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"noon st john" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

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01:33 min | 2 years ago

"noon st john" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"In the early game the big question of course the condition of tom brady's hand for wander took at least four stitches some time this week and of course in philadelphia it will be the level of backup quarterbacks case keno nick falls by kings visiting the eagles four nfc honors you'll hear both games on the phone tomorrow our coverage on the way at 230 locally hockey rules the roost on this saturday devils v act philadelphia will drop the pocket one jersey boys looking for their third straight win and coming off a overtime victory over first place washington thursday night catch the game on the one jersey network rangers an avalanche also looking to extend a winning streak rangers the beginning that four game road trip today uh three o'clock start while the islanders take on the blackhawks in chicago you'll hear that one on the fan tonight seven thirty coverage mix the nets both of whom one last night half the day off next continue their road trip tomorrow against lakers while the nets we'll be in detroit plenty of college basketball zhou expect a couple of big ones under way at twelve noon st john's still looking for their first victory of the season in the big east taking on longtime rival georgetown yes the coaches certainly know each other well chris mullin and patrick ewing yukon over the nation's number one team villanova again those are both before the clock starts on the baseball david right under story posted on mets dot com bidding is not sure if will ever be a productive major leaguer again but refused to go into any details regarding his many physical problems this reminder wfan's supports nj shares and the new jersey devils chilly fundraiser sit in an ice.

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