into the halftime locker. Room Unaware so what does that you just completely checked out for a moment you went somewhere else. He's at the coach. Told Me Skip Danny Green Name said. When did that happen? He didn't even know what. How can I get? I get Danny Green because it just came and went so fast. Remember the play continue. Lebron went ahead and kicked it to the wing encases media and the players went right on like as if it didn't happen. Okay so which coach. How would it transpire that a coach would inform Lebron? Because you know you walk right okay. But when the coach that he did already know that he walked. Okay and I'm going. I'm going to guess on this. Because the coach says talks most to him is Jason Kidd. So I'M GONNA assume could be wrong that it was Jason. It'd be Lionel. It'd be any pre but mostly almost right Jason Kidd so to your point. Jason must have commented on it. Maybe even made kind of a joke about it. Can't I believe you did that. And and Lebron's telling the truth and I'm I'm going to believe he is. Yeah he said I did what you you walked with the ball all you took three and a half day without dribbling nobody. You traveled in the past for Jenny. Lebron said Halftime said coach. Maybe Jason Kidd head showed it to him maybe on his tablet or they cute it up on the television right watch. This and Lebron said I did that one too seriously. Okay so I'm trying to figure out you know. He was very humble about it so he he did own it after the game because sometimes he'll just making excuse I don't know but but he completely owned it and he started to say if you see the first of his remarks it was the worst thing thing and then he corrected himself. Probably one of the worst things I've ever done in my career right and I give credit for this point to McMenamin. Adam pointed out that a fan heckled him during the game about it and that he heckled himself back and said you're right. That's one of the worst things I've ever done in my career. He said it to the fan in writing courtside. Yeah okay. I'll give you that right. But here's the other point we we've seen some of these things happen to Lebron like remember last year. We had a couple of little incidents where I'm saying. Lebron what are you doing. Do you remember what happened. I don't know if we have this at Phoenix. You know he got it well. I don't know if you have it or not. Oh wait just off the backboard. The backboard did we now. It's the same kind of thing now. I chalked that up to you. He's lost heart because he didn't think his team was good enough to win games but just to throw off the backboard going. Try to throw it. Because he didn't want to hit channel title case Ingram and highest. I Q eight okay and then remember the one where you roll the ball up the floor. Maybe AH check out mentally enrolling and you're rolling you rolling and then you forget what you're doing and then you just kick it out of bounds that the plate of the broad happened happen. That might have happened in the finals. Did Not play happen against the Lakers. And the Celtics one year where they hit the back of a game seven. I think it's give it happens that we've seen played like this. Hi this is something that is giving. Lebron's Lebron James was dribbling. The basketball he picks it up in mid in miserable takes three steps stars dribbling again with the official ten feet away. Okay and then. I'm going to bring this up to the other night at Denver. It's still a relatively close close game. It's nine hundred. Eighty two with eight forty four left and Lebron takes a three. This is him walking again. Takes a three and he's checked checked out mentally because he's a pretty good three point shooter. He's not great this year but for his career is decent and he misses it. A foot left right like it's a lack of focus that's uncontested. He just takes three and it hits the backboard at least a foot away from the rim. Well that's where you've just checked. Act Out mentally. You're not with US anymore. And sometimes I wonder does he have so much going on off the court so much. No He's GonNa talk about irons the fire. Nobody has more irons in the off court. Fire than he does with all of his. You know what it is shop and the website would. That's why he has great people he has people. That's why math has done a great job. Randy female does a great job. Rich Paul is doing his thing savannah. which is the glue? They're hold the kids. Make sure everything is taken care of in that aspect who that skill. That's why he's averaging twenty five eleven and seven because all he you can do just focus on that yes. There was a lot of iron but the biggest earned basketball. I would agree with that but every once in a while his mind is elsewhere and his mind was elsewhere last night when that happened read. It's going to be a like you know you're bound to have those the last night. Yeah I don't remember Jordan. Never having a moment I just don't join your free couple of free throws to but I because I want to keep that up because I'm trying to get. I'm trying to get dior that Kim Jong came up with so I ain't nothing to keep the AH brick free throws last night's one on one right there you wondering what we got five. Oh cal go. Ten case we know that seventy five percents okay. Good laughed at twenty five or twenty five. We gotTa hit Twenty Four Twenty Four. Okay we want it all back in West Shebang. But we're going to gradually see. We slow process figured out your fixated on the free. Ethos shooting category of every Lebron box right every single. All I know even perfect lap. Well here's the thing guys. The malfunction wasn't the only interesting thing that happened in last night's game. Lebron was on the bench with the Lakers up. Twenty in the fourth and you know celebrated a cow Kuzma blocked by jumping up and down on the court with no shoes on after he had given them away to fan so he had given them away. The Jazz Brooke Team took exception to Lebron celebration. Take a listen court shoes. My is going on. That's some disrespect. Right please US Lebron onto the court. No shoes he'd given his shoes away to a fan behind the LAKER bench. Our right Never Shannon. I start with you in mounds out of bounds By Lebron Liberal. The first part is that everyone should have issue with because Lebron is actually on the court and the players still going. No egos uncouth bloggers so lebrons starts to walk on the court. Is he blocked. The second one is that the three point line then about of bows okay but for them to take account of accession that they did skip. This happens all the time and blowouts when guys that don't play a whole lot getting the game and they do so so then Aku mental starter. He's running his way back in but we don't think of Kouzmines blocking shots. He blocks two shots. They blocked twelve last night they lead the NBA and Blonde John. It over seventy game. So he's doing something really well when teammates do things really whale you happy for them. I believe Lebron is sincerely happy when Troy Daniels Daniels makes it three queen. I agree everybody likes him so love. Lebron is because he's sincere and genuinely happy but other the success that's why he's such a willing pass the ball. He could hold the ball for himself and nobody would bat or not but he's willing to give the ball up now. They thought that was disrespectful. I have something queued up. This is disrespectful skill. Can we try. QUICKPOINT can be okay. We gotTa Cute Chubby Nets. Kill you and we talk about this skill. They flip it bottle a you. Don't skip. At least they were celebrating a play last night. Somebody had done something. Good will celebrate with lebrons on S- cavs we follow flipping. That's different dance. You don't want to be disrespectful. Do what you're supposed to stop law that you don't want me to talk the game. Genie shut me up Dolly begins okay. Beat my team. I got under say they played better. Not just to get. They get alternative genealogy in the field that is some disrespect. Yeah we have one of the toughest place there is the play and we beat the brakes. Aw that's what you're mad about any doing it with no shoes at the both of those guys seen Lebron give those shoes to kids who ran back up in the stands with them like they had got had a gift from God. That's ever played about. Disrespectful no was disrespectful. They're your team that skip bayless city Utah. We will have a better record in my lake. UTAH WHAT ABOUT UTAH. What about the rocket? What about these are the vision beast? Admit whiskey ask by the way Mike Collins Junior did not play remember. HEAP string Wimbley. We're the brakes off. There's no Bogdonovich play last night. We beat the brakes off. Played pretty well well last night. Eighty to eighty twenty six deal where he didn't have the head of the snake last night. They didn't have their quarterback. Nobody Utah has. Has it been remotely