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"north livermore lab" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"You turn it over five times the 2015 year, the best team or you're losing that game. You're gonna lose that football game. So yes. And then that brings you back to my my overall point. Is it be fun in college, But I don't think we need it like it Z. To me. There's not an outcry of God. How did we know? The true national champ. Like I've never even thought that I just like those of the best teams. Of course they are. There's nobody out there that I'm thinking. You know what They could have beat them. They actually could have beat them. They could have wanted. No, I don't. I don't believe that for a second. Not not one second, you know, it's kind of the argument to what the incidentally tournament Oh, I told you when one team say they didn't belong in the tournament, and then they make a run there, like See I told you they belong. It's like, Well, we didn't say they didn't belong. I said they didn't deserve to be there. You gotta earn it too. It's not like what I think you're the best. So let's put you in. You gotta earn it. That's pro football. If you put somebody in like you could put teams and right now that didn't make the playoffs, they could win a game, Maybe two. If they had a little bit lucky. There's Yeah, the nineties could go out there and possibly beat a team or two. You put a team that's like, you know, 20th or 25th in the college football playoffs. No way they could win a game or two. They did. They wouldn't it would not have. They need the other team to get a bullet halftime when they'd still might be down too much to catch up, But just not going to happen so anyway. Donna Foil and Steve Kerr joining us in the next hour of the Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks Show She JB JB knbr, 1045 and 68 FT spores leader. Heavier traffic than usual for your commute to the ultimate pass from the Children Auto body Traffic desk, So there's an injury wreck East 5 80, east of North Livermore Lab. It wasn't the three left lanes. It's on the shoulder now. Essentially, traffic is slow from 6 80 all the way out. And he's still got very heavy traffic on the South bound limits from Marina Boulevard down to Tennison because of an earlier accident, north pounds actually improved quite a bit just slow from Whipple up to highway 92 for the South Bay. A San Fernando remains closed between 1st and 4th seen some soul traffic South bound 85 between 17 and Camden. Out of San Francisco packed from Vermont Street to the Bay Bridge..

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