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Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"oth d." Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"My name is Matt Ely and the first thing I love about effectively wild is that it comes out frequently and there aren't any ads. So I can just sit back, whether I'm in my car or doing the dishes or mowing the lawn and know that I can hear two strangers that sound like Friends talking about my favorite hobby. The second thing is that I've been able to become a part of the online, effectively wild community, make a lot of friends there, join a few splinter groups and have a good time. Hi, I'm Evan and what I really appreciate about the pod is just the great mix of content. I'm not sure most people could get away with both, you know, interviewing the Twilight baseball coordinator and creating what is basically alternate universe fan fiction for baseball while also providing relief strong labor coverage and doing things like investigating the Apple TV odds. Virtually appreciated, love it. It's always a bright spot in my week. Thank you so much. Hey, effectively wild. My name's Ryan Gunther. I'm 24 from Ottawa, Canada, and I'm a huge fan of the podcast. I started listening in summer of 2019 during the best players of the decade and pitches of the decade episode and I fell in love right away. I love the rankings aspect. The sort of guessing game against each other aspect and stuff like that. So it was amazing, but honore mentioned, I guess, to episode 1871, because I was the guy who got the birthday shout out recently. So thanks so much. Hi, Ben and Meg. This is often OTH O and I started listening normal 6 years ago when my wife was in an accident. She's fine now, but I needed to stay busy doing more things, helping her and all stuff. So ever since I've been listening to you, when getting ready in the morning, while showering, cleaning the pool, doing all kinds of chores around the home, driving, even while in the bathroom. Anyway, I love

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"Drywall from the ceiling. Beam will the plaster cover up crack later. The ceiling beam is the one with the hanging lights on over the counter not plaster. He's saint clair drywall. I think so be ax. Is that what he's asking about. Yeah all right. So what is he going to do is gonna go up be x. Is flax rome. Acts are sorry flex conduit with wires already inserted. Don't we just wanna punch a couple of holes in it and run the feed through and then patch the holes. What's he he's not gonna do the entire. I'm trying to figure this out. I will say this if you wanna run. Be axe through five eighths drywall. Ye enough switch. You're going to be about even with the surface. And if he tried to mud over it it's going to crack. I think that that's not gonna. I think punch a hole by the switch punch a hole in the sofit and then feed it all the way cry. I agree but his question is still. How deep do you have to bury the tax In order to make it work. Now let me say this. Biak's is flax with wires in it and it's around. Rome is flat the profile on romance depending on what caged wires but the profile on rome x. Is quarter inch and you can get the romance staple so theoretically and i'm just answering this question. Not recommending people do it this way but theoretically one could channel. Drywall put rome x. Up there with a staple and then skim coated with you. Know not joint compound. You need some sort of plaster fix pair. Then i wouldn't use fix all fix dress rock heart be and whatever but there's some plaster repair whatever gaps. It's gonna crack. It's terrible i. I i would. I think what you could do is you could channel it and then tape it with mesh tape over the channel. So much work. It's it's massey. Just make a lot of work and feed wire. Like electrician's do i agree. I'm just saying. I don't know if he can do it or how he can do it. Because when you make holes you can then go stud stud and patch another square and there or can use those metal patches cheap metal with them and just go right over that. It's so much easier by the time you channel drywall. Forget it's going to take days mass. Yeah it's gonna be a disaster you're always going to see it. yeah By if that's what i was still in i would go with romak staples mesh tape and plaster patch right or some version tangible and then you could skim over the whole thing with joint compound topic i would venture to say if he and i were racing and he did that and i removed all the drywall and just did it all over again. It would be faster you know what's drummer what you're on the challenge a race. A drywall. race all right. What do we got. We got another question if there man. Yeah we'll jump back over to the twitter and again please or tweet us at eight on the house and this twitter question says any ideas on how to repair my rabid dogs work on stairs. Wow we dog chewed off the corvette upstairs with like a. And there's like drool stain on the shag carpeting next to the transition which is horrifying. You could soak it out make a delicious broth out of that in my right. There is Oak the dog chewed on the okay. Got the side of the tread that was hanging over bowl knows. Yeah it's a disaster. It is okay There's only one way to do that. Yeah you've gotta get some of that Epoxy would mold stuff. Yeah and are you telling you mean are you talking about bondo. Yeah well yeah now. They have would repair j. b. weld does something well. Yeah and build cornerback up with a little form. You need to build the corner back up. I don't even know if you need to form it because you can kind of work it kind of work by by you have to kind of shape it you know what i mean and after build up that corners three inches in three inches the other way. And and then you need to very artfully take some like burnt umber something and continue the grain detail top of it and then you have to stain the whole thing that You know antique brown or whatever the hell that that is over there like it's never going to look good. It's not gonna look perfect. That's okay. Can i ask you another question can you had. Yeah i will tell you this. Because i have done this. If you work with a competent fo- painter. Yes they will make it work. Yeah now that ain't you but it somebody so along the lines of what you just said. Do we want to just sand the gristle off and make it flat and or round it out and just leave the wood and just stain it again to kind of look the same like do we care. Because isn't the dog. Then gonna chew the book the bondo or whatever. The hell we're using essentially go down and i have to put apple bidders dan into the old apple bidder. Binder stat plywood. I cannot tell. I feel like you wanna just sand it down and wound round right corner racket. Yeah yeah you and just start over with new stain. And that's it and you and move on 'cause the only other way to do it would be to remove that that bull nose piece of wood and put a new one in somewhere and breaking a bull knows could be routed into the tread. Well that's true. that's an advanced scenario. Can we have him do this now. I'm saying i don't know if you can pop the bull nose off. What i'm saying that you yeah. It's a it's a shit show man and he's probably gonna do it again. I well. let's. I'm not gonna factor in the part. Where the dog does it again asking us how to repair it. Yeah i would. I would go with wood. The wood putty the wood. Putty repair the ones that take stain. You know that that kind of thing. It's it's not going to be. I wanna do a dog that would leap onto the side of the garage and rip the siding off. But i've never seen the chewing of the coroner piece of hard. Wood floor is unusual. Well i look. There's another version where you get outta router use a template and you make a dutchman kind of thing that's that's tough too i think it will disappear few sand and get it transition smooth and it stain it. They make stop winking at you. All right let me tell you about j. b. well j. b. weld world's strongest bond pros have trusted j. b. weld for over fifty years. That's right and by the way you don't have to be a pro. You can work like a pro with j. b. Well we're proud to have. Jbl to poxy adhesive as sponsor. I personally know the owner hung out with these dudes at a couple years. Back and that j. b. weld will make a product that will help you with that Stair tread. I can tell you right now. I use it to fix sunny shoe. Stromer used it on the pan of his wet saw. I mean Used to fix stonework in front of my house. Glue and metal together. Even it's fantastic also j. b. weld that just acquired hercules the original. Diy truck bed liner south. You're looking for the world's strongest truck. Bed liner hercules owner. Has you covered. It's j. b. weld right man. That's ri- j. B. weld is available at jbl dot com home depot. Lowes walmart autozone..

