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Conditions for Real Faith?

National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

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Conditions for Real Faith?

"The following program. Sponsored by the national prayer chapel. Would you love to tell you what I think of cheese? Since I found Huma friend, so strong and. I would tell you AVI, seems my life come. Some that. No other for. No one, man. Nobody cares foaming. Like. Ted. Documents. Homma chee. Mirer life was. When Jesus smile. My heart. News cheese. Play the strong. Law the friends straw. Months? Every day comes to me with. I understand is a word. Just. Sunday. Trey summer. Care for me like cheese. There's new friend so car. Noah mills. Doc. Four. Here's the problem. All of scripture tells us. How fabulous the love of goddess. That he loves us with unending love. That his love has been poured out for us. And we all know this. Then why is there such worldly it worldliness among us wiser such a lack of the real presence of God? Why when we pray our prayers not answered. It's very few men or women that I know that can go into the prayer closet and touch the throne of God and see a change in the physical realm. I struggled with this question, all my life and. And in college and seminary and later. People would say to me Ray. What are you just relaxing? Enjoy the ride. I can't do that. There's so much more. God wants to give us in the and the men and women. All around us are going to hell. Walking credible wickedness walking hopeless before God. No power of God moving in their life. There has to be a change. There has to be a standard of righteousness lifted up over this city in this nation, and there has to be the fullness and the moving of God. To bring the reality that this is not our home. We're here but for a short time, and then we're headed toward heaven. One of the passages of scripture that I've just been reading and praying over. Psalm thirty six I have a message from God. In my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked. There is no fear of God. There's no fear of God before there is in their own eyes. They flatter themselves. Too much to detect or hate their sin. That's what's happening today. No fear of God. And great flattery of self pride. And it causes men and women to be unable to detect the sin of their own hearts. And then we have the preaching constantly God is love God is love God is love and is love. But he's also just and righteous and holy. And will not tolerate wickedness before him will bring judgment on it. So I have. Struggled with this question of. Righteousness and holiness. You know, if you've listened to this broadcast, very long we've spoken much of both the word says without holiness. No man will see the Lord. He bruce. Without holiness. A seems to me that. One of the things that has to change. His this element of faith. So that when men and women come before God. With honesty. Things happen. But we have for so many years thrust ourselves out in our own plans in her own ideas with thrust ourself out for money and for pleasure and for recognition and for. What you name it? And the word faith has become so cheap. Worldly faith has taken over. Wurley faith says. Just decide what you want. Name it and claim it. I can't tell you. How many pastors I've heard who who say if you want that new car get a picture of it and put it up on your refrigerator and every day affirm that that cars yours, and you will force the spirit realm to give it to you. Cref low dollar. I could name many such pastors who who walk in worldly faith. Has to be some change. And I've gone back. And I've looked at an example in the scriptures. The cuts right at the heart of what I'm trying to talk about. The children of Israel were in slavery. Four hundred years. Imagine four hundred years of your parents, and your grandparents and your great grandparents in your great Grint. They'd all been slaves. The children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. Under backbreaking work four hundred years that's much longer than the United States has been in existence. They're only memories were of slave labor. Little boys grew up little girls grew up understanding, they would be slaves. There was no other option. It was be a slave or get beaten and killed. God heard their cry. And he answered the promise he'd made to Abraham and they sent Moses to bring them out of that dark dark place. To bring them to a land of Canaan place flowing with milk and Honey. They saw the miraculous hand of God move and deliver them from the AGIP Sion's. They saw Egypt literally ripped to shreds, financially and physically. And finally, the Favreau said leave and they left. But God did not take them the short way because. They weren't prepared to stand up for themselves yet they would have had to face the Philistines. God took them in stood by the long way. On the way to Mount Sinai. On the way, they had to cross the Red Sea and in so doing they saw the waters part. When Moses lifted his staff, they saw the cloud that accompanied them to give them shade in that hot burning desert. They saw the pillar of fire by night. They saw all of the evidence that God was real. They saw his judgements come upon them when they built the golden calves. They saw how many died. When they cried out to God for water. He gave them water. Whatever they needed food. We'll send tons and tons of men bread from heaven shipped down during the night. Now, finally. They came to the promise land. And in numbers the fourteenth chapter. The spies have gone forth. They've looked over the land. They've come back and they brought a bad report. It may have been an honest report. And no doubt was very honest report from the physical perspective. But they only saw themselves. They did not see God, even though God's hand was right there in the cloud by day and the fire by night. They had seen every evidence that God was he said he was. But now they hear their sons of Ainak or giants the amici tes the Hittites Jebusites the Emerites. They all live in this land. But Caleb had a different spirit. He stood up and he silenced the people. And he said we should go up and take possession of the land for. We can certainly do it. But the men who'd gone up with him said, we can't attack these people they're stronger than we are. And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land. They had explored. They said the land we explored devours the living in it all the people. We saw there of giant size. Even saw the NEF Elim. Well, the report while being accurate in the physical realm. Totally did Nuys the reality of God. Totally denies the reality of God. And of course, we're faced with that. Same question. How many times when? Suddenly circumstances change. And you're faced with an incurable disease. Man does everything he can grows bitter and hopeless. Angry. You have to move from the house you're in. Where are we going to go? We're gonna be wiped out. You lose your job. It's hopeless. I can't do anything about can't. And you try and try and try to get a new job. And you can't get a new job. Many times in my life. I have faced. The absolute impossible. These people through all this wilderness journey have not yet learned one simple lesson. And that is that God specializes in the impossible. But I wanna share with you the conditions. Under which God will step in and make a change. It's called faith. No, I have to tell you. I have struggled to try to understand what faith is all my life. And I've been told many many things that were not true about faith. I've been told that faith is power. And that if you'll speak the word of faith it'll happen for you know. Member when my late wife was dying of cancer. I'd get phone calls from national organizations, and from others who would say pastor stand in faith, just believe that God's going to do it. And he's going to heal her. Pray believe and God will do it. He let her die. He let her die. How was I to deal with that? Faith didn't work. And then those same people who told me about faith said pastor your faith was not strong enough. Get outta here. You wretched people? You. You ugly people who who speak out of superstition and witchcraft. That's not biblical faith. I want to show you today. What biblical faith is? What you'd understand what is going to cost? And what it will do. The Lord God only spoke one word one Raimo word to me during this time. I had a dear brother with me. And we were praying it standing and fasting for John's healing. And the Lord very quietly said to me. You're too big for me to heal. Jan. I didn't know what to do with that. I didn't know I didn't know what to do with that. That was that was talking about something I had no clue about I didn't understand what he meant off Duda to day. I understand today. And I think after this broadcast you're gonna understand. Are you facing the impossible? Then listen carefully. And by the way. I'm facing the impossible in many different places. I'm facing the impossible. In many different places. In the fourteenth chapter the book of numbers. In the fourteenth chapter. Of the book of numbers. The children of Israel have just gotten the bad news that there are giants in the land. And everyone lifted up their voices and wept aloud before God. All the Israelites grumbled against Moses. And Aaron and the whole assembly said to them if only we had died in Egypt that is the response of every human person. Who want something who says I'm going to have faith that I can have this. But when it becomes absolutely apparent that. It's impossible for you to pull off then hopelessness settles in an anger settles in. If only we had died in Egypt or in this, wilderness wise, the Lord bringing us up to this land only, the lettuce fall by the sword, our wives and children will be taken as plunder wouldn't it? Be better for us to go back to Egypt. We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt. And many of you have prayed for something. And when you did not get the answer, you said prayer as sentimental deal, but it doesn't work. It's catharsis. The doesn't work doesn't change anything. Now. Most of you would not be bold enough to say that out loud. But you believe that inside. Hence, many of you pray almost none at all. You simply don't pray. You might say a sentimental prayer. You might even pray publicly and eloquently, so people will think well of you, but in your own private world. You don't pray because you don't believe anything's going to happen by your praying. You've tried it didn't work you're not going to be a fool. They're ready to go back to Egypt. After they've seen all of the hand of God move on their behalf time after time after time. They have they have experienced miraculously power. The cloud of. Covering during the day for coolness in the fire by night. The water from the rock the Mana every day. They're closed not wearing out. They've seen the power of God. And finally the Lord comes. And he says how long will these people treat me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in me in spite of all the signs, I've performed among them. I will strike them down with the plague and destroyed them, but I will make you into a nation greater and stronger than they all I understand the Lord's heart here, he has had it with them. Moses intervenes. He pleads with God to forgive them. And God forgives them. And then he says, but not one of these men aged twenty or older who has grumbled against me. We'll see the promised land. And so now, the children of Israel are turned back into the desert. And they're they die. One by one their bones bleach in the sun that desert. Until everyone has died. You really have two choices. Either believe the word of God and act upon it. Or die in the desert. It's that stark. Some of you have gone through such anguish and paying physically emotionally. You've been beat up. You cry out to God. And there's no answer. You say what am I to do? I'm going to give you a very simple principle. Faith finds out the divine plan of God. And then lives an axe and works, according to that plan in other words, because I want something, and I say I will stand by faith for that does not have any bearing on what God is going to do or not do. Instead, I must pray and find out what God's will is regarding this situation. And then when I find out what God's will is regarding this situation. Then I act on what is revealed to me as the divine will or divine plan of God. Now, let me walk you through. A preparation to do what I've just told you about. In Joshua, the fifth chapter. They have come out of the desert. They have crossed the Jordan river. Having it dried up before them, even as their parents had the Red Sea dried up before them. They cross over on dry land. And in chapter five of Joshua. He begins to describe then the direction of the Lord, and it is to make Flint knives and circumcise all of the Israelites again, all the men. Why? Before you can have an answer from God. That's a serious answer. He requires circumcision of the heart. This is a work done by Jesus in a person's heart where the old man is cut out and cut away and the sin is removed from your heart. This is a time of absolute dedication to God into his will not to your will. You see we want God to bend to our will know we've been to God's will faith is only effective if it is involving us bending our will to God that God's plan can come to pass. He is not interested in helping us. Get our agenda done. It's his agenda that must be gained. And we must understand what it is. So circumscription is necessary. Step number two. They celebrated the Passover. What is Passover? You remember when they were coming out of of Egypt before they left, they celebrated the Passat the Passover meaning the wing of God. They deliberately by the shedding of lamb's blood on their door posts. Came under the sheltering wing of God. And the death angel pass over their house and did not bring judgment upon them. Now, let's be clear. It was God's judgment angel that passed over them. But it did not enter. Or harm anyone who was under the wing of God. One of the most vital lessons you can learn today. And if you don't know how you need to go talk with people who do know how to come under the wing of God. So that the enemy cannot touch you? Part of that coming under the wing of God must take place after I've been circumcised by by the Lord Jesus Christ. Where my artist been cut. And I've come into his presence and set it's only your will Lord. It's not my will. I'm not demanding anything of you. I remember my father talking about my aunt. When she was a newborn. She became very sick. And she was dying. My grandparents were very committed Christians, very serious Christians Methodist. And in the foolishness of their hearts. They went before the Lord. And demanded that he healed us little girl. And he heard them. They were insistent and demanding. And he healed this little girl. Dad sit. Raymond. I want you to learn a lesson. It would have been much better. If my little sister had died as infants. Said daddy. Why'd you say that? He said because Eva grew up an absolute. Destructive angry bitter hostile little girl. The family was loving everything was done for her that could be done. But she went out and lived life. In such a wicked manner. No, righteousness in her life, destroyed other people's lives. And it wasn't until Eva was on her deathbed that she finally surrendered to Jesus and dad said mom and dad finally came to the conclusion that they were in air pleading and demanding of God for the healing of that daughter that it would have been better had she died as an infant and gone to heaven. She would have spared the world great deal of anguish and pain. We thrust ourselves out. And we make demands upon God to fulfil our desires, and sometimes he'll do that. Have time to talk about it today. But Peter when he walked on the water was one such example, he thrust himself out. God he said Lord, tell me to come. If that's you. If you're God come Peter walk on the water. And he sank almost drown. It was a foolish part that he played. A painful part. Here. They are. The circumcised heart. They have come to. A place of coming under the wing of God. They're fully submitted to him. Now Joshua goes walking by himself. I suspect he couldn't sleep. I suspect it was in the early hours of the morning. He comes walking in the shadows. To look at this. Great city of Jericho all closed up forty plus foot walls impregnable locked up tight. The walls are so thick. There are houses built into the walls. This is impossible. There's no human way he with his army can take the city. So he comes walking in the shadows. And suddenly, he sees a man. And instead of pulling back in fear. This man has a sword. Drawn. Joshua walks up to him. And the asks him the key question. Are you for us or for our enemies? Let's declare ourselves. The answer comes back. Neither. But as the commander of the army of the Lord, I have come now. And Joshua false face down on the ground in reverence. Now, let's look at this. Joshua has come to look at this. Great city of Jerko. By the way, Jericho is one of the oldest cities in the world. Many many years before this. Jericho had been built probably pre-flood. And now Joshua combs. These looking up at these impossible wall. And he has to say in his heart. I have no way to Pierce these walls. It is impossible. Now, please for faith to work. You I have to have your heart circumcise, but Jesus. Secondly, you have to come under his wing. In other words, you come to an utter end of all of your resources and all of your abilities, all of your ideas, all of your ambitions. You come to a place where you say, this is hopeless to me. I cannot do anything here. As long as you think that you still have some strategies to employ or deploy as long as you still imagine that if you work hard, and God will just help you a little bit. You can do this then faith will not function for you faith, only functions in the realm of the human heart. When the human heart has come utterly to an end of itself. And there is no possibility of life or rescue. All is hopeless. Hopeless. You cannot do it. Now, this is an utterly. This is an utterly broken place before almighty caught. It's a place where if God does not come and move. All is lost. This is where faith can begin to function. This is where. This is where I've come to. I can't bring revival to Washington DC or to America. I have no power to do that. It takes all I have to come week by week day by day and proclaim the gospel to you and speak the truth and not compromise with you, even though I know many of you are uncomfortable with my speaking such raw unvarnished words. But somewhere we have to stop the church game. Stop the entertainment, stop the worldliness. Stop the foolish concerts. Somewhere we have to stop and say, we're not getting the job done. The city stands impregnable before us. How many times I've gone downtown? And I've walked the mall. And I've said this tell. I have no ability to break it open. How many times I've watched all the big name people come to this city and hold their rallies and their million man marches or whatever they wanna do and they put their finger in the water, and then they leave and they bring their finger out of the water. And it's as though they were never here. There's no change. This no revive. There's no presence of God. Now, I'm confessing publicly before you. I cannot bring revival to Washington DC. I cannot change this city. I have stood looking at this city now for fifty plus years. I can't crack. Oh, I could have built a great church in the city. It doesn't take that much to build a church in Washington DC, if you're simply willing to bring the world India church. If you're willing to self promote. You've got a big idea, that's humanistic and cloaked in religion. There you go. You bring in your big name speakers. You do your marketing you have your programs established, you get your finances in place. It works. Countless times it's worked in the city. But the city remains unchanged. You've done much good perhaps with individuals in the city, the poor the homeless or others that you have designated as the target of your ministry, but if really not touched the homeless of this city. If really not done the work of the gospel in this city. Not the way the apostle Paul did. Not the way. Peter did not the way Jesus did. I stand and look at this city. I think the way probably Joshua stood and looked. At this city of Jerko. I stood in looked at my late wife as she die of cancer. She was dying of cancer. And I looked at her sickness, and it was. Impossible for me to do anything to save her. And slowly the cancer aid away in her body. And I saw her slipping away from me. I saw the cancer coming between us it ripped my art out. There was nothing. I could do. We have to understand. The faith does not work. As long as we think, we can do something. And when we have not had our hearts circumcised by Jesus were not. We're not under the wing of God were were grabbing at everything we can grab that. And nothing works. We try whatever protocol the latest one is doesn't work. So here we find. Joshua looking a jerk. And suddenly this man comes. And he says, I'm not for you. And I'm not against you do understand he's not four Joshua's program. He comes as the commander of the army of the Lord. This is the Lord's program not Joshua's Joshua to learn that right up front. He falls face down on the ground. That's a wonderful actor Joshua. But it's not adequate. Simply go through some religious exercise is not enough. Joshua says what message does my Lord heb for his servant? He knew this was guard. This was Jesus before him. And the commander of the Lord's army replied, take off your sandals for the place where you are standing is wholly until you deal with this issue of holiness. The Lord will not reveal his plan to you. He wants you to take some specific concrete action that will say to God. Yes, I am hopeless. I can't change it. But I'm going to trust you. My eyes are upon you. Joshua takes off his shoes. He is a servant not a master. And then the Lord begins to lay out the plan for taking this great city of Jerko. And it's a plan that any military commander would have laughed at. It has no physical reality. That will make any difference. According to the heart of man. But suddenly Joshua is having laid out for him March around the city seven days in a row on the seventh day, go seven times around them and shout and blow the trumpet. And the wall will come tumbling down. And that's exactly what happened. Please. I'm not playing games. Some of you are in a very desperate place. And I asked you. Have you? Honestly, let God have total control of your life. Have you given everything into his hand? Have you unconditionally surrendered your heart and your life to God? And to his plans. Have you put away ambition? Have you put away your dreams? Have you put away everything? And now, are you willing? To let Jesus circumcise your heart. And come in and make of you a holy man, or holy woman. Have you turned a side from everything that is of the world the flesh and the devil and you come under the wing the Passat of God. And now, are you clear that you will never again rescue yourself that you will receive from God's hand exactly what he wants to give you and nothing else. Now, are you willing? Come into the presence of Jesus. And take the position of servant. And ask him to reveal to you his plan. Does it matter? Whether you're going to like the plan he reveals to you or not. Because now you are not your own. You were bought it a price. You have made an utter commitment to follow Jesus. You will not follow your own will or your own desires? You will serve Jesus with all of your heart, regardless of what that costs you. Have you gotten small enough? That God can hear you. And that you don't flatter yourself. Too much to detect your own sin. But you've allowed the Holy Spirit to search your heart. And now, do you know, what God's plan is for that wife or that husband or those children do know God's plan is for the job. He wants you to be in in order to be able to serve him and bring honor and glory to his name. Do you know what the plan of God is for your job? Or you still demanding it has to be your way. Are you willing to turn over to God? That child that husband that wife. Are you willing to humble your heart before God? And hear what his plan is. And when you finally hear clearly a Raimo word of God ah breathed word of God in your spirit or from the scriptures alot gos- word or from a friend speaking. And you know, it's the Lord speaking through them, and you get very clear, this is the Lord's will, you know, without any doubt in your heart. This is God's will. This is what he said he wants to have happened. Now, are you willing to give yourselves utterly and completely? To this divine plan with you like it or not and will you live and act and work. According to this plan to bring about what God has said he wants to bring about in your life or in your situation or in this city. The last word of God to me was wait upon the Lord. And I will carry you through the Lord will carry you through rest in me Ray. That's what I'm doing. Now. I'm waiting upon God to reveal to me the plan for revival in Washington DC. And if I die waiting for that plan at okay, I'm at peace with that. If he reveals it to me and shows me the steps to take I will immediately take those steps, regardless of the personal cost. Can you say the same? Have you utterly totally and completely laid your life down. And have you taken very specific actions that tell God that you're serious about him. Heavy said turn the television off have you turned it off? Have you done? What the Holy Spirit is told you to do. Have you cut off the things that had to be cut off? That's the circumcision of the heart. Are you willing to trust chasis? Faith works. But not flesh faith faith works. According to the plan of God. And you have to know what God's plan as if you're going to cooperate and pray in faith and have it come to pass any other kind of faith. Is witchcraft. And just not please the Lord. Every one in the book of Hebrews the eleventh chapter. Who is identified as a person of faith heard God's plan and operated, according to it. Almighty god. I just come together with brother and sisters. They've listened to this message on faith. And I asked Lord that you would reveal to them you will regarding their situation. Would you share with them the plan? So that they can stand by faith in that plan that you've outlined and see you bring it to pass for the battle belongs to the Lord. In the name of Jesus. Amen. I'm pastor Ray Greenlee from the national chapel. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you. I've been getting letters sharing testimonies. Thank you. You can write to me at the national per chapel post office box twenty three forty six. Woodbridge Virginia, two two one nine five. Again, that's the national prayer chapel post office box twenty three forty six. Woodbridge for genu- two two one nine five. You can also go to. Our webpage national prayer chapel dot com. And there you'll find many many messages avilable for you. Listen study. God bless you. My brother my sister. Standing faith real faith. Talk to you. Say. Try.

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243 - Finding Your Bourbon People with Jeremy Mandel