what I thought Utah Because Donovan Mitchell has regressed Allah Baker. Mayfield if you want to go there all the efforts. This was clearly out of bounds by Lebron James. But I'm going to give you this. What I do love about? Lebron Spirit is he still has house a lot of little kid in him. I love that about him. He can get giddy happy when things happen in last night. A very happy thing thing happened because they won back to back at the two toughest places to win at in the NBA. Denver had by far the the best home record last year. Not sure where they are this close to the top but they they were really good. They were invincible at home last year. So the Lakers went there and and clean them out and put them back in their place and then went back to back at Utah which Lebron flat out said after the game is the toughest place to play in the NBA and they annihilated Utah that they they basically stripped them of whatever pride they have yeah and said no you do not belong on the same court with Lebron personally had lost seven straight and I was going to get him dog. That was this Lebron's personal house bores yes because you have to go all the way back to December eight th of twenty ten nine. Yeah so find his last win. It was the first go round with the heat right but remember what happened. The the second go round with the heat that game. That night was one of the classic early Games in which Lebron had the shot to win the game there and he passed a unanimous haeusler Aslam and on the old show I did. We must have talked about that for two months. Did he make the right basketball. Play here and Lebron said after the game. I'm sure that chatter will start art in the chatter started because I thought Lebron was in perfect position as the quote unquote best player on the planet to take that shot and maybe make that shot and it was you. Donna wasn't Dwayne. It wasn't Chris Bosh it was you don us that he chose to take the last shot so it started from there and the irony irony of this whole thing is what what in. What building would Lebron WanNa rise and shine? The brightest will guess who had his two greatest finals. Those moments in that building Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The flu game was game. Five of nine hundred ninety seven and with the flu. I don't know how sick he really was but he was. This look like he was pretty sick right. He scored thirty eight that night in it was legendary and they went home and closed it out and then game six they did. Close it out. The next year and Michael Jordan held the post at the free. Throw line on Brian. We're also there's a little push off their little but that's just the way. The man played the game basketball and he he held the post and the jazz fans were horrified once again because Michael Jordan had done it to them at rip their hearts out. So you would think that Lebron Ron would wanNA really rise in that building and say I can be Jordan s now. You don't need to do that okay. So it'd been seven straight but hey that was highly highly impressive. Last night was change the name of the building it was the Delta soon. I think if I'm not mistaken vivid smart ward or something they got so so. I don't mean to gain tamed us. Same building so the point is I was glad that Lebron did take himself out of the game with seven forty six six left because these are the kinds of games. He's been playing all the way on knowing this he's been doing a game. You play all twelve minutes of the fourth quarter and going into to this game. He had taken the most shot attempts in the fourth quarter and he took only two in the fourth quarter did make one and he said it was one of five to eighty three on. They're playing back to back. I mean hey. If he'd wanted to load manage last night and take the whole game off I would have been okay. I want you to know that what are signed up for without magic. Johnson came to my house at twelve. Oh Five Yep Leeann. All Jamie bus pays salary to play. This is why make thirty five thirty seven million. He's late he's trying to make a statement. I am the anti why I play every night every quarter every minute. Nobody don't mistake Hawaii. Lebron James Never be Lebron a little threatened by cool about what town now no. It was a cow town so it's a commercial stop and I do a commercial. Lebron do those you look Lebron the commercials out which I might. I got the number two behind brand Jordan. Yeah okay so here's where we're look. I cannot get out of his own way. Not help him so they do. When he goes to the bench with seven forty six left he still has to be the center of attention? And I will say this Steph. Curry is just as bad as Lebron. When he goes to the bench? He's got it got to be a lot of antics over there because it's like. Hey everybody I'm not in the game but look at me. Look what I'm going to give. What would have happened now? They do it all. This Lebron stays on the sideline. He can't even get excited for his teammates. Well it's it's one thing to get excited excited. It's another thing to dance out on the floor in your socks and then slide all the way like you're surfing all the way back to the world. Well I'll tell you what to do if we were out of the game. And somebody scored a touchdown off a portable before he called our running on the field. Okay come over to you and I'm not really noticing you're doing that because there's so many football players on the sideline only one Lebron James and he is the focal point point of the Laker bench. He will he will or but he wasn't. He was rarely on the core mostly on the big back. Lebron has a whole lot of showboating front running hot dog inning. He does you know and I know it. Look at what we're doing and it's it's a little bit of a rub it in play. Look at US Muhtar Brady. When they win it? By fourteen forty touchdown he goes to the crowd. Yeah Yeah we all also Sunday night against the Houston Texas on Hayden. So help me out here. I'm going and get to Tom. Brady and just a second. A lot of players will give their shoes away at the end of the game. Sure why would lebron shoes. Even though the kids came down uh-huh tool they had twenty. Three's on on fans from Salt Lake. Utah that they were sitting way up way up but they were down there in with maybe four sh minutes later. Lebron says oh you can have my shoes and I'll sign them in. The kids are so little. It's like they came up. It looks like the shoes bigger than the kid and they look like oversized shoes because the kids were so little Lebron shoe okay. So that's a cool thing but shouldn't you at least wait until the game is over to do that. Nah because that is the height of disrespect. You're giving your shoes away with four minutes left. And it's causing a big distraction on that. got into the floor. I wish away to start a quarter. So comedy beat the bricks off you. I'm giving my shoes away and I don't have anymore really that what I'm doing if you look. I'm a firm believer if you will be. Disrespectful be openly and blatantly disrespectful shooting at least respect the game if not J.. Am just respect. The game ideas wait until the goes off. And then say here. You guys want these. Let me give you my shit. Stop a player from being disrespectful. Yeah that's okay. People used to get mad. T. Audacity you want to see a stand on the star keepers but at the end zone ooh That's your job. Is Your job to make him stop dance. So if you don't want to give it to the kid seven thirty one keep him in the game. If you don't want Lebron death four keep him in the game. They're lucky you wasn't in the game. Because usually he would play that all the way with stuff that staticky okay so we play all the way out. Now we on the court we played it all the way out. We beach about forty. Say Y Lebron the ball game. Because I didn't want to be disrespectful and so now it will be disrespectful the court so he couldn't just go over there and clap like the bench players do that woman. That's not us. That's how you doing your Hollywood though. We all know what we do is that we are sincerely named genuinely happy for the success. Ni- just Anthony Davis success but when Caruso catch one on the ballot mail why did the crew that won. He called me at Nugget Pepsi Center. I'd have been a semi coma. Had that job and run back out. The region rigid Yup should be a technical. Take off Gotcha backed raw. Well you admitted in when you first started talking that he was he was actually running on the court. While the play was he was work. That was a big comeback. He ran back. Yeah he's he's back he doesn't bug me at all. I'm surprised as much attention I really am I. It does also airport at Tom Cruise in risky business. Tom Cruise Dancing sled basically you. You should an analyst if you should be mad at you disappointing not disrespectful will. They've lost five out of six frustration Burnley and they blame it all the raw the kid there