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"northwest correctional complex" Discussed on Thunder Radio

"Private school voucher programs won't return as the state continues to battle the opioid epidemic bills attempting to prevent overdoses may be priorities last year eight legislative task force made several recommendations including adding more agents at the tennessee bureau of investigation creating a commission to fight drug abuse and limiting the number of controlled drugs prescribed in an emergency rooms in the past sessions have ended around april however this year session may be shorter many lawmakers may push to wrap up early to hit the campaign trail some tennessee prisoners are earning degrees while behind bars we have this report from stephanie carson boy then twenty male prisoners in tennessee are celebrating the completion of the associates degrees they earn while behind bars it's the first such groups who received the honour and more than twenty years the inmates will graduate at the terni center industrial complex as part of a programme with nashville st community college let's coordinated by the tennessee higher education initiative executive director molly lasagna says education is one way to give people a place to start once they are released our mix then at that and that it is really to think about her way that hired robert kennedy and our job opportunity prepared to go back to their communities that experience that the i currently has one hundred in forty students enroll at to prison facilities the other being in the memphis area northwest correctional complex in partnership with dyersburg state community college the program is funded through a mix of public and private dollars the program has been in existence since 2012 and lasagna says they're recidivism rate is four percent compared with the state average of more than forty percent similar programs have been more.

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