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"north valley cave creek" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"That'll get shipped to your front door. Then I know a number of people are on, you know, then, also the other ways. There's there's a few different places. Sell our bags come in person. A couple of those that come to minor like Hidden Track Cafe, which is downtown. Um, there's a piece cream ice cream, which is another one that sells her bag and a few others that are listed on our website. So if you want to buy it in person And avoid some of the shipping costs. Um, there's a couple places here locally. The seller coffee, so So has has your business taken off. It's kind of a new business. I know. But do you see that it's growing as people are finding out about clay coffee call? Absolutely. Yeah, we, um We're growing all the time, Especially on the on the whole South side because we don't have a storefront where people can come in and and and see us in action. Some at some point in the future we'd really like to have A standup location where people can come in and and we'll do. We'll prepare drinks, espressos Americanos and and have kind of a full on barista. Um During session where people can come in and participate. Um but, yeah, it's always it's always growing. We're in a few different farmers markets here, too, in Phoenix that people can always visit us in person. Well, you can always reach out to the carols team and we get so in touch with play coffee company or Yeah, here. I'll make it even better. If you call the carol race team to sell a home or to buy a home When we come and show up, we will bring you A bag of Clay coffee Co. We've got it in our office. We keep it in our office because we give it to our favorite clients. And we do we do pass out your coffee because we are believers in your company where believers in the 100 club in our first responders, and so we will show up Vicky with coffee. That's right. Just make sure you do that. You know when you when you speak to us, just say, Hey, you're coming out to our house. But bring us a bag of that with some coffee. And we will do that need their coffee. We can certainly do that. Yeah. Hey, listen, the other thing that you said as I know that a lot of people like the iced coffees, So you have certain you have a certain type of coffee, Clay that you Recommend if you want the ice coffees. Yeah. So we sell When we sell, you can prepare any of our coffees with cold brew iced coffee. My personal recommendation would be our Guatemalan or are Peru. Both great coffees. Um, also for you know anybody that cyclone like, um, lives up in the North Valley Cave Creek carefree area. We sell them by the bottles and 32 ounce bottles. Um, that you can buy a really cool cafe called Janey's Cafe, um up in Cave Creek. It's a fantastic spot that has like live music, and they sell our coffee. And also Desert donuts, which is often carefree. That's for people up in the North Valley, you know, or you can always prepare cold brew on on your own, but cold brew itself so great during the summer when it's really hot, and people still need their obviously there to their caffeine and take Well, I absolutely think that that's true. So hey, listen, It's been our pleasure today, Vicky having clay coffee company on on our show, and you know, we did meet them through through their parents, Todd and Tony towns and we sold their house and then help them find another house. So, Vicky, we're about ready to go to break but anything else any final thoughts?.

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