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ep 014 The Disc Course A Disc Golf Podcast

The Disc Course - A Disc Golf Podcast

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ep 014 The Disc Course A Disc Golf Podcast

"What's going on everybody? Welcome to the discourse becoming to you here at the special edition in the bag episode off, we don't know the episode number here because you don't know when this might air kind of a filler, we're gonna try to bring you more study content. So we're going to record what we can when we can we still got film studio film student. Here's our guest on episode one. This this going to be wrapping this time. Come to you. I might be joining do the studios you're going to go in the bag. Fill is one of our local pros. Oh, I don't know. If you just heard this cling to this guy. Just he threw a beer cap and ask it from John wiser double is on with Honey. Yeah. The beer today. Three feet away two and a half feet away. Canton. Kenny, do the double tap. Deny job. Yeah. The beer today is the Judd wiser the Tani brew WPA. Yeah. It's very good. It's nice and smooth the Honey tale that was my first sip. Switz-? Great beer. We usually give him beer to coordinates basement. But we're taking some this time bit of a broom iced or so he's providing it now. That is good Judd. So Phil we're going to get you started here. Your our guest guest. I. Yeah. Why don't you? What is that bag? What's in that bag? What's on that? Rag. Let's start with the last question. What's on the bag? How're you doing guys? Phil. I don't think we'd give them your PDG number during your first gust spot. So what's your number there? Seven zero nine five five seven zero nine. It was something like nine hundred seventy two three dollars and sixty five cents and winnings. Oh man is it five hundred seventy three dollars. He's got career winnings. It used to be like thing back in back in Maryland. There was some of the guys talks. I never had cash, and they were like why more PGA cash then you have one. I just walked you. Eighteen dollars clean to school. So today, I recently I putted with DX VR's for while. And I just used the putt with AP exes. So I switched back to him. Just for the snowy round. I played it. Well, there a little bit more grippier in the winter. It's easier to like throw it. I think especially when it's cold and wet. So that's my putter. She got some AP axis nice. Yeah. I gotta Novum trying to learn this this year. I've never really thrown it. But I think it it flies true. If you throw it straight through like the line if you throw it if you mess up the throw it will tell you like you through it wrong. So like, there's an Anne. Here's a Heiser. Can you can really finesse with it? So I wanna learn it. I don't know all MacBeth and other other throws. Throws. See that's a Paul MacBeth addition. What is that? The x t know yet on campus, but it feels Grayson's. And then I have my new found love last year was the VR three, and I actually got DX plastic. I I didn't get one of the champ. I runs at first in. It was cool at first they said it was over stable, but for my arm speed, it was dead straight. And I loved it. And then it turned into a flippy disk which had enough. I liked it or not. But I was like once these beat in these are like perfect Anheuser. So those are three it's like any shot that's two eighty and up until like the left, and I just throw it up in the disk literally go, so it's not stable for me. But it's challenger at their this. Yeah. No, this is this next disc is the champ. Earn the star. Plastic av are three the the for the pro starts protest. And this is this starts or stable this way more stable than the DAX. But the same disc essentially, but it's different plastics discs anybody's plan for a while. And those that I can agree with that. I was in a cab, and I purchased a bunch of eighty are ex through what got the metric swirled pattern Frodo types. Oh, yeah. The pro av are the x threes actually looked like this. The wrong disc, and I told the sky and next thing, you know, like there was he's like, no, this is the first so I guess this is the one before they release them, and it's greats puddle top. But they said it was zone. But it's not as own. I can't flirt too. Well, but but like, it's I don't know it's pretty over stable. The glide is amazing and it's good and then does on have his own. I don't think I'll ever take zone out of my bag my bags like mixed bag, but forehand upshots and like Heiser shots and just saw finesse like any to anything. This thing's amazing. We've all got him expects a kind of feel I cannot hate on. Anybody kinda feel like anybody who doesn't have who is right answer and doesn't have a mixed bag as just being kind of pretentious fears. So good. John wiser everyone. Official job. He's gonna be donating. These two local seats. He's he's. Brew beer on an offer years that was his old school thing. And I asked him what he wanted me to call it. And he didn't know. So I was like. It's the Judd wiser. Yeah. So this one is the got that from a mob disc off tournament is that what it is. It's the have all those Jimmy has. I have a have a gainer a champ gator. It's pretty flat. I like is that the actual flattop or it's just pretty flat. Yes, I think it's flat-out, but who is it mob. Disc golf, just golf has tons of those changes turnament Sam actually here. It is two thousand fifteen freedom. My light. I mean, mob discos part Turney stores probably wipes. I gotta use. But it's just a gator. I it's it's stable in Terni stabbed. So Jimi Hendrix. I've seen those this was at a one I was talking about. And it has we'll shoot shoe streaks signature they used to be has Tristesse. That's that's in your bag toss that. Yeah. Tosses? No, this one is when he was like he gave me out ledge down. And he's like this. He's like a bitch. You you might not be all those three hundred feet. And I was like all right. I'll challenge accepted. And I I think I threw it three hundred feet. But it's like this thing wants to go left, even if you put it on. It's just it's insane. What it does suicide used for like Heiser shots or like touch outs? Or I don't know. It's great, and I got TJ birds collect jaybird buzzed jaybird. Flattop rocks. Deacs? They're amazing. I used to throw him straight last been for me. I don't know the jaybird of when whenever win anything of tournament or my Janet, my players pack, if there's a jaybird buzz. That's what I get. I don't know. I don't know. Those are those worth a couple of bucks or I think these older ones are hard hard. They seem to be. Yes. 'cause by selling them, another local thing. But yeah. And then I have this rock three champ rack three so actually through this four hundred feet. Plus, maybe fifty feet the other day. I hate you. At Redman song. I mean, we were there for a birthday party for scuba. And some people always like what's one hundred and sixty eight which just realized the grams where today, so I put it on like a any line just a little bit and lot from from the shack was at Stony from the shack. I threw it from there to other Paul on blue or no, no, I'm sorry. Three four fours basket your feet away from the fence. I was like this is this is kind of crazy, but I haven't done well through then I got this nuke is not a custom dyers sharpie. I was given to it by Sebastian. This Sebastian over Sheba's. Yeah. This this thing she playing still he's he said he's going to start playing again, I've seen CBS. And since the last race race are this this thing what I take it out of the bag. It's like, let's got Gouges on it. Yeah. I can see when I lost this one sounded like almost cried. But this is Doug. Cry summer is a super sexy stamp. I go up and over trees. Do you know if that's a sharpie art, it's it's a die. I used to play baseball. So I can throw pretty nice number. But I think it's nice. I can launch a thing pretty accurately. But then I got my Tbirds like the medal fairway, I got a regular metal flanked t-bird, which is pretty nice this black step Paul MacBeth teabag three thousand six star plastic t-bird, it's all tournament stamp from zero roller the big chill, but I'm two thousand six now this is this is like my dad straight. I was pumping these out like four hundred four hundred fifty feet, these it's this one I found a day. All money disc. And then I got those asking on on Facebook. It was appropriate to go set. Fires to melt the snow, and I was like. Thought bullying floor backpack or something in a foot and a half of snow spray. It all around the light and Sherwood have been safe picking melt in so and then also put it out of the top Hershey. And shouldn't do that at the part yet didn't do that anyways. And then I have so right now, I had I don't have. And then I switched to my fibers have three fibers in my bag this one is it's a two thousand sixteen. That's when I play the tournament when Canada played this tournament called the union pretty sweet temp chorus, but one hundred seventy less white stamp. This is the most meaty fiber to my bag. It's insane. It's really really over stable bills owed. There's your neighbor junkie. I have sixteen sex thin. That's a pretty beat. It's actually it was Brandon a Leschi. I bought it from effort twelve dollars. So today, I actually I wrote my name giant like if I lost this. Care about losing. Because. This is mine might turn your put it onto sharpie on my distance. The thing. He he ruined up. Graham to that. Yeah. Yeah. Never going to get rid of. Wait alterations. And then I have the new sick six bottom stamped dope. Fly. Awesome. So so that's that. And then they dove is just printing money right now. Yeah, they are just printing money on plastic. And it is an I wanna buy all the I know I don't have my under. I don't throw under stable in the winter. I don't know why. But it just to flippy sometimes throw it. But I didn't throw it today. Have shrike star shrike star Sidewinder us for rollers and then little bit beat up. And then and then that's that's it. That's my back. I have an old Inova backpack. Though that I I missed I missed a little bit and test series, and I went straight from from a cart. So I had this old Inova backpack. But I had to chair connected to it. So that's that the one that just is all tash on the back a have a mitten bag that I keep on there. Yeah. To give a little shout out. Thank you. You guys are the best and you should get one go to mitten bags. I think it's dot com or something. Shave and then you can link other sports sex in the shape of the Michigan. And then have really is. You gotta have a bottle opener to open up. Judd weiser's? Amazing beer, double Ivy. Honey, again, he's any bottle bottle opener drinking in your mouth watering. And then a pencil by descript, that's my bags. All right. All right. I like it fills bagging, regardless of what's in our bag carabiners. You gotta have throws farther. Yes. Phil throws up next. Yeah. Oh, one hundred and twenty percent batches coming at you. I have loaded up my bag with just about everything ideal that I would ever want to care. I mean, the only thing missing is left handed glove. I don't have any of that. Wouldn't you would get into with seasonal apparel at some point? So of course, everyone police discover Michigan knows that she'd a glove for your opposite hand either. Although I I've kind of been realizing that if I do the double hand warmers and just keep them in my co pockets that it works so much better. And it's not as annoying like it keeps your hands warm, and it's not annoying having to slip gloves on and often. Well, I just keep my glove on my left hand. I'll pick up my desk, the mega hand, I'll pick up my disc with my right hand wipe it off with a towel. That's in my left hand in my glove. And I'll just put my disc back. And then I I told him I'll do to double hand to hand warmers in my right pocket. And that's where my right as like a glove on my own. I'm throwing your so weird like that. Yeah. I don't have anything in your pockets. Pockets. If I have my wallet in my pocket, or even like, a lighter like all feel it on my I walk up in the middle of my throat. I can't feel my phone. I'm like, oh my God. My phone. Distract here. Let's let's get into the chiefs bag. So I have makes your bag. I have a rebel bag by upper park designs. And I absolutely love it. I'm I did life ever like weeks of research and like looking at other bags before. I was like that is the one I want and it's mainly for this six pocket storage. See all your all your. Yeah. So if I want you I can leave the zipper pulled up, so I can only see these six discs or whatever right now, I'm carrying sixteen including my winter wizards in silver and Honolulu blue that a got at your tournament just the other day. I don't even think about things like that. I'm like how it looks cool. But you got you found the lines colors. Absolutely. I did -absolutely. I did. I also got I got a bunch of stuff on here. I got a couple of bags. They got misprint baked take I'm number four this year because I lost the number one in the last match. I played against Reggie finished summer sixteen in the Heiser nuts this year, which I was number six rip for lost to to Mike Mike, some no Mike Cisco migrant Cisco. Thank you, very much just blanking their shout out some San Francisco to him a boys throat mean he he won legit, dude. He took the day at that. Short course who went to northeast China was it was a pleasure to play with that day. It was a beautiful day to. Ooh. Ooh. My one of my favorites. Oh, yeah. Tag team title. I need to do this one day. This is this is my creation. We both have many at your tag, tea and. WWF action figure and where the doubles champs, and whenever there's no one's beaten us in two years. We lost him. Once we we started out as the inaugural champs. We'd beat some scrubs. But they're my boys. But they don't they don't really gotta play. Chris. I got him. We're trying to get out for a foursome. And we finally got out. And it was like, I you guys probably don't have a chance against us. But well, we we threw it was like, yeah. We cards for teams. It was legit. We could ended up with the opposite. It could have been me versus and no one would have been champs even chance to transfer or something. But then we let them challenges twice and we played that sh- ridiculously. Yeah. We played we've personally Clark, and they almost beat us because that cool for this and got an ace on like nine on the final hole on the final hole to say to almost almost beat us. But yeah, we started off at Oakland university. The old course before it was redesigned for the inaugural championship. And then. Yeah. Like ten played them at six hundred park. I think it's what it's called the shortest. Whole thing seventy seventy two or something right anyway back to my bag here. I got my favorite disc right here. Green crystal crank LT. Col it looks. It's got a it's got a weird detour anything Star Wars. But it kind of looks kind of looks like it could be though. But that that is my I am. I am a right hand for hand player. It's not. He's not malfunctioning. One of my other favorites. I throw this. This is my longest during this. This is the brise part Friday night lights stamp which barely see. Sponsored by the disc off store. But this is a west side, giant, probably my second. Go to my other Goto my orange championship guitar. I've had this about four years. They got an ace with it on hold ten Tomahawk. Skipping ace. It was beautiful. It was just it was meant for the chains that day. I took several pictures clouds in the back. It was awesome. This one my buddy met, my buddy, my buddy, reg, you guys both know him. Don't know this man, you know, MS reg, either way Bauman, yes, sir. He gave me this nuke SS flex which they no longer make. And I saw three of them at the at the store at the puns lakeshore throw shop the throat shop. Thank you. And I am I only bought one of them. In a discount bid, everything I didn't buy the other two and I've been kicking myself ever since. Golf. I'm sure someone that has one. I I I've tracked down from southeast Michigan disc, golf course. And we've it's sold for twelve bucks told him. I give him twelve bucks just have not met up with the studio and like he wants to play around. And I'm like, that's fine. But like can't we just beat up, and I'll give you fifteen bucks. Yeah. I just I suggest that too, but he wants to play around. I don't really wants to beat me up for my bag or something. But either way no this nuke flex as as has had a lot of history behind him in. I lost this at. Dysfunctional Lakers by battle creek, someone found it the next day at I drove back the next day. Got it. I could not leave that disk behind. I got my one favourite backhand disc. Green heat. Yes. That's it's like, the XL stamp. Yeah. With the dragon with the skull and the chest. And of course, my standby putter my orange saw banger. GT a love grew top. I have that is that I think those are called dump treks thumb treks groove top. That's what the GT's. Oh, yeah. You like that? I. These are my like my backups in case, I lose some of my standbys or just in case I have to throw a particular kind of throw like this. I like my champion Abeer if I'm going like from trying to like Anheuser, a what's the forehand? Dude. How old is it? I like three years, but but three years old when you got it, you know, it's about three it's about three years old since I've had it. What would you like the flattest? I know it feels amazing I found one at Belle isle. And I was like this is a super sexy. All it's a reason why someone lost it was. It was a dark blue disc, they that they put an Obama stamp on. So it was like dark purple, and I found it in a Bush. So this feels like a felled Berg boss like a flat old run. And it feels just like amazing, simple sexy. Color finder do all this. And then in the grip the grip feels like my favorite thing. This is a two thousand eight some of them in this. Now, this is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons one it's only marked with this tiny star. There's no other ink on it. It's my disk, and it says this fiscal only right out. Here. My phone number. There's no other income. Well, I mean that I didn't put on the way I received it at least all right, but yeah, they're totally. There's a lot of extra more from me when we when you call her in the bottom, which Sharkey when it's yours. Oh, I got a backup. New guy says this is just a misprint that I got a few years ago me and a bunch of work guys got together and bought a couple boxes of misprint. Hence, why are club name is the misprint s- not this club or other clubs. My workload Mike's go to other cooler friends, he doesn't let me out with. Yeah. You guys are invited. Man. I've played with them. If you worked in TV understand. What are we played a role in? Those are good round. Absolutely. Those real good round. This is just kind of an experimental disc. This is a west side world fourteen speed got it used for a good price. I dunno hasn't flown. Well, for me, it's different. It's pretty looking challenger. You like that dude? Also, also a misprint not stamped misprint though, rainbow arena, misprint Stampa. Yeah. But I got in a pack of misprint s- a love it though. Feels real good in the hand. I don't use it that much. I the I ready to times I use it. I hit thirty five footer and then a forty five footer, and that's the only two times I've used it in like real game play. And of course, I got my orange and blue stamped is Tigers ace race callers. Yeah. He does that this is two thousand fifteen out Pakistan for those things. That's what I look for me for wing stamps. Did you ever want the identical to that for a Roach? And the identical disc it's white with the silver stamp. Oh, absolutely. Do. I I've got. Yeah. Absolutely. I've got a bunch of these in my basement, I've got like six of them. But yeah, this is the two thousand fifteen stampede became the Roach out. No, I really like it. I love the grip on a feel. And so it's one of my backup putters if my bangers not banging that day. I will go with the Roach. Which sounds a little weird doesn't think? And now, I got this. We'll just gave me. So you got any other goodies in there? Oh, dude. Do oh he's not done. No. I've got five more. This real quick though. I this is my only mid range only. This is Rangers. I need to improve that about my game. I don't feel comfortable with them. But this is a group top buzz. They don't make these anymore. Either. Don't you have another one? I have five of these thing. I sold. Mike I found him on. I think you did. Well, I found. Yeah. With the American flag stamp love that one. But no, I found these on EBay for ten bucks an hour. Yeah. Exactly. So I bought five. Oh, I'm never going to lose them because just not but pay. One one seventy absolutely. Yeah. He's fly straight as an arrow for me, man. That's just that's just my groove. I don't carry group who does course, I gotta white Knight. You see what it did their let it to sixty four fourteen speed. It's experimental. I've done it a few times. I've thrown it pretty lawn of also directly into the ground on the night. No incarnate. So obviously, it can get it back to anybody. I wanted to go on the try a chance yet. This one's kinda special. This is Dr shrike my buddy, Patrick that. I work with. I don't know. I tell them out with audio a lot at work, and he decided by this for me, and he had it sent to my house. I was like he's not. No, he no. He just kind of like, well, he was asking me about a like. Yeah. Like, I don't know the the this is new disk, and somehow you must have figured out how to spell shrike or each guest. Well, oh, I didn't know bird really like vertebrae. Jeez. Well, I'm happy bought it for me because it's really cool disc. It's a really cool like Mayan, looking stamp and flies pretty well. Shrek? They do I forget what it is now. But they do something probably because it flies, right? I have speaking of NBP's, we were love feel this guys. Do this is an MVP wave. I've thrown it directly in the ground, successfully, I think eight times so but a carry it because my my my sister. I have no idea men, my sister-in-law gave it to me. So I carry it for good luck. And Finally, I have a this is a prototype heat from the two thousand three thirteen as race with the Snoopy on fly on flamed stamp that I got from my wife and weird enough. It's waited one sixty seven that's kind of why I got it for but on the bottom, it's stamped Mike. That is just pure luck. That factory income. They're not like somebody just real. I don't write in cursive. I could write in cursive, I could write my name in cursive, ilise. But I certainly don't like the center in the circle now. So that's it for my disc. But I also carry a homemade sling shot is my brother may one former years ago really handy forgetting discs out of a pine tree. I got an elbow strep because I'm like I said I'm going to hand for hand player. Oh, absolutely, dude. I don't have anything for you launch out of it. Unless you want some of the Sweden this Sweden, Sultan exist bag that's been there. Probably four months. But I got my elbow stripped. And for him. We it was a weed that grew into a tree that was in my backyard, and I spotted that and I was like, oh, that's the perfect one. That is the perfect. Why join and I cut that off and let it sit for a couple of weeks let it get hard. And then couple of holes drilled through it and kept the old ball bearing somebody old slingshot that my brother gave me those dope. I got upon show that stays in there. Like all the time. Good idea. Right. He's got a little this Pancho. That's thin as hacking Lyrica. Fitna brothers emergency punch. It could fit in a breast pocket. And warmers just one pack every you the reusable scorecard with my name written on it and permanent ink. Yeah, right there. There's your slingshot back out. Thank you, sir. Pop top just in case on having a couple of then pops on the course, those things are great. Got it got a birdie bag. I don't like those Joe, I get your hands. No, these these are the best. No fence. No, no, I got it teenage mutant they're insanely chalky with my twenty eighteen PD card. I got another because my wife got me a two year. License or renewal or whatever for two years. We encourage my. But yeah that I got like a fifteen percent off thing. And I was again, I'm going to get one of these a try so I bought one from them. So I also get some hand sanitizer. Got my I got a photo active speaker. That's just go from there. Let's right. And it would get fifteen percent off and it was like three dollars. Plus Finally, I have a disc craft water bottle at two of these. That's why bought the rebel bags. It has to water bottle pockets, and I absolutely need to to beverage stations. Got a couple of SAM's or a couple pins. I gotta headless Chewbacca because his head came off. He was like a little bobblehead been remember when he had a side disc golf every day pin? Thank you disco, pins dot com. I got a couple of just of discrepancies have some highs pens coming. Really, oh, sign me up. Dude. I got a two kinds of sharpies man, fine and alter fine. He t you take your pick. And I have to I'm a nerd, so I have to as pins because from two aces, and I got a disk call basket. Zipper pull and just another, you know, black and white parachute. Cords that purple. That's my bag, man. A love it the chief, Mike batches. Do I try it on? I've tried it. Dude. I love this bag. I'm. It's got nice support in the back. Yeah. I I would say the best. I've thought about. Kilby since you can take out the dividers in the bottom. I thought about using it as like check bag on the plane, but I'm not sure since it doesn't like flex though. I wasn't sure if it would, you know, be able to fit in the overhead bay. So I haven't done it yet. No, no I much. I bet you'd give it a try. Let me see the bottom. There's newer ones where it's supposed to be like more water per share fit on an airplane. I think so I think it would. But I I just haven't tried it yet. I really with the airport. Yeah. Through security. Yeah. Gross seat anywhere went. No, what do you got in your bag over their plastic that doesn't fly the way it's supposed to I'll tell you that much. I know I feel well first of all my bag. I got the hero pack. This was actually a physician my prize at my first PGA victory. Tip of the tip of the two thousand sixteen note was as my price for first place got let's go onto bag. I before mic stuff a little. He gets talked about all your accessors. I wanna go in the back. I will start at the putter here. Got a couple of harps get one double Steph. That's pretty cool beat the hell another newer one, Detroit, this work stamp teddy. Swore thout disc works producing some plastic. That's pretty cool artwork. So a couple of Ogden harps, you know, these are your over stable Potter's can get pretty good disney'll, my putters, I can usually reach about two hundred or so with the putter. This is get some pretty good distance study over stable lines. No, great for headwind where I throw my wear. Perfect one. That'd be throwing my shield. So we'll talk about the second Sheely. You know, these are these are my go-to and headwind, that's so much putting off the tee. Hey, do you still have that so fly kneepads foul line? You. We're getting. Got my she this is my baby. This is really like when I I used to throw a rattler like all day every day and like a super light rattler any frisbee. Yeah. And I yeah. That's a lot of signatures on there. Yeah. I use this rattler. And that was I just liked the way it felt because I grew up playing alternate frisbee. But then I just decided to switch this one day because I like the way it looked. It's got the finish stamp. You know, it's called the Kilby. This really was a stuff on my game. When I bought this putter, right here, my game instantly like got better that Potter. Yeah. And if you can see I got about a dozen signatures on here. This whole this knows how to ace. It's usually the same hole. I've gotten I've gotten the same almost like a wizard. I mean, no wizards I'll get a wizard on about the pullout next. What's it's definitely more under stable at least for me. Anyways. We have this is my baby here. I've when I bought this disc I had like two or three aces. When I got this disc, I've got gene. Oh, that's my baby. She knows how to ace by far my most thirteen aces. I mean, most of them are brise have five aces. You that? I got my Wigan. This is my under stable putter. You know, usually just off the Tito put with it. Too much. This is actually a it's the gut the hygienist stamp on it. It's a double stamp misprint though. I liked it though. I think it kinda misprint too. Yeah. It's a misprint if feels. Jake voodoo. There's no beat on it from there's a little bit. So beat on C. Floods like every other ones that I've had this is a wizard. Oh, that's cool. Double stamp. Yeah. Trying to give the double lack of rainbow effect on black over rainbow. That's awesome. Yeah. You're right. That does magic just does definitely Donald about this. This would actually be Daesh rag who did this. But it was a. You said he didn't you know, he told me it was a I guess he didn't actually say it was a wizard. He's just told me. It was double stepped. Oh. By the way. I have a Heiser not disc off wizard in my bag. I miss are putting with it. He got a super swirly green light greenish warms just when I have putter problems in my head which one and I feel this like great. All right. So that's the Potters bay four punters. Yeah. I mean, I use my shield all day every day anything on the to do much throwing the shield, but we'll get into my mid range. Also to me mid-range is either got the sling. Not a lotta guys throw. This is actually a slingshot laying slingshot the sling. I'd love this thing. And this is actually, you know, west side, they never did like, I round stamps. There's no like I around. I mean, there are this is the first round slaying. How can you tell because it has its they're all misprint? It says this is it's a five speed, right? It's his PJ approved distance driver. Which was a misprint did whether you go the first round slings had nothing, man. You know, just since you, wouldn't you wouldn't usually use like easily manipulated as like a quality trait. But that that thing, and you know, and also the term like throws any line. You throw it on. I think it's overused when describing a desk, but this thing throws any line. I put it on if I do, I know when I I know what it's my fault in one. It's the disks fault. This thing if I if I throw it on the Anheuser out throws throws, the an Heuser, Phil. What are you looking for? You know, the one thing. Oh, he's hold on. We're going to get to these. He's pulling. Yeah. These are he's pulling out of Viking disk. I got the whole lineup over here. I'm gonna I'm gonna reveal if I get a second sling. It's it's pretty much replaced, my buzz. Yeah. It's just. The sleep slightly larger. Yeah. The sling is slightly larger than compared to the Viking. What is the act of liking axe? That's not in my bag though. If we if we have enough time, I was going to have the whole Viking lineup. I was gonna give him a quick review. So right. So that's the sling. I love it. It's awesome. Go get yourself. Wanted is a great diss. We got my buzzer last. You know, you guys, you know, we know what the buzzer was does this is actually my misprint. Welcome. Mike who actually also some as with it? Yeah. It's my signature ace on heavy Heiser line. Just Metag Mark which you'll never see unless you as around me some not writing on anything on any course, ever. Yup. But let's got Mike civil trial. Got my. Yes. Stop vandalizing. We've got your stuff eight allies. We got the buzz us, except you can vandalize my desks like just adds where you've analyzed like this one has been vandalized as well. Sounds pretty intense. Disc because that means I just got a hold one. This is the buzz acid is actually the the two thousand fifteen ledge stone edition this thing is so flat. It, you know, some other buzz us as I've had they were you know, they had good Heiser flippers. But on this one like you turn it over, and it doesn't really come back. But I figured that out about it. So it's you know, I know no one to throw it. This one is actually I just kind of put it in my bag to show it off the champion flat. Top rock the gnome. Drivens the limited edition disks. Really cool standing. Yeah. Behind behind the drive. It's called are. They have like three sets of them from us ski designs a throw renner's it. So it's got like a dwarf or gnome not a dwarf Ahah. They known playing disc golf and. Yeah, it's pretty sweet tea, she'll he's thrown a dry between two. Wanted us a mushroom. It's pretty cool. Look it up. No gnome driven disco. Vine just go hang. Also heads. It's pretty tough gator. Said rock for top gator. Yeah. I was actually Valentine's Day present from my girl who. Yeah. Right. Then this. She doesn't curves is totally got. I got the guy was just kidding. Got the traveling compass here from dogpound disc golf, synthesis pounded with shutout one Rula's dogpound disc, all actually one one of their bag tags and gotten the club. What do you do with it? You just they just send it to me. I was supposed to take some pictures of and slack. And we got hit with a snowstorm. So I haven't really. I will. Snow golfer. But it was it's a ridiculous. I mean, we got a ridiculous. Keep information you've been working. Yeah. This is this is the traveling across the street. I got. Yeah. I I that's true. I don't get to golf as much as I used to not living. It's true, of course, anymore. I mean, I gotta get out with that. And take some pictures and send it to the next guy. Pretty cool still going here. Let's get it out there right now. Yeah. We're into the Talaat lot amid ranges we're into the drivers will not will you have two of them are only in my two of them early in my bag to show him off. Now, they're only in my bag for the in the bags. So how would he showed up right now with we'll take a picture with? Yeah. Go ahead fills posted it. He's he's a Instagram kingpin type guy. We're getting into my drivers. What's the west side? Gotz haven't noticed so far. Wait, wait. All this. Over here. Thirteen or or moving that we are still reported. So. Yeah. One rule us. So we're getting into my drivers. Now, we're getting. I mean, we got to want to many jug Weiser's the most interesting thing on the table. So are we got the the long Bowman nine four zero three nine four zero three out say this thing is up even more over stable than that. It's you know, it's still over stable. I can't even really get like true driver distance with it for me anyways. But it's great for, you know, two hundred two hundred twenty two hundred two hundred fifty foot, you know, heavy Heiser bombs is bombs. Gotta where we got to go in the order speed here. What's this? I'm getting to that. I'm getting to that. Oh, that's super six hatchet. This is also a tidy. Teddy sore, Detroit disc, works stamped hatchet. I I really ruined this one trying to put a die on it. I was doing pretty good, and I got kind of cocky, and I try to do a red and blue swirl in kind kinda just ended up with jumbled purple mess. Sex flag down though, it's got it's red white and blue. I've never died. This have always been intrigued and interested, but that you change it from plain white disc. Like, I think it looks. It doesn't like you explain if we were to put like lasts longer. That's that splatter for like a thousands of dollars. Yeah. And you know, like that doesn't even abstract crazy. I mean, if you just have put like a little less, it would look just like the like the splatter ones from described that you buy you buy like just four of the digest. You know, because we were go getting so much snow and with leagues and stuff. I was worried about losing still wanted to the white disc Judd wiser. Judd wiser, we got some more west side here. Amazing got my boatman. Thanks, great man holds it holds the study straight laser beam line than fades to the end. Like I'd say it's numbers are perfect eleven five zero to like, I've never seen the numbers. At least from I throw obviously, everybody else has different throws. But these those numbers are absolutely in tune with my aunt. So that's you know. Is this what it's like a T-word fiber slashed over stable wool. If you see like the flight play like it's got like a heavy swoop to it you see. Fiber. Do I got my north, man? I don't throw this too much as actually my brother judge. He gave us the beer in case. You didn't tell you Judd, wiser. My brother had this for a long time even throw it. And I really liked the numbers on it. It's ten five Neg one too. I thought it'd be really good for me. And actually only this is only my bag because it's got a cool story because it came back to me after a long time. I lost this at a tournament at the ponds it went so first of all it was the holes that are the holes that are gone now that we're along the fence I like the the letter holes. Owns E C D the ones that the ones that were along the fence. So I threw this out there on and we played through this out there. And I thought I was going to be right along the base of the fence. So that everybody else we spent like this is a sanction of. But we spent like quite a few minutes looking for it. And then the one guy my card. I forget who I was playing with it's on the other side of the fence. And we're like what the hell how did that happen? Like, there's no way like we saw come down in. I look at the fence, and I'm not saying the discipline through it. But it's insane. Because there was like a like something took the fence and like Benton apart, and it was a Heiser nodded in it. It was almost like the you went through like a cut in the fence. Yeah. Something weird. But I don't think I don't know if but I've seen some weird things on the other side that strict rules. They're against cloud jumping over and over the fence, especially during a tournament gone on hold to and they through my bag. Oh nice. But I was gonna go get it after the tournament, and that was gone, and then like four six who knows maybe even almost a year later, then Calvin from the throw shop called me and somebody turned it in there like a long time later after somebody definitely picked it up and left with it. You got right name and number on it think they found it in lost it. I think they found it lost it. And then somebody else founded against that's northbound Java Toth judge was gone. But I told them hoes his at one four. Took it back. Got my shrike vastly used to have a beautiful rainbow stamp on it, but being pulled in and out of my bag. So that you can still see a kind of around the center it just rubbed off. This is actually from the disks store the monthly number package. Yes. The XL a chant shrike hundred and sixty seven grams. This is the first disc started to like actually be able to throw over three fifty consistently this shreiks changed my game. Yeah. Well, they changed my to, you know, started throwing this like over three fifty. And then all of a sudden I was starting to get like three seventy with my king. So which I lost and don't have my baby played. Yeah. Yes. After the big hill. I think it's four the the one after the hill or up the hill. Yes. So the next one is that three or four doesn't matter. What are the holes is five seventy six, and you know, how the lines then there's these bricks yet with a circle I was inside of the circles, I through shrike like five hundred forty feet, and it like blew my mind. I was like are you talking about eight? Maybe it works goober goes downhill, but it's up the hill. Yeah. Kind of like it's like you could it's flatland up here. But then it's a hill. Here's right before the writers. Yeah. That's your sexy. How bombed it and miss? The putt. That's crazy. Yeah. I got destroyed. Remember, you should check it out. They do sweet little package. It's like twenty five dollars a month. You always get sweet disc with the sweet stamp like a shirt or a hat or something else. Cool and just one. I no, no, it's where you get all those. It's always a desk in a hat or shirt or some other four twenty five bucks, but Becky past then. What was the good hair? Last disc in my bag, the G star boss unfairly than thrilled anymore, but I'll always have one of my bags. It's like the disc taught me disco. You barely throw a boss anymore. I barely faucet around anymore. Shrike like anything I can do with his boss. I can do better with shrike. I just showed you. But. Yeah, I mean this. I mean, look, I I mean, I mean, not really they're both over and have also dental numbers. I mean, I don't have the numbers on this. But that's what you through consistently when I first playing with right? Well, it's like twelve minutes Neg three like it's pretty slow as neck three. Yeah. Yeah. We're gonna have to look it up. This just in challenge somebody else. Please look that up because I'm still going in the bag. Look up. Already know. I don't want to tell you that. I'll do. So this is actually this was my lost. You could have. Just to give it back to you today. Mike losses at the course, I've had that was yours. That was mine. Of course. So I I won I won on dollar discourse. So this was sitting at Brize hit whole eleven twenty three. I was right there. There was no name or number on it or anything. But I wanted it so bad. I put it on top of the basket at eleven twenty. I played it that day, then on top of the basket. Yes. And I left it there. All yeah. So I left there came back like I came back like four days later, it was still there. And I was like all right. It's mine. Now, it's a knee pad. That's shaped like a disc fits in your if it's in your bag perfectly specialties, like a space filler, I think Lawson foul it's a so fun way before SC wwl's all these lost felt Facebook stuff. Does it turns out? That cushion, and I've loved it turns out he's he's getting it back right now. Yeah. Yeah. No doubt. I I've been wanting one of these for a while they make waterproof ones as well. But I didn't I just didn't win one of those for for the cell for the price that they were still hold on body. Hold on. I'm getting there. I'm not even kidding you. I I was like how often do I put from a knee like maybe once around. But I I just I it was read I wanted it. It matched my bag. I was like I'm getting it. So I won this. I lost it the first round. I played I cannot I saw it in your bag. And I was like oh my God. And I totally forgot about it until I hold onto it because it was space filler in my bag, and it was like fuck. Oh, sorry. I mean, he's like, you know, we always said one officer, right? I was like I was like man my dishes, go rattle around all round. If don't have is. So I was like oh give it to you at the end of the round. But we forgot about it. Dude, you if it's still keeping your discipline around. You totally have. Totally have still some more. Plastic finders coming sued audience. You're gonna love this continue. What is it about the strike? Yeah. Sprint service down. Here is. Those are all those are all my discs, though, m. Am I got I got my too many matches matches the stamp? Mine is at home. It's really sake. Susser is your pens, your lighters. Your hand warmers, no lights candles for globe, golf, but extra extra towels vanilla-scented. Pretty nice. Pumpkins at best. Each people everyone in the in the tournament. Bring Jacqueline harvest bumpkin for what for a new tournament. That's happening. How the Halloween Halloween in the amazing your each everyone's Bassett's lit up around each pin? It's going to be pretty or around Japan. Punk from me pumpkins kit. Keep the splurging these great ideas. So that's always thing. That's in my bag. Let's talk about what's on it for second. I got got these made hygiene zipper pulls a little Legos spaceman with jet packs on a shut off to Fouquet's zipper pulls funk gay. Oh, I have one of those estimator for me got some bagged here. Not to brag. I'm definitely not the buzz disc offer in the world. I'm barely even a not embarrassing. Discover but somehow I always managed to finish with the number one tag three years in a row that I've had tags. I've finished with number one. No comment. Oh, yeah. No comment. So do this in this accommodate you by four strokes last time? This a boss flight patterns is a thirteen five Neg one three. That's what's on the camp of a shrike is a thirteen six. One up online knock to Neg to to fade. It was not a negative clear. We're both wrong. You're a very close eye discs the less fade of it makes it even more or less than with the more glow. It means more and either way well there two numbers off. Gee, stars more flippy than I hate bosses. I don't love him. They've got lead shown, and he told me to start throwing the word I got three number what they only like Dave Helberg, boss. Yes. Whoa. So it has his world was a little Domi. And I was like I don't like it. I like dole me this. Fell bird bosses FOX, the only boss, I have is a little Domi. It's really easy a disc someone needs to any to get a west I've world plot one though, I want this. And you're the thing. Oh, man. You can't have my I will be. I will be willing to trade that world. But I'm not trading. Why not all the same? Felt like touching things. So I got the three ninety one takes you. You you go fill lost interest in me after I a. Talking about the number one tags. Oh, yeah. Sorry, continue that I got I got the bag take championships that the keeping his kneepads detecting championships me and Mike hold those down. Come challenges that I got my this is my only nine number one tag. I got handicap match the dog how disc golf back tag number two. I haven't even had a chance to move up in that. When I told you how I won the where's dogpound disco from they're like downriver club. I won their bag in the downriver to k- giveaway. They pulled my number randomly, thanks. Jeff. John bacon was running giveaway on. I've thrown some money at that the Taylor. Yeah. Trenton, Trenton course, right? Planning to do another fundraiser. I guess the city started looking out for sponsors and stuff. But that is what is in my bag. Also got this cool. Little they'll blown glass zipper pull batches gave me it's got a basket on the inside of it. Got my Red Wings pen on the outside kind of matches the bag. Yeah. That's about it. That's what's in our bags guys. We hope we didn't bore you too much. And anyone who knows me? I carry several towels. Yeah. I didn't even. And w. You got the matching highs not towel till that goes with the the wizard. And the the wizard in the mini all match the end the us. Yeah. Anything anything out of your bag? You'd highly recommend it. Anybody guys anything like that before we get out of here? I think everyone needs to start throwing mid ranges. Yeah. I definitely it's holding my game back that I throw so few midrange is for sure how's it holding your game bags it doesn't? They don't do anything for me. What what what what a what do you mean? I mean, what are you talking to throw men's man? You flick a lot though, I wouldn't wanna throw him a bunch of a bunch of MS maybe I should just I mean, if I can throw my my putters way throat like probably throw a mid range pretty fill out, whatever I'll give I'll give you know what I'm sold. That's me. S GT. And I mean, I get my putters to like, you know, to twenty we like, you know, sometimes fi find that that you can kind of like go straight down a tunnel shot and stop throwing them drivers. 'cause you're overthrowing them. And then they're gonna fade at the end like left to right and get you stuck in the woods. So if you can keep amid like I'm trying to that's what I switch to those DX rocks because they flew debt straight. And then I'm gonna champion and start if a whole three hundred eighty feet. Gimme a mid-range the go by tonight. Phil, I'm gonna do it. I want I would just started a rock three in work. Yeah. A lot gbs. He he loves the rock. Rog DX is nine. I think we should all tell each other a disk we have to buy who bro some Mets zone there should be zone zone. I think banger GT should be UT. Yeah. All right. I want you guys to try to sling slang. All right. I don't have a sling. I mean, that's my newest. But you gotta Cianci rang up. And and that's what I would obsolete recommend everyone having their bag because if you're not trying to. Almost forgot about the giveaway. So do give away every episode hit us up on Facebook to the Heiser nuts. Their whatever Detroit has not disco of close Freud. Hi, hey, I wash I just short into ties. You're nuts now. All right. It's kind of pigeonhole myself with the holy church thing. Even though I love Detroit, and you know. Yeah. Hey, we're all ready worldwide. Man, right. Heiser nuts. You got we got a Facebook Kirsty worldwide. Whereas. Hit us up you go get one of those disks that anyone of us just suggested you're going to be this week's contest and take a picture with it send it to us. I'm gonna send you a little package or something. I'll send you a package to your fills got negative send you my faggots. Well, I want to say that. Yeah. Ever Trevor slingshot under bag because if you're not trying to get a discount of a tree it just general fun to try to hit other trees with rocks, and everyone can have a turn. It's sure I guys. Well, I think we're gonna take off here. Think we read about it or doesn't zipping up my bag, and I'm getting out of here. All right. Well, this has been the discourse, we're happy joined us discovery disgusting. Disc forward have a great day floored. My friends.