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"Cinderblocks foundation. I fixed all of that with all the cracks. Then i started up. And then i put in took up all bad Self leveling so. I'm actually an artist as well. So i'm pleased studio in down there. I've got my trap down there and then Wants to be Big the only reason. I'm really doing this. Or they'll structural issue with the house right now but i just wanted to be correct and i don't know many years from now or to get a bigger home. I don't want them to look at this and be like holy cats. He's up to code so watching language. Did you say tuk. Job on block or brick. You said block block block. i block. There were some vertical lines in the mortar. That put the Concrete sean dacian blocks but didn't do that one hundred years ago. Well i haven't. They must've the house is built. Nineteen twenty three. So maybe milwaukee they did. I don't know but i- chisel that all the mortar. Yeah doing no water in the basement i got. It seems weird that there's concrete block down there. Maybe some old school. i don't know a hundred years old. Feels curious to me but alright chased out the cracks. You talked in the new mortar. Good for you. i is your husband. Come down and bring you a sandwich once in awhile. What's this guy up to. I don't trust you know he's great. He's he's just really really happy he doesn't have to pay somebody else to do it and i'm raising. We have three kicks. And what what is he doing. Interpretive dance sooner. this art school developer. Not done use his hands but does he bring down a sandwich. No but he's pretty guy. A bucket of chicken is in order. If you want to know the truth yeah. Bring me home. A bucket of chicken the other night every eric stance correct i would put as saddle one of those h. Saddles in the wet. You know hang plumb. Bob put it the good by the heavy one crappy planning snapper brass one and then and then four by six six by six You know what. I mean through baltic yet down there. Yeah you might as well about the The actual concrete filled steel columns. You think you know the way an actual lalli column. Should i go out those two overkill. I don't think so. yeah i do. But it's a two story house and if you wanted to get a four by four like medium wall steel of square steel in put it in. There wouldn't fight. Fight you on that one. I cut still my my stepdad. Works until sorry my dog. Pickles is barking. Knocking petrels pickles. All right i don't. I don't know what's above it though. How do you connect to the. Here's the other concern. Do we want to make this so engineered looking with steel. That when you do sell it people think there was a foundation in issue and the house was sinking like i. Do you know what i mean. Like what are we doing here. I know what you be. There's already a steel. I beams that have been in there forever. Basically it's just taking out a jack post which is obviously a temporary fix putting something in there. That's a you know a permanent fix and appropriate and You know we don't have to worry about it and can you. Can you get an eight or ten foot post down the stairs and clear everything you have enough room church. Okay all right good all right good. I need help but yes to get the chicken and then pick up something with his hands. Have him used his hands for good not evil if he loses his hands you lose his job. That's a good. That's true for just about by the way a good job. all right. let me tell you about Gyco beyond your rent. William do one or the other your automotive and speaking automotive let me take another great Roads trip story sponsored by our friends over at Geiko stromer. I know you've been on the road all summer long. I was all summer in a in a in a vehicle. Just drive and drive and going through the south seeing things. I've never seen before with the kid going from a little bit like then came bronson going from location basketball gym basketball gym. If you will you know driving that car knowing you're safe why could you ensure you're not just driving around bond. Yeah did you. You're you're you started off in michigan right started michigan and then we have occurred. Pretend we're looking at a man of the us. There's dots where you went cat. It was it was crazy so michigan and then from there you know we have we keep a car out there so we we. We are the car. We drove from there. Down south into the south carolina area And we were in seeing all sorts of things. I've never seen before those roads. By the way in the south when you're driving through and you're in these big wilderness areas. If you have a strange feeling that if you break down there could be some folks with guns that Don't like she city. No they sure thank you have a pretty mild so you know we want always keep those doors and windows locked when we're going through those areas. It's so beautiful. Because you're in wilderness. You've never seen things you've never experienced before. Sounds when the windows are down. It sounds like you're in the middle of the swamp somewhere which you are kind of you know the rivers that we've seen the ones that we've crossed. We went over Pass the mississippi. We also down at the. What's the one that goes by augusta georgia. Do we know that one. The river the river. It's the ice. I know the first name of it. What is it the mighty. You guys have to help me out the second. Put those suspension bridges that you see. You know they're they're you know you realize that all these cities and towns were built around rivers. Because i was the only way you could get cotton or whatever you're growing out to the gym.

Cinderblocks foundation sean dacian lalli petrels pickles Geiko stromer milwaukee baltic michigan eric Bob basketball bronson William south carolina us augusta mississippi georgia
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"Thought about that kind of approach. Is that down in the basement. Yes well the post. Jack doesn't feel it feels temporary. Yeah i don't know why. They're leaving that in a permanent solution. So yes let's let's swap it out or thirty five years. Yeah because i hope the place they rented them from. Does you also forty thousand off. And you're not getting your deposit right that's right you know we don't so we don't do a lot of basements out here so cal so we don't have a lot of post jack the experience but i'm all for putting in something permanent right I would say it probably wanna put it on a pad versus on a slab which to cut out really old so i probably have to dig down where we go about. You know fourteen inches. Reinforce that with rebar in some. How do you know how do you. How do you know these things and are you married and can we have a baby. Do you know these lesbian doesn't make to it. After i quit my sales job after my second kid can just because i. It was commission based. I couldn't do the hours. It wasn't fair to the family and i started getting into restoring our home and doing our you know basically carpentry home renovation because i love the idea of adding value to the home and to our family and that having to hire somebody do it out of books to a lot of people been doing the work for decades and all right tip it on myself. Were so you know. We don't have that much to add to your knowledge base except except when you do cut out that slab and dig down. That's that's just a that's a two day job for you. It's a lot of digging. It's awesome i've already. I took up a two and a half inch thick Bad concrete self. Leveling job do the entire base. No good using chisels Crowbars and buckets. So let's solicit dubious hard labor favor. So you're gonna then you're gonna wanna cut a square in that slab. You're gonna wanna go somewhere and buy instead of rent a demo hammer you. You know you'll spend like five hundred bucks to get one at harbor freight shipping hands. We're going to be five hundred. I just bought. I just bought harbor freight kid five hundred. It was five hundred bucks the whole damn store for five hundred chipping hammer and i had bought the lease also to ami look harbor. Afraid i know it's it's good when you need it cheap tool and your jet a bit for the soil and then get up chip. You're talking about electric jack ham. Yeah like a little. No no i want to get the jacket with dali because this thing this thing matt. Can you look it up for us. At harbor freight or some of looking at it and so short and i'm not that big and so i've i've worked with jack cameras before and i just don't have the height. Okay career this. How do you then hire somebody. Don't listen all right. Whenever the the slab is one hundred years old it's not in good shape you're not gonna need a jackhammer to check that thing out once you saw cut it. You know what i mean. There's there's no real are. There's no steel reinforced anything. I would say let's figure this out is a two story home. Yes two story. All right makes a difference because when the load is personally you a brace that thing. I think to buy two. Yeah you know. Saw i think so you know could do sixteen but i'd say to bigger more rooms better spraying it out a little output temporary post down there four by fours you know going from the field. I would do a two by two. I don't think you need to go down much more than twelve inches if you do it to buy to buy. But that's the minimum twelve. I'd go sixteen. I'm trying to save her back. I know i still think that Definitely on the rebar reinforcement. Because that's what i was thinking. Yeah it look. It's not gonna hurt to take a couple of pieces number four shop time into a hoop you know square hoop Keep them off the edge. Keep them off the dirt. We're looking at a five hundred dollar chipping hammer going. I got the next one. Yeah the five hundred dollar. Go ahead harbor. Frankness makes that shit no like people. Okay people in other lands. Wow right jesus they have a three hundred dollar way. No go go bauer they call it the our whatever that one is all right all right. I don't know what you got. I'd get the three hundred dollar one. That's labs gonna fall apart yet. Okay so now do it do your do your four inch. Sorry you're half inch number. Four rebar do a square. Baling wire so you can tie where circle in the bottom. Wanna put it up on a couple of those couples. Riser pyramid things. It can to keep it off the crown. Sure off the dirt obviously go up two inches three inches from the bottom. Hang it down two inches from the top of gravel. And the bottom before you do anything. Yeah yeah okay and You wanna dowell into the slap better. Yeah if you wanna dow into the slab then once you cut the whole you're gonna go on the profile of the slab drill in right so you can get rebirth there. Yeah i dunno half inch. They sell dow's now. I think they sell like one foot piece. Do pre cut ray-ban drilling six inches at six hangover. I don't know that you have to poxy that. Just do a half inch hole. Put half inch rebar. You will want a row hammer for that. The work is chipping hammer as well. So you may want to make that trip over to a harbor freight and that's that's about all about all i got other than What do you wanna do you want to do that. Yeah what do you wanna do. Well what what i am doing is i've re- i've basically step after i Tech point in all the original.

