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"nolan bryant" Discussed on Rebecca Sounds Reveille

"Ninety eight percent of the world that you see even in the even in the trailer on on Youtube Ninety eight percent of what you see is all CGI and it's all manufactured by one guy literally one guy. One guy is doing it all his name is Tommy Craft. The dude is a wizard with With his skills and Obviously all the people are real but But yeah so I got to play this character named Cinder Kiss who you could say. He's a philosophical stonier. He doesn't he doesn't really doesn't speak much but when he does it's it's he's got something to say you know and Yeah and that was very very fun character to play so So the pilot is being finished right now. in terms of all the CGI work and everything's filmed but all the CGI work and everything's being finished and And then Tk to film so Kelly bustling timing craft. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA look to try and get picked up in. That's always the hardest part you know you could put hours and hours and months and months into something and then trying to get it picked up. That's a whole nother a whole nother beast so So hopefully we can get that. Get that going. Because that's a really fun character to play I'd love to get back to supplant enterococcus. So what did you like about that the month when you say fun was it because the scripting or because be was on said well? I mean really both of it I mean. I've I've never been a part of a project where the script was so out there in terms of in terms of like fiction and fantasy but also the set was a lot of fun. I mean everybody really becomes a kind of a family in Plus the character you know. I get to dive into a character that I've never played before I've never played that sorta character before so I was kind of channeling my inner McConnell. Hey from dazed and confused type. You know type persona and And plus that costumes were all crazy costumes and it. That's what made it. That's what helped you get into the character because for me. I'm always I'm the Kinda guy that I need to. I need to know what the character is. GonNa look like I. That's that's like one of the first things I do is. I need to make sure I know what he looks like that way I can. I can choose how he talks. Walks in. And then Kinda look at the words on the page from there You know so that it it just it just helps me get into the mindset. A little better and so So with that it was very easy to get into into that kind of mindset because of everything that he was wearing what he looked like. And you know he didn't. He was the kind of guy that he isn't. He didn't really care what other people thought. He was very much an individual and yet that was very very fun to play. Do you think that character being individualistic can carry over to us as people in the way that we should feel about ourselves. I think so I've always been. I've always been the kind of guy that Always wanted to be a little different. You I mean that was even from when I was when I was younger. You know down to whatever people were wearing you know I always wore something. A little different or You know in a style of basketball that they were playing or whatever. I always played this a little bit different in. I was always tried to have my own thing. You Know I. I never WANNA be a copycat. I never want to be a clone or have somebody say. Oh you remind me of this person No I want to remind you of me you know and so so yeah so I think it is important that people have an individual You know an individual mindset in terms of you know we're all unique human beings so why not. Why Not Frye been that right. Why not why not find your your unique Nissen? Just run with it so I absolutely love it now. You have some other projects that you're working on and one of them. You are working on as a producer while. Yeah so there's A. There's a short film that I produced on. It's called ever after And very proud of that Jeff Cap wrote it and directed it and It's a very personal project for him. et CETERA. The story itself is very personal to him and so I was. I was very honored to be able to work on that project. And you'll actually be at the Royal Star Film Festival on the fourteenth as well as the Su Su something festival. But but but it's up in up in Sault. Saint Marie here in Michigan. And so it's been getting a lot of a lot of praise at a lot of different festivals. I mean You know just because it's a very real story. It's a very relatable story. I'm not going to give too much away because it is on Youtube. Been If I say too much then it'll there's no point watching it. But but but it is very very good. And then I'm also going to be producing and acting on a project as written by Nolan Bryant and And Jeff is GonNa be directing again and and like I said when when when we hit it off. I mean we've been doing a Lotta different projects together now because a scapegoat. So so that's been really fun. I'm Shane chance he's GonNa Produce and then also a cousin. Mike WHO's an actor He's GonNa be also acting in it with me And his production company is going to be coming on so so Axel Harney. He'll be on it so it would be kind of a family affair too which is cool because he night always wanted to work together and and so that one the working title right now is called storage. We're not sure we're GONNA keep it