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Peugeot EVs Beat Renault EVs In France | 20 Feb 2021

EV News Daily - Electric Car Podcast

10:02 min | 8 months ago

Peugeot EVs Beat Renault EVs In France | 20 Feb 2021

"Coming up on show nine nine. Nine shaw kara. In franz peugeot beat reynaud in the chops also on the podcast die tara closing some more funding and update the altium so production and swim. When you get your vw id four will hopefully shed some light smoke. Good morning all good evening. Wherever you are in the world's good job you're listening. Welcome to the news daily for saturday. The twentieth of february is martin lee. I've been through every story. Today's he have to cut a quiet. Av die at the weekend after a busy week of news but we'll start off with some positive news for app terror. That is the curious three wheeled vehicle you may have seen to the front and one in the back and tara motors announced more funding a series a funding round of full million dollars up terrorist momentum has gathered seven thousand vehicle reservations so fascinating kind of rise. Second rising of app tara and a story which i've watched and don't fully understand because the car looks like kind of a sci-fi ca seven thousand people have said. Yeah one go on stick when driveway. Also the biggest battery is one hundred kilowatt hours. I physically cannot work out where you would shove one hundred kilowatt hours worth of cells which is big if you've seen a pack out of a car by the way these tiny like wherever you hit it and where is the battery and download because there's so much bodywork missing so that and then it'd be high up and that's a high center of gravity which would be terrible so quite workout. This call their pictures online which explain it on their website. Check out the website if you are interested. Also the charge. Port is a tesla that's largely unexplained the inside of the car uses the tesla stalk switchgear. And also the screen and so it's kind of witness did they. Just get a broken down. Tesla from rich rebuilds or from the scrap yard and put together a prototype. Take some cookies and put it online. I don't know seventy tesla bits in this but It's a company that i know. Many people have a real fondness for real soft spot including seven thousand. People have put their reservations in just over two months totaling. A quarter of a billion dollars in orders. The company is backed by crowd funders and private investors. And even sandy monroe. He of fame. Tesla's a terrible and then taking a test as a brilliant Fine he's done really well. Actually kinda carving out a niche in the tesla fan boy community for 'cause he's a big fat he. He's an automotive consultants and he buys the cars and takes them down to every nut bolt washer. It's really impressive. Well he does and he carved out a little niche for himself in that that youtube space this month app terror moved into a new production facility in the sorrento value sandiego and saudi monroe has come on boards helping them get the car to markets areas of focus are going to be three d. printing and composites and battery technology development as well watching that one closely just how curious the whole story is but anyway next look about the opium sells altium is the joint venture between general motors and lg. Ken and inlaws town. Ohio the putting up a big facility to produce these cells to power future gm cars and they celebrating the completion of the steel building structure. It took him ten months to get the building up and five hundred thousand construction hours. Eighty five members of the work has gathered to sign the final beam which will soon be a finished treatment. Eight million square foot plot according to inside eve as the site is going to be done by two thousand twenty two completely and making thirty gigawatt hours of lithium ion battery cells every single year. And that is this the option to expand as well employees eleven hundred people gm lg jointly investing two point three billion dollars in the venture to secure lithium ion cell supply for gm's future range of as next. We go to europe and pirjo. Beating reynaud in france shock horror. I shouldn't happen well. Nothing against persia all right. Oh i'm just saying if you go by history that's a turn up for the books looking at january's bestseller list the pleasure e two. Oh eight has beaten the renault. Zoe for the first time since last. Well lost april adding insult to injury. It wasn't any pleasure remodel to beat the reynaud. Zoe says clean. Technica the crossover three double. Oh eight plug in. Hybrid was the first plug in hybrid to win the monthly bestseller charts in france. It beat the and the e two eight now the resentment a historic one to for persia at at home in their home markets. The first i'm reynaud has been third in eight years but the rent is always a big seller and you shouldn't read too much into the one of january numbers mostly with allocation really and how they piled into december to pump up the end of year numbers for the zoe europe's number one. Av i should add next in the. Us virginia will become the next zero emission state. Virginia virginia senate passed a bill that would establish california style clean standards. The bill is called. Hp nine hundred and sixty five and it creates a low emission vehicle and zero emission vehicle program and that strengthened the regulations on tailpipe emissions in. Virginia requiring automakers to sell certain number of zero emission. Cars in the st john's. Tv's magazine the governor is ralph novum and signing. The bill into law is expected when he does. Virginia will join twelve other states and washington. Dc in adopting these zero emissions rules minnesota new mexico nevada all in the process of joining the club next. We'll talk about vw in the four arriving at us dealerships in march. At least according to this forum this user said and i quote just got a call from my dealerships. ev specialist and that is on the vw. Ide- talk dot com forum. All right back to the post which says hey said my first edition. Id four will be at the dealer of the end of march and the display models will be there before i'm still ninety percent. Show the id four is what i did. Drive the modal. Why i love the speed and handling bus. Not the frame louis glass which will break easily. No carplay either or any other streaming like xm and the build quality wasn't great and a much higher price until they get the tax credit back on. That's what put me off. I was insurance quote on the. Id four and is lower than my master. Three the testers was very expensive. Says this forum post on vw id talks listings in the us. And you're looking for to the id four. They say end of march at least for this dealer for this buyer end of march is when it was going to be in stock and that is great news for those people who've been whiting. Alright tomorrow is show. One thousand holy moly. How did we get here a note. I be small alec and say what he did. Nine hundred ninety nine shows a what kind of media coverage do you want from vs in twenty twenty one. And what do you want from the next thousand podcasts. I'd love to know from you. Email me hello. Ev news daily dot com on nine hundred ninety eight previous shows in the archive box on the website. Evi dot news that will do is give you access to any of the previous thousand posts if you Looking something up research making a purchase decision and you want to have a look at those stories tomorrow as well. We'll talk about whether this show is going over the next year and onwards as well into the future how it's fitting into my life now of course and becoming a family last year and and and what you want from it as well so thank you very much all of your suggestions to at evening. News daily dot com. If you're gonna check out the patriots page by the way i would appreciate it. I absolutely not pressure i mean. Kobe has been rough rough rough on so many people. And i feel bad even mentioning it but if it's something you can help out with unsupported and pay this show to happen is how we fund. That's the only way we don't sell advertising. The only way is through kind companies and individuals the put the hand in the pocket and month off the month and pay the bills the streaming and the hosting and everything else o phil robots of electric future premium pot nebraska crosby portion of the village in cincinnati audi of cincinnati volvo costs of cincinnati east but before the exit forty recharge national charging common aloha charge dot com. They must be busy charging just exploding right now. Derek riley is busy his youtube channel. Exploiting checkout av review island and if you thought lockdown men. The people didn't want to buy cars. She would be wrong. Richard is very busy. That rs evade kobe safe often doing it remotely but people still wanting that 'cause you cut it you check them out and have a great day catch fish show one thousands and they remember. There is no such thing as a self charging hybrid.

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049 - The Editor Wars


44:52 min | 7 months ago

049 - The Editor Wars

"Ubisoft michelle is caffeine. Compiler stinks so that that's there. He goes kokomo store to this. He voiced being to georgia food. Steve jobs put he said he was at. Mx weekly jar. I'm meal fields and said it was the bomb. Bring out of michelle l. Chihuahua versa put a major garrett zach. This was this promise you know. You don't think age. Ms sufferers will loaded is argue instead of knows in the position. Anyway the main. Dr little bit Oh i'm show roseanne no story thing dame moolah the french thing with me i q mice dots with cloudy eager for the bank. Says i just don't know who goes into number of the you the secure. Watch this on Easy changed oakland community cafe classics at south florida while my mas or survive harassed. Somebody aid utah. Eat today's ease. Yoga digital days commodity. this ulta georgie George Somebody who's making use of the way. Max wrecking oh savvy a mex- ma corporate win. She broke to bridge this to for. Now he is a he shook. I'm elaine using angels. Writers union is what jean max return with. Cathal i wish to amyloid through our miller. In carr's six suga kadewe is always who'd funnel millimeter moving chor lau none of the teaching thing that you could probably ended. I thought also warping put some of which took off the perpetrators of the vehicle. The view minuit outdo kids amana spear ad over the kendall. Some buki cowan's third sister nation. You i should kee- alabama mice bazi could ufologist Origin microsoft george especially Anther korean goes Will say quasi nov anti off to present to The moon debbie does add words. Novum aversa conservative Who origin. Who is ample. gdn mice thread. You sean to kim program To survive beneath could have very Is jesus soins fought. Who's at the bela's to by the think budget adept pursue will block not this by cork it up lou and it turned are compounder of the main thing as eldar scrapped. This iverson thousand new limits ideas being the keep. It sits as study czech republic in a loser visas. Wanna one abu vesicles mighty mashpee flooding. They've stepped party fault. Upper inclusivity was a saint kuba staunch supporter capital. Grandma merge secure see a sink the cool busted h. e. n. Thing what's miss the police. Song video for the oil know discard some. Don't faster senior mas- important little studio doesn't cheat as saul coma for zuma's mica swings yang damien. No luxury autism can watching c. Two key salem. We'll come back that rice. Grandma authorities design the heavy schiavone bell was our original bite oval song. You know that the base against yours quite a mighty don't prefer that lord no no productivity Mislead sinkers as sink was sitting back. Hello capital gains. My schiavone That could he own. Montgomery g being this movement throughout legal. Which door will come measure date. This all highlights nick accordions card. You dare may not some winterberg Today out to complete seeing 'em come you'll knock off Equals all mice ilah boyd. She is a senior copies. Not causing will boost. Different won't always in financial support recipe. Love and you buy from. This is awesome. asian eddie. Mind wind served Awards would you invest cold while it's still use in shop coughing of our program. Scharping jonoski harrison Basam wings awfully basketball. The needle see squad. Turney tunnel highlight special academy awful lead stays within the next z. I. e. Violence i think his anglo fiji's scharping soft place. This boy's based school wasn't having fish not now owned engine will sit as evil new on alleged sore allenby ancient shopping for this our families. The is this too but it over it. The on the pneumonia luigi a key. It might give us a compromise clear. But i was on a cd Local movie as vizo. Ms mckee fujian mice brew coming scored by with a woman. Chievo say cammisa. you by keep at the hands been odd zone. 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Did Meghan Markle Lie About Secretly Marrying Prince Harry? Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence After Documentary - Daily Pop 03/31/21

Daily Pop

42:48 min | 7 months ago

Did Meghan Markle Lie About Secretly Marrying Prince Harry? Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence After Documentary - Daily Pop 03/31/21

