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"norc center public affairs research" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"norc center public affairs research" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Hong Kong and here in Singapore on Juliet's Ali and I'm a Christian at the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York we've got mixed picture for equity trading right now in Asia in an hour's time we'll get to the action underway in Hong Kong and on the mainland we'll talk more about that what's going on in markets in a moment when Brian joins us right now this hour's top business stories what treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin says he's considering the creation of a government lending program for U. S. oil companies who looking for federal aid as they cope with the devastating plunge in prices he says investment grade companies will be able able rather to either access the noble capital markets will be able to access the fed's investment grade facility mission says what will companies that aren't credit worthy enough to tap the fin he's discussing alternative structures with banks the summary of a Chinese trial for a drug room does V. appears to show it was a failure from does appear is made by Gilead sciences and is one of the most closely watched therapies as a potential treatment for covert nineteen patients now Gilead claim the synopsis first reported by the F. T. did not fairly represent the actual results the world health organisation has been helping to coordinate the global response to the virus the WHO's said it accidentally post the results on the website the sub of the summer I should say was quickly removed but as I mentioned the details were posted by the F. T. and by the publication stat and of course that news is sending a little bit of a risk off tone he in Asian equity markets let's get all the latest with Bloomberg's Brian Curtis in Hong Kong Brian well you mention the room does have your story and let me just run through a few of these and you'll see that the review no investors looking at the progress on the fight against the coronavirus you'll see from these that you swing back and forth between that's a slight positive that's a negative so rim does appear reportedly failed U. S. cases though increased just two point five percent the slowest pace this month California the most fatalities in a twenty four hour period but then new York's hospitalizations relatively flat the ECB president Christine Lagarde said to E. U. leaders you've done too little too late but Italy saw recoveries from the coronavirus overtake new infections for the first time so it really is very hard to get a discernible flow there are we making progress or are we suffering a modest set back in so it may be one of the reasons that after this really big rally that we saw in equities two weeks back that for the past two weeks we just traded basically sideways and today yes and P. five hundred finished flat at twenty seven ninety seven twenty eight hundred is a sort of operative flat level here we did see gains in Europe the dax is up one full percentage but here in Asia the Nikkei is down eight tenths of a percent and the cost is trading down about two thirds of one percent little bit of a stand out to the upside today's the SX two hundred with gains of three tenths of one percent a couple other quick numbers for you the Bloomberg dollar spot index is stronger again up a tenth of a percent Dalian one oh seven seventy four year old and a dollar seven sixty seven the Aussie we could sixty three US cents and briefly in oil some pretty good recovery here in the June contract WTI seventeen thirty nine now Brent at twenty two twenty five and gold is is enjoying a modest bounce up a tenth of one percent back to you thank you by the US house of representatives has passed the phase for small business stimulus at Baxter has all the local news from the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom at yeah that's right Julia high this is the four hundred eighty four billion dollar package for paycheck protection and hospitals the main thrust of the president says he'll probably sign it tonight he said that during his briefing today now bloomers chief Washington correspondent Kevin's really joins us live cavs thanks again now of course you know away from from just the nuts and bolts of this thing yeah I just get your your feeling because of you know that town as well as anybody the pictures of the actual vote today were a little bit creepy separation and master a really different look on the you know that's such a great point there's this this image that I I truly think will go down as one of the most illuminating images in Congress during this entire pandemic and that's a house speaker Nancy Pelosi walking through the hallway to the house chamber the illustrious hallway of the house chamber and all of her security and aids it literally surrounding her but the six feet apart to fit with social distancing it really just a a clear sign of the times three quick points that I would make on this first is that the past said better late than never the second point does all these larger businesses that face reputational risk if they take advantage of these these funds that are aren't supposed to be for mom and pop shops on main street and then the third point that I would make that is that now it's setting up the stage for economic stimulus from four secretary Mnuchin working with Democrats to try to get something done for the first week of may but based upon my reporting it's going to be a very polarizing fight well yeah and you have Mitch McConnell as we as we talked about yesterday saying the state should be allowed to go bankrupt you have governor Cuomo of New York coming out today saying that's the dumbest idea he's ever heard and that the president today this briefing very non committal there's a long way to go on this is in there so two things that I would say on that is that first of all I would never count outside it was hard to sleep with Connell he is a master political chess player and so for him to go on Hugh Hewitt show it to say that to speak to conservatives he was really talking to conservatives to the ideological sense are incredibly concerned about all the the money that's being spent right now and and that that that the fact that I have on the long term leader McConnell speaking specifically to that crowd and say that that is something that he is aware of but the second point is that it's not just governor Cuomo it's also barely governor Larry Hogan Hogan a Republican okay of Maryland also he is chairman of the national governors association so for governor Hogan to be involved in this criticism of leader McConnell and for the president to do so it's been a really fascinating political dynamic to watch emerge Cuomo governor Newsom the California to Democrats but I really got my on on our governor Hogan whose of Republican and has seemed to have captured that centrist Republican lane that previously was occupied by senator Jeff flake remember him when he retired yeah and then of course senator Romney but Hogan as a governor of the of the purple state are small but still a purple state taking the lame duck governor Christie what he had during the Obama years yeah he bumped up he bumped into president trump to regarding going out and getting supplies from from Asia I went up to to the North Pole the president is made himself the daily spokesman for the fight against the virus and this is the Associated Press norc center public affairs research both actually two pulls up a very interesting I'm only twenty three percent of those surveyed have high levels of trust in what the president is telling the public as he can just just Sean this offer is he going to do something different thank you know I was talking about this earlier today with Tom Keene on Bloomberg surveillance and the polls have moved against the president in the last week or so but they had proper for that really stuck with him and he is he enjoys high approval rating among Republicans one of the things that I've dug deeper into the polls with the senior citizens and senior citizens have grown increasingly more frustrated with the administration so I I was struck at the president's coronavirus task force briefing earlier this evening when the president Democrats didn't and that's why he's taking a harder stance of immigration all right I haven't sorry great tea leaves are very expensive I appreciated very much Bloomberg's Kevin so really all right let's get back to you guys all right I'll take it here we've got the NFL twenty twenty draft virtual style Dan.

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