Bourbon Pursuit

1:06:45 hr | 1 year ago

243 - Finding Your Bourbon People with Jeremy Mandel

"And Pairing your expertise on the distilling process with key business knowledge such as finance marketing operations. Then you need to check out. The distilled spirits business certificate from the university level. It's an online program that can be completed in as little as six courses. The program is taught by both business faculty and corporate fellows. So you're getting real experience from experts at the most renowned distilleries companies and startups in the distilling industry. We're talking leaders from Brown Forman. Bhimsen Tori Jack Daniels and more get enrolled to this online program at U. OF L. Dot me slash Bourbon pursuit. My Dad's famous line is nothing said is on episode. One is if you're if you're drinking beer. You're watching the party if you're drinking bourbon. You are the party this episode two hundred and forty three of Bourbon pursuit. I'm Kimmy one of your hosts and how about some pursuit series news. Now we don't WanNA use this as a self serving platform but lots of people want updates on what's happening. So here's the latest last week Ryan. I visit our broker where we get to do. What's sort of unusual in the bulk source market where we get to actually hand select every barrel? Now we've talked about this before and you're going to hear about it more but this time. We tasted through twenty two barrels and wound up chosing three barrels of tenure Tennessee Bourbon and then we also selected two barrels of a special Ri-. We've got a few months until the Riley bottled but this stuff blew our minds at only four years old because it had such fruity and bubblegum flavor is that I think it's going to take everybody by surprise we've also purchased four barrels from Finger Lakes distilling and we'll releasing more those relatively suit. We've got other things in the works as well and you can get all those updates upcoming barrels in our patriarch community. Lastly we have finally touched down in Georgia and more specifically in Atlanta where there are select retailers with limited amounts of episode twenty one and it tastes just like candied. Pecans next week. We have two more barrels going up for sale to our patron community first before they are released. The general public and one of these barrels is our first ever fifteen year old bourbon release. It might just be one of my favorites because you know. I love that Oak. All right. Let's get on with the industry news right now corona virus on everyone's radar and we all know the travel industry is hurting because events held worldwide are being canceled. But what does that mean for the spirits industry? Chinese consumers are really tailored more to Scotch in Cognac? Am By you where it's going to be hit hardest. The has already cut its full year. Twenty twenty profit forecasts by two hundred sixty million as bars and restaurants in Greater China remain empty beams in Tory said that the corona virus situation is creating challenges in key. Asian markets and. It's twenty thousand nine hundred full year results for no record anticipates. The outbreak will have a severe impact on its China and travel retail business and cut its guidance for organic growth in profit from reoccurring operations for fiscal two thousand twenty two four percent from its previous expectations of five to seven percent in response to the industry demand for greater clarity during global threats. I W SR DRINKS MARKET ANALYSIS. Which is the leading authority on data and intelligence on the global beverage? Alcohol market has revealed plans to launch. The I W SR CORONA virus risk assessment model also known as cram tool quantify and forecast the impact of key global events giving industry leaders data driven insights in situational forecast to navigate the situation and manage risks to commemorate the celebration of its. One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary old forces opening the first ever. Whiskey row retreat. It's GonNa be a unique immersive Bourbon apartment experience. One lucky winner ended. Guests will be invited to stay at whiskey row retreat during National Urban Day on June fourteenth in the entire guests experience at the whiskey. Row Retreat will center around unprecedented access to the production of the Bourbon. The brand and the people behind old forester the contest winner. Andy guests will be invited to partake in special activities at the old force or distilling company including experiencing the process of creating a barrel joining Jackie's. I can in a single barrel selection and custom cocktail such as learning how to make the brain signature perfect old fashioned to enter the whiskey row retreat contest. Vange twenty-one an older can enter by sharing on why they think they should be chosen to win in. Stay at the whiskey row retreat. And you can do this by visiting old forester dot com slash. Whiskey row retreat. The entry for deadline is April twentieth of twenty twenty four roses small batch select is expanding beyond its twenty nineteen initial launch of only being five states new markets were small Bachelorette will be available in the coming months include Colorado Florida Illinois Indiana Massachusetts Michigan Missouri New Jersey North Carolina. Ohio Tennessee Washington and Wisconsin independence. Dave Company Andy. Boswell family who you might remember Brad. Boswell the CEO back on episode one eighty five are giving one million dollars to the University of Kentucky to further spirits research. At the James B Being Institute Kentucky Spirits the Gift Will Fund eight New Maturation Facility. That will allow the DEEM INSTITUTE TO EXPERIMENT WITH BARREL AGING SPIRITS PRODUCED IN ITS RESEARCH. Still Ary the only one of its kind in the United States. This new warehouse by a six hundred barrel capacity and become an interactive classroom and laboratory were students and scientists can tackle real life industry issues. Do you find yourself talking to the same people every day about Bourbon and realized you talk to them more than some of your best friends from school. Think we're all in that same situation? Now that's what today's episode is all about. Bourbon has magical element to it. That seems to bring people together across every demographic and share a common bond. But perhaps you're getting started and you want to figure out. How do you find your Bourbon? People we sit down with Jeremy Mandel. He's an Admin and founder refused facebook communities and he's also one of our patriots supporters. We go through what it takes to find connections with other like-minded individuals that can be done either online with people around the world or perhaps it's in your own backyard with meet up groups urban societies and much more. You'll come away at the end of this realizing you've probably followed some of these same steps already without even realizing it and hey if you want to be part of another community join us on Patriots where you're seven hundred plus members strong and growing every single week as a final reminder. We are doing our twenty twenty bourbon pursuit audience survey and we want to know more about you our listeners. So if you've got thirty seconds to spare and I promise it's only thirty seconds. Please visit urban pursuit dot com slash twenty twenty survey all right. It's time for the show. Here's Joe from Barrel Bourbon. And then you've got Fred Minic with above the jar. It's Joe from barrel. Bourbon myself on our master Distiller Trips Simpson spent weeks choosing barrel to create a new batch meticulously sample every barrelled. Make sure the blend is absolutely perfect next time. Ask you bartender barrel Bourbon. I'm Fred Mimic and this is above the char money. Oh we talk about it. It's the root of all evil. La Wish we had more of it and people tell themselves that money can't buy you happiness. Will you know money is very very very important? And right now you have distillers from Washington to Florida and from Texas to South Dakota all scrambling going to banks. Venture Capitalists Private Investors Angel Share. People Friends family. Hell you might even just randomly run into someone on the airport. Hit him up for money. There are so many people looking for money in this space and people. Just don't understand whiskey. I sometimes wonder what the world would look like. And the distilling business if mainstream businesses understood. What this world encompassed that in fact at Bourbon is its own audience. Bourbon is as big as a sports team or a NFL franchise or even a sports league. It's bigger than a lot of television shows and people would actually just kind of wake up and look past the alcohol aspect. We may be hearing about brands that he never even knew about. But because somebody can't get the money that they need to start the distillery of their dreams we're not gonNA hear about him and there are people like Cedar Ridge in Iowa where the farmer the winemaker. He leveraged his house everything that he owns his land. I mean I think he might even leverage the kidney to to start the brand Cedar Ridge. He kept believing in it. He kept believing in it and he kept leaving it and then finally got a big big break and that is just it. Everybody needs a break in this business but it all starts with the money and I'll be damned if there's just not enough of it to go around and that's this week's above the char. Hey did you know that I have got a new podcast? It's in the music interview section. So helped me become The number one music interview podcasts. On apple over there and search for my name the Fred Mimic show. And then we'll have the number one bourbon podcast and the number one music interview podcasts. Go check it out until next week cheers. Welcome back to the episode of Bourbon. Pursuit the official podcast of Bourbon. Kenny Ryan and Fred here talking about a fun cultural topic this is this is something that even this podcast witnessed started. If it wasn't for the type of pot or the topic that we are actually talking about tonight in it's kind of really I guess you could say it's a way that you you branch out a little bit you end up growing. We've all had friends that we get through school and college or work or anything like that and then you'd finding oh I can find friends and other things such as hobbies and and really urban is one of those things that we talked about. All the time it's what brings people together and That's kind of what brought this. Podcast together I mean Ryan was really on the idea of A. Let's start Bourbon. Podcast and I think I know this guy named Kenny. Yeah we weren't really friends on so we were. We were acquaintances at that. Point Really Ironically enough we both liked. Edm before Before Bourbon so that was the introduction and then the bourbon kind of brought together but yes. Bourbon has definitely like. I'm amazed at how many people in how vast network has become just because of Bourbon. And like it's crazy like nuts. It's a cool very cool thing and very humbling. Things so yeah. I'm excited to talk about because it's been so blessed to meet. Somebody fortunate. People Fred included nudges doing your yard. We're now friends how I feel. You were actually friends before that too. Yep exactly so I feel good because we're fred now. We're you know we're facebook official friends so I feel like I made it. Yeah you can get to see everything that's happened in our personal lives and kind of grown since they're now now we're getting to the point where I think is there a day that goes by. We all don't text each other. I don't think there is actually. Yeah so it's like it's like Text like part of an episode takes chain started like six. Am Kenny jumps in about ten. Yeah you get started way too early. I don't know how you do it. Not By choice. Got a five year old. Elbowing me in the back. Adding it up so our guest this chimed in there so let's go ahead and introduce them and and kind of really start talking about the to the subject so tonight we're joined by Jeremy Mandel. Jeremy is a member of our patriarch community and came to us with this topic so Jeremy. Welcome to the show. Thank you been listening to. You forever will happen here. Hopefully we're making a dream come true tonight on pursuit. Thanks for putting up with us all these years. I can't even the long Da. Dum Meet Your idols terribly lame. Jeremy let's hear your coming of age tale of Bourbon. How did how did you really get into? It was their first zipper. Some sort of introduction growing up had a you know like I would imagine a lot of people do just in high school. I guess I shouldn't say that but I'm pretty sure it's common we've even even master distiller say they started. We had a little poker with some friends and there was. We would always try and get a bottle of something for our games and We found a dinner truly was finding We were fine. We found a bottle with a nice little horse on top and it was a round little ball and My goodness it was delicious. So that was back when you go into a store and buy some land But that kind of kicked it off. went through college and then Probably two three years after graduating college and went to the University of Arizona Was talking to a buddy of mine Tori Levy who was in my fantasy football league. He beat beat all of us and when I sent him the money. He sent me a picture of him. Cracking a a pappy fifteen and I had read about that but I never had it or even knew anyone that could get it so I said how the heck did you get that thing. And then he showed me. Oh my goodness there is Bourbon on the Internet though it was just kind of a spiral from there But you know from there you meet a whole bunch of people which. I'm sure we're GONNA talk about create a little bourbon community in. That's kind of how this whole series cardboard boxes behind me came to be. Yeah we're about to say that. That kind of justifies your your level of commitment to this. I think I think all of us have a room in the house or closet of something that has boxes of herb is just they? Just cardboard boxes stacked reconcile So much as it's a level of cheapness to I I certainly don't want to pay four dollars for a box so my goodness yeah Amazon package. I'm like is this going to be good for future? Use to ship something it gets. It gets the point now where you can train your significant other when they understand what the the right size boxes and it'd be like honey. I saved this for you. Yes my wife said. You know this perfect box to get some of those little stupid bottles that you do with the stupid bottles. The two ounce the two ounce sample I gotcha but it's perfect for your little stupid bottles. She supportive of the hobby. That's great Supportive in that. This is existing but she certainly gives me crap all the time. Oh yeah well. Isn't that her job though to give you Little Shit? I think so. Yeah just joined the club at that point. You're fine so I guess let's go ahead and kind of talk about you. Know we can eat share some of these stories of how we got introduced to. And I don't know if we ever heard your story like Kinda how we're you know did. Did somebody introduce you to Bourbon in sort of how to that that process? Yeah I've man. I was drinking Bourbon Actually drink in high school like that so I was not You know the only time that I had drank high school definitely was wasn't Bourbon. He was smoking. I use doing hard drugs. He's doing those double dragon drinks so when I went to college I became a big You know beam drinker and You know on my first legal drink was you know Jim Beam White and I remember going into the liquor store at that time and there was like old fitzgerald and well. I mean think. I've all thought about this a lot. I wish I could travel back in time to stillwater Oklahoma when I was just turning twenty one which would have been two thousand and and just like clean those shelves out because they were loaded loaded with stuff that now I would you know. I've spent four or five hundred to twelve hundred dollars on so it's I definitely was not drinking well but when I when I was drinking Bourbon. It was always Jim Beam White label if I was like In wanting to live high on the hog get maker's mark. But but who's who's the person introduce you like. Did you actually just go into the store and say like I think I feel like Drinking Fraternity Party? I have? Yeah so who gave me the bottle? I don't know know I will say probably the moment that I fell in love with it. It was It was probably on a fraternity boss on our way to New Orleans from baton. Rouge I we were there for like some kind of convention man it just it just it felt it was very tasty. I love the taste of it and then I found myself like ordering Jack or Jim Instead of beer or sometimes both and You know at that at that young age and then when I was when I was in Iraq I couldn't you know is against the general orders to to have You know to have liquor or have anything so I would have friends You know poor out listerine bottles and fill it with Jim. Beam Jack Daniels at the time and does your stupid bottles. Yeah if you were if you were if you compare like a traditional bottle of listerine next to like beam or Jack there the same color so the MP's couldn't Couldn't crack it open. Because they couldn't they wouldn't necessarily think to look at that but So that's how he's doing. I actually did have. There was a a unit That would go into northern Iraq in our bill and they would buy cases of liquor and occasionally like the South African contingent. That was there they would break it out so like. Bourbon is all in my adult life. Bourbon has always played a role in terms of like where I really fell in love with it. We asked with. You is with my wife. You know because she's she's a big bourbon drinker like you know and I started in. I was just drinking. It was I- appreciating it prior to her probably not. I don't think I appreciate it many things until my wife now. I WANNA make sure she gets that sound bite. What about you Ryan? We're we're I think we talked. I think this is actually episode. One right episode. One of verbiage suit is where we talk about ours. But let's go ahead and rehash years. Yeah so thinking back. Down Memory Lane was in Bardstown as you may or may not know from but No yeah definitely man. That's all on you get like Bourbon royalty. Dna in your blood. Yes in law connections yes throughout but now the first time it was like at a field party and My buddy his name. Piketty annot we're name but he had Evan Williams and coke Let me try that. In his first Amish converging on it was like oh this tastes like sweet nectar like this. This is amazing and then from there. Yeah just drank so much. Jim Be White Label in college. Oh my God I can't even drink it now like game and look at it because it brings back so many bad memories but good memories but Didn't start getting serious till I duNno after college. I mean my dad does a lot of work for the Bourbon Industry. He's a machinist so he does toland our pair and I would deliver parts to him are for him to the different distilleries in our member. You know just seeing the bottles they would always give him stuff and then I would take it to a vividly. Remember taking like Semalaysia Craig. Twenty one's in Noah Mills fifteen in taking him to college parties in like totally mixing a coke or Ginger Ale and like just had no clue what you know what I had and So yeah just kind of progress from there and then like really appreciate. When I went I went to school at Rutgers in New Jersey. Kinda nobody there really knew it. So kind of preached the Gospel of there and Kinda started really dive into and then I met Kenny and then found out. There's this whole world of collecting and trading and flipping collected. You know all this stuff and then soggy go down that rabbit hole and then I'm like well why don't we? I can't just like have the Hobby. I gotTA start a business about it in Kansas Leisurely. Enjoy Bourbon with friends so Like let's start a podcast but Yeah it's now you know. I'm no one's a stranger to me and so like I've just reached out to anybody that has the same interested in me. I'm not afraid to talk to them and reach out to them. So I've met so many people that enjoy bourbon and it's been like crazy and it's cool because I'm from there when I grew up. No one gave us shit about it. Now everybody gives a shit about it. You know just seeing The town flourished and stuff. It's pretty cool. The absolutely we'll touch more in like meeting New People and stuff with inside a Bourbon All kind of recap mine. I know I've probably said it before. I have the same sort of cone tail as Fred over there. So I joined a fraternity on the University of Kentucky's campus. And I I mean I remember back. It was ten dollars for a twenty four pack of Natty. Light and being an UNDERGRAD. Yeah you always get ten bucks. You give it to one of the juniors or seniors within the fraternity. They'd run out. You come back that's your that's your. That's your drink and for the evening However remember hanging out with some of the older upperclassmen in yeah they were all sitting around drinking bourbon and coke and back then our drink a choice was kentucky tavern that was that was our Goto and that was kind of like my first introduction. They were actually known as a fraternity was actually known as one of the biggest urban drinking attorneys on campus. I don't know if that was a good thing or bad thing at the time but because everybody knows what happens if you get a little to bourbon drunk when you're little young and stupid but back then it was It was a it was a way to kind of get an introduction to it so of course mixing Bourbon and coke however at the time you know this was also a time when you're drinking not to sit there and enjoy your drinking to consume and and have a good time and you know all that aside you don't feel as bloated when you have a few bourbon cokes after you do have like eight to ten eight to ten twelve beers so it actually made you feel a little bit better going throughout the night and now the next morning interrupted by. Dad's famous line is nothing says on episode. One is if you're if you're drinking beer. You're watching the party if you're drinking bourbon you are the Party so I've always loved that line but anyways so let's go on to the next t shirt but yeah I mean that's that's sort of how it started for me in ever since I did that like I was always one person that was kind of like preaching like always do Bourbon Cokes. During college seemed like the easiest way to do it. Not only that is me and my roommate. At the time we became social shares. Social Chair is a a a nice word to say party planner for back in college in the fraternity days and so our biggest. Actually this is what I truly miss. About College is that your biggest worry is where we're GONNA party on Thursday and Friday night and that's that's what you had to set up and so backed in. Uk was a very dry campus. And you couldn't have any alcohol within south paternity houses at all so our goal was say. How do we have house parties and still serve liquor? And so what we did. Is We get? We got those massive gatorade jugs that you see on the sidelines of football stadiums and we filled those and it was one handle a Kentucky tavern to two leaders of diet coke and so everybody drink bourbon and coke at the parties and that's how we We continued to flourish for a while but after after college than is kind of when the appreciation started I didn't stop drinking bourbon it was diverted cokes and that's where the progression starts where you start getting rid of the coke. You start getting rid of the ice and you start. Learning to drink at need. Old Forester became staple for me Every once in a while splurging on small batch. You Know Fred you you talked about going back to the store and thinking of all those bottles that you could have had my God. Even I went to the liquor store and when I was there buying for parties I would buy probably gosh cases of six or one point seven five liters of of Kentucky tavern every single week. I don't think I even looked at any other bottles on the shelves. I always looked at bigger out work. Could I get the cheapest prior like odds overpriced yet? I mean that was. I didn't really know any better at the time. Indiana's even when I even after college. I didn't really know any better either I I was drinking forwards a small batch. I didn't know limited limited editions even existed until I was working at a company and I. There's a guy that worked there in. We talk about Bourbon all the time. We'd sit there and talk about bottles. We come together in one introduced me to limited editions and this was Twenty twelve late early twenty thirteen timeframe something like that and he's like. Hey I got a few extra things. I'll just tell them that cost because I'm just overflowing and so. He sold me a four hundred twenty fifth anniversary. An old ripped squat bottle. A Jefferson's I think it was twenty. One may be in their all retail. At the time I was just like. Oh Gosh like eighty bucks a bottle. He sure about this and and so. That's that's kind of what got me onto that train. And then of course as Jeremy said you find out about online forums in the whole world of different things. Start opening up to you of things that you never even knew existed. And that's I think that's really where the rabbit hole starts for most of us and I think that's kind of where the conversation keeps going for a lot of us here because the online community is really where a lot of the relationships are built. It's also a Lotta relationships. Go to die and get pig. Let's be honest. There's a lot of butthurt that happens out there so feelings journals vergamo world. What are you talking about? Yeah right you mentioned one thing and then all of a sudden you've got people either hating on your Lovin. Yeah so Jeremy. Kinda talk about your introduction into like the Bourbon online communities so my buddy. Tory said Hey I got this happy. Fifteen finally found a good use for facebook So I got invited to one of those deals saw that I love Bourbon wise was Blanton's and got on there and within five minutes I saw somebody was selling bland's it was dated in like nineteen eighty eight. And I didn't realize the WISC the existed before I drank it though bought that nineteen eighty-eight Blanton's and still have about a quarter of it And really from there. It's sort of just went into a network can almost fall into this accidentally and I'm sure that y'all's experiences a very similar But you know you find some people. They've got good relationships with and now report of a few groups that really proud to be a part of and it's been really cool and you know I've got a network really across the country coast to coast and actually even out of the country just from those stupid facebook groups. Can you in like in most major towns if you need to sleep on someone's couch in your new Bourbon? I'm going to Florida for business on Friday and I am crashing in the spare bedroom of a bourbon friend that night. No way it's awesome. We'RE GONNA be drinking well. Have you met him before in person? Yes a couple of times. Actually I have not picked a barrel together but we got to take part in what to me is. My favorite part about a lot of this stuff is the charity component And there was a guy in Florida Had a really terrible cancer diagnosis and Young Guy. About Twenty one years old twenty two maybe And without getting super deep in the details of it I went down there last year because we raised him bow Seventeen eighteen thousand bucks and I went down there to To go with him to present the money to imminence family and that was the first time that I crashed his Crashes Place that we met that time. Like here's here's a check. By the way. Can I stay? So this is actually the crashing at his house but we have But that's that's always a lot of fun. Of course you know my my wife thinks it's ridiculous but we're in this city I gotta go see this Guy So but yeah you get this network and I'm sure you guys are all the same in that regard you've got kind of people all over the country that you know from random guy helped me fine this thing. I was looking for and of course my my wife would say. Why are you looking for that? In the first place you have two hundred something three hundred but this sounds familiar. Never heard that before but But Yeah it's you know you form these communities we've we've been able to do a lot of good We've been able to do a lot of bad too but But it's a lot of fun and it's a soul kinda separate world that you get to be a part of all around this brown water stuff that we all agree up. I was GONNA ask you talking about like meeting with individuals but do you ever like Like throw get togethers. Were your your buddies that you've met online or whatever you go to a house or you go to a bar. Do you all have like special events or anything like that. So nothing. That's terribly scheduled but one of the urban groups minutes called the Karma and we did the first one was. It's kind of always centered around barrel picks so about a summer of twenty seventeen. We all got together for roses. Big pick couple other things that I'm not remembering right now But you know there was a thirty thirty five of us to get together remember. We all went to haymarket one night and that was his last And it's all these people who I recognized from one single picture But it was really cool so we we've done that a couple of buddies We re barreled all bunch of Nashville number one. I think it was from Buffalo Trason. We threw it up in a barrel of buddies farm in Tennessee and we all got together about two months ago to see if it sucked And fortunately it didn't suck so he had a weekend at AIRBNB on river or lake or some body of water. And it's a it's a great time and saw those people end up becoming some of your best friends. It was really a really bizarre but actually ends up happening that way every time. I go meet my Bourbon or Internet firms. My Wife's like what are you doing going to be your Internet friends. You're going to be on dateline one of these times. The the barrel pick that I went to my wife was convinced I was going to be ripped and merge she was. Oh Gosh I think we all get that that every once in a while. I think my wife is getting more attuned to it Because of course you know through our community through Patriot week. We get emails all the time we try to make it. We can have people saying you know we'd love to just come and meet up for a drink and sometimes we can make happen and she's always Kinda like all right. I'll just make sure you text me need to table in case. I remember one thousand going to meet with Kenny couple patron guys and I got an Uber. And Timmy's like text me as soon as you get there and like make sure as soon as you leave takes me and I'm like okay. I'm promise I'm GonNa make it home. They're not gonNA kill me or a tag team we can. We can take anybody but back to go ahead Jamie. Let's say you guys look tough. You can take him Kinney's not I haven't worked out in a while gotTA wire your wiry. Yup I am so. Let's go back to the you know the community aspect of this You know you had mentioned Karma I mean are you. Are you in in with the other groups and stuff like that where you kind of find those ins and I guess are there. Are there certain types of groups that create more bonds than others? What do you get if you mix Seattle craft? Texas heritage and Scottish know how that's to bar spirits to our spirits traces its roots to a ranch in rural Texas run by the founder Nathan Kaiser's family for six generations Nathan grew up on the ranch was stories of relatives. Bootlegging moonshine and after moving to Seattle. He wanted to keep the family traditional live any opened to bar spirits in two thousand twelve. They're very traditional distillery. Making everything from scratch in each day starts by milling thousand pounds of grain. Their entire product lineup consists of only two whiskeys their moonshine and the only bourbon made in Seattle. Both bottles are being featured in Rack House. Whiskey clubs next box rock house. Whiskey club is a whisky the month. And they're on a mission to uncover the best flavor stories that craft distilleries across the US to offer rock house ships out two of the feature distilleries finest bottles along with some cool merchandise in a box delivered to your door. Every two months go rack house. Whiskey CLUB DOT COM to check it out and try some to bar for yourself use code pursuit for twenty five dollars off your first box. What's up everyone? I'm John? Henderson your admin over at the Bourbon suit discounts over as a coordinator for the Christmas fundraisers held by the Bourbon pursuit. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed. I couldn't be more proud of this community. One perk of joining the Berber pursued on Patriot is it. You get access to real time chat with other members along with Kenny Ryan and Fred. Discord from photo sharing example swabs to events where ultra limited releases like Willett balls are exchanged. There's always something going on right now. Over three hundred members of the Patriot community have joined in connecting over our passion for Bourbon. If you're not on patron now's a great time to join us and get involved with the community in a whole new way. Come check it out for yourself and be part of the behind the scenes chat photos and video calls. We'd like to have you join us. Live virtual boy where we all discuss. A pursuit series release chairs are there certain types of groups that create more bonds than others so community wise on the part of two groups. That really are my bourbon community. I would say One is Karma that was a cost plus Shit group which. I'm sure we'll talk about what that is. But essentially it's I because of that. I feel comfortable that if there's ever anything I want to try From some What's a good example I'm a poor roses that four roses might top of the line Particularly the Oh yes. Oh Recipe and liquor barn had a OS Oberle the month ago or so I got two bottles over there and but I'm down in Texas next because of the connections that made my cost cost ship group Karma. That's been a great deal. You meet all kinds of great people also part of a barrel. Picking Group called. Twenty one kings and I've made a bunch of great connections there. I'm going actually going to be up in Kentucky a couple of weeks to pick a four roses barrel on Willett Ri- barrel and that's really. It started more as a. We want to be able to pick barrels and not shared among two hundred people kind of thing. But you know you make these connections with. It's really interesting. There's not a lot that I've experienced in the world. The bonds people together like picking a barrel Bourbon. The I don't know what the secret sauce will. I know what the sauces the common denominator you pick a barrel of somebody your pals You know you talk talk the whole thing through with a painstakingly excellent process if you do it right and I've been really lucky to get to do it a few times and I'm really excited to get to do it again. Here in a couple of weeks But it's been a really cool experience. You know you get get Really really good Bourbon Awry or whatever it is. You're picking and you get to make connections with people would at least for me. Certainly I never would have made those connections otherwise now. I'm totally with you and I I guess that also kind of thinks about Really where it is the relationship start. And how does it build it? I I have the same things With with two other buddies that really we we knew each or we didn't really know each other and then we've kind of found each other through Bourbon. Their personal lives You start knowing about their children. You know about their vacations. You know about You know where they're buying a house. Ra's yeah everything getting. But I mean that's that's kind of like how it kind of blips like that where you should. I say really kind of snowballs. Where you you kind of have this common foundation and then from there you start talking to them more than you did. The people that you went to school with years ago And and they become something because it seems like Bourbon is like an everyday thing. It's constantly changing and the people that care about it always in tune with. Yeah absolutely the. It's really nice. Aside from just the personal connections is just great to have a network Othello. Dorks talk about that stuff with you know. There's I live in San Antonio which is You know it's got a good bourbon community here but sort of from a maturity level It really only became a big thing down here in the past. Three to six months So you know. I always thought the esquire bar had a really nice bourbon select choir it's fantastic And you know they do. The the Santo Cocktail Conference down here. Career was in the back of the room. Less time you did one. You can stay on the couch next time. Yeah that's right do you mind. I mean Saint Anthony's expensive. Yes if you don't mind golden retriever sniffing around. You can always got a couch here but there. There's a few people here and there but like as compared to say like Houston Houston's nine I know you guys had the the Houston urban society on a while back. That's been a big deal for a few years now. So like just as an example and I mean no disrespect in saying this in the San Antonio Group the old Ezra seven year is a big damn deal right now and it's a it's an excellent drank and I really like it for what it is. But if you've been into the hobby really deeply for five plus years then you know you're drinking other stuff too So it's locally. It's not as far down. The line is like a Houston or obviously anywhere in Kentucky Which made the online community is a really great thing for us. I guess another question with that is are you seeing a lot of so you have your local society and that's another place where a lot of people can go in and find some of those perfect connection this. Bourbon friends that live. They live in your local area. Most the time you might find it on the Louisville page the San Antonio Page and then you see each other meeting and then all of a sudden things happen through there. Yeah the IT's funny I'm hosting In Ryan you joked about Iras. But that's that's what I do for a living. I can't tell you how many times one of my bourbon friends would send me a text message or in emails like hey you mind if I ask you about this thing so actually do know about a lot about the Ira Bourbon Esp on earth. Gift but Yeah you end up. I just right before we got on here. My Buddy Josh Hayes. Give me a call at talked to him for about a half hour and Bourbon didn't come up So it's really cool connections like that. You know another thing that we kinda talked about earlier to kind of keep this train going with the kind of online community theme is. We're talking about Raffles. In how these these kind of groups that are based off raffles it also kind of creates a little bit of Camaraderie Because you've got people that they all try to play the same number and they fight each other for it and they get to know each other through there or there's somebody that consistently wins somebody else's raffle all the time. And so you have you have this also built into even though it's an expensive hobby but it's something yeah we Like in In Karma might might cost ship groups. It's the stupidest thing in the world. But when when mega ball went from fifteen numbers to seventeen hundred nineteen or whatever? The number is not fifteen anymore. We were all very upset because at diluted our chances of winning stuff so we had to create our own weekly drawing which is I got a Bingo machine. Back their son. Some did our own damn drawing. Because I didn't want split a bottle. Seventeen ways almost fifteen ways but yeah. He ended up particularly in some of those secondary raffle sites. You can lose just an absurd amount of money if you don't really check yourself. Yeah Hey Kenny for introducing me to Raffles Risky whiskey in particular after awhile you you figure you know. That's the reason billing it. I had to delete social media during the week. Thanks a lot after awhile. You end up as early. Uganda quit planned But back to the community aspect of this you know we we look at it as an opportunity as as well to branch out. You know Myself Gotten to know people through these communities and in Your Jeremy. As you mentioned you'll travel you'll go somewhere You know I've got connections now and a lot of states you can. You can travel somewhere. Eno- that you can confine and somebody and you can hang out and have a good time. You don't have to go and meet up at a bar somewhere to go and and hang out and ultimately I don't know about you all. I'd actually rather go to somebody's house and dig into their collection and try something unique than I would just rather meet a put a bar well. It's it's funny we My buddy critic lyman was tear probably six months ago. And there's Three guys here locally. They're a part of the Karma groups that were part of We went out to a bar all meet up in about halfway through my trying that Bob Dylan whiskey. We all that stuff. I hate to break off on that. But what did you think of the Bob Dylan Whiskey? I will wasn't a tremendous fan of grow Sydney like it at all. It was growth about it so there is a okay. So it's it's it's difficult. And they got like the bottom of the barrel of the dickel barrels Because it's like metallic you know there's like there's like this crazy like weird metallic note in there. There was something to it that I had not tasted bourbon before. I don't mean that in a good way and it inspired us. We were Fred you mentioned the Esquire. We were down the road from the ESQUIRE. So maybe that was our problem but we all That that drink inspired me to tell her because the dust bar in San Antonio for whiskey at each of our individual houses. Can we please just go there? So that's what we did. No better than the Bob Dylan whiskey. Yeah I'm sorry. I interrupted you but I had to ask your opinion on it now. I don't totally remember. We're going with that but you're absolutely right. That's sucked Fred. I mean a friend of you if you had enough connections now when you go somewhere that you'd rather not go to a bar and you'd rather go to somebody's house and dive into a you know a weller gold vein or Roy Moore Weller some old dusty Kentucky Tavern or Evan Williams or something like that I've had I've had some weird experiences Please do you. I've had some weird ones But I you know. I'll say that I still like to see what's going on in the town five years ago. I was like I don't want to go to a whiskey bar. 'cause I have everything and I don't want to spend that kind of money and rather just Kinda go hang out and see something else Now I'm kinda going back to the I feel like these. These bars are working hard to promote my culture. What I love and I gotta throw him a bone. I gotta I gotTa go in there and pay my respect to what they're doing so that's Kinda how I think of it now is like I. I don't think of it is like you know. Look at them in their prices. Just what they are if they're price gouging. You know be very vocal about that but in often to like I ended up correcting spelling errors and menus. I mean for God's sakes why can't spell will it correctly it's But I I feel like I have. I have a purpose and I'm supposed I need to be visiting. These great temples of that are bastions to whiskey. And you know if if they invite me and I'm GonNa GonNA show you know. Check it out but indeed do I like go into someone's house and going down in the basement and seeing seeing the collection I mean that's like to me it just it doesn't get better than that. Now what's weird is when like you now. I come in the house. And then the guy's wives down there and I'm like Oh oh and the business guy in the Ascott who'd you agree out? Oh Man can get weird so I didn't sleep on their couch like I'm GonNa go till now. Yeah I mean it's it's fun to look at this and and and look at the relationships that you do build over time Because it does seem like a lot of these hopefully will stand the test time. You never really know Because it I don't know maybe this is another kind of question. Is You know as Bourbon becomes more prolific and becomes more scarce As even harder to find these things and and really I don't know how much bigger these networks that people were creating right now can actually get You can they get bigger or or you feel like you know what I've I don't have anymore room in my life for new friends. We're just GONNA Kinda keep it for me. I mean we. I don't know if we actually call episode this but you said the term finding your Bourbon people For me selfishly. I found my bourbon. People my biggest group of people that I care about is about a hundred and fifty people. And that's about as big as it needs to be in. We're all having like I don't know when this is gonNA air but right now there's this whole bsn. Bourbon secondary market thing going on facebook. We couldn't care less and it's been incredibly entertaining for us because I know because established by community. There's not really anything that's GONNA come out that if I really WANNA try it. I can't try it from a store. Pick that comes out to got a buddy with a bottle of Red Hook that I'm going to see if I can't snail announce it all. Yeah model if you can find your your community than these groups of fifty thousand people really. Don't matter all that much so I guess another question is So you've found your people We already decided. Three's enough we're not bring on a fourth call. Hosa we've got our people but how do you? What would you say is is a good way for people to start getting introduced in sort of like vine there. You don't find their Because you say they're missing connections there yangs of the Yangs of of the Bourbon community to me every every good bourbon connection. I've come into is because somebody was doing something nice for somebody else. You know whether it's you know there's last year Almost city liquor ear had a fantastic Elisa. Correct pick bought a bunch of didn't help some friends that otherwise wouldn't have been able to get it get it and they became good friends. That favor is I've been on the receiving end of that favor from different places all over the country and Great Bourbon connections for me rarely come from trying to proust price. Gouge somebody on a whatever store pick of the month. It is but if you know just be cool with people and treat everyone this. You know what guess Cliche but tree people the way you'd WanNa be treated you'll end up knowing some really cool folks. That's what's that's what's happened me. And that's the advice that I typically give people on between Carmen Twenty one kings. I really don't need to know anybody else You guys can't be your friend. Jammie one of my favorite things is like. I get you know when when when I travel. I do often like to kind of connect with someone. Who's a listener reader just like Or you know. Follow me on instagram. I really do try to make an effort when I'm out to like go hang out with people and My favorite thing to do is like learn about their jobs. You know because I find that we have in people's police people's beliefs because what I have found is is that Bourbon is not it doesn't attract one race or one occupation or one Political or religious beliefs. I mean it attracts everybody and to me. That is what's so beautiful about this category is that. I could be in a room with a staunch Democrat and a starch Republican. And they absolutely hate each other politically but just sit there and talk about. How beautiful A new rift barrel pick is and we'll talk about that now. They have three. They might get into some some fighting but once they crossed the threshold. But it's Kinda like you know Henry Clay you know the Great Kentucky Statesman. He said he wants said that Bourbon was used to lubricate the wheels of justice. It's like this great like door opener for conversation. I think even if you have the three drinks if you had come come each other from replace respect in one of my momma good friends that I've met Injured Goodman is a dairy far left person. I am not And he lives in New York City. I was there for business meeting We went to one of the bars there. He bought me some finish. Seventeen Ri- nope finish twenty-one Ri- And we talked politics for good our and we walked out of there not hating each other in. Its magic. How that happens. Nowadays you practically can't do it. Yeah what problems did you solve on and out now getting none from the we? We solve the problem of how to get more. Oh Yes oh for roses but we salt any any national issues. Although that's become a national issue but you know it's it's a conduit for really good conversation to like that that I never would have had otherwise when we continue to have frequently and then when it gets to be too too much we both saying. Hello we don't WanNA fight with each other. Let's so I kind of talked about it earlier with my connection pretty much. My Mentor taught me that. These are limited edition. Releases are and he was able to like. You said he gave needed a at at at cost so just to make sure that. I'm not dealing with a story like this. I want you all to kind of talk about what are what. Are Those relationships that you formed that? You've gotten like a really really good bottle of Bourbon out of just because of fostering relationships like that. I I've had a lot. I've had a lot of gifts and the gentleman. The gentleman passed away. Unfortunately he was His name is del Hamilton and he He was like the last He was the guy who like got cola approvals for still weller and he was like the last Last Guy United steelers the before you know before they closed the weller and so he has this you know. He had an incredible collection and I helped him figure out what some things were. What some bottles men and you know. Wages and he came to my legend series at the Kentucky Derby Museum we just. We just became friends. I I would visit him at Christmas in he would come in. We'd have launched play with my kid and He gave me a nineteen thirty five bottle of weller not was like a Green Green Label. Blend and It was fantastic and the first time I opened it. I cracked it. Open with Tom CLICO from top chef. Has just that right after my top chef appearance and I wanted to celebrate with them and so I- cracked it up with them so I had like to to really cool friends. You know that that Bottle kind of connected me to coming out of the gate. Strong here Ryan. I think you should follow that. Well you I've had some great connections and relationships with people like bill. Thomas was kind enough to invite me to his house and stayed the night. Crashes waiting crashes couch. We had a room but But just his collection like we were at his bar and he's like guys. Let's just go to my house. It's so much better here. And he had a green. You Know Green label or not Green Green Bottle van. Wyk Arrive One early editions. It's the best bottles of ever had Drew Kohl's Wien grew up with him from willits. I mean he's he's one of the kindness generous people he shares a ton of stuff from me but the the one the person I remember the most is probably my brother in law. I won't name any names but he works at Heddon Hill and he likes Bourbon but he knows how like obsessed I am with him and he always goes out of his way to give me like a parkers or an old fits release. That just came out like he always is just finding ways to give me something and I'll always cherish that. So it's all it means a lot to me. That's that's a relationship by blood. That's hardly fostered overburdened. Inside but we grew up friends before brother-in-law's we were friends before so but yeah those those are the bottles that are that need the most me absolutely in my case it was really about people knowing what my tastes are and as I kind of grew up in the hobby and grew up in a community of people that would know the things that I enjoy and would suggest that I try something in. Oftentimes the suggestion would come with a two ounce bottle of it showing up at my doorstep. And that's how I figured out that I love national distillers products Some I was telling somebody kind of the things that I liked about certain things that were my favorites and then before I knew there was a bottle of nineteen sixties old granddad bonded That showed up at my doorstep and I guess I should be upset with them because it's caused me to lose a whole lot of money after that. It sounds like that sounds like Ryan Ryan. Went on a huge old granddad. Kick for a while out. Gosh nearly for me. Any of that. Old Nationalist Ciller stuff is really just killer. Kinda hits me right and whatever. My sweet spot is for whatever reason on tonight? We're we're friends now. Hey I got some stuff to send you but That for me is the big is one of the cooler parts of the community. Is You know people who know you. And I know other people's tastes and if I see something for example I got a buddy who is a big q lover at for roses and I am not anytime. I see a really good Q. I know exactly who it's going to a CPA office in Indiana Because I just I I know that somebody that will appreciate it for more than I really is. I mean and I think that's a good way to kind of start wrapping this up because we we really hit on a lot of things of really how. How do we have? We find your people right. I mean it. It all starts by a friend or somebody. Introduces you to Bourbon. It's very rare that any of us just stumble it on our own or Or maybe maybe you do get turned onto it by social media or for the general media. Tv purposes stuff like that but for the majority of us. There's somebody that gives us that introduction and I think that we have all been in a situation too and I know anybody. That's probably listening to this podcast. You know you're you're one of the geeks out there. You're one of the people that truly hone in on this craft. And you really appreciate it. So odds are is that you're sharing the love of Bourbon with somebody else. And so that's just how everything continues to flourish and grow and then from there yet then it becomes like L. At me on. Facebook magid if you groups and then at that point you you've just you're all in and as as Germany had mentioned earlier in the boxes. Just start showing up on your front door and and your pay pal account gets a little lower but that's just out works. Best is our so Jomon. Jeremy Thank you so much for joining tonight this again. A fun topic In I'll go ahead and kind of let you kind of see what you're gonNA say there. I don't think I was gonNA say any that you're looking at me. It's the rule of thumb is just I mean and it's the rule of thumb for more than suburban community. But don't be an asshole So you know if you if you just a nice guy. It's amazing Kinda actions. You're coming up with twenty one kings is picking a buy a barrel of Willett Ri- You're in a couple of weeks and I'm fortunate enough to be one of the people doing. I never would have gotten the chance to do anything like that. Had not been able to be a part of these communities. It's really cool. It's cool experiences. Got To Adam really thankful for that. I guess the other bad thing about being these communities to I didn't realize for years I could just drive down to Willett and just go pick up bottles in the gift shop and I could've been I could've been doing it all along and I just I just didn't know so that's the that's the bad part but it's a it's also a good thing. Is You have a lot more appreciation for what you do. Have so Again everybody thank you so much for joining tonight. Jeremy do you have any kind of social handles or anything like that? Where people can find out more about you. Anybody who wants to? I guess I'm around on facebook. Jeremy Mandel twitter at Jeremy. Mandel instagram at Jeremy. Mandel if you WanNa talk to me for some strange reason I'm available. He'd never now. I know where to send Fassino ESO ZAGREB WHO to call all of Euro. Aso's to me and I'll figure out some way to repay you'll be happy about very interesting very interesting. I know you kind of want to just go pick a whole barrel of. Oh Yes oh now just automatically. Yeah I like I have one It was for my Picks the icons of whisky when I picked those fucking which was at the the seventeen or eighteen. We had all the recipes it was. I think that was a I think it was like eleven year old. Yeah that was. I think. Twenty seventeen when that was really good. Yeah it's incredibly Dorky. That I can just pull out of my head. No so that was when I was with Whisky magazine and that we did that in. That was like the only times you saw all the all the recipes and now it's back when for roses. I mean I think they brought out forty barrels for us to taste and guide. You lucky if you get four now so as the way the world now all right. Let's go let's go ahead and we'll we'll sign off so again. Jeremy Thank you so much for coming on tonight. That was a pleasure talking to you in seriously. Thank you so much and bringing this topic up because it's fun to to really take a retrospective look into really kinda how we all got here in and why many people are still actually listening to this podcast because they all have some sort of coming of age tale. That's probably very very similar. So make sure you check out. Jeremy on all his social handles makes you check out in pursuit as well as Fred Mimic on the twitter. The facebook in the INSTAGRAM's in if you're like Jeremy and you WANNA help support the show. He's part of our community. You can be part of our community as well. Patriot dot com slash pursuit. Think your body that is part of it and thank everybody that joined in the chat and watch us live another perk of just being a part of the communities. You can be a part of these things as they're happening and Chat along with us so with that. Thank you everybody and talk to you all next week.

