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"nolting abs" Discussed on Creators Collective

"Actually designed modified it, but it's a keyed. It's almost like like an axle would ride in a in a bushing, but it's just the three printed film. The l. Filat wants to plastic. It's not the, there's no, yeah. There's no actual baron, but it seems to work fine. But you, I guess you could design it where there would be a bearing press fit bearing inside of a, you know. So how hard is that film it? Right. That's. Like how sure there's types that you can get, but is it layers. There's still like Super Bowl or I'm sure wherever I just answer my question probably though I'm working with PLA which is poly lactic acid, which is recycled recycled stuff. And the benefits of Pila is easy to print and doesn't smell too bad. When you're printing. Basically, you're descending plastic through a heated extruder melting plastic laying down on a plate and then building on that, and it hardens as it cools, it's great. So the Piel doesn't smell. But if being an ABS which is harder, but it smells like awful. I don't know when you're a kid. This is probably a very specific thing that I did. I don't know all kids do this, but I did it where I had my desk. I had a lamp in my bedroom, you know, an incidental light, and I'd take my action figures in like reshape the like if I had, you know, a human and his sword, like I would reshape his sword by melting it on the light bulb and like to pretty pretty clever. Yeah, used to do similar things. Films slope lacks wax carvings with that. Yeah. Okay. But if you've ever smelled Nolting ABS plastic than than you know the smell, but peel doesn't smell that bed. Depends on you can set your infill percentage if you want to something to prototype. It doesn't need to be super strong. You can do like eight, eight percent infil where it's just, you know, like a super light. It's not laying down that much film it for like the. Yeah, exactly. That's yeah. So do you want to go big? Can you print with that thing? Three hundred mil by three hundred mil by four hundred mil about twelve by twelve by fifteen. That's pretty big. The only thing I think of like would be a for like molding wax casting or something. Yeah. Cool. I'm I'm thinking about using it to make knife templates to design a knife in CAD and changed angles directions and shapes of things, and then I can pronounce, you know, just like templates late over the steel and then trace the inside of it with the Harvey. That's exactly what I'm using my ex car for like in one of my next videos this, it's it's very similar..

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