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"Okay i'm trying to avoid. I wanna get into the slab. No go under the existing host. Okay so here's what i would do. I would rent one of those screw. Jacks tallboy screw jacks. I think you could probably jack okay. Here's what you can do your ratty stromer you can get a bottle jack or you can get a floor jack first off to answer your question kicking it off with a four by fours fine. It's not going anywhere. Don't fucking barbecue up there while it's kicked off but if you keep your kid from romping around at the top there you can kick it off with the four bike with a strap on the top just does not gonna fall on somebody. Yeah okay so Do that Okay so here's what i would do. I would i would jack it up. You could jack it. Up with a bottle. Jack with a bowel jack and a four by four by four. Yeah you could also and by the way when you put that four by four post up there put put a flat strap against doesn't kick out or jumped out to make sure it's plum level plump. you could also do it with a floor jack if you wanted other that roll around on you a little bit. There's ways to deal with the floor tiles. Archer herber free. You can get a great bile jack for forty five bucks get short boy bumpiest one. Don't get long and lean like strom or sixty years. That's me get this dumpy fat one. Big heavy base. You know jack that thing up right now remember. I've done this. Yeah i i like to go a little further than i have to because it'll settle back a little bit. You won't be able to go the other direction. You know what i mean like jacket tell that deck is level and then just give it another pump and a half or something just to get a little more than level 'cause member gravity twenty four seven. It's going to be trying to go the other and also remember when you're when you put your your kicker in there when you jack it up. The kid is going to be short right. Oh yeah so. You're gonna have to make your kicker. But i mean you guys. You're your stan. What what. You're what you're temporarily putting under the deck to hold it in place while you do. All this work is gonna get shorter. When you jack jack up oh i would i would go with two four by four right. I would put us to one with jack right. Get it to where i wanted it. And then put and then put my core kicker. Yeah okay so now the things off right okay. Now i would do what stromer said. I was just dig out and get a trenching shovel. Their f- so great for for digging like don't get their spayed gets narrow venture those things that they cut the soil and so much easier. Now that things redwood it's already down in the dirt. I don't know do we just do we just box out a fourteen. I think we or whatever shape doesn't matter. Mix up ninety. Even aside tube is fine. I wouldn't get into that may well you need. No you need an open side so yes box it so you can see it. I don't even know if i would form it. I would just jazz goal. Make a whole and just fill it out at the post. Just go into it. Good for rot or whatever. Maybe it's redwood maybe undercut it and put a post holder in. Look if you want to do all right all right. Here's how you do it right. You wanna do it right. Now dig this shit out. Put asano tube under there. You know ten or twelve inch around. Put a fill it up. Put the fucking. H you know galvanized with the spacer on You know in their undercut the six by so it. Lines up through baltimore lagged in. That's how to do it right. Yeah that's a lot of work. If the other way is prime the shit out of the bottom of that post the bottom and the sides and whatever let god form it when you dig it out just feel the concrete up to the bottom of the existing. I think that's the way that's the way you're going to be able to access everything that all right. Hit your ghyka. You know what listen question owned you rent your own home..

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"This is i don't know maybe two or three millimeters so i don't i can't just lay the straight you're on on our hands so i was thinking. Well maybe i just put some more under layment on this side increase the thickness of it and then it becomes kind even with this and since this is already high like put no wonder layment here so i wanna know what you guys think the right solution would be and thanks a lot tara guys all right we a slab i've got some old school tile spout at eight of an inch maybe maybe a tick health. Yeah right about eight million. Probably got some as best as You can test the stuff pretty easily. These days i think i would. I would leave it. i'd leave it And then it's the tile right. We don't know if it's the tile we don't know if it's the he said that has the best maybe both both Yeah always best to entomb yup and if you're dealing with an eight or even three sixteenths or nothing much Then feather float and you don't need to feather float. The entire floor obviously just need to make a transition. I would say from the eighth spreading. The feather flowed out. I'd like to see two foot gum kind of minimum. That's right the further. The better if you can go three feet. It's going to take that ramp and turn it into next to nothing. The new tile. You're gonna put on to your snap together and floating or you're gonna put some a notch trout and adhesive on there. But i would say you know much like our thought about the shower pan. Yeah you know your. I mode is like we gotta blow it out a. You're making a mess. That's you're making a lot of work in a mess and then you bust all the tile out now. He's von there. You scrape that off. You really only dealing with about an eighth of an inch you get that feather float prep the concrete nicely and you know just pretty much. Go up to the answer. That existing tile two zero spread it out about twenty four thirty two inches two zero. I probably would use a flat trowel with a rounded edge. I think is what i would use for that. And you know bob's your uncle. Yeah and i would also say maybe put take a piece of three inch blue tape and then running across the the other side like right at that transition where the tile is do a right angle up onto a two by four coming across so that we're keeping were damning the material from coming back toward the the tile side and just making sure it all goes one way right and that'll that'll at least just give you a little dan that you can then pull up later and then you're find there because you don't want to booze back the other way. Yeah i'm with you on the piece of blue tape. I don't know about the damn part. 'cause you mix it up. I guess like cream cheese probably pitched any direction or not. Yeah but i think you're good enough with the trial to go from eight zero to spread it out. Yeah and if you mix it and follow the directions what they recommend. It's usually the exact consistency to find. Its own level abet so you have to coax it with your trial but it will ultimately find a level. Yeah i'd say that's that's the way to do it let it dry and once it dries kind of walk on it a couple times you can feel it sorta on your feet. If you don't like the way it feels you could go out and other foot. Yeah out even even further and then you use the use the adhesive. That's there's a there are usually two grades in the one. That's more expensive mask. The mask usually has has a really a much better water. Resistant and vapor barrier application to it then the cheaper version so i would go the more expensive. How do we prep that slab. I would say clean it. A bit with Tsp let it dry before you do the whole job and then yeah and then do your float after that because it'll stick to the cement existing already better now back. In the day we would use concrete glue. Yeah and we'd like brush and take a disposable ninety nine cent brush. Concrete glue is basically. Just white glue. The real difference between one could paint some of that on but pratt maybe unnecessary with today's modern. I think so because also the tsp is going to pull the dirt and grime off the cement. So it'll have more poorest component to it. Then hold the next layer of cement so i would do the espn with a little bristle brush. You may wanna wirebrush it. Yeah i mean it real good or it up a little bad. If you have a shop vac take the filter off it and sucked all that water up with the flat attachment to so you're now running a bunch of real clean real dry and then just float at go to town all right. We got one more there man. Yeah we'll jump over to our email questions again. Email us ace on the house at adam. Corolla dot com all right. We got an email here from chris. My back deck is sagging in one corner due to a sinking post. They buried the six by six directly in the ground. It touches the patio slab but doesn't seem to be connected. My plan was to jack up the deck with metal posts. While i replace it if i put a long four by four under the post will it support the weight without cracking the concrete. I'm thinking about digging it. All out and pouring concrete posts level with the patio. I think i can crank the post up two or three inches to get up to level or do i need a jack well. The other two post need to be modified. Thanks get it on. Who would do such a thing. Do this date notched around this lab off how this happened. Yuck yuck thank god. Put his child underneath. The sag others kevi. Yeah overhang off a picture of running around underneath that condemned deck. Yuck yuck all right. Trench trench trench. Get it out. Dig it out poor footing underneath the post jacket up poor footing to the post right. Yeah say save that child save him. Here's what i would do what.

