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"north new zealand" Discussed on Gamer Talk Podcast

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"north new zealand" Discussed on Gamer Talk Podcast

"Go ahead sorry. The canonization of mother theresa Many religious folk today believe that the catholic nun and missionary on the theresa was canonized by pope. John paul the second back in nineteen nineties while she was still alive wherever she was canonized by pope francis in two thousand. Sixteen that But i don't know that one seems a little weird to me. But that's just 'cause i religious family stuff. I asked them in there. Like i don't know they're all like it was weird. I don't know. I don't know i that's scary. It's catholic stuff. I don't know i'm being okay. I don't wanna fuck with that shit. Go on all right. Neil armstrong's death Apparently he passed away in two thousand twelve and nobody knows about it. It's kind of our rates may have been the first man to walk on the moon but a large number of people don't remember neil armstrong death teams that many people seem to have gotten the moon man passed away in two thousand twelve while others probably that the news pass them by Gremlins movie was released in nineteen eighty-four and become a major classic but even some of the most avid fans still swear. The name of the gremlin was spiked. The actual name of the villainous creature was stripe. It's strip was right. I i remember it being spike. I remember it me to me. To what the. I don't remember the movie. I saw it. But i don't remember it fucking greatest. Christmas abilities love the gremlins. They're above her for sure. Fuck you love diehard beneath. The job is not the older home loans hard. Has i'd have to on that boobs and people falling off. Buildings sodas does home alone boobs. He looked through the playboy. Yeah he was like i. It goes your girlfriend wolf and then he did know clues on girls. The location of new zealand museum is located right by australia but on which side and people would argue. That new zealand is located northeast from australia. But in actuality north new zealand is located southeast from australia right. That that's true. I thought it was northeast. I thought it was up by papa new guinea. Well it all depends. No it's right off the it's like right there so it's southeast depends on the maps that you look at man. I was looney tunes spelled. It's not the part of the tunes part t. n. any s the area melodies. They used to be a wasn't like music company or something for her. Yeah tunes is bell to you and s evil queens mirror People think she says mirror mirror on the wall was the famous of the mall but the actual line is magic mirror on the wall. I think it was because there was a parody after snow snowy or somebody said mirror mirror and they stuck because they thought it sounded better than magic mirror on the wall. It was mirror mirror on the wall. That's what i think. I didn't care. Because i didn't care. Still bite chris going back to looney tunes to i think they got confused with tiny toons. Because it's spelt t. o. s. for tiny toons which is in tune. You know what i mean. Yeah.

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