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"nordic valley." Discussed on Biz4Good Show

"Do Good Realm right now so I'm totally billing yes. You said you had a good story. Oh Yeah <hes> when when I I did this event with the balloon fest. People don't realize it's a huge endeavor to to put on a lot of work on little teeny. Events kills me for two weeks. We didn't Utah podcast festival. There was two hundred people there and it was a frigging awesome but yeah it's great right. UTAH podcast summit not festival but anyway. We totally disrupted you again. No problem no problem. I see we kind of have like a gunshot. Yes yes a shotgun approach listener. We'll get something in between all of the craziness so the the I mean the first time I remember doing something good. <hes> it was a long time ago. It's always been my desire that anytime I encounter with somebody or sure. I do some sort of exchange that there's a expansion that there's something that really benefits everybody in the process so when I take a look at the balloon fest the first time I did this. I was exhausted. I actually ended up in hospital after my first event with a kidney stone because dehydrated myself and I didn't know if I ever wanted to do this again and I was twenty years ago now. I've I've only been the chair for six years but I've been in involved with the event for twenty years but you know it had a hiatus for six years. We didn't have an event and I talked to sponsor into Nordic Valley. <hes> God bless you <hes> they wrote the first big check to bring the event back and I had never ran an event this big so I'm I'm like looking at this kind of gone. Okay cool here we go. Let's leap into the darkness and just do it and that's what happened and so <hes> nobody nobody really had a lot of information on a lot of the event and I dug through a lot of things and I figured out how to recreate the event and bring it back and it was a totally eighty per phase but <hes> really what made the difference for me is when I saw the people that we helped <hes> you know this is a nonprofit so oh it's not like I'm making millions of dollars doing this waiver go but the people that benefit from this you know they really they benefit it from this you know and it's it's more than just the Ogden rescue mission. There's so many things linked to this event and it just has such a feel-good event. You know we also work with young artists and performers musicians and artists and <hes> we have a small stage where we bring in New People that are just just learning to perform in front of people and giving them a really nice little performance area for them to actually see what it's like to perform in front of twenty thirty people then we have the big stage. It's forty five feet and oh it's massive. I love this. It's like it's like this trailer that just comes in and just pops up and <hes> so then we take again other performers have performed more but they're really ready to just jump out into the world and we put him on that stage h so the event does a lot besides just the hundred and one hundred balloons or the drop. How often do you get a chance to actually go up in touch hutter Berlin especially when it looks like an hour oh the our once great or even you know if if you wanted to volunteer and this is really cool because we get about got seventy five volunteers to come up and help crew the balloons so when you crew the balloon you get yeah. It's not like about the out so when you get to be a hot air balloon crew you actually help inflate the balloon and get the balloon up then you chase the balloon you hold onto the rope. Ah let me tell you on the ground that you can do that for the balloon gloves yeah oh the holding onto the rope is the balloon is coming up looking excellent idea. It's.

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