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"It could cause harmful side effects. There are now people that are using the animal product. I've ever met in which is significantly higher than the doses that we use in humans and their suffering. Uh, bad outcomes showing up in in Toxicology and poison control centers and emergency rooms because of the toxicity associated with doctors add there's little evidence that it helps. The FDA has not approved the drug and the World Health Organization. The National Institutes of Health, and other medical experts have also recommended against using ivermectin outside of carefully controlled patient studies. Precious. Leslie Bland made her first appearance in a Miami bond court facing multiple charges, including second degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated child abuse. About two weeks ago, police say, 38 year old bland killed her 15 month old baby and stabbed to family members before turning the knife on herself. The couple's four other Children were home at the time, but uninjured. The family of murdered Daytona Beach Police officer Jason Rainer suing the man accused of killing him. Oth Wallace has pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted first degree murder of a law enforcement officer. 26 year old Rainer was shot in the head while on duty and died just under two months later, a true hero. And a true public servant. That's how I would like him to be remembered. Rainer's family has now filed suit against Wall is claiming wrongful death, assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. They are seeking $5 million in damages with Florida's news. I'm Kimba Taylor. Just.

Leslie Bland World Health Organization Oth Wallace Kimba Taylor Jason Rainer $5 million Wall Rainer FDA 38 year old 15 month old National Institutes of Health 26 year old About two weeks ago Florida first degree first appearance Daytona Beach Police two months later second degree murder
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"I wish i still had my blockbuster uniform shirt instead. Management team on. Because i'm sure that would be this retro going allow. That would be a and favorite. I also in every year. I comment about this. But i give props to the On genuity of some of the kids And the jerseys that they think is nba jersey very popular outset palooza as as an mba. A bit of a kind of sewer you know especially from the nineties. I saw a few. And i texted you about one day. I saw mike bibby vancouver grizzlies red jerseys read. Yeah wow he was like the oth- away. I'm and i'm like you that that is quite rain. Turquoise pistons jersey. you know what i'm saying tors yup. Yeah yeah see some wore like you saw a lot of kobe nj. That's fine but there were some kids and the and they're young. They weren't even around with mike bibby. Beal even know who maybe is. I only know because he went to university of arizona but I saw that. I was like okay. Like aright you're all right with me. I hope my kids would be like you know except except my kid again. Future child would wind up taking. Somebody's currently playing. And and people who'd tells that daughter would turn into a crop top. You know jersey and have to go look kristie. I know you don't get what i'm doing clearly. But less filed young christina. I'm not the only person out here who either did i was having this conversation. My friend logan over the weekend you know wedding. They were in town this week from montana but i was talking to and he felt the same way you know. I had a wide a wild time in my twenties and early thirties in well. Well into my thirty's idyllwild time. This is fed. I believe that the world will give me if i am ever blessed enough to have children..

mike bibby vancouver grizzlies nba Beal university of arizona nj kristie christina jersey logan montana
"oth  d." Discussed on Acupuncture is my Life

Acupuncture is my Life

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"oth d." Discussed on Acupuncture is my Life

"Your physician may die. Diagnosed with psoriasis. Well in advance of you presenting with symptoms of psoriatic authorizes. But as i stated earlier there were individuals walking around that. Have been diagnosed with psoriasis. Experienced joint pain in some of the symptoms. That i'm about to discuss and do not realize they have psoriatic oth- rightous and need to be treated for it acupunctures. Great for psoriasis. Acupunctures great for psoriatic arthritis. And i myself see tons of patients with these conditions and i work well with your doctors back and forth. Okay and this is. Why are we say. See your local acupuncture contact acupunctures my life because along with your annual visits to your physician for semiannual regular wellness visits with you acupunctures. You can't go your life will change and it usually does okay but understand that. Some of the symptoms that accompany so radical thrive is that many are on the way of his one. Well this one they you know it comes it. Psoriasis rashes with redness. Because so we had a quote. Rightous begins as stated a chronic inflammatory skin. Disease meaning psoriasis. Okay and and put these red rashes will present like in a form of plaques that tend to be painful each and they usually present on your elbows your scalp your knees. Your feet hands lower back. Those are the areas that you tend to notice shit but then you know other symptoms of psoriatic. Arthritis can present a swelling a form of swelling. Because it's not unusual for the tissues that surround your joints to become inflamed because this is an autoimmune disorder so as this tissue becomes inflamed swelling causes the joints to swell. And it's more times going to present like in your toes and in your fingers..

psoriasis Psoriasis rashes Arthritis Disease meaning psoriasis autoimmune disorder
"oth  d." Discussed on Republic Keeper - with Brian O'Kelly

Republic Keeper - with Brian O'Kelly

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"oth d." Discussed on Republic Keeper - with Brian O'Kelly

