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"To more information, visit the lottery dot com Wow. Yeah. Marina Rock injured with an update on traffic from the juvenile law group Traffic Center. Well, the hook and average had been closed both directions for boat traffic that's been reopened. We do have some issues to talk about so Dortmund, 405 just south of 70. If the collision still takes up both toll lanes and the two left general purpose lines getting into Kirkland a serious challenge now and 405. It's solid as you're trying to leave Bellevue up to that scene. So if you know a back way, and it's kind of tough through Bellevue a lot of times those backgrounds can get really jammed up as well. But just know that north beyond four or five is just a serious struggle. Maybe 1/40 will help. Southbound four or five is struggling as well, Right as you head south down past the scene of that collision, even though the collision is northbound direction. We also have brung 405 off ramp to northeast eight in Bellevue Collision, partially blocking that Ram ph four or five at Northeast 1 28 that disabled vehicle partially blocking the left tolling around four or five again, Solid and Bellevue, 5 22 Newcastle We're really looking at tough, slow down south and I five from Highway 18 and 25. It's been a tough one Westbound highway 16 today from the west End of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge out past almost two Olympic Drive this look at traffic sponsored by mattress firm Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale has been extended for a limited time shop and save up to $500 on top rated brands like Celean, Sleepy's Your Next Chemo Traffic at 5 54. Puget Sound Forecast Clear skies Tonight More Sunshine tomorrow Low to mid eighties downtown. Now it's 81. Stay connected. Stay informed Comeau News sponsored by Tub, Cove, bathroom and shower, remodel. Our editor.

Bellevue Kirkland Celean Dortmund Sleepy's Your Next Chemo two Highway 18 Northeast 1 28 today tomorrow mid eighties Tacoma Narrows Bridge 25 Tub five Traffic Center both toll lanes Comeau News 5 22 Newcastle I five