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"north dakota adp" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"And only in Lena pizzeria analytical live without high here in Fargo the site for tonight's North Dakota ADP boys basketball game between the Bruins and the Mustang with the call of tonight's game. Here's Evan getting. Similar aspirations, but both heading in very opposite directions. Six began the twenty eighteen nineteen season with an eight game win streak longest in program history. In only sniper Tom team in Eastern Conference Fargo Davies, Meanwhile, South is a young athletic group looking at still celery carrying to go through the. The top three teams in the conference beginning tonight with. Hello, again, everyone getting here for another edition of all high school basketball game elite ads Shelton high school and happy to have you. Join us for tonight's ride inside Bruins country as the Bruins at south are three and five three and four hundred ADC and the Mustangs of Cheyenne. Seventy one in the the Mustangs in their blue and orange court. Meanwhile, South in their home, white Brown and gold are preparing to be introduced. Tonight's public address announcer as four south curly coming off of a seventy three forty five laws on the road at Walkerton. Last friday. They have had a week to kind of news over the figure out exactly what was wrong in that game the game in which they didn't turn the ball over that has been their MO this year twenty one turnovers tied for the only turn the ball over twelve times against Wapping in. But however to get things going. That is something you'll need to keep up. Very sure handed Cheyenne team on the opposite side shine does not make many mistakes, even though they like to play fast. They do have room to improve as said hit figure head coach, Tom Kirchhoff. You're now about halfway through the season wants to play a more uptempo style basketball under okay at the turnovers come wet non game. So far this year four different Mustangs leading sores a very balanced attack. This young fresh. Tournament finals appearance a year ago. Meanwhile, twenty second year head coach, Mike, Hendricks elder statesman. The head coaches Dakota conference said that this.

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