"Today we would years sporadic stories. Capitol police officers tragic events. That should have never happened at this capitol building on january six tragic events. That happened on speaker. Nancy pelosi's watch is clear at this point. Nancy pelosi is cherry. Pick members serve on this committee. She pre written a narrative members who will stick to her. Talking points are allowed to serve on this committee. If this is truly a fact-finding mission to make sure the january six never happens again this is. This isn't what that looks like a today. I want to repeat a call that i made last week to. The chairman of this committee did bring before this committee today on this panel the head of the capitol. Police union told many of us last week and has said publicly and privately that on january sixth the rank and file members of the capitol police department heroes that make up the men and women the heroes make up the capitol police department. They were not prepared for what happened on january six in spite of intelligence reports that date back where he weeks before that day. They weren't equiped on january six with the proper equipment that they needed to handle what happened that day and they weren't trained or what was going to happen that day as the senate investigation reported by partisan report already identified. There was a systemic breakdown of security lack of leadership at the very top of the united states capitol police who report and who nancy pelosi is ultimately responsible for that lack of leadership. That's where this committee should go over. If it's if it's serious about making sure that something like this never happens again. Bring the head of the united states. Capitol police union to sit on the panel today to provide a different perspective than the pick narrative. The nancy pelosi wants the american people to hear. I repeat that. Call hope that the democrats will think better of their of what they've already they've already rejected the head of the capitol police union oth. They think they think better of it. Bring it before the panel today. Give.

capitol police department nancy pelosi Capitol police united states capitol police Capitol police union senate united states capitol police union
"oth  d." Discussed on Scrolls & Leaves

Scrolls & Leaves

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"oth d." Discussed on Scrolls & Leaves

"Did you know there are only three thousand. Nine hundred tigers left in the wild. That's it just two hundred years ago. There were about fifty eight thousand of them in india alone. They've all been hunted or lost their habitat to honor india's national animal. Here's an episode about encounters with big cats in india. This focus is mostly on leopards but there are many encounters tigers as well in india and do stay tuned till the end to hear how animals are able to connect with us in a very different way than we might guess it was november. Two thousand six the setting go patua in oth rock and on the borderlands with tibet. The himalayas loom in the background. It's harsh up here. Cold not many roads surrounded by wilderness. Nine o'clock author is doing research in a dusty government office permit again burning into the office and he said bog. Papa sakai which means the level dont and gos- a horror and the room and everyone to stop or doing they looked at no. You know there's a sort of incredulous but also just horrified and then can use this commandment onto this story woman who was actually my neighbor and go sure i'll just climbing up the mountain on which will be sure is spread out to get some four door for her boots To the jungle do disconnect. South that and Saturday out of nowhere the separate appeared and facto and this is gorby and sheep and also lots of people came running and it was clear. The leopard was going for a kill. Arrest me horrified mass. It was it was interesting. Johnson founded is that she just bumped into an accord and ignore nor the happened in broad daylight onto the beat brew at beween mission. Evident actor it's very clear that this autumn core that it is a manigault. Wizard aren't the woman. Survived the encounter though. She was brutally injured and the leopard. For three months. She became the manitou of copay. Sure she officially killed seven people. Unofficially she killed many more until she was eventually hunted down and killed now. You might be thinking this is off somewhere in the himalayas right. This has nothing to do with me. There's hardly room for man. And india. Never mind manitoba's you'd be mistaken. We are increasingly sharing space with predators and wild animals people of mumbai. You know this leopards are strolling through your shopping malls mosinee into buildings prowling the streets at night. The sharing of space has deadly consequences for the animals that is not so much the humans. So how can we rework a relationship at the natural world and coexist without the species..

india Papa sakai tigers tibet Johnson manitoba mumbai
"oth  d." Discussed on Spark My Muse

Spark My Muse

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"oth d." Discussed on Spark My Muse

"Your book even though it's about atonement which people might think oth- theory of atonement book. Maybe that's not for me. But i appreciate that you write this in an extremely accessible way. You actually cover seven different kinds of atonement theories and i think many people will be surprised to realize that there's that many they may have heard of one possibly influencing their life or possibly two or three. But what's really interesting. Is how each theory of atonement has a kind of origin story. A kind of cultural place and time in history that it came from. And you talk about on page twenty seven the gospel that jesus preached is not about getting us into heaven after we die. It's about getting heaven into us before we die before i jump in really into deeper things. I just wanted to ask you as part of this unserious. Did you feel that. Atonement was one of the top things that people misunderstand to me a little bit about how the book came together. The jesus on series is really all about as people could probably tell hearing the titles. Were reading off really is about sort of tackling. But i kind of see as pillars in evangelical christian. Faith the allergy that. I think that's largely misunderstood. A lot of it has more on tradition than what the scriptures actually teach. When you get down to it. I think a lot of it's about fear of manipulation things like that so i wanted to kind of expose that china light on and hopefully give people better theology and better ways of thinking about these things and and by the way things that are based on scripture that are based on church history.

keith giles Emily lisa Jesus allergy china
A Conversation With Former Pastor Keith Giles on His Book, Jesus Unforsaken

Spark My Muse

01:43 min | 1 year ago

A Conversation With Former Pastor Keith Giles on His Book, Jesus Unforsaken

"Your book even though it's about atonement which people might think oth- theory of atonement book. Maybe that's not for me. But i appreciate that you write this in an extremely accessible way. You actually cover seven different kinds of atonement theories and i think many people will be surprised to realize that there's that many they may have heard of one possibly influencing their life or possibly two or three. But what's really interesting. Is how each theory of atonement has a kind of origin story. A kind of cultural place and time in history that it came from. And you talk about on page twenty seven the gospel that jesus preached is not about getting us into heaven after we die. It's about getting heaven into us before we die before i jump in really into deeper things. I just wanted to ask you as part of this unserious. Did you feel that. Atonement was one of the top things that people misunderstand to me a little bit about how the book came together. The jesus on series is really all about as people could probably tell hearing the titles. Were reading off really is about sort of tackling. But i kind of see as pillars in evangelical christian. Faith the allergy that. I think that's largely misunderstood. A lot of it has more on tradition than what the scriptures actually teach. When you get down to it. I think a lot of it's about fear of manipulation things like that so i wanted to kind of expose that china light on and hopefully give people better theology and better ways of thinking about these things and and by the way things that are based on scripture that are based on church history.

Allergy China
"oth  d." Discussed on Boomer & Gio

Boomer & Gio

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"oth d." Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"The mets had the day off. Obviously they're gonna kick off this homestand tonight against the blue jays. Stephen matt's is back on the mound at city field in visiting uniform. He'll be opposed by tyler. Mcgill seven ten start. You had degrom on the oth- day over at city field playing catch in the outfield yesterday morning for the second straight day. Few minutes jeremy hefner was there to watch that and markets stroman at this baseball softball clinic in glen cove yesterday asked about Extension talks with the mets and he said there have none at all so there's no progress no movement there As far as football goes. Obviously you've got the tragic story with greg napa. Let's assistant coach who passed away after the injuries from that. The bicycle accident involving a motorist. He's just fifty eight Was getting ready to really kind of be the the mentor and overseas. ac wilson. This year was brought in specifically for that So sad situation. I mean this is. This is one that i knew hit hard for boomer. Because not only did he know him but there around the same age and they both bike a lot. So it's like it just absolutely. I mean there's not offset terrible yeah saquon..

