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"nusha asuri" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"nusha asuri" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Issues around vat the green levees the warm homes funds But another one that has also been flagged significantly is the idea of a windfall tax on oil and gas profits Is the industry expecting that from the Chancellor how much would it help do you think We don't know whether or not the chance that we will do that it seems fairly unlikely but in the case that they do how much it will help it depend entirely on the scale of that windfall tax It depends on how it is attributed as well If it is just a blanket blanket refund to consumers that will be less effective than targeted support for vulnerable consumers But every consumer is going to suffer more in terms of cost of energy Because the cost is simply rising So it's completely down to how the Chancellor does it and what scale they do that at So that was Charles wood the deputy director of policy at energy UK the leading energy industry trade association You can listen to our full energy special Bloomberg Westminster as a podcast It's on our Bloomberg website or download it at Apple music or your preferred radio app today well worth listening to that as we expect Boris Johnson to come up with a full energy security plan this month Also we'll have much more in terms of but if politics at 12 noon on Bloomberg Westminster I'll be speaking to the labor MP Janet Davy who represents the British Iranian national and nusha asuri who was of course released to the UK from Iran alongside nazanin zagari Radcliffe just last week also Chile osuji is the former International Criminal Court president and judge So that also live at 12 noon on Bloomberg Westminster So on the war in Ukraine catch it live at 12 noon Now coming up next on Bloomberg daybreak Europe Obviously speaking to Martin Malone the chief economic adviser at Alphabet what are the off ramps now for Vladimir Putin And how are markets.

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