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"But NASDAQ is down 1% Now it's better to borrow big I'm Jeff Gable It's ten 48 Rita and the traffic center Right now if you're on the Baltimore Washington Parkway watch for the delays after one 97 trying to head into green belt near NASA Goddard there was a report of a broken down vehicle Southbound 95 however looks a lot better approaching and passing two 12 that earlier wreck may be completely cleared However on the beltway the outer loop delay is after river road solid crossing the American legion bridge passing Georgetown pike keep an eye out for any work then before 66 the work should be along the right side If you're in Maryland on southbound Pennsylvania avenue to the suitland Parkway is a report of a wreck 7 O four Martin Luther King Jr. highway between lots for vista road and four 50 watch for a series of dark traffic signals got this information from a caller so just keep it in mind in case you have police directing traffic or in case they don't and to use caution through those intersections You'll also find northbound two O one kind of worth avenue at lie del road You had been under police direction for a crash involving an overturned truck two 14 central avenue near four 24 davidsonville road traffic alternates for that paving project Now in Virginia 95 north babil ace from Dale City to one 23 this might be a work zone taking Elaine eastbound 66 starting to slow from one 23 headed toward nutley street where there's usually a lane blocked with the work This traffic report sponsored by eagle bank clearing the road for you and your business to soar higher Learn more at eagle bank core dot com member FDIC I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Let's go live now to storm team four's Mike center watching those clouds this morning We are watching them now but it's clear to the west and that clearing will move into the region of the next several hours We're going to end up with.

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