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"How the war in Ukraine is impacting world food prices I'm Brendan hazelton One 48 We have traffic and weather every ten minutes on the 8s Rita Kessler in the traffic center Right now in Virginia on 95 northbound near route three and Fredericksburg looks like the earlier rec may have cleared but you're still seeing off an on volume coming from route one in Pennsylvania Southbound 95 slows from the rappahannock river bridge toward route three watch for anything there Now the northbound delays continue from 6 ten garrisonville road into Quantico getting past dumfries from Dale City into woodbridge and from lorton into newington southbound 95 slows crossing the oct Quan then from two 34 in dumfries fairly solid but in stretches trying to make your way in three Stafford a lot of this gesture Friday volume delay Interloop delays approaching 66 watch for work on the ramp to 66 then you'll slow from the toll road across the American legion bridge then you hit the top side of the beltway with interlude delays from three 55 to Connecticut outer loop is slow Near New Hampshire avenue headed around toward Georgia avenue north banjo Baltimore watching and Parkway the delay out of green belt toward powder mill road southbound actually both directions slow near 32 It was southbound 95 with the delay headed toward 32 with the work taking a lane On the beltway in prince George's county the outer loop before Pennsylvania avenue the work in the left plane with delays from branch avenue also slow from two O two toward route 50 with nothing reported Looks like the earlier wreck on the east bound freeway near the third street tunnel may have cleared the delay is easing back You are still slow northbound three 95 to get on to the 14th street bridge also from the 14th street bridge on at the case bridge but looking better on the eastbound freeway Westbound freeway the delay is after the third street tunnel headed across the case bridge Golf's first major sale is here now through April 11th get 10% back in loyalty credit not a member you can join today visit golf engulfing tysons or at golf de golf dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic Not a storm team four meteorologist Mike We will see an increase in cloud cover this afternoon It's going to be Walmart If I sunset there's a risk of a shower look for a high in the mid.

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