that but But we've got the first draft of the script We've got a meeting At toward the end of the month on the twenty fifth that we're GONNA go through. Can Pitch them ideas of things we might want to change in the script and Try to nail down what we want that second draft of the script to look like and we hope to have the final draft by the end of September. So we'll take all of our ideas back to Nolan and let him go at it but because Nolan's in Canada so the the the writer so he's he he made a great script so he took Jonas idea just kinda ran with it so so. I'm really excited about that project. Specifically we looked to be in pre production by the end of the year. So we'll start looking at casting will start start looking at finding locations finding budget. Obviously that's the biggest part really of pre production is finding a budget that's always the hardest part but But yeah I mean it's a it's a great story it's Kinda it's kind of a cop drama like a crime drama and it flashes back between the nineteen nineties and now we're GonNa have so everything in the nineties. We're going to have a lot of really cool. A lot of really cool things from the nineties. Debt place in the in the sets and everything and So yeah that that project. I'm really really stoked for this is going to be a lot of fine. Let me ask you when it comes to acting and producing. How do you feel the difference is for you with how far you've come? I think if you were to ask me to act and produce on this project three years ago four years ago I would have had no idea what I was doing. I would have been like. Oh yeah cool. Sure and thinking I guess I gotTa do something. But I don't know what kind of figure it out on the way but now because I very much an observer so anytime onset. I'm always talking and observing to people you know whether it's you know the key grip whether it's the one of the producers whether it's you know the the lighting technician who you know whoever may be. I'm always trying to learn as much as I can. Onset trying to learn Each person's place on set. In what you know why they're doing what? Why is this like going here? Why is the camera wisely? And what's the angle here for? What are you trying to get out of this? What's the framing? And so I think because of all that and because of had some experience onset now I am able to put on you know two hats and also I'm a very hands on person anyway and I like to try to do as much as I can. For WHATEVER PROJECT THAT. I'm working on just because you know that's I mean this is my life. This is my passion and so You know I wanNA try to help make whatever I'm doing get as big as it can possibly get because I want as many people to be able to see it as possible so So with producing it helps because I can. I can have a say in things but I can be a little bit more just I can be more collaborative with you. Know with what the guys in on Moore speaking with. Shane Jeff And then you know and also I can speak with like Sarah Bishop who I who I believe. is going to be She's going to be the the wardrobe and the costume and set designer. So she'll be you know I'll be able to speak with her about some things that might be good for the sets for the nineties Filming portions and all that stuff and So yeah it's just you know. I'm still by far not anywhere near where I WANNA be in terms of. You know the knowledge that I have and all that stuff but but I think that I've definitely learned a lot more decimal last couple years Just by working and I mean you can go to acting classes you can go and I still think those are great and you can study study study. That's great but I personally think the best tool the best learning tool Is just being on set and learning from learning from people who actually know what they're doing that That work hard and really just bust their tail to to get the best product every day. I I actually agree with you on that I think is really important. You can learn a lot by getting in the hands on experience and being able to really feel it here. It early makes a lot of difference and so I mean getting the principles of course is important so that you can apply the principles but again now let me ask you so you have the difference between acting in producing taking white. You have come from with theater and applying it. Now is their differences there or is it something that just kind of integrates pretty well I think they're very different theater in film. They're very very different in the sense of theater. Everything's big even even even small You know very intimate moments on onstage to be big to be able to you know for the audience to be able to receive it and for them to be able to pick up on it. I've always been better at the little at the little things the the subtle things which is why. I think I feel more comfortable with phone because you know that could pick up on that but in terms of in terms of translating. I think the the prep work that I've learned through theater has helped me with film in the sense of going through every word going through. You know what what is? What is my character trying to say? Here what is what's he trying to get across What's the relationship between the other characters for him right now in moment and you know I think also it's helped with my comfortably because I mean when it comes to you know.

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