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"north pacific midway atoll" Discussed on Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

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"north pacific midway atoll" Discussed on Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

"Active Particularly the i mean and they make the point in they surgical i The other our trusses suffer significantly from Longline fishing where the fish get caught on the the The long lawn columba's long fishing lawn with multiple hooks on it And then the fish need the surface the albatross dog grabbing get hooked themselves and so significant number of Albatross die cheap like em up. In some small populations. It's quite possible that this will lead to extinction And so for wisdom to chat her way through sydney of the stuff in contribute. Thirty thirty five buds to the next generation at some. it is. Exciting stuff brendan. I was hoping it was a little secret of mind that you would try and pronounce with teams long term current might likely fouled jake of Back i can try and get that. I think it's it's certainly I think you've got to take into account that it some It's the north pacific midway atoll and so the majority of the us fish wildlife service offices who work in that area come from hawaii is a k. k. Come on he's Era was trump. Set you up for be pronunciation out of the park. So what have we have. We got a good news story. I have i do. We'll do yes but don't know what to make of this story britain to be honest with you. I'm i liked the story because it. It does contain some of my favorite topics in the world and that includes boyd's forest dragons the butte spectacular gomez from the rainforests of north queensland It does include sakes. I'm always one of my favorite topics and And some controversy. I was begging for us to have a little bit of conflict earlier in the show. And and maybe this is the place so the story is that Doris a ported leaf. Female boyd's forest dragon at melbourne aquarium Stop laying eggs and on more detailed inspection namely the application. Aww an ultrasound probe By an unnamed member of our profession. it was suggested that this was in fact now not a female but a male and they had been some well Clown fish like change in six to explain the prisons of laid eggs now now transposed into transformed into a mile. Is it And i said to you before when discussing this case that tom. A one of the researchers who was who's published widely on sexual development of comedy Wantonly She said that such an unusual occurrence would require very convincing data And she reminds us skeptical but intrigued. And look i think. That's how i feel exactly like sarah. Skeptical trade deals skeptical button. Trade look can. I could imagine a whole bunch of scenarios that Three lizards in the enclosure sees and So one of them was mile in two of them. Were believed to be female. I could easily you imagine They bring some confusion about who was laying the eggs in that circumstance. old might dodd. And the two females were moved into a new exhibit and doris binged like a mile dragon when she was offered food in the new enclosure and his secondary six characteristics The the thickness of the crowd size of the capella scales. And on general braddock cala took off her white shut up from hundred which is always. She would have been very worried about that hundred programs. Two hundred and fifty nine I don i i. I have my doubts that tom that we've had a genuine female to male sex change but i could easily say a finger on the pulse for this one mac and maybe we should contact mr fair. Yes capability there are more questions than answers he says there are. There are fair comment. Fake come okay. Chomping toil mind story. And it's a bit of a quickie. We did covers a broad range of this topic in episode one hundred and seven and that For those of you haven't listened to episode one hundred seven not Com and type in the search and yourself to get tight site side by topic is a little bit more specific that was a bad environmental enrichment for reptiles in jan role. And we go to summarize subsection of that this way. Count me rack. Environmental enrichment for snakes So snakes in captivity. Why do we do this mike. What is environmental enrichment ample of it and what causative o-negative does result in. Jump into it. Back what is environmental enrichment for those of us who aren't particularly fight with the term. I love using the example of of The traditional zoo cage. You know the pit that was used to house to house Big cats In decades gone past and and It's interesting because that sonny's z. Way to maintain them in captivity by Eat and it might even help. Cape his control parasites and other health diseases but it has bad psychological effects the cats who knows enclosures. The begets in those enclosures developed pounds. Psychological problems by up stereotypical pricing behaviors. They will often develop serious health problems as a consequence and leave the normal behavior behind and fail to reproduce so maybe act aggressively to colts so environmental enrichment is the process of trying to in some ways emulate aspects of the natural environment that these animals would come into contact with stimulating the senses challenging. They thity levels so that.

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