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"nod skanska" Discussed on Sword and Scale Daily

"For our final story on Wednesday thirty two year old the nod scandal was found guilty of the two thousand eighteen murder of sixteen year old. Amber rose rush rush in Dunedin New Zealand Court reports the Otago Daily Times. According to the prosecution scant a hospital doctor who drank heavily emily and socialized with teenagers murdered amber rose because she threatened to ruin his reputation and his career ambers mother discovered her body under pillows in her bed on the morning of February third. Two thousand eighteen. When police spoke to her mother she mentioned and her daughter knew a man named vinny nod? Investigators soon learned about a heated text exchange between amber rose and vinod. That took place the same. Tonight is the killing. The Nod Skanska became the prime suspect on February fourth. When officers? I interviewed the young doctor. He he pretended he barely knew. Amber rose rush several times during the interview. He noted he was quote stupid to hang out with teenagers. He suggested that amber rose had killed herself later that same day the nod Skanska was arrested for her murder after his young accomplice turned on him and he was later charged with murder and four counts of threatening to kill and pleaded not guilty to all charges. You might ask yourself why a young doctor actor would murder a teenage girl. The reason lay finance scandals lifestyle. SCANA graduated Medical School in two thousand sixteen and and transferred to Dunedin in two thousand seventeen. He moved into an apartment that soon became a well known party. House were underage drinkers. Were a common insight at first. It seemed possible. That scandal was just letting off some steam after years of sober study. However during the trial friends described griped how he came to consume ever larger quantities of alcohol? An ex girlfriend testified that by the end of two thousand seventeen scandal was drinking quote Kamara or less nonstop. He preferred to have others drive him so he could continue drinking. Uninterrupted as scandalous drinking spun out of control he behaved in cruel and crass ways leading old friends to drop out of contact scandal was increasingly surrounded only by teenagers who idolized him. The drugs the alcohol the car and the money he provided one of those adoring teams known during the trial. Only as witnessed thirty two introduced scant to amber rose scandal became infatuated with her in early. January two thousand thousand eighteen amber rose told a friend that scanty had sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. Shortly thereafter scandal aggressively. We proposition amber rose for sex in exchange for money and she stopped socializing with him during the trial. Witnesses testified that amber rose was not the only girl not had molested on February second two thousand eighteen. The nod scant the message amber rose to complain. The she'd used his credit card to buy something online amber rose wrote back. You're lucky I don't go into the hospital and tell them you turn up to work. Drunk supply minors with alcohol. Touch them without consent. Grow Up Vinnie. You're thirty for F. Sake for nod replied you know. I didn't mean in it. An upset amber rose then shared a screen shot of part of the conversation to instagram. Were witness thirty. Two saw it and alerted Skanska. You can't contacted amber rose again demanding. She removed the post. Amber rose replied that she intended to follow through on her threat to go to the police in their last exchange of messages happen at eleven. Twenty five PM. Amber rose rush did not know that the nod Skanska was on his final warning at the hospital after showing up drunk to meeting six months earlier and attempting to treat a patient while drunk scancen nearly lost his job and only any managed to hold onto it by lying to administrators telling them his mother had just died. Amber Roses information could put an end not only to hospital job Bob but to his medical career scanty decided he had no time to waste at eleven forty PM dressed in all black wearing gloves armed with a knife he picked up witness thirty two who drove him to amber rose. Russia's house vinod scandal broke into a room and stabbed her six times in the neck. Nick severing her carotid. Artery scanner return to the car holding the bloody knife. An Amber Rosa's bone and driver's license amber roses uses blood was later found in the passenger side of the car and on scandal shoes after getting witnessed thirty to help him dispose of evidence. Scant that threaten threaten to kill witness thirty to his parents and his cat. If you talked to the police ultimately the threat was not effective as witness. Thirty ready to testify against him in trial on Wednesday the nod scandal was found guilty of one count of murder and four counts of threatening to kill decision that provides them small comfort to the rush family their morning not only the loss of their daughter but also the loss of her mother Lisa Ann who took her own life a few months after the murder scandal sentencing is scheduled for March six. That's it for today. We'll see you next week. And until then stay safe soared and scale. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribing leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback acker suggestions. Use the email address daily at sword and scale DOT.

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