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"nuala vargo" Discussed on Pantheon

"Over. Twenty twenty has been the most awful year ever. you know. i just can't wait for twenty twenty one and now we're finally here but before we take that bold step into the future. We've gotta take one step backwards one more time. We're dipping back in one last time before we move on to twenty twenty because despite all the bullshit that we went through this year there actually was some really really damn good albums that came out. Yeah and i posted on facebook the other day that you know like the i. I came up with around eighty albums. That were You know that. I considered you know attention worthy to look into and then i broke that down to thirty five saul you know thirty five albums that i really liked and then narrowed it down to the top fifteen and as i know you did as well. There was a ton of great stuff released last year. I don't even feel like. I've even scratched the surface. I mean 'cause if you came up with that kind of list my list was probably half of that and then whittled it down but as always this time of year we do this episode at the end of the year every year where we look back and pick out our favorite albums that came out that year. And you know it's it's kinda cool because it's an adventure for me. Because not only. Do i got the handful of ones that i know. I love the ones that i went out and bought on the day they came out you know and the ones that i was so happy with but also it's a chance for discovery too because i actually go back and i know you do the same thing go back through and say what did we miss. You know what's out there that we didn't catch this year. I don't want nothing to slip. Pass me and actually got a few debut albums from new bands that i'd never even heard of before that we're gonna talk about here today. We got all kinds of good stuff for you. Yeah there's there is the whole gamut of stuff released last year you've got you know classic bands that we all grew up on releasing new stuff. You got supergroup. You've got new bands. You've all kind of solo albums from certain artists and Man there's a ton of stuff in you know. We'll we'll go through as mitch as much as we can You know there's some great music for you so yeah there's a lot to cover so let's get it on well before we get to it. You know us. We take care of that business. We'll do it real quick because we got a lot albums to talk about fifteen piece. So let's take care of that business right now and our business is reviews. Podcast reviews yeah. We like them from apple like him from facebook. We like from pie chaser and anywhere else. You can think of that. You can leave your boys. The desk geek podcasts. A sweet sweet review. We sure do appreciate it. We appreciate it so much that every single week. We're gonna read them on the show when they're really good and we've got a couple of really really good ones here today. Let's start off with an apple. Podcast review this one's five stars and it's hot and it's fresh because it's talking about the best and worst of seventies judas priest. That was fun. Yes sure was gosal some like this loved. The judas priest episode. I have to listen to every one of those albums very soon. I also have a hard time picking anything off those albums. I don't like great episode of the best music. Podcasts out there for sure loved hearing some music clips in there to always makes my commute so much better keep up the great work guys and that comes to us from paul smith. It's an apple. Podcast review five stars. Only nice appreciate that and thanks to julian gil for being a part of that episode. He was great contributor to it. Yeah he was. I really enjoyed talking to him. Man blew my mind when he talked about flip flop in the album around. You know how side be should. Actually it makes so much sense. And that it's a concept record. I never. I'll never hear that that. I'll stained class at the same way again. I'll never listened to side a first ever four. Neither all right. That's cool man. Yeah so much fun last week. Love that early judas priest we got one more. If you got the time. I got the ability. Let's read it right here. Oh my goodness. It's a facebook recommendation. We haven't had one of these in a while. it's been a few months. Let's a good one. And it comes to us from stephen gallen very and he recommends the desk geek podcast. Because chris and aaron are knowledgeable hosts they know all deep cuts of the bands that i grew up with and love. Great show with interesting guests and topics rock and ron is the best mascot ever and he brings his own liquor to the party. A sure does great show been trying to catch up on some of the older episodes. That's an awesome dacian right there. Thank you steven for taking the time to do that for us. Thank you paul. For your awesome apple. Podcast review gays kick ass. We appreciate you very much guys. Wanna leave us a review somewhere and here read on the show. Give them all the stars. Facebook apple podcasts pod. Chaser you name. It will read it. Yeah thanks for those and keep them coming. And wow i didn't realize rock. And ron was a mascot. But he's right up there with the san diego chicken in my book. He's all alright. God oh man another way you can help us out every time we release an episode such as the one. You're about to hear today. We always make the official announcement on twitter or on facebook. If you re tweet that original tweet if you share that original facebook post and we see it on there we say. Oh there's your name your amongst the many the many awesome people that love this show they share it. They re tweet it and they become honorary geeks of the week. Luik this week. Or adam. cox ralph era. Kristen shimbun john phillips david glenn simon cat keith raw for jobs to capone bill mike cornell jeffrey mendenhall sit and spin with joe the bakery podcast aaron baker nuala vargo. Tom smoke bobby. Valentine army jeff taylor doug fox josh hamilton in obscurity podcast. Hockberg stott kiss. Faq allen. The sean marvin carter. Jj mcelhinney northern vet. Halen sean. Cullen audio is always the food or do we nail it. Probably not as close as we've ever come. Yeah hey tom. smoke is back. that's awesome. I've been watching for him on the backs. Milk cartons have you. That's cool awesome. Names come up and they come and go all friends longtime friends new friends. we appreciate. Y'all thanks to everybody. That sports the decibel geek podcasts. We've each got fifteen albums man. we'd better get to it. Yeah there's a lot to go through here so i yeah. Why don't you go ahead and start us out all right so My number fifteen or a record of twenty twenty is tyler bryant and the shakedowns pressure. Know much about this banner. What i do know is that. I've heard good things about him. People that are in our desperately geek. Community have been talking about this band I went ahead and check them out earlier in the year and thought they were pretty good Do to hell of a guitar player. I really don't know a lot about them. Well they Started out in. Two thousand nine tyler. Put the band together at the age of sixteen. So he's kind of like a teenage virtuoso. Formed here nashville. i'll cool. I do not know that yup and the lineup currently consists of tyler bryant lead guitar and vocals and needed do based on the new. So there between bass players graham whitford and caleb crosby and graham whitford sounds familiar yes. He is the son of brad. Whitford era okay. Right on so a lot of talent in this band They recorded this record in tyler basement during the lockdown and he was gonna do it as He was gonna do a song and then that turned into an ep. And next thing you knew he had a whole record put together. So it's a it's an and that was kind of our wish earlier this last year when all this stuff started was i wonder how much material is gonna come out of this and we're already seeing the fruit of that Previous releases of this ban had kind of a sameness to them for me but This album had a lot more diversity on it and showed some growth in in our good buddy de hud. He's he loves this ban and he's always been pushing me to get into and The that kinda changed twenty twenty. I got more into him. So yeah but like the.

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