Stephen matt mets jeremy hefner stroman blue jays greg napa Mcgill glen cove tyler softball baseball football wilson
"oth  d." Discussed on Trading Secrets

Trading Secrets

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"oth d." Discussed on Trading Secrets

"I've heard you know doj. Okay tell me your story. I sold half a bitcoin when it was like. I had a full bitcoin and then went down from like nineteen to nine. I sold half of it for some oth- coins go in particular and it's not even i've probably lost. I probably lost twenty five thousand dollars in that trade along so you sold one. Bitcoin at nine k half a bitcoin so at night when forty five hundred i bought four to five hundred dollars worth of neo. The neo now today. The four at the time was forty five hundred dollars worth of bitcoin into neo in the now it's like Like a thousand bucks And the upside of bitcoin event We suck with wins there's losses and those who are losses could move on move on now. I'm going to bring up what we talked about earlier. You mentioned You guys went into the weeds a little bit after. And i think i know i mean i hope i know what it's about i think it's about a little bit of his system that he talked about kind of game. Fine his disciplined in his life in trying to get some more clarity and he said a That stuck out to me enema. Say it in. Allow you to get into what you talked about. But he said. I wanted extraordinary. Clear on what. You want the outcomes of your life to be such a powerful statement. That's like a let me sit in. Think about what he means by this and it makes a lot of sense but how he doesn't is extraordinary itself. So what'd you guys talk about. What were your takeaways in. What can we just kind of banter about. I am so frustrated. Stir still weren't recording. But i went because obviously talks. About how a game. If is his life so mike tell me about it so we stopped recording. He showed me what he does every day..

doj mike
"oth  d." Discussed on Death of a Film Star

Death of a Film Star

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"oth d." Discussed on Death of a Film Star

"He's good he school up putting on a couple of oth- amila place by chance the same small life dramas and dilemmas. He saw in the audience that time on the stage. Philip shines and in that success the seed is sown. It proves something to him something he seen in his mother but now knows for himself. That lives can be wrenched in new directions. That old weaknesses can be overcome it. So's a sense of urgency and impatience and impulsiveness.

"oth  d." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

03:40 min | 1 year ago

"oth d." Discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast

"Because that was me and so many people who were expressing differently it gave me a lot of permission and So i cut my hair. That was the first thing i did. Cut my hair off buzz hair. Oth- showed up to soccer practice. Like a on. They were like a sick. But i started to really just i. I wanted to be very clear that i was at least visibly queer and so i was always in oversized clothes started wearing men's clothes I didn't come out as trans until i was a senior in college And at that time. I thought well i could just be gender queer. I could just be you know. In between i don't have to have surgery. I don't have to do hormones. i don't have to change my name. You bet But that didn't last long. Because i had i had already acknowledged to myself what's And i knew you know. Even as a child. I remembered by staring in the mirror and looking at myself and i will look myself so long by. Just try to see myself as a man. What would that look like with no hair. What would that look like with The jaw line. And and i started like as soon as i said. I was trained to my therapist. It was wraps like i had had to go through it. but My solution for a long time was just to be as masculine as osweiler wore suits and ties all time on if you remember when you met me down in north carolina soon attack every day. I didn't know that was your acidic. I thought that that was just because we were at bishop ralph.

north carolina first thing ralph
Stella McCartney on the Business of Sustainable Design

The Business of Fashion Podcast

02:30 min | 1 year ago

Stella McCartney on the Business of Sustainable Design

"This week. We hosted the bureau f. Professional summit focused on closing fashion sustainability gap the if that must planned around the sustainability index and finding solutions to some of the challenges our industry faces and addressing so many topics from workers rights to waste from watering chemicals to materials view. Professional members can watch all of the talks on demand at business of fashion dot com in the meantime here stella mccartney at the oth professional summit. Stella how are you first of all. I'm sorry well thank you. how are you. it's been a crazy year. I'm still trying to process everything that's happened. But we are here today. To talk about sustainability and this is actually the continuation of a conversation that you and i have been having for many many years. We created the o. F. sustainability index. Because we wanted to insert some real comparable data to help us an industry gauge and measure progress because of course without data We can't measure how things are changing. The index covers transparency emissions water and chemicals materials workers rights waste. You know things that you and i have spoken about over the years and i was really interested to learn and read more about the work that you're doing in return of agriculture and regenerative farming. The magic solution for sustainability is not any single thing and actually what are the most important things to understand about our index. Is that everything intersects. All of these categories are intersectional. So what we've created them as separate elements of our index. They're all interlinked. So in the first instance can you tell us and explain to us what regenerative agriculture is. And why it's so powerful and how it works. We only came to this way of farming thousands of years ago because we actually even then didn't know how to farm oviously. We didn't know that when we took some much from the soil and other farmed the land that it would have nothing left to give us that stage we realized and was obviously ruined. Matic moved on and we learnt sadly were in a day and age where we have to learn

Stella Mccartney Stella Matic
"oth  d." Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"oth d." Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Don't come outside. It's not you know it's bad when you win. It's not safe in the poconos. But that's the ghetto. Part of the poconos sean. Ladies be careful up there. Because and then like i said with the instruction i used to be heavily involved in the community in the poconos. I used to live up there right. Don't get it twisted okay. And this is not. This is not information as classify. But bobby talk about the police up there that they have like two or three police officers one. St shoop is right. You got into state troopers half to come over and handle because the town itself when marshalls creek. We had one police. This guy was like sixty years old. He cover like thirty scrim. Yeah what oth police go. So you talk about the poconos this cool kobo township and all these. Mount pocono is poppy. Literally disassemble. but it's anybody. Yes hi good morning. Everyone veneta close with. What's going on here. Not really kinda So okay so like barbie The the gentlemen well the young guy that was shot and he was actually shot in the shoulder. that is my son's friends brother and they actually shot up their house. Oh my son's friend was in hospital giving birth but they actually shot up the house that she lives in and her brother got shot in the shoulder. And that's actually the location. Where my son and his ex bakes change my grandson at that house. Wow mutual 'cause it's a mutual friend so the yeah and and like you said it's over and pcp with. I'm not gonna live here. When i first moved up here and i thank god. I wasn't over there but they they. I heard it was called like focus country projects..

two Mount pocono one police sixty years old three police officers poconos first veneta thirty scrim one barbie
WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate pandemic origins