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The Whole World Is Watching

Fandom Zone Podcast

1:44:03 hr | 6 months ago

The Whole World Is Watching

"Hello again everyone. Welcome back to the phantom zone. Podcast when your co host all skaggs back a fan of zone once again ready to talk more thousand in the winter soldier with my wonderful co host wonderful friend and someone who choose essentially serving the role as jewish mother to yours truly dj. Nick how're you doing nick. Hey do you have enough chicken soup. I don't like chicken the soup. I like chicken beggars by hope at least because protein. Exactly why. I hope that least your timing will conduct was profitable and and the door mirage. Care of you of the caucasian wolf. If you will. I said the irish wolf house that so yes So here at episode two thirteen nicaragua to discussing the whole world is watching. Wasn't this a fun episode. The so this was the fourth episode of falcon winter soldier that aired two days ago. I mean we're not quite on track this this week. 'cause yours truly was a little under the weather so apologies for everybody to everybody out there for the extra delay in getting this episode out but I had a kind of a one hundred one degree fever. So thanks for your patience and my apologies and try not to do it again. But you know things so we're just glad to see you back back on track chosen as i said you know. We made sure the ship you off to work on those quickly as we could. We could get you back in tip top shape so we're very happy to see you somewhat healthy. I should say as healthy as i get. I guess you know it's kind of a sliding scale with me but anyway but you guys don't care about that so fucking to wear soldier all right so this episode written by derek kolstad. Who wrote the previous episode powerbroker. So he's are. I repeat writer for the series also mentioned last time. He's the co executive producer and creator john wick franchise so we thought it was very interesting that he got to write these two episodes back to back. Probably because hey they're baron zemo episodes and I think it worked think it worked. That was a good decision director once again by car. Scotland whose directed all the episodes so far so before you do any gas cast this time or trivia. I don't have much trivia this time but but were year. What are your thoughts on this one. Because you know. There's a lot going on this episode very interesting character development. Some backstory for for carleen. Morgan thaw and You know we get to you. Know a nice little surprise appearance by a oh the door malange and in a very literally brutal cliffhanger ending to this episode as john walker finally reaches the potential that covic's fans have been waiting for. Yes a lot going on. We'll talk about it. We'll break it down. But i want to get your thoughts about what your reaction was to this episode once again. A fantastic episode. I'm really enjoying where this show is going chows damning there were moments which will definitely mentioned later on which i geeked out so much and i was enjoying with great glee and happiness and they will others while it was like. Wow this took a doctor in real fast. And yes i was just blown away by that and as you said it did. Give us a moment. Also get a lot of character development and exploration of even those so called quiet moments where you just have to people talking where it's not sinoe just boring like all these people are just talking while they talking about action it was actually insightful and it i read the story and we got to see people that's him. The storytelling is so well done that. They are not everybody's one-sided everyone has sought multiple facets to the character as i see in. Kati morgan what's or so. I think in john walker. And that's why love is they. They are very relatable people. That's what i think is one of the strengths of the. Mcu is just that shows you the villains not necessarily completely business and the heroes one hundred percent ero- iq that everybody has feet of clay in their floors and he locates of gray. If you will. That's right yes and which i love that so much and i i just think fish this show so far so well written it so directed and wow this is just a grant grand grind episode. And i'm looking forward to seem we'll get in our double the will head of episodes five and six a really really had me saying wise it friday already know especially after that ending which will definitely talk about this topic for today. Yes because that's that's kinda deserves a topic i think ensure does so Guest cast this time. I really for report into that. I guess i should say that. I really enjoyed it as well. I thought that it was paced. Really well Kerr scotland obviously. She's drinking all the episodes. So it's gonna feel pretty consistent but but i think for whatever reason i think. Derek kolstad writing paired with her direction seems to bring out the highlights. I mean he's this. Episode of the previous episode seemed to be the best of the series so far and it seems like the series is getting better which is great. That's what you want. You want to build to something and you what that momentum to build that that anxiety the tension and all that and the drama to build up and it certainly coming off this way as far as i'm concerned it's i love the fact that you know we started off of sam is being this. You know we'll talk about obviously but he's already being a different character than what he was when he started you know. He's he's a very transitional phase right now and it's coming through in for reasons. We'll talk about but but i find that interesting. I like the way that it was interwoven. His character arc is interwoven. In a very interesting way with carly morgenthaler yes and are two sides of this. Flip the flip side of the same coin and You know she's coming at it from the the villainous perspective she's coming he's coming at it from the heroes perspective but neither of them want to be attributed to that role and if you don't want to be pigeonholed. They re pitching right and they want to. You know they see themselves as more than that you know. It's not so cut. And dry. Like i said shades of gray and finally you know i find that really compelling television so oh i agree and i also wanted to say this. The feminist in me. Coming out it's so wonderful. Switch maybe not so much these days but you exactly no. But there's the feminist me saying it's wonderful to see such talented women right either getting that you in writings and showing how well they could write things. Because we'd sung. Shoshana sasha's praises on on this podcast about how good she is and talk about her new patrol. Yeah the titan talk yeah exactly and and miss. Scotland is no different. She said it's wonderful. The see talented women getting that you ensuring that they can do it just as well as the boys. So i just wanted to throw that out because i love seeing seeing these kinds of things would i love is that they're finally getting you know recognized. As far as you know like major properties before like around the turn of the two thousands they would get relegated to the lesser known projects. Yup and now they're getting the the higher profile. Gigs you've got directors like patty jenkins directing wonder woman so which you know typically you probably would have ended up in the hands of of a male director and you know that You know it's just it's it's it's it's a nice thing to see because it brings a fresh perspective and it's not just the same old white dude that zachary giving us the same old tired cliches. In storytelling. it made me think about conserving. Having come of birds parade which is pretty much an all female. She would say behind the scenes as well. I actually looking to gain too much. He loved it. And i said this goes to show. How well you know if you if you give the project to talented budding directors and writers female directors directly writers. They can really do something which is really fun and so it made me think of that too. Yeah that's it was. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah exactly yeah. She's the director. Burt spray yet. All right A great teller women out there and it's nice to see them getting their do long overdue by all right so we get to return. Once again of daniel pearl as helmets zemo barren hill that zemo. Who and we'll talk about this kind of slips out. The door takes taking advantage of the chaos between you know the salmon bucky side and the john walker and battle star side and with a in the middle and the door of lash door balaj. Excuse me in the middle so very smart of him. Florence kasuga as ao. once again. Who was really good in this episode. Very commanding like she's learned. Well i'm just saying because Essentially she was just stepping right up just like a koya would. There's very toytown well. Yes the student has now become the master status. we get a little bit of l. Emily van camp. sharon carter. And get the return of devereaux dossier. Sarah wilson who much to. Shit sam's chagrin gets used as a As a way to threaten sam to doing what carly what's she is a she not hold into this where she really had. No business being brought in but But for carly morgenthaler desperation and we get the last appearance in this episode of noah mills as nico carly has never to number one guy number one. Sorry say that i do that. All goes to resist all right trivia. Like i said i don't have much but i did find it interesting. The title of this episode world is watching and if guessing nick because you'd like to pay attention to these things that you know where this title came from. So would you like to share that with class. Opt out eventually you joe i still to this. Time excellence tuesday's all right. So the title of this episode is actually a line from black panther. Where we in if you were recall. The scene was a koi a two challa of essentially doing the kind of exact same thing that gets done here in this episode when he prepares to execute ulysses call in front of a large crowd of bystanders who are all recording his actions other cell phones and whatnot in this episode john walker does burder deco in front of a large crowd of bystanders. So we'll talk about that but But if i was a very interesting callback especially considering a oh in the door lodge. Are this episode yes. It was a very nice tie into the whole kanda thing. Which i thought was was great guests and as you said this takes out much daca turn compared to to what we saw in black grantham but then again john walker is not as no boys. The child aso unfortunately because battle star was dead long ago like captain the whole world is watching plus he's super pumped with say we've asked serum yeah essentially like you know. He's got super steroids in it. The super steroid serum juicing him giving super soldier rage in the process but All right so do you have any other trivia. You'd like to share. No because as you at the end of the day like you were saying Research get any sort of mentions easter eggs when it came to other possible things where the show go. My only thought is actually mentioned. This to you through messenger was i was wondering about the power broke and i have a fee either. Know why but something tells me that. Sharon carter the powerbroker. Because i say this because again we have to episode. We only have two episodes left. And why would they bring in a new character into episodes while they are supposed to bring the new character next episode in supposedly. It's a big name but presumably. It's not modesto. Okay but but i have a counter to your theory. I've been thinking about this because you mentioned this last episode. No you and i talked about messenger. We yeah that's right. That's right and forgive me like i said i wasn't a one hundred one fever degree field so if i get the details wrong i apologize but give you a little slack on this one but but my theory is that. I think you might be partially right. I think it potentially could be sharing carter. But i think someone else is pulling her strings. That is a character by the name of doctor faustus. What if that was the case. I'd be so happy to see dr faustus to be honest which would be a great union jemma foss marble fans but the reason i mentioned this because currently reading because i was just kind of kept it america mood with how can aware soldier. So i've been going back through the ed brubaker. Steve editing rudloff captain america. Beautiful is as far as i'm concerned. It's the best ever captain america. Run i agree. I can't you know it's so good. I can't think of anything. Any rudd. From captain america series all of them all the various volumes that i love better than this and am currently reading the The death of captain america storyline and for those who you made up for their six kept. America was killed shortly after the events of civil war. In fact i was going to say it wasn't the run of civil war one of the spin off stories. Yeah and the woman who pulled the trigger was sharon carter houghton because she was being mind controlled by doctor faustus. So he's you'll theory could find some some in the next episode saw introduced so so this is where this theory is coming from. Is well since okay. The written out the steve. Rogers captain america at the end of end game. What did they do. A version of that where sharon's acting as the powerbroker but not really truly being aware of it because of doctor faustus using his mind control over her. He's the power right it. That could be the case. Or she's like the full girl for him if you will in since it he doesn't he stays in the because what made me think of it and of course we will carry on his in the in the previous episode episode three when the when the leaving the shipping containers yet and sharon gets into a causes. We have two problems to deal with. And i thought to myself Why would she say that. So it made me want so. So that's a gear. That could have. I think fits late theory that she might not be aware what she's doing. Because if if the hypnotic control Essentially as her act subconsciously as the powerbroker and they wouldn't and then you know she might actually be working against her own self like the real sharing the real sheriff personality. You know helping save at bucky but the powerbroker persona implanted by power by doctor faustus. Perhaps maybe that could be. I don't know it's just a theory. I came up with. I don't know how true it is. Because i know we've been wrong about theories but i thought it was an interesting one. I could find foundation especially the fact is as you said we should be getting a big rubio in our pagnotta episode so it would be the case and if they are bringing a new character next episode in episode five that late work because if they introduce dr faustus at the end saying ha. You'll like you thought it was shared. What's actually me behind it. All in the heap turns out to be the big bad of this. I is could be a very interesting. In fact i'm read. That's where i'm really curious to see whether we go from here. What do you think you like that theory. I do i do and and i think what wouldn't be. It wouldn't surprise if it wouldn't surprise me. If sharon carter were involved in it also because it was kind of ten things on the on the head if you will as everybody remembers sharon being hero and so it could kind of like with the hawkeness more of an age to wander and not an adversary and in one division they. They flipped on its head and made agley agatha hawkeness the villain right if if she is being controlled than essentially share. Still the hero. We know liked you know. So we'll see we'll see just she was off the grid for a while so that would have been a great opportunity to put her under dr faustus control. I'm guessing Yes i just wanted to throw that out there. Okay sorry for the reigning. No no gave. You gave me a chance to express the theory has been. I've been wanting to tell you. I keep forgetting so right so nothing theories we need to get moving on the top. Because i just while we're talking. I got a text from of all people christine paryski so so the show christie risk asking. Hey charles where's the latest episode of the phantom zone that lasts falconer aware soldier was a smashing good time so christine quite literally. We're working on it right now. So and hey and how cool is. She made it onto the episode. This is not even a live. Show stick so this is a surprise for you with When you listen to this that yes yes. We're actually on this very moment. We're working on it. Okay and you made on the episode without realizing exactly. So how's that for service christine so can't get any faster than that. I guess all right so topping number one. Let's talk bucky and a oh. I thought that this would be a good topic because we start off with a flashback as we go five years back in two buggies time it will conduct recuperating in. We get to see that kind of friendship that the to four with one another. In a very interesting way because eos tried to help rehabilitate him from being controlled especially by guys like zemo in civil war and Essentially this includes like trying to de program bucky of being affected by that winter soldier protocol. So what do you make of whatever of this revelation the way it kinda plays out in the present day where air shows up demanding zemo be returned to conduct because what. Hey cba killed their king previous king to chaka and go figure they might be still a little sore about that just slightly mad just slightly me a little bit. Perhaps beltway but i have to say chose them out. I of our mutual friend and zan sprouse. I knows an iphone fan. Avid fan of the show of falcon into soldier and she actually was expressing her. Love for my buddy substan- often my buddy savvy folks. It's not true if you ask me. I grabbed from substandard. I can't get it for you. I'm just messing with you but which to stand. You're supposed to be setting nick your autograph okay. So you know we're putting it out there you know you know if you need to get a hold of me you know. Have your people call my people which is essentially me but You have your people anyway. And we'll kind of set that up get get nichols autograph. Hashtag get knicks autograph. We could actually make an appearance on. The podcast of sends us vocal messages. That would be brilliant to. We'll take that exactly no speaking. Actually of mr substan- he. His range is incredible. In this episode. I was so blown away at the indie. What i like to call the detox scene where. He is basically undergoing detox from his winter soldier. Ism and what i love is the bond that him and ao form in this because she is literally and you wonder why how dedicated she is. It almost made me wonder why she is so dedicated. I guess that's how good condon's are or the door is so is so dedicated and the moment when she actually tries the the full mid on him and he seems to kind of be humid. Seems to be sweating. It's like what's going to happen. We'll bring that up. That was a very powerful seen in. Sebastian stan was so good in that. Because he's he's very nervous as she's reading. Those were reciting those words you know. He's like don't do it. Don't flip don't flip. Don't flip and then finally they get through it and You know there's that that that anxiety that fear and you could see on his face just changes to happiness tears literally tears of happiness. That was great. Because he's he's in that middle of laughing and crying at the same time like he's just so relieved that's the thing i just can't believe it because you think a man who's been afflicted by this for so long so is literally a weight has been taken your shoulders and i loved that moment and of course it was good that they showed us because i think it also goes to show you how strong the bond is between bucky and ao in particular because she was literally his caregiver throughout the whole process. Because we don't we don't see any other members of the door around him in that moment it seems to be mostly him and her and i thought it was beautiful and she it with his recovery in this regard in in. I think they mentioned that like you know he thinks. Ao for her help and also suri's help so maybe it was the two of those were kind of given the the responsibility to maybe taking shifts between the two kind of sure sri handling the technological and a oh handling the mental the discipline the the strength of will per and we also see a oh knows how to disarm him if needed because we do get that remind later what you did. Go see nothing. That's that's what i love about. You see nothing. Nothing gets positive. Like i kept waiting. Rock ever coon to come and go. I want that guys. Give me that guys. I know really given to me. If this ensures you how. I almost why especially had to incase. He did flip and turn into the winter soldier so she probably had to know how to literacy disarm him and then we got a call back about cost when the door do show up the episodes but but it was gorgeous. It was beautiful. I love the scene. I love how the acting unknown sebastian stands. Just fantastic fantastic stuff. You do wonder this point. Obviously they want a zemo. And i think buck is than happy to hand him over. But he's kinda he tells the the the the door once. I'm done with him. You guys can have him in any way you want. We need him. I but then obviously zemo has other ideas as it turns out. We'll talk about email. 'cause i saved a separate topic for him. What did you think of that of the whole of balki stuff charles. I what i liked about it. You know we talked you up a lot of great points. But what i liked about it as well was how much it was a great idea to show that back story. That's that flashback scene. Because normally i don't like a lot of flashbacks but 'cause a lot of times like i'm looking at you arrow. They're handled horley. But but in this case it made perfect sense and what it did. It added a lot of weight a lot of gravitas to the to the present day scenes because it showed the to bond and these two characters who you know their relationship you know we have seen very little up be maybe in the same shot at best and here we find out. They had a backstory. They've got a history together and as it turns out as a very important one because we learn that a oh Helped bucky recover from that programming and become as independent person again not able to be controlled so so bucky realizes how important that was and he goes l. so when eo shows up the present day saying hey you've got zemo. We want him. He killed our king. We're still not over that So handover and so it. It makes that much more powerful. You know that this call back in in you know you cut the way the characters are looking at each other you know that they have this shared history and it just it makes the scene much more dramatic and powerful it like that. I agree and delivers her lines. So so well. I mean you're ready. You're she stood out because it's a very great quote that she delivers true. Nobody you know probably doesn't wanna talking. Yes okay but i mean we already remember for the famous move or be moved from civil wish. You made an impression immediately say like ao is gets the best lines coy as that around steals line. So the coins away heo play means so but yeah you know she. She obviously has zero time for john walker. Especially when he's being such an ass. I i really enjoyed those confrontations. As i was right there saying please get them angry. Please get them angry. Because waiting. Because like i was like poetry outgoing. You don't know you don't mess with the door by the analysis. Mr burns going excellent. Just takes them off enough. Make my day. You would say you know what we're talking about with the door of. I love the fact that they come in and just essentially beat the crap out of him they just dominate him and he throws his shield and they get stuck in a wall and one of the door. It wasn't aol to believe. I think it was another one another one. You know she pulls this shield out or whatever and she gets a hold of the shield. Ao tells her go ahead and give you. Give him back a shield. You know we're done here but but it's like she wasn't going to give it back to him until ao told her to do that but it was so she was all like. This shield is mind ten. I claimed it. I defeated you. It was so clint eastwood really. I was like clint eastwood would be proud of them. Say you should ask yourself. Are you feeding. Am i feeding lucky. Do you inspect the kalugin will be very proud of you right but but Yeah you know and you can oversee the look on john. Walker's face where he's like can i can. I have my shield back lease. Wasn't it saturday. Grind to see the door. The crap out into getting into these lamenting about it later. But we'll talk about that. But yeah yeah he's he's there was there was a it was good because he was also fed his character arc. That you know. He's realizing that he's not powerful enough. They had to get into that point and Ao and the doro were perfect for that little bit so really enjoyed it yeah. Let's anything else about this topic. No i just really as. I love eyo now so much and i always love the door and hopefully we will continue to see more of and i'm hoping we get scene between her and okoye as saying. How do they cope with the winter. So some kinda hit areas their exchange between the two but before we move onto the next topic. I did want to mention something. I was noticing watching this episode. So lucky if you notice maybe it's just me bucky and sabe aren't as antagonistic with one. Another as they were when they first started the series well as you rightly said chows like any good buddy colt per show by the film. They hate the head of each other and then the end of the day. They're going to their daughters weddings right. Exactly yeah so so. They've kind of reached that stage of the buddy cop movie where they they realized. You know they're they're. They're backing off in other like okay. I'm not quite ready to be friends with you yet. But you've done some things to earn enough respect for me so back off a little and buck yet. She trusts sam with his wanting to reason with people. That's what i love. Unlike he would've probably rushed in full. Now he's like. I know you got this buddy. I'm gonna let you do it. Yeah i think. I think now trust yeah. There is and that's important because i think bucky is now seeing some things sam. That perhaps weren't there before we'll talk about that so i can't think of a better segue though so so let's go ahead and talk about that right so topping number two. Let's talk sam. Let's also talk carly because the to seem like. I said very intertwined in this episode. They are yes. They're coming completely opposite ends opposite spectrums but they're but they're coming together and forming a weird dynamic with one another very interesting dynamic. It's not your typical superhero over supervillain idea backup. Put it that way. And it. And i think as a result is becoming much it's much more compelling because it's not the same old tired cliches like i said Let's also throw in. Sarah who sam sister who essentially gets she's Bought it brought it as as a bargaining chip or away to a black male chip. I guess two to four sam to to back off. And i thought that sarah had a very interesting phone call with carly as well in very revealing so i thought that might be interesting to talk about. So first let's talk. Let's focus though on saving carley and some. Let's talk about. Also i think in the so. I'm sure that you've already picked up on this. The development that sam's seems to be going through rather quickly but Maybe a little too quickly perhaps but you know they only got three episodes. They have to rush this little bit now and get your thoughts on on where sam is possibly headed. Think well well. I mean we do learn in this episode because i believe it was not revealed to us before that sam actually was counseling soldiers as part of his job. I believe post being a soldier in the field while he was doing that which. I'm sorry. i interrupted there. But that was the captain. America the winter soldier. Because that's where. When with. Sam and steve i bet oh yes they were anywhere truth through so we did. He did that. Yeah because we've divided steve. Come by the center. Oh yes they had the he. He was holding newsgroup cash street. That's right that's right so but you know what but even better he just provided me. Okay not even better because that brings back into play because that was a thread that was never addressed again. That's sam had this background as a therapist. I am issue of a counselor snow because he probably. I don't think he's got a degree in psychology. But it could be like you know A support group type counselor. Yeah yeah and into the it shows you how. They are more attentive than i am because it broke back the whole threads of of him being and being able to reach people and i think that's grown to the is rushed a little bit. But it's it's underlines the fact that sam is very good at reading people and understanding them and that is and he comes to this realization in this episode that maybe call is just misguided. Then she's not a bad person right so he says rather than go in guns blazing. Let's try and sit down and talk to carly and see what she has to say. Which is which actually brings me to a curious anecdotes unfortu- now he has come under fire and everything but when the columbine tragedy happens okay. The two the two perpetrators were allegedly fans of marilyn. Manson's oh yeah. Journalists asked manson. What would you say to these two kids if you could talk to them. What would you what we thought is that i would just sit down and listen to what they have to say. That's why made me think of vats rounded as i said manson unfortunate has made huge huge mistakes now late. Yeah very sad. 'cause role model right now. I was a huge fan of marilyn manson's and now that's kind of gone out gone by the wayside. But i just he's joining me. He joined the sweet glove. Apparently it just made me think of that moment of rather than say you guys are wrong. You're doing this. Sit down and talk to them. That's made me think about that. Because that's what sam wants to do. Because he feels that carly is simply misguided and they do have that moment of quiet. Where carly literally relax. Because she sits up on the on the little Whatever it is on the table and they talk they literally talk to friends having a debate. And obviously you know. John walk asked to spoil the moment usual. So of course carly doesn't trust say after that but it's like way to ruin the where you could have. Actually you talk to. He's talking off the ledge and she was he almost had her. She's like right there and he comes barging in like an ass at this critical moment and because he's impatient and juiced up and yet just It was very disappointing. But you knew that's probably where it was going ahead right of course but see that plays with the fact that bucky who can sometimes be the very impetuous guy that the guy work. He knows what he's doing. So that's also shows maturity on bucky song and his trust the sam but at the same time i think carly mentioned. She sees a lot of her in sam because they talk about the fact of maybe not being accepted and the difficulty of finding acceptance coming from sam's experiences a black man of having the issues that he is having as well and they seem to almost bond over the fact of being misunderstood for who they are. And i think that's what carly sees in him in that sense and that's why she's almost prepared. She actually wants. I believe to bring him over to the dark sides. You will saying you'd be great with us. Because you i like i like your style co the smashing side of the phone but then of course all go south because fan q john walker john f walker coming in which then brings brings of course sam sister into the into whole geo because of course carley decides to give give sam sister liu say and i've had this talk with sam and the fact that you know she She calls her up. Carly does and says you know. I'm having a tough time deciding. If i want to kill your brother grinch rachel right off. The bat sets the tone this you know. Sarah probably like wait. What what yeah. It's crazy but you know it goes from there that she you know she starts talking about how she's you know. Let's say she's questioning like why You know americans would put their faith behind. Outdated symbol like captain america especially someone like john walker taking the role and in sarah thought it made a very powerful statement where she goes so they like you know well. You know that's not me. That's not what he does doesn't represent me by people and so so. I think that was a very for shadowing voltage. Because we've talked about this. That i felt i feel that. This series is essentially all about sam stepping up his captain america. It taking the real. Is this episode. I think a very pivotal one. Because you start to see sam coming into the role you see him. Just like steve. Rogers would Being very open in like okay there might be two sides to this you know. How can we work this out in only fighting. What would it when you know talking doesn't work so You know in the comments sarah's I think kind of opened the door for like okay. Well if we're this who's representative yes. We need someone maybe knew someone. That's actually represent who we are today. And maybe that sam you know. It doesn't really realize this yet. I don't think but but essentially that's that's where it seems. This series is heading at setting up. That sam is that new captain. America for a new age. She's pushing the definitely the signs of the pushing towards that. I think yes and it's curious that they did that. They mentioned the fact when this joke. That carly is talking to nico. I believe about this that she used to be a fan of captain america's when she was a kid and they lost that he says i recall but she said something like hold that against you or something. I went through that. It's like that embarrassing phase you through. I went through my captain. America as i remember when you liked the addition or running backs asif lie. Yes but yeah because maybe not gem. Laurie loves air supply. Of just saying hey. I love apple supply myself and i also love the backstreet boys. But there you go. I'm not much of an air supply. Fan so i can. I'll mock them. All i want but right. You have to watch laurie. I have to say no. But i mean i mind this play the you cut you. He's the curious thing when she mentions. Captain america calling them does about no pointing to follow him illness into her omissions. Captain america symbol of fascism because this nationalism if you will because he represents america a country and so there's it represents represents a government that's not representing me true because it makes you wonder could i. This is my interpretation. Could flag smashes almost be considered like antifa as in anti-fascists as in maybe even a through misguided actions want to overthrow fascism. Their heart is in the right place but they go about it the wrong way. Yeah that's what i think. Well when that's saves attitude because sam goes cans approaching. He tells carly this he goes. You know there's things that you're doing that your goals. I i kind of support but the way you're going about. It is what. I have a problem with going around killing people. That's what i have a problem this. That's why it made me think of the whole of the problem. The journalists who've covered anti for have is the fact is the ideals are writers in fascism is august the evil but the way they're going about it of perpetuating their ideas through possibly even violent means is wrong so it's a question of misguided action is what i'm saying. Well you know to be fair. Tika is an entirely extremist fragments. All yes i mean there are. There are like any big group. Kulaks has its extremist weeks. And as you know in one way or the other in You know just Just i mean we see this all the time here in america that you know there. There are various degrees of like say liberalism or conservatism. And then there's the extreme liberal extreme liberals extreme conservatives and then you go even beyond that you know lately if fortunately with the conservatives where you go right into fascism because that You know that it's taken the way too far. So sam is essentially like he's right there in the middle of this one on your to. You know i could see this side. I can see this side but carly yeah like you're about sayeb sorry to cut you off. Worries that carly's essentially she's extremist and. She doesn't hugh herself that way. And that's where it is. Yeah you'll coop exams. Copa three to five zero. Possibly national nationalism is entered by john wolka and the complete other side of extreme anti fascism taken to the point of extreme and these. Are the two clashing points granted. It's it's an interpretation i. It's necessarily what the writers were saying. But i thought to myself in all states covered by the times. We're going through many think of these. Two are opposites web both fringes are extreme was perpetuating maybe more conservative beliefs and one is is a liberal but to the extreme and sam is the middle man like you rightly said. Yeah i think. It's sam samba's You know realizing that you know that the carly is is that extremist and carly. You know being extremists. She does of you herself that way. So consequently You know in a lot of extreme. This i see this all a lot of you know here in america obviously especially lately. They don't view themselves as extremists. Debut themselves as the mainstream like. It's everybody else that the problem of course and it's it's always the villain never sees themselves as the villain. They see themselves as the hero of the story. So carly is is very misguided here but But it's but it's this episode of you know especially i think that's making her much more compelling first couple episodes you know we were kind of wondering what they were doing with their character because she like she was there but she wasn't really giving much as far as terms plot where essentially what it was. I guess they were just putting her on the back burner and that really getting her to her story until this episode of the previous episode and then really kind of you know putting her on the front burner turning up the gas. I guess and i'm going to come up with a little bit of sticking to it. You did a wonderful job. It's very well played. And by one. The i might be a little bit provocative on my part but do you think that's collie will make it to the end of the season. Do you think she might meet a grim fate. Well mr agent provocateur. I'm going to say that. She probably does not survive she. I think she probably a martyr to the cause sore or or perhaps you know it'll be one of those deaths that don't know she's really dead or not so that if they decide they want to bring your back they'll just open it like she'll fall something and then everybody will mourn her loss and make her a martyr but she might potentially still be alive somewhere or or she might be no push sam over the edge and sacrifice herself for him to that point is like oh we need to do something about this feeding captain america. We'll see we'll see. We'll see but i don't hold out much hope that she's going to last this season. It's a shame because the the the character those have potential. Yeah i think so all right anything else about these characters now. I'm just curious to see where we go from. Beating as a sense of my my my gut is telling me that call you make the ultimate sacrifice in their bonds with sam will grow even the. Yeah but really enjoying what. I'm seeing from sam. He's much more thoughtful. Because remember we solve it up. So one cocky. Like i'm jumping out without a plan. And so now he's being much more thoughtful about everybody's approach and major propsed anthony mackie. He's doing a fantastic job and he said something. I thought was very interesting each property. We can talk about this a little bit of when we talk about zemo next but Sam you know we The mo- asked him about whether he would take the super soldier serum and say very quickly says no zeba says no hesitation very impressive or as darth vader would say most impressive which goes to show you that. He's the ideal candidate right exactly because the guy who who should be given the super soldier serum is the guy who doesn't want it who gives you as kind of impeachable character that incorruptible spirit and everything else. Because can steve rogers remember. Was you know he was just a little guy who wasn't looking to become a soldier. He just wanted to serve his country. So what else nazis. You know you can have that drink you your procedure tomorrow. I don't have procedure procedures dancing. I love them so good anyway. Right now we want to watch. I venture there all right But yeah it seems like sam seems like you might be the right guy. Which is what. I've been saying along but to say all right hate to say i told you so. All right top three. Let's talk zemo since we brought him up. Oh helmet you dancing. Fool you dancing. Queen believe there's actually a full blown zemo cuts even better. It's like a it's like a isn't it like a six hours. He mo- cut of of or zebo dancing or whatever. Yes you to the loop for six southern link. I believe in now disney plus actually gave us either their version if you will the whole extended seem. That was fantastic. I'll tell you what i'd rather watch the zebu cut the cup. But that's me so own personal choice but those who feel differently. I respect your opinion back the but team. Oh he's so many so so zemo Trying to get some information of you know carly bargain tall so they get a line They they kind of figure out that Latvia or as nick would probably pronounce it iga added. They're trying to get some information about the funeral of carly's adoptive mother. Yeah madonna and because you know the these latvians are not exactly welcome to the idea of americans Thirty getting nowhere. Save a buck tried to like. Hey do you know where this funeral is being being very direct about it. Eczema zemo is what i loved about daniel pearl's performance in this episode so manipulative. So so like he knows how to work this. He's like you know. He's talking whispering behind their backs. Going like you know like. Here's some turkish delights so you know we're we're cool right. Well those two guys. They're bad guys. Don't trust that you could trust me though. Yes exactly. Of course trust the stranger. Who candy exactly yeah. It could only worse if he had pulled up at are marked white van. And it's like a girl candy. I need you thought of that moment of need needs. Say getting my van. you know. He's like kids it's like. Yeah and that's why you don't take candy from strangers. Kids wanna do any like creepy ice cream truck with that barrett cheese but but but he knows how to work it. He's like you know he's he he he. Does you see it in his pasta. Because daniel burrow he bends down to their level. It's children which if you wanna relate to children that's a great way to do it because when you standing over them you're taller than that. You're you're very imposing intimidating. So it's all the body language. And that's something i i picked up on the over the years especially working in the corporate world. So it'd be short guy like yours truly so being an uncle jobs as well that too that too but but my point is is that you know. When you've been down to a kids level they're much more receptive because you're looking them right in the eye as opposed to just looming over them like a giant figure. So little tit for everybody out there if you if you know kids and don't have kids if you have kids you probably know this but if you don't have kids or you don't have like nieces or nephews and since nick your year new uncle uncle dick i'm i'm taking notes here jobs in fact when i then end up interacting with cj. I will definitely do. There's your tip so yeah pay attention. School's in session my friend. All right so Trumpets of truth. Yo all right so So what did you make of this episode. Because i just. I found him. So compelling he's a schemer these all these little skis. Nice nice impression of the day. Rode heath ledger knowing department. Saturday department heath ledger. But some i have to say. I i will story here. I fell in love with daniel brew that day. I watched goodbye. Lenin which was the first thing i ever saw him in and then of course. it's fantastic. it's the german film. But is so good. And then of course england boston's was of course hendrix solar. Where he's brilliant as i really like their. Yes that and then. Of course the alienist and new sorts of thing asked i forgot. Yes he's yeah he's I forget what character is character was the psychiatrist. He's essentially the alienist. Which is he is the alienist so but he's fantastic that as well but i forgot. I really didn't make that connection. There was was danube role. I don't know why that. And that was why i look because the guy has such range. And he does do. A lubers is alienist moment in this episode. If you will. 