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"nutsy konkan" Discussed on The Agostinho Zinga Show

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"nutsy konkan" Discussed on The Agostinho Zinga Show

"Okay okay. Cool Back Rebecca from the supra can get so busy trying to load this up. It's not really working. Were superclub find a one. PDF was listed a K.. Quit I'm trying to see if I can open. Panisse can open things on nutsy Konkan. You share important to nuts. Export as Pedia was importuner. Assists is what Oh aw so hard or at coalition lowe's up my Who Does stuff I WANNA talk about? Buy One get up hear. My dogs actually They would me a second while I get this sort of find a case near fire up ludd With meat and leave K.. Is the time stem. Supporting talk about uploaded. Okay cool up and wave. Good who ducks cook. Who would done finally okay? So let's move on and Adobe we spoke about our ready was an epic one at good for you here own. Social media is taking over suppos-ably but we should know seculow story for mixed Mike Actually talking about the importance of social media at festival. Jeff was quite caught quickly. Read his article we can continue on Spoke about this stuff. You'd see some video in law. She didn't they of Coachella being the social media content. From those people out in Coachella just like you know I'm I'm taking pictures of themselves at just think someone basically took a picture of everyone's Richard himselves at the same time. It looked fucking super slope. Ian Rarely freaky only this topic. Pick up now. I'm show you the video confined. He is Is another you find it minute isis. What's happening here? Why does not loaded look is GonNa make somebody at any minute? Lowest Voting Menu. Ask it up on hand. There's nothing welcome to the One second bit with me was a fundus features. Sopher just go though Anna Copa.

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