02:06 min | 2 years ago

WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate pandemic origins

"There's an international team of researchers from the world health organization who arrived just yesterday. They are in wuhan to investigate the origins of the pandemic. The david tell us what we need to know about the investigation. What exactly are they looking for at this point in the pandemic listeners can be forgiven for thinking one. Oth- is this investigation turning a year off to the pandemic began in wuhan and the answer is politics. The answer is that china is spreading a story which it is spreading with incredible force and assertiveness that it is grotesque to say that china is to blame for covid that it made it even begun in wuhan that maybe it was first spotted a mojang because chinese scientists are unusually diligent but we have seen very senior chinese officials. Just kind of throwing out Random theories about where this. Boris may have begun whether it was india or italy or the uk or the american military. Maybe brought it in or maybe it began in several places simultaneously. Which was the line from the chinese foreign minister of the year. Anything rather than it that actually at the beginning of this for a month maybe two months there was a cover up by calmness officials who didn't want to admit that they had a new virus on their hands in wuhan. So now you have this team. From the world health organization it was supposed to be fifteen is now any thirteen because two of them were stopped in singapore because they had autism their blood when they were tested. Then i'll even on the ground there in quarantine now for two more weeks. There are no promises on the chinese side that they will get to talk to the chinese doctors. Some of whom certainly know about that. Cover up because they were that trying to get information out and were punished. Getting out so really. I'm afraid this investigation is anything. But the real independent scientific probe into whether this deadly disease began on how to prevent another one taking place. It isn't entirely political. Very controlled exercise grudgingly allowed onto the ground in a very limited way by chinese government determined to say that covered is actually a triumph for the chinese communist party. Because they've control the virus now within china's closed

Wuhan World Health Organization China Boris David Italy India UK Autism Singapore Chinese Communist Party
Coming out stories: Jessie

Coming Out Stories

11:11 min | 2 years ago

Coming out stories: Jessie

"Going to hear from Jesse now she's a singer a Dj and also a radio presenter. Oh I get to work alongside a radio one of other jobs. She was just in her final week. Him Co presenting. The breakfast show in this interview was recorded. I identify as a female lesbian growing up in Essex. It was very much like with the popular girls over the time at school and not just knew the. It was pretty goes. I was friends. Wave always in that popular group of the sports teams with And we always got the good looking boys kind of hovering around us of which obviously they became like really good friends with them. But I remember thinking why is shade? Itin him why is Hay's eighteen because I always though maybe I'll just fancy my friend school because she's really pretty say alike court she was. She's really outgoing. Range really popular. She's great person. You know that kind of thing thinking maybe I don't actually fancier live a new audit. I used to talk myself out of. It's just because you like what she's wearing kind of thing. So did you have a full-on crush with friends are modum best friend car. We speak about it now. All the time I always had quite pretaped. Fem boyfriends like the real girly pretty looking. Boys Lot really gorgeous. I mean sticker wig on like you have me different. You know a really long blonde hair and blue eyes that kind of thing but I would always got like a boy in the school for like two free weeks then that want to have a case whatever else fancy many more fancy someone else so you got around it that way you ever. Did you ever have any so-social called coincide? We're boys well had boyfriends growing up but like never kind of pass the quite kissing unquote phase until I got to sixteen. Hottest boyfriend is v day and he was a couple years older than me. When I sixteen. Yes I lost my virginity to a boy and experience. I just knew it wasn't I mean not love him but not like that mean and decide. I Wa- I was with him for year and I was thinking I don't want this to happen anymore. From the age of sixteen I moved away from home to go to this performing Arts College. I went to London. Said cops mean just slightly out of London and I lived there all of a sudden I got all this freedom from the age of sixteen had quite a bit of money in my account. Because I've done a lot of like TV jobs. Growing up performing arts stage shows in the western moments safety from got spunk connor. Sixteen I got friends. Who the Guy Boys Era Doreen Bird for college and obviously used to be like a fried are like come on. We got into town and we'd go to like heaven in London G. Y. When it was a story in London sixty nights not so it was in the ninety S. I'm yeah yeah late nineties and it was just incredible. I remember the first time we can in thinking. I just feel so high and at the time I still have this boyfriend in Essex. The LOST MARVELED UNITY TO I. Don't use remember standing in Heaven under the arches in London. And there's like this kind of Baolcony bit that surrounds the dance floor and you look down dots on remember seeing this girl. She's really fit and I was really attracted to. I don't just couldn't help a thou- I don't speaking my friends my gay male friends and they didn't know what I was going for all. She's happy to be going out with them to these gay ause. I thought you were straight gail. Just hanging around with look coming out for the law a few drinks always the Joe. Ca- me some looking down the balcony and this girl. She keeps looking at me but I couldn't say to my friends because it didn't know Oth- oh maybe a light boys and girls and that's okay. I've got bisexual friends. Maybe having all this free my heads the guys went to the toilet. Now you know what guys like when I go to the toilet. I took forever in the them. Guideline that stock saw. I like all way here knew exactly what I was doing. I just as they went away. I said make sure you come back away in this box. It was always packed. I'm looking at with the dance floor and she's gone whereas Cisco Gone Looking for. Oh what am I going to turn round? She was there a my face. She went you guy. And Yeah a believer city. I just went and we still kissing and it was like the most incredible experience of my entire life. I had my first Lesbian Kiss in heaven. Then she went on what she name. I was like Jesse and she said Oh. Hi I'm Laura. I'm just going to tell my friends where I am. And she she was doing didn't show. Yes you slightly older. The me lie. She knew and I'll just start as low fly baby into dancing when she starts then he walks off Patrick Species Leffler. That was me I was like. I was all in a panic but it was amazing. Incredible Fade in the NFL. And she go back Laura. Laura thought Noah I'll tell you so she didn't come back but you know I was kind of relieved because my friends then came back from the toilet and I did not explained by the way. I'm a lesbian now because I didn't know how always failing so they just about the toilet and things ripple nothing happening here and my friends. My best friend crease. He was longer than usual. So a Wolfer the dance ought to say and this. Chris was out yet. Either Chris Wherever you not. We've all been waiting for you. The was still up the balcony bay towards the toiler. This time I said. Where have you been all that was a massive Qaeda's a massive q? And Chris a totally black game and deny walk. Bad person for doing this is because I wanted to tell him what did just happen to me. I'll make Chris. Don't lie a know your I of just seeing you kissing this guy outside the toiler Ole all. Please don't tell anybody score Asia's whatever Russkoe shocked by the way. I'm very sorry to to the Scottish people but yeah I told him. Talk Bobby off just kissed. A girl just jumped this massive hug all throughout college. Chris was gay arm lesbian. We just had this collection together that nobody knew we love here so he had been kissing a boy saw. The toiler wouldn't totally blocked and got it. Rai Yes a totally go awry stays this one night of say Dave and tell you I was wearing. I remember every dates how it was such a massive. Carter point in my life. It was an awakening an awakening. It why love is the fact that you literally have sounds like that was the first time you'd ever verbalize those words. I'm gay and then within about three seconds you're kissing a woman. She just stuck tongue thrown up for where she's bloody gorgeous. She's ready Fan. I'M NOT GONNA say no and honestly wanted for such a long time and then obviously a couple of months down the line. Chris and I start going out together and my best friend best friend from college and like it was just so amazing. I had this guy best friend the I could be myself around all that stuff going school on new fancy my best friend at school. Actually I'd accepted everything. Do you ever told you best friend at school. I've told her since we still in really good contact now and we did have a bit of a case in a nightclub in the she went. You always fancied SCO avenue it co- cover stop it but yeah on. A sleigh is just amazing and then going through. I realized I thought I liked boys as well. I thought I was bisexual because I had such love. You still have this boy talk. So what happened to him? Well I just kind of Went Down Essex to visit my family to visit him. Nauseous largest is just not for me. Didn't she say to him? I can't be reviewed because on lesbian artist could earn just went ready. I wasn't ready and all that judgment. I thought I was going to get. You know I always as kind of grown up being around heterosexual people all the time like I didn't until I went to college. I never I've never had a gay friend or it wasn't until as much as it is. Now I I remember seeing grey notre ones in G. Y. On shooters that's amazing. He's gay made on TV. I just it does make a difference. Doesn't it having those role models and those people out Amoco's well that's really amazing what you're doing as well because having things like this. I think if I'd had this growing up it would have helped me to just accept to lot quicker like I went through thing whereas maybe if I just set with another guy I would be straight because I really struggled with. Don't want to be a lesbian for was. Why was there a period than what you really were in the closet and didn't want to admit it to be especially when I came home from college like summer holidays and that kind of stuff unites along six weeks? When you can't feel you can be yourself. I mean I don't need to have a badge. Sign on Lesbian. But you know if I saw Angelina Jolie on telly I want to be out. Say she fit mom more. Hold him back a huge part of May and of my life and there was this guy. It fixed incomes calm the Gary H and he says a fancy adult. I kept knocking on the door. Boot Ronald Flowers. I even went on a date things. My mom was always lovely what you should go on a date with him. I'm not in the end. Don't thinking what am I doing? So this one I sixteen. It was about eight months off to my first lesbian. Kiss only eight months in the closet though nothing. I honestly I've had a really easy story. Compared to a lot of my friends it was just basically me except for myself to mom. Mom I gotTa tell you something. I'M LESBIAN. She went all right. Then what you want dinner. Brilliant Mommy Brooks absolute legend but honestly since then she said to me awful guy for if as I thought. I'll just go with it but should well. He's not a phase now obviously off the married to a woman. Did you have any questions? She didn't have a she up in conversation again. She just went with their. You know and you know if I was coming out. She's kind of all we going to like an algae bt new tonight and then the next door to me and that kind of

