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"nyc league league" Discussed on Native America Calling

"Support by dream spring. A nonprofit community lender for over twenty five years dream. Spring has been increasing access to business credit for entrepreneurs across New Mexico Arizona Arizona and beyond dream spring offers loans for self employed entrepreneurs startups and large established enterprises information about flexible credit requirements armaments affordable rates and customized lending available by calling eight hundred five zero eight seventy six twenty four or online at Dream Spring Dot Com. I know Neko Halley. Ko L. Ever. Nah Old NYC League league. Hey He'll come under McKay and more he quite a you know he loves all he all hikes. helicase you come on come on and Kelly lay why I pray. Allah la who all boy. You're listening to native America calling him target what from his letter Pueblo. We are hearing about thirty meter telescope in Hawaii today. native Hawaiian Royan protectors camped out at the base on K.. On the Big island for months have been sharing their thoughts to prevent the construction of the one point. Four Billion Dollar Observatory sorry project. There's dialogue on this anywhere. You stand on this. Give us a call joyner conversation by calling one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine million native and before the break. We were introduced to K- aloha shooter on the line with US too. If you WANNA chat directly with her Phone all nine again are open. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number Kahlo. Welcome back and also want to bring in another voice joining us out of Honolulu. Hawaii is semi Wando Wilder King. And he's the Executive Director of Imo Imola. TNT in he is molly our pleasure to have him here as well Samuel Mule. Welcome law. Thank you for having me and semi. Don't tell us a little bit about where you stand all this My the group was founded by my friend Martin to create a safe space for native Hawaiians who support TNT because we've experience the brunt of the bullying and racism online against supporters of the TNT primarily. From I'm not sure who they were in general but there are some people who are identified themselves as native Hawaiians economic me saying that we were fake Alliance for supporting the telescope and he's kind of intimidation they should tactics and you know threatening people threatening people's jobs so she wanted to create this group immoral. GMT to protect those people. And she's been kind of supporting TNT for a number of years more recently. I've been more of a silent supporter like many people in Hawaii and when the protests started this year or last last year now happy new year the I decided I needed to speak out now and so where I come from is a native Hawaiian. I look at this issue and I see that. This is the tel.. The thirty meter telescope is an amazing project that I support and I consent to and I think is an excellent thing and I've and we've been speaking about informed consent. I think there's much informed consent in our community on my end and I have consented to it and that's why I think it's a good thing. The the reason I support it is because number one. It is culturally consistent with our values in in Hawaii. It's about the search for knowledge it's about advancement of knowledge for human beings for mankind about sharing that quest for excellence and I think. PMT provides all all of that. And I've spoken with one of our Puna here namely Mommy Lum. WHO's the Kahuna of Hayao on Big Island? And she's taught me that the the the sacred nature amount of CARE is not such that it prohibits construction or any human use at all indeed. You know our ancestors. I use the mountain in the ways they could. They had an ads. Corey on top of Mount of care where they mind an area. That's one hundred times the size of TNT. They mind rock out of it. It's because it was. It was used for that purpose. So the sacredness of Monica as for the advancement of human knowledge and human in no. And you know human excellence. And that's one of the things we've quoted her on our website and we have a number of flyers and that's what she explained it's just that the TNT and the nature of it you know it's not even an ad score right we're not signing for weapons or for or for tool it's a thing to learn about the universe and our place in it and to study the stars and so it also continues our cultural connection to navigation and to stargazing and Tequila Hukou and just the fact that we can navigate the stars from the telescope. And that kind of way I think the titans scripted like that which I thought was really cool metaphor and so that's the that's the number one reason I think is a great thing number. Two is the benefits that the TNT provides to our community are amazing. I mean there's a one point. Four billion dollar construction costs which is going to bring. I think they said a couple of hundred jobs are into jobs. Construction and construction jobs are always that kind of spamming in your opening bid. You were talking about you know deconstruction efforts construction jobs that would provide so those are great jobs they last for ten years and then there's the jobs that will be created wants telescopes operational. I think it's something like one hundred forty jobs and then on top of that. TNT is giving a million dollars a year and scholarships and that goes into a thing called the thing for the fun goes seven hundred fifty thousand dollars to the Hawaii Community Foundation which distributed to schools and two students. And then there's another two hundred fifty thousand that goes directly to the foundation and the by nation is from my understanding. A group that gives scholarships for college only two native lions so there's that benefit specifically to our people which is excellent and and then that's in addition to the fact that EMC also it's required to give pay a million dollars in rent with a fifty fifty operational timespan and that money he goes eight hundred thousand to the Office of Management and the Office of Medicaid Management as it has had issues for sure and I think a lot of that has been brought to light by. Ah but it's also improved dramatically since nineteen ninety. When you look at the audits you see that you know? They've cleaned up their act. They're making sure that things are kept in order. They've they've established rules for the mountain now so these kinds of things have been sold and that money that eight hundred thousand dollars go to support you know protecting the Waco Kuu bug and the and the animals and the four that are on not a cat and mapping the historical sites that are on a care and keeping track of that and then another two in two thousand dollars I read goes to the Office of affairs. Fun and so Samuel when you take a look at all this in. It's great that we're hearing different information understanding about this place and where to conduct a mile. Lease stand on all of this And that's good to hear here to have this dialogue. Maybe you haven't been able to hear this kind of dialogue and you have some thoughts. Join the conversation. All opinions are welcome. One eight hundred nine six six to eight four eight is the number Samuel hang tight got a caller on the line. We're going to go ahead and say hi to Nicole A who is in Hawaii listening in online Nicole. Thank you for giving us the ring. You're on air. Yes I agree with you sir I actually unfortunately fortunately have to work in Alaska. I work in the aeronautical industry and so hard to find good stem jobs in the state of Hawaii and I also would like to show my support for T. M. T.. And I agree with you that. I'm not native Hawaiian. I agree that Hawaii was found by wait. Finders who found their way by the stars and that with the TNT with this position so close to the equator and with hot you do the clear air. You're bored US an opportunity to study the stars. Like we've never had a chance to look for with the exception of Hubble and so I also like to throw in my I support for the TMC and just respectfully ask protectors What their stances on that? I'm not unique opportunity. She's not even the Canary Islands. The alternate stories are the alternate by fourteen cheese could provide like we can here in the state of Hawaii. Okay Okay Nicole. Thanks for giving US ring in Killa. Sounds like she's talking directly to Kia on the last part of her question Do you consider yourself yourself one in any thoughts You know regarding the way finding I'm glad that use knowledge that that we are way finders One of the primary way fire finders oppo navigator nine hundred Thompson has come out about the desecration of Monica and he has said that this desecration and I mean th. This issue is about disrespecting attracting And Racism by the University to the people that's been his position there is one other wave finder who supports TNT But the majority of them and he's the leader has house actually not supported it. You know it's a false narrative to kind of frame this issue that it's like coins against point. This is really not About that and also I wanted to answer some of the things that were being said first of all as a practitioner. I am a practitioner. Actually and the Office of Management Does have its issues but one most important issues that it has is is that it continues to desecrate.

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