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"nossa kogyo" Discussed on The Leroy And Earl Show (feat. Carleeezy)

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"nossa kogyo" Discussed on The Leroy And Earl Show (feat. Carleeezy)

"And really I'll be there to cover. We can't wait. Wow that's a nice city to. I never would have guessed never murder. Murder rate is fifty one per one hundred thousand or one hundred thousand. Wow and we needed to drum roll for number one here we go okay Saint Louis Missouri. I don't know if I believe this. Fill the seats has the excuse me fill. The city still has the highest murder rate in the country. Two thousand eighteen marked the second consecutive year with a decline until the murders so downfall on the downfall but still number one number one on a unbelievable. It is unbelievable. What was that Nossa Kogyo? No Chicago New York City. No Los Angeles NO DALLAS HOUSTON CLEVELAND. None of the big cities you would think Detroit's probably the only one no Chicago. I can't believe that I know like in nineteen twenty. Five in Chicago was a murder capital of the world during Prohibition Crazy Crazy San Bernardino California's number twelve so there's a California one. Wow number twenty Chicago Illinois is number sixteen in two thousand eighteen. Five hundred sixty three people were murdered in that city. Wow Wow. Ge's hey on the line we got. Soul Gorman how's it going buddy going well thank you for meeting me? There could turn the music down now. This show is not gotten any better. I can tell you that right now. Come on man. Did you call it just insult us now? I heard you talking about the murder. Capital of the world and speaking about murder. Have you seen how much tickets going for the Super Bowl I have not? How much is a ticket going for the Super Bowl? Hey Carl Easy Yo. You'll you'll carleen. Listen so you just gave us the old murder capital murder capital the top ten all that stuff you. WanNa talk about martyr. Take a guess how much an average super bowl ticket is for the Super Bowl. Coming up to sending three thousand one hundred sixty one dollars. It hasn't been that much since two thousand fourteen in two thousand twenty average ticket for a super bowl for the super bowl between the Kansas City chiefs and the San Francisco. Forty niners seven thousand seven hundred thirty three dollars. Oh Okay I want you to compare that to super bowl. One where tickets were nine dollars. A hundred years ago wasn't one hundred years ago was fifty three years ago all right. I know around here. Remember he's Nfl Guru so actually Witesses but this is. This is what it is dishes. Always not the most expensive one. The most expensive super bowl in history was back in two thousand fifteen. When the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks? The average super bowl ticket price was nine thousand. Seven hundred twenty three dollars so my question for you voices who the hell is going to the Super Bowl. Sure resilient me me neither seven thousand dollars to go to the Super Bowl. I can do a lot with seven thousand dollars. The Dave Ramsey is strongly against purchasing super bowl ticket rolling over in his grave. When he sees that I don't think he's dead if he sees those prices you'll have heart attack and then more so he. So what's your prediction for the Super Bowl? Well first of all. I'd like to say that I am elated ecstatic and relieved that the Green Bay packers did not win otherwise I would be you know sitting. I would be screaming right now that this whole thing is rigged but did not win so I have I have faith in Roger Goodell and the NFL for a little bit longer but the chiefs are going to play the forty niners and now Tony. It's going to be a great game. It's going to be a lot better than last year. Snooze fest and I predict and I'M GONNA go out on a limb here that the Kansas City chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl by three points by a field by field. Goal my friends. That's what the Kansas City chiefs are going to do. I'm not going to predict the score mostly because I bets on it and I don't want to give anything away. Would you be giving away the whole line and all that stuff funny business? Chuck three points. This is going to be close game. It's going to be a good one. It's going to be a good game. It's going to be a lot of points scored a lot of lot of turnovers Patrick mahomes young boy. Young man his first time in the game of course Garoppolo onto the side of his first time. He's a little bit older but Yeah a lot of fresh meat so to speak all all the old guard you know. The drew brees Tom. Brady's and Aaron Rodgers they make. She says it's going to be It's going to be a good game. It's going to be a lot of fun and What do you got any plans that Carl easy for the Super Bowl? I'll I want every single super bowl party every single year. I request one thing. You know that is now what one one food dish to rule them. All Buffalo Chicken dip really. My wife makes it every year every year. I cannot I will go out of my way to find some friends that have made buffalo chicken debt and I will go get it. Well come on over live me live. Belichick dip on the Super Bowl and my wife killer Buffalo Chicken dip really. Unfortunately she'll be out of town because she's going on a town to visit with their parents but she's GonNa make it ahead of time. Because I told her she has to. Who you to more more to say not really all right so thanks for calling him buddy your problem you guys keep up the good work I'll get used this new format Eventually I mean whatever so I talked to guys later argued Gorman there from from the Leroy neural show. That's what we could do. We changed the name. We'll just you don't WanNA character comes on we'll see. Saw Gorman from the Lee warriner will show boom boom there you have it so I I didn't really mean to cut you off there but the you're talking about the murder capitals and the Super Bowl Price. I thought I could slide that like a segue. Forgive you doesn't forgive me. Yeah so We're going to end the show tonight. Maybe not right this second because Carl you may have something. I'll say we're in the show with another original song mine. I I have the urban dictionary where the day that's it and the urban dictionary word of the day which we should probably change the word of the week word the week again. We don't do the show every day. I it's only it's only for this day though true. That's true that is true. It's an easy one. You're going to get this one right away Definition is insane. Yeah it's Kobe. It's it's when you shoot anything into anything. Good point where everyone else when they shoot a fadeaway jump shot with a paper ball into the garbage game. We Kobe now. They're going to Kobe. Was I kind of your household. Yeah hit the wrong one. I forgive you thank you. So Yeah Did Anybody GET BINGO tonight? We should probably be at did you. That's a really good idea. What should probably may actually make up a Bingo cards telling you all right This is a good show. I appreciate everyone. That's listening and has listened. All our Goldmember shift hits which You know there's another thing that we changed. The show might have two people aren't going to know what the hell they stocking much shift heads you know but anyway we appreciate your listening to the. Leroy show which is W E D the Big Talker talker talking. So yeah all right. We're going to end like I said with another original song. This is almost almost all original songs. They did play a little clutch. There's a bumper and yet we're GONNA end with this. This is just an instrumental. I am playing the guitars and the basis multiple cars near basis. Yes well there's only one based on the song but there's multiple guitars that I'm playing and You'll hear one because it's different tracks. It makes it sound our our only here scratchy. Yes yes you will hear garbage garbage and everyone else will hear this so this is the Leroy an early show. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. We're live every Wednesday at seven. Pm Eastern Standard Time and by.

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