so happy makes these kids place. They whom all pro diddy over that. Well you know what the Lakers are so good now that Lebron she's start giving away shoes at halftime and play soccer lous in the second half that might sort of level the court a little bit. It'd be dangerous to try to get new balances. The officials the official shoe or shoes. He's away Poi- those would be put them in a museum. Visit to a kid kids autograph handle them back to Kawai bad eh. You'RE GONNA get shooting. Thank the whole thing the ability. That's the official shoe of all hospitals in the US. Really say about twenty the twenty two. Where every new balance staff right according to pro football focus cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the League's second most valuable player? This is based on pro football. Focus saying Jack is worth more than two wins above replacement. Six men through thirteen weeks leads league and passing yards and his top three touchdowns this season despite the cowboys being just six and six which we know no well around here so Shannon do you agree that deck is the second most valuable. No no no skip. Don't believe that either so so he's wore two more wins so in other words there before eight the MVP. Can we get your two more wins. So I want to know what what would the Baltimore Ravens. Record without Lamar Jackson. What would be the seahawks record? Be Without Rust and you tell me pro. Football Focus Darling. Tom Hombre depot vitamin and Tom. Tom Brady Tom Brady could do no wrong. They are dominating control five interceptions in the game and I guarantee they give them a forty five not all going five pigs day. QBR register skipped any to stop this. So how much value to sixty six with autos auto's pro bowler. Let me get. Let's get into pro bowl. Zeke went to the pro bowl last. Year Zack Martin. Tolerance Smith Amari Cooper Burne Jones demarcus lawrence all those guys in the pro bowl. You're six six so whereas whereas the value in that there is not yet seeks six to talk about the movie really scared to be shamed themselves. Are you asking me or they ought to shave themselves. Yeah you should be ashamed that I that I haven't spoken yet. Took my blood pressure medicine this morning. Hello I'm really I'm really composed. Oh I took my pure spectrum must cbd because I needed it. Because I had a feeling 'cause with our producer call me last night and broach this. He could tell he like yeah. I think there's going to be pretty good because he also he knew he's making you go and take your Middle Com J. A.. Yeah I'm calm now. I took me a couple of eyedrops opium spectrum this morning because I knew skit with. They'll get my blood boiling with this subject with endettes value. Not I WANNA we're who I can you tell you know John F. Simmons Lamar Jackson. But I don't know but what about Ross. So how many gave you. How would he gave would win with their back? Gino Smith Tell me when it's my turn baskin these were you. How would it gave with Seattle? Where with their backup? Gino Smith I think without Russell Wilson. They would've lost three more games. James maybe four. Skip their nine. What they'd had ten one possession ballgames now which they want they? You Fake Gino. Smith skinny jeans confined home anywhere. Not New York not either. The New York's it doesn't take into account who the next guy would be. It's just I you know for replacement who the replacement Gino. It's just over average. Replace not talking about it. Average the average average guy tell me wants to turn all those players you just mentioned and have all supremely underachieved all year. None has lived up to his contract. Starting with the Zeke Elliott Zack. Martin Ties Smith Breath. Who else should amaury without last year? Okay he's been pretty good but not what he used to be Byron Jones. No not not now. How about De la hundred million dollar contract? No what do you tell me about the Dallas. Pass rush it comes and goes but it mostly goes right. Yeah arise okay. So only one player has played beyond expectations. And it's the quarterback he has had an extraordinary stored Mary year. If you look at the overall numbers there eye-popping they're better than Russell Wilson's overall numbers. Because there's so many firsts in so how many categories again he led the whole year and Qbr until the last couple of weeks now. He's third which is no shame in that shaming that. When you've been lied to that means you did something Rome if I win the race and all of a sudden I lose the race I did something wrong but he got docked in? QBR because he didn't wear gloves for a half half at New England in driving rain and plunging temperatures and thirty mile an hour winds and it dropped in he had a fifteen qbr after he threw for one hundred and ten in the fourth quarter with his glove. Through for forty five through the first. Three quarters okay. What about her? So we had a fifteen in that dropped all the way to. It's shameful third. The hurt hurt meeting. Yeah well that's your fault. So Dak Prescott. Is I in yards passing. He's number one in what are deemed catchable passes. He's number one in passes for first downs. He's his offense is number one in third down conversions and that's mostly because of that. Yes yes it is. He's been far more responsible than the underachieving run. Smart say Amari changed his life. Lebron and the Lakers had no problem in back to back road games after handling the nuggets. Tuesday night the Lakers disposed of the jazz has last night. Lebron had another double double with twenty points twelve assists and Anthony Davis added a T. My twenty six points. The Lakers ran away with it. outscoring the jazz by twenty seven seven pass break points and cruising to one twenty-one to ninety six win Fox sports NBA analyst. Chris Broussard with us now. Chris could could this be an all time great team all time. Well first of all let me say this. We are way out uncomfortably. So yeah up ahead of ourselves okay. Because you're not speaking over. Even though I pick the Lakers preseason pick to win win it and I feel good about that. I do think they're the best team in the league. I am not totally sure. I'm not like one hundred percent certain about them like say about the Katie Steph warriors that there definitively the best team in the league. And it's over. I'm honestly asleep. I'm like sixty percent lakers. Forty percent clippers. So I think it's that close. What gives you pause? Then why aren't they. Why when he he plays he wins? He's tough you know. And obviously you've got Paul George with him and some dogs around him in heroin pat hat. Beverly Great Coach Lou. You got two teams that are really could be historically great. I mean the clippers may have a longer bigger window appear to you right now. They're both head and shoulders above everybody else. Just like Milwaukee but I do think these two are had as a hint of everybody else. Now for the Lakers. Look obviously to be all time great. Can they win a championship. Yes Ken they I think. In less if they go into sears low management they gotta win about sixty six or more game and they do that yes. They have. A dynamic duo of superstars really to all time greats one just kind of entering his prime the other while not it is physical peak. I would say is that his mental p. Last night's travel traveled not withstanding. Lebron's never been smarter. I don't think I agree and physically. He's still has a lot left. So you've got all that and beyond that that they fit together Lebron ad fit. I don't consider Lebron's heat teams an all time great team because I don't think they're three pieces. Predictive predict Lebron and wave fit. Well they were just so great individually that they find ways out I mean they won one going away the other one they kinda eat out a second championship up in ship because they were so good individually but these to fit and you know stars fit when each of them can be at their pinnacle together and Lebron can be his bestself. AD can be his bestself together. You look a shack and Kobe. Even though they didn't get along on the court they fit they pippen hip in Jordan Kareem. You Know Magic you candy Steph. Whoever you mentioned off it so they can fit now now? Also say this. I don't think they have to become a dynasty or mini dynasty to be considered an all time great team. They could be a one off like I consider the one thousand nine hundred eighty. Three Seventy sixers Moses only doc OJ. And all time great team that one year and this depending on how Lebron Ages. It's only one year. They still could be an all time great team so and they finally. They've got the measuring stick. And that's the clippers. Like if they win it you're going to be able to say. They had to go through a tough team. And if you WANNA say the Bucks Giannis ascending. They had to go through some tough team. So yeah could be yeah. I agree but you mentioned