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"nogues adron" Discussed on Call Her Daddy

"And we will go to each of your pages, and we will heart any picture that we think you should delete. Right. And you guys Alex laid in my bed four hours, and we went to know exaggeration, Nogues Adron, hundreds of your files, and they just kept coming in and coming in and it was getting into the thousands. And we were like holy. There's just no way that we can get all these people. So what we decided is we're gonna make a post, and we're gonna put a few different outfits on this post of what is hot for men to wear your. I think. We should pick like five to ten basically like go to outfits, and I also wanna clarify like guys we understand just like girls guys all have different styles guys in the south. We get it. You are naturally preppy. That's how you're raised. We have the Cowboys boys. We have the northeast boys. We get it. However throughout all of those looks there should be a very specific trend that runs throughout. And there are also knows that run throughout so Sophy, and I will post about five ten pictures of outfits that are call her Dadi approve. Yes, I think I'll be great. I do though. However like since we're talking about it. There are few Staples that I think are so hot that. I see some guys where okay, I think it's so sexy when a guy wears a light wash Jean jacket. Yes. Get so hot or when they have like the sherpa on the caller Jean jacket. Can I also clarify though that I hate when guys where Jean jackets if it looks so fucking cheese. There are guys that have on Jean jackets that looked like it's from fucking lands end..

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