"Tables number one show. Bravo's top chef is coming portland fifteen chefs from across the globe. Bring new flavors. This could be one of the best selection of chess. We've had on a show probably top chef portland. April i only on bravo de union iguanas saucer. Get brutally honest about working motherhood. They thought that i should not work. I should just beat home like the other moms. What would you do in this situation was. Were harry and meghan just busted and a huge lie like a stray hands. Massive transformation and britney spears breaks her silence on the controversial documentary. Welcome there is all kinds of drama today in hollywood. We're talking lies arrests relationship disasters. Welcome to daily. Pablo's kick things off with this really big question. Would you still work if you married someone. Who was filthy rich Gabrielle union and gwyneth. Paltrow ignited the debate on the google. Podcasts gabrielle admitted that when she married dwayne wade her step kids didn't understand why she kept working. Listen to this. They had looked up how much their dad made and they thought that i should not work. I should just be at home like the other moms. And because data's rich and you stay home and we should be a normal family like everyone else. I love it. I love that bathing realized that she too was rich. Not not to mention. She had her own coin. Kim mary filthy rich man. What you're gonna do stay home and take care of you. You know a certain ages. When i was younger. I wanted to just work and get my own identity. I think right now. Let a rich man calls daily dose. Oh it's so funny. She didn't talk about this all the time. Because i have said many times i'm like i can live that yacht life man. I could plan the trips yet. Plan the vacations. I could have all the decorations up for every event at could be my full time thing. I could do all that stuff. But he's like no you couldn't you'd have to work. I know you would go crazy. But i could do. I can manage to be getting asked. Are we disrespecting women that couldn't work. What fifty years ago are. They fought to get all these rights to work for women. And now you know. Is that kind of disrespectful. No not at all you know i am in the class of. I always believed that you have to have your own and you never let them in. Think 'cause at some point he will think he can control you with that money. I don't care of you doing the dirty to jeff bass bitch have a job. Because i've seen some rich women who have done and been with men who were filthy loaded and they get divorced and then they're left with nothing because men who have money have time and they are pettis. What about the also kelly cuoco. When she got married she. He came in filthy rich but he still does his horse things. He still does his horse things to have a purpose. I feel like when you're in a marriage and you are relying on somebody else for the money and you are living off somebody else's stuff you don't have a purpose you lose what i can't then i'm not being playing honor to my mother. You know my daddy built this. Big architectural firm was great with my mother. Did not work. She she quit when i was born. I guess i was to be but she quit. And then i think about how my life would have been at. My mother had gone to work every day she did. That is a job here. The house she took care of the finances and she also saved money. I guess he was. You know my mother put away a lot of money. She had she was like casey does act a fool. She had her own money. Who's gonna parachute out a cell. But it was good. Because they were my father retired he had a nice nest egg that he didn't even know about that. My mother had been putting away for years and had to lead the mission. Impossible to live on a now but that was for me. Yes for sure job. Your mom raised kids. I feel like raising kids and holding down. The fort is a job and it gives you purpose not taking away for that. I'm going off the women who and the men who marry rich and who don't who don't have kids are just living somebody else's life. I don't care if you're selling twenty dollars coffee mugs on instagram. Just have that purpose because guess what you are hotter to dude when he thinks you're independent care. Credit is four bitty. Mr charles ain't gotta know that you only got twenty eight dollars you make again out like we don't need to know how much i just need to know that you didn't it okay. Well would you question okay. You marry a rich guy. Would you still grind every day. Not every day. No no videos. On i g. I'm not coming here every day. No how rich. The guy is night. But i think about my my friend cole murphy. Who i've known for years and she was married to eddie murphy and i to laugh. She had five babies. But i was like what is your job. What do you do but then as she was in the gym her job was to stay beautiful to make sure. Your kids looked beautiful. She took care of the home. But not really come on us eddie. Murphy's wife but that was her job to stay beautiful one hundred percent. That was her job and by the way being with a hard job because the job is getting the job. I just say we need to go ahead and get divorced. I'm not gonna make it. Is the refrigerator. okay is the bedroom in there too. So how will you know depending on who you may. But that's that's a big misconception about being rich you think bed you're going to have it easy in catering to the rich man's needs and wants an honestly sometimes. The richest people are the cheapest people smitty like. I'm going to marry this guy. Or i'm going to be with this guy and i'm going to be doing like in my dream. World is literally life on a yacht. I think all the time you're just going to be traveling and all these things but sometimes the richer they are the more they're saying like no no no. We can't did you coupon. Those cheetos best what i hated. That's what we make our own money. Because i do what. I want to thank you. I said i had no money. You fly out the baby's okay my own money. But they'll marry. Somebody doesn't have as much so i to say. Hey go getting a jim. I alright reality star could go down in flames. Jim shaw from the real housewives of salt lake city along with her assisted have been arrested for allegedly running a nationwide telemarketing fraud. Scheme and conspiracy to commit money laundry the us attorney says this was motivated by greed to steal victims money. And it's very serious. What was your reaction when you heard this. Honestly i wasn't that surprised because at the reunion asked her what she did for a living in the answer. She gave maybe think one of two things as she doesn't have a job or be. She has a sketchy job because she couldn't really see what it was. And for me. I was like. Oh andy cohen must know some things up. One of the ladies must have whispered to him that she does some shady stuff and when he asked to tour it just seemed as if they knew something was not right. It's not kosher is a hot mess. Because i'm i'm trying to understand. Don't they do background checks and check these reality stars. Find out what they do but but they do cam. They're probably thinking. Yeah okay okay. Uh-huh maybe the cops will come while we're filming a scene. That is true because they're not. Look at this okay. Did you get on a reality show. And you're showing look how living and look at my house. Doesn't it make the fans go. Watch that person just like a drug dealer when they tell not that i know any but they do so. What i heard is a drug dealer. Say don't live above jose. Was it you that said this morning. Play it low. That's why drug dealers in the so. We had this morning. Because you can't bring any attention to your lifestyle and that's all she does. But you know what i have to say this reality show when you find somebody who's perfect for reality. Tv you almost need a bit of narcissism and your life just a tiny bit of narcissism per se. I think for her. She thought she can get away with it. She can get away with it. She's been doing it since two thousand and twelve and no one can stop her. Same with bernie madoff. Same with mike. The situation same with all these other people who put themselves in the public eye. Yeah well what happened. Went to resend. Joe yeah they got caught. I was like what's going on but she's back on reality. Tv didn't affect her life. They said okay. When you get outta jail you just come on back to finish the story. You can't let somebody else finish your story and let these women talk about you for fourteen episodes without saying i'm innocent. I'm innocent i innocent. I would go back and finish it. Heart that really made me upset is if this is true if convicted For you know sh- guilty. She was targeting. The elderly knew that. I had a fillon they said. Who are they scamming. They probably gave. She probably gave a list of all. These elderly people that have given money. Here's a good list now. That is some cold as cold. Some old karma she got a whole bunch of her arm probably just going to fall off one day. I took when you you can live your fake lives and you can maybe mess up on your taxes and i'm like okay. It is what it is. But if i find out you're scamming the elderly or doing something to kids. Burn your on line with the why. Even i mean even do that and then what else theresa joe. You know jealous by now. He's he got deported. and he's making dole. I what i was doing. Well all right still ahead to star who just landed the cover of people magazine. We will be right back. Oh my god. Joe judah having your own home is awesome but it's also a lot of work. The good news finding help for your projects is easier than ever introducing angie the app. The puts all your home care needs at your fingertips need a pro to fix that. Emergency leak maybe find someone to build a deck or even set seasonal tasks on autopilot. Angie can handle all that and more expert pros. Hundreds of home projects clear pricing and the easiest way to book and pay in seconds. This is angie your home for everything home. The app today breaking news. People just revealed this year's beautiful issue the cover star is none other then. Chrissy teigen along with her children. Miles and luna. Chris says she's focusing on enjoying life and putting her mind and spirit of of her body. She says if it's going to make me happy and makes me feel good. Then i indulge it. You guys something just hit me. It just dawned on me. Critiquing got this cover. Sh also deleted her twitter account very quickly and unexpectedly with thirteen point seven million followers on that twitter account and she just wants to new product. Why would you delete your twitter account. If you just launch a new product. She didn't want wanna hear no no. Because she's gonna take sharon osborne seat on the talk about. Oh about it. I didn't see down the road last. You took your new tar. Think about it. Think about it. Now she is setting. I'm telling you they're going to try to try to fill that seat with someone. Big outspoken relatable and they have money that is tied to sit. I say with love. She'll wanna work. That hard is with us. I don't think she wants to go somewhere every single day. Beyond television and talk about every single thing. She's got her whole target lane lines. Sleigh lies is the word drew. She's got children. Of course she's still doing modeling. Gigs and sponsorship gigs. All over the place. She's got her cookbooks. I she's got john legend guest. She's going to be doing a daily television show. They love to have her. Absolutely that is forty minutes a free promo for those three things that you said and also when you do a daytime talk show say would you want about it and yes it is a grind. The talk fills monday thursday window. And your home every day to pick up in your kids off am i wrong. I is true but she's not going to. I don't think he's going. Go there like the haters on twitter. You sure as hell don't like the haters that come after you. The haters on twitter decided to hate us on twitter. It's about having to delete this twitter. Because i've said a lot of things on and everybody is getting upset about something now so before i get on this talk show. Let me just go ahead and deactivated this. Before your start. Screenshot in tweets. That i said in twenty ten. Is this the platform happening to her. Is that make it stronger. The tom novum talking about what to do this. We'll see we'll see if this happens. The issue is how friday at tv dot com. Listen by the way i think. Cbs also produces. What's that show called the losing battle battle already in the family girl. I'm done if i call this one out do because you called something awesome and we really take that seriously around here. We're right down. The a stray head has just had a major transformation. He got rid of the famous gaffe and his teeth. Check us out. Doing don't do it. If i don't do it about talking to my friends we don't do. My bidding is gonna be like. Don't do it. But i gotta do what i wanted to put myself back in the moment the making here we go like it. He couldn't have smiling smile. He was happy was super happy. I love it. I mean he can do it. Every what's it's a temporary that the the the dentist offered him so that he can change his mind if he wants but very cool you know i love it and i often say look if you wanna do something for yourself if it's gonna make you feel better if you do the research if you trust your doctor and you don't have to fly to a foreign country our takeout seven credit cards to get it done. I say go ahead and do it. I just hope that. I know sometimes. Celebrities change their signature. Look like jennifer gray. Got her nose done after dirty dancing through her career off. So i hope that doesn't happen to him but i think people will be fine. That'd be fine. I just want him to color them a little bit. Drink some coffee way to why. And they'll look sharp. They look like they might through some stuff shave round them off. He's these offensive matters but he is right is on those kinds of things. It's almost not to ask too many opinions because they'll get all in your head just no We're harry and meghan just busted a huge lonzo ever since big. Cbs interview with oprah. There've been a ton of questions about what was true. Wasn't many people have wondered if harry and meghan really did get secretly married before they walk down the island front on the entire world while the archbishop of canterbury just told italian newspaper la repubblica that the two were legally married on saturday like everyone saw not days earlier. Now in case you forgot. Here's exactly what megan said. Read days before our wedding. We got married. No one knows that but we called the archbishop and we just said look this dang the spectacle is for the world but we want our union between us like the vows that we have framed our rumor just the two of us in our backyard with archbishop of canterbury. Why did i see this before. I saw it right away before. Can you run that clip back. One more time. Harry look down in a way when she started a face reader. Saying i'm just saying look chicken was there then and now. He's uncomfortable did the same thing whenever she brought up the racial conversations and whenever oprah asked him he did the same thing he looked down. He was very uncomfortable. Because i don't. I got the impression that he didn't expect her to go there which is fine. He didn't expect her to go there but it happened to her. That was not ally. I will say this time and time again. No one wants to be a victim of something that megan went through. Something that cheryl underwood is going through. There is no type of cloud that you can get from. That stays with you for years. She was not lying about that. But i did say coming off that interview. I thought there were a few things that she might be about. In the moment as we all do some times where somebody asks if you know somebody huge. Who's gonna sit there and say we got married a few days. I only got married the day before. But that's a big. That's a big lie was gonna do that. What about the arch biz. Nothing against the catholic church apologize. But how do we know. The archbishop is not just supporting the queen and being our side. Not this. i'm saying that these lion no catholics or anything like that. We know that speculate. Kimberly kim amancio question. You adopted your son. Yes what's his birthday. The day he was born or the day he came into your life. Oh the day that he was born today was born. Some people think the birthday for their adopted kids is a day that they come into their lives. And that's the day they celebrate al. I'm in the backyard with my husband. And i'm freaking out about my wedding and three days. And i say i'm i don't want to do this. I think it's and he says let's just do this right here in mind. Let's kiss and make this moment hours. That's my wouldn't date. I'm gonna ride with it. That's what i was thinking. Both can be true. She was there. She messed up okay. That's what she meant because he did say that we didn't have the whole quote. He did say he had prior meeting several meetings with the couple he will not give any further about what happened at those meetings so he very well could have done a practice run with them and that very well could have been in her head the day that they got married but it was legal. That's what we're dealing with the legal paper. She signed but in that clip. She said we got married. We got ceremony come on. I'll bet you're right. Harry was looking down with three five times. Legal about us for you was marriage. You know. I tell them that. I guess baby. We're going to get married right now and you do it and we do. I've been married three times. It doesn't count right well any records. You can't count but none of the money that's right point. I think that's what it is. And i've also said we'll stand by my word. I don't think she was lying about this. I do think that she feared that she never read the tabloids. Because if you're going to blow up a monarchy you better read the fine print and other things. She lied about what she didn't. Google husband. We all with your husband. Oh gosh you know. I don't know what the truth is going to come out. I can't wait to the next season. Alright coming up lady gaga other big stars who may soon get engaged the clues we just uncovered next so gorgeous love. We ought to talk about this. Really think she locked. Aaron rodgers just made their instagram debut. A private dinner at a diner. Sorry took this photo of them with the staff of arkansas cafe. They look very happy. Glad to see them actually together. Now we don't know she leaned of course got a ring from eram but could lady gaga. Be next we're gonna play a little game called by hurrying or no need for bleeding okay. So lady gaga recently showed off the massive bouquet of flowers. She got from her boyfriend. Michael polanski for her thirty fifth birthday. And i cannot wait to be home with you and our dogs. That's all i need now. These two are very oh. there's a nice bouquet. What do you guys think lady gaga. Get married to michael. He's really. I can't log filled on the fence. I hope but i want you know what i need. Another year yeah. I don't want her to russian tiny thing. I want to see her career. Go to the next step and make sure that this relationship suffice it. Because she has said in the past that every time she has a milestone she ends up in a break up. I want to last due to is is to just want it to be one hundred percent right because i guess deep been hard so i just wanted yes. I'm going. give her the ring. Or yes made official all right. Bobby kinda volley and rose byrne have been together since two thousand twelve. Bobby just revealed how they make it work while promoting his new movie thunder force. I'm crazy about rose. Thinks she's the funniest person in the world. If you happen to be working with your partner maybe you out of your way to go. Like i got this one. Then get something about the water. That dried mango. We'll get some dried mango question. Yes i don't. I if you guys have been together since two thousand twelve. They seem so happy rock solid. They just may not be those that couple. That doesn't need to ever get married to do ring or new ring. Heart is okay. I agree with you. keep it the way. It is nobly really. Yeah okay. so let's do this. Yes is so they go make it but we don't know how long see get married. They don't have to get married. They've been together long. Yeah ok britney spears. And her man's sam have been together now for a very long time. He recently told usa today. I want to take my relationship to the next step. I don't mind becoming a father. I want to be a young dad. So does this mean a ring is on the way bring or no blame will get married eventually. Yes you don't think the same as just such a young man and he wants children and he wants next step in his life and i do think he loves. I do think britney loves him. I don't know if britney wants children more children. I don't know if i don't know twenty six. It's cute to do this and go through her dad and fight with conspirators. But you be able to do that for the next fifteen years. Yeah so you think they'll never get married and you won't even stay together okay. Coming up you guys. Chicago fire star. David amber is here. We're going to talk to him about the shows returned night and of course get exclusive details of the sex and the city free food will he be back steve. We must find out. Don't go anywhere russa. Thinking is a workplace. You interrupting my dad up herman practice you know for real. That's an exclusive sneak peek at chicago fire returning for season. Three tonight on nbc. And we're lucky enough to have one of the stars of the hit. Show dave and david. How are you thank you how are you. Why don't you mouse much phone up on his mouth. Ukulele or whatever that was blowing out now. That was pretty impressive. Was he doing that himself. That noise he knows how he knows how to blow blind stuff so yeah jamming it all over himself so yeah. That's i played incorrectly. Awful instrument the show is so huge Tell us what's going down on the show tonight. Kick off the season Well we're going down with the stuff marching achieve in. i'll be aggravating. Somebody that i think we pull somebody out of a window. Someplace in taylor kinney will look absolutely amazing. So we'll we'll jesse who. My wife describes it as absolutely gorgeous. She never said that about me. Saw of with work and his show. Because i'm not valued the same great. The my colleagues are now. Well what is going on. And christopher herman's world. I miss my family. But that's mostly because. I mean my television at christopher television. Gambling kogas kind of hamstring dos. You know like. I'm sitting here in my my in my office kitchen living room. My kids have gone away for the day is spring break but You know. I just usually saying things that i shouldn't say which i'm always careful not to even when i'm doing television like right now with you all your lovely and anything that you got an how about you love you. We love that about you. So tell me Playing a firefighter. D think you would ever be cut out to do this in real life. They're no i'm not. I would like to think that but you know when push comes to show a handsome gutter issues over here. My house in real firefighter come over. Because i got way up on a ladder and i couldn't touch what i needed to touch. And he came up and he stood on my neighbor's roof and leaned onto my house and walked along the edges up with his feet on my neighbor's house. And i don't know that i could do that for the life of anybody and he did it like you know like taking flowers out of the garden really easy human beings. I'd like to have the same size heart. i hope. I do as first responders. But i don't know if i have the the hood spider so to speak so well. Christopher is a fan favorite. Of course just like your other beloved character st brady on sex in the city. Watch tell us once and for all. Will there be a reboot while there is but will you be on it. Oh yeah there's a reboot on. Yeah i'm pretty sure they have called me. They've and wonderful. And i'm very excited to see nixon portrayal of miranda and also their son brady brady so unless we never established brady hobbes or brady brady hobbes aradio brady so i really hope to see that we're going to do anything. Tell us please about the story. You see america that america put a lot of people. Think that i'm in the no. And i'm not gonna know i got i got two car. Garage holds one car. Mine doesn't go in their fight wife's carnivals so no all i know is it. I do. I work long hours. And and i paid the bills. Well if i'm if i'm i'm looking at look man. I got ed longer here. There man i clashes. It's the only thing i ever shape. Shave saved from nate. Show so i don't know what they're gonna do. I really honestly don't they. Don't let me know anything fun. Well at least we know that you may be a part of it that that's good news. Yes it's it's a serious too serious very probably Yeah and. I can't say exactly what i can't wait to watch. Gago found so much for joining us. We love having you chicago fire. Return to embassy tonight. You can also catch every season on peacock if you don't have peacock as you can get your phone out. Scan the qr code on your screen to sign up and if you do it through our code eat me commission. Thank you david. Lovely nice talking with y'all nathan to buy fun. After the break britney spears breaks her silence on the framing brittany documentary. Or did she will dive into that. Next britney spears is finally opening up about the framing. Britney spears spears documentary. She admits she's only seen parts of it writing on instagram. I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people. It takes a lot of strength to trust the universe with your real vulnerability because i've always been so judged insulted and embarrassed by the media instill am till this day. I didn't watch the documentary. But from what i did see of it. I was embarrassed by the. They put me in. I cried for two weeks and well. I still cry sometimes. How'd you feel when you read. This said that she said you know a felt that you watch documentary and if you're not part of creating the documentary is truth is a real story is sometimes take documentary and people do it. And then we could see a total of documented. The same person. And you're like wait a minute. It sold perspectives perspective. And what is true. And i'm sure there's a lot of truth there but for her is it does not hurt truth or isn't her truth. She's like i was pretty bad. Oh that's horrible. Yeah that's the problem. We don't know i think for her. And i wish you would have seen intent behind it and maybe seen the whole thing and understand that what the new york times was doing was trying to educate people on her situation and actually trying to help her get out of that conservative ship because it seemed like all signs pointing to this woman could be in charge of herself if she wanted to. And i think a lot of times what happens is and i hate going back to megan markle but when you get bits and pieces of things from other people and you don't get to see an experience the full documentary britney's having that adverse reaction kiss. You probably saw one or two bad things about her. Maybe her karen sean preston medea keyser teasing her. They're never the ones that the star like documentary hundred percent. So if i were would go back and look at the whole thing. But she's reliving all of that. That happened to that. Might be causing pain. You know i would love for her to watch it in right just to see if the new york times is pretty responsible all right you guys time for the hollywood minute kim standing by with some more of today's top stories live here. We go on a great day is joining the voice as a coach for the four twenty twenty one season. She says she's honored and excited to join. The family has a huge fan and can't wait to meet the artists and go head to head with incredible coaches. Despite a few missteps her first season halston sees dancing with the stars. Tyra banks is set to return the upcoming season's premier date celebrities and pro dancers. We'll be announced at a later. Date and paris jackson shares. What life was really like having the king of pop as her day. She tells naomi campbell on her. No filter youtube show. That michael jackson made sure they knew if they want something they had earned it even growing up stuff if we wanted. Five toys from fao schwarz choice recipe theresa. But's it's about not just being entitled to certain things or thinking about this like working for it was hard for it and that's your hollywood minute up. Nex how to get toned legs like justice. Chris and are getting this let on with trader. Stay with us like jessica. Biel kate upton of bush who doesn't while they're trying to run no is here to whip us into shape today. Welcome thanks a huge client. List and one of my favorite celebrities is an. He has the best legs in hollywood. Can you show the strongest legs in hollywood we hear. Can you show us how to do this crazy ass. Do i'll try. It's actually hard very few people can do this. We're gonna do wanna hear hold the weight and then you're going to squat down like this. That's yup my best advice. Here is good luck because very few people can do this again play. Yes so you're going to go here reach out like this. This is called the pistol squad. And then come. If you can't do it don't feel bad because almost nobody can flex your stuff do you. Actually she does a lot. One is good one is good. I think i could do to. Oh okay heavy. Sorta let me ask you a question. Can she kick justin's but in the gym they're both beasts. That's a wash. I think so. How about kate upton. What's her workouts. This move is called squawk presi. You're going to grab two dumbbells with your palms facing your hands. Okay feet shoulder with with your toes slightly out. You're going to squat down touch your elbows to the inside your knees and then come up all frackdown down. You gotta go low. Where am i going to just like this moment. This works just about everything in your body and also jackson your heart rate. I know you're supposed to go. That far dow. Yeah you know half reps here. I know i'm impressed. I can really feel it gluts for sure. Okay so before. We pass out Show bush's best workout move. Yes so this is called the side playing. You're gonna come up like this. What am i know right. So you're okay. You're going to press just like that. Should yeah okay. i'm gonna. We're on rocks. What the heck you can a torture. You gotta get your hips up. You gotta do it right. Yeah there you go okay like yeah exactly. Why is you gotta put your on top of each other. You're cheating perfectly. Good way and this she does she enjoy. I wouldn't say people pay you to make them uncomfortable. I on yeah i. It's kind of a scam. I gotta get skim. it works. There are amazing before we let you go. Let's talk about what to do after the workout. You're paid spokesperson for cherry bundy. So how can that help with recovery. Well you guys could actually probably benefit from it. It helps with soreness in inflammation so cherry. Cherry juice cherry bundy in it. It's just cherries and reduces soreness. So you'll probably want to get on that you're going to after this but yeah thanks for having me your side playing center. I know you gotta do. The other side effect next are celebrating national fraud day. Can you get which stylish star were this to rob layla. We come back. We're great is. How good i i i. I actually didn't think you were going to do that. We have some very exciting news to share our our friend here. Kim guest starring on tonight's new episode of call your mother on abc and we have a tease earth in here. Who's the drop off. I use that as a rolling pin for making us for charity could chew sell a proper rolling preferably something that didn't kill younger. Frank you must be barbara. I'm gene jackie's mom. I brought you some of my famous oatmeal raisin cookies. There lane favorite name hates raisins and his food. Oh no i don't know what she does but these cookies have turned me around. I'm a racing guy now so fun it was it was on to play. That was austin kurt and he plays lane my son and kiro said and funnier. Inner show with my best friend share shepherd. I want everybody. Please make sure you watch. Call your mother tonight. Nine thirty on. Abc person ever worn my hair up in a body on tv where it on the show that was. That was fun. Congratulations today is national prime day. So we're gonna take a trip down memory lane and play guests the prom star. I'll show a problem photo of a celebrity and the first to buzz and get the answer. Correct gets a point all right. We'll start with this picture. This celebrity recently was given a fashion icon award at the e people's choice awards. Justin if you don't know this you might get in trouble. I'm gonna go with. Tracy ellis ross. No way final answer. Final answer you are. That's protection all right. This thing are taught us how to spell a fruit in her. Two thousand and four hit single. Oh please oh gabriel Girl is so why is g- wisdom body. You looking all right. This next actress made history as the first african american female to lead a broadcast drama series since the seventy member is black. Viola davis yes. Us vile but lucy kerry washington post scandal mother. This former reality star recently got engaged with the ring. That's reportedly around twenty carrots. Who is this she looked. She looked browns sheets. No this is the eighties when the come on guys you got the bethany frankel. Acid bethany voter. We just has a new show. On netflix lakes where she teams up with a pair of puppets. Come on come on. That is michelle obama. Thank you find way. We're doing all right and tomorrow. It's april fool's day and apparently we're getting pranked all day so you don't wanna miss it. Plus our exclusive deals wasted transform your home for spring. Forget to watch us every day at eleven. Am right here on. Abc's set your dvr. You won't miss a thing. have a good day. everyone will see tomorrow. What's gonna be good at that.

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Ep. 525: Grand Piano

Don't Worry About The Government

1:11:54 hr | 4 months ago

Ep. 525: Grand Piano

"Yeah ladies and gentlemen hello again. Welcome back to. Don't worry about the government my name. Is chris novum brunell. I am coming to you. Live from the casa del. No in the news kitchen drinking my coffee. I'm on my second or third cup of coffee. I've been sparring with the computer today to try to figure out a way to do the high fidelity audio but also retain the video and once again like john henry. We'll know john henry one. I didn't even do as well as john henry. But i'm going to survive. The encounter of a man lost to technology is really the moral of this story here. But that's not really what. I'm here to talk about today. I'm not here to talk about the inevitable. Inevitable obsolescence of man to machinery. No i'm here to talk about improving machinery mechanical infrastructure which was infrastructure. We did you smell. It was infrastructure. Weak infrastructure was everywhere. I like infrastructure. You like infrastructure. Who doesn't love infrastructure. It makes me happy. It makes you happy. I know it makes you happy. I know it does and it appears that we are once again. People on the cusp of a highly infrastructure infrastructure. Week what do i mean by all this. I mean that for the last several months big gambit by the biden administration and the one that has been pushed by centrist types Is this idea of working. Across the aisle with the republicans who are of course slowly coming to their senses following the defeat of donald trump which they all except in have deeply internalised working across the aisle to create an infrastructure bill. And you know i like to bash on joe manchin and susan collins and kristen cinema and their politics and their centrism and certainly i will not stop complaining about the outsized amount of power that these three people have a relative to the size of the population that they represent talking about a senator from mean erase zona and west virginia arizona's probably the biggest of them And you know who does kristen. Cinema represented arizona's certainly alive question. Like you you could say that. She's got the biggest population. That's she's representing but i don't know that she's really representing what the democrats who got her elected Voted for and it doesn't really seem like she's winning over republicans either so like these. Three senators have a way outsized influence relative to public opinion. But just like relative to the party and road of the country. Broadly speaking. I'm not gonna stop making fun of them. But the reality is also that the senate sits at a fifty fifty split and you need mansion in cinema to pipe down and follow orders in vote. Yes on reconciliation bills later on in the year here and if matching keeps this i just don. We need to have bipartisanship for the sake. Bipartisanship thing going. You do run the risk the serious risk of mansion or cinema cinema who knows with her Defecting on the reconciliation bills later on in the year So as far as policy goes it really is second to procedure which is frankly the story in american politics in twenty twenty one right and i think the one that liberals lefties progressives are still really having a hard time getting their brain around right now. 'cause it stinks. This is not a fun narrative. We're in really good. Things happen for us at the end of the day here. It's it's like boring. I think the term would be yeoman's work. I hope i'm using that right. Because i'm not going to google. It's not that important. It's the boring work of keeping the country on like it's holding the republicans accountable for one six. Why because it's not okay for elected officials from ted cruz to josh halley. Paul gossard marjorie tiller green daryl. People goggles i got another one a new name this week from a judge do that story a little later on. I even heard of that representative. But he's also talking about like. It looked like tourists in there. You have a lot of elected officials in the republican party. Who are simply not up to muster in doing the business of the state at the level of representative. They don't rise to what we should expect out of the office. That's a broader problem too. Especially we'll talk about the democratic party that has governor moonwalk and andrew cuomo and a democratic electorate in those states that uneasily. Okay with both of those people still leading their parties in those states. Like i can't turn a blind eye to that either but like in the capital right now on the national level we have republicans. Who don't really seem to recognize domestic terror when it's staring them in the face 'cause it's okay when it's got a certain face on it that's really really irving and it's hard for me to imagine a paradigm wherein we would have something like medicare for all or the green new deal or like you name a cool progressive item and i mean it's hard to imagine passing it on our own like with just the democrats you have the cinemas and the mansions of the world but it's even more sort of like far fetched for me to imagine. Like what am joe. Manchin or christian cinema wants which is bipartisanship. We show work across the aisle with these people who don't know domestic terrorism when it stares them in their face and seem to be actively trying to rewrite the election laws right now such that the only legitimate outcome is that republicans win and if a republican doesn't win the election. It's not a legitimate outcome. I don't know how you work across the aisle with that. And i also don't know how you just pass stuff in the face of that because the idea that there's not going to be a recoil fact is hard to imagine any other thing is. We're already starting to see that. This week the realities of the conservative supreme court. It was very important to elect by. I know he's frustrating. I know i know. But imagine if steven briar this doofus who who still at this point i also frustrating. I know i know. Imagine if like eighty. Two year. Old stephen briar. I don't know stopped being eighty two years old and started doing the next chapter of existence or nonexistence as it were and the court shifted to seventy two. We're already seeing that. This court will eventually be a buzzsaw and the the here is a weird one. I'll get to that a little later on episode. What if i told you that the tells it actually a conservative jurist. He is the one i guess. That's a hint while there's only one female conservative dress but like a. He is the one that i'm particularly worried about more on that a little later on in the episode here so you've got the supreme court which represents this big procedural roadblocks you have the dynamics of the fifty fifty split the fact that the democrats don't really seem to have a good courtship with murkowski going. She's okay but like she. She's not she's not going to be both She's not done in politics yet. And the democrats don't seem to really have enough to buy off with or like the trade off it'd be like anwar and like i'm not willing to trade that one off too much is given what climate change represents And the pressures therein. But then you have collins. Who has i mean look. She doesn't like the democrats skies. There's no way to reach her Spent millions and millions of dollars stupidly. Thank you sarah giddy and twenty dollars well-spent. By thank you. They spent a ton of money. Twenty million thirty million. Maybe more honestly i might have been more tremendous disaster candidate like jamie is level From the last election so collins is not really gettable. Vote here the way you would have gotten her as basically said like. Hey susan we can make this a walk in the park. If you can play ball biden wins or like. They could've esther they didn't finish her. It was like hey you totally voted for cavenaugh with you. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with that. I want to make clear. I'm not saying that's a bad part like we. She should definitely have been punished. Voting for cabinet cousy saw it differently. What murkowski see the phones didn't that that's sort of like the telephone because i don't think the democrats in enough to reach cousy so then she just looked at the facts at and was like kevin did it. Colin somehow didn't and they give us a big old skull the scold lecture about Why can going be great on the bench but yeah. We decided to punish Collins and we lost it was big gamble. We lost and there's penalties for losing so you can't reach. Her mansion might be done with politics might be flipping parties cinema. It appears is on a suicide course. not like an actual little suicide course but like does not care about long-term futures in politics and what is motivating that. What is the reason for that. That is anyone's guess you're on. That is as good as mine and that alarms me it alarms you to know him because when you want to sit here and go okay. What strategy for reaching someone like cinema. I don't know the best. I have been able to come up with. Is something well. I think they have a republican governor. But it'd be like a paradigm. If arizona had a democratic governor wherein you had her resign how to special election and replaced her with another democrat and figuring out what cinema wanted to go away because clearly her entire political career has been about calculations. This this is a person who went from being someone who identified with not like vol four left of american politics but like green party politics like progressive politics in the two thousand ten. She came out and identified as part of the lgbtq community in the early twenty tens when it was not as like you know. I don't want to trendy but you let acceptable. There's the right word for it. Let you know what i mean. So she comes out. Talks about better. Leave whatever lingering questions you might have about her story aside on that legitimate takeover on face value she then drifts to the center of the democratic party. Okay that's fine. She's running for election in arizona. It's a purple state. You know the democrats are trying to win. She is now to the right of more kelly on a number of issues. And you know okay. Arizona's a purple state. Why she to the right of the other democratic senator from arizona and also like yes arenas purple statements like purple and blue at this point so like the band with is available for someone like cinema to creep back to the center of the democratic party. Which would put her. You know like centre-left. Right what i don't want to terms too much. You get the idea. She is inexplicably to the right of kind of where the landscape suggests she should be and what her background taken at face value suggests she should be so you have to account for the change of heart with something i tend to be a skeptic about right wing revelation that truly. She's been converted to the church of centrism. Because like how again do these people. In capitol hill look at the storming of capitol hill and the republicans who cheer them on some of their colleagues. Josh hawley big fist. In the air ted cruz speaking at rallies day. Before i mean. I've got stuff about mark meadows here in this episode of this was i know it seems like a year ago i came. It doesn't feel that long ago to me. But like i guess maybe it feels longer than six months ago but it hasn't even been six months yet. I'm taping this on june twenty fifth july. Sixth would be the one. What have your anniversary of the storming of the capital so lake. Yeah it is. It's very weird to imagine in earnest conversion to the churches centrism. Because you'd have to be dumb as a box of rocks like living in a fantasy land real laboring under serious delusions in which. I can't really reason with you like anyone who liked can sort of sue save with that kind of mindset spine to you a better accounts for this is corruption and like you know who who is donated and kristen cinema. What are what are her arrangements. After she gets out of politics. What are her plans. These are all really interesting and open questions But when i see rich lowry of the national review writing a glowing article about joe manchin like the smear attacks against joe manchin have got to stop stuff like that puts my antenna up and makes me go Is joe magic flipping parties when you see kristen. Cinema talking about the need to preserve the filibuster. And everything looked this. A deep level of ernest is that beggars belief that she really believes this okay. I start from the premise. That people aren't really that stupid like often times. I sort of mock local. They'd have to really stupid and my reason for saying that is generally speaking. I don't believe people were that stupid. I tend to believe that people are that corrupt. And i tend to believe that washington attracts a corrupt to type of person when christian cinema is sitting in sipping margaritas. Like fuck off rings or you know doing the little curtsying thumbs down and stuff. I don't think she's stupid. I think she knows exactly what she's doing. And i give her credit for that stuff since. We're already honor. Let's let's talk about kristen cinema here's kristen cinemas editorial i'm gonna just read a little bit of it and you know i was gonna say i'm not going to do in the christian voice but i can't make you that promise. Whatever happens going to happen. I don't know where it's going to go becher christian cinema. We have more lose than to gain by ending. The filibuster christian cinema a democrat represents arizona in the united states senate and destroy quickly washington post a member of the democratic party. Democrat is the democratic party. Like democrat is the pejorative contraction that the republicans came up with to make it like bureaucrat. I know it's a small thing. I know it's a thing that dem's really care about but like this should be thing that the news outlets are smart enough did not let the overton window get moved off anyways everyday. Arizonans are focused on the question that matters most in their daily lives. See how how. Am i supposed to do this without making fun of her like 'cause here's my struggle. Here's the struggle i everyday. Arizonans are focused on the question that matters most in their daily lives and like my immediate knee-jerk responses will the sixty vote threshold in the senate be preserved to protect the minority rights. That were decided to be very important at some point during the nineteen th century. Well after many of the founders were long dead and also during the crux of the buildup towards the civil war so the filibuster was primarily a tool of news to kind of navigate. The streets in narrows slave states and free states like noble tradition of the filibuster. Like i want just rag on this line by line was supposed to do here. What am i supposed to do people. Everyday arizonans are focused on the question that matters most in their daily lives. Is my job secure kid. I expand my business. Can we afford college. What about healthcare. What about healthcare. When can i retire. Is my community safe again. Sopping right here take this seriously for a second if these are the things you care about and these are the things you care about. Most parliamentary procedure is a thing. You obviously do not give a shit about you. Care about outcomes. And that's what everyday americans everyday americans. They love to talk about him. But like if you're thinking about everyday. Americans do not care about the esoterica of the senate parliamentarian they care about. Did you get it done. Didn't she get it done. And if you didn't get it done coming in and telling us a story about well the rules are when you go to shoot at three point you got five seconds inbound the ball like they don't care yeah the scored and you won the game or you didn't score even when the game and apparently cinema gets this. Apparently but meanwhile much of washington's focuses on a senate rule requiring sixty boats to advance most legislation. Arizona's expect me to do what i promise when i ran for the house and the senate to be independent like arizona and to work with anyone to achieve lasting results. Like this is not really a thing that like she ever did and she posted a link on this so so i want to get into what she is. Citing is her promise to be independent. She cites us to ballot. Pedia share screen for those who are supporting on a patriot. Dot com slash. Twa wanna see this okay here. Here's your citation. Kristen cinema if we're gonna play this game. Let's do it. Christian cinema the independent bar. The democratic party and as a member of the united states senate. Her term will end a january third twenty twenty-five god that can't come soon enough also like we do need to get her out of office because she can be replaced. The reelection of joe biden's an awesome opportunity do that. She defeated martha mcsally and angela. Green from the green party So like she defeated another more progressive. Candidates cinema began her political career. The house representatives. She represented district fifteen from two thousand five until her election to the state senate in twenty ten prior ran for office. She was a spokeswoman for the green party. yeah they expected her to be independent. Sure independent in the tradition of being a progressive who is independent after receiving her masters of social work in jd from arizona. State university cinema worked as an adjunct professor faculty member for the center for progressive leadership. Her career in public service began in the arizona. State legislator in two thousand five were advocacy included. In-state tuition for veterans at all arizona public universities combating sex trafficking and calling for improvement to children's health care. Where is the part where it says. She will book her party numerous times. I only bringing this up. Because she cites this as her source as some promissory note that she made to the people. It's just gobbledygook. It's just it's just a line arizona's expected to do what i promised when i ran for the house and senate to be independent. There is no promise in their. This may be served as a metaphor for christian cinema a bit hollow lasting results rather than temporary victories destined to be reversed the certainty that america's families and employers depend on okay again. Let's go through this line lasting results. Yeah no that's nice. You can't make that. Promise bipartisan or not because of the supreme court and she knows that and she knows that i mean every time. The affordable care act gets challenged centrists and establishmentarian. Everything's all right now. The biden's in office they will point to these sorts of things and say see the. Aca was held up. It's fine the bag that the keeps getting challenged at the supreme court level tells you that is why not be lasting and oh by the way what is making the. Aca last has absolutely nothing to do with chip. And i think we'll be discovering that soon enough when key statutes of the aca do get struck down by this conservative majority so bipartisanship silver bullet that inoculate a piece of legislation from the supreme court. So that's why she's wrong. The best way to achieve durable lasting results bipartisan cooperation. I understand that bipartisanship seems outdated dominion pundits. Hey how you doing. But the difficult work of collaboration is what we expect in arizona citation needed. And i still believe that the best way to achieve realistic solutions instead of escalating all or nothing political battles that resulted in no action or whip sawing federal policy. Reversals is bipartisanship since i was elected to congress. Bipartisan approach is produce laws curbing suicide among our troops and veterans boosting american manufacturing and delivering for native american communities delivering. What combatti hate crimes and protecting public land's okay. So let's take her valuables stuff. I also like delivering for native american communities. Sounds good but unfortunately the affairs of state are more than curbing suicide among the troops boosting american manufacturing and protecting some public lands. So she goes. It's no secret that i oppose eliminating the sixty vote threshold a held the same view during the three terms in the us house. Who cares when would come up in the us house. It's the senate rule. Only and the same after i was elected to the senate in twenty eighteen if anyone expected me to reverse my position because my party now controls the senate. They should know that. My approach legislating and congress is the same whether in the minority the majority. Yeah you don't want to get anything done i to easy. What am i supposed to do. People a victim here once in a majority. It is tempting to believe that you will stay in the majority. Yeah in a good way to do that to actually get shit done but a democratic senate minority used the sixty vote threshold just last year to filibuster police reform proposal and a covid relief bill that many democrats viewed as inadequate those filibusters were mounted gnaws attempts to block progress but to force continue negotiations towards better solutions. So on both of those they it. The republicans really wanted to could have done them through. budget reconciliation. what she citing here is hollow because the republican reconciliation votes the covert relief. It was gonna pass regardless like decide. That one's very disingenuous right like eventually they were gonna get something done. The police reform bill if they wanted to take. Those proposals enroll them into a reconciliation. Bill they could and this is the problem with the filibuster debate. Broadly speaking i have to just take a pause here real quickly because now then we need to get into why. She's bringing this all up which is really nauseating and same thing with joe match. And then there's one person who really ought to know better off putting on his walking shoes right now rather than talking this crap. He's doing a lot of talking and not nearly enough walking. We'll talk about him in a little bit but like the reason this is so wrong is because everything that the republicans want to do they largely can do through budget reconciliation and there are some smart people right now. Who are probably going. But chris what about when they completely duffed repealing obamacare and they clearly had no plan to replace obamacare and they had to abandon ship because there are the dog. The caught parked car. Mccain's spared them. The embarrassment of dismantling the entire healthcare system going into the global pandemic. Yeah no no. You're you're right to point that out. That is a smart thing to point out whenever people talk about the republicans being ruthlessly ruthless like like super geniuses. No they they come up short every so often. They have no plan to replace the affordable care. Act the best argument here is that they're secretly okay with the affordable care act is like they've had over a decade now to come up with some sort of compelling version of policy for this and they simply just don't have it no other way of looking at it here but most things that the republicans want to pass the big thing that they pass every time right. It's a tax cut was the first thing they did. The tax cut was the first trump tax cut. The tax cuts all be done through budget. Reconciliation keep screwing up the federal budget and thus controlling the federal overton. window of. What is doable vis-a-vis policy just by doing these massive tax cuts. That's the real problem here. Is that even. If you preserve the filibuster the republicans will still get their tax cuts. And i am someone who believes that for all. The bad policy desires that they have the continuing problem that the republicans have created and the one that gets in the way of like the democrats progressives whoever doing any sort of affirmative policy Like advancement is you. Don't have the money to do it. And if the republicans keep punching a hole in federal revenue by letting the richest americans and multinational corporations pay basically nothing in taxes or have really great tax loopholes like. I haven't even thought about this this year but we give the inflation of property right now. I that the mortgage interest deduction program this year which is already one of the largest tax expenditures is going to be through the roof no pun intended this year. Like if i don't have this in front of me right now inside on the slate today but if you told me that the mortgage interest deduction program is gonna cost the federal government somewhere around seven hundred billion this year. That wouldn't shock me because of the way that real estate prices are getting inflated and that of course is a program that advantages the top twenty percent of americans. I mean these are the real problems in the tax code. And all those sorts of games mcconnell can play with the fifty vote threshold even with getting supreme court justices on now now. The democrats removed the sixty vote threshold for judges which mcconnell would remove anyways if he needed to because like getting. The court was super important to what they're doing the they're losing on a national level. Like you know we're talking about arizona right now. Cinemas a thorn in the side but like you have to democratic senators in arizona and that is a sign of the times little republican. Probably get that seat again at some point short but the fact that democrats can now get. That seat is a big deal. it's no longer john. Mccain john kyle over there. It's a new day of march. Kelly and kristen cinema for as a not a not inspiring as person cinema is that is a step in the right direction. So do i even wanna. Yeah no i have to. So my god my god okay this sansa stanza it no. It's poetry what i'm reading here is a form of poetry my support for retaining the sixty vote threshold is not based on the importance of any particular policy. It's based on what is best for our democracy. The filibuster compels moderation and helps protect the country from wild swings between opposing policy. Polls i let policy. Polls it's fun those who want to eliminate the legislative filibuster to pass the four. The people act. This is the one that allows people to vote to have a voice in their democracy voting rights legislation. I support and have co-sponsored. She major to put that in apparent that cool because she knows how stupid. What she's about to say is i would ask. Would it be good for our country if we did only to see that legislated shouldn't rescinded in a few years from now and replaced by a nationwide voter. Id law restrictions on voting by mail in federal elections are over the objections of the minority. Okay no like this is great. Let's play this game. Here's the reality. They're going to try to do that anyways. And this wild swings between opposing policy. Polls if you want to see the proof in the pudding here. Joe biden promised that if we elected him as the democratic nominee. And not someone like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders that the republicans following the election of joe biden will come to their senses instead. They stormed the fucking capital. I'm going to keep beating that drum because there was a cause and effect promised there that absolutely one hundred percents has been proven to not have played out and anyone in like means stream media in the beltway politics who still asserting this is either laboring under delusions or lying to you. It can only be one of those two things because he didn't work out so this idea that these republicans are going to be super civil. I mean justice week. We're not gonna do more because everyone did. Mark million matt gaetz mark. Billy was fantastic in that little clip. But this is where they're at do letting gates get the spotlight it. Meanwhile oh by the way. He's got roy moore type issues. This is a party. That went from. Roy moore finally at long last. We must distance herself from this guy. Who almost certainly was dating a nineteen year old Twenty thirty years ago. Not that that makes it okay. But in twenty thirty years ago versus matt gaetz. You almost certainly was dating. Nine-year-old nineteen year old and paying her via venom. Oh i can't believe. I'm about to say this. Say what you will. About roy moore. We never heard about him paying the nineteen year old. Did we god got helped me. But the point here is that matt gaetz but sort of any measure is probably as bad. If not worse than roy moore and he's now still getting bird like the party has not jettisoned him. He's not on some sort of island like there is a clear sign of slippage here. A clear sign of decline. Ron descent is is now really the leader of the republican party. Not a government. Level like the governor's level and this is a guy. I play the campaign out enough times in the show. I feel like you don't need to hear it again. This guy was like reading. Same maga- to his kids at stuff like this is not a part of that is coming to their senses. This part is going. Well the other way so i mean when someone like kristin are joe manchin a really like any you dopey friend who wants people to be nice and your dopey friends night's sound like they're bad person probably person they're probably actually one of the best friends you got like my mom sort of works with love my mom but like when she's thinking like this she's thinking kind of dopey this idea that like they're gonna get in the room and have a by session and like hearts will heal that if if they come together and work together we need to get into what that really looks like and what that really looks like in this current dynamic is going to be something much more like the infrastructure bill something that has a lot more of the vibe of the smoky backroom or maybe you might remember the phrase the swamp bipartisanship is the swamp and so when cinema and mansion and centrists and lie i i mean how never trumpers to some of whom have been on the show and i liked them and i think that there are people that are people actually like in their personal conduct like in their politics per se but yeah they're wrong they're wrong and it's fundamentally wrong and you know this in your interpersonal interactions that you would know better than to interact with the guy at work whose alike you know pretty cool at the militia groups you know that's but that's what cinema in mansion are saying they want to hang out and have launched with larry the dude who spends time on vigilant citizen looking at how their secret messages in the music videos and has an interest in some of these militia groups and freedom fighting groups said this is not good. This is not good I mean other things like you know. Those who want eliminate the legislative filibuster to empower federal agencies to better protect the environment and strengthen education. Would it be good for our country if we did only to see federal agencies and programs shrunk starved of resources or abolished a few years from now. This is one of the live from cinema and then we got to move on. Because i feel like we've kind of beaten into the ground here. Maybe some of you felt like we did that ten minutes ago. I'm not done yet. This last line though also wrong last time that we're doing if you're really going to buy into that. What do you call trump hollowing out the entire administrative state here over the last four years if the filibuster was such a good bulwark for that trump's out of bureaucrat. After bureaucrat in the state department in particular would not have been able to work it is by the very fact that the filibuster serves as no sort of bulwark against this that Th that was able to happen so yeah no cinema. God jesus she goes on a lot longer. Here i'll just ended here instability partisanship in tribalism continue to infect our politics the solution however is continuing to weaken our guardrails. So what about the the people act. If we eliminate the sixty vote threshold we will lose much more than we gain i. Oh my god. She basically like she closed with the title of article. But i mean i you know when she talks about we will lose. Did she ever make case in anything that i read of things that will i guess you'd she did make a case. They're not going to take that away. She she argued stupidly. That like things that can happen anyways would happen. If we eliminate the filibuster and she's right. Those things will happen whether or not we eliminate the filibuster but if you limit those things are the filibuster those things will happen to. That's also true that is very true. so let's talk about the infrastructure bill by bars agip has triumphed here. And here's what really alarms me about this infrastructure bill before we get started. Joe manchin We talked about the audio from the pack. I love them. I love no labels given a lot of money. No levels big no labels fan joe. Manchin was all like we need to do. Some sort of bipartisan bill. Got coffee mouth. Got to do some sort of bars bill because if we don't do a bipartisan bill. These progressives these dopes christo van breda nishat that i thought that was like really agro was completely unnecessary and yet he said that he said that directly at me it was very stupid. He's very stupid but he said that you know these christova bruno types. They're going to say things like bipartisanship doesn't work because we can't even get digs like i won six commission. That's bipartisan passed. It makes it look like maybe these republicans cata support domestic terror. Maybe they're kind of okay with it when it comes from a certain segment of the population. So he he was upset about me and he's like we needed something passed and joe biden was like hey jack job ads like my name's show and he's like but in in joe biden worked together. Never trust joe in politics ever again and they have come up with a proposal now. I guess they're modest credit here. Originally they want one point nine. They have pre negotiated themselves down to like eight hundred or nine hundred billion and then they walked themselves back up here to one point two trillion dollars as a price tag allocated towards things that we're calling infrastructure now. Republicans are talking about that in one way to get rid of things that really infrastructure. I'm just saying that like there's going to be a lot of pork in this bill like the whole way you get ten. Republicans at this point is by promising very corrupt specific things for their state. And maybe that's what an infrastructure bill supposed to be. I actually tend to think it probably is but also just trying to be real relatives. We have a deal. Said joe biden is coming from the bbc. After meeting the cross party group of senators at the white house. The eight year plan includes funding for roads bridges the power grid public transport and the internet. But the deal is far from done. Said it depends on the passage of a nother larger spending bill Joe biden is the one who said that i said said that stump and the white house on thursday joe biden praised the group of republicans and five democratic senators who met earlier and promised that the package would generate quote millions of jobs. We stop we. I have been hearing this. I was in college and like this. Government makes jobs thing bruce. Carlson has done exhausted. Like he's done like so comprehensive treatise on this but like it's gotta stop. It's gotta stop lovey bruce. The investments are long overdue. Said mr biden. Who has persisted with the cross-party negotiations despite the invasions yet design of some of his democratic party. The the brits not call at the democratic party quote we're in a race with china and the rest of the world for the twenty first century. He added this agreement signals to the world that we can function deliver and do significant things all right so row quickly. I i like this line. And i know there will be some people were like. Oh chris but this is like sort of like santa phobic xenophobic. We gotta worry about that stuff. Yes yes yes i agree. However here's what i worry about like i frankly at this point when i'm doing the scale my head it's other. I'm not worried about this. This is the thing that i worry about. Though the united states right now spends about five point five percent like so like half of one percent of the national gdp on infrastructure spending meanwhile china with their command and control economy. And they're different dictatorial. I mean in the classic. Like the state dictates. The center of china dictates what the state is doing. They're spending about five point five percent of their gdp on infrastructure. Now before people go out spend five point five percent. I'd argue that. If you really get into what china's their money on when it comes to infrastructure they probably are overspending. It's hard to look at the abandoned cities and like some of the some of the things that they are building. They're building to keep the real estate market and stuff afloat and there are some funny money things going on there that being said i think that given that the gdp of the united states and china are much closer than people realize it is high time that our infrastructure spending catches up with china's percentage We need to be doing something closer to three to four percent minimum. So i want us to go big and one thing. That is interesting. In all of these developments i i am not all doom and gloom and people always ask me what is to be my approach for the biden administration. And you know we'll make you different than the cranky. You know lefty punt. I is that like when. I see like a point of optimism. I'll lose point to it. With like ideally hopefully like some degree of reasonable skepticism. Consis joe biden. We're speaking of. But the thing that i think is good. So far is that the biden administration has in some ways. Not all the time and it's frustrating when they don't but in some ways they've been very bold about price hikes like they don't care up like they didn't care about the cover the bill. They're pretty bold on that They stunk on student. Loans but like infrastructure spending bill one point to the could've negotiated themselves down to nine hundred and they didn't they got themselves up and i feel like they did make the case to republicans like dude. We have to do this. You idiots and there are enough of them who are like well. I'm scared of my party. But you're right would've scared your eye something to that effect so they win and they got on board. What's in the bill less than half. The money in the proposal is new spending. It includes one hundred. Nine billion for roads and bridges sixty six billion for railway railways at forty nine billion for public transport and twenty five billion for airports. According to the white house statement a further seventy three billion would be pumped into the power grid. How you money. New electric guys in sixty five billion for expanding americans access to broadband internet. So i know we're talking about policy winners and losers won't be a thing that i would have the democrats doing to make the republicans in the back heels. National wifi here is the time where you pitched the national wi fi bill that you have a basic mid to low speed wifi that everyone can have access to at any time no matter where you are in the country. If you're in a remote part of wyoming in your hiking we can get emergency services out to you. Like when people will live with the dutch saddam's like a luxury line. We are one of the richest countries in the world. And i'm not talking about getting everyone's xbox online thanks to a federal program here. I'm talking about making sure that people have phones and computers that can hook up to the internet to find jobs and find directions and do like basic basic mid-level internet functions. This is not to be performance internet. And that's deadly. Not thing i would propose. I don't think that that you want that pay for that. But in the twentieth century everyone needs access to the internet. And it's stupid that we're not debating that as a fundamental right of stupid on our side. I mean i don't expect the republicans to get on board with that but like wh. Where's the chatter on that. How many times have you heard this week that we need to be debating. The internet is a fundamental right. That every american needs to have access to once twice three times. A lady Yeah no not often and like priorities. Priorities continues to be a theme for me. Twenty twenty one here as well. A further seventy three billion todd about that. The package has to be paid for with unused coronavirus aid money and return state jobless benefits. So there's the other devil in the details. I mean you mike okay well. Let's not about idea though. Okay but there you go. The plan will reportedly neither raise taxes on middle income americans and most importantly it will ensure that the trump tax cuts just like the bush tax cuts just like what obama did when he took office in heated his budget bill. He's going to ensure that the stupa tax cuts didn't need to be there the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent under twenty one percent and biden one to bring them back up to twenty eight percent and biden got got beat on that and be okay my language here but like you got beat on that and that's bad we cannot have the corporate tax rate at twenty one percent. Because the problem here is that you have all these loopholes that they're not closing not really In so you already had companies like amazon and others. you've seen the graphics. And all that stuff i. I'm not gonna get into the mean crap that you can find on twitter or facebook about these corporations. Don't pay taxes. I assume you know that So when you cut their expected return by one third which is like what thirty five to twenty one effectively is actually a little bit more gas. Yeah a little bit more. you know. That's yeah it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing and biden loss on that he knows better he knows better and alarms me. That were punting on that because it seems like we're setting the table for social security or something else later on. There's been no mercer the yet but you can't keep punching a hole in the budget and not eventually start talking about some of these I'm really like the mortgage interest deduction needs to go like part of the problem with the real estate market right now is the mortgage interest deduction That would that would help. Get the cost down. But that's a whole different. I have a big grant me about the mortgage interest deduction there's an episode coming on this based on this little rant here today so there's another bill that biden wants. And what is that. Bill bunn wants to enact another six trillion dollar spending package that would roll priorities into climate change. Education paid leave child care benefits and sanders is the one drafting that bill to hovels one. Okay it's bigger and biden's laying sanders drafted and are they going to leave sanders on an island on this. I don't know. I mean look on one hand for bernie people. Hey it's is the point man on this for also for the bernie people now is sanders is probably last best moment in politics and so like you can probably do a fair grading on his career based off of however he performs on this legislation. I i'm saying this the outset but when you're managing a six trillion dollar bill and you're getting to be the point man in drafted you know like sanders now needs to be the steward because it's gonna become it's going to be called the bernie budget like sanders needs to be prepared to go out and fight on it. That's all there is to it. And the question is going to be is pelosi or are pelosi and joe biden and the other leadership democrats going to hold ranks on this To that point bernie needs tap worn a little bit have warned. Put her pressure on. Chuck schumer some more. She's been pretty good on that. So far i think she's definitely put her arm around. Like i can help you. Buddy and warns also been shown to not be scared to fight the administration. The student loans guy this week here but yeah sanders is going to need to really take the point on this because seems like this biden is going to lead this live or die. Sort of odd back. I don't think he's going to fight for it like he cares. He say that. Pelosi cares but bernie and warren on an ao c. n. Ilhan omar all the like i. I'm putting bernie up front here. Because the bill i'm reading the bbc copying is being drafted by bernie sanders select not not roasting him. He's he's appointment here. But like pramilla. Giac paul all the progressives in congress are going to need a fold ranks and really like come up with a very very good and strong bill on this one and make sure that it's not baggy so that they can protect it so that they can try to get. This thing passed because the end of the day. They're going to need to do this through reconciliation. Which is what they're saying. Upfront pelosi says there ain't going to be a bipartisan bill. Without a reconciliation bill. She might be full of shit. I know but she saying that front so we know. This is a reconciliation game. This is not a bipartisan game. We need to make sure we control the frame on that. Someone like joe manchin at cinema like well. Let's like lose like seven months and see if we can maybe make ten friends across the aisle among the guys who the domestic terrorist like. You don't have to do that. We already said this is the reconciliation bill. We need to just keep moving. The overton window to know joe christner. Are you ready to go or don't you do you don't you like what do we need to do. What do you need to do to shut up and actually play ball here or what. We need to make to make you guys. Have the fear of god. One of those two things needs to occur mitch. Mcconnell of course to this point because bipartisanship works bipartisanship works mitch. Mcconnell said That he was optimistic about the the bill. But but he's gone from optimism pessimism as a result of the president's press conference. That's the one where he said. There's going to be reconciliation bill. Yes waltz stepped in totally democratic. Senator joe mansion. He eventually doomed the large bill because the upper chamber is evenly split between the two parties. The bbc is much better understanding american politics and a lot of american politics reporting so he told reporters thursday. That sounds extremely extremely high for us to take on that much debt. Yeah you know a good way to avoid. That would have been a repeal. The trump tax cuts like finance and fund. The bills. you're passing. Mr biden is already signed a one point nine trillion dollar conservative or corona virus. Conservative current virus stimulus check back in march by the end of july congress faces a deadline to raise the debt limit to two point nine so we might actually be facing a government shutdown here to this is a big problem and the other big problem now of course is the for the people act and on that front. Of course show matching opposes. This but like white guy doesn't see the importance of like my guy doesn't see the importance of you know having voting access in the history of that. Why did from virginia maybe not a revelation. Especially not when you're talking about joe manchin however when we're talking about president barack obama. I think it's really alarming to read the washington post. Here this is obama endorses. Senator mansions voting rights compromise barack obama praised joe mansions efforts scaleback. The sweeping voting rights. Bill skill back. Co back voting rights bill and hope of securing some republican support saying that the modified plan does include everything he would want but suggests that the stakes are too high to do nothing. Like maybe you would want to suggest that to joe manchin mansion has tried to quote. Come up with some commonsense reforms that the majority of americans agree with that democrats and republicans can agree with. I think this is the really important part. It's not about the majority of americans right. it's about the five democrats and five republicans that have to by the rules of democratic bipartisanship. Not by the rules. Republican bipartisanship shit on their own but by the rules democratic bipartisanship. We have to make sure every one of those ten patricians in the room whether democrat or republican see it and if so then surely us in the plebeian class we will follow along dutifully go. Yes they know what's best for us. Obama has said that he usually does not weigh in on the day to day strumming washington. But when he does he sizes joe mansion. What's happening this week is more than just a partisan bill coming up coming up to vote. The senate is poised to hold the test. Vote on tuesday to on that bill. A long story short it didn't pass and then biden. Imagine had another conversation. Let me see here. What else we got. We can't wait until the next election because we have the same kinds of shenanigans the raw january six if we had that for a couple more election cycles. We're going to have a real problem in terms of democracy long-term so like this is the ultimate problem if you really believe that there are shenanigans that brought about january six. You believe that. The georgia voting rights reform. Bill is an extension of those shenanigans and that there are clear statutes inside of the georgia law that are vindicating the big lie that the election was stolen. And then somehow we could just all the ballots and stuff like trump would have one and you don't have a rule that says this is the best practice without sort of being reflective of something. And if you look retroactive many of the rules in that georgia law males rules. Say pretty clearly that the big lie perpetrated by trump's people that it's a valid one and like that's a scary thing. Obama knows better. Democrats know better. I the biggest problem with this brand of bipartisanship is essentially serves as the handmaiden as the heat sink for the republicans and what they did the fact that you believe that the fact that barack obama believes in joe mansion and his belief that you can reach across the aisle and reach these people who won't even vote on a one six commission. I mean all obama to volunteer that we can't have another one. Six thing happened as he washed just as everyone else did people that he knows. Personally go in and vote that they're not going to investigate the one six commission and it's just going to be a pelosi only thing and like the house is going to do we'll show pony thing on it like yeah. No i think it's i think it's absolutely ridiculous And i you know i. I don't know how. I don't know how you reasonably expect stuff to get done. That said i like the fact that the reconciliation bill is in the hands of bernie sanders and bernie. Sanders has not been very good at using his bully. Pulpit in the past. It's frankly if he was better at that. I don't think i'd have. I mean policy issues. Decide if he was actually good at the politics of stuff. I think i would be very. Ib well beyond fine with bernie up my issue is that he's actually generally kinda like not great at the politics of stuff and it's tough we know when you have bad instincts and we use people with your is dixon. You're using the jurisdiction of a person who's got bad instincts. I see problems there anyway. That's just my thought on that. All right so we've done. That also mentioned his. I wanna do this. Imagined told the electric utility trade group that the administration is pledged to cut carbon. Emissions is too aggressive. Magid of course is to a major coal producer in west virginia and he's defended coal fired. Power plants at edison electric and he said the call is being singled out by environmentalists as a polluter but this global climate. Yeah okay but calls being us all over the globe genius like that's sort of the point here some of our environmental friends. They make us believe that we are polluting. The whole climate. Yeah you are you dope. The that's how this is the problem. Right like they say things and you can rebut their own argument with their own premises. Like i don't have to go and dig up facts but if you go this is global climate ipso facto. When i pulled the ocean am blue polluting the globe. You're arguing yes. It's smaller than you think. Because you're scaling it to america but america is part of the world environment. So you're saying it's this big in the american environment but there's no such thing as the american environment there's only the global environment in global environments this big but that is not the same as saying there is no pollution which mansion in centrists will turn around and argue to you to your face in their same sentence like. I don't know how to take these people seriously. I don't i don't and here. I'll end on this because we want to do the supreme court but mabel supreme court in the next episode here. Because this seems like a good byes is young quarterback. Do them all walk shows one. I hope you'll appreciate. I gotta get get up to do an hour on the mike and two after an hour. I'm already you know. I sip coffee and our chaplains and all that should aim was well like you know my voice go and i needed to take a break. We'll come back and we'll do the supreme court side of this year on the second show this weekend. Let's call out on this comal harris going into the border so if you're not extremely online you've not been following this and so like for my overseas friends i. I'll kind of summarize it like this. There has been a big push by republicans to start attacking comma harris ahead of time. Some believe that joe biden is not going to run for a second term and kamala harris is going to run as early as twenty twenty four. I think obviously the smart money knows the komo hairs most certainly be seeking the nomination again. Twenty twenty eight now with a much better position as mrs vice president versus someone who like in real danger of finishing fifth or sixth and california depending on how large the primary field was going into california. It out everyone there. I you know middle of the pack in california's a very realistic outcome for comma harris masterstroke in politics in my lifetime. I if i'm really saying this is a person who is destined to be a senator. Maybe go into andrew yang territory. I mean area like we're trying again in the second one really blames amount. Life call hair sold unbelievably high and got. What got what you needed. She's now the vice president. Republicans know that they need to go after her and they are and they have been going after her and the administration for not going on the border because they are now talking about the border crisis. This has been one of the main things that have grabbed onto in between discovering critical race. Theory i twenty five thirty year old there. I definitely had some critical race during college. was recent ago like last year's of college selectquote thirteen years ago. So you know it's been minute Clinical research has been around two thousand seven two dozen. Yeah so like anyways. Kamala harris is is a target in between this meazza of outrages of the week Gade chris theory comma harris over mentioned focus. And there's smart focus on her because they know that they're going to run answer and the republicans would like to run against her at some point or positioning against position themselves against her. I think a guy like greg. Abbott really is frustrated that he simply can't make the leap to national politics and not like a tasteless joke. I swear to god as much as i don't like greg abbott. I will not allow the world should probably does hurt him any republican field because the republican primary field is so rough and tumble that like the republican primary trouble. I let us not forget. How trump handled reporters and megan kelly and people with disabilities and stuff and like is republican politics. Moving away from that or did we think about matt. Gaetz roy moore earlier and kind of go home. Maybe we're back citing for eight years from now. What sort of discourse will be acceptable among keeping it real in the republican party. I don't know greg abbott grab. It doesn't seem to me to be like a guy who's destined for that. But rhonda centers certainly is in rhonda's sanchez. We'll be looking for a position. An opportunity to position himself against harris greg. Greg abbott trying to do that as well and they've been trying and ted cruz of course who still has dreams of higher office but like they will never ever ever come true because he's hated even within his own party and he knows that he does this guy just trying to hang on in texas right now and and that's not entirely insure and that's not entirely in the back. There we go. There's the phrase. I'm looking for here so crews others been pershing harris. Go down to the border. She's going down to the border. Thought on this what the democrats should do following those is. They should go down to the border go. Wow i can't believe how fucked up all these detention centers are that you've been running. Yes i know like it's sort of disingenuous because the democrats have a hand in the architecture of many of these. I'm aware but the politics baby you lie in politics. have we learned nothing from trump. you go. I can't believe how discussing these trump detention centers are. We're closing them. All down at you all ought to be ashamed of yourself. I've heard such horrible stories down here. I'm so glad. I came down the border. It was a great idea that you had me do this. And just beat the republicans into sand over this come up with a border policy. That's very liberal. Informed by the trip that the republicans beseech them to do. They won't do this instead. They're like absolutely scared of their own shadows. And that's continues to be the problem for the democratic party in politics. So i so i kinda rubbing my big themes here today teams episode on like the domestic affairs thing on our side so you have on the elections level before we get into policy. We gotta start winning elections again. You have the electoral college standing. In the way you have the sixty threshold in the senate san west of the filibuster. You have these election laws. That are absolutely insane and that becomes a big procedural bulwark to getting things done. You got to win office. You gotta win. State office You got your senators elected. And it's hard to do that if the republicans continued to dictate. What isn't isn't acceptable. Voting behaviors. and what isn't isn't acceptable. Election loss. Democrats not been very good at state and local office at the court level. I mean where is. Joe binds blue ribbon commission on the supreme court. I'm sure they're gonna come up with something really ambitious and i'm sure that cinema mansion who seemed to be very open minded about other things are going to embrace in expansion of the court. You know i availability sake and bipartisanship. You would think they of all people will be very open to the idea that the court works best when it split fifty fifty down the middle. If they're six republican jurists there ought to be six democratic jurists right twelve and we just had to really kinda bop it out and really kind of you know reach across the aisle and come up with like decisions that everyone can live with. You'd think they'd be open to that. You'd think right right of centralism serious but of course but like to that point. This is where the left in the row should be calling out the centrists of if they really believe this shit you can make these arguments back at them and make them prove to everyone that they don't believe it. So the jake tapper of the world like that doesn't really make sense. 'cause you know you tapper to go all right that's stupid though. What you're saying is actually stupid. Even though he's sort of prone to these sorts of sensibilities and then you have biden harris. Who are scared to do things for the executive branch and like this is perhaps the most fattening because it's just scare their own shadow. Harris doesn't need go down to the border and if she did and the fact that she said the stupid white men to europe. Either line like that didn't help her. Either it seemed incredulous. It wasn't quite herman cain talking about why he doesn't need to know about who's becca stan. But it did have a little bit of that. Herman cain energy about recipes. Big man yeah so like this is the problem at the supreme court level. We have a three majority on the conservative side. In congress you have a pet devote threshold. That's going to be a challenge to get you. Because of cinema and mansion and then at the presidential level you have harris and biden who biden has is bipartisanship. Fetish has his. I wish things were the way they used to be. Things are better back when i was younger. Which is like look. I know we can all identify this trend. Even old people can identify trend right like they say it they say it. But it's a lens that you think through its prism that you look through The analogy i'll close with here. I i was trying to explain bias the other day in music But i think it's actually kinda useful just like generally speaking in terms of bias because bias can be really subtle sometimes. So was your music. Has this built in bias. That that there are twelve. Twelve notes A sharp be nobis sharp c. c. sharp and there are twelve notes in the system but all that music is doing all that western frequency division is doing is taking overall broad speak frequency spectrum which goes all the way from twenty to the humor goes below that obviously all the left point thousand hertz again to the human ear and you lose most that stuff as you get older so it's probably closer to sixteen thousand seventy thousand depending how old you are my beginning a little bit lower going at you here and check kids no but like seriously like that's right side yourself so the way the way western music works by us number one is that we've decided that there is a certain division of the frequency spectrum that is auditorium and that's unique to european music that's not necessarily shared by middle eastern music turkish music. It's not shared by indian music. It's not shared by chinese music. African music all sorts of different frequency divisions exist all over the world but most people in the west and most music theory teachers like myself. Don't even evernote that bias. I always make it a point in my presentations in music theory class. I dunno wokers theory. Now i try to keep it more neutral than that. I don't try to get political. But i always try to bring that up because it's like that that anecdote about the old fish and the young fish and know he's like how's the water and they're like. I'm just going to spare because you've heard it like probably ten times in your life at this point. Everyone loves that. David foster wallace anecdote but the idea is biases all around you and that translates even more piano so now in order to get the frequency spectrum of workout but also to be playable they realize that it was easier to not have twelve keys. That were all equidistant equidistant. Meaning like every keys. The same size as a waikiki. They realized that actually it helps to have two different layers in rows of keys. The white keys and the black keys. Okay right so some of these keys are of different size. That's what he that's already been presented their However that inequity also moves one to play the instrument a certain way case of the piano. It creates a bias towards the note. C or the key c major a minor. And what do i mean by that. I mean if you just go to the piano like you're a dilettante if you know nothing about the piano and like it's almost better if you know nothing and you were told. Sit down and try to make music your gut instinct would be okay. I'm going to delicately tries some of these white keys. It's i can make a thing that sounds like a court happen and if you did that need be playing with no sharps. No flats another bias. That we've come up with and it would be insane major almost certainly all these all these things. Sort of like nudge. You a certain way like i was thinking about this. In the context of ben shapiro in critical race theory. I saw a clip of him in critical race there. I'm not gonna do a whole set on that. But i was reminded of all the time. She likes to impose invoke western music theory. And i just thought you know maybe it might be useful to have a way of understanding bias. that invokes the western music theory that he loves. Oh so much Western music theory is nothing without its biopsies and being able to see through. Those bio sees is really hard. It's a real exercise. Sort of bring this back to like joe biden and stahl joh- it's one thing to be able to identify those biases. It's another thing to be able to sit down on the piano and go. I need to come up with something original. And i need to not play with a a white key bias. My answer to that to transpose button. Unfortunately life doesn't have one of those and so we have to kind of come up with ways of thinking in patterns exercises in thinking to serve as our own way of trips posing out of that one bias out of that one frame out of that one matrix seen major matrix Okay i know that was heady and a little music nerdy and probably some of your like okay guy. we stopped. Look david hume who. I am definitely highly very alike or at least but but david hume used to do all these metaphors involving billiards and charming and he is was a horrible guy by any modern standards and shot really a great defense to me anyway. That's gonna do it for this episode of. Don't worry about the my name. Is chris november. No you can support the show over at patriotair dot com slash dwa. I'll be back sooner rather than later to do a recap of this term of the supreme court. We just went a little bit long talking about the infrastructure bill through the state of play in washington. Dc right now. I thought it'd be cool to do kind of big picture sort of episode like this. Haven't done one of those. In a while you can follow the show at gw ag you can support the show on by subscribing to stitcher spotify of those links broken. Or something's wrong. Please let me know right now. I am the tech support. So i'm the guy. Acne w. h. e. g. or christova embryo g mail dot com. We're doing seo pushed right now. Doing seo push up sorts Hoping to get some new numbers you'll get into new listenership trying to grow at the show. I'm trying to support the show on the back. And i know we had a request for news from latin america to that point if you all have any requests of topics that i have not gotten into or questions or whatever please shoot them. My way chris november no at gmail.com or at wwl g. on twitter. That's gonna do it for this episode of. Don't worry about the government. Listener supported podcasts. Thank you all so much for listening in until the next one.

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RN39   Pastoral Action  What it looks like   Compendium of Social Doctrine ch. 12 pt.1 w/ Deacon Omar Gutierrez podcast

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RN39 Pastoral Action What it looks like Compendium of Social Doctrine ch. 12 pt.1 w/ Deacon Omar Gutierrez podcast

"Discerning hearts DOT COM presents `regnum novum bringing forth the new evangelization through Catholic social teaching. With Deacon Omar Mark Gutierrez Deakin Gutierrez studied theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and at the end Jellicoe in Rome he holds a Master's degree in theology Collagen from the University of Dallas his worked for the church in various capacities including as a teacher and administrator and is currently on the Faculty of the school rule of faith. His expertise includes Catholic social teaching and his writings on the subject have appeared in several national Catholic newspapers and periodicals. He's the author of the urging of Christ slob The saints and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church `regnum Novum bringing forth the the new evangelization through Catholic. Social Teaching with Deacon or marketeers. I'm your host Chris McGregor Welcome Omar. Thanks Chris Great to be back were now at a unique point here in the compendium of the social doctrine of the church. Yeah this chapter is actually part of a new part. A whole new part in the companion we saw part one. My goes over. Principles and part to start supplying applying into specific areas of her life labor and environment and And peace international issues in here in the third part. We finally Kinda get the question of. How do we actually apply this to our lives as Catholics in the church as Bishops Priests Lay people consecrated persons brothers sisters etc Cetera? How do we live this out? And so this is this chapter restarts getting Kinda specific about what we can do this church. What are the Obligations and how we go forward and so and in his first I action was you WanNa talk about in this episode and there is a down to pastoral action in the social. What is the the work of the church? As the pastor a shepherd's of where the works the bishops and priests who worked for him. What does that obligation look she would be doing etc.? And it starts off sort of touching on what we talked about at the very very beginning of the companion what you and I talked about at the very beginning of this whole series and that is the sort of the beginning stages of why we have Kevin soon teaching the first place. What rule is a church? have in and saying you brought the question up a number of times throughout our conversations in why the church commenting on this anyway while in the very very first paragraph in this section five hundred twenty one says the church in fact does have something to say about specific human situations individual and communal national international. No it says she formulates genuine doctrine for these situations a corpus of body work which enables her to analyze social realities to make judgments to indicate decay directions for the just resolution of the problems involved? The church is is is part of the world. Churches exists in history. And this is this kind of the whole message. The Second Madigan Council to that beautiful document got him at spies the joy and hope and sorrows and distresses of people which is the English title that documents the Church in the modern world and Second Council Proclaims Church hairs is invested desires to be able to serve the the people of the church more readily the serve the culture more readily to serve the world more readily in history. Because that's where she lives and because her interest is in the human person which is why in this in this First Section of the chapter says the very suspenseful foundational tation launch point for how we approach Catholic social teaching or how we approach Living in the social sphere as Catholics is that fundamental dignity of the human person that that integral vision of the human person that's not just social or economic or physical but also spiritual and psychological. And all that it means the church has something to say. Has Its unique because the church is an expert in humanity. The church has been around for over two thousand years now and and so it's time for us to be able to take our proper role on the international stage and say we know about the human person and let's teach the we're left defending living human person in order to be able to properly fulfil our duty towards man in the in the current age. It's it really at the very very heart and I mean the very center of the new evangelization because it's from this. Each individual seeded needed. Maybe each little nugget that those members of this great body of Christ how we live it out will will be the greatest witness to the faith and that's what the doctrine is trying to help us to be able to do authentically. Isn't it well. Yeah that's it and I'm glad you brought me this. This is part of the new evangelization that are hold. The subtitle of our series right is Catholic social teaching the new evangelization. But when you do a search for the phrase new evangelization nation in the compendium Michelle is up just a few times. Only one time does is referred to outside of this chapter. Every single of the references evangelization is here in chapter twelve. Because this is where this is where the church really understands as our obligation to evangelize obligation for permission is founded on this this notion that we actually have to witness this thing. We believe in out in the world this vision of the human person that we have this integral vision. This refers to say uses this phrase several times as Christian anthropology anthropologist means the study of man studied the human person this Christian anthropology It's something that sets us apart from other approaches to humanitarianism or social care civic responsibility etc because it sets part because it's unique we have an obligation Asian to talk about it and live out in the various things we do. This is what the new evangelization Involved this is what we need to remind people about out especially in the West and I was actually having lunch with somebody the other day and they turned to me. He's been Catholic for all his life and he's very involved the Catholic Church and just turned to me and he said Omar. What is all the talk about the new evangelization meals here about like? I don't understand what that's referring to. And and what I explained was that a John Paul second was reminding Christians Kathak specifically about our obligation to to to mission and to bring the message of the Gospel all over the world. We're not giving that up. He said that there are some parts of the world. That have been evangelized already. We think of of the Western Europe and the United States and Canada and other places but over time have forgotten the Christian roots An the the news stories could be repeated nauseam sadly about the various ways that western nations have violated and undermined the proper understanding of a Christian anthropology proper sending the dignity of human person abortions. Just more more and more obvious examples. We look at euthanasia where we treat the elderly the way we manage to spend money on all sorts of frivolous things while the poor suffering. All those things are symptoms of the Are having gotten away in the West from our our Christian roots so John Paul the second wrote in a document in the early eighties. He said we have to re evangelize. We have to engage a new evangelization to remind the West remind these Christian countries of the West with Christian tradition out where the roots are really really founded founded in this this foundation understanding of the human person. And it's an understanding that that's rooted not just in philosophy but an encounter with a god who we came. I'm one of us at that the center and so this new evangelization that we wanna live and let social teachers going to help us. Live is is founded on that that fundamental mental teaching about who. Jesus says he's the God who became one of us and that fact raises the Dignity Human Persian so we can say with confidence that no matter. What what you've done or where you are what you look at what you believe or how much money you have or any of that business? No matter who you are you are loved. You have dignity and we have an obligation to defend your committee and the Public Square. It's spelled out in the compendium that God saves every person and the whole person in Jesus Christ. I emphasize that in it's talking about the new evangelization it. God saves every person person and the whole person in Jesus Christ that understanding. It's through him with him in him that he is the center. Not only of the discussion. Not only of the teaching. He is the center in the Christian Heart. That is really really key at getting to the discernment of what a person a Christian is being called to do in response to the situations. They they find themselves in. It's exactly right that that has to be the center in Christ. Jesus in fact there's a there's a beautiful line five twenty four where it's talking talking about this important. Understanding of human person out of the church exists within history. I'm reminded of that beautiful line. From Father John Daniel Lou the Great Theologian of the Twentieth Century. WHO WHO said I'm in love with the church mud splashed with history if a church in history and then the five twenty four goes on and says she'd the church does so it it? It applies a social teaching concrete circumstances in such a way that faith enlightens them so they can understand the truth that that quote true liberation consistent opening oneself the love of Christ New Talk About Liberation Liberation Theology which was a kind of a a strand of of theology of Social Justice Approach very popular in the seventies and eighties and even today in certain circles but sometimes a more radical performance of liberation theology. Forget this fact. That true liberation consists in opening oneself to the love of Christ not just some general general love of neighbor but it has to be rooted in Christ just as you're saying in him with him through him that's what makes important. That's what makes is absolutely a separate it from any other efforts. And you also mentioned the word salvation. The purpose of this whole and the purpose of social teaching is not just to build a just society. We'll we'll actually talk about this in the conclusion here. A couple of episodes from now but the purpose of this whole thing is the salvation of the human person is the integral development of the person. So they can reach their full vocation their full fulfilment as a human being. What we as Catholics believed that total fulfillment means holiness meanacing missing? Did he mean salvation. We become more fully ourselves when we are in heaven. Become the best versions of ourselves when we get to heaven. So Ah we can't forget. We always have to remind ourselves that this this question of a social teaching has to be about our salvation has to be centered on Christ Jesus has about about proclaiming the Gospel again The companion talks about the proclamation of the Gospel as the context for applying being social teaching and then placing the Gospel Message In our lives and then planning our actions around those the our lives in the context of the Holy Gospel and then making sure we live our lives in the context of a Christian morality which is rooted in the Gospel. I mean is it over and over and over again in paragraph five twenty six it says is it in proclaiming the Gospel the social dimension is an essential unavoidable but not the only dimension but it says in proclaiming the Gospel we Half to live the social teaching it goes both ways when we talk about social teaching. We have talked about the Gospel but when we talk about the Gospel we also have to talk about social teaching. We'll will return to `regnum Novum with Omar Gutierrez in just a moment. Did you know that you can obtain a free APP. which contains all your favorite discerning hearts programs Father Timothy Gallagher? Dr Anthony Lola's arch bishop. George Lucas father meets his filthy and so many more including episodes from inside the pages can be obtained on the discerning hearts free APP APP. This also includes the Novi knows and devotional and prayers including the Holy Rosary and stations of the Cross. The tablet of Saint Michael and the seven sorrows barrels of our lady all available on the discerning hearts free APP visit the I tunes and Google play APP stores to obtain yours. Free discerning hearts APP APP today. The memory remember almost gracious Virgin Mary. That never was it known that anyone who fled to the protection protection implored they help or sought fine intercession was left unaided inspired by this confidence. I fly to the Virgin of virgins my mother to the do I come before the a stand sinful and sorrowful. Oh a mother of the word in Carnegie Despise not my petitions but in nine mercy here and answer me now. Hello My name is Deacon Gutierez and I want to ask you to support this winning hearts in a special way. We Chris McGregor the board and I all know the not everyone listening can help. Initially we know we have listeners from all parts of the world and we have made a commitment since the beginning beginning to make the truth shared through turning hearts totally free so while you may not be able to contribute financially which you can do is certainly pray but also give us positive reviews On whatever platform you used to listen to us I tunes Android Stitcher spotify however it is that you get these podcasts. Or if you're on youtube and you like our videos please give listen good rating and write a review the mortgage ratings and reviews we get the higher. Our profile and the more listeners will discover US listeners who may have the means to contribute Keuchel pleaseconsider rating us in writing a positive review. Today we now return `regnum Novum with Omar Gutierrez part of what we have attempted to do in that response to that new the new evangelization call is to ultimately respond to that. Very I think very forceful section in the compendium. uh-huh uh-huh paragraph five twenty nine that says the formative value of the Church's social doctrine should receive more attention and CATA cases. It will go on onto to quote Saint John Paul the second insane that the ultimate aim of Cata cases is to put people not only in touch but in communion and intimacy with Jesus. Christ the DAD is so much more you know we talk about Cata cases sometimes sometimes especially for the adult that may have missed that generation or two that did not have the type of formation that the just the heart of the Church would have cried. out for that in that CATA cases we we sometimes focus a little bit more on the learning of scripture which is very important and maybe an apologetic to be able to reclaim or sustain the faith which is very important but the element end of social teaching. I mean it seems to me that when you're being implored that it must be a part of Cata cases and that it helps to bring new intimacy with Jesus Christ it can't be overlooked. Kennett Omar. No it can't be actually I'll point out. Not just in that paragraph do touch on more but in the previous paragraph where talks about the social teaching being a of an integral part of Christian formation at the end of that Paragraph Graf companion says this doctrinal patrimony. That is this this treasurer of teachings that we have from the church. That touch on on how we live our lives in the real world. This doctrinal patrimony is neither taught nor known sufficiently which is part of the reason for its failure to be suited. We've reflected in concrete behavior. I mean the companion essentially saying nobody's teaching miss. Nobody's forming people in this. And that's why this compendium exists. Jump on the second asked for it to have been written. And that's why he pulled jump on a second talks about in in a particular document from nineteen seventy nine so that quote you quoted from Saint. John I'm Paul a second paragraph five twenty nine where he says. The ultimate aim of CATA cases is quote to put people not only in touch but in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ that that quote comes from a document from nineteen seventy nine called Casey Trudeau Sunday which was an apostolic exhortation on on Cata Casos in the new millennium after second Vatican Council and after all the reforms that we had happened. What is catechised is GonNa look like in this this new world? We have Catholics. As as we. We take a a larger your profile on the on the world stage and in that documentum paragraph twenty nine of that document. He says when we engage in Kenna cases we can't forget some various essential essential things first of all. We can't forget that we have to proclaim that Jesus was God and that he said that counter those who wanted to turn Jesus into kind of like a a wise ager ager philosopher then Pope John Paul the second set and we can't forget the churches his mediator the churches and just some sort of a club that we belong to a social club but has actually mediates mediates the very presence of Christ for the intimacy is talking about in the third thing. He says we can't forget as we can't forget to teach Catholic social teaching. We can't forget to pass that on people so the three things. Jesus God the Churches as mediator and we should know Catholic social teaching and Pope John. Paul the second was just one of many. Popes Pope is the eleventh. We've talked before about not. He made it very clear that the responsibility of bishops to form priests in his responsibility priests to form the lady were Pope John. The twenty third talks about the insistence that Catholic social teaching should be in our our Catholic schools that are young people should learn how to live Catholic social teaching. It should be an integral part of CADDOCK ACIS an integral part of which is not something. There's we add on an attack on not an elective and not part of our own personal spirituality. Either like I'm Marion Catholic. In Europe Francis Can Europe and Dixon. And I'm in the social justice. No no no. This is fundamental to who we are as Catholics. Flex this is not optional. Misses some that really should be at the heart of who we are and why why not because we have some sort of political agenda why because very specifically because because it's a part of Khakis apart of knowing that intimacy having the infancy with cries real Catholic social teaching comes out of of that relationship with Jesus and if that's the case and we know that to be true then this living it out this living the social teaching isn't just optional. It's not a an elective active. We can we can choose to take or leave. We have to live. It's part of who we are as Catholic. It's because it's so important that we should good feel almost assaulted in a very real way. Maybe even verbally assaulted when commentators. Some of them Catholic who may not even realize what they're saying because again they lacked a sufficient catechist formation Asian themselves take what seems as the social doctrine of the church and mistakes it abuses to set an in essence in the media and portrays it as something that it really isn't not you're absolutely right and and the reason why let me just explain the reason why should offend us. I think the reason why we should. We can have a range righteous offense anger over at not in judgmental. ISM now no But we we we can be A. We should be vocal about that offense precisely because when that happens as you explained somebody takes Catholic social teaching and they use it for their own purposes to advance their own agenda when that happens. They're doing violence to the very understanding of who we believe. Jesus is doing violence to what what we believe. Jesus taught us that. It's not about the politics of things it's not about advancing a merely justice. Signed it's about advancing and creating in sustaining a civilization of love. And when we have those are the politicians are talking has remember our neighbor or friend or court or whoever might be who tries the twister US Catholic social teaching their own devices. They do violence to our teaching the violence very fun foundation of who we are cats and what we believe as Christians. Because it's it's connected connected to Christ Jesus that that's precisely why which of course then makes it that much more along with that offense that you mentioned makes them that much more incumbent upon us as as the lady and has bishops priests to who might be listening to defend. The churches were true social teaching to form ourselves which is true social teaching so that when those things happen when we can stand up and say no. That's not that you're just social teaching. This really is what it is because this is what Christ taught us. You know in in paragraph five thirty one where it it starts to break down what this formation should look like. I think it's interesting that the compendium says there are two levels of formation for the late for the Laity the first level at says this is an art our duties of daily life. That's the first level. Let me just read what it says. In paragraph five thirty one the first level of the formation of Lay Christians should be to help them to become capable of meeting their daily activities effectively in the cultural social economic and political spheres and to develop in them a sense of duty that is at the service of the COM Good to the first level is not grand. Political projects were transforming the world the first level is. How do we behave as Christians in our daily lives? How might my being as a father? How am I being husband? How am I being as a as a CO worker or as a neighbor how my acting than those daily daily things? That's where we should start. That's the first level then. The companions the second level concerns the formation of a political conscience in order to prepare lay Christians to exercise political power. Then the only after the first then do we get this situation where we now start to to form Christians. We can engage in political activities. And try to help form our laws but it has to be rooted in that that daily And I think we'll see the next episode. We start talking about spirituality of of social teaching them in for the lady. We'll see how that plays out. Omar I think there is a term net. Maybe you and I because we've been involved in in ministry for quite some time. Maybe take for granted that yet for those out there listening could be a value to more clearly define in that is pastoral activity. What what exactly is that? Is that just for pastors. Is that just for people in the church to do or as something more in that phrase there. There is something more but it's certainly starts with our pastors with our bishops and priests the the pastor comes from the Latin word that we have for shepherd and so when we talk about past activity we do sort of start first with the activity of the Bishop but we we understand though. Part of our theology understands that when we are baptized is we are baptized into a priesthood into a kingship and into a prophetic a charismatic prophetic grace at our baptisms that empowers US encourages us and actually binds us. We have a duty to this binds us to performing priestly qinglian prophetic actions in our daily lives. As lay people those those realities of our who we are as Christians come from The grace of baptism but are ordered oftentimes and encouraged by our our bishops and priests etc In the in a number of the paragraph talks about the bishop's responsibilities in the formation that's responsible for that Their responsibility is essentially help shepherd the people towards heaven. That's his job but he requires because he's just one man he requires the help of his priests but also the help of the lady. The help bring that about pastoral activity. Tippety Should be seen as an activity of the entire church and we are part of the church. Something are are good. Holy Pope Francis has mentioned a couple of times as the vast majority of the church are the Laity right. Pastoral activity is activity that the lady should be involved in as well because it's our responsibility really not just a pasture not just to work towards their own salvation but to help others work to our salvation. And we think about the question of vocation oftentimes as we think about vocation to the priesthood or the concentrated live for priest. A sister a brother but the married life is vocation and in the Mary Life. Our obligation is to help pastor our spouses and our children. She will be blessed with them into heaven and as an allegation towards society we have an obligation into pastor. Our neighbors are co workers are our fellow citizens to heaven as well past stars perhaps whereas fed by the pastoral collectively of the Bishop and his priests but it goes a purpose of that is to go out into the world so that we can be pastors as well for the rest of society and I and of course this is going to mean that priests and bishops should be formed together social teaching as well which is part of what the companion talks about but this is missionary work in paragraph five. Have Thirty eight and actually says the entire people of God has a role to play as a church fulfills her mission that mission of bringing people to Jesus and ultimately the heaven we we all have a role to play in that and so the duty to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel and the awareness that missionary activities a matter for all Christians. That's part of what we have to do. Pastoral work in the social sector all is also meant for all Christians in the compendium is really a very clear about this. We are all required to engage. Gauging this because unless be frank part if if part of Catholic social teaching is defending our understanding the dignity of the human person you and I know very well well Chris. I'm sure a lot of our listeners. Know How much that dignity is being attacked in our society from pornography in the way we view women and pornography can be not just and it's obvious forms but also in music film how we so nonchalant about the way we denigrate people and use people both men and women by the way for our own Desires for own Wants Whims abortion euthanasia and on on our society has a horrible understanding of the dignity of human person within the certain fields. And so it's incumbent upon all of us to stand up and defend that understanding that Commissioner Standing Christian apology of the human person so that we can save human dignity at and that's pastoring to there's so much more to discuss even in this very rich chapter of the compendium of the Churches Social Doctrine but in conclusion of this particular conversation. Final thoughts yes It's toward the end of this action. It gets a little specific about the bishops responsibility and and the priest responsibility in formation. And here it says something. That's really very beautiful. I think we cannot emphasize enough and I hope we'll be able to talk about more about it in the next next episode We talk about this in paragraph five thirty nine. Says this through the celebration of the sacraments especially Eucharist. Reconciliation Nation. The priests helps faithful to live their social commitment. As a fruit of the mystery of salvation the primary way and certainly not the only way but the primary way that bishops and priests help us as lady lives social. Teaching in the world is by providing us the Eucharist and the wonderful beautiful sacrament lack of penance and reconciliation friends. If we are not taking advantage of the sacraments and the grace's that we can get from the sacraments we cannot hope to possibly we be able to live Catholic social teaching as we ought to be living. It has to be Reutemann intimacy with Christ as we talk about the beginning of this episode. And we as Catholics away we encounter Christ most intimately as when we receive them in the Eucharist and we go for him as in humility as sinners In the sacrament of penance reconciliation. And say we're sorry. And we we amend to reform our lives and and and help us be better Christians so if you haven't been a confession for a while go back please keep going. And if you're law with the social justice work stay close to the sacraments because does he will see the fruits of that bear out in your your social activity. Thank you so much Elmar. You're welcome. You've been listening to `regnum uh-huh Novum bringing for the new evangelization through Catholic social teaching with Deacon Omar Gutierrez to here and our to download this conversation along with hundreds of others spiritual formation programs visit discerning hearts dot com. This has been a production of discerning hearts. Let's I'm your host Chris McGregor. We hope that if this has been helpful for you that you will I pray for our mission and if you feel as worthy consider era charitable donation to help support our efforts but most of all. We hope that you will tell a friend about discerning hearts DOT COM and join us next time for your rectum novum bringing forth the new evangelization through Catholic. Social teaching would dicken Omar Gutierrez.

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Tesla Semi Production Line In Nevada | 31 Mar 2021

EV News Daily - Electric Car Podcast

15:05 min | 7 months ago

Tesla Semi Production Line In Nevada | 31 Mar 2021

"Coming up one. Three eight tesla's semi truck production line set for nevada but it's not plain sailing. Stick around. I'll tell you why. Bmw lower the price of the ice. Three here in the uk benz a. m. g. i e v arrives that she had watts know that sounds exciting and an e battery startup. It's poaching oil execs. Well good morning good afternoon or good evening wherever you listing in the world. Welcome to dining. What happened on wednesday. Thirty first of march lost day of the month. My name is marginally through every story. Say you don't have to by the way. obviously tomorrow. i april on it already. Going for pro fills couple of reasons. Firstly i'm a fifteen year old living in my mom's basement watching prank videos on youtube. So that refined april's very funny but also i spent like the first twenty twenty two years of my career in commercial radio where it was pretty much the dumb thing that we do some kind of crazy and wild wacky april fools. Joke called the breakfast show and you know it just gets really old really quickly when you're in a production meeting in february going. How do we make people feel stupid. This year i don't know we kind of live in welby stays where everyone writes a load of nonsense on social media. And you don't even know twenty years ago. There was like tv radio newspapers and one day of the year. That makes something up. And now everybody's making something up every day of the year. Just to get website clicks and make money from the ads and so i kind of stay away from it now because i can you know you don't know what's real and what isn't so. I no april fools on this podcast tomorrow just advanced warning rights. Let's crack on with the news then on show one zero three eight. So bmw's i three had a price reduction background to this. We get money off a car two and a half grand Which is government money provided to lower. The price of as the threshold was fifty k. Now is that five. K is a couple of weeks ago so there was some calls on the bubble. Various comic is like the narrows got cheaper. The conus got cheaper so if they can sell them less than thirty five hour. I'll pay and they can't like the funky things with options lists and stuff and be like. Oh yeah the car costs this but you know you can add on a bit materially changed the performance of the car so as long as your advertising that cough less than thirty five grand are up then you do qualify for the grant now and bmw have just lowered the price of the i three and the i three s in response to that new threshold so the i three starts at thirty three eight zero five on the road and the theory s is thirty. Four eight zero five just coming on the thirty five grand threshold. Of course that now means you get two and a half grand off. Those calls the all electric. I three has a range of around one hundred ninety. And the i three s around one hundred and seventy odd I've driven the three s. Funnily enough one of my neighbor's house. Once i was just knock on the door and say take me for spain but that's pretty interesting. It's another comic He also did this. i've there was on the podcast last week. I'm like tied in. My brain is old but i figure i'll look back But these are like maybe the third or fourth com to reduce prices. And so i'll take you back to day. That i reported on the news of the government. Getting rid of the The well lowering the threshold and they did it overnight as well which woke up like hey active of now and i should be some advance warning but then people said yeah but then other you guys people start gaming the system and putting in orders for cars and and rinsing the fund as it were and so they had to do it like this. There's no new ideal white that have incentives but we got to that at the end of the show. Is this question of the week. But i'll happily my hand up and say there are a bunch of cows that would just over thirty five grand. The of magically reduced in price over the last two weeks was that just pure profit from the comic is is it the fact that if they know they don't do it. They're going to miss out on sale so they have to get it just thirty five to then get the extra money off. I don't know. I see a lot of people online being cynical being like. Oh yeah the come acres are taking us for a ride. And just over overpricing as i think. That's the case. I think they're all making massive fat margins and overcharging on ebay is but it's interesting that they have many of them have found some way of reducing the price and for that maybe all home. My hands up and concede actually for though. There's a handful of those cars around the thirty five to forty price spread kit. Maybe the government changes. I've had a positive effects. Okay moving on tesla's semi production headlines story today. The nevada building the putting up a new production line for the semi trucks. It's nearest gigafactory in nevada and testa plans to produce five electric trucks awake by the end of the year. According to sources you know the electric now we can confirm. The building is going to be five. Fifteen milan drive next to another building. Used by tesla as a warehouse. Funnily enough the housing a new production line for the semi trucks now. Of course five. A week is very bespoke levels of of making anything and reliable sources familiar with the matter telling electric confident enough to report on this That building that low volume line right now when completed production capacity of five awaken the planet still for volume production to be at gigafactory austin but once that texas plan is fully working in the batteries Production is ramped up that as well. I mean that could be a year. Eighteen months away. Elon musk also said on a tweet. Yesterday the nigam cells supply shortage makes it very difficult to scale production of the semi truck. Next mercedes-benz probably the third merck story. We've done this week. Amg the fast bit of mercedes benz or the logo on the side of lewis. Hamilton's sky if you like Amg like iki. Iki brand am geeta lost on my looks. This is in other words. I m g mercedes are always a bit brash. If i see one it's normally being driven by someone looking for a tunnel to drive through to just block the accelerator and make it very loud noise. They're always big and brash and bold like four exhaust myrrh. That's mercedes-benz am right. Bmw m series immoral about i think more about handling and performance whereas img for for mercedes. Benzes is more about theater. So what do you do when there isn't all of that noise They're gonna make electric versions of the am james that he spends and there. I was going to be arriving. this year. The vic be is expected to be a variant of the e s. We've been talking a lot about recently. It'll say jeez. I rung of performance. Like the first batch of the karam batch of like the The three five and the five three series cars go into mosul authority. Img is confirmed that it's full lineup will eventually be made of all. Ev's only when the tech is ready. Maybe i'll take a decade mercedes. Also make the sprinter e sprinter. I should call it. Really management a mercedes benz have done an agreement to build the next generation s sprinter based on the new van platform of three locations north charleston in south carolina duesseldorf and ludvig feted dob in germany. I need to learn better german to be respectful based on a new platform announced at the end of last year. The next generation of east sprinter vans Be built in usa in targeting canada as well as spending three hundred and fifty million euros on this vehicle. The necessary conversion measures implants. I currently happening. So we talked about the mercedes benz e curious a bit. This week there is a bit of a drip drip feed. Actually you can always tell. Somebody's getting closer because more to talk about with a couple of stories on it today thusly. It's this massive screen. Basically the whole dashboard passenger driver. Right across is one huge piece of glass behind it. Three displays mercedes-benz unveiling vis new upgrade. So it won't standard but on the unequal you could have the whole. The whole dash being a big piece of glass and no physical buttons will much many fewer physical buttons and a curved display with actually three separate displays underneath it. The user interface is called mb ex. It's they've called it. The high screen. And i can see why says tech dot a u. Sandra and forty one centimeters wide drive. Display is twelve inches central display seventeen inches in the front passenger displays. Twelve inches mercedes-benz would love you for you to think of this. One seamless display. But it's not really quite obviously three different displays on the of gloss on the back grow passes have been remembered as well. They both a display of their own only rare of the seats in front of them and also the us getting biometric in the words facial recognition technology to recognize. Not the drive passengers. As well into taylor you the settings based on you and i quite like that i call the idea of getting in the car and the seat adjusting and everything for me when my wife gets in the Just recognizing her in the driver's seat. Does it all automatically. They probably awesome privacy issues around this as well. Of how much do i get. Jets and our voice devices needs a fingerprint digitally fingerprinted. A mobile website says the auto industry is quickly becoming a commercial. Adopt biometric technologies computer vision facial recognition being the most popular yet to officially reveal whether the us will have it But the m b u x interface which brings the only voice based interactions as well. Merck did a deal recently With the artificial intelligence experts that provide the tech mb six. And so you would think the electric car does it next. We'll talk about the battery startup. Which is poaching oil industry. Veterans and agent battery is giving executives from oil and gas companies. Of course it's norway. There's plenty of those around jobs in the battery. Making business as j w an energy website freya plans to stop a pilot plant near the arctic circle in norway next year hiring executives normally accustomed to running big costly oil projects they are going to be investing between two and two and a half billion dollars into the gigafactory of making batteries for vs. And it's the first commercial factory scheduled to stop production for them in the first half of two thousand twenty three next. We're talking this week on the podcast about incentives. I'm asking you a question of the week. With mobility dot com is immobility. Noy dot com. What incentives would make the most difference to you. An article from new zealand on a website called the spinoff says the right now as are expensive. It doesn't mean that should be subsidized though. It means that we should wait for cheap vehicles. Older subsidy does is provide a windfall for those who are purchasing v anyway and encourages others to make an expense expensive purchase. This will contribute. Nothing says its website to meeting targets. The take rate would be higher in new zealand than in europe and japan by two thousand fourteen. Without eddie subsidies says its website rather undercutting the argument that providing subsidy is necessary. I disagree with the essence of this article. But also the mass. They've done the of that like oh you know if you buy a good hybrid or a diesel and it's better than a full electric car on the spinoff website is. I didn't bother doing any more research into this website. I didn't know the australia and new zealand. Have plenty of voices that don't wanna get. Ev's adopted quickly. This might be one. This might not be. This might be a you. Know an attempt to an even article. But i think gutless sums wrong omission. Clearly i disagree. I think there should be some Subsidies whether that governments subsidizing charging that works whether it's governments Giving you money off the car whether it's tax breaks or whether it's a getting involved to make sure that local areas have enough infrastructure lows incentives important. Even driving in a bus lines. He got to work quick. Or yeah home. From what quicker. No what nobody wants to get to work but Yes even things like that a role. Good incentives next new. Virginia law is requiring electric vehicles. Go on sale. virginia governor. Ralph novum has signed a bill requiring comic has to sell certain percentage of vs the goal is to reduce ed police because transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas in virginia. And this measure is helping to cut down on that was in many places across the us and another bit of positive news in another state. And that is your podcast for today. Question of the week this week with ema ability norway dot com what incentive would make the most difference to you buying an av. I'd love to know my email addresses. Hallo evening news. Daily dot com. If you can have a shed this podcast with someone online in a forum on a section of an e video or something like hey. This was a cool video. Check out the podcast. If you want anything like that would be so appreciated to help. Spread the word. Shug thinking about premium partners on patriots phil robertson electric future bride crosby porsche of the village in cincinnati audi of cincinnati east volvo cars of cincinnati national caution dot com and a hajjaj dot com derek riley in the view on youtube channel. Rich an rsvp dot cut it uk. The buying or selling. These utada does not know. Wait dot com and remember. There is no such thing as a self charging hybrid.

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Fear Factory: Dino Cazares quer que novo vocalista da banda seja algum desconhecido - Ritual Metal Mantra #058

Metal Mantra Podcast

13:38 min | 5 months ago

Fear Factory: Dino Cazares quer que novo vocalista da banda seja algum desconhecido - Ritual Metal Mantra #058

"Filled with elated secretary side with the metal into put special. When she says the metal could finish your fear. Factory sidings kicked novo. Kalisa this seed asynchronous at thrice ellen salvo wobbled terminal riddick's defector. They say kind of yours. King populism intimate. We did floyd do for mata podcast with multiple masuku blue publicly rookie add and a fit of the was moore's current you aboard the wider stem hockey. No hockey sit there. And say there was zoologist teams in is called beautiful thing for you dave albany park overview your flight laws. So they'll saw some exciting pledge ancient. Same reverb cada butch guests. Talking bird got to cook chemists begotten killilea by say. Well why let the doors simply select forever and our he kink tie. Brusca novels incubates under dino reside. It did it. 'cause it's absurd. Dino is do fear factory also took which garth oak avenue miserable. Simplicity cigarettes to me flick bulls as by stabbed fear. Fear fear factory. It is thing. To grange lap mcdowell california Lean on kitty phase portugal into new motto. Eat industry out yet. They'll mathematician age some warranty to this new mattress spoons. You've norby scooter new math. But a gourmet terrific is fear. Factor is regrettable guy in spanish innocent. You your gods he s. The king was stuffy factory foy promo otherwise bizarre. The mice Issue with the name of god because as my still some stood against as you put it is thing gee was abundant. Educating nause titus walks disassemble. Usa ration- out in november eighteen november soccer. Some fear factory. It is november. Vote novum ancient just fear factory but i always voltaren. Those weekdays. Five vote com. You fed we. We vote dot on those ozzy. Such each resign. Shit commit acquisitive calista. Sure burton and burton bell for dorky. louver moving to move to the factory followers. Doi's misses the fear factor. History would you jamal zaidi's follow. No better even his over donald square. Very kind of keep on sub. Look see. I said the the burned ease versus financial politics. Salena nets gotta. She's council visa card appro- were having to procure sketchy them. Winter burn burned that active. Ooh simple kitson. Keke do seven to older if we keep to make you. Don't i got to content. About what does bundu fabiani taint that. You're which indicated indicated momentum ain't don't i got on mice got a pool as one example but i'm going to prevail. You foster all you want to put change ancient keenum but as you burners off and when they grow your tallied you nethercott other. Sick at approve causes. Seniors do purple young deal and burned him your day. Okada triple scoop motoring tacoma tower. Who missed out of an open safe water to been on the competitive football. You got him. We only kentucky some ball on my is not practica wondering the procrastinate allegory. Don't you pull adapter. Apartment cut up administer not burned as individuals. Vinyl your tonight. It was a big game. Try to look guys my drink them. I think they'll fear factor kind of a week in malacca city of i'm listening noval. Not santa bernard hinault mahanama. Did you might think is zola's gotta to put up took a foreign to do. Karen armor inclusive essay was secure sale funk. Blade who's got see easy. He's got some of the stupidest unlovable the power america. Fire away. Fire wind wink a wink. Wink do you say his of producer. Now scotus fecal in knievel. God if we could even been able to stay super. Secret is fear elaborate for me to learn to says shaky who use scanner nationalism. The thank you for the leading to the center for leaky from means a senior mcdade. Each couple burn fees google by. Why don't those guys lockerbie. In was i mean. Of course again. A big win economic took care follow. It's for only start to think. Oh those salsa. For worse year you boost cal. One only map to see now we he has his own milk. Got another ms. Ms is from positive but abandoning causes to do this. British allow report campbell A lot to put in santa pillow man and that he die yet. They always you know cooking. Cook ezekiel who but his follow. Do you'll cut quotas quiz helmets psychological. Kara they told us in. This is the author bantaquiyah's amino audio project to car. Wash treselle rookie. Cocky cheeto burned of your priority covers. Inessa astrology swings. Ag jacqueline cdw. Wisconsin washer key puts in winter. Positive e Symington get you. Your ski depends. Do gino kinda kennedy's book. It follows that is example. Ac- tower watchmen. Hey semester maintain was who was his squash comfortable sheets but his influence. Who tornado law do accept the needle accent that daban the simple for her fail due to the schneider scott through settle normally processors to action item on. Neither i go to not my sport their g. in town who did not get muscle. Sean badging This lynch at caught guo all deduction identity abundant winston. Ged justice put the handle vitamin. The interesting won't to became. It's golden nato abundant bridges. I handle this carrying poop. Because they see galvin inch clear bonet amino care for another turning to the killer. Don't you to pull the casual god. This cows in eighteen inch calendar my gene. Why should they do. Here's green. don't you won't go. Oh i've talked about the nature father's pig. I don't gain noonan photograph policing chains curriculum. Welcome demise anything now that you still in league with regard to us in colorado sanctioning removed amazement got game with was to block. Catolica that you're while but if you could is demise the aqaba and the kale funds kenny. Okay almost one guy to. Why don't you dare to pass the premiere of winter and do what quiz an abundance abundant item december To set is to have the we potential any single set to appreciate it. certainly all. Don't walk on matt lethem nolan. Who was implicated. Ski do Pin the other one. Why open it along the journey now. She saw what was wonderful. Cadiz says do the steve berry. Yes the superdome kill covert. Derek took whatever netflixif rincon Covert penis new to broker quote unquote over sit over again contrast i got La vida loca sped as expensive as as interesting spin on meals up spending burton lewis Then do to kind of disposable told a today. E- suggest before keep up in le. Hobart hobart casey novak inching does not site umit. The winter ulta component may be integrated with lena dip onto me by mid defied. Jc intercollegiate questions. She took a system on stimulus. Doing if you fit state That you've that special assimilative Gas she attempts thumbing through born june. The visas heavy metal. You month To the zoo toward as coal metal beaver notice it goes but that was a hashtag. Hashtag bethel squared away to sell the podcast aja so bill hadman headmaster. He's elements almost the broadcast all do without ask scales casselman thousand and also cite miguel wound but a foldable.

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Pablo Herrn nos habla de Mientras pudimos  PDM 08

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Pablo Herrn nos habla de Mientras pudimos PDM 08

"When asked how many of those bust in this there's no spammers analyst moon them eat them moskovsky lenovo interest editor ponente maria. I'm being then our study. As his last saw that la. Tony used as gender back next month o. l. Podcast yoda thought. Squint dot kindles restoring assumed by my york. You're signing from dallas scream loud film festival cintra. Dramatic alameda ended. Limos wounded novella toronto berryman. Nobody rhonda view probably rendezvous dot com or stasi bonito game almost the this dunaway lounge liberal cosima trust v most lethal dominating the onus policy the went on Most empathize sleepily as a ck about officiating By liberty as linearly thirty al ulta. Maria is an gadhafi goal is Was in theory. Yes retard colorado is then this universally masculine in them fares fatemi study. La knocking gigi emotionally. As larry onum vienna end on on on vigneault amadiya okay. Guinea amodio money. Yeah the nose faxes in like you. Is this game in evanston november. A smaller presentable game labra balanced and has been leaving is three nine. You're in the gym beta sanyo's e yeah about delays step rebound down east. It's leslie username. I'm would be the new york. Gay is an bullish on the malaysia. Through them we can hold any it. Look at me made me built. The baseball was at the end of them. Say this is the guy game with the ones you matters. Because they're let but obama. In your view i give it about. It looks pretty the aleve or komo affinity yes. Stella or star is found. Boys is gordon netflix. Their concern deka in libra. Do napa guy pocus big theological and and our in. It allowed every second lose thirty less than traffic on the with of at opponents. Komo seattle Vacuuming nate is isn't unwilling the big. What ryan yes. You go down. East episode academia. They've been at his day. Is that sad. They actually out almost measured in the now last spring balance of me so that i was half day mass Sadness denial unrealized fatal outta outta committee thaddeus lack of say a give you. Nfl thema des moines Munis with democracy Mian issue preliminary soledad. No a thorough. Some we alimentos as They by your close on san clemente. Bunge for kip In refu don than to He plays it but in bethesda pogos and theon as in guessing bloomberg. Is that a a stem dude. I am a steel game gauge okay. Allocate one zero sky shop out that administered models. Throw the look moncada But it can no unauthorised hundred media e much bali in the house. I just the hub the unanimous. In if we're gonna buy or threatened you Vehicle which s javascript deal law love for the sea like as nothing that and i up did the ideal constant demand eight. I could no get yet. They took in public and acadia. Fm and my malaysia elected impo reputable in. But but i. I will read these data. It aided omar manila the house. Buddy think there'll be impo destroyed. Glimpse get-go says is not necessarily dido but again get the guy that we're going to me the mistress coming under the and the vigil everybody's doing divas novel laws. Chris gay billy didn't oil Colo allowed of the issues related. If you say let's go under still have. No safety has gone a doc- blooming. The korean doshi beat out the mass sunday inclusion Non scant You know understood this candle in europe e when gareth hanover get one. bnl those million olympic contender stealthy but more noble radia a style. Bogle the is kind of reunion at people's amid the simulation called travelers in your beta almaden. Modern the stadium in qasim mileage lord.'. Name would see moscow. Says we went as a lescott. These bucket matthew that game kendall delay moondog gave bbc by the guy. Say when i see them bullshit. Billy was glad she has hidden. I've i'm federal mogul masekela in this issue again matab. Assuming they don't need to hear it you'll have a best buying eskimo guy Rather than a biggest and passion the Windfall ensue in super-busy john was this of the game we will be. Is that movie in That no It gives up Enroll in la in luciano Nausea rossi and handle the news. Have you done active. Know new Lane fluency ah for lack while bid on See the member gain is tannin and had done. The mississippi knows laughing. Not in any team billion but up here and on fiscal mogayon the broadway emily g begay by only in alabama and in that he is but again. But if they're gonna come. Stephen bogle less than a homeland. It komo construct personality eve. And don't kamal kamal loss as the fellow lucas ep management. You're gonna see to them. They'll be into another alethia. Mr we we and now lamar smith the album when pensa law locate may given your exam. Xp gymnasts setpiece delay in light. Your way for stymie staggered karanja. Gunderman denso's in them phase out. Now that i might do that. They don't canaria gabbay. Of course credo now where they had to go on his be seeing it in a yet. Joe is going to be less than dan hurst. Way still a best. Buy this when style. Nash or as we get any out on. Negative it's unanimously. When had me lives are gonna steam kentucky innate at kamal level here that he will initiate avenue. Jake it'd sadomas- the phone. I mistaking been told. There's important vocal in venezuela put on by this for the game but i mean was eight is led me ill. Illinois located savvy lead. Has this but i was on bogo on down but it's not clothing gullible. You said you that in a moment. The nikkei yes we so that you them and then this by the other the best thing is going to stab the dome we ask for one staff. We bid that eight sem data in lagos doors most on komo meals e e three minute. And you're not gay style. She showed up at non jessica not. Who's not anybody yada. Megan eleven defend the only gamal. Now the the bigness at Was shown that or elected rather than those big unis in a specific fm philly. And the theon e at the gabby other adenovirus an northern elitist You're gonna stay mass game in at the name book bondo in solely that said for mando in alcohol more chill winning that need no but yet a yet embiid at ula been very amid the out in lhasa later empathize was like a boon to nail. Ko k- be. Tatum preliminary that don't say sissy rally fat in kosova. Jill we go. You'll go mommy. Were going news for this gamble in the in game by solarte lesser that companion mira. Absolute me that he won this game. Experience the shinier scaphoid. They even thought this was dug. A man wisdom which other panetta game was this should be how many style luminescent field data am getting up boy though mass yet by deliver moment don medium is doing bushy. Let's later melody in the the achieve that she more money than they outta and the lemon lemon went up for. He's gonna anti gay. But if you must have given the staff in when twitter holden ballo e delivers the tape soledad as either. The needle is komo to to procure. But i see a to chris. Mckay marshall minerals had togo's In a moment owners me knows by radical more commercial status wounded lobby in l. cage. I suggest bouye's cedeno. I'm to have been saying say communicating game that they even have williams my parents. We're going to honestly gonna fi from have that egypt. The young for them by siebel. They just didn't so fi. Bill the wicked wgn by shale fan via e combo. Guys go sascha lismore. Divide i get come down. Bogus fate under finance in gambia. Plenty of forget the little patio that he had ill she'll amazon. Female special almost quadrupled land. The asha man knows say. I'm going to see that they could add in visit on the eight agamal meal. Divorce is embiid yet eighty. Let us for that. Ed gordon is my loose adam. He's not gonna get a just in gladness. Never been in boondoggle. That i'm home. Gambian in beside quist style. Astle eat at a monster. Them being at abbey in yemen division moment though a ago but the golden meal at aberdeen doesn't ninety minute. Rem competitive could militias mia does masseuse scored as a more silimar zola. When i messages assess game a yarmulke. Okay they say mccain bogo fantasia behaved going but he made a millions in your in real loan. Land land led the nominative. Glenn has said ninety nine big Adage of the duke as by combining the heaviest mortar to sit yet but nothing via immodest under the solo was is building on the allows the clean at the three element but if they ever in year at lines. Those news you know the even necessarily see this. The apollo mentors muffin a saint louis. Nicotine see through. Ain't got luna e master mad. I mem- afternoon muster. The thirteen could be weighed and forgot main in a lien. So did y'all needed a news time. That mean job undergoes as gilgamesh State at as the path years camilo nation is led me nastya jeff waiver mom though liberty but if you don t know in pajamas gonna be muslim. We do not put it back. Getting medical gay. Didn't have led yet as as dhamma simplisafe in bankole. I've learned about as soon as the unblemished but still he had dinner with wisdom. But god complained goofy unesco gap in this area. And you're you're just below now mcnugget. I'm happy in the read. More you all null be yes. It'd be says. I'll read e-end don't this lawyer. We've seen him out because i'm being showcased Restore spell equalizer annoy is tremendous. I see no in book until thursday manhattan to experience the komo komo guy. Gomo say community has to manhattan Our meal is the manhattan snow. You because again jilin limit in the komo though and again i'd been guessing for manhattan harlem. Laurie real dimbleby latch beta bitter. And this is china moment member yamaha delo abilene mom gomes. I'd go home is not enough. That can business center. In the there is m sica momentum will give me a lot in common in stop losing williams would is that our own about a neutral in a bid for just this moncada. Am moving at the other school or montalban. Da bundaberg and blow times square. Leicester nascar moment is going to see bad. But i'm need go more less than mexicans Or the game is so secretive. I miss america. A when the way yet displayed is just foodi stats allude again as it had the i remember gentleman originally just an expensive hour that anybody represent ian they follow bill gates settlement but the movie as jabor as moscow need as latham will be large iran. We will need each be lexical. We're westby labs casas. Bamboo goma's bath house. Moscow did he ask the seller them. Laugh tonight gundel winner. You'll look at mackay game and you're going to speed on gallon homelessness or tim. Pessimists among max tennis speed at the be a good biscuits in women go saz with jewelers beholding conventional medicine. Our numale physical. Not until they're gone out of the nato capitals more by good see novum okay. Base demise soon yonhap. York economists Interstellar needles way as in europe is blast. Venus donaldson need us for a game but gamal the amnesic theater in a bogus nature. Dina's they took down is where spooky seema's near your key. Mascot you're gonna feed it on the impetus to many. The literature started when he had now but beyond all own. Happiness is better than the this morning though a simpler each again. Good but identified your. I want to do that day. Rational newark ethical. Duda guess. who's not in an aggregate appleby ever case lameta boondoggle moon in dallas do nassar's luckily jerk consistent in bothered and then they're gonna go over there and for locate your allies but i d in non kosei by more so than good america me if it in the minute that now will now if gay academia and gotten your kid not your had bidault give me a and way is robotic in noise established in letting america but if the goal but nobody's establishing us attacking enter the Ballistic that in order genucel need us. I big Bevan the decision theaters in lua robot in the m bogo raimi's was really and has no nothing with this news. Ambushes betty glancing. Why get that you that like student Poco como galleria agree. I will Those pocket oh vendors products Estee own is tumbling stalinist. As is done lucy your book. Casta all sampler for fellow inclusive. Oh no was just cash and has been unanimous geena the same. They plead change. The city of depots. Either been allied yorkers kolmogorov iverson. I will say that either the blanco getting out of his death. Data is still been very face. And i wouldn't delegate a little bit of this is that the genera look allocated billions. Have been to see the as the i'm business to see the aspro me and they still use the familial in the last thing in there. On the sean is by ezekiel e. Basic game munoz fatal in baskin as consequence. The debate people can see see macos guccione. They look at my to be e commerce antonio via guantanamo book. Oh bob lost personnel Struggle dose day Glistening of the said alone champion debate quells eah illicitly to shriners meet at young cousteau under snap and a bustle or the most adverse berlin. Not like kayak on this this. This mine will a boys. In ama- am kislitsin elena. He is a spinal is in that in e out the literally. Masculine buys defendant. they our values phases. If you're going to be willing to do that. But isn't that the goal costa rica. Panama is syria. If now knows sitting by they own solo by its premise spaces where they fit in this one management experience and just latterly as beta this exta seattle data a play on costa rica in low fuel. Lisa deeply the united the guy by. What's your copy. Dallas is the status. The spices bitterness. It lacking military only lack of lessons dimly come we galina allowed way are them light and beer. It went up. What am by e completely. Got out loud. Voice is found. Bogan mess him. Medical guy the total when the tigers. Vanessa bonani breakable stemming the leeann louis the luliang it will not see mayors solo has witness giving or your mood. Johnson says no shallow capitals include Pushing buckle in established Atlanta's eighth don't listen to this buzz by and the method so we've been america on cibulka delano. He'll say agassi's. But when see our meghan gonna larry alaskan and like abbie the mass. Ms thing discrepancy those in mexico abandoned his the espada Given multiple. Does kenneth buffalo a study on day. The that federico's has hit the embezzle emotion salvo in a staple gascon collaborate. Maybe are they don't Allies study understand. binga idea. legua says deos. I know that one niece back on us. You know we have They don't have a lot less florida's Noon the mass initial particularly sunday Alien if you have been a desert via via got lima beans. Managua sufyan except for later blunders. Yeah hamas took tara's in which means here necessarily matt san diego rhetoric she yoga me number being sunderland recipes have been data as we started hilo Go to But fainted I'll be honest flooded somebody yes Can bill but don't ask their custodians. Leeann laputa in presumptive via for that. But i keep that the staple the momento dynamos has the okay. Balan at this thing either seem good bodo city gwyn delicacy body understand our canadian music. The book ashlin as well. Oh yeah zone. Tokai complete superstars established alameda. Alto commercialized and what about anton says. Am gwen damage undergone thomas. Don't they know since wave is on the contrary liberals alyssa's process nothing will whip am she seep ban or illegal bouye's in out at going within this best interest that has album arizona antonio big india in various speaking in indian. This was no getting land. And that's part of the soviet and say yes in visit gagging which Let's get and then. Then speakers and maria betas principle in canada and the golden bellied. Us believe and what could leave it at. The app was simple medical social liberal the film into comment. There's a the hammer been satima. Minto winners get pushed. Our that is three indo. They all this. I'm vic game. Gays and lebron video at goodwill mambo and illinois basil moisture. Leaving a is looking in the mirror alexei by st. Yes but i beg mauricio. Drc in pathetically annoy in. Burmese agreed by difficult. Dan goma complete at the those investing agonists condemned the is they study not seek as the other omen fast and when the munenori deputy goofiness testing and immunotherapy pm. Anybody the gay is so or get him would show check it out the name in the book but it's on talk. Asia is liberal media and he does believe the of laurent view. They ultimately laura's Those party to stay podcast. It gets almost found the saturday. Okay you just seem okay. Give whatever komo sham knows that emotional berry textiles previous idea thanks north alpha leeann crippen certianly multiple remains the same kamala luna marketable. Dsm even done at the embassy. Dinka midfielders comes. No car has three. The famous credit karma florina stadium. Barham commit seriously because he does like where the media would afford. Emma alarm update on. I seem to go. Santa is presented to dsm. Maybe don't be infamous. Obviously some muslims editor for english in florida. When the will influence medically static automobile hundred for missing connects but they give it to guardia. The venue certificates from us. They be Exactly wouldn't you know tacos monitor the report forever to be those young kid. Only lewis Spreading communal luna gimme illuminate community communicating. 'cause he added characters among latinos two different doggie. Almost the entire nana was not only must begin. Yes dogs in diva yawns. Inter-party hundi elliott daycare at john tacoma. You're meet the stuck not locked up for another gust. Biscuit commenter katya but if he or she has labor liberal in this aroma vodkas and instagram and twitter facebook backing lunar hashtag podcast cigarettes lab than adequate. Jeff is the moocher forecast his lower. This click reveal in corrigo podcast. Are you guys from pocket or as numbers director. Herati cargo on b. e. l. too delicate. I'll comunicacion taught the technique he also pushed people. Celebratory alta maria knows. Going to care unless again diviner down august sad song go-to and saw.

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#482-  9 Critical Pieces to Gain Momentum

Change Lives Make Money

22:40 min | Last month

#482- 9 Critical Pieces to Gain Momentum

"What is going on squad. My name is brian mark. i'm the host to be number one. Podcast for fitness coaches. We're trying to grow successful business though spending any money on ads a website or a funnel. I built my fitness business to over fifty thousand dollars a month over the course of four years in the last two and a half years. I've worked over a thousand on my coaches and a hundred of them have ten thousand dollars a month without further ado. Let's get into today's episode. What is going on. I finish coaches welcome to another episode of the change lives. Make money on the podcast. This is the number one show for on. They finish coaches who are trying to grow a successful online business. In today's episode we're talking about nine clinical pieces to gain momentum in your business and your life and all of it and frankly i think these lessons are gonna apply universally universally across the board and it applies for any industry. Anything that you're in. And i know that this podcast is finished coaches but you guys will be able to take some of these lessons and apply them to your coaching business. Apply them to your clients and share them with your clients as well guys. I've been flashed. Life i've been i've lived in a trailer park. I've i've been flat broke. I've been successful. And so i understand how to gain momentum and how to lose it. And i understand what actions lead to more revenue and more money and more success than i also understand which actions take you further away for more revenue more success and more income and i want to share that advice with you guys today in hopes that one of you guys will be able to take this information and a by to your life and your coaching business and see massive spikes in your income number four. We get in today's episode. I just want to remind you guys that we arguing thousand dollars cash on the podcasts. If you want to be interested in thousand dollars all you need to do is screen. Shot any podcast episode shared to your instagram stories tagging. The app market. Let me know that you're tuning in and just by doing that. You're enter to win a thousand dollars. Cash nagai's i'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of like riding on a high right now before i get and says episode. This is the day that the pizza nomination all access event fucking kicks off and so today. I've got if students that are in colona waiting to kind of meet me and my team and i'm fucking stoked to meet them and i feel like a lot of them are tuning in right now and i just wanna say what's up your boys fucking ready to serve you guys and me. And the coaches are here and we're ready to fuck serve and we're excited already. Met a couple of them. This morning brent phillips announcement ainsi roy and came to the gym iron energy while working out and got a tick tock together so guys. It's time let's go now. Let's talk about momentum and let's talk about how to gain it in your life because if you're listening to this right now i like i'm gonna assume that you like being successful. You wanna make more money and you wanna change more people's lives and so what i'm going to talk about in this podcast in this livestream is in this episode. Is i'm gonna give you guys the nine things that i think are going to help you advance in your life in terms momentum and maintaining it of course your life get right into the you guys the first critical piece to gain momentum. Is someone everyone write this down. Stop taking advice from anybody who hasn't accomplished more than you guys. i think. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. And i completely respect it and i totally buy with it but if you're trying to get successful and you want to go down the path of success then don't take advice from somebody that you wouldn't trade places with and for me what that means is. I've got like a few select mentors that i listened to in terms of like advice and knowledge and i would want to accomplish and i only listen to those people and i don't listen to outside sources. I don't listen to my mom or my auntie or my grandma or like. I don't take advice from somebody that i wouldn't trade places with and i feel like there's a lot of coaches that really struggled to get their coaching business off the ground because they'll start posting on social media and their mom will tell them that they're swearing too much. They'll stop posting. They stopped getting clients. But your mom hasn't built a successful business ten thousand dollars a month so she doesn't understand what resonates online and what doesn't so you should never take advice from anybody that you wouldn't trade places with and i'm not saying that you should talk down to people or like never talk to them but in terms of the amount of fucking information that you absorb an implement like be very selective with who you're listening to right. Don't take advice from people that you wouldn't trade places with. And ideally you guys like i would find three to five mentors and guides and coaches that you would take trump and then that's it if you're blessed enough to be a part of a coaching community with there's a bunch of people that are on the same wavelength and you are then night trade pieces of advice with them and like as long as you're on the same path and you're all growing together that's amazing but do not take advice from somebody that you wouldn't trade places with because their advice got them there and their advice will also get you there. Does that make sense cool now. This was really cool and this was really valuable. And i want to share this with you guys. So number one is to stop taking by so many when he went trade places with number two is find a mentor to be two steps ahead of you. That's two steps ahead of you and find a best friend. That's in the trenches with you. What does that mean guys. You need to have somebody that you can look to and aspire to be like you need you need it because that's what gives you a vision and even if you guys like think about some of the greatest people of all time right. We're talking about some of the greatest basketball players of all time more. You know what i mean. They always looked up to somebody. They were chasing an aspiration. They were chasing a vision. You know what i mean like. Kobe was trying to be as good as michael right. So we want to find a mentor. That's two steps ahead of you. And then we also want to find a best friend. That's in the trenches with us. Why because this fucking hard like growing a successful business is not easy. It is a challenge. And so if you don't have somebody that's in the trenches with you to understand what you're doing to understand your fucking mission to understand your vibe to understand why you're working so hard somebody to talk out your problems with. It's going to be really hard. And it's gonna make entrepreneurship very lonely journey. Which is why and created the taking coaching academy by the way guys because we wanted to create a network of people that were like all inspired motivated on the same page so the turkey coaching academy represents your fucking friends that are in the trenches with you accountability buddy. Somebody that wants to grind with you. Somebody that wants to be as successful as you fucking wanna be and when you have a thousand other people that want to be successful you want to be. That's really fucking powerful to all right so find a mentor. Who's two steps ahead of you and find a best friend that you can be in the trenches with all right does make sense so far all right number three is never ever try to fit it. Ever never try to fit in. Never conform never tried to be like everybody else. I think that. That's like the quickest way to lose momentum for me most creative an. I'm putting own spin on everything. I learned like learn information. I think it's valuable. And then i like to put my be mark spin on it. Never ever try to be like everybody else. I think that trying to be like everybody else and following the exact same pathway that everybody else is laid out is like the quickest way to just blend in with the crowd and never do anything remarkable and when i really do think about the people that have been impeded domination. That have done remarkable things like we're talking about people that have like literally changed the game and shifted online training like the journal wheels. Or the kirsten mortels where the dawn lambs there always people that take the information that we're teaching and add their own spin on it and so build off of the fundamentals of success and but then don't try to be like everybody else. Don't try to copy everybody else. Try to like put your own unique like nation spin on everything you learn and it's gonna make it so much more valuable for you. It's gonna make it so much more useful to you it yours. It belongs to try to be like everybody up guys. That's like quickest way to stay fucking average and if you wanna stay average and if you wanna be just like everybody else than do what everybody else is doing and with everybody else and fucking be another one of the people in the crowd but that is not what i wanna do. That's not what i wanna be. I wanna be fucking unique. I wanna be different than i want to be special all right so if you want to gain momentum don't try to be like everybody else number. Four in terms of nine critical pieces to gain. Momentum is produced significantly more than you consume guys. Did you know that you been ninety percent retention rate when you teach something ninety percent ninety percent retention rate when you teach something that's absolutely insane and so as i'm learning i'm also teaching and because i'm teaching everything that i'm learning i'm retaining it more and so you should be predicting more. I think that there's going to be got conditioning period. So when you start becoming on the coach. I think it is really both consumption. Because you need to learn how to fuck posting to learn how to sell you and how to market yourself and then you get to a certain point where you're making five to ten thousand dollars a month and at that point your production should outweigh your consumption. And that's why in the tinky. Coaching academy you guys what we do is. We have literally ten to fifteen coaching calls per week. And the thank you mastermind. We only have three and only two of them are required per we. And the reason we do that and thank you. Mastermind is because we want our ten k. mastermind students producing more than they consume. Because that's what gets you successful like. Once you understand the base level of success in your at five and ten came up and you have a fundamental understanding of the base principles that it takes to be a successful coach at that point. You must produce more than you can soon because if you consume more than you produce you'll end up living in this place where you're just like in information overload and you're not sure what pieces of content to implement. You're not sure which action steps to take because you're consuming so much information you're not valid the marketplace and the you make by giving you so you need to more. They consume guys. You want to know really simple way of doing this. If you haven't done this already turn off your fucking notations turn off your phone notifications. You don't hope like peaceful. My life is because my phone. Notifications are off. Because i only go on social media. When i want to versus like being compelled or call to social media because my notifications are going. Social media is designed to keep your attention. That's why they send you notifications on the app because they make money when you're on the platform because they get to advertise to you like facebook makes money when you're on the platform so they want you to be on the platform so they're going to send you every fucking single notification every time somebody likes a photo of yours or sends you message because they make money when you're paying attention so turn off your notification so that you can produce more consume make sense cool like this is a key part of maintaining momentum k number five is understand that everybody's arts as an impostor write that down. Everybody starts as an impostor. What does this mean. Everybody starts as an impostor think about this for a second. You've been living the life that you've been living for the last x. Amount of years right and then all of a sudden you come across spark of inspiration. Maybe it's podcast. Maybe it's a livestream. Maybe it's a success motivation video. Maybe you fucking going to work one day. And you're like. I hate my life. And i need to change something sparks. And you decide that you want to make a radical shift. You want to be successful. In that business coach you want to impact the lives of hundreds of people. And you want to start today. Of course you're going to feel like an impostor first because you just spent the last twenty years doing something different you just spent the last twenty years as an accounting's whatever in person trainers and now you want to go online and start talking on social media. You're a different person as soon as you start doing that. And if you want to really become the next level like if you want to become somebody that makes ten thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars a month. You have to become somebody different than who you are right now. Does that make sense. And so everyone's an impostor first because you're different now than you used to be and you're always going to feel like you're in somebody else's skin as you start to get more successful and that's just a fact like every single level that i climb you guys. I always feel like. I'm an imposter living in my own skin like when i bought this mansion as soon as i moved into the mansion house like i don't belong here and then as i started living at more i was like. Oh i do belong here. This is my house now and now it doesn't feel. I don't feel like an impostor so everybody starts as an impostor it's almost viewed as like the shake the snakes shedding its skin. Right as you grow you have to shed your skin. You have to shed the old layers of yourself you have to shed your old beliefs in. Who used to be in what you used to think. And who used to hang out within the values we used to have you need to shed those to become the new person so of course. You feel like an impostor because you're literally a different person so understanding that everybody feels like an impostor end is like knowing that if you're feeling like you're on math keep you going because i think that a lot of people when they posit syndromes my writer on oh. I don't know if i deserve this kind of money. Now if i deserve to make this you know this training business work novum worthy of this. And then they feel like an impostor and that stops them and that plant seeds of doubt and as soon as they plant seeds of doubt as soon as they plant seeds of doubt that ruin the momentum. Everybody's an impostor at first. And if you understand that. Everybody's an impostor i because you're shedding the old version of yourself automatically. You'll maintain momentum because as soon guys. I want you to remember this moment. As soon as you feel like an impostor you're automatically on the right path you're trying to get successful. You're trying to make money isn't online finish coach. You trying to change people's lives and you feel like an impostor that is a sign that you're on the right path because you're becoming a new person so it makes sense cool number six the six way to gain momentum and keep it is to leverage yourself as soon as humanly possible as soon as humanly possible that you need to leverage yourself like as soon as you possibly can you need to leverage yourself which means you need to hire virtual assistance or you need to hire coaches for your business or you need to hire somebody to help you with your finances. Like an admin bookkeeper or somebody to take care of some of the back. End work on your business as soon as you possibly. Can you need to leverage yourself. And so for the chunky coaching academy the students. That are listening to this. That's what we teach in the mastermind as like a academy. We teach gets ten k. But like once you get to ten thousand dollars a month you guys like. There's not a lot of growth that you can do beyond that unless you're working twelve to eighteen hours because you gotta take care of all these people but if you have somebody that you can elect paid to take some of the work off of your plate so that you can take more clients automatically now you'll be able to leverage yourself more you'll be able to grow your coaching business. So make sense so as soon as you can't you need to leverage yourself. Does that make sense. You guys would be cool so next. We're going to talk about being productive being extremely productive being productive meetings. Megyn to schedule every single aspect every day. Even your downtime. Even your downtime you guys which means that like yes like obviously for me. The goal is to create a schedule. Where i actually have some time to myself but i don't think we should only schedule in the time that we're working. I think we should also schedule in the time that we're not because i think what happens as on that finis coaches is we ended up basically scheduling our day and then only like we basically give ourselves the time that we have left. And that's it but sometimes we'll work all day and we'll never actually give ourselves a break and we'll never give ourselves a chance to have any time off so i think you need to be productive by scheduling your day and so for me like i not only schedule the time that i'm working but i'll also schedule the time not once. I'm working like seven. Pm mike i'm actually done and i'm no longer gonna work right so being productive means that you need to schedule your day for when you're working and schedule your david and you're not so. My downtime is. I'm like done at seven pm period and after seven pm just no work. I'm just doing like me things. And guys i do the same thing on my days off right. Which means that like. On my days off. I will schedule like saturday. I'll do like my morning ritual. And then i schedule from twelve pm to four pm like my days off and so successful people not only make time for their work. They make time for themselves and guys. You need to be obsessed about this like you need to understand that like your time is precious and you only get a little bit of it. And so successful. People know that it's not only about having time for their work but it's also about having time for selves and then being absolutely obsessed about this and refusing to time for themselves go on the back burner so schedule every single minute of your day all right now last. Actually no we're going to do. We're gonna do number seven. I wanna do a couple more. So next point we're going to talk to maintain momentum is understand that everything develops in one percent increments. I have a quote on the gym wall. That says get one percent better every single day. One percent better my health one percent body better my body and one percent better my relationships every single day so for me. I'm always looking to get better in every single thing that i'm doing so let's take a look at the goals you want to accomplish whether that be. You want to dial in your physique or you want to build your coaching business or you want you become a better person in your relationship like ask yourself are you can get one percent better than those things when i'm going to the gym when i'm going to hang out with my wife when i'm working on my business i'm always looking for that one percent better edge and if you guys are always trying to push yourself to be one percent better with every single tik talk that you do every single piece of content that you do and you're taking just a little bit of extra time to make it a little bit better over the course of time you guys that's gonna compound in add up to such a massive difference this makes sense so if you are in the same place now that you were six months ago and your finances your fitness and your relationships hasn't improved you need to change something because you're not evolving and you're not growing and you're not a momentum so everything develops in one percent increments cool guys the last piece of momentum in terms of gaining it keeping it and staying successful this is super important is double down on what works and don't be afraid to fail. I went all in on myself and then tikki coaching academy a year and a half ago. All in and i wasn't afraid to fail. I literally took a coaching program. That was charging five. Thousand dollars. Upfront for and i started charging four hundred dollars a month for and i was like man this could like tank my biscuits because i'm giving away like all of my best shit for four hundred bucks month and this could literally ruin like mike people could just take it and peace out and i just went all in on it and i just doubled down and i went all in. There was no other option but success and now year and a half later we have a thousand clients and it wasn't afraid to fail and i had tried multiple different avenues to work on my coaching business. I had tried five thousand programs. I had tried hundred dollars a week programs. I tried everything and this was i was like. I'm going to try this. And i'm going to think i think it's gonna work and guys if something doesn't work like let's say those are the guys that are doubling down. Let's say for you doubling down might mean that you quit your job and you go all into coaching business. If it doesn't work out like you initially planned then innovate and change and grow and learn from what what what didn't work in figure it the fuck out but there's so many guys that are so afraid of failure that you never end up taking the first step you feel me or when things start to work and when things start to pan out in your favor you never doubled down on the shit that's working and so you stay stuck in the same place in even though something ends up working you're not going all in on it because you're afraid that you're going to fail and i want to talk to the students that are listening to this. That are in coaching academy right. Now that you might have watched one or two videos in the academy to get started. I and that might have led you to two or three clients but then as soon as you get two or three clients you stop watching the fucking videos when the videos of the things that got you the clients in the first place or the clients that are in the tinky. Coaching academy right. Now that have studied the program for one or two months and you end up getting a five to ten clients. And you're not going all in on the fucking program that got you the first five to ten clients like guys doubled down when you figure out what works. Go all fucking in. And that's how you get successful and i think the funny thing about success is people think it's like a bunch of separate magic tricks right. They think it's like a bunch of separate fucking. Oh maybe this tragic and then this one. I've already done this so i don't want to do that again. Maybe this one over here but the real secret to success as repeating successful actions so figuring out which actions lead down the path of success point you in the direction and then repeating those over and over and over and over again until one day you look up and you realize that you're exactly where the fuck you wanted to get to. Does this make sense and guys. Let's talk about repeating successful actions right every time you do something every time we repeat that successful action trying to get one percent better. So if you're listening to this right now and you're in the academy and you've done a fourteen day challenge and you've only done one. What the fuck do another one and ask yourself what you did what you could do better on this loan that you didn't do last time and then do that on this one and now you're going to convert five clients instead of three clients from this and you just keep fucking repeating successful actions. I guys that's it. So let's quickly recap on the nine critical pieces to gain momentum number one. Don't take advice from people. You wouldn't trade places with now. I respect everyone. That has their opinion. And i respect that. Everybody has their own opinion. But i'm not going to take advice from somebody that i wouldn't trade places with number two is to find a mentor. Two steps ahead of you and best friend. That's in the trenches with you guys. It's hard to be successful on your own because it can be a lonely journey. There's a lot of different avenues and aspects and long hours and adversity. that goes into success. So we can find somebody that can be in the trenches with you. It's gonna make it so much more enjoyable for your life right number. Three is never tried to blend in with everybody else by blending in with everybody. Else is the quickest way to end up like everybody else. And i don't wanna be the ninety nine percent i want to be the fucking one percent and so if you want to be the one percent then find out a unique way take success and make it for you right number four to produce more than you consume now. Obviously if you're new online coach you need to consume a lot of content so that you can learn the successful habits that it takes to grow to the next level but once you understand the foundations of success for online coaching which would mean you're around five to ten thousand dollars a month you need to produce more than you consume which means you guys turn off your fucking notifications i turn off your phone notifications turn off your buzzers stop paying attention to every single notification that comes up. It's taking you away from your goals. Number five is remember that everybody is an impostor at first because in order to become somebody new. You need to change your habits. You need to change your life and you need to change the things that you're doing on a day-to-day basis and if you've been working for somebody for the last twenty five years you've had a job that pays you dollars per hour. Of course you're gonna feel like an imposter when you start making money for selling online training packages because it's something new. You're a new person in an old person's body right. it's the new version of you in your old skin. So of course if you like an impostor everybody feels like an impostor i the next is to leverage yourself as soon as possible so once you get ten thousand dollars a month you guys. You need to hire coaches virtual assistance administrators or somebody to help you with your books and you need to leverage or somebody your business so that you can double down on income generating activities number seven is to be productive by scheduling minutes of your day. Even your downtime right. So i think a lot of us on that coaches and that falling into this trap where we only spend quote unquote downtime when we have extra but then we end up working all the time and we never had any downtime. Number eight is remembering that everything develops in one percent increments so you wanna get one percent better every single date in your health and your wealth and your relationships always trying to be a little bit better and number nine is to double down on what works and don't be afraid to fail. Once you figure out what works guys repeat successful actions over and over and over and over again and don't be afraid to fail. If you fail you fail then you can just restart and do something different or do something new but double down and don't be afraid to fail. Are you guys. that's it. That's all thank you so much tuning in this is the change is make money on the podcasts. That number one show from coaches. Who are trying to go successful on my business if you got value from today's episode and you want to win a thousand dollars cash all you need to do screen shot any podcast episode. Share it to your scrim stories. Tag nappy marquette. Let me know that you're tuning in and that just by doing that. You're interested in one thousand dollars. Cash peace love protein. If you're coming to the pizza nomination event. I'll see you in fucking eight hours west. Go on my fitness coach. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is the number one podcast fitness coach. If you're getting value the podcast and you want them. Were closely with me and my team to scale your fitness and learn how to go online. But i want you to go to my instagram. Happy mark and with the awards ten k. Academy our mission is to make elite business coaching affordable for every single personal train on the market and we want to give you the tools strategies and tactics smith. Our best clients are using to thrive right now in the online training landscape. So go to my instagram. At be more fit and with words ten k. academy immune. You can have a chat whether or not. I can help us your fitness business online.

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Introductory Note: Francis Bacon

Harvard Classics

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Introductory Note: Francis Bacon

"Introductory note francis bacon son of sir nicholas bacon lord keeper of the great seal to queen. Elizabeth was born in london on january. Twenty second fifteen sixty one. He entered trinity college cambridge at the age of twelve. And in fifteen seventy six. He interrupted the law studies. He had begun in that year to go to france in the train of the english. Sir maya's polit. He was called home in fifteen seventy nine by the death of his father and having been left with but a small income he resumed the study of law and became a barrister in fifteen eighty. Two two years later he entered the house of commons and began to take an active part in politics. From an early age. Bacon had been interested in science and it was in the pursuit of scientific truth that his heart lay he conceived however that for the achievement of the great results at which he aimed money and prestige were necessary and he worked hard for both. He was a candidate for several offices of state during elizabeth's reign but gained no substantial promotion and was often hard straits for money. He received aid from influential. Patrons notably the earl of essex and his desertion of this nobleman with the part he took in his prosecution for treason is regarded as one of the chief blots on his personal record shortly after the accession of james the first bacon was knighted in sixteen o six. He married the daughter of alderman and in the following year he received the appointment of solicitor. General the first important step in a career which culminated in the lord chancellorship in sixteen eighteen in the latter year he was raised to the peerage as baron verulam and in sixteen twenty one he became. Viscount saint albans. He was now at the summit of his public career. But within four months the crash came and he was convicted of bribery and sentenced by the house of lords to the loss of all his offices to imprisonment and to the payment of a large fine. He died in retirement on april ninth. Sixteen twenty six leaving no children. They kin's most important writings in science and philosophy are parts of a vast work which he left unfinished his magna in story she. Oh the first part of this. The dogmatise is an enlargement in latin of his book on the advancement of learning in which he takes account of the progress in human knowledge to his own day. The second part is the famous novum organism or new instrument a description of the method of induction on observation and experiment by which he believed future progress was to be made the later parts consist chiefly of fragmentary collections of natural phenomena and tentative suggestions of the philosophy which was to result from the application of his method to the facts of the physical world bacon zone experiments are of slight scientific value nor was he very familiar with some of the most important discoveries of his own day but the fundamental principles laid down by him form the foundation of modern scientific method they kin's writings are by no means confined to the field of natural philosophy. He wrote a notable history of henry the seventh many pamphlets on current political topics. The new atlantis an unfinished account of an ideal state. The wisdom of the ancients a series of interpretations of classical myths in an allegorical sense legal matters and much else but by far his most popular work because his essays published in three editions in his lifetime the first containing ten essays in fifteen ninety seven the second with thirty eight in sixteen twelve and the third as here printed in sixteen twenty five these richly condensed utterances on men and affairs show in the field of conduct something of the same stress on the useful and the expedient as appears in his scientific work but it is unjust to regard the essays as representing beacons ideal of conduct they rather a collection of shrewd observations. As to how in fact men do get on in life human nature not as it ought to be but as it is sometimes but by no means always they consider certain kinds of behavior from a moral standpoint. oftener they are frankly pieces of worldly wisdom again. they show bacon's ideas of state policy still again as in the essay of gardens. They show his private enthusiasms. They cover an immense variety of topics. They are written in a clear concise at times. Almost epigrammatic style. They are packed with matter and now as when he wrote them they to use his own words of them. Come home to men's business and bosoms.

sir nicholas bacon trinity college cambridge Sir maya baron verulam Viscount saint albans francis bacon house of commons Elizabeth alderman foundation of modern scientifi Bacon essex france house of lords elizabeth london james henry bacon
Bnus 02 - Daft Punk: o Legado

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Bnus 02 - Daft Punk: o Legado

"Which finished that do catherine says jamaica latronica daft burnt photo of brings gibberish national cigna. Failure our set aside your cell oak audi's new youtube bloomber. Would you have introduced je very reduce moving soon. Macao ofi due to bank. Being deemed that being vian do also veto be schoenborn borders the cash over to innovate trish planned. Lose efficiencies demand will increase to use. The storm is bumgarner. Seasonal parameters tudor house music. Pop dish could take no heart yet. He wobbled you. Stray homework edge immune of his santa's innovative said she tries to single. Funky kakapo jovian attrition. You your bid rod around the world be. Homework is still alive. Burning your revolution nine zero nine eight those you would have to our good old novum aleinu album discovery kisha go goolagong. Guyana para return ika. Komo's cashcall moved digital over harder. Better faster stronger. You single on Not one more time face. Moving to sasso. Hit the honeymoon. I indulge three to no longer thriving interstellar five five five five the story of the secret star system for five five five and five squad as he bt to be sure spill in the mid seem animus Teleprompter deft perk zone. Lazy much more to key edges said we are riding funds seduced deutsche. Few which could club coma said. Did you hear me. You might wish you one more time one off so free. Would you have something about us. That three on dyneema. So killing the push vera zo. Comex shop into the catholic can use to those single set fire to the ring that dell time. I'm mina thuan. There's something about how i wanted to say. Is there something between us anyway. Seeing plenty of so while human laughter. Oh get the to robot. Rock it technology up his success job much vices human after all Reached a hippie. Chievo dupleix theologies enter key. Wobble forever don't poise. Eligible side on jewish boussac To human after all those me we say shit you'll do for fish Relish daft purkis electronics is deby so grant public so seeking to hang they use them being alive co he's roving parish you leave causing quinta passion for the that. Well you have your would you. Harder better faster stronger. Don't want daft. Punk deutsche meters grammy's avi founded the jewish new company that should dodgy participle of your game. Dj hero work. E- boys is vinca quarter movies because that really autism although fixate cat thrown will lagarde s fascist photocopies poodle more cash that acquaintance single movies will finish dash to have to get there by the seattle komo. Dj's saint louis. After pike edge random mac sex memory stevie colada the coma farrar williams nile rodgers. you Do the animal collective maters g while building the almighty say scientists. Copious is no would you. My points dodged vandana simona just who we need baton rouge beatles use act monkeys on being remade should have to our considerably made a little ganapati by duplicate keystone my sink. Graham's wobble thanks trish category album do our you move through the dance. easing idea. Disown album classical was authorized Paradise get lucky mellanby pharmacy. Equal single dwelling. Excuse the heavy set your moods. Mix meg coincidental daft punk. You see laura artist dance music. You told the stamps after the project. Much comedy feelings are being pecan for vinci roy. To owners here vija can show finger loopless system apponaug. He is jebediah quad. data driven. Show is your favorite chew furniture. The trauma to those me see valley pinot various media such style animus tweet in. We start grown knowledgeable much public. I wish mccarron started a duplicate. Nice do as you just hct a catch. Obviously but also yet that brought them up yourself. Good thanks again lucky to get to get to get.

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Extrait : la radio des annes 20 aux annes 40 (Poste de la Tour Eiffel, Radiola, Radio Vitus, Le Poste Parisien, Radio Sud-Ouest, Radio T

Des Ondes Vocast

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Extrait : la radio des annes 20 aux annes 40 (Poste de la Tour Eiffel, Radiola, Radio Vitus, Le Poste Parisien, Radio Sud-Ouest, Radio T

"Projects that komo song on novum of town route posted a toy fellow. How'd you details komo. Said you should see dominiol. They can't debuted swelling on pull on more studio dude me to sri dumpty concern concerned. You know unapproved on november. Minnesota undo Luna smaller than show you the europe. Let's trump preview. The fill. Benecke the unpredictability. Dennis tito at conspiracy equity ski vital to the give. Those on need you totally. Don't clear the of these. Your your suddenly Key peel ridge presents yochelson Duputy buzzer twice about what you do. Lean assembled somebody in the modern gospel of under this on these saltiel temple nuclear dispensary about disarm took. Valuable is phone because almost Alison nickel thought. To-do judaism show you equity jen. Showed up on your cisco Ripples orbital institutional nato may lament A useful Odd yoda a chappel will never been off. Dow assumpico justed muscle are yes audio scientists for so long. Then gino your jamal. Orissa ample ambulatory receipts. Saddam had you around just ended. A palm yanni. Sandra hodge era. Hal bought equity well mid autumn was. How'd you do that. Knows his aunt on or look. I'm going to say i yearn gundy. Associative skipped if our says leaker. What's on to disney about. I've kinda done the a new zuhdi hyun a. in the news. I won't alabama nausea duck as we talk shop on your use associate dalil leila us your nepal though. He didn't give stop on on limits. Called remo who had call did was gone through his co. somalia eliza. I sat atop the post. They may deficit with little weaponry boulder. Listen and me to do. D cost wwl at the global mobile his ocado and demean signed sauce. What's happening. Hey good is a good show. Had your nobody advice. Acade- bullshit blessed perceivable offset commodity mandate a lot about missing tremendous model is mortal man. That she was little was feel now. Include off on on on the southern doing the many to fund. Dunk your resume soon to the new australian rescues autonomy on saddam. Jt had because any probe up. How'd you consider komura palmiers. Predate it off it. Had you last seen all set that also tell me vici more on these us on a good. Don't do you still do not suffer a lot of halls of that necessarily disease control The don't get south audio. Lost settled on the Data book edition. Are this new Offer knowing Tell us russo on seven speak auction. Yachties ski results Leveled so we'll sell v goop for know The net present value creepy Jan. ltn is any puteaux. don't New on your whole cerezo can resolve a has shown noise. Niva inc only families novels Nez the power to attack could eat youtube channel. club Doing cipto i say crete Do a litter a Quality loose talk you beach elucidatory. Pd it don't do this or go on his presell jiashi-artux latest as trump risks syrup anatolia municipality Patil mentor the Mature jack Masih won't summoned sonic muffing business. Sark patino autism. Set them if previous Humor that you bought for it on the soap ldp to the news about this central on pubic dipoto. Such a dollar. You're not talking liquid up john who Osvaldo davis deter leader of they. Don't go all suspect. judah A restorative nido loss audio an Destroying its own by the fellow regis senior reportedly Denisot don't reduce n- also reduce when users Which you don't you don't reading old you also You look good. Euro pitchy young Lupus these no solvent gut. Uc good young. Joo gummed up in the kennel sale. Used west to the mall is no more than get a little. Designed all the novel's events She's about las Outer on but me sit on. Thanks to show the those Judit gimmicky Demo of do more ya ll lawyer. The calm now saw what to do is open up. A company has not Burstein he just wanna you will say column isn't a hush debut. Do a film May those The w You'll lovie the auto mall Every component institute buys yankees up The house or the eldest she'll autism a Eight Want released while she knew st louis Prevalent now. i'm putting your of key legal. Put your view With you is anita on comment Down not show remedial deputy until wbz sister Don't up to three today to talk multi enough. I'm assuming the previous comment about getting z. the first appearance i could hear sewn. Zeke can book with That it'd be is talk at our own ver- cast.

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Whats the deal with Dr. Seuss?

Dreas Point of View

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Whats the deal with Dr. Seuss?

"The pod breed network is strictly for the small podcasts. That are up and coming in the vast world of podcasting. Hod breed is made up of many diverse podcasts. Coming together to achieve the same goal of being the best damn podcast network on the planet. Find out more at pod. Breed dot com You are now listening to draw his point of view a female hosted podcast bringing you various topics in ten minutes or less no fluff no nonsense prepared to be captivated fascinated and elevated to a different plateau without further ado. Here's your house this dre. You are listening to dreyer's point of view. I am hostess. Tria where the next few minutes talking to you about dr seuss. Episode was actually recorded. A while back. I'm just now putting it out for some reason. So hopefully you'll listen to till the end. It's not nolde subject but it was an interesting one. It was brought up a while back. You as it as a distraction from the insurrection. So am i. what what. What is the deal with dr seuss. We all grew up with it. What's what's the fascination. Most of us grew up reading those books cat in the hat. Green eggs and ham so apparently after months of discussion from researchers they found that two percent of all the characters in the books are of color and the teachers and specialist decided to stop production on six of the book. So six of the books are cancelled from dr seuss and it won't be chosen at read across america day anymore on march second now mike after all these years. I don't know why everybody's trying to get politically correct. Just this past year so i wanted to talk about the six books that are cancelled once offensive to one may not be offensive to others but he has other books. You don't have to read those six here okay. The first one is if i ran the zoo that one offends asians and africans this boy talks about the helpers who all wear their is at a slant shows african men who looked like caricatures and mentions the african island of eureka. Now keep in mind when these books are written decades ago so everything i guess was more acceptable now. Everything is questionable. And to think that i saw it on mulberry street. That book describes a chinese character colored yellow eating bowls of rice and wearing a cone hat. The original version said china man who eats with sticks and it was later changed to chinese man and they removed the color and pigtail third book. That was canceled nick. Elegance pool pronounce correctly about a boy who goes fishing and is told it's too small and he imagines different fish that may come to the pool from the ocean. The offensive part is in you at people or eskimo fish from on hudson bay the next book on beyond zebra features a character called newseum nazim of brassinne who rides a camel like creature called a spicy were spazzy under novum pronouncing that correctly scrambled eggs super as people in very coats that represent. Intuit's innuendo or eskimos. The cats quiz is a book of questions. That has a yellow figure. And a hat asks. How do you have to be japanese now. i guess i would find that one offensive. I haven't read all these books. I really just kind of skimmed it over but those are the six that she are cancelled. Ironically dr seuss spoke against racism and anti-semitism during world war two although he depict japanese with exaggerated racial features considering the times. I'm sure he was the only one who depicted rachel images. Charles schultz was accused of it by only having one black character franklin. Another topic that pertains to this things that we grew up with is sesame street. We now have black muppets. After all these years. And i don't know i mean. I'm glad that we're finally being included. But i've always considered sesame street to be inclusive. You know it had its black hosts or guests stars. I never i don't ever dot of why don't we have any muppets. Looked like me. Mom i i never that never crossed my mind. I mean i guess it's better late than never but i kind of could he kept it wesleyan. Elijah there the muppets that were created to talk about racial difference. There was one called roosevelt's in the seventies but some thought that he gave racial stereotypes. And i talked about how i felt about this on my podcast of day. Which is bra. It's a podcast and this trio talks about things that are going on. now they each give their opinions. They have a fun youtube channel. I listen to him on spotify. And i didn't interview with them. We talked about the black muppets and they gave their take on it. I don't know it's like it's are some things better left. Not being done would is better late than never. They got left that one alone. I appreciate. I appreciate the inclusive activities. They're trying to do but they probably could've left that. I just thought that's that's misread already. Had that universal appeal. But if you are interested in following me i'd appreciate it. You can find me on instagram and facebook at grays point of view as well as dre appoint on twitter. I also have a website where you can buy merchandise. Leave a review voicemail message. You can also become a patriotic number. I'd love for you to support my show. I got three different tiers mu choose from pretty cool website. You can also hear me on podcast network. Good pods and pod chaser. This has been dreyer's point of view. Thank you for listening. To every sunday and wednesday for a new episode of his point of view please subscribe on all major platforms and leave a review or voice message on. www dot dray his point of view dot com until next time.

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Resenha: Empyrium - ber Den Sternen (Neofolk  Alemo)

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Resenha: Empyrium - ber Den Sternen (Neofolk Alemo)

"Was on lies relate to sell the so broadcaster tad so f f the l. Michelle move gas on rebel s. I get out so he'll healed obama yuba done annan. Do imperials giving seychas. It'll pillow prophecy. Productions sydell his phone savoly bill. Lean chillers coming to souvenir doom autrement do assist worlds. Not why they seem. Do ultimate blace eat. Deliberation do disillusion cata ebay had finished in key called a way to mussolini's innocent quaint toys. Mean look to play in cpm. You know my burned jim now. Full keep is what was thing. Data now falke always be tomato tomioka to someone g hand in hindu gun nevada and these question not using mris barons misunders days so much. These don't focus on song tired. Oh card all inland do vinnie with amata infants. Witchy it is thing a a winter set do gentlemen songs of moors and misty filled. They set at night. The wood grouse plays all aged weiland. Do as the turn of the tines toys yui eastern deduce meal evening to monday commander. Dupla schwab the off schwab off schwab office down about it. Dims with thomas helm takata. Novo only say yeah. Zone is loose. Scott them the gallon two centuries to medical care no choice except the podcast twitter facebook instagram. Komo a months poison telegram grabbed tip onto me bam decides to commit to come to be making a and that does is using the system. Hazing committee could offer news then. He told me to motorcycle the war with omega and confidence. Boone guess what the product can go without. Ps wounded heavy metal damato martyrdom To artists confident and beaver into ball. And we'll follow follow nail folk threes discretionary full capable syfy coma saying has steadily dings his neck cycle. How else in the forest at dusk do forever autumn southern jeff vinci nova jim morrison's visit. Obviously the beginning kante comb such mussa said his adult. We take what minute play forever. All cowboy the doom metal being key me groper no focus on the message massachusetts. So do your brothers. So there is that was done southern cinemas saints will house in the forest at dusk. A wonderful mother put autumn. Nassar asking the optic again get three autumn ni duke guy. He'll guile bugging salvi. Scar map is ace am skillful. The mal kept missile. Social do maui. sent commitment up in connecticut. They will at how these masada y-y-you would fall gardens. Management is moving. Ch- latinos productions are going to lose face me not deeply foul geico but know folk de commerce sewing. Some who are put record vermont necessities digital his meal each session. She's versus was echoing. The substance erotic within ohm is an essential to achieve visa so ladder year atavism slutty iguana do proper forgotten. Less e has built clip. Puskas look at the metaphor guidance As me we do this edge. But i'll watch production over can take on this mussa studies entertain or even ship play for god keita for leo. You know focused on fokin gil so of course and it's worth that vermont so it's not as humid solve all south school folly by him so he is a co in which means as musical as less e has that could push close to the format would eighteen goldberg goldberg by stolz schools. Remain to slam the fog. Ona what you blue sister. If you our bruce campbell. Russia skill to this on him goes sawicki lush kiama. Saiki don't don't know them as illiterates which i think velocity movement wounds thankful to born to. That's actually do. Not security do just could pin fossil to no four connect us issue bockel. Hope licadho grange signal out. Don't take moscow versus in a new folk autofocus folk police commissioner. Don't they'll focus. Muslims following ilya post-punk eighty view the missouri's to the but miserable doom. The shoot gays. Be the ms mombasa. My my suspending ties. Miss don't don't want postbank anus meal now. Spunky ki ki ki dice possibilities when awful folksy foggy thing want mark three to prematurely here. Gina industry our darling cinch. We'll see anything postbank chew eastern with all my city who window sale and we'll have medical literally ski. I stood out. Boss industrialists monet. Zhao focusing on fourcade by or apple knows in prison novum to disavow the upper. Have the army's very meet up other media plaza dj jinx due to the carolina. Sell the tutor. Somebody's spot girls or not Mice quality because. I'd put him gino induced to the two s Nova moment by the of other duality highs so no folks to complete college sisley complicated basket aquitaine busking mitch. A crucial thing. Winter into fail talks. Also say gloss. Eighteen the kikuko folktales it. Bruce shutt- be. We don't get to going to quiz. There's no doubt that. I don't want the mobsters go chase easy for anything totally in mexico. So pull each foci cookie. She wouldn't fall. Aquino focus is and as e default on away your fees office because things up supplement fuzzy. His you fought to no four key. Wyss chile no. anna's. Easter was chill. You shoot will follow winsome since schmidt must step. You'll send me into a pattern now. Automo- don't call cintas. they survived swamp wing to nazis. madonna's israel. Oh not participate. But you're not so now nassar now solicitor alimony and nationally started biting tie. Kitty kitty kelley. But you do talisa by lista nacional. East database inking but at least alamo e novocure follow soberly selenium. Don't want start fall into brenda. I more mccomb winners question. The minimum bussey the cynical take new core do norfolk constantly under seeing keeping more motive magic. Eight up almost does so mice at their shit. Fuss thing bundle as into vocational by the suzuki. We'll know focusing at the contest. Money guys that don't dessus keep keep with it. Put put and as they got to tailor jittery sustained with stumbles out. Go out on the malinga neo folk interesting. Blackie s abandoning beautiful. The to soobee be sabih shimada so busy mother. No super mother sue bisham on galleno. Bottom fair this has got to focus on web doom. Medef you doing the shoe gays in the way of when she guards shooter is on. The show went to market owl moving to new caetano folk in mice kyoko but the sixty to stop single cat dot some levels kids. Don't settle figure and top. Single word ocado lieberman to be seeing pm. Con la semaine to do violent does midways there. He didn't figure bang my sat on the turn of the tides authority check. Ups could wanted the main cat. Dr buttocks stimulants are within blasphemous. Macquarie's scholar stanley figura. Top be some distance signal that you catering cassese just put. The partisans does how equal sochi homage. But he could only trace today's date of saw but youth e diak lebanon. Greg like matto he your trip to for your tone the yodeling genoveva back on my shit on. She says his fin. Norman tony the mid is almost like a hidden cost him. Say well we did you in pedia understand the. He's seven terrific. She account daresay so-called desa ki. Ki is see alborn album atmosphere the g. g. g force such judgments fair episode yet most therapists single streamers settlement to ding someone to nesta wing to hell. This it is plummeting setting such most fair e. double simply simone duplicity jimmy paraly- who so scott is named don't sense also funds you start missing from slidell kosugi couple george. Some cookies kissed the glazier. Multiple awarded the mice. You you you imperial. Ub stuff in it is sagging felix. This is a course because the dow. Because you'll on that isn't it. To the view on discussing single stop dawn calcott individualist ski glossy folk by gosta becoming just being moro's a senior kiama competitions phone dubbed flip. Do d'amato in tunnel. They do a little poussin ladies. Ms mckee e faisali s. Timoteo your your loan. I visited a quick. But i just want to let persona is into beings and completely sold me to change severe imply. Missa sale takada. No major florida esther alabama in volta put on put a pledges industry is scary contra. This cd squawky email. Saito legitimate on motorcycle. Assist assist his co. financial told me it similar systems witwatersrand does sell put up the gp's living matter how they meet on winter to the zoo. Artis confident and be singled mathematical category. Rabat's permit them podcast on twitter. Facebook instagram coming up poison. The telegram com tip onto me by Also say she met on monday to comb through the air. Here lies away to sell the silk podcast. Aja so vulnerable headman elmo's broadcast all without out those the other do this are so women that also cited menthol wounds and a foldable.

Nassar postbank Dupla schwab thomas helm takata Hazing committee jeff vinci nova jim morrison mussa Puskas fokin gil goldberg goldberg stolz Saiki bockel ilya post vermont Komo weiland fourcade mussolini vinnie
The Artifact: The Sugar Light

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

08:49 min | 3 months ago

The Artifact: The Sugar Light

"Today's episode is sponsored by general motors. The future of driving is electric. And it's coming fast. That's why general motors and evey gore adding more than two thousand seven hundred new fast chargers across the country through twenty twenty five for the benefit of electric vehicle drivers on the road and best of all. These stations will be one hundred percent powered by renewable electricity. It's all part of their commitment to making convenient fast charging accessible for everyone learn more about how gm is developing an all electric future at g. m dot com. everybody in today's episode is sponsored by general motors. How far is too far going. After the entire nation of norway maybe too far but when designing their next generation of vs general motors engineers ask themselves. How can we go. even further. that's gm developed altium. A revolutionary new ev platform built for power flexibility and range capable of taking you from here to there and back again. Discover how gm's new electric vehicles can take you. Further at gm dot com. Everybody in. hey everybody i am here with scheduling note. Today's episode would normally be full length core episode of the show but due to a holiday. We are switching up the order this week. So there's going to be a short artifact episode today and then full length episodes will air on wednesday and thursday of this week and now onto the episode. Welcome to stuff to blow your mind. A production of iheartradio. Hi my name is joe mccormack. And this is the artifact a short form series from stuff to blow your mind focusing on particular objects ideas and moments in time in the year sixteen twenty. The english philosopher sir francis bacon published. A book called novum or again him in which he described a program for investigating the world through empiricism and organized inductive reasoning as an example of how to employ his new method bacon discusses at length the physical phenomenon of heat cataloging examples of heat in nature but also what he calls quote proximate instances wanting the nature of heat in other words situations where other phenomena observed alongside heat in nature or witnessed but without the heat for example the moon and the stars shine with light. That's bright like sunlight but not hot like sunlight and so forth but here in one paragraph bacon starts to list more anomalous sources of cold light. He mentions a kind of light quote. Which in some well authenticated and serious histories is said to have appeared around the head and hair of boys and virgins and instead of burning their hair merely to have played about it he also explains with great confidence that in times of darkness or damp weather. A sweaty horse will emit flashes of light. He writes quote in like manner see and saltwater is sometimes found to shine night when struck violently by the or the foam of the sea when agitated by tempests also sparkles at night and the spaniards called disappearance the seas lungs. While i don't know what to make of the claim that sometimes sweaty horses glow or that the ocean will shine with the slap of an oar. There is one claim in this passage. That sounds just as weird as the rest and yet it is entirely true and exhaustively verified. Bacon writes quote. It is well known that all sugar whether candied or plain. If it be hard will sparkle when broken or scraped in the dark the fact that sugar glows when scraped. Her crushed is now a well documented phenomenon. You might have even seen it yourself by smashing window. Green lifesavers with a hammer or throwing a bunch of sugar cubes into a blender when you smash the sugar it releases. Pops of ghostly light often blue in colour. This phenomenon is an example of what's called tribal luminescence a light that is emitted when certain substances are mechanically stimulated by for example rubbing crushing scraping or tearing apart many of these substances are crystalline in nature like sugar quartz. Crystals often begin to glow when rubbed together rapidly in a darkened room. Several studies on tribal luminescence in quartz mentioned a type of artifact used by some of the people of colorado which was type of rattle made from translucent buffalo rawhide filled with quartz pebbles which would allegedly glow with tribal luminescence when shaken at night as the pebbles inside smashed against one another but there are other stranger sources of tribal luminescence. You can sometimes see a rolling line of blue sparks by peeling adhesive tape off of a role or peeling in adhesive bandage envelope apart in very low light. Despite the fact that tribe luminescence has been observed for hundreds or even thousands of years the physical mechanisms leading to the emission of light or still not fully understood. And there's no universal theory. That explains all instances but we know some things travel luminescent seems to be especially common in crystals with an asymmetric structure. A common explanation given is that win. The crystals are fractured. Many electrons are actually ripped away from their atomic nuclei generating an electrical field. The electric charge differences neutralized when these free electrons eventually rejoin with adams across the fracture gap leading to the emission of light in some cases tribe. Luminescence seems to depend on the gases surrounding the material the familiar blue glow of crushed sugar can be turned red if you do the crushing in a sealed container filled with neon gas indicating that the blue light in this case has to do with the emission spectra of the nitrogen that makes up most of our air so in sugar glows blue. The blue light is probably caused when nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere are excited by electrical discharge from the cracking sugar. Crystals as the nitrogen atoms fall back down to their ground state they emit photons at frequencies that include some visible blue light almost like lightning in the cracks of the candy. And before i finish. I wanna say if anyone has any insight on the glowing sweaty horse you have our email address tune into new editions of the artifact every wednesday hosted either by robert or myself as always you can email us at contact at stuff to blow your mind dot com stuff to blow. Your mind is production of iheartradio for more podcasts. Iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Beware the monster. You're running from mike. The yourself introducing more dale. A new fiction thriller podcast from the creative minds of blunt house and crip tv one month after two brothers disappear. In the shenandoah forest the lone survivor of the perry merges starving disoriented and traumatized. Listen to more day on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. What is it like to give up everything for life completely. Devoted to god. I'm eric lance and i'm a journalist and the host of the new podcast. The turning the sisters who left. I spent over a year. Researching mother teresa's catholic order the missionaries of charity. I've spoken with former sisters. Who worked closely with mother teresa. They talk about her bold vision and devotion to charity and prayer but some of them found that life inside this fiercely. Private religious order was not what they'd imagined. The order was wired that you had very little time to think. You're only getting input from one source you isolated from everyone else. That's what i mean by brainwashing. You could not have a friend. This was specifically prohibited. If you've got to close some somebody it was really. You're playing with fire. If you make a lifelong vow what does it mean to break. Listen to the turning the sisters who left on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Stories Philippines Podcast

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"Task. Down Adventure. Mystery series. Jeez file number seven. Moscow. Malone Keno. Come. By nata looming Siham. Saga on. My hus- Natalia Nettie Gore. Little no come here. seat. State. On. In a month of Basle Newmarket's own Lena? Joe? Kiko. Anita. Delaware now. NASA Sula. Not Be be authentic. In. Akiko, to the senior. One. Kiko. UPS have been done. See Joe Sabean. Hindi Lung. NASA. Mess. I'm no. Union. Nas did not. Small. Cup of gamonal. When Bob Aglo a mobile when on Mesa at me? Leaked Talladega. In Depot Unit Land on properly. Score. Me May Muslim woman say. Some IGUANAS an-and. Bottom sippy not a cougar snuka Masonry Gore. I. Can Matarese some down permit kilos. Alassane. Yoga. Guide. Goatee. dyson orders of. Mason. Endemic that they won't. Allow government not to. Joel. Anybody your own planner nominee who stumbles Alaska Yeah Bug Bowman he menial. In Denial Moscoso. Keelan. Barrel. Galina dialing demand me when the Bruno. The Hawker Novum Sabaneta got notable among highly final our Bangalore Bustan by. The ICE No. I bottom than Milano, me Bruno some Mesa. In the meat on and Dilawar. Begin. On killing among dilawar Abbas in darkness emotion. The namath. Tunnel. Aso Known, Kiko Labus known by. Any Papa secret. An auto. In deep. AC- Leher Nabi nomar awesome by. Ricky in the Marshall Sealer. Seen among Mike my up above. On. Producer Nila. Joe, I mean in Coma Mugabe Ballots Aso. Battle. Unbanning for Blue Globe than delegator. Omar up on a correct it'd be. Opportunity Nas uncle among dot. EU seminar one. Leads. INTO JOE on record up until. BOGGLES SELAH TALIA The. Haricot Deng Latin, and see not be nearly Gore. Some belief that. Las, long thumper I bohm Mata us, an Baba they. Must Have Syam lumbar on. The. Hawaiian scenically, job sequel from God Solano could. The on kingdom alas Uncle Cassini medal convened. Delegate. Ask noponte. Lancome hold. But. Extinct. Bouma us. Not Omar Hebrew about the. Miss. dulong revolt or JOE AT. Indeed to within. Punching they beat not in hint to nominate. Handgun. Some Willing Komo? Model Aso. Not Unto. Need you home Goddamn, by the US almost all owning the idea who Nikica? Society. Under my. Easy Nevada county nature is indeed in Italy. Mind among the mugging dog food PRISCILA Bergman. Pat. On. Nas. Akiko. DEREK DOT COM on any. Cy. Assadullah Squadron Rural. Janecky. Quirks AURAS. Summer Cossiga Nikki Nagano. With US bomb out. A. New Realm on haeco penalty in east now you. Make it in the Lama. Indeed Masilo. Sahara. Miami by. Kiko potty. KY-KO's thing A. Mahan. On what on e. was seen a donkey co borrow. None big lump tomato. Soup Brennaman. Awesome it'll. I. Adam. Sabi Miki Quick Society who need can deepen a shot. Aso. Woo Ian. Butler. Silas. Sympathy. dropped. Donna Mamata awesome by the Muslim seen. them at. All seen. Customer City Gore. NEW Bruno. UC? Not The number one more. Sabanilla NAP, peaks Calvin about. Aso. boggled. Bouillon permissive. In a bubble we city Gore. Done new. Di Di to the ask the nominee. Michael. Not Go. Nas Key. Denied to up the? Bottom went to Egypt in. A demeanor K-Y-K-O Kyko come on but in just. Seeing the auto. Sydney all. My reach glue. Audio Nike Down Really goes to share though. Sobbing Kiko surreally. My Nike Dr Shamma. Fouls and a bus by. Bottom. Savant. would. New Me Bus Johnson Deli Wounded Hindi putting Magliolo among distant POW. Anina. Brooks ups Akiko. Nillubon casino mailer not buddy among. On Thou-. Dean Ammonia Makita. Among. See Losha. Goten Kiko. No Long Mutton God some. The ICE The. boxy bogging. Sobbing keycorp really numb up. Check. See Bogging. Down on the Benito. CG Not among wake. Qindeed the Army Nike. See Go Nikki Society. Willem de la Salsa at Molina the months a bus. Dylan. Seniors Moss I`Ma. bittel. Dementia bathing go on and innate. Ice Asshole. For. At bottom. Mara roaming ailing US Akiko. Gone up and guide them aren meeting. Wants in Google Ding Ding. Ding Liu anoc. Bottom Anita named. Dina Murari. That the Heineke. Swanson with piling them. Up Top. Want Mukasey go see Kiko big lining discovery who are no top top notch. Reflection not Ottawa's young Kiko. Egypt green unsecure. Earning massena sense in Gino delete cotton guide in. Luke's. Up at the momentum all. Day Long among amongst. Bottom Dada Selena Sabi Nico. Really Really. Beaten. By the I thought Sibenik Genus About Public Policy Lazovic. Guiding close by Gaza. made the no more bunker but women door. Malani. Jean Nevada Island Nila on buying them. Boo Achim Vincent. No amount of dignam by bugsy knock. Equiano arena genome bogey on nine yards on DASA walk. But my ex among Mike, dial went up on a Monday Nina Simone at the woman. WHO Incomparable McNary. Bogey. My sauce being Bossa Nova. Scotia. Necessarily mean. At NASA. Bottomless Fussy shop no by. Dina Mama Lion New BOGIN UNFORT- Makiko. Son Guiding also. Known among might. Upset about sobbing Darwin on beholden. Wouldn't who who you? Nepal unseen unseen sobbing bogging. Pharmacy Ceelo shot the Hindi Milwaukee. He Newman Lena. High. Sec. Putting. Unseen the Gina Gina. Kilo snug at the be. Larry Books. Wanted to both Jew. Eat. Long. Not Unique. I M. Lavar books. Chino. Coming in see genus addiction by. Mara Mulally. From Keinan Lung. Lung Mahina Luana gu-guy links aluminum by. May Not. Reflect. Guna new are. Biljana No. Molly Benjamin Netanyahu Bison Joepat Kiko. But Jen been of eternity in Harland DR use. But only pantano unquote. Although not. So Good Gino Manni support the. Sec No padding. Stop Stoppers. NOVELA. GOUPIL. mcglone. Among to where you want to celebrate. twinkle dynamic ASENA. bought. Rain on yachting decommissioning the. Gino. Molina unlucky. MEANS EIGHTEEN ANOC. A Keith on Keith Gino. Luhan it'll. More School June. Gula Gula the Berlin. Is Who? Is. A. Key. G. O.. Two synock equal to. D- Mop. New Genome. merb`ys to mind MANASA Bari Woods. Among Mike. Booming Condemn put on Portal in. Tax, Lupu at the Imambargah on. More on by. Bogey. Precinct. SABANCI NO MARGARITA KOMO didn't want us, about who. Now he does. He Gino now is on debunked irrational Colli in. Someone. Nicola Procedure. Now, big long my land right on my has been to a non-casino. Last CPA unique among might a Gino? Inaugural among Mike seen a Kika. Parham hurlock supper. Got Ninety. Aso Dud the Hobby Lobby. Gino Hubbub Gina, Hannigan I`Ma. Seen Akiko at. And Comedy Sogenal. NUXIE GOOD DILEMMA POUND MOTHER DONA three in Burma Bosnian had dancy brutal. Ugly. High Gino been. Done show on your little known. But Mago Gino. Uncut up in about an. Aso. Gino uncle. Ohio. Mubanga snus. Boone on Doolan Hawaiian. He not even. Mukasey Bruno. The cut scene on Gino. Nakas Haas. numb elegance in Akiko a democracy among might be Jeanne Hoban Manali. Indeed them on the campus on Aso dial to a well are in Ivanka Selena. Moebius Kasese offer it Austin goal. On tumblr Lucy. Awfully novelist number known. Unseen Gino One Mike at Buna. Big Long Idiocy. He Labus Mandela Gita on. Away even. On our attentions counter. Major Stop Morton. Tab. Not. UNPERCEIVED. On. Delegate been it necessarily casino. Joe. been. boggle in a hug isil opening seed on tape recorder ignored Anita volume label at sopping dot amply. Bottom. Donald. Near. Lead. The. Super. Brunel. Gummier. Spa. Voices Nettie got. Little. Beneath our now Aso gotten a Hawaiian. Ethos. State. Sabi by bosses Nettie goal. Now, eastern neo a Nacional Inaki. At mckeon dynamics. With Milosevic? Recorder. NASA does. Saba Kiko number ninety, nine hyphen, the bus, a Asu. Mobile snapple Monique CG. Wanted. So did Lama. By the Dynasty to. Bully nothing. So body half along bump along Salah now I don't been to Silas. See bulking micheals among dot police. Dion. Of some police at supper given Delwan punk police a synagogue. Cimpor nominee to good move lupus. The Hong Thing Saab any bookings? Asama. Timing more bogues. Believe Cooler. The one doing some big issue. Among them Yati. Montana's. Police work. Be Nonstop Nealon by. To. Surround? Pollino. He d whole. Monica sobbing. Pero dinning among shot. non-muslim. Police. The novella among Mike at Mobilised. Nationally sight unseen. A home. Buddha. The nozzle organ bugner yet I'm in Hana. TROTTA. Going on man. Bun Top. I knitted good. Alamo. GEICO sober now no more no more American police stories. Sabi by some police Katie Gardner Toronto. In Putnam police and bugs us a heat. Accent cheaper at the motel. Nakahara only ignominy but. My in La don't bug A. Heat and her ballot someone knocking whole. Begin Canine on bone. Be One gun have been almost non police unkown. Musk Keno. must say unwillingness non-roman. On the walk now cholera my blocked. Mata.

Keith Gino Mike Akiko Natalia Nettie Gore Joe NASA Nas Anita dot Kiko Labus La Aso. Kiko surreally Mesa Mara Mulally Egypt Gino Manni Gino uncle US Joe Sabean
Akbar-Birbal - Aparadha parisodhana Telugu Kathalu Kids stories Chandamama kathalu

Telugu Kathalu

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Akbar-Birbal - Aparadha parisodhana Telugu Kathalu Kids stories Chandamama kathalu

"Hi friends miss on the podcast. New started them on coonawarra. I did poco nut. Grinchey till wilson. They either put technology them me. Computer later for nubia gingy me broadcast knee. Anger lonnie record. Maria elementary school. Where two income podcasts. Spotify apple podcast. Google podcasts alot and got distributors in the marine corps. Lesean anka dot. Fm later anchored abney download is only miss on the podcast. Galanos medium gsa kundi n. c. h. or art dot. Fm anchor dot fm. A better be. Well katelyn opera. The barista donna negative. Sequin them. I've what checker to be november bit to coney with dan low noticed. The nardo would not turn the budget deal bit to go watching according martini knee. Bela tokat data the saga burrito mine about the colombian opportunity by the dot com beaten. Wahines hairdo bob. Nobody sailing beautiful not ghana radolph but on in opie donate pod per tune. Tina veronica naked the medium unknowledgeable. 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12 Elementos da Gesto de Excelncia - Q04: Nos ltimos sete dias, recebi algum reconhecimento ou elogios por realizar um bom trabalho - S01E32

Talentos para o Sucesso

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12 Elementos da Gesto de Excelncia - Q04: Nos ltimos sete dias, recebi algum reconhecimento ou elogios por realizar um bom trabalho - S01E32

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