What they would have to skip? It's just not to be an historically great team. You just can't win a championship. Because they've been nobody's GonNa say those Dallas Mavericks That Win The championship in twenty when you level is a historically great team. Toronto Toronto the historic great. But you look at the Bulls Seventy two and ten skip. They started the season. Forty one in three you look at the warriors they were sixty five and seven sixty seven fifteen sixteen and one of the playoffs. They were the earliest team to clinch a playoff February. Twenty six. And you look at the Lakers. They were sixty nine and thirteen and they had a thirty three game win. Streak Hobart in there you look at the The Birds Celtics takes in eighty six. They were thirty thirty three and one I think they lost one home game the entire season with that big three. Yes they could but I agree with you Chris. They're going to have to get into more into to the mid to high sixties. Probably no worse couldn't can only lose maybe four playoff games because you look hit so if they went with. The Clipper saying the conference finals. You you think that disqualifies it because when you look at the booth there were fifteen and three. The year they wanted. The warriors was sixteen at one and the legs twelve and three Jordan. With seven with the Reggie Miller Pacers there yes so couples that would be determined to attend but they they have the way. That was a battle. Yeah Michael Filing said enough of this because they didn't Milwaukee took one game from them at Chicago and then they come back and took another one. If I'm not I'm not. That was the Knicks series. That was the knicks the Knicks the Knicks took a couple. Yeah I think but I think they can't give they're gonNA have to do something special. I would feel better if they were twenty. One point three. Think think about it the Bulls were forty one in three twenty you got you got to win twitter byles. They went with thirty thirty one in in in several of the rest of the way. So I'm here to admit even though we're barely into December this team has the look and feel of historically great to me. I'm shocked by how good how fast this team has been. Because you know and I know what happened to the heels. The first year that Lebron joined D.. Wade in Chris Bosh in South Beach. Ninety eight happened and boy was GNASHING OF TEETH and wringing of hands. At what have we wrought in. They they just couldn't figure it out for what seemed like the longest time but nineteen threes. Pretty Great and the shock to me the two shocks number number one. Lebron does look like he's got a whole lot left in his tank that I wasn't sure about I had to see it to believe it but I am believing it anthony. Anthony Davis has embraced the staples Hollywood stage in ways. I did not see coming because his body language looks different to me. It's looking like a superstar who has come of age right before your very eyes. I think it's the Lebron impact and effect where he is so comfortable trouble. He is feeding and vibe off. Lebron's greatness is obvious greatness in thinking man I belong. This guy has blessed me because he keeps saying. I'm the great. Ah You know. I'm the defensive player of the year. I'm this I'm that the often supposed to come through me really okay. I can do this. And he's playing with the supreme confidence. It's I never saw New Orleans. Maybe never was quite happy there. Maybe he thought he was kind of out in the sticks maybe using felt like he was in a minor league town go. Oh I'm a alias actor. It'll be movie. Yeah I think you said he's got a big brother. Now he's got a big Jimmy L. Under his wing right and they they they become a again. I don't hang around with them. Sounds like they become very close off the core. Yes right keep reading. Go out to eat all remember that play. He made last tonight. What a guy faked him up and thirty three? Ad Hit the poor and bounce right back up and blocking Shah Bogdonovich play by the way it was a hellacious great in you. Want to talk about effort here because the play starts with Anthony Underneath and he has to go clear out and go chase him in the corner look at this and then he comes right back. This is all guts all desire and again. I know it's way early and probably premature but so far. He's the defensive player of the the area dominated and it's not even close for what he did. y'All night pretty much what he did to bear last night or your lawn without awesome. I'm glad you brought up a D.. Skip I think he's the key to this whole thing now. I think Lebron is their best player and their most important player but right look let's face it. They gotta go through the Clippers so when they meet say in the Western Conference Finals as good as Kawhi Paul George and you can add more heartless and Patrick. Doc Beverly are when they are on the Brian. Lebron's going to average at least twenty-six ten and eight. He's in that series twenty six points at least ten is's eight he's GonNa do it. The key is ad. They've got nobody to match up today and I like what you're saying and I agree but he does he have enough dog any he say. Okay 'cause we haven't seen it before it hasn't been tested like seven games to go into post when Kawai he's shorter but he's tough. He's going to be banging you a Herald Gumby Bang. Do you have the mental and physical forty a two to stay on that block for because when a half to your point what happened on opening night and maybe they just weren't ready for this prime time but got zonked in the fourth quarter. He came up empty zero and Lebron scored two and they got wiped off. Right GONNA probably average about thirty and fifteen in that series. Put them to bring you capable. Oh yeah no no question about it. He's that's what he's going to do because last Chris said they don't have an answer for it. They don't have anybody Zubaydah's might be big enough. But he's not skilled enough to buy the paint and he can pull him away like he did with go bare like nothing to go in and try to try to you up. But but I from ten fifteen on out. You can't do anything with me out. Here was my man. Jared Dudley tweeted right after the game I think he tweeted from lock as it. What have we still not played eight? Anybody Frigo does here. Did you have anything to do. You Watch you. You gotta put the cat him a couple of rebounds those were doing the locker room. He's lost four paddle. Oh steal the reason I gotta give it up to toughest places to play to me at Utah Him you go back to back and just wipe them out. That's impressed because I was we look. I believed in them but I was saying. They haven't beat anybody yet and now they have by the way. They don't have avery Bradley back yet and he can really defend. So that's going to upgrade you'll s and Rondo has found his way back in as the backup point guard and you see what he had four fourteen nine and twelve assists last night. This sensation combined those numbers. Lebron's you got something here in. AD has a chemistry because when they come in when Rondo comes in eighty three law right eagle fix even for Colorado a half court and Ronald just look at ad. You've come to settle pick wheels back and Bay Okay and last quick point because I gotta give it up because I do when I see it I will say it. Lebron is now ranked fifth in Defensive Wind Shears and the whole league and finish last year. He finished last year two three two three two V. Yes yes I told you know. I told you hard they get. Lebron won't veteran plate Lou. ooh He won't play us to understand. Then all about the going to the club and be doing carry Yoga and top golf and all that other stuff Lebron wouldn't have championships really eleven Lebanon's heavy shit to all time. Great teams have had great players past their prime role players. Yeah the eighty-six Bill were you got mcadoo was with the Lake Michael Tondo Dwight Howard Dwight out the well. He's doing what teams have won. The last he's seven and just rebound. Hey just that's all you gotta do anything about being allowed to three Daddy. Any of the shot. Yeah perboyre all that said Clippers at Milwaukee on Friday night. That's a finals preview. It you can too little worried on believable. Why he the Laura Guard he does look like he's grown up? Though things are interesting in the the San Francisco Forty niners have suspended. Radio analyst Tim Ryan for one game following inappropriate comments. He made about Lamar Jackson having an advantage using the play action because of the color of his skin Ryan made comments Monday on his weekly radio. Appearance take a listen. Are you really good at that. Great Jackson when you you consider when he's is dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform. You could not see that thing. I mean you literally could not. Not when he was in and out of the match point so Tim Ryan has since issued an apology but Shannon. I know that you know him. So what was was your reaction when you heard this. I was apprised. Tim Reid and I got drafted the same year. We came out in one thousand nine hundred ninety went to USC got drafted hard. Thank you went in the fourth row. Now the second round maybe in the fourth round but he went to Chicago skip and after I retired. He and I did radio together on Sirius satellite radio so I kind of know I'm a little bet and when I first heard this at Tim Ryan Skip. I was thinking I like Tim Ryan. There's another team randy us to do. Play by play. And I'm like but he'd be Kinda old doing the forty niners play by play and then I looked it up. I said okay. I Know Rhino and so I was surprised I I'm surprised that and he he was like just leave it alone. He's really good at that fate. Well normally scale play action weren't when you can do. What were you gonNA run the ball? You gotTa Lamar Jackson Beck and run it. You got mark even with that. I can run it. You Got Gus Edwards. That can run. And they're one of the top two or three running their number one running team at over two hundred yards a game but when he brought that into the play so should do. We think the reason why a lot of white baseball players because people can't see the baseball coming out of the hand wipe pitchers. Yeah stop that stop it just. Hey there were really good at it. I got a clip skip are Porta clip. And I'm GONNA show you and I will need somebody to tell me explain to me. Why did this fake work so well? I got the clip hip broncos against the cowboys. Remember this is the camera. Dome the cabinet duty. No pavement had now paying a little blue uniform. He wanted to pull off Brown when you can run the football when paid with an indie. The way they're they play at work so well skipped because we did a wide a wide play action. It was like pay. Hey running as fast as he could to try to stick the ball Adrian Janes hand and everybody was trying to get over the top of it and then he pulls up. And there's Reggie Wayne there's Marvin Harrison being wide open when you can run the ball and these guys have gotten really good at it Tom. Brady's really good at play action. Because he doubles up handing the ball off air. Rod Is drew brees gather have gotten really good at flight or hand and that's what it is when you can run it. You can be good at this. I just think that he he was making a good point. That Lamar Jackson because because this offense is similar to what he ran in college is really good. It's sleight of hand but we need through the completion of the guys scanned and the ball in Jersey. That's where he went a little bit too far from me but he he made a mistake. Apologize like I said. I know Rhino a little bit and I was surprised that that came from him but he apologized. And I don't really think Kamini thing by so you know him well enough. You Call Him Rhino. I do usually when you're around somebody that much time you get the drift or the the you since the possibility they would be capable of making that statement but he did not give you know not all know none interesting writing. So I don't know Tim Ryan. I know his background because he grew up in the bay area. San Jose went to Oak Grove high school than as you said he went down southern California the USC and he became their all time leading. Tackler I think he did. I think that's still the record. And he went and played for the bears for five years had a neck injury injury that prematurely cut short his career and then he got into the media. He's been very places including here for a while and then he became. I'm back in two thousand sixteen. He became the the commentator on the radio broadcast for the forty niners. And I'm assuming he grew up loving the forty-nine right because he sent tins to get over emotional about them. There was a little incident during the radio broadcast the other day from Baltimore in which he got worked up because the fan. Dan kept jumping up in front of him in the press box because the last drove the seats is right there below the press box and a yell at him. You got a big mouth to shut. Shut up I've had enough of this guy standing up in front of us the whole game. Then he said sorry to the fans out there my goodness so he does tend to go off the hook. Okay occasionally but I'm not giving him any excuse for that. There's no excuse for it. Look I don't know what to say about this. It's it's not the magnitude of Riley Cooper having a few drinks country concert and using the N.. Word plural and getting captured on cell phone video as saying that so. It's not that magnitude. But the dodgers guys get the general manager that said Allah campaign. Yes about can't swim as I recall couldn't manager. He said something like that. They were bred to do certain things so I don't know what his point was. He saying. Lamar has an unfair advantage because of his skin again color because the ball gets somehow because that was the case. They should have been a lot more black quarterbacks in the fifties sixties and seventies got Bingo so the only silver lining to this for me is every time these things these these comments rear their ugly ugly heads. The only positive upshot is it may be wakes up a few more people to say maybe it sensitisers the people out there. What are you doing what are you thinking what are you saying? How can you be this out of touch? How can you say that? How can part your lips pass your lips? I don't think and what role does Lamar Jackson leg fleeing this. I think they have a lot to do with two. I would agree sorry but like I said I know him. I hadn't spoken to him in a long time and we did radio for three or four years together so like I said I got a good sense We are. We're all location a few times and so I've been around in his presence and I never gathered. This now gets to what a guy would say in his own home. But I'm saying around me. Aubrey I never got that from him. Okay so I'm sensing from you because you feel very strongly about any of these sorts of comments that you would be willing to give him a second chance. Yes yes yes yes I would. You would accept his apology. Be reinstated in get. Well that's going to be. You Know He. He should reach jots Lamar Jackson well. That's what should I mean policy to. The people that were listening is one thing but you need to call him and explain to him that you didn't mean anything by and you were just trying to you know and I know what he's trying to say. Skip but like I said you gotTa leave certain situations. You gotTA leave. I mean we start talking about racist dealer. Touchy subjects should be is still touchy and people you know especially now people are really hypersensitive. Just the guy's really good at this. I mean they can run the football and and he's gotten so good at slide of hand because now I mean what he's doing. I mean you watch Lamar. He'll take the ball put his right hand but but he'll take the lucky. He put his left hand in mark ingles belly and he'll put the ball by leg. Well marking rolled over. You'd think he has the ball. Yeah this peeling back. That's why it's so hard that's why you have to play your responsibilities. Get Twenty four and the DB head is really played. Perfect Lamar not even looking at him and what he do Juki so you can play it right if you play it wrong. You got no chance you play it right. He can make you miss. But like I said Ed I'm not I'm not I'm a little bit. I've never got this from him being around and so I don't think there should be a death sentence. I don't think the mansion loses career. Okay well my final takeaway is I keep telling you. This is the reason. I'm offended by even where he's starting to go with this comment. Lamar Jackson is not yet getting enough credit for his football IQ right he is a wizard decision. Making I'm starting to see Brady. Eighty Peyton sort of consistent decision making not only at the Mesh Point but in choosing the best open receiver. He's deadly accurate. He is slicing and dicing everybody up. And they're playing some good teams and he's dominating this sport mentally as well as physique. Yes he's going to break. Michael Biggs rushing out but a dude has thrown for twenty four touchdown. He has so. Don't make it seem like the only reason he's accessible because all the play fake not. He's he's doing things in the passing game. Also though short changing exactly he's revolutionizing the quarterback position we're watching it and in such a short period of time and that is what we should all be talking about in terms of his play. All right. Well I appreciate that conversation so well. Most people have started how to write off Jason Garrett as the cowboys head coach a sixteen year. Jason Witten is standing behind his coach. This week whitten said about his coach quote teams James. Never quit on him. This team fights hard and plays heart got a win games. That goes for all of us but all of the guys in this locker room would run through through a wall for him. I think that's never even come in question so Shannon. Do you like wouldn't saying this. Just Wave Londono. He's get two weeks ago he cosign with Jerry said about being greatest coaching staff. Yada Yada Yada and Jason said you know. We haven't played to our expectations Asian. What we should be that determine what you should be? That's completely free. I just think it's raw emotion of it all. He's been around a lot of great football and he knows what he would. It looks like so. Then he was coincided with Jerry. Today we're going to run through a brick wall for Jason Gear Games. They don't want through that brick wall to gas in the end zone with football hand. Run through that for me. 'cause that's what would've saved by John. Jason witten w you drop the Cup and third. We saw that up. In New England commissioned that Jerry should've mentioned that in their put all the blame Jason Garrett's get. They need to stop this run through a break. I think in this situation because Roku brick wall for Jason Garrett expectations of what we should be. What should you be Jason Witten? Tell me what's it to be. NFC TIPS engage into how Super Bowl. Jason Wood is the most talent I've been around. And what are the guiding. You Jason. I need to hear you going back and forth whatever. They seemed to fit the narrative that you need to be at that time. That's where J. Jerry says this right over you run through a brick wall for JC good wear that mantle route like that. Hey Ain't giving that kind of pep talk skip. It takes a special kind of guy that can put a guy that frame of mind. Trust me that he'll go over the top now. I play for special teams they Richard Smith. He's The linebacker coach here at the charges. He could get you to go over the top. You know how those skills because Anthony Lead the head coach there. We were in Barcelona. Play the raiders in an embargo plan oversee international game and he came in and he showed to take the night before he says. I won't guys hitting the beach like it normally. I won't going over the top and the the I guess what it is. We're not topic broken. Now he got around thirteen hours back home with a broke league on a plane. So I don't guys can get guys in that frame of mind and get them to do their Jason Garrett. Come pick aside estate here. If you want to be in the fast lane the left lane go if you want to be in this little lane standard right les. Don't put the blink. Only just move down the highway flip-flopping speaking flip-flops. I believe Jason Witten in flip. Flops could outrun you flint club. You don't really do believe you don't believe in cowboy grades and on a t-shirt Jason Win couldn't beat me running not only date sure about that one. So what what else did you expect Jason Witten to say now that they're on the verge of maybe get back into the NFC east race. Thanks to the beagles face. Plant Miami you. I put them back on the map. In as the spokesman for the team. Is he going to take a shot at Jason Garrett Jerry but that was different they look like the season was over at that point and then those blowy beagles they said here. We go so I do agree with this one line from him. I will say this for Jason Garrett teams do not quit on Jason Garrett. They might go eight for Jason uh-huh that's not quitting. Do they start good question very good question. Because what Jason Witten just said about Jason Garrett is classic damning in with faint praise because that's faint teams. Never quit on him. They don't play really hard for me either. He says they do fight hard but baloney they know they don't because here's the point about Jason Garrett. Nobody in that locker room hates him he he hasn't turn anybody off. He has an alienated. He has offended anybody in the locker room that I'm aware because that's not his style right. He's coach class. So he's everybody's order. He's going to clap hands. He might hit you on the but waiting there you go to anybody's missile block missing the tackle dropping a pair you Jason Garrett of their cursed anybody he does curse more than you think and I I got that from the all or nothing documentary Nicole. It was just. It was like coach. Talk pursing wasn't used at some right. Yeah it wasn't used in chewing out a player. I don't know the answer your question but I'm going to bet no okay not his time so I saw a quote yesterday from Glover. Quin I used to play for the lions. And he was talking about the current lions and he made the point that I don't know if they like like or Love Matt Patricia enough to fight for his job. They don't like our love. He said his style because Matt Patricia will alienate. They're all the early stories. The first year about you'd pass him in the hall players passing all and he just looks the way he won't even say hi will chip off the old block right right ballot L. A.. Check so the point is is there any love in the Locker Room for Matt Patricia. No is there some hate or dislike. Probably yeah okay. So you don't build up any reservoir of goodwill on your players right so they're not gonNA fight for but on the other hand. Will this team really fight for Jason. No they don't hate him. That's the best thing I can say about. Jason is. They don't hate him give. Normally if you don't have to love a person or but if you just like you have to do if I like somebody to do something for that trip I don't like you get nothing out of me. That is true so with that you know what makes a good guy I met. Let me go to you know. I mean you could do job what you're getting paid for it. And then all this moot point. But but the problem with Jason Garrett is he's not bad and he's not good luck he's just just vanilla cowboy. Any kind of a victim fits X.. What were his first? I records as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Eight eight eight eight two eight nine eight eight. I said I've seen enough out. He's not ahead. uh-huh maybe you can coordinate. Maybe go place not a commanding officer but we will leader. We'll get a good opportunity. We don't we don't we don't you see what did I tell you. All last year. They won in spite of if something again. They have external motivation. Doug Peterson dougie prediction. And he he vowed we're going to go down there and kick their butts right and my team responded that night against Philadelphia but that was the only external motivation of the whole year. And they're six than six right okay. So he can't motivate anybody in that locker room unless somebody from outside there has to be an external force or something has to happen where the defense makes one crazy great play and they pick six you or they scoop and score and all of a sudden for reasons. You can't explain it. Just ignites lights. Nobody disagrees that. They're they're talented. Nobody has any tissue at their talent. Well maybe tonight's the night but I doubt it will. They just ignite relate maybe the players need look at themselves. You get that thing done. Bella take has gotten cook. Can you imagine if I had that defense with old big names or they're missing three of them tonight. Would it wouldn't do it much when we're in there. So what are do you miss it. Okay this names well. I'm missing a little motivation and again. There's no urgency tonight whatsoever automatic autumn Pencil Jeremy and give it a motivating they're not pep talks. Oh what their critiques. After the game as you usually game I thought you said he was lighting the fire. You're trying to be in his team. He moved moved the needle on them. Well I'm just hoping that somehow Jason Garrett stays stays out of the way tonight you'll put that. OJ's of Aghia lean able to coach. Chris are what about his defense he. He Katie motormen. I thought Rod Marinelli. I thought this kind of what he was. Eyeso- to fire lighter. Oh I know who you guys get guys like sap embroiled broke and Simeon Rice. It don't take the motivate them and John Lynch and rendezvous boggle realty the motivation. 'CAUSE I saw him in Detroit for three years. We motivated up there Oh you see who said. We shouldn't need more motivation. Are Record got road. Let's make a statement. Let's get skipped to work in the debut. My guys I want to be here. I don't WANNA be your if they lose interest. It's they lose all is not lost. There's no urgency. Tomorrow will be lost for you. You will get your customary slice of one piece that we we know movies you'll be all mad earn ernest. It'll be all mad at me. I had my customers lies yesterday because it was it the Ford yourself more. If they have a good game tonight will be a new thing for you if they lose tonight he does no more pizza terrific Z.. Prescott has been arguably the biggest bright spot for this this year cowboys who have now lost their last four games Adak has averaged more than three hundred and fifty passing yards and two touchdowns per game over that span in the same for games. Ezekiel Elliott has averaged. Only sixty two yards a game and has only one rushing touchdown which came in their lone win so Shannon Bannon is going to be more about Dak or Zeke. We'll skip I took the bears. You know that but I know you said you won't Zeke to have thirty thirty five cares. But this is really Mario Cooper game. And if it's an Amari Cooper game is the DAG game because Dak doc is going to have to somehow find a way skip to get the ball into the endzone. They need to do that early. I think when you're a team and you Kinda a struggling the longer you go into the game and you don't produce points the more stars to seep into your mind here we go again and for whatever reasons they cannot get off. Have to pass cars on the road. They did early year they play. I think he played the giants now. They played The Washington. They have to a fast garbutt. Normally what we've seen over the last six seven eight weeks is them getting to slow stars three points in the first half against Buffalo. They just roared right down the field and I thought Oh we got this. Yeah you know what they I thought they did and they don't they don't get that and so the thing is is that I'm not saying that he needs to force feed Amari the The football but they gotta find a way to get him some easy throws put him in a bunch of formations stack and put him in motion but five ways to get him easy. Throw it to get him confident because it seems seems to me that with their football is still is about rhythm and if you give a guy football early you let him know but they go first quarter the second quarter here. We are at margin target and have a catch now. He starts to like you start to drift. Try to find a way to get him the ball early. That's killing more than your job is to find a way to get Amari involved in this offense and that is going to have to find a way to get the ball into the end zone skipping simple as that on the road get get out to a fast start make the home Krauskopf blue booming the home team and then your home free because I believe if they were to get down fourteen nothing like they got down in Detroit and might be a different story because the Chicago Fan is GonNa be a little restless head over Mitchell trubisky They can they kind of are and so the cowboys that would be my thing. Let's let's start past. Put the pressure on them forcing them into a few turnovers and that we can coast this game home so I believe it's going to be a dad title game So I'm GonNa say this one more time. This is not a must win for my team. Thanks to the beagles. This is not do or die tonight because it really does it matter record wise if they lose tonight and even lose to the rams because all they have to do is go to Philadelphia and win and I believe they can and will and then all they would have to do is come home and beat the redskins and I believe they can and will and they would win a home playoff game so given that this. There's no real sense of urgency. What I would like to see? Tonight is a flipping of the script because this team suffers an identity crisis when push comes to shove when he play needs to get made. They're not sure whether quarterback or running back who's team is it right DAX teams six-team. I think it's DAX team but I can't defend him anymore because they're six and six so tonight I would like to see them. Go all in with Ezekiel Elliott. The fifty million dollar guaranteed man. I would like to see him. force-fed tonight because to your point remember amaury has forty seven catches at home in six games in seventeen on the road and that's scary bat right. That's that's saying wait a second. He's not the same guy on the road. For whatever reason. Is it weather injury. I don't know what it is. He seems to get get injured more on the road and take himself out of the Games more on the road so in this case I want to see what happens because look there are two things I can count on when I'm watching the NFL. Football Games number. One is Baker Mayfield progressive insurance commercials relentless relentless. They're just everywhere all kinds of versions. It's Baker's house right and you have to protect your house Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. We see it over and over the other thing I can count on. Is Zeke on first down hand off. No gain is just like clockwork. It's Zeke for one Zeke for two yards a per rush on first down. He ranks twentieth in the League. This is the guy who's led the league in rushing yards per game over the last three years he's twentieth in the League on yards yards per rush on first down. It's so predictable. It's it's so stomach-turning for me that I can't watch it anymore and I finally given give into you because all I hear they're gotta run football. Eric Dickerson great running back. Maybe the greatest ever. That's what I think. They're going to run the football right. That's all every year they you gotta reestablished get run but in order to run the football you have to show a commitment tour. You can't say okay we're GONNA ruin football seriously. I would love to see what would happen if they committed to running the football on first second and third down at least first and second. Let's see if you can establish let's see if he starts darst as the workhorse back to get hotter and hotter on a night in Chicago that is going to be kind of Balmy for December in Chicago. How am I going to be forty? Two degrees degrees with light wind. Okay that'll work. But how about no no precipitation. How about how about how about instead of just putting Zeke and how about Rosa Zone will review? I love that. I love it because I keep telling. My quarterback can just gash defense because he was two hundred and forty pounds. And I'm not saying he's Lamar Jackson. Because he's not what he can run it and he can slide it and he's very nifty with the football and they have really hurt teams when he has run the ball. He hasn't run it all year. So what if they just commit to a ground attack ground and pound and see if they realize that okay. We'll again six six. What are they built like? I don't know I can't it. Defend the passing attack. They they built like a team that can be playoff. We'll have somebody in studio with us. Built like really. Yep So we'll have back in studio during the I hear talk about where the wood or maybe Jason Garrett could come on with. No no no no no secret listen. Oh you clap though the Shannon wrong again you've been very you've been disrespectful to read. I have nothing with the Olmos Bakery. I know read pretty well and I like rid. Because he's a Vo the mayor of five eight years okay and I've lost in the only silver lining missing the playoffs would be read would be five rid of Red Devil. Be Go on a having a hard time still rooting for my team. Because if they make the playoffs he just might be back at this point. That's probably the okay so the point is do I trust my defense against Mitchell trubisky. I don't got three defensive stars out now. Antoine Woods got stopped and arrested stood for marijuana possession and concealing evidence and allow. That's GONNA turn out but he was already out for tonight any way you already know. Jeff Heath no late Vander Garesh. Maybe maybe you're probably right about that but who knows so my point is watch Mitchell trubisky having a pretty big night night now you can take the ball away. I mean they got fuller in Eddie Jackson. Yeah they do a great job but I I would like my chance with Amari on Prince Amukamara I I think he might. He didn't practice. He's GonNa play but I think he's been out. You definitely don't want to be not practicing. They didn't have to go up against the Mar- who's who's a technically sound route running about in what you they got. Eddie Jack they got guys who can make plays fuller is very good. My defense has gone four straight games. Two hundred ninety five snaps without out forcing a single turnover. Yep No makers on defense is how will skip. Watch the game tonight. That's my biggest question. What will he wear so anything for Aikman will be there and he believes that the cowboys six six record isn't a true reflection of the teams talent talent in a radio interview yesterday? Aikman said while the team has underperformed. It's not all on the players. Take listen to what else the hall of fame. QB had to say. I always believe everything starts at the top. And that's not to say that everything's the fault at the top but that's where it begins and we've got a head coach. Who We know for for ten years has been saying that? We're focused on Tuesday today. That's all we're working. That's all we're worried about is having the best practice today that we can possibly have. And that's been his messaging throughout and the owners talking about getting on a run winning the Super Bowl and they've lost three of their last four so I think there's a lot of