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"I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark in the Coma Weather Center in Seattle right now, some clearing skies and it's 51 degrees Come on news time. 1 35 cities that adopt sanctuary policies were undocumented immigrants have been politicized over the last few years. For example, earlier this year, this is President Trump speaking Tio mayors of the White House Sanctuary city policies that order police to ignore these federal detainers and release criminal aliens to the public. It's really a tremendous risk. We've seen a number of cities and counties around Northwest Institute Sanctuary policies. Well, now there's a Stanford University study that looks at the crime rate in these kinds of areas. Covering this for The Washington Post is immigration reporter Nick Mirage, who joins us on the coma news line and Nick Good afternoon. Good to be with you. As faras top line findings Go did crime rates go up down or stay the same in the so called sanctuary Cities? So this Stanford University researcher looked at crime data and deportations across more than 200 sanctuary jurisdictions between 2010 and 2015. When this movement was really taking off, and what he found was that There was no measurable increase in violent or property crimes in those jurisdictions. He found that Ah ah, Deportations overall did declined by about one third, but the nose the rate of deportations for violent offenders was about the same. And that was because the sanctuary jurisdiction policies. Many of them didn't protect violent offenders, or they were still taken into custody after leaving some kind of state prison where it's much easier for ice to take custody of those individuals, And when we're talking about thes sanctuary policies I know here in the Seattle area, the county airport, Boeing Field was sort of off limits. Toe ice. For deporting undocumented immigrants or those whose visas ran out. But nationwide. What sort of policies are we talking about? Well, there's not like a consistent template, but but the general thrust of it is that these jurisdictions limit or in some cases outright, Prohibit. Local police Sheriff's Department's jails that sort of thing from collaborating with federal immigration authorities with ice and the main way that that place it is that when ice places a detainer on somebody, meaning that they find somebody that they would like to take into custody, who's being held in a local jail after some arrest, or That that that local jail and that that local jurisdiction doesn't hold on to that suspect any longer than necessary for those federal agents. And I said that, you know, and and that doesn't prohibit ice from going and picking that person up if they can find out when they're released because they can arrest Person any time on an immigration violation. It just makes their work a lot harder. And so that is really the issue here and, of course, as you know, there in Seattle. A lot of local government have done this because they say they want immigrants in their communities to feel safe and again. The findings were that violent offenders were still deported at the same right that wasn't hindered it all is this likely to influence the president's immigration policy for the rest of his first term. I doubt it. You know, they have really campaigned on this issue Hard in the last few weeks we've seen Ah, the acting secretary of department go on Security in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a swing state last weekend again this week. Talking about sanctuary cities. He has another speech tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona, another swing state. They plan to continue campaigning on this and depicting the sanctuary closet is one more example of the way Democratic. Run cities and mayors are exposing Americans Tio public safety threats. Nik Mirror off with US on coma news Immigration reporter for The Washington Post and that's where you can read all of his coverage. Washingtonpost dot com Nick Thanks very much. Good to be with you. Thanks again. Come on news time. 1 39 just ahead of our sports Update. We're hearing from Washington State University that they are urging football fans to stay home during the shortened season was his first home game is November. 7th. The school president is Kirk Schultz, who says that during the covert crisis he wants Cougar football fans to root responsibly rather than gathering in crowds. No Spectators allowed at any PAC 12 games this year and tailgating is prohibited on the Pullman campus. And for those kooks who know the good lookout spots from the Compton Union building that's going to be closed off. I think just leaves the microbiology building across the way may be your only chance to see some on field action. It's 1 40 at Comeau News. Time for sports from the Beacon plumbing, sports desk and more on that stay safe order from Bill Sports. No Spectators allowed in person for the seven game Pac 12 football season Washington State University sends out a message to fans. Urging them to stay home. Stay safe. During the pandemic WS you will close off parking lots and the Compton Union building on Game Day. Both have been popular tailgating spots. The Washington Huskies open their season November 7 in California, U Dub Starting linebacker Jackson Sermon will once again face his father, Peter, the Golden Bears defensive coordinator planned out there. You look at the other star lines to see your dad over there. You could say I did it for the game. But once the game starts, you know, we focus on that. Former Huskies, Buddha Baker and Byron Murphy lied. The Arizona Cardinals improving defense Sunday when they take on the five and Oh Seattle Seahawks. Tampa Bay Rays trying to even up the World Series tonight after falling to the Dodgers ate three in the opener. Not discouraging. Disappointing, Yeah. You know, we bounced right back like we like we've done multiple times this year and its Rays manager Kevin Cash, counting on the pride of Shorewood High School pitcher Blake Snell this evening. It's right hander Tony Gonsouland getting the start for Ella Sports A 10 and 40 after the hour. Bill Swartz Comeau News,.

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