Chris Essex London Jesse Doreen Bird Itin Laura Arts College Cisco Connor Angelina Jolie Patrick Species Leffler Ronald Flowers HAY Asia NFL Bobby Carter Dave
States sue U.S. to void state and local tax deduction cap

Sean Hannity

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States sue U.S. to void state and local tax deduction cap

"With, your, AccuWeather, forecast, I'm Bob Larsen on NewsRadio one two three one WG y overcast skies some rain in spots temperature it's. Seventy six degrees at NewsRadio eight ten in what oth three one w. g. y. at the beginning of meeting with congressional, Republicans at, the White House President Trump. Spoke about his comments in. Helsinki President Trump says he misspoke when talking about Russia's interference in the two thousand sixteen, elections, and, a, key. Sentence in my remarks I said the word, would, instead, of, wouldn't The sentence should have been I don't see any reason why wouldn't why wouldn't be rushing on Monday during the joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin President Trump refused to admit the. Russians interfered with a two thousand sixteen elections Trump, also, put blame, on both, countries for the tense, diplomatic relationship between them American agencies in a Senate panel agree that Russia. Was interfering in the two thousand sixteen election to hurt Hillary Clinton and help then candidate Donald Trump. Guilty again dean. Scott Wilson, his son Adam guilty dean. Schedules accused of strong arming companies which are lobbying him to give his son Adam either do nothing. Or no show jobs in. Exchange for political favors w. g. y.? Capital correspondent Ken love it Albany bureau chief of the new York Daily News. Says this time as opposed to the two thousand fifteen trial dean scandals tried something new This time, it was different he tried to, win, over the jury by testifying what she did not do during his first trial and it did not work any better 'cause convicted on. All counts dean and Adams Carlos found guilty, today of extortion wire fraud and bribery dean anonymous scandals were found guilty in two thousand fifteen. Similar charges but those convictions were overturned. When the. US supreme court narrow the definition of political corruption a tentative sentencing date now coming. Out tentative sentencing date for dean and Adam scholars October twenty fourth a day after his controversial summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin President Trump facing legal challenge to his, tax, plan New, York and, three other states Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland suing the federal government over the provision that places. A ten thousand dollar cap on state and local tax deductions governor Cuomo calling it repugnant and un-american. Says was designed. For the, purpose of hurting big democratic. States in a conference call with reporters today governor was asked about lowering state taxes we are the The highest donors state in the nation we give. Them forty eight billion dollars more than. We get back If you really want us to reduce taxes The forty eight billion dollars and I will reduce taxes Cuomo says the capital increase New Yorkers taxes by more than fourteen billion dollars and more, than one hundred twenty billion by the year twenty twenty-five. Suit being filed in federal court in Manhattan A vigil, plan for tonight in Albany the side of. Albany's most recent homicide little, Barnes shot and killed on quail street near I read early this past Saturday morning shooting right outside the victory Christian churches JC club building church members are organizing, tonight's vigil which is scheduled to start at seven pm New report says federal workers lost a small amount of nuclear material in. San Antonio Texas according to the. Report materials stolen from the department of energy van to DO experts were carrying radiation detectors and small nuclear samples to verify dangerous, materials when they were sent to pick up from a research lab, the items were stolen when the, to park the van outside, a hotel and. Amazon says it's prime day sales are bigger than ever after fixing a technical glitch company spokesman made the claim. In an Email to CNBC according, to Amazon shoppers of already bought millions? Of Alexa enabled devices with fire. TV stick echo dot and fire tablets seven among the..

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Pakistan May Soon Put The U.S. To Shame On Transgender Rights

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Pakistan May Soon Put The U.S. To Shame On Transgender Rights

"Conscience the first time and moral the integrity pakistan boy scouts to rule on association our appeal has through opened its ranks their own to the independent stance transgender members and not to cave the in group to political which claims one influence million and members across forces of intimidation the three is open to both in genders a separate in pakistan action they so filed trans a petition women with are the also central welcomed election to commission take the boy scouts to oth hold a public referendum and association on the issue spokesperson pointed the out rights that of transgender transgender people people have are been also youth advancing in and we don't pakistan discriminate on it's the one basis of the of few countries gender in the world to allow many a of the third new trans gender recruits are being designation nominated on passports to take on and the prestigious national id role of cards volunteers although at the annual some young hajj pakistani pilgrimage transgender people if they can afford might think it twice and about are physically choosing able that option all muslims we'll must explain in a do the pilgrimage moment to the holy the sites at government mecca recently at began least counting once in their lifetime transgender people in the census all add volunteers last undergo week physical and forty medical young tests transgender people took to the pakistan boy scouts place scotts oath in association karachi then sends the first a list time of the pakistan successful candidates boy scouts to the association federal ministry has opened its of ranks religious two affairs and interfaith transgender members harmony for approval the group which claims blue one veins million members a pakistani across the anti group that is works open closely to both with genders the trans in pakistan community is so helping trans recruit women some of are.

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