factors that have played into this coaching. Obviously it hasn't been great at times in certain situations players haven't played great but the front office hasn't been great in In allow head coach to do his job either agree at. The Front Office isn't allowing Jason to do his job. I absolutely agree. And we've talked about this up that Jerry Jones Rob Jason Garrett up his voice voice you hear Choi Choi basically saying Gerry. You didn't stop mayland. But he can't say it he says the front office would jared GM who makes up GM who who where the GM has killed the front office is VP. Who has killed so basically Jerry? If you get out of the way let Jason have is boys. We might get some things done. But you won't do that. You won't all the credit. None of the blame that comes along with that skipping I agree with that you should most most gray corporations evaluate themselves from top to bottom share not bottom to top okay. Something's going on oil. GotTa be the workers that had to it was going to cause us to be in a position that we shouldn't be in. What are we doing what am I doing? That's how most those great operations teams are corporations. Whatever that's the way they do it but this is what they always say? Well football business but Jay runs dislike the most. Most people don't have like the family making all the decisions you have. Okay might be a family owned business but for the most part most families they have a CEO. That's not a family member and you know they have a chain of command you know. We have board of directors guild. We sit around okay. This is what we do JERRYCAN. How my ten board of directors rectors and they say? We think you should do this. But Jesse has no I want to do that. Guess what's GonNa get done skilled what Jerry wins in their last a problem. There's really no boys have been five Steven Jones Says No. We need to take Zack. Martin Not Johnny Manziel he listened. They've been a couple of times that he's listened but for the most holds part. Jay wants to do things his way. Jay Wants to create it. That's what it comes down to. What Mr Craft is perfectly fine just accepting the Lombardi's being on last age at the first weekend in February and getting the trophy like okay? I got no one to add. Jerry wants to credit for doing that. I wrote the check. I signed the players. You See theon front and center. Well you center right now almost six six ballclub joy is absolutely right. Unfortunately he is so right that as a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan this tears me apart to know deep down. My team has to get on that run in spite eight of the owner general manager and in spite of his puppet coach Jason Coach. He's not good he's not bad he just keeps clapping and he keeps his head down as Choi said every Tuesday he just does what he's done for ten straight years on Tuesday got a game plan. We ought to get ready. We gotTA GET READY READY TO GO UP TO CHICAGO. And there's no inspiration to it. There's no detonation to it. He just keeps on keeping on doing the same thing in Jerry's very content with that because Jason is such a nice young man young man to Jerry and like a son to him but what do most commentators most experts around the League agree upon all the cowboys I hear every day they there is there is talent is any team all the league really okay. So now they're polarizing on two levels. Their love hate polarizing to America. That's why they're America's team but but they're very record is polarizing because it's it's almost inexplicable wait. They're the most talented team but they're six and six. They've they've rolled up the most else yards of any team. Any offense in football. They're eight points right. What happened you? GotTa you gotTa quarterback that was for the large younger season right smack DAB in the middle of the MVP MVP conversation. You have offense. Land that Goto pro bowls and get all pro selections every single year. You're running back at the top highest paid. You got a solid receiving Amari Cooper. You've got deepest pips stars and you pay big dollars before all that. You're spy wanted bulk. Okay so do I give Jerry Jones. A large share the credit for for building as talented roster. Is Anybody yes I do. Give him a lot of credit because he signs off on all those draft picks a lot of. It's on the fly Johnny Men's Ehlers Mar again. You're right he listen to Stephen on that one. Listen to everybody in the draft from no no no no no no we. You gotta go this way. Okay and it paid off though. It's not paying off the moment. Because Zack Martin Martin like everybody else says under achiever but again what he reassembled. It's awesome man. It's right there. It's a lot of people. Pick them to go deep in the playoffs. I picked him to get to the Super Bowl and I go all the way back to the teams that Jerry helped a symbol in the nineteen nineties. Trust me I wrote three books which I gave him. Large share of the credit for assembling the roster. That Jimmy coached and then Barry Switzer code to three super bowls. That probably should have been four but the thing that really helped him skill he had Jimmy Johnson who had gone into these these men that they could possibly be cowboy players. Yeah he has sought on the couch and their mom the grand mom's home so he knew a lot all these players he knew the Emmett Smith. He knew the Russell Maryland. He knew these guys that he will Ervin's Mike alert so he knew what they were as young men he knew he won't he didn't he didn't want to buy linebackers. He won't guy that we're probably safeties and I move you to linebacker because I need you to run uh-huh I won't guy that can move and that's what he went and got so the thing was but that wasn't enough as you skip. That wasn't enough for Jerry because Jimi was getting in too much of the credit it with Jimmy getting credit how about that was Jimmy. How about them cowboys and by the way vice versa? Jimmy did not like how much credit jerry it was getting so it was not built to land so won two super bowls and then it did produce a third one with Barry. Thank you for seconds give you. He went back to back super bowls and at that time they had not been a whole lot of teams. That have done that. I think may who the packers that done it steelers. It did it separate occasion that I think the forty niners and then all of a sudden you get it for the cowboys in these guys in their prime you talk about twenty twentieth. WHO's a dynasty? Yes okay now. How dare you give me to share that? You'd be disrespectful. Told me get up out of here. YEP HE DID UP JOB lady deer about four or five of them. Thanks and Jerry still going strong. Because he is unfirable whether or not Baker Mayfield bruises throwing hand in the browns lost to the steelers on Sunday. When asked if he would play this week against the bengals Baker said he would because quote? Momma didn't raise a Wuss Shannon like that Baker something tale. I'm wondering if Mama raise a good. NFL quarterback now by that one Love it yeah. I decided to see some skill. Brash tall hitting all this and where we're at branch hawkins the numbers. He's he's regressed. Ask and a part of the reason. Why the Cleveland Browns have not lived up to what many myself included thought can directly be attributed to the play of their a quarterback which has been abysmal? The majority of time I can only think of one game in which Baker May Baker Mayfield played extremely well that was against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens but it was better than the rest of them. Well yeah three forty two. In a couple of touchdown skip. Hey so we thought so bakers in the mode right now of. Don't say it anymore. Don't tell me you're a tough guy. That's what he's saying is I'm a tough guy. Momma raised the tough guy will don't don't tell us you better show us your five seven you gotta go show US those. Clever one liners work onfield and dangerous. They they work when you're winning or at least when you're kinda shocking the world dangerous. This has not been dangerous at all in so in the end you did pick them to win the division idea. They're a big display are five and seven they might be third of the division and steelers lost dahlie loves rothlisburger. And Levy on Antonio Brown and connors out and guesswork after starting the season. Well Oh and three Mike. Tomlin see see what. Coaching can do Um well what what happened to Baker Mayfield was. He had an incredible run once he got the starting job once. You had disrespected him in his eyes and he took it out on Hugh and took it out on the NFL and he became the it kid and the NFL into this year he was like number one in Jersey sales sales and on the field. No mercy thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join US again at the same time tomorrow morning. Nine thirty eastern turn applying of one.

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