'cause he's getting sick. And i love turkish delight. Mind years i want him to actually light now and vets. That was one of the things. That's yeah yes things. My grandma would would kind of get me when i would visit her in brighton in the uk. She'd get me turkish. Like because i was very very partial to it for so for the americans listening to us who aren't familiar with turkish delight. You wanted to just quickly describe what that is okay. So it's i almost say it's like religiously cubes of sugar right if you will. Which have you know. Various can be various. Be flavorful kind of fruity almost usually get to. It's very much a british treats if you will we. I mean it's been taken over by. The brits did start out in turkey but the education which i very much became a british sweet and yet it's so sugary it's usually like these new cubes like candy. If you will covid impounded suga and it is so addictive. Oh mind you can go through matt slobbering now just thinking about it so. He grabs his turkish to lighten. Yeah he has the creepy pedo moment when he's of like hello children and kind of the kids the little bit. Yeah i was like come on dude seriously you better than this but he he knows how he got the information so well i mean he. The guy is bribed. probably you know. High ranking officials and presidents and government leaders so. I'm sure he knows how the bribe kids. 'cause he goes the bright the he hits them in the fields literally give him a candy and and he's so good at talking to them. That's amazing thing. And then the thing is he actual relates. To one of the children will go by friends. Can you help me out this thing. And she literally coz her my friend yes so she feels validated by establishing that connection there because of the terminology that he uses. Yeah he's very very clever. And i just love how smug he is throughout this episode. I even even when the door budget says that fight. I really boosts just hoping this zeba back. Nice bucket of popcorn just watch. 'cause he's like this. I have decided. After watching getting your borough this up in a series and others that i wanna see daniel meds michelson and anthony hopkins in the same movie directed by david fincher. Ooh that would be amazing. You get those three together. Wow with you said tastic. And i'm sure that hollywood fitch so colby yes all right. Maybe you did manque now. You can do something new back. Your cerebral sir. Yeah exactly nobody he was. He was wonderful. I just love daniel brew to bits and once actually sad. The only two seasons of the alienist i was hoping they might create a third because just brothers exactly and i know they probably won't do another one but man is the guy goods and you really appreciate the villain even more because i enjoy him in civil war but i think he was a little bit short in. That film was that was so much going on in that film. Yeah so i mean. He got his bullets. Obviously but but here he finally gets a chance to shine which is probably why he did it. Because that's right. It was completely different from what he was doing in civil war. Oh yes i. And i'm sure this probably sends him up the charts if you will when it comes to the best billions in the mcu because there was like oh and loki. I'm hoping now they will show some love for baron zemo after this because you always have. People naming donaldson loki great. I'm not saying. But i think zima does deserve a place on that on that podium if you will so so. Here's the question of the day. Now yeah now that you brought it up. Who's the better manipulator there zebo or loki. I was just thinking that because if the two ever allied that could be very dangerous could be extremely threatening explosive. I i love them both. I don't be too diplomatic from both for different reasons. But right now i'm kinda leaning towards Baron zemo than i am loki. Maybe it's because i haven't been exposed to him in a while but between the two. I kinda digging digging zemo slightly over. Loki sorry loki fans of me. I love loki and tom. Heretolisten is fantastic. And i can't wait for the lewke series but right now. I'm feeling the love for the baron. It's almost disappointing though. 'cause abreu it Daniel pearl is doing such a great baron. Zemo it's it's you know that He would have been perfect for doctor. Doom i yes he would have unless he would have. Yes we will be getting. I suppose somebody ready being cast in that role. I don't i don't think so. Did miss my radar. I don't think they had any casting yet. There's rivers but he would be great though if things change like i'm gonna become doctor like oh yes do that. Great tube is behind the mask. So could i guess. Maybe it'll get bats michelson to be dr do. It could be good. I mean from being cassius to then becoming doctor doom. I guess it could work of just speculating of just listen. We're we're talking about. Listening to kennedy is bringing up hannibal vibes. So i'm thinking like oh yes. Yeah and what. Were your thoughts on our master manipulator. He's just very compelling. I love the way that he's just you know he works those children. He works salmon bucky in you. Know in that kind of leads to The moment where where with all the chaos. That's going on between santa bucky then Captain america bowel star. Those two clashing the door balaj showing up that He takes advantage of that confusion. And after smashing the super soldier serum vials that nearly killing kali. Yes he does you know he he. He doesn't like shoot her several times. Then yeah and then. He has a cornered literally. Yeah but then it has to go but but she's fills those files and he gleefully like you kind of wonder he looks at one of you kinda wonder if he's to take it himself but he's very consistent with his beliefs where he's very anti super soldier and he proceeded drop it and smash it and then starts smashing all the other ones he sees. He misses one and then ends if the hands of john walker but but he does. He is very consistent from what we've seen so far. He doesn't give in to that temptation he's just like i don't want anymore. Super soldiers very against the shoe sees the counterpart of his father was about the superman and he is definitely not for the uber. Manche at all. So what happens though now is what will what happens. If say does become a super soldier. Zemo is now lurking out there somewhere. Yup you captain. America movie featuring sale versus zebo. Perhaps that would be very of course have kind of hoping for the thunderbolts movie personally but i think they have. They have injury evil. We did talk about that in the previous episode. In fact shows there have been rumors circulating. And hopefully this will be the last we see of daniel brew or of zemo. Because i think he's just too good to throw away is especially now this this of him. Dancing is catching fire. He's kind of becoming now fave so and it may actually make wants danuta to can't work with disney. Well also you know people debating like hey brings zima back so maybe good all right anything else. I'm just. I'm just so happy and i really can't wait for For the next episode was emas off to now is in. The sewer is apparently. So he's still there with killer. Croc i guess all right topping number four final topic and it's a big would not captain america and battle star rested piece battle star pouring. What out for my homie. So rescue piece. All right so john walker john f. ing walker so So john in the end Lemar hoskins catch up with sarah bucky and they find out that You know basically. They're they're outraged that you know the they broke out of jail and There they essentially they wanted. They're they're doing their own search for carly bergenthal they wanna know what say bucky now and so they find out that you know that they kind of reveal on i forget who reveals this to them about the funeral. I think it's because actually there with With the rest of the characters you just the same. I think in that moment where they kind of in the whole altercation with the with the door. Malaysia happens in. Because i was just kind of forget. How can america battle star find out about the funeral. I believe that's where it happens. Something slips so. I don i toss. It has really doesn't matter. But somehow they found out and so john walker. Try that we talked about this. Save his trying to relate to carly judge just bust this up. He's he's so. I guess he's feeling these you think it's maybe stemming from insecurities because he doesn't feel like you know he's you know up to the task and he's doubting himself is so consequently he's trying to overcompensate and trying to show everyone how tough he is. How up to the challenge. He is just barging in without thinking. I do think there is an underlying inferiority complex and we had actually seen this with us introduced to john when he's in the dressing room and he he's trying to figure out how to toolkits captain mike into the whole good morning america thing we can see clearly nervous and as we know the super soldier serum amplifies. Whatever you already have your side. So if you're a good person you'll become yep doctor erskine said a good becomes great is that's right and so here. I think it very much says an amplifier for both the daca side of him and his insecurities to wear if he was insecure before. Now that he's roy did out. He's even more insecure if you will in wants to prove himself so i think it's a combination of i think it's the serum pudding contending up to eleven when it comes to i'm gonna just baljit and show everybody. I am captain america. That need to overcompensate s right for your own shortcomings essentially as what it is yeah. It's so so that that that attitude is being amplified in you know what walker you know. It seems like the mar- you know as we've we've kind of established so far is is really seems capable of talking walker down because their friends. They've got history together and john. You know i think you know trusts lamar. So that's what makes it all the more tragic because when they're fighting carly that the process Carly kicks lamar into a stone. Column support kalo and consequently breaks his neck of packed killing him walker russia's over this again after he was all juiced up now at super soldier serum that he got from a was leftover missed overlooked by zemo that You know he's he just he's emotional you know he's he's feeling this this rage and grief all at once and it's now being like amplified but in super soldiers here of so he lashes out is he finally like he gets allied. He's looking for like whoever he can find carly any of the flax measures whatever he gets a hold of nico nico sadly gets the full wrath of john walker at this point it. Unfortunately for john and his role as captain america it spills out to the street near felt which is of course surrounded by a bunch of tourists local citizens. What have you and very public in the very messy. So so he gets a hold of him at just beats beats beats on it with the shield over and over and over again. Until there's finally this very gruesome image. It a made a point of of focusing on it. Where john walker's holding the captain. America's shield just like steve rogers would but the bottom of it is dripping with nico's blood very powerful image very horrific horrific so. What did you make of that. What i am going to say. That's a pr nightmare. Little bit. so so guessing. Those endorsement deals are gonna start fading away. Baby exactly john walker. You're not going to disneyworld close. But hey let's go said and i think the fact is is inferior. His inferiority complex and is designed to overcompensate and added to the fact of course the super soldier serum it's intr- it was an interesting directory or choice that we didn't we didn't get to see him actually take hits as in a he takes offscreen which was an interesting choice. I think on the directors pulse for more of a surprise reveal. Yes they did cut of imply because he does walker did find it so you kinda figured he was gonna take it right. Yeah because he polka. Has the chat with lamar of. Would you take ever forget about that. So there was a very before all this horrible happened. They did have a moment where they were sitting down this bar licking their wounds after the door kicking ass and i guess you know they make a joke. Because you know captain. America john walker gets asked someone to to sign his autograph. Teases lombardo like yeah. You're just jealous. 'cause nobody ask for your autograph and whatnot. And then they get into a discussion about whether they would take the sierra. Lamar says it. Yeah i would probably take it 'cause Power makes a person more than themselves. He sees it as an enhancer and decades walker to thinking about like. Well look we just got our ass kicked. And i'm kinda seeing a trend here of All these superpower people that physically. I'm having a tough time keeping up with them. Exactly that's getting so that puts that little seed. They're so that when finally yeah push comes to shove he's combined with us insecurities because we again. This need to overcompensate that he decides to take it that's right and i think it's also because of that talk that he has with lamar and apparently something went down in afghanistan and they both were a party to but it isn't mentioned apparent that has scarred them both very heavily. I don't know if he'll ever be revealed actually went down in afghanistan. But apparently it's it's kind of like what went down budapest. i asked. We'll never know what happened there exactly. Well we might given the black widow. Louis they're supposedly perhaps a surprise cameo so we might get scrabble. Goes down there with a chance of just saying there's a chance he's hoping because probably they remember it very differently so i guess we'll see from what with but yeah so do you think they're emotionally scarred from from from the thing about ghanistan they talk about that so many there's also truly there as well when it comes to and the we got we gotta get to realize that they had something horrible happen to their military past yup bonded them together and that's where they became. So yes buddy buddy buddies and yes it was. It was very i have to say i was kind of. I was very sad that lima had to basically be sacrificed and had to be the catalyst which spun everything out of control. If because obviously there as you pointed out chows johnny's looking for a scapegoat. He just wants to kill something. Yeah in order to get his rage for alba portly. Labar is not there to stop it. Yeah the moral compass has been thrown out the window. And you're never going see it. That was able to rate him is now gone. The man has now no moral compass and so as he's now able to run wild and free which probably does not spell things out characters. So were you shocked by the decision to kill battle star. Did you see it as a logical progression of giant walker. Part of me did see it as logical relation. Because you have to get. I suppose john to his most insane. Almost beserk rage in order to him literally going off the deep end. It was a sad sacrifice but i see what they did. And you think of moving forward lemond had the super soldier serum john having. It's it would kind of been at odds moving forward. I feel but but it was. It was a great shame. I already was and and what i thought was curious. It's nice callback. The movements of the shield. What we saw in civil war with captain. America lineman right where he drives the shield into man's chest if memory serves and he does but they're also above it where steve has the has the ability to decapitate capitated. But he doesn't. He puts the shield off to the side. Or by tony's saying basically showing him like look. I could've killed you. But i didn't. That's right and i think that's the obviously doing the compassionate. What steve rogers. Dade this is what john wolford. That's why the feeding much gory details. But i have a feeling that. That's what john woke. He literally decapitate. I'd say so because it's kinda right there right you know. Yeah but they didn't have to show it so no of course. Yeah even if it is a disney plus but you're not gonna see r. Rated stuff a disney plus so. It's implied enough. You can imagine the the goal for yourself exactly. So you're not going to see decapitations on disney plus just saying Especially in the superhero now. Hbo mac boys kid. That's the difference kids so third that's different so So the question now is okay. Now that the world has seen john walker kill murder decapitate so would Like you said it's a pr nightmare. And i have to think that walker superiors. The government are not gonna be too happy keeping him in the role of captain america. Now so do you think this sets up the now a search for his replacement. And hey who's maybe waiting in the weeks say wilson. I think that's a perfect perfect way to bring it in not to mention it could bring out to jungle going rogue rise in. He's not going to give up the shield even if his superiors come up and saying john. You know it's not working out you know we're going to look for somebody else. You know that that he's going to be like. I am captain america not to mention now with the super serum super soldiers here running through coursing through his veins not even in the right mindset anymore. You can't reason with him anymore. So i think it's the point where he'll actually go rogue and so it'll be a hunt full full For gianluca i think that's why they might enlist Bucky and falcon to kind of go off to him in some capacity. I think that's what's going to happen to episode five. I think the the whole thing is going to be episode. five is probably going to be well now. This is out there. You know walker needs to be stripped of his role as captain america. We'll see how that plays out there. Maybe how certain state wilson ends up with a shield a lot on the play by six of guessing. 'cause i'm putting myself in the writer's room potato he thinking is you have a lot on your plate. Say because if you do have jong walker going rogue and you have the flag smashes to deal with as well. It's going to be curious how you make the whole thing. Coalescence who episodes that's basically the whole powerbroker thinks lurking out there. That's why exactly so the writers on the right. He's going to be pretty packed episode a couple of episodes so we'll see if they stick the landing they could be just like one division decide. Well hey what address and stuff in in a movie somewhere but you'll get in shape host. We'll see maybe they. Just you know some house strip walker of his shield and his costumer whatever and then. He goes off to become the us agent in a movie where they might know. Kill him off in the shadow rushing off somewhere or whatever eighty without without his uniform or it's a whole different uniform perhaps and see all right anything else about this episode like. I said there's a lot to talk about having yes they was no. I think we did this. Justice and it. It was just said so so good. I'm glad the run time is no more extended on these episodes because had it been one division length with short changing and it would not have been successful. So it's because you can't tell a story like this have a decent run time though these these. This is a pretty full story as a jumped out. Threes favorite quotes. Do you have a favorite quotes. I had a couple so i. The exchange between joan walker and the door don't have jurisdiction here and the door jurisdiction whenever malaysia. Find themselves to be like that. What i was stone cold way she delivered all yes and then bucky in zima zima. Maybe you're wrong zemo. The serum never corrupted steve and seems like touche. But there's never been another. steve rogers. Has there was always going to have the last word. Have you noticed that he has. Let's see zemo saying very concept of a super soldier will always give trump people trouble or we'll always troubled people. excuse me. It's that worked. Aspiration that led to nazis to ultra n- to the avengers in sam says. Hey those were friends you talking about. The bucky says ads the avengers. Not the nazis. Just to clarify just to clarify support clarification. So i thought that was good Carlee talking with sarah. Which i thought was good. We're carly says the mitch this earlier. I'm trying to figure out if i need to kill your brother. I thought i could trust him. I thought i got the. I got the impression that he and i had some things in common but then it turns out. He's working for your new captain america. Sarah says i didn't choose him carly ads. who you. Who would have you chosen instead in. Sarah says rather pointedly. My world doesn't matter to america. So why should i care about its mascot drops walks off drops himself a brilliant once again brilliant writing. Yeah it was good. It was very powerful. I waited with this. With carly and sam were carly says so. You wanna stop me because people are getting hurt right but say what does not making the world a better place. sam says. it's not a better place if you're killing people. It's just different currently ads. You're either brilliant or just hopelessly optimistic and save replies. Well can it be a little bit of both loved it. And that's what makes it where to be captain america. Just say yes all right. So what's your rating. I'm gonna give this nine of ten bloodied shields with that with. But i'm gonna go. We're seeing this week. So i'm giving nine out of ten quickly disconnected biotic arms. Nice you know. Essentially what what. Ao does is like. She does like the five point. Poltrak and pops that thing out of his socket. She got them and doing pool. She literally black mamba kill reference. There i did but the five point public death right Fan zone news. Very quickly I just. I don't really have much in the way of news but i do want to remind people of some important dates coming out. Yes please. so there's some dates coming up for may so we're in april now. We're halfway through. So i thought to remind everybody that ledges. If tomorrow comes back for season six on may the second on the cw. If you're an image comics failed like yours. Truly you know that jupiter's legacy based on the mark millar frank quitely series from image comics. It debuts on netflix may seventh so it's coming up very very sued and it's eight episodes. I think it might be something we might want to talk about. I see where great minds think alike charleston. Think it might be nice thing in the low between low key because we knew we have a little weight between now and so it. This might be the show to fill that void. Just plus i think it gives not equal space With a publishing house we've done to be a dc mabo. It's nice to do a little bit as well so so nick. I think you might want to brush up on your digital comics. Perhaps i think i will say there right so just highly recommended. Check those out. At least the first miniseries superman. Lois finally returns may eighteenth the. Cw can't wait for that can't happen fast enough agreed love that show so far and lucifer returns for its back. Half of season five season five be on may twenty eighth to net flicks so and then after that it gets still have one more final season so which they've dow finished philby so we've suffer is all done and it was a wrap so nine. So that's the cannon raise their you know there's obviously post production but hopefully won't be too much of a weight between the end of five. Beads seized six biggest crossed the right. So that's all i have. We do have some fanta mail though from an holly mac dave proctor. Writing in so dicky you a read one or both feel. I'm i'm game to do to do both of you won't chows if you don't mind that be sure so starting off with with holly holly opens up with. Hey chosen nick. May holly man one episode zemo being his charming self love the meeting between ao and walker and him being taken down a peg to buy her very much so yup also loved. Sam's we should do something and neither nobody jumping into action. Rights away to stop the lesson in inverted commas. That's really mentioned great. They stand by watching the door. I kick kick your john's button. Do something and you think there was a need to do something. I don't think there was they a perfectly it old exactly exactly. I'm totally continues. Live course walk would have ansa news pants. Give sam the time he needed. And then someone talking to carly then the ending with the market kind of see that coming and walk has gone completely dark side for us agent. Perhaps yes this is going to bode. Well if we serve your chords are bad now. How is this going to play out. What kind of spin is put on it. Our wrap it up here. Only from wisconsin much only true exactly because now executive. Wh where do we go from here. I guess we'll have to see how that gets addressed in episode six. What bad guys might take advantage of that too. There we go so many possibilities. Many ex exactly guaranteed for sure and then of course we have the wonderful with david. K per up the rising. Hey hey dave. hi z. Stop with high guys letters. Hi guys like huge. Yes thank god. I hope you all will chose is definitely doing better. We're very happy to reports. Live of the tortuously difficult to kill. And he david says the new captain. America served the done it now. He might have confirmed what. America is to people foreign countries but america wants as it symbol vary. Well said you're coming from a european perspective. Dick italy do you find a lot of truth in that statement. I kind of do because they say that. Americans have the repre being the generals of the world anti trouncing around like they own the place. I know i don't necessarily think. That's that's what i'm saying is what the media sees. I think i think that's deserved. Especially for the past four years. So it's going to be a hard road trying to change that y- true. That's definitely a little work to be done. Yeah and and david continues the shield with blood on it will make an ugly front page will. This was a pretty great episode. I especially love the move. Where the we're khandan. Warrior locks captains and shields the table with the spear great fantastic. The we will buggies with slick to the most amazing move was finding falcon sisters phone number and get her to answer a phone call from an unknown cause true that is a great observation that is that's the survey of the day right there. It is gonna give data points on that one point. It's like a cold cold weather trying to sell me now. You think she would she. You think she would have just said that. Either straight to voicemail or just a blocked black. Carl you right away not interested. That's ingrained desecrate. deleted scene. Should like you know. Sarah saying okay blocked exactly what we love great for sure. And he carries on r.i.p battle star for sure he had the right mindset and unfortunately at all as a partner just a couple of weapons. I don't start would have been more. Deserted he kept the barucha of just saying john walker. I totally agree with you there. And just a couple of episodes to work all of this outstayed continues looking forward to hearing your analysis and insight by the time you've read this i will have. I love that okay. I'm just really figure out the typical the celtics are that. But okay all right very very insightful. Day very fast to have fast fans of the speeds. Jim still leading to become speech. That's it maybe different podcast next up everywhere that what we said to express when it absolutely has to be there before you said it right. Bittu wonderful removed from both haulier. They've been an chows. If folks want to be like these two wonderful well is this. How can they write into us. Of course. I want to thank day for writing. 'cause you guys are fabulous as always. You're you're always on it and You know david you definitely may be laugh tonight so it is user so if you want be like you do write to us at phillips cast on twitter or hey can re write to us at phillips cast gmail.com. We love to have you write in and you could be part of the show just like holiday or you can find us on facebook. The failures podcast or instagram at zone. Podcasts nick how about you can reach you well when it comes to me. If country music is your speed. I do host the whisking cigarettes show where we play all sorts country. Today's tradition and everything in between for more information about that bizarre website. That's whisking secrets showed. Come podcast wise. I do host happiness in douglas disappear. Podcast we just all superhero movies under the sun. If you'd like to join me on there you can shoot me. An email happiness darkness. How edgy modal. come. We're on facebook twitter and instagram and last but not least gold. Standard the oscars podcasts. Where myself the wonderful. Rachel friend and the awesome zan sprouts discussed older movies to won the oscar for best picture from nine hundred twenty seven swings to the present day. You can find some facebook and twitter one about you. Of course ask for me at charles skaggs on twitter instagram facebook. Of course strauss gags in hilliard ohio in my blog. Geeky things coffee and hot where we talk about all the stuff. We talk about here on the fan of zone podcasts. Okay coming books. I find us news. A couple of tv shows okay. Stuff from my other. Podcasts give media including hey next everywhere the doctor who podcast where we talk all things doctor who talks with sarah. Jane adventures big finish audios and more and currently. We just started torchwood month. Where jesse jackson. I talk day. Keep killing suzie well. After it took three attempts for us to finish the damn thing but we got it done and it's now out so hope everybody enjoys it and they coming up. Well hey tomorrow we're gonna be recording the next episode as we're joined by the wonderful holly mac whom you just heard here in email form on the fan of his own podcast. Where we're gonna talk the episode captain. Jack harkness not the character. Well we're going to talk the character but the episode title captain. Jack harkness from torchwood series. One and they're gonna talk more torchwood throughout the month including you know that christine paryski last who just happened to pop up in the middle of our podcast unexpectedly today. So hi christine. You get another shoutout right. And let's see what else Ghost with twin peaks podcast whereas browse. And i we talk all things. Twin peaks david lynch. We just finished our on the air three episode retrospective where we discussed the very obscure nine hundred eighty two series on the air that was on. Abc for a whole three episodes before getting yanked by abc and then coming up for our eighty seventh episode. Is we get ever closer to what hundred i remember. We're going to be discussing. Hotel rue the first the first episode of hotel room which is a another short lived series. It was on. Hbo in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. And it's a. It's a in technology drama series in the first and third episodes were directed by david lynch featuring heights of twin peaks vats david lynch vets in a very interesting actors including like people lynch has ever worked with your part elsewhere like mariscos heart from load order special victims unit crispin glover. So if you ever looked at crispin glover and with that guy should work with david lich well. He does in the third episode. So so. that's what we're going to be discussing for the next few episodes ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine so help everybody to check that out. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. And then lastly but certainly not least likely drug cinema whereas ans- proud tonight. This is our little side gig where we kind of you know. Take the headsets off a back and we movies that we enjoy it joy dope beverages and have a wonderful colorization and we just finished Discussing forbidden planet along last eighteen fifty sci-fi classic they introduced robby the robot had leslie nielsen and whatnot. Unfortunately zad has company coming over this week. So we're not gonna happy able to record our ninth episode into a couple of weeks from now so we're gonna have to make you wait what's again but my fault just said advanced busy social life because she's such a social butterfly but that's okay that's cool so we're going to just have to wait a little bit but then we're going to be discussing a couple of weeks where he discussed kung pow enter the fist. The two thousand two martial arts comedy starring odenkirk. It's gonna be a lot of fun. It's a very funny movie. Would like to describe as if Mystery science theater and a sucker brothers. Filled like airplane had a baby together. This would be the result so so i hope everybody check it out. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Data's not seen this film be curious to see what she thinks of it. So stay to everybody. Otherwise next time zone episode to fourteen. Excuse me to fourteen where we discussed the felker wear soldier episode five. Don't know the title yet but after the events of this episode especially that cliffhanger. You're gotta come back for that one right you have to because you gotta find out what happens after now that john walker has essentially decapitated someone And now it's all over the interwebs all over twitter all over facebook or whatever the marvel cinematic universe version. That is the. We'll see what happens. It's going to be an interesting double header. I think from here on out oh doubleheader decapitation. See what you did there i had to. I couldn't resist. You have dark huber today sir dark yes because i watch i watch blackadder. Recent he's probably colored by that. Yeah that's but that's okay. I like her. So i respect that too. All right so everybody thanksgiving listening holiday. Thank you for writing Please continue do so and everybody else right in to want to hear from you. Guys come back dick. Final thoughts before said off. Always just a joy to to podcast with chosen as i mentioned to you in writing and i actually say this vocally. It's wonderful to see you back from from the free being under the weather. So it's great you. Are you among the living once again and so we're very happy. Yes just a joy. And i can't wait for mixed episodes the court the great bender bending rodriguez for future. I'm back baby. That's right right so everybody. Hope your back as well next time next week for episode fourteen. The phantom zone falconer soldier episode. Five going to be a lot of fun. We'll discuss right here. Undefended zone podcast by everybody show off.

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TVR381 Fall Preview 2021

"Aw tv rewind episode. Three hundred eighty one. Hello and welcome to tv rewind episode three hundred eighty one for the week of september twelfth. Two thousand twenty one. I'm stephanie zimmer happy with the ones again recording this episode which will be news and the fall preview in a few pics for record for later. Just wanna give a shout out because of timber. I is our pod diverse. Ray around here so grateful to have had the community that you've built over eleven years. I still can't believe it's been that long. That's just crazy. Now's wanting to shout out to a couple of people online. Who sent us some well. Wishes including hands down the road whose instagram follower. And he's all spent a listener for a long time. I have enjoyed listening for many years scheme of the great work. Also shout out to rick who sent greetings on multiple venues. Sean sent well wishes on facebook and eh may see l. I c. k. Mialich mac click. Send well wishes on instagram. To thank you all for your well wishes. This podcast is again sponsored. By best david michael donna lisa and fantasia. Thank you all for being five dollars. A month sponsors you can also thank wayne and mark for being one dollars a month patrons can mean so much you can join them as patrons by going to patriots dot com slash tv. I will link that page in the show notes. there's also button on the homepage of the website here on tv rewind. You're bringing our thoughts in the last week television. Well they could pause for the news rewind the last week in fast forward to next week but not really for this week this week. There's going to be a pause for the news there. We're going to talk all things fall preview and then a few picks of other shows at checkout first off started off with a pause for the news. Lots of renewal start us off. Snow piercer for season for on. Tnt sweet tooth for season. Two on netflix. Love victor for season three at hulu that she for season five on showtime the mighty ducks game changers for season two on disney plus physical for season two on apple. Tv plus took and birdie for season three and adult swim battle bots for two more seasons on discovery. The circle for seasons. Four and five on net flicks housebroken for season two on fox the white lotus for season two which will feature a new cast and locale what we do in the shadows per season foreign on fx master chef for season twelve on fox f. boy island for season two on hbo. Max never have. I ever for season three on net flicks motherland for salem for season. Three and free form the final season. Ru paul's drag race for season fourteen. Each one your honor for season. Two on showtime run the world for season two on stars which will feature a new showrunner next season cobra kai for season five on net flicks even before season. Four has debuted. kevin can f- himself for season two on. Amc big shot for season two on disney plus the ms patch show for a season two on bt plus reservation dogs for season two on affects first wives club for season three on b. e. t. plus star trek picard for season three and paramount plus and it was also announced at the same time season two will premiere in february. So this is now another renewal post that season. Good trouble for a season. Two on free form and the gossip girl reboot for season two on. Hbo max that is a lot of shows that have been renewed. I most excited about the mighty ducks game. Changers coming out for season two on disney plus a huge fan of that show also my five year. Old granddaughter is a huge fan on that show. I don't think she really follows it that well but she does play it a lot on disney. Plus we just bunny physical. I'm a huge fan of that. Show rose burns. You get all the words for that but she won't. My dog wants to be on the podcast that he has come up and liked me and painted in my face. Good jabber and anything else in that list that i watch never have. I ever loved both seasons huge fan and excited for season. Three and cobra kai always excited for that and very excited that we will someday see was season has in store for us but now we are aware aware that there will be five after that and i really enjoyed big shot a lot on disney plus. Not a lot of people have been talking about it. But it's a cute show. You check that out and john. Stamos is just handsome and charismatic. And i also fan of good troubles. I'm happy to see that. Although i'm behind on this season that's what i'm watching on. That west comedy central which previously renewed south park for the comedy through a season twenty six has picked up an additional four seasons guaranteeing. It has at least thirty seasons. I can't believe that it's almost by the time this is over. It will have surpassed the people that are watching it. Most people that watch it like in their twenties are younger. would say probably's our audience. Maybe not. I don't actually know who the parody audiences. But i feel like that's that's almost been on as long as people have been what has been alive who've been watching it. That's crazy season. Twenty five is expected to premiere on the cable network sometime in twenty twenty two with additional seasons on spooling through twenty twenty seven as part of a new overall deal with viacom. Cbs the creators will perdue's fourteen south park movies exclusively for paramount plus the first two films. Oh bow on the streaming service later this year. So if you're south park fan. I don't know any south park fans. But i know they're obviously are a lot of you. You have content for a long time. Good news for all of you who have been manifest fans and wondering what is going to happen with that show since it was canceled. It has been officially cleared for takeoff with season for coming to netflix at its final season news of the big save came on august. Twenty eighth at eight twenty eight. Am pacific more than ten weeks. After it was canceled the series fourth and final season spanned twenty episodes to be split into parts to be determined. Netflixing deal with warner brothers includes all previous seasons to premiere on the streaming service around the world in the coming months throughout its limbo stage manifest. Ayer worn in the pop culture conversation by sending and tapping the nielsen streaming shirts and also by claiming the number one spot on netflix. His popularity poll for nearly record twenty seven straight days. That's what happens when you cancel the show. People wanna check it out and most people watch things after. They've been off the air well. I shouldn't say that's not true for every show but a lot of shows once they show up on streaming people watch them even if they have not on the air anymore and that way with some joseph it was after the letter. Feet that rumblings. Bruce stronger that the beyond last minute say was in the works. This has been rumored for a while would actually haven't and now has been officially announced. Look for that someday in the future. Who knows when it will actually appear on the streaming service. Have the goodness that season will have a beggar budget because netflix says more money than nbc. That's good news. i couldn't make it through the nyc. A couple of episodes of manifest. It was not for me. Every great poem has to come to an end and so does dickinson. The upcoming third season of the apple. Tv plus literary comedy will be its last and according to the series creator. This is actually. Her plan was to do three seasons. So the series creator came in a statement when i set out to make dickinson. I envision the show as a three season journey. That would tell the origin story of america's greatest female poet in a new way highlighting emily's relevance and renaissance in our society today in my wildest dreams that could never have imagined how rich and satisfying the experience of making the show would become and the incredible -joyed has been to tell emily story along with emily steinfeld and our brilliant passionate cast and crew. So that's always a good thing when you have a three story c. Three season story in your head and the network pitcher on actually supports you in that. The ten episode season three will debut on friday november fifth with three episode with episodes following. Every friday after that now dickinson is pretty good show. I have watched it all the way through the first two seasons and actually i didn't actually start watching it until season two was already on the air so i kind of binge season one When that finished up and then season two started so is able to go through without a big break. And here's i'm gonna say dickinson is a good show. However if you're looking for a show that's about emily dickinson and very pure to the history of her. You're going to have to look elsewhere because this is definitely takes. Some liberties with the real story of emily dickenson. There is a little bit of some liberties there and it's much more for the present day audience. But it's very enjoyable to watch. It's fine but don't look for it for your history lesson that's for sure in cancellation news. There several shows in this lessons. Well little voice after one season apple. Tv plus which is the network's first cancellation and this is sad. News for cerebral lists. She was producing that show. I think but now. She's back on broadway so i think she's going to be okay. Panic after one season on amazon. Everything's going to be okay. After two seasons on free form punky brewster after one season on peacock the networks first cancellation betty after two seasons on hbo and the republic of sarah after one season on the cw. Now the only show on this list. That i actually watched an actually quite recently in. The last couple of months was punky brewster. It was super cute. I really enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to see punky and sherry and their kids and there's a great family show some sad. There's not going to be more of that. Especially because spoilers punky meets her mom at the end of the first season and it would have been so nice if they continue that that she could have had a relationship with her. And you know mer done more that relationship so highly recommend now. And it's on free peacocks. If you wanna check it out. You certainly should do that. it's very fun. And freddie prince. Junior high her ex husband and he's adorable bill after all these years. It's the end of an era for kids. Television the perennial pbs. Favorite arthur will end with. Its upcoming twenty fifth sunday season set to debut next year. 'wow how of an era again. Those kids that were watching that when they were little are now adults and some kids have never not had arthur around there because it's been on for twenty five years that's crazy and era. Arthur is going off air. The bbc has confirmed longstanding rumors. That jodie whittaker will in fact be leaving doctor who a trio of feature-length specials airing next year following season. Thirteen will serve as her send-off and whitaker won't be hitting the exit alone the aforementioned specials the first which will air in january twenty twenty two with the final one airing in the fall of twenty twenty two will also mark the end of the road for show runner. Chris chip no. So here's the thing. I really have a great long history with dr. Who from the all. From the new reboot of it and it's gone through some ebbs and flows for sure. I was really enjoying the things that they were. Trying to do. With jodie whittaker but overall the writing has not been great for her. And i don't think she really had a lot to work with. This is probably for the best. Take the showrunner out of their. Take the doctor out of there and just kind of refresh. probably for the best. I had high hopes for the two of them together but it has not really been great so here we go once again. New doctor new show runner probably be announced next year. Santa is bringing zoe's extraordinary playlist fans an extra special gift to this holiday. Season roku has officially ordered a feature length wrap up movie for the cancelled. Nbc musical drama. Thirty get out. You're excited gifts. It's happening it's happening titled zoe's extraordinary christmas. The project begins production this month in vancouver and this was just announced i would say it's in september that it's happening with the entire cast. Reprising their roles the film will debut for free exclusively on the roku channel in the us this holiday season as well as on roku in canada and the uk additionally all twenty five episodes of the series will be available to stream for free on the service in the us later. This fall if it performs well. According to tv line roku could potentially order additional episodes as for what the movie has in store for its characters roku description only offers that the film picks up where season two left off continuing zoe's journey as she navigates work family love and everything in between in other words. They're not going to tell us. A darn thing and they want us to be surprised which. I'm totally okay with because we're getting a movie and that's awesome as long as they all the original cast is involved. All the original writers and producers are doing it. It'll be good. I really hope that it's not just a one off. And they do order more episodes because there are a lot of threads spending to be wrapped up in a two hour movie. I'm not sure that they can do it. That efficiently that quickly but we. We'll see what happens excited it's happening. That's all. I think my favorite reaction to this. When i posted this. The group was from. Kimberly who has been recently suffering from cova. She was in the hospital. When i put this in their last week and she said it's the best news ever because i'm in the hospital and i just want to be happy but now she's fine. She's out of the and she's doing better continuing the recovery process which is long. Come on down for the prices rates. Fiftieth season celebration. The daytime program will mark the milestone with a two hour. Primetime special airing thursday september thirtieth at nine eight central on. Cbs able include a look back at the biggest winners. Never before seen outtakes a salute to bob barker pause contestants will come on down to play pricing games for extravagant luxury cars and big cash prices. Additionally beginning soup monday september thirteenth which would be. Tomorrow the gameshow will feature game each day that we were conditions can win up to a million dollars. Sounds exciting again. That i've watched it in recent history but when i was in school on vacation during the summer was one of those shows that i definitely had to check out so now you're able to the news with a whole bunch of people from the tv landscape that have passed away in the last couple of months that we've not been on the air. So let's go through them inventor and tv pitchman ron pump pell who starred in countless infomercials over the past half century has died at the age of eighty. Six pump fell suffered a severe medical emergency and passed away early in the morning the next day at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles surrounded by his family born in new york city. Compel began his salesmen career as a kid hockey in the kitchen gadgets. His father had invented in the early nineteen fifties. Pumpad took his act television broadcasting. What is credited as the first ever infomercial for the chop o matic. It went on to form his own company. Ronco in nineteen sixty four and the decades of followed pump ellen. His infomercials were the staple of late night. Television hawking adventure. Matic the pocket. They sherman and the showtime rotisserie and barbecue directly to consumers. His enthusiastic pitches became a trademark and he popularized a number of memorable phrases like set it and forget it now. How much would you pay and wait. There's more his omnipresence led to parodies like dan grades iconic bay somatic sketch on saturday night. Live pump l. his company ronco in two thousand and five but never officially retired continuing to serve as a pitchman and inventor. He also made frequent appearances on. Qvc shopping network and his companies. Total sale numbers are in the billions. So definitely had a long and successful career on tv annan sales this ron pump. Hell the next one is very near and dear to my heart. Jay pickett who started on the abc sud stor port as paramedic francs scam has died at the age of sixty. According to the is agent he passed away on the set of his upcoming film. Treasure valley the star writer and producer of treasure valley. Picket suddenly died on location. On july thirtieth. No cause has been officially announced but it appears to have been a heart attack according to the director pick it popped up on a few late eighties programs before breaking in a daytime in nineteen ninety-one. He arrived in salem. As days of our lives doctor chip laken then moved pert charles and appeared as frank on and off from nineteen eighty seven to two thousand three. Pick it briefly. Subbed in as lorenzo alcazar on general hospital in two thousand six the following year. He got his own role in port. Charles playing detective david harper on g. h. and the ensuing years picket gas on frame hits like desperate housewives. Dexter in queens sugar now. I was a huge fan of port. Charles all the way to the end went to some crazy crazy things on that show but i think i started watching that in about. Let's see having going through the shows again. Ninety six ninety seven. I ninety eight was when i started watching port charles so pretty close to the beginning of that show on his run on at show so i watched him all the way through very charismatic. And great actor so he will be greatly missed by the so community for sure. That is jay pickett. The next one is gina. Crossley the subject of a season eight episode of. Tlc's my six hundred pound. Life died on sunday august. I and just thirty years old. Though a specific cause of death was not included in her obituary. Tlc released the following statement on social media. They are deeply saddened by the loss of gina crossley who shared her weight loss journey on my six hundred pound life. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time her passion was dancing and she would make dances with her sisters and kids in the neighborhood. Growing up she started. The dancing has no size limit tick tuck trend and she dreamed of one day opening dance studio for special needs. Children gina month once appeared in a movie when she was when she was younger called walking in the water line and she enjoyed playing video games and spending time with her family. So very sad to lose someone that young. That is gina crassly. Here's one you probably recognize quite a bit. Markie post an actress known for her roles. On sitcoms like night court and hearts afire died on august eighth. She was seventy and had been ill with cancer for nearly four years. Post played manhattan municipal court public defender christine sullivan on. Nbc's night court first appearing in season two and becoming a series regular in season three. She stayed with the show through. Its ninth and final season finale. She followed night court with hearts afire. Cbs washington dc comedy about a liberal political reporter played by post attracted to us conservative. Senators staffer played by john. Ritter post early. Tv career included some of the biggest series in the nineteen eighties including her to hurt. Simon and simon. The love boat cheers fantasy island and the a team. She also played the fall guys. Bail bonds woman terry mitchell's and seasons two through four more. Recently she appeared in shows like scrubs chicago. Pd santa clarita diet and the kids are alright. Her final role was in two thousand. Nineteen in episode of netflix is soundtrack. thirty racks. fans will remember that post player self in a season three episode of the series in which tracy arranged to have a night court stars harry anderson and post reprised the roles that superfan kenneth could see their characters. Mary was a super cute. Episode posts is survived by her husband. Michael ross and daughters. Kate armstrong ross. And daisy in a statement post family said for us our pride in who she was in addition to acting a person who made elaborate cakes for friends sewed care curtains for first apartment. Showed us how to be kind loving and forgiving in often harsh world. That is tv legend. You could say markie post next. One is trevor more the co founder of a sketch comedy group. The whitest kids you know. Pass away in august seventh as a result of an unknown accident and he was only forty one more. Gotta start as a leader of the comedy group. The whitest kids you know which ran for five seasons from two thousand seven to two thousand eleven on fuse and ifc. He and his crew gain national attention after winning. Best sketch group at the hbo us. Comedy arts festival in two thousand six his other credits included. Walk the prank a disney. Xt he wrote and directed about four children who pulled off real life pranks on unsuspecting victims and engine to comedy central trevor moore show most recently. He co created and executive produced disney channels. Just roll with it. A scripted part improvised hybrid series at the audience. Choose what happened so basically choose your own adventure kind of cool. So that is trevor. More very sad very young. The next one is english actress. Una stubbs best known stateside for her role as mrs hudson opposite benedict cumberbatch and more and merton freedom freeman and pbs. Sherlock has died at the age of eighty four. According to the bbc stubbs died at her home in edinburgh surrounded by your family. Following a brief illness subs appeared in all thirteen installments of sherlock through two thousand seventeen series ending the final problem. Her credits also included uk series russell gum brid coverage till death do us part and east enders. I remember her. Quite well from sherlock. She was always there with wisdom taking care of off sherlock's needs and she was a great actress. So what we missed by the bbc community for sure. The next one is mickey. Grant a pioneering black soap and broadway star died on august twenty second at the age of eighty the actress memorably starred in another world as peggy nolan. Grant made her debut on the great white way in the nineteen sixty three production of tambourines to glory by langston hughes and the nineteen seventies grant wrote and starred in. Don't bother me. I can't cope a musical revue that received four tony nominations. She also became the first woman to write the music and lyrics to broadway musical by that time. She made history in another world playing attorney. Peggy and there was a book by ellen. Holly who is on one life to let once said that peggy was originally written as a white character. Once grant was cast. She became the first black contract player in daytime television. History grande start another world from nineteen sixty five nineteen seventy-two during which time peggy was involved. In what is credited as the first regular daytime storyline specifically pen for a black actress. Grant also appeared on the edge of night all my children and guiding light. Her work garnered her obi and double. Acp image and grammy awards. Sata's mickey grant. The next one is ballroom. Dancer sergei owner who competed in season. Eleven of so you think you can dance has died at the age of thirty three or in ukraine who moved to the united states along with his family at the age of three own. Eq became a champion ballroom. Dancer and went onto audition for season. Eleven of the fox. Summer dancing competition. So you think you can dance. Which aired in twenty fourteen own eq made it to the top twenty live performance portion of the season ultimately getting eliminated in week four. The results shows he also made appearances on dancing. With the stars. Jane the virgin marvel's agent carter bones and this year is in the heights he served as a dance choreographer as well and appeared alongside. Tv veteran kersee allen on her two thousand twelve web series. One hundred days of dance says ballroom. Dancer sergei owning the other one. The next one is another well-known soap actor. Michael nater best known for playing dex dexter on the original dynasty and dmitry merrick on all my children died on august twenty fifth at the age of seventy six. They actor passed away in his northern california home with lister and hit their rescue dogs storm by his side. His cause of death was an untreatable. Form of cancer. Nature during the dynasty cast in nineteen eighty-three. Vn episode of properly called decks. His character would go on to have them memorable love. Affair with alexis cured and played by joan collins. Along with several other notable female characters here remained with the senator until its nineteen eighty-nine series. Finale nature also played a ladies man on all my children which he joined in nineteen ninety-one during his initial ten year run nader's character romanced some of pine valley's finest including erica kane played by susan lucci. Though nader left the show in two thousand one he briefly returned in twenty thirteen during. The show's short-lived run on prospect park's online network the actors additional tv credits included roles on s- cold case law and order svu the original flash magnum pi and gidget. That is michael neater. I definitely remember him quite well. From all my children there was a huge fan of that show and i. That was my first soap. That i started watching in ninety six. I think that's when i started. And he was on there and had quite a few love affairs and now the sad thing is that now. Michael nader has passed away and the actor who played and men grey also passed away Last year i think so. Now that you merrick brothers have both passed away from all my children very well known actor and will be greatly missed. The next one is greg leaks who appeared alongside his wife. Nannie leaks on bravo's the real housewives. Atlanta has died at the age of sixty six gregory's a familiar face to real housewives of atlanta fans appearing on camera with his wife nayna consistently since the reality series debuted on bravo in two thousand eight quickly. Shot to fame. As atlanta's breakout star and her home life and marital issues with gregg became a hot topic on the show they separated in two thousand ten and later divorced but they reunited and remarried in two thousand thirteen with their wedding airing as a tv special on bravo and revealed that greg had been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in two thousand thirteen and his cancer battle was chronicled on the show. Nayna officially left atlanta last year ahead of season. Thirteen said his greg leaks husband of nine. The next one is very notable person the today show willard. Scott a veteran weatherman who spent sixty five years at nbc and thirty five as a today show regular has passed away at the age of eighty seven. The news is confirmed on. The show's official instagram page. And it was also noted that scott created and portrayed the original ronald not ronald mcdonald in this obituary. Tv vet made his broadway his broadcast debut in nineteen fifty five via the daytime variety. Show afternoon in. Nineteen fifty-nine scott went onto play bozo the clown five days a week according to his nineteen eighty-three book. The joy of living when boza went off the air the local mcdonalds people asked me to come up with a new character to take bozos place. So i sat down created ronald mcdonald. He officially joined today in nineteen. Eighty when then nbc. News president michel sm- williams. Small was looking for ways to beat. Abc's good morning. america. In the ratings. The weatherman joined the on air team which included tom brokaw and jane polly scott served as the today show's number one weather man until he stepped aside for roker in nineteen ninety-six and headed into self semi retirement ben despite announcing his full retirement from the show in december twenty fifteen he continued to appear periodically to wish a happy birthday to viewers turning one hundred plus years old maintaining tradition. He started in nineteen eighty. Three scotus survived by his wife. Paris and two daughters from his first marriage they are. They were married for forty three years until her death in two thousand and two so willard scott a very very well known personality at nbc and today passed away very very sad. I remember him as mentioned as i mentioned doing those happy birthdays to viewers one hundred years plus was such a tradition on that show and i hope that they continue that even after he passed. The next one is michael. K williams of the wire fame was found dead in his brooklyn apartment. On september sixth the age of fifty four drug paraphernalia was reportedly founded his apartment and since the age of nineteen had battle addiction it to five season run on the wire williams many tv credits included boardwalk empire. Community the spoils before dying the night of one. We rise happened leonard when they see us and voice work on offense for family williams is currently. I mean nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for his role as lovecraft countries. Montross freeman he. Previously earned emmy nods for his acting in when they see us the night of the two thousand fifteen tv movie. Bessie williams had just been cast in an untitled biopic of boxing. Great george foreman playing trainer. Doc boorda's says michael k williams. I never watched the wire. But i definitely know him as a very well. Regarded actor for sure. Zookeeper abby kelley. Who had featured in the hit netflix documentary. Tiger king has died at the age of fifty. Two kelly was found dead in an apartment in brooklyn in september. Second and b. c. news for new york had reported he was unconscious. When first responders arrived on the scene. No cause of death was released. Cow is one of the zookeepers who tended to the exotic animals at the exotic animal park in oklahoma formerly owned by joe exotic. Kelly was interviewed exclusively about the zoo and joe exotic in the seventh episode net netflix doc tiger king which debuted in merged twenty twenty and became a pop culture sensation. And i still have not watched it. But i have listened to a few podcasts about it about that character. The head keeper at joe exotic zoo for five years later testified against his former boss at trial. Alleging that older tigers were shot and killed at the sue. Kelly also made an appearance on the tiger king reunion special hosted by joel mikhail. The tiger king fan phenomenon led to a wave of tv adaptations. But those have begun to peter out a plan. Amazon series starring nicholas cage. Joe exotic is not moving forward peacock though is still developing a scripted series. Starring john cameron mitchell. Joe exotic and kate mckinnon as carol baskin that is zookeeper eric. Cowie and last but certainly not final is veteran tv actor at asner. Best known for playing lou grant on the mary tyler moore show and And winner of a record setting seven. Emmy awards has died at the age of ninety one. God bless him he was still working for you know the majority of his life. The news was confirmed by as nurse family on twitter. A theatre actor who i guest starred on the outer limits mission impossible and route sixty six asner landed the role of irritable. Tv news director lou grant on. Cbs is the mary. Tyler moore show which debuted in nineteen seventy as nurse. Gruff persona was a perfect counterweight to mary. Tyler moore was sunny dispersed disposition. And the show turn out to be a hit running for seven seasons and becoming one of the most acclaimed tv series of all time as won three consecutive emmys for outstanding supporting actor comedy series for his work from nineteen. Seventy one to seventy three after mary. Tyler moore went off the air avnery prices role on the cbs spinoff. Lou grant a drama series that saw grant working as a city editor of los angeles newspaper had a healthy five season. Run from seventy seven to eighty. Two and asner is dominated by times for outstanding lead actor in a drama series winning twice asner also picked up a pair of emmys for his roles in the miniseries roots and rich man. Poor man making him. The male actor with the most wins ever with a total of seven. He continued acting through tv through the eighties and nineties. Starring as a school principal and nbc's the bronx zoo and headlining the abc sitcoms thunder alley. Asner didn't slowdown in his later years. Either putting guest appearances on e. r. the x. files curb your enthusiasm hawaii five o the good wife modern family and most recently the final season of grace and franky. Thank the most notable voice. He's also a great voice actor very notable for the movie up playing the cranky guy in there. And if you wanna still hear his voice. There is a spin off cartoon on disney plus call. Doug days shchukin here asner on their god bless him rest in peace our dear dear asner so that's the news for this week. Our hearts go out to everyone who has passed away in the last couple of months and now it has taken me so long to do the news we have. We have to move on to the next thing next. We're going to move onto the fall preview. And i haven't done a fall preview for two years now. I didn't do one last year because it didn't seem necessary because there is hardly anything new at all just because of cova did and because of that it was basically just a game shows. Reality shows and a lot of things were pushed off to the spring. So there's really no need to do a fall preview if you're looking for that last year i'm sorry about that but i had nothing to report about because there was hardly anything new that was on and it was actually a good thing for me. I really enjoy the break. To be honest. Area are in twenty twenty one with our fall preview and it seems to pretty full with new shows. So as usual as i've done for the previous years. I'm going to break it down by day. And i'm gonna tell you what the show is when it errors. The premise the cast the competition and my thoughts on it. So let's started off on sunday and the only two new shows are going to be on the cw so that'll make it quick. Because i don't think that many people are gonna watch them so the first one is legends of the hidden temple. If you're a kid of the nineties myself you're like wait. That show's coming back. Yes it is. It starts on the cw on sunday. October tenth at eight. Seven central. it's a reboot same. Company is doing it that produce the original series ran from nineteen ninety three to ninety five. It's a reimagining of the nickelodeon game show. But now instead of having kids on there it's going to be adults contestants. The new take will bring back fan favourite elements including the moat crossings the steps of knowledge and the temple run and the team names are the same as before. Purple parents. Blue barracudas orange iguanas red. Jaguar silver snicks and green monkeys. That's staying unchanged. There's revamped hidden temple promises. Tougher challenges and much bigger prizes as each episode pits. Five teams against one another to enter on lex temple discovered the treasure and return to its rightful place. All while avoiding the infamous temple guards and this is being hosted by chris. Stella alonzo and debrecen baker is returning as the voice of almac. It's going up against football. Animation and game shows. Abc celebrity wheel of fortune. Cbs is the equalizer nbc's sunday night. Football fox's the simpsons and the great north my thoughts. I watched the original show back in the nineties was a huge fan of it as a great show to have on nickelodeon for kids to get a chance to play a game show. Don't get a lot of chances. Do then so i was huge fan of that show. Joy wanna watch a reboot with adults. No i do. Not and do i watch anything new on sunday. No i do not song going to have to pass. The next one is killer camp. Which is a us remake. Also airing on the cw in the time slot after october tenth. Nine eight central killer. Camp is a typical horror. Whodunit reality competition or campers play games to earn cash during the day but each night one of them meets an untimely demise in ever more extreme hilarious in inventive ways. Nobody can be trusted. As one of the campers among them is actually a secret murderer controlling. The evil camp handyman bruce. Who executes the bloody hilarious deaths scenes. It's up to the campers to determine who is pulling the strings cast out the murderer and save themselves before it's too late. The series originated on on britain's it v. two in twenty nineteen or was picked up and aired by the cw as part of the twenty twenty summer slate following the successful summer run. They ordered an original. Us version of the series. The us version of killer camp returned to camp pleasant as a mix of thirteen unlucky. American and british campers navigate through new delhi twists and surprises while competing to expose the killer among them for the share of the fifty thousand dollars cash price. So it's another reality competition show and there are a handful of those coming up this fall. It's going up against abc supermarket. Sweep cbs's ncis la nbc. Sunday night football. Fox's bob's burgers and family guy. I will not watch this. I'm not interested in horror. Even if it is a reality show and i do not watch any reality shows so it's a pass but i wonder if wreck would watch this. Because he's a horror guy returning shows for sunday. Abc america's funniest home videos on october third celebrity wheel of fortune on september twenty sixth supermarket. Sweep on september twenty sixth the rookie on september twenty sixth. Cbs has sixty minutes on september twelfth. Starting today the equalizer october tenth. Ncis los angeles on october tenth and seal team on october tenth but as i mentioned previously it's only going to have a couple of episodes on. Cbs and then it's moving to paramount. Plus nbc has football night in america on september twelfth. Which is today. Nbc's sunday night football which is also starting today on. The twelfth fox has nfl on fox. The simpsons on september twenty sixth all their show started twenty six the great north bob's burgers and family guy and on sunday. I'll be watching. Dvr d- and streaming shows because they do not watch anything new on sunday. My low key. Days where i tried to get stuff done and just kind of chill out before the week of work starts again on to monday. We just have a couple of shows on monday. The first one is ordinary. Joe which will be on. Nbc starting monday september twentieth at ten nine central and the premise of this one. Life is all about the choices you make and sometimes what you do in a single moment can change everything. This new heartfelt life-affirming drama follows joe kimbro who faces one of those decisions at us. College graduation the three parallel stories that diverged from that night find joe and the people around him with different careers. Relationships and family lives showing the unexpected ways that things change and stay the same but when it comes down to it there is no right choice no matter what happens life. Joe's life is always messy exciting. Tough on predictable and beautiful. This is going to include the cast of james. Wolk from watchmen and zoo and many other shows that have gone before that. Were you know. Probably one in donor less than one and done that. A lot of cancer. Joe's in his in his past natalie martinez from under the dome charlie baronet from arrow and russian doll and elizabeth lael from you. That's going up against cbs's ncis hawaii. What is a new show. Abc's the good doctor and my take on this one. It seems a bit like sliding doors. And i did watch the promo for this one and i like back concept you choose this store and this happens you choose this one at this happens you choose this one. This what happens and seems to be going back and forth between what could have happened and what did happen so sliding doors series. I kinda dig that. James wolk is very talented engaging. I'm interested in seeing him as the star show. I hope it doesn't get canceled. Because he has a long history of shows getting cancelled when he was the star. So that's kind of interesting to see what happens. i predict. it's it might do well. I mean i'm not overly optimistic the fact that it only has a couple of shows that it's up against as good. There's an a whole lot on during that time slot it would be nice if more uplifting family dramas were on tv like this. So i'm going to definitely check this one out because i'm a huge fan of uplifting family dramas speech. It seems interesting from what. I've seen the videos that i've seen of it so i'm going to give it a shot. We'll see how long it lasts. Like i said james wolk has not had a lot of good track record with his shows continuing more than a season. So we'll see what happens. The next one is forty four hundred and you might be saying to yourself wait. Is it the ninety s again. Didn't we used to have that show and you are correct. This is a reboot. It's based on the original. Usa network drama. This is going to be a new version on the cw starting on monday october. Twenty fifth at nine eight central. It follows forty four hundred overlooked undervalued and otherwise marginalized people who vanished without trace over the last hundred years. Who are all returned instant having not asia day and no memory of what happened to them as the government racist to analyze a potential threat and contain the story the forty four hundred themselves mush grabble with the fact that they've been returned with a few upgrades and the increasing likelihood that they were all brought back now for a specific reason. The cast includes joseph. David jones from ero brittany audubon moolah from grand army j. lady more from chicago. Pd amara wouldn't from american housewife cory j coma from power book to ghost derek. A king from collier mother colella johnson t l thompson air own roach and autumn. Best and i have not heard of any of those actors before so i probably butchered a couple though so apologies it's going up against. Abc's dancing with the stars. Nci ncis on cbs. Fox's the big leap which is a new show and my thoughts on this one. I never saw the original show. And honestly i'm not interested in seeing a reboot. Were i show that. I've never seen before. I might check it out later if it does well but again i haven't seen the original side rather watch that than you know a new version for example the cw. Also has a roswell reboot. And i still have not finished the original show. And i've just been reminded via my you know time hop or facebook memories that i started that about a year ago and i have yet to get through it and i need to get back to that so i haven't seen the original and i don't have any interest in seeing the reboot till it's pass for me. I think it will do okay on the cw. At if i have a lot of pretty people in that forty four hundred. The next show is the big leap which is on fox starting on monday. September twenty ninth at nine eight central. This show is set in detroit but film and chicago. Because why would they film in detroit. Now it'd be silly right. A group of diverse underdogs from all different walks of life compete to be part of a competition. Reality show that is put putting on a modern hip remake of swan lake. Why lack traditional dancer body type they make up for with edge wit and desire to re imagine an iconic story to fit their own mold. This has an all-star cast including scott foley from scandal and whiskey cavalier. Oh my gosh you guys show was so good. Why do they cancel it so good so good piper pair bo from covert affairs. That was also a great show. I watched all of it. Teri polo from the fosters. I love her mallory. Jensen from agents of shield kevin daniels from council of dads sedaris gleaned from termed ray champ from five points. John written ski from catch. Twenty two and simone kastner. It's going up against. Abc's dancing with the stars. I sing. I said this already. The same it's the same teams timeslot slot as forty four hundred. I already said this kind of stuff. It's going up against dancing with the stars and cis and forty four hundred new. Show now my thoughts this. It looks really good from the trailer. I'm a huge fan of many of the cast members including scott foley piper payroll and teri polo huge fan of them from other shows. And i love the concept of a show about the making of a show. A kind of reminds me of unreal. Which was on lifetime and i watched all that trash though in through except this time it's on fox so it's a much more family friendly version on a network channel and way less back stabby and overly dramatized lifetime so i will check this out and it looks pretty good. I love shows about underdogs and dancing. And even though they're they're doing a show about show getting cast in a real reality show. I still like the concept. Love underdogs trying to make their way. So i'm i'm in for this one and that's about the only show on monday that i'll be really super super invested. I'm gonna check out ordinary joe. But i'm a little bit more excited about the big leap and the last new show for monday is ncaa's hawaii which starts on cbs on monday. September twentieth at ten. Nine central. The franchise expands. Do the low hostage where the first female special agent in charge of. Ncaa pearl harbor. Jane tenant played by. Vanessa lachey has thrived and risen through the ranks by equal parts competence and strategy in a system as pushed back on her. Every step of the way together. Unwavering team of the specialist they balanced duty to family and country while investigating high sticks crimes involving military personnel national security and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise itself. This stars vanessa shea from nine to one zero and kalma can't yes mean album tommy from the originals jason atone attune from klaus noah mills from the falcon in the winter soldier. And the brave tori anderson from no tomorrow. Alex tarrant from eight hundred words and new zealand's vegas s. It's going up against nbc's ordinary joe and abc's the good doctor my thoughts on this one as we'll be the theme for a lot of nbc shows is that they're making another version of a franchise. That's already existing. There's a couple of shows like that on the on the whole roster of the preview. And i don't watch any of them i don't watch any of the. Ncaa shows so. I will not start now. I watched the promo for this one. And i found vanessa last shay very grating and not interesting to watch so i'm interested to see how does because ncis. I'm sure people watch it. People of a certain demographic definitely will watch it. And it's i'm not in that demographic i never have been not interested in watching any of them so it's a pass for me although the you know landscapes of hawaii. I'm sure we'll be very beautiful to watch. Krever checks out returning shows on monday. Abc has dancing with the stars twentieth. And the good doctor on september. Twenty seven th. Hey that's my wedding anniversary. It's like an anniversary. Forget it could. Doctors claim back. That day that's awesome. Cbs has the neighborhood on september twentieth. As well as bob hearts. Abba shola and ncis nbc. Has the voice starting onto denver. Twentieth fox has nine one one on the twentieth. And the w has all american on. October twenty fifth on mondays. I'll be watching the good doctor and checking out. New shows the big leap an ordinary joe. So that is mondays for me pretty late day for sure which works out. Because i'm never home on monday anyways. I always end up watching these so many days later going on to tuesday. We have new show queens on. Abc starting on tuesday. October nineteenth at ten nine. Central the premise. For this one. It's a drama in which a strange and out of touch for women in their forties reunite for the chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger. They had as the nasty bitches their nineties group had made them legends in the hip hop world. This is stirring eve from eve. Brandy for moesha nutri not from power nadine velazquez for my name is earl peppy signaling from famous and love and taylor soleil from p valley. It's going up against fbi. Most wanted on cbs and nbc's new amsterdam. So my thoughts on this one. I watched the promo for it and it seems like. Abc wants their own primetime soap. But it doesn't look very good. I mean i like brandy a lot. I like eve. Okay but the other girls i don't know and i don't. I don't know how i don't think this is going to do very well. Especially considering its on tuesday at nine which his notoriously not been a good time for abc. And i think more people are going to be watching. Fbi and new amsterdam procedural that are well. You know in the in the routine in the routine for people. So i think people will be watching that and not so much this i don't think. Abc can pull off a hip hop drama. I don't think they've ever tried before. But i don't think that's really their demo so i don't think it's gonna go well and i'm not interested in watching and cbs is doing all of your fbi shows on tuesday so they do have a new one coming out and that's the next show fbi international which is on cbs. Starting on tuesday. September twenty first at ten nine central debut in a crossover episode. Fbi and fbi most wanted next season. The off shoot follows the fbi international flight team as a the world with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against american citizens wherever they may be not allowed to carry guns. The flight team relies on intelligence quick thinking and pure brawn as they put their lives on the line to protect the people the us and its people. its stars. luke. Klein tank from the man in the high castle in bones. A read from pole. Dark vanessa new doe to from lucifer christine paul from counterpoint counterpart and carter redwood from the long road home and. This is the team. Same timeslot as queens. So it's going up against new amsterdam and queens and once again i don't watch any of the fbi shows. I'm not starting now. i'm sure people watch it. It'll probably be a big hit because a lot of people like those procedures on on cbs. But i'm gonna pass. It's kind of a theme for me on these tuesday new shows. I'm not really grabbing to any of them. Spoilers the next one is our kind of people which is on fox on tuesday. Starting september twenty first at nine eight central inspired by lawrence otis grams. Provocative critically acclaimed book. Our kind of people inside america's black upper class. This is executive produced by lee daniels up empire and star the drama takes place in an aspirational world oak. Bluffs on martha's vineyard a historical stronghold where the rich and powerful black elite have come to play for over fifty years. Strong-willed single mom angela von sets out to reclaim her family's name and make an impact with her. Revolutionary here caroline that highlights the innate natural beauty of black women but she soon discovers a dirk secret about her mother's pass that will turn her world upside down and shake up this community forever. It's going up against abc's the bachelorette cbs's fbi international which is their new spin off. As i mentioned before. Nbc's la braye which is also another new show and the cw's riverdale and this thurs yaya dacosta who has been on all the chicago shows and she also was on all my children in two thousand eight. She played cassandra foster great character. On there morris. Chestnut from the resident joe morton from god frenemy and scandal. Rayon nicole brown from empire lance gross from house of pain and star. Kyle berry from jimmy georgia nadine ellis from greenhouse academy alina bright and recurring w morgan recurring player. W morgan also from power. And all my children so she has a little bit of reunion with yaya dacosta. Here lee daniels is producing another soap for fox. A looks interesting not enough for me to check it out. I'm sure people will watch it. It'll probably be a pretty good show for fox on tuesday considering that. I'm not sure how their other tuesday shows are going to do in the new in the shoe new show categories. But it's it's nassar. Show that i'm interested in i do like disd. Kosta from when. I saw her on all my children and i haven't seen any that recent stuff that she's been inches. She's a very good actress. She looks very good from promo berry. You know have trained to claim her power. I'm sure will do well. But i'm not interested. The next one is lebron. Ray that's gonna pronounce it. I'm not sure. I haven't actually heard anybody say download so i don't know if that's correct could be brea. I i'm not sure. Nbc on tuesday. Starting september twenty eighth at nine eight central when a massive sinkhole mysteriously opens in los angeles at tears a family in half separating mother and son from father and daughter when part of the family finds himself in inexplainable primeval world alongside a desperate group of strangers. They must work to survive. Uncover the mystery of where they are and if there is a way back home going up against abc's the bachelorette cbs's fbi international fox's are kind of people and cw riverdale also at the same time slot as the previous short talked about our kind of people so which show what people watch at that time. Slot this stars. Natalie zea from the detour and i think she was under the dome to ian. I think she's probably trying to forget about that. That was a regrettable last season. yon mackin the night. Shift john sita from chicago. Pd nicholas gonzalez from the good doctor. Veronica saint clair from thirteen reasons. Why jack martin from all rise. Han mir kandasamy from hotel mumbai chickey. Oh wow from being mary. Jane josh mckenzie from filthy rich khloe delo santos from tied lands end zaira gurecki and lily santiago only recognize one of those actors probably mispronounced. A couple of those names so apologies. I'm sure people will dig this but it does not look interesting to me. I'm sure people will watch it. But which of these shows in this time that were they watch will be interesting to see returning on tuesdays quite a few shows but not as many as other nights. Abc has the bachelorette as october nineteenth. Cbs has fbi and fbi. Most wanted of the twenty first nbc has the voice and new amsterdam as of the twenty first fox has the resident new the twenty-first so a lotta show starting on the twenty first. Cw has the flash. I starting november sixteenth and also riverdale on the sixteenth. So on tuesday all i'm watching as the flash so that means that i have a break until november sixteenth. That's actually quite nice. I'm not at all complaining. Because i'm not interested in any of the new shows that are coming out on tuesday moving onto wednesday. Our first show on the list is the wonder years on. Abc starting wednesday september twenty second at eight thirty seven thirty central. This is indeed a reboot of the coming of age story. Set in the late sixties. That takes an astonishing look at a black middle class family in montgomery alabama the point of view of imaginative twelve year old dean in the wisdom of his adult years. Deans hopefully humorous recollections show how his family found their wonder years in a turbulent time. It's going up against a cbs as survivor. Nbc's chicago med. Fox's the mast singer and the cw legends of tomorrow. This stars alicia ej williams. Boy do delay hill from suits in the psych. Psych is the most important credit their site cone saying blow from in the dark. Laura cod rookie from black lightning milan. Ray julian learner amari o.'neil and narrator done cheeto. You might have recognized his name before way. I and his entertainment group are executive producing this alongside the original series star. Fred savage the pilot episode is written by sounding patterson and directed by fred savage. And sal amy. Patterson is also a producer on the show. So my thoughts on this one. I'm super excited about this one. Because it has duly hill being reunited with saudi patterson who is a writer and producer on psych. They did many episodes together. Lee daniels a huge draw as well. He's produced a million heads Including his new show. It's coming out. Our kind of people may or may not be a hit. We'll see but he's had success in the past and fred savage is getting involved in it again as a producer which is great. Having that team together will be fantastic and also the classic theme song is coming back if you saw what i posted in the group when that was released from instagram on delay hills instagram. The classics theme song is back people just from a different perspective. But it's the same kind of story so all. Those things equal stephanie. Being very excited about this win. And it's my number one new. Show that i'm excited about so i am definitely in but then again. I watch a lot of abc comedies. So i can add it to my roster on that comedies are super easy to add and since this fall. They're only doing false comedies. On wednesday it's much easier to add it to worry about two nights of comedy three now. The next one is csi. Vegas starting on. Cbs on wednesday. October sixth at ten nine central. The series opens a brand new chapter in las vegas the city where it all began facing an existential threat. That could bring down the entire crime lab and released thousands of convicted killers. Back into the kneel streets. Vegas a brilliant new team. Investigators led by maxine robbie who is played by paula. Newsome must enlist the help of old friends. Gil grissom played by william petersen. Sarah pseudo played by georgia fox and david hodges played by wallace langham. This combined force will deploy the latest forensic techniques to do what they do best foul the evidence in order to preserve and serve justice in sin. City it's going up against abc's a million little things and nbc's chicago pd. The cast includes as i mentioned original. Csi stars william petersen georgia fox and wallace langham. Plus paul go foil. Who'll guest her. New cast includes matt lauria from friday night lights and kingdom paula. Newsome from chicago. Madame berry mel rodriguez from the last man on earth and mandy dylan from afterlife. Don't watch any of the csi show. So i will not be starting now. But again it's another franchise adding another show to their franchise so it's a built in audience. People will watch it. I'm not gonna target demographic but there are many people that are and they will watch it so during the last new show for wednesday is called alter ego this airs on fox on wednesday september twenty second at nine eight central is a very interesting singing competition. Lost dreams and second. Chances are reignited. When singers from all walks of life become the stars. They've always wanted to be. Why were these. Contestants won't perform as themselves rather they'll be given the chance to show how they've always wanted to be seen creating their dream avatar alter ego to reinvent themselves and perform like never before this is going up against abc's the connors and home economics cbs's tough as nails nbc's chicago fire and cdw's bat woman. The judges for this one. Are atlantis morissette. Grimes nicholas shea. And will i am. And the host is rashi diaz. This is the perfect pairing. Put this with the mast singer. It's a very funny premise. It's a very fun premise. I should say that the singers are completely animated. And you can see this the promo for the show. It looks very very cool and the technology just makes it looks fabulous. It looks interesting. But i don't watch any reality or reality competition show so i will not be watching it but i'm sure people will watch it. Being paired with the massing amateur. People will watch that and then just keep on going to this one to check it out. People watch it and it will not be me on. Wednesday returning is will include the goldbergs. The conner's home economics and a million little things on december twenty second straight on through all those. I almost wash all of them. Cbs has survivor on the twenty. Second and tough as nails on. October sixth nbc has all their chicago. Shows med fire and pd on the twenty second and fox. The mast singer and the cw has legends up tomorrow on october thirteenth and bat woman also on the thirteenth. So wednesday is a pretty jampacked. Day for me. I will be watching the goldbergs. The connors among in little things legends of tomorrow and new show the wonder years so. It's a pretty jam-packed dave it's a pretty jam-packed night of the week for me. So i'll be very excited about that. That's pretty much the only day of the week. That's jam packed with recordings and then thursday only has one new show on it which very weird but that is okay for me and i'm actually kind of interested in it thursday. Our new show was called ghosts. It's on cbs. Starting thursday october seventh at nine eight central. The series is single camera. comedy about cheerful freelance journalists samantha. Played by rose macgyver. And up and coming chef. Jay played by crush bakar. Who throw both caution and money to the wind. When they decide to convert a huge rundown country estate they inherited into a bed and breakfast only to find its inhabited by the many spirits of deceased residents. Who have now call it home. That apart of souls are close knit eclectic group that includes a saucy prohibition era lounge singer a pompous seventeen hundred militiamen a hippie sixties fund of hallucinogens a overly upbeat eighties scout troop leader a cod obsessed. Viking explorer from ten o-9 a slick. ninety finance. bro. A sarcastic and witty native from the fifteen hundreds and society woman and wife of the eighteen hundreds robber baron who is samantha's ancestor to name. A few adding to the spirits anxiety over the changes coming to their home is the realization that samantha is the first live person who can see and hear them after she accidentally falls on the stairs and is in a coma and wakes up. That's in the promo. I'm not giving any spoilers. You can see it for yourself. And i learned as i was researching the show. This is actually a remake of a british show. Which i only discovered when i googled the cast via imdb and cbs is not mentioned this whatsoever. That's a reboot of a british show. But it's exactly the same premise. As the british though even has the same kind of characters in it it's going up against abc's grey's anatomy nbc's law and order svu fox's thursday night football and cw's the legacies. The cast includes rose. Macgyver from is zombie at crash. I'm bakar from broke. Meyer and mindy project. Daniel pennock brandon scott jones from the good place. Richie murari asher rodman. Sheila karanko roman is a goza devin chandler long and rebecca way sake are usually. Don't watch any. cbs comedies. Especially now that mom has wrapped up and the unicorn was was cancelled. Still kinda sad about that. Because that's a great family sitcom but this one looks very amusing. I love rose macgyver. I was such. I was such a huge fan of is on me. It's so sad that that show is over now but it was so great. You should always recommend i should. I always recommend that to show people and she definitely had bits of comedy on that show. So i'm excited for her to be able to do more comedy and just display at full on get to see what you can do and i know she really has a chops really camp it up for this and it's seems like a really can't be show from the promo. I'm definitely going to be checking. This went out and see what happens. I'm a little bit worried because this is going up. Some heavy hitters going buns. Sbu and grey's anatomy and football so we will see what happens if it even last season or less or goes more than us season but it looks very cute from the promise that i saw and i'm looking forward to it. Returning shows include. Abc has stationed nineteen grey's anatomy and big sky all all claiming back on timber thirtieth. Cbs has young sheldon united states. Have i'll be positive and bull for october. Seventh and bc has the blacklist on the twenty first of october law and order svu on september. Twenty third with a two hour premiere and law and order organized crime. Also on the twenty-third. Fox's thursday night football on fox on october seventh and the cw has walker on. October twenty eighth and legacies on october fourteenth. So thursday is going to be another catch up on all the recordings day for me and the only show that i'm watching it'll be new on thursday will be ghosts too. Hopefully it does well. And then we bring us to friday which only has to New shows on the list home. Sweet home which is on nbc. Starting on friday. October fifteenth at eight seven central. This is a series from eva. Dubar do varney her. Production company and warner horizon unscripted. Television is ascribed as a family social experiment to varennes. First unscripted series will bow at eight. Pm on fifteenth. october fifteenth. It's also this emmy winner and oscar nominees. First series for nbc. Each episode follow to families from completely different walks of life as they accept the challenge to explore a world. Unlike their own cameras might look at a food. Family has an. It's refrigerator which shows or queued up on the dvr whether their closets are on trend at the end of each hour long episode the families reunite to share their experiences. This is going up against. Abc shirk tink cbs's swat and the activist. Which is a new show. We'll talk about in a moment. Fox's wwe smackdown live. And the cw's penn and teller fool us. I'm a huge fan of eva. Do varney from she produced when they see us which was phenomenal miniseries which i have talked about before i was waylaid to the game on that one but wow it was great so i have high hopes it will do well. I don't watch anything new on friday. I'm not interested in this but it looks pretty interesting from what the premises in the last new show for the preview. This time is called the activist on. Cbs on october twenty. Second at eight seven central friday october. Twenty second this is a competition series featuring six inspiring activists teamed with three high profile public figures working together to meaningful change to one of three vitally important world causes health education and environment. It's going up. All all against same shows that homes we home is going up begins at the same time slot. So shark tank home sweet home. Smackdown live and penn and teller. Fool us i could not find any promos for this whatsoever and everything. Cbs pretty vague about it. So i'm just going to say it's a pass for me. I'm just. I'm not interested enough to be invested in anything like this. I don't watch any competition shows at all returning on friday. Abc has shirked tank and twenty twenty on october eighth. Cbs has swat magnum pi. Blue bloods on october first. Nbc has dateline nbc. On september twenty fourth fox has wwe smackdown life. The cw has penn and teller on october. First and nancy drew on the eighth on friday. I'm not watching anything. New just catching up on dvr and streaming shows so that is the preview. And it's going to be a pretty light fall for me. Although last year was a lot lighter. Because kobe reasons they didn't have many shows at all that renew and filming but this year i only have six dramas and four comedies on my list for returning and two new dramas and to returning in two new comedies. So my entire list from all the shows. It talked about the good doctor. Abc the big leap on fox. Ordinary joe nbc. That's my three monday. Show so check out the flash on the cw for tuesday the goldbergs. The a million little things and the wonder years on all on abc. That's all might wednesday and legends of tomorrow also be wednesday on the cw and goes on cbs on thursday. That's all my list. Of course there are plenty of streaming show from film gaps with to name. Just a few. Netflix will had babysitters club season. Two starting october eleventh was a huge fan of season one. it was super cute. Lock and key season two coming sometime in october. To be determined cobra kai comes some time in december first season four disney plus has hawkeye season. One coming november twenty fourth and the book of boba fat in december apple. Tv plus has the morning show season two coming september seventeenth and dickinson season. Three coming november fifth. And there's a whole bunch of shows that are coming out next year just have no particular dates or even to narrow down by the man delorean season three on disney plus save with a balanced girl spy on season two for peacock Keenan mr mayor. This is uh us. Young rock all nbc comedies. Coming out sometime in the spring blackish will have its final season on. Abc in the midseason answer. Superman and lois walls becoming out in the spring as well on the cw. So that's things that i'm looking forward to. I would love to know what you're looking for are to. And i had asked that online to see if i can get any responses to share and i had quite a few via facebook jeremy griffin said. She's looking forward to blue. Bloods my friend. Julia's looking forward to the good doctor. So am i my friend. Teresa looking for a to eight million little things. So am i wayne. Hunterston is looking forward to the wheel of time and the foundation series and these are both streaming series. I checked out at least information on. They look very interesting. Kind of scifi ish shows for him. i mean. they're both on amazon. Brian lance of chuck rewind. Free fame. you might say is looking forward to the rookie for his returning show and new show only murders in the building which i think is a show. That's currently on hulu. I've seen you know the banner for it showing up at. I actually haven't checked it out yet. Myself faith mcqueen is looking forward to the return of nine one one both of them the rookie. This is us and seal team even though this is not coming out in the fall. Ken franken looking forward to nine one. One and rick friel is looking forward to an exciting time when he can find a new show to love. Kosai very frequently finds a couple shows each checks out and usually they get cancelled. Fortunately not always. That's rewind for this week and now this episode is getting kuwait along even after i edited. So i'm gonna very quickly mentioned a couple of things for record for later if thanks to check out on. Dvd streaming on tv that. I'm enjoying and i have been enjoying him. Over the summer brooklyn nine nine has been having a phenomenal. Final season on nbc. Jibran watching via nbc. And hulu depending on. When i have the chance to watch and it's hard to believe there's only one episode left for this thursday. It's gonna be an hour long. I'm probably going to cry. And be very heartbroken than it's over. Maybe i'll have to do a tv rewind retrospective episode and say do that for the good place and it's the same creative team. I'm i might do that also really enjoying diarrhea. A future president season two on disney plus. It's a really cute show. I'm not the target audience for it. But it's adorable. Also it has jane. the virgin is on it. Gina rodriguez is on that. Show playing the the older elena and giving her advice. And it's great to see gina on there and ted lasso on season two on apple. Tv plus has been really great as well Just new episodes every week really have been enjoying that. A lot and star roles he's into on the. Cw has been awesome as well so we'll get a new season of stargell next year sometime probably around the same time who knows a elect to reach out to me. You can find me on facebook dot com slash angel staff or twitter at the same link. Thank you to those who follow me. You can also find man instagram angel staff. Six twenty one and baron kube rose. You can also find on instagram. We would love to have more dog. Friends follow us. If there's anything on amazon purchase and help out the show you can do that. By going. To tv ruined podcast dot com slash amazon. Anything that you purchase using that link. I will help out the show. And it's greatly appreciated. You can send us feedback ruined. Podcast dot com slash feedback for any of our shows. You can send audio or a written message there. You can follow the podcast by going to follow the podcast dot com slash tv rewind to find all the places. You can listen to this show. It'd be like to send reviews to us. You can go to love the podcast dot com slash tv rewind. And if you'd like to help us out financially you can do that by going to patriots dot com slash tv remain to be become a patron of our show and send us monthly contribution. It's greatly appreciated. And you get a shout. On this show. You can follow us at facebook dot com slash groups slash tv rewind or follow twitter dot com slash tv rewind. Thank you offer listening to this very long episode. Even after i edited it. It's going to be still really long. Thank you for tuning in. Hopefully you have the chance to enjoy this and take it all in. And i did go through a lot of information about different shows when the air what network they're on and i'm sure you might not be able to follow all that as you're listening because you might be driving or walking or whatever or working but you can definitely find all that stuff in the show notes. It'll be broken down by day and show network and time slot premiered. It will all be listed there. You can check out our show notes. Tb podcast dot com slash. Three eight one. Thanks for listening to this show. And i will hope to talk to you again next time next month sometime in october. So have a great fall. And i will talk to you guys soon by.

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Top 5 Comics Podcast - Episode 133 - Hawkeye Freefall

Top 5 Comics Podcast

1:58:46 hr | 1 year ago

Top 5 Comics Podcast - Episode 133 - Hawkeye Freefall

"Bump Miami Amana man man. The man podcast people talking about comics pop culture and events with us today. We have the master disaster lad. Jazz forty-five what's up. We also have Aqua Ross boy high and I'm. CBS Lasts Guess Litas Aveiro Style. Today we're GONNA be doing episode number one hundred in thirty three and with our bookstore and be gone over the Hawk eye freefall number one. I'm from Marvel Legion superheroes number three from DC. Lucy Clare Redemption number one from image. Then doctor Dr Strange. The surgeon supreme number one for marvel or rather the helpless in Superman. Eighteen from DC comics. Hey guys doing pretty good how are you doing. I mean I'll Mariah's my voice is a little bit better. We do have him. Closer arrived in of emails salespeople Hawaiian Batman things from two weeks ago. So there's a couple of those in there not a lot which is disappointing but at the same time I better that things well Brunei voices Batman man sort of Batman that part of the last two and a half weeks Well we got a couple of people wanNA hear things they're not great is is e- But We have them so I guess we'll put them on their thing anyway. Forty five. I don't Ah I don't really know if there's a whole lot of new stuff combat wise. We had some crazy things happen in the world The avenues just get into that actually Gani Matthew Stirling osweiler putting attack at a Phoenix Comic Book Convention. That's crazy so why he was in the hospital. Michael Hospital Mental Hospital. That makes sense crazy crazy things for no reason the we one can we show got shelved until further notice lead her that. Yeah Gregor's horrible. Nobody wants to watch him do anything. I don't think it's his this fall. I heard it was the scripts. Were not what they wanted but can heartbreak good words for someone who terrible filming some not a baboon going to be horrible and everything. They're done now not true. Really officials great the Falcon Winter Soldier. Ultra ads noah mills and Mystery Role Valley. And they're getting ready to drop a falconer soldier Combo as well Pray not until until March. I don't think it was in the January Cadillac so easy in March or April. Did you guys talk about the crisis on infinite enters timeout the TV series the crossover with CW. No no we didn't and you might tell him tells about arrows so I really don't know much about that. I think you're probably more the on cameras. Is that what you're asking about. And you know that the end of it was kind of crazy in that they tied together the movies and TV shows and As Miller showed up as the flash and friend rows died then he came back and then right and something than the guy that guy that played the kid in Rhoda Perdition Superman with the same guy. That's an accurate. Really bad man. He's in somewhere about on these going to be with Lois. Listen to show now. They are getting their show. That's true as far as births out of this thing. But yeah the big crossover thing with the movies that Israel showed up as the flash from the need movie universe so that kind of connects the movies and the TV shows sort of Marv Wolfman Medical Canyon last episode sounds Very Stanley like Cameo yeah that's pretty sweet so that was really cool addicting. That for that was cool. What's really pool about them? Tying those things together is that it's the multi burst networks. Perfect for DC stuff right only in the movies visa to this point. We haven't had any even inclination of that happening. They never put any step forward to that. so that's also crazy like walk. Aw One scene he meant he dropped cyborgs name. He's like never believe this. And then all the candidates are ends right. Great you just is. It just fits so well because they didn't have this giant connecting thing from the get-go right. Now have it via multi-diverse because then and everything is part of it right now. Yeah can I get a universe together. It's crazy they did it. It's cool it but yeah it was crazy did did not expect that. I don't think I don't actually think anybody expected that cameo for all the ones announced though they never announced right. I think that the the thing most people expected it was is more like older. TV show stuff probably what they showed that and like you said. I don't think anyone expected movie stuff to come into the end. Now I mean even connected the The DC streaming service with the titans right so like even that connected to it now all them acted like I said I didn't naturally watch it yet but I heard something about the wonder twins in Greek. Why not actually showing up there being like a cage with weeks name on it or something including yeah? They didn't actually have a shop anything. Though there is a one of the world we see like a cage. Yeah and they clip wise. They show the clip from Montreal when they were going on the different universes and showed a clip from titans right which I guess to them Don exists in the same world. Yeah said from the beginning that patrols a different. The universe than the heightened stuff I think that's where it is because how connected it started out with first cameras being in titans right well but from the patrol show. Oh none of that really connected into Ni- yeah for sure which I kind of wish because again but at least name drops and you didn't have to put the other characters you mentioned peace boy in cool. Yup Yup like that Ma'am anyway. The Josh motored slowdown was asking rambling on about stuff. I don't watch. TV shows you know Superhero TV shows. He's he's announced the contents of fiber twenty-six crisis on infinity giant number two. Oh it's crazy. The giant number one was a storyline happens between episode two and three so I connect to the shows. Basically basically eighty page. Giant will continue its retelling of the Crisis Saga with a twenty four page craze unfit. Here's part two from writers MARV Wolfman in Marc Guggenheim in high and artists. Tom D- dare nick. And Trevor Scott in any owns the multi versus losing its battle against the Anti Monitor. Yada Yada but this one will focus the green lantern corps seeing. That's crazy because they needed announcement earlier. I think Lou January that they they were looking at doing a green lantern show on HBO. Max Sony's me wonder if that's the show. They're not H.. A. Greenwich Show. General has been like in the talks off and on different different places. So it'd be interesting. Be Cool Yeah if they do right right. Thank you become cool. As far as crossover. Things surprised when they put the book out and had the first story be because of the crisis the giants. That's a bunch of reprint stuff and and like one news story and initially they didn't give a write up for what the first one was going to have. And when they FI- reveal that was a showtime like wath crazy eh especially since it wasn't like retailing the show it was like a piece of happens between episodes weird. Yeah Kinda crazy anyhow anyhow inside factor doing another one that that's cool. Su Mac that superman and low show right. I've heard rumors that that may feature the super sons. Oh so not only John but Damian is well. That's crazy which it's rumors so right. Who knows but that'd be way cool with that? Was the thing that we need. Yeah mean show. We haven't got an actual Batman. Got Other worlds world's Batman sort of crazy yeah. DC's unveiled the first variance to March. Eleventh Robin eightieth anniversary issue. One hundred page super spectacular In addition to the main covered by Lee weeks we have Julia Tino. Tedesco the nineteen fifties. He's era dozen Goyen nineteen sixties Era Care Andrews Nineteen Seventies. Jim Shuang Trying nineteen ninety. Derrick chew thousands of men poetry. Two Thousand Ten's yeah. It's pretty cool. Because like the the ten one is a shot with all the different robbins that have been robbins. I really liked that one. Dad's a CO picture and led to thousands. One is Deputy Brown Robin so like North Korea to kind of think interior because it's a bunch of writers artists inside event. Seven weeks cover it. It looks cool to. That's the main cover this far as the story like we know much ours writers in there so I think it'll probably be a bunch of different robin not just Grayson. which if that's the case that's cool because it'd be nice to get another like stepping browse Laurie? Yeah that'd be way crazy again. Frame Miller's got the nineties when I think the cover is one eight hundred car the frame Miller one family I may get love Keri Kelli because I think she's great ain't but cover. Don't think like so much right. Yep think that group shot one is definitely my favorite share. That's by far the best moment I saw here next. I mean Stephanie Brown on really good though. Yeah but the group shot like they have tim. Drake kind of centered volunteers. Murray I think the nineties one is Tim Tim cover actually. I don't know if they've had. Yeah I think you're right when I was looking at them as black and Wii I didn't notice this right. Yeah by the end. It's supposed to be colored. I guess the avid initial ones not a final cover. That's the two thousand one isn't isn twenty year old. Probably Stephanie Brown. Either way as far as covers are concerned I kind of wish they would sooner just because the orders for stores would end for those. It was like last week so all he had to work on was the name and the names but as far as covers our concern. It's if he orange the chance to just choose what they want because like could kind of be better if you could see beforehand. I think the same things that have a flash though because the flashes and do this seven hundred fifty issue. Same thing with the pilot covers. But if you don't know what the covers look like Lake Pick and choose these makes it rougher if you're a person that's fantasy artists you know that and I guess fine but you just be better. I can't really glad those out because they look awesome. That's really cool to you. In a couple more almost batman sixty six flavored is the way they look the. That's pretty cool in the swims. Cool to you. Because it's almost the recreation of the frame Miller Cover with Robin jumping following that man it's cool cover so even the normal ones good the whole issue in that thing comes out. What the stories actually are The last thing they had was that I'm sure how excited I am about this because it could go horribly wrong. Just because I'm not sure who know the room on the street people who are designing and putting out of the people who do the fortnight figures and and is learn a lot of people out there who liked the four nine figures but I don't I don't like very much but The JOE figures coming out. There's a rumor pretty heavy solid rumor that they're going to be on the six or seven inch eight years like marvel legends style crazy and the first way was going to include Tom snick is Duke. detro- scarlet in the last one. I think I remember reading that. I can't remember if he was on there or not. I think he is though kind of paired with each other. I mean they're like the stars black figures the okay. Yeah I mean if they're that detailed yeah that's really cool but again and the the methods are so huge it's GonNa be so difficult like peak is GonNa get irritated because if they only put fifteen figures here's our Maguelonne never made this than ever. Ms Same thing. They did with the twenty fifth line. The modern air line. Same thing you know. And they put out figures the modern airline that they never ever put out in the original. Like rubberband original late eighties lasers the real American hero. Like line and it just people are never happy like I love Jesuits my thing right. I feel like they'd have if I'm an expert anything on this on this podcast. Yeah J. O.. I guess my jam my stuff. And it's like man you're just you're opened up a whole `nother thing right and Mrs People are going to be like well. Well it's not the original or this or that early academic gun this yet and it's just like oh my gosh like kind of one of the only movie line and then that'll be the end of it. Well it's a movie line then like you're only going to get like caregivers from the movie you know what I mean. It's just like but if roadblocks in it and Dukes in it I don't know figure lying at least the the first batch they announced they'll characteristic cameo real easy and no not if it's an sneak as origin story though no but by the end of the Jono Mile my guests harbinger supposed to be in it and if not is not set all primarily in the past. He's a kid. But it's supposed a star pair so by any of that I guess he cameras remain those characters but does that mean anything for the long run no figure wise you can make it hard master figuring and they did it before back when who is the rapper that did that. Gi Joe to our minister is a Rizza something. Anita Neither Snake Eyes Duke District Scarlett roadblock and destroys the only on Aga- guy so which is just a weird lineup cause scarlet would be your super young. She probably would assume block Duke. I mean I don't know it's just a weird thing to Ping with the with the movie right whether also I think it'll be a fifty fifty guessing as a thing surprises not storm shadow on there. Maybe that's why I read. That people were pissed wasn't storm channel liberty wave to. Yes he'd be in a casual way too crazy anyway. I'm excited to release the the prototypes types at toy. Fair New York toy fair which we like early February usually when that happens. I'm not sure the exact dates but kind of curious to see what it comes out this year because there's a lot of new we still haven't seen any man. I would barely barely seen any man delorean figures yet right and they've Vinh cool so far but like I don't think we've seen any of the black series the six in Lyon on we've seen any of those. Yeah heavy yeah. They've made the Mandal Orient himself health. And I g eleven and Kerrigan all is lack figures. Okay and they're pretty cool but we haven't seen like the child yet like I remember when the Marvel Marvel Line on the cable like there was the regular cable came with the Baby Cambridge. Ab Hope was in like the X.. The X. men baby harness Subaru ad. But like I mean. Are we going to get that with the oriented oriented child so that'd be cool would be Kinda cool so we'll see. There's a lot of things coming out this year. The end of that said having a new figure review. So we'll go from there on that too but Nice Co interesting stuff. All right Well doing making mention of Bryant. Yeah a little shutout Kobe. Bryant pass away today helicopter crashes can zapping. He's pretty amazing. One of the greatest basketball players of all time just a super sad situation forty one years old and he won an Oscar for his help in the animated short any also voiced it the Narration just really sad to see when things like that happen him and ends daughter. Thirteen year. Old Daughter Bill passed away the rest in peace man like the Mamba. You'd be a F- man so my my favorite basketball player but yeah it's an unfortunate situation. Well that crazy nonsense is It's a terrible segue with working lows as bad one. St Towers sounded terrible. The grammys in the home. Him In media run DMC Collab- is cooler was them with an that was great but like it was he was his hero. He's rough stop. Ralph unfortunate also not isn't helped save literally at all my God all right I guess we'll move into Hawkeye freefall number. One says of Marvel Comics Course Are you right. It's Matthew Rosen. Rosenberg and the artists is Otto. Schmidt's Rosenberg. Most recently. I feel I got off of the x men are the UNCANNY X men room that wrapped up just before before all Johnson. Aikman stuff good writer Doug it was cool. It was a book wise as we open up. And we're in this warehouse. I can CDs thou- warehouse. Here's the thugs in a dude dude and big business suit and in the process there we have this monologue your went on. That's like Zico these meetings and visible stubs look like in all these crazy people. Here's me and in walks. Hawkeye carrying a lot with his sunglasses on uncover wise. He's doesn't match anyone else around dark drab Lake Gross Kinda on a Hick I guess. And he's carrying. He's really bright Blue Lake on running jacket and carrying his Guo. Course Pervo Hawkeye backpack anyhow And while he's talking he's starts talking about the guy they're all there to listen to it here and it's the hood which God he's kind of a hard core like Murray type on new crime Lord Lord whereas crazy red hood almost I know. He's kind of cartoonist addresses but as far as like a guy at one point you had a magic powers. There's like you kind of have a whole lot of weirdness on for him because he's so like crazy. Murderers Lake people respect about fear and holidays. Like Santa. Listen into him give him these orders and try and make his decision about what game. They're gonNA take out next fulltime civilians lotto visually the hood realize Hawkeye's their aims. Like Oh what are you doing here guy. And he basically just insults him and then like winds up uppercut him while he's eating his takeout like he's chopsticks everything of course from their everybody's I don't want to fight him in that turns into a phone line battle royale at now granted. The Hood went over all his plans and while he was playing. I do so basically just fed Hawkeye. Exactly what he needed to get him in trouble. Several hockey takes a bunch of thugs and then chases the while. He chases the car her take though. The tire takes up Hud. And causing the cops for the Calgary and he talked about in the monologue on farther the even after the arrests usually. They've injury usually too busy and he can't. They can't make the time for it because he really hates the hood so much. WHO's GonNa go sit through the court case just Washington sentenced because how uppity the hood is and so Hawk is in there and he's watching all these guys? That are just thug types. Getting sentenced crazy mouth time. And we get to the last Guy Gates Sentence and hawks. Where's the hood hat like? What's going on and the The the judge Kills and be quiet in court as as Hawkeye shaken down. They love it. He's like wise the here what's going on the cut a deal. What's what the hell's happening him? A super pissed the judge from out of the courtroom and he goes outside. And there's limousine inside there with hoods stepping into it and of course he goes up yelling at the window until venture the hood like. Hey Oranges get inside with me and and Haga get inside. And of course he's Super Pike kind of cautiously doesn't like the idea of Maniacs seems like a bad adia right. It's a bad choice. Get encouraged strangers right anyhow so that the hood have glass champagne. And he's like Oh let me explain to you how worse for Real Criminals Howley underlings. He stepped on and use the right people research palms and doesn't really matter what you do and of course at may talk not very happy. He he threatens actually takes the vine wind ball from him. He's like I kill you with is releasing. Just put it in and it's like Guys don't do that and and I pulled this crazy. Transformation to a demon for second to Scare Hawkeye and it tells me probably out of the car because you don't WanNa go where we're going sock is only made like an extra in me now and if you ever read. Have you read any of the previous series Gambling Hawkeye is heavenly tracks mafia. The Russians use fighting that whole series is fantastic and this feels very is. I've seen writers team that it feels like Mary Kismet to that as like a follow up storyline align any house. Frey leaves limousine. We joined back at Helms. It's later that evening. And he's there with with a girl type and as he talking to her he just came quesnel get with Hood said to him out of his head. We can't let it go and she's like you really don't WanNa just talk about work. You're gonNA come the better. He's like. Oh Yeah I do type of sexy time time and life go off and like we had some sound effects and then life Komag on. He's like I just can't get it out of my head and she's like Oh you're terrible and we cut from the IRA to a different batch of thugs currently running from somebody in a car and we see two characters drop down in front of them and low. It's Ronin which doesn't make a lot of sense. 'cause we're Ronan has been played by a few different characters including blade. The most popular time with Ronan Ronin was when Hawkeye was running back when he's dead right as a mystery is and is you take out the lymph lucar therein. He full on flips flips was not free to van he flips the thing which is not a normal lake. I mean Blake Adieu. I guess but most people played Ronin have not super strength please fillets the damn thing flips it and in the two thugs tried to get away and of course it doesn't go well for them in Ronin but some down with his sword from there we wait for the next morning John Hawkeye. WHO's at breakfast and it's kind of? It's fine but he's sitting there season you know orange and purple and Black Hawkeye colored button up. It is like on L. Street restaurant so it's open and his bird flies above him. He car looks up. And he's like what as bird takes a dump on him It's kind of all areas. 'cause suzy cleans up he looks up. In whose E C winter soldier and Falcon. He's like without your bird his whatever. It is so crazy. He's probably anyway. The two of them are there because there was a street camera footage showed up from his salt at happened the Pew nights before it left some dead bodies and the cameras caught Ronin on video and they were both here one to know with was Hawkeye. Hawkeye has been Ronin. The granted we've talked was Ronan. It was a very different time. Things happen very differently for lots of reasons. The movie little different than comics course. But it's a very similar idea except that you never had a family like in the comics but that doesn't matter anyway for the sake of the block he's like are you guys crazy. Play a gave their own thing. Like I don't know thought it wasn't me and of course Bucky doesn't believe him if helping believe him and they're both like well we're gonNA keep keep an eye on you. He's like cool. I'm going tonight to chase the hood. So he has joined long you can and from there. We jumped to that night and the three of them are up on the rooftop building. Waiting for whatever is supposed to happen for the hoods with his His meeting with the other gang and long behold we join in progress a beatdown and blood like fire everywhere bodies everywhere. Here's Ronin trash and everything and so all three of them decided to go down and try stop Ronan. Then I told you wasn't he and in the process to try and stop running like he shoots arrows adding road blocks all destroys them. Buggy tries is a shoot him. Hoggish was a five valve and tries to fight him in the three of them. Get in each other's way. He handles all of them. Easy and part of. That's on the Falcons like there's W does way while they're fighting but The Enron and of course knocks him out and gets away and basically ends with with with Hawkeye. Telling them told you it wasn't me and we're all left with like well. Who the hell is it? His like explains wise is not echo. It's not not blade it's clearly not Hawkeye. So like who is this. Current Ronin is what. The big mystery is Series why a six part miniseries first issue. I thought was fun. Like Arts. Fund is not as technical by normally like but it was fun. I enjoyed it Armscor wise man before he was fun like I did Hawkeye. I really liked the ever man stories for him a really loved the the Hawkeye. I think the two thousand seventeen run Where he's dealing with the Russians like it? It was great and this is very Qismat to that so I don't know the thing that Hawkeye is in his main powers. He's just a really good shot. And that's basically it sees resilient willing to take a beating but those aren't like there's is like traits not special powers so as I dated a lot even for Book Wise Josh we know about the freefall four liked it I liked the addition of Bucky Falcon cow like a little prequel to their upcoming book. Dual book they're GONNA do themselves. I like the art in it like the humor in it you know thrown little mystery in their means a very like basic I issue like buildup lead up to like. Oh Cliffhanger who's this thing was going on but I don't know overall I like the writing. The dialogue was great. Well done and I said art was really good too but Man I can suffer bad art for good writing but both were relegated so I like four KUNA saw saw book Mr Auspey no not the Hawkeye. I think I'm in pretty much the same boat as both guys in particular. They thought the humor was pretty yet in it. And I like the Like the team type of books a lot too so those kind of thing right there to for sure sure you know. I hadn't thought about that being a precursor to their team a book. I even thought about that. But Yeah we're GONNA BE GETTING Hawkeye Falcon Book so her knowing that Hawkeye. Sorry Southern Winter Soldier Book so that interesting. I didn't think about the precursor to that. But maybe it is definitely would make sense did step in that direction. Ask Goals Sweet You know email Rosenberg and see if we can get an interview with him. Maybe I'm try that people. We'll see what happens and move onto the next book so the Legion superheroes number trace so superheroes number three as written by Brian Michael Bender and has art by Ryan Sook in Travis Moore In before we even start I just gotta gotta say how awesome the cover to this one is. This is the issue with it. Looks like Damian from the cover joining the legion superheroes with his Wageningen. Battering up in there and Jonah Super Happy about it and everyone else's like seriously freaking terrified and that actually actually I mean that's the main plot of this book. I would say so a little bit of a precursor to what's going on Megyn is they have found aquaman trident which that and it's pretty crazy for a lesion thing because they normally don't deal with any sort of present day stuff that's pretty much. Aw its own future or related to superman right And where they get audience. Trident is planet Gotham mm-hmm playing with prisons. At I think I you know. I don't know if you find that. They're not I guess he does it. He found it and so John Thinking saying that they need to have a bad person to solve the mystery of aqua pants. Trident since founded on planet. Gotham so I guess he you just has free access to their time travel stuff. It seems like since the first issue is wandering around during whatever and the whole time. They've been telling him Oh. We have a whole presentation for you have to watch the presentation than the first two issues. Completely ignores what they want him to do right. Well as long as they say you should watch orientation and your minds we have seen in school in Wa. aww Watch orientational. I don't eat orientation for anything right so of course he just goes back in time and get staying in and brings them to the future and the first thing that happens is gaining almost is getting to the future because atmosphere isn't the same anymore the has yeah he's basically suffocating. It's crazy right and the other side story list that's going on is the guy took aquaman try to from was getting it for this crazy warlord guy right that that you don't really recognize that the start but through the book we find out is ultra boy's dad father one. Yeah Yeah and so. During the book we have this giant struggle with them trying to diplomatically. Atakli talk to father one and said they ended up. I think I it's Manoel Moxham out. Yeah and they they arrest him mm-hmm and bring it back to the region home world and that's where you find out that he's older boys dad like the first like. Oh now we have another problem because five law of this world. You're now currently leader of the planets right because it's like a crazy warlord which is is not And so when they bring him back he of course wakes up again and when he wakes up there trying to like hold them back again and said super boy goes in knocks now again telling us take him out pretty much right. It is kind of a funny thing thing because those three characters ultra boy has all superman's powers. Bacon will use them one at a time so. I'm assuming that father wanted the same thing. Oh ooh yeah. That's the point. Maybe Mon El is basically a superman character to where he's meet the lead and set Kryptonite but the same type of character and and then super boy. She had kind of all three of them. They're taking on the same Oman else from the same planet as what's his name from the core. He's a tax index. Yeah so they have the same powers of supposed to the ellison you're right yep cousins of the super the right not exact same so the whole the whole issue revolves around this crazy diplomatic the Ouija superior politics. That's going on I. I don't quite comprehend exactly yet. It kind of seems like they follow their own rules but they don't really govern everything it's not like they're the the police do their own thing. And the way they fit in the worlds every world has their own batch of rules. In part of a giant consortium of planets but the police. Because they're supposed to be. The police grew but his lawyer have. Of course the character you dealt with. Don't necessarily care about them being charged or them being please at all really but yeah who. They're in trouble by because they're all like oh no wearing a lot of trouble. 'cause we arrested the leader this planet but who were they in trouble from. I run away and so during all this the other we find out they brought Robin Mac right and in a like a little side thing. BRAINIAC five has made it so you can live in the future now gave him the breathing patches much although very bright soon as Saturn girl figures out that they've got robin back she starts freaking out saying he can't here we need to bring them back right now in her mind powers on him makes him kind of like fall asleep and forget that he'd ever been there right and she tells you I'm GonNa take him back right now. It'll be fine. He will earn anything. I want to return to his own time right and the whole time super boys like well. Why can't you hear if he can't be here? How come I can be here? I shouldn't be here either. Then kind of has a whole breakdown about that too. And they're like well you need to go watch the orientation. He is need to watch l'orientation right. It'll make sense. And they make a comment a little while later when there. I think that's one. They're putting oats when they're searching the prison when they're trying to find out information on Auckland's tried bright but they they made the comment of it's like bringing baby Hitler to the future Prion talking about Damon right and then they're like well that's the future. We're trying to avoid Loyd by doing this but it kind of answers my question because of always wondered why legionnaires always back and brain like only superman people the future because they've done literally every they done superman super girl super boy and now John Ken Super Boy Right. They only time they looking for Batman was whenever Saturn girl shows up in the present during the beginning of rebirth and that kind of went nowhere right well even though they weren't like trying to bring him to the future. No no no. She was leave for Batman for help. It was speaking of baby. Hitler like super prime was like the worst person ever right but he wasn't really wasn't from this universe. Yeah but he was part of the Tuber Prime Ha. He's part of the Legion Superhero. The Yale when they grain brain fifty super boy forward it would have been the same guy but it will be when evil. Oh Yeah this your boy stories in theory would have been the same character. Yeah it's crazy Eh. Baby Hitler but he didn't become that 'til much later and way when they went and got him timeline. Wise would have been still when he was going to be affair Damian kind of his baby Hiller I think both Dick and Jim called him. Animal Your Asians so right well. He's the morning steeler group. Kili out that more kill. He's that wouldn't say angsty and to see like. Oh you know Jason Toddle angsty Belykh. Damian's just a horrible kid. He to be fair he has gotten wad better. Yeah he's not quite as much like I'm just GONNA murder the bad guy and be done with it but he's got a lot softer in his age. The one year of it I guess. Assistance turned thirteen. The God has never disturbed punched his own kid in the face I think so. I think that's happened. Just grabbed him and his punched him in the face like more of a smack. But I don't remember if that's something I just feel like I've seen in my head or was it was real definitely. Read it that you know the the picture that was going around my mind smacking Robin smacking Robin they do about that. Layer player is so yeah overall as an issue at pray give it a three out of five. I'm I'm excited to see where the legion superheroes is GonNa Nego-. It's definitely more of like a John. Ken Look with extra legionnaires in the background. But you know stuff like him interacting with Montreal and and the other legionnaires being like you know who he is where like how he relates or anything right with that actually makes me wonder if there's something to in this version of it but this seems so his legion recess so not crazy often but they're so far in the future that storyline wise. Like what piece we know what pieces change I mean. She's like a writing is entirely different than this. And that I mean. That's the big thing for this legion is. They're all different Monday. They right before the other thing I really like. Is You kind of get to explore some of the other region. Air's like like you see their races and that sort the thing. We've never really gotten that before right. They've always been kind of assumed to be from Earth and or similar type of planets and in this case you actually got to see you know ultra boys from this crazy ward right world and art in the book is really good. Then this is riding is pretty good for the most part yeah. I'm excited to see where it goes. I'm disappointed that they went with the typical trick. In Damian isn't really going to be there air but I did see that coming too. So they're going to bring him back now. I think that he's probably done in it. I just don't they make too much of an issue about who he is and what he does and things and how they were trying to avoid this to like for him to not be back in the story right I kind of I kind of took that as they. This is the reason then why he's not in it but I've that'd be wake wolf. They brought him back. I think that'd be awesome. Who Do you think we don't don't give them a full name of the personally personally? Go see in prison turning information about the Triton leaving. It really isn't mask I think that's a legion villain be seen before in other stuff. I I can't say that for sure but I don't. I don't think that's who it is. Okay I sneeze. Decisions can be demand that we didn't get there so not she looks more like a Like a dark magic type of Guy Right but I guess you'd never know. Maybe whenever they talk about him being on planet Gotham from the prison Have Magic powers which doesn't fit Damien at all but in my head. I'm just like man when they'd see I'm asked him off. I wonder right. That'd be cool but I don't Enough Legion in General Rob's Legion guy. Not Me so yeah and I I've gotten into it but I don't know who that guy is he will. He appeared in the the first time in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight so he's been around a while he's like really pretty old school Legion superior character. So He's created by Jim Shooter. I first appeared in adventure comics three. sixty-nine right was the region book for a long time. Was Jim shooter in which we haven't visited the older podcast. There's we an interview with Jim Shooter. From a few years ago that we got when he started doing that because when he was look us he was like thirteen years old we would start worrying for DC. Yeah it's crazy crazy and me grant is quite years ago was for the L. The workplaces with a lot different law wise the alley. It's crazy anyways you if you hear that Look for the gym. She episode scores Joshua. Do you know about the progress. You know that. The Guy He Eh sometimes depicted as a present day. Adversary of the Justice Society He's also an adversary to amethyst Princess of Jim World. WHO's been showing up in young justice. Moore's primary foes Ardley superheroes though in the future world of the thirtieth and thirty centuries he's arguably the team's most powerful enemy but He is the most prominent lord of chaos and faded to survive even after the end of the universe and he's usually shown as a powerful wizard the opposite of Doctor Fate then Kazakh POW house though Lord of order concerned with getting her own look too pretty soon so I wonder if we'll see him sheldon there is in the modern time but he is He begins his existence as one of the twins sons of Lord Topaz in Lady Turquoise coys that goes to the home so again like the three of us have all said Mike. I'm not the biggest biggest legion scholar on shared too much about Emba. Brian seem to make him a little bit more darker and crazy. What's crazy is they've been dealing with general the lot in in young justice right now through which has also been describing that so amazed under if there's some sort of connection there to be I don't I he's right cash? WHO's writing a new book for her? I wonder if I don't know if he's doing it or not interesting. Ross scorebook I think you gave it a three. We have a three and a half. That is really good book. I mean it made me. Interestingly superheroes I like I like John Kennedy was disappointing. Brought him back is so much older. Right I liked him a lot better as a kid but I do too cool news younger and like him. Damian's relationship with outscore even shows when they stand side-by-side Damian significantly shorter than him separating the Damian. What thirteen in like John supposed to be what seventeen I think so something like that? That was a little weird but I don't I mean I mean we'll see him curious to see what growth it's Kinda like I've never the books of the legislature here that I've read before I never ever notice that they like named planets after things of earth. Okay Yeah Oh yeah so like the like Planet Planet Gotham Right. I oh I've only ever noticed that in like the DC one million stuff right so that actually goes goes back to what. I was talking about the legion engine superheroes before they've never really had any other ties other DC superheroes Quezon typically. It's even ever gotten anything like what's going on with the Batman people now or so the fact that we have a planet Gotham in. were going over the mystery. Lachemann's Trident and stuff is all pretty different. Right right the one exception to that his when they did. which if you haven't read this as a really good book? Geoff Johns Superman and the legion. The superheroes one of the substitute heroes could channel all the different lantern powers that they had she could channel the powers hours but she couldn't control her emotions. So as you have randomly just get angry and have the rage one or get scared and have the yellow power so made her almost worthless because she can control any of them but he had all of them right. So amethyst will Her her solo book will come out in February. And it's GonNa be part of the one year anniversary of DC's Warner comments imprint curated by Brian Michael Benda's featuring VC's younger characters. I guess they're going to do a big combination of all the characters from that imprint and young justice issue number twelve equal way off again. That book's been really good. Yeah has his I. I love all his character. So that Kenna. It's word that imprint kind of focusing all like younger readers but like that book is in that way for me winging it it reads just as well as this book does really really liking gusts to I think news is there younger characters necessarily younger readers even the Water twins book is in like some of the jokes in it. Don't make sense unless you were around in the eighties. So I don't think that they're designed for kid hid readers really I think that the care dissolves younger him but yeah interesting. We'll score wise for that book. I mean yeah I give it a four because I love Ryan Sook. I think he's great rate. Then this is good writer as a higher score than normally give something but I like Ryan said a lot like art wise. He's fantastic so I really appreciate that I. Do you likely a shave with other characters of the legion I dig Saturn girl. I've always kind of liked her when she started showing up in the weird rebirth books. macgyver should be freaking amazing but unfortunately didn't go anywhere like you said earlier sorry but as a thing they always thought she was great so I think hurt yourself and the daime things really pretty cool and again Ryan Sook art wise. I think that is amazing. So yeah down that I scored higher because I suppose new things about Oh well Bruce after the irs will move onto the Weasley Claire Redemption from image comics. And this John Upchurch. He's the writer artists in the book. Both as far as series are concerned of pricing. Really saw art from him. I WANNA see on Iraq queens the very beginning of the series Anyhow so covers. AB covers both. Covers were great As far series it looks like they're gonna had AB covers throughout. Because they've done it for the first I couple issues. What book I opens up this kind of crazy quote about Unimaginative in sequoia reads everyday without. You is immeasurable imaginable. Pain with every day that passes the pay knowing grows worse. And it's a quote from from John of Church which I thought that was Kinda cool in regards to assume personal life but no idea anyhow When the book starts we open up and it's got quote statement? Tell us is four months ago and we're outside of like drive up diner. You know restaurants high place we decided we got a bunch of people in our Eden truckstop type and his lease talking to to the Dudin sitting next to her and both are talking about how times change now so much better now. The barrels gone which is crazy. Because we're wolves K partway through there. We start talking about the the one that killed on the where Wolves Lucy character and how everything. She's dead now and partly through the conversation. Sation the man looks like Israel thing she's gone and also we see him for like transform into a Werewolf any pretty well below. V8's everybody inside them and the restaurant in gay kills. All of them eats all of them. It's bloody mess for mayor. We jumped three weeks ago. Now we've got a bachelor the folks wandering through the woods and they're all talking to each other. They're all geared up to to try to hunt where Wolfson the guy with them who's supposed to be. He's the best world hunter around as far as people get hold of and they're gonNA find these worlds put down so don't have another incident like the ACA restaurant while partway through there. There are great world of Hunter wise getting snatched in the woods by what we basically sees a blur in the back of a hairy beast. So where Wolf and and He's dragged off into the woods. We assume even because we don't seem her again I'll from there. We flash to a bright sunny day in park and we've got a woman sitting there next to a tree washing these three kids play and the three kids come up here. They're like Oh everything's great. How's everything going? We love you mommy. Everything's awesome awesome. And then part way through we see moms hands catch on fire eventually the entire scene a fire blaze and then mother mother wakes up inside of a prison cell and tells us it's today inside the prison cells you talking to the The guy the cell next tour is like I knew you are are you should you should. You can't be here. She's like you know who I am. You know anything about me. And of course he discontinued the chatter up like. Oh yeah I know you are. You're that that we're we'll kill the girl. Oh and partly through. Conversation grabbed his shirt and slams his head against the inside bars or so. You leave me alone. You know anything about anything about that time. The sheriff shows was up in the sheriff has like. Here's a guy cried. Help me help me. Because he she's basically choking him through the bars eight tells Lucy we we out union. You let him go get outside here so he takes her on the front lobby and they have Chit China she. He's acquitted wasted and getting arrested. And of course where she finds idea that you know she she she'll do better blah blah and now he's like you know I really hate seeing in here different before and she's like who built me out anyway he's like. Oh you got a guy waiting for you in a lobby and she comes out the lobby area leaving and we see the kid from the woods earlier who his name is slim and uh-huh got kind of a kid play haircut the eraser top for the most part and he's built out because he's your help and what you need help with is of course we're wolves go. You've got me confused somebody else kid. I'm I'm not that person that's not. I'm not the one I did all that. He's like. Well just come here to talk to my friends. And you know we'll we'll Google Fiji pay in you know We need your help. And she's like I place a crash and so he basically takes her to his house as you pass out on the couch where where were you this crazy dream We see an elder type. Pass down his crazy. Lock at thing. Touring the basically melted away into blood There's there's a Lotta cool dialogue. They basically talk about why it is. She's destined the fight wearables Probably through that. When the dream ends she wakes up and the kids with his friend and the two of them are talking? She's like there's no way. This is the right person. Maybe there's no way she could save your. There's no way and Ashley She's you you guys know. There's nowhere else right later all gone. He's like no no not at all and about that time. We waited having coming back to where we will show up for the kids because they've been hunting them since the woods with the other hunter and even though she doesn't really want to help reluctantly she she basically springs into action in Weiser woven. These where wolves. It's crazy like she. Part one as face breaks in half. It's nuts like ability Washington Geneva facing sees under jaw. Come all the way up into the front like crazy under bite style. And she kills the crap out of him. It's awesome What she gets done she tells them all that she's going to have to think about helping them and she'll be having talked to them after they have pancakes? NFL through with a book wraps after she kills these three crazy things out in the street and then she raised asked for breakfast the next morning or breakfast right afterwards awards Action Wise Im- usually cooled arts great story. I thought stories fun. I mean it's killing Werewolf sell a dig it. The world's look awesome up churches. Get artist Score widen the three and a half. It was a fun read. We dug it. I liked the character design. But I mean I mean. She's a crazy looking redhead. With a sword half the time and that concept in general I think his need so rushing in writing about the redemption redemption where wolves are one of my favorite things ever. I know the Book Looks Pretty Cool. I like the art in it. Pretty interesting story. I think it's kind of weird that where wolves were just like a normal thing at one point and now they're they're gone and they're not really gone type of thing. I probably give it a prego to three and a half out of five. I liked it for first issue as cool excited to see. Oh go sