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Emily Harrington is first woman to free climb Golden Gate route on Yosemite's El Capitan in one day

Pat Walsh

03:08 min | 3 years ago

Emily Harrington is first woman to free climb Golden Gate route on Yosemite's El Capitan in one day

"Herring to becoming the first woman to free climb El Capitan in a single day. She's a professional rock climber Emily Harrington. Made history when she scaled the 3000 FT Granite wall of Yosemite National Park's El Capitan in under 24 hours. There's someone who could care less about the election going on. She's like I have other things on my mind. And she is a five time US national champion. I guess in rock climbing. I don't know. Racing for this climb just a year earlier that hospitalized her And a 1 30 said 10 36 against it was To begin our ascent. 21 hours, 30 minutes 51 seconds later. Herrington reached the top of El Capitan, making her fourth Her the fourth person. The first woman to ever climb a ll Capitan in 24 hours. Says NBC Nunally Harrington has literally climbed her way to the top The 34 year old rock climber, becoming the first woman ever to free climb the famed golden Gate root of El Capitan. Doing it in under 24 hours in order to free climbed el cap in a day you have to cut corner for me. It was just about balancing what types of risk I was willing to take in orderto sacrifice. My safety for seed head wound from a bad fall during the climb almost prevented her from completing it. There was a part of me that didn't want to Going, But there was this other part of me that just knew that I could do it and I deserved. I owed it to myself to try again. Carrington pushed through, making her way up nearly 3000 Ft of El Cap, one of the biggest, most iconic walls known the world over for its sheer size and difficulty. Harrington is only the fourth person ever to free climb the Golden Gate route in a single day. Using just her hands to grip ridges, sin his dimes and ropes only as a safety measure not to aid the climb. I feel like anybody could conceivably die on any given day Sport of rock climbing, made popular in the documentary Free Solo, which followed Alex Honnold as he successfully attempted the first free solo climb of El Capitan. Scaling the vertical rock face without any protection from a fall and scary honestly, a big part of the appeal is to be in this position that should be totally scary should be crazy, but to feel super comfortable. Honnold, a longtime friend and climbing partner of Harrington accompanied her on the first two thirds of her historic climb. Her fiance, Adrian Ballenger, joined her for the final section, climbing much of the sheer rock in the dark of the night, ultimately achieving what she calls an impossible dream, setting a new record and scaling her way to new Heights. Amazing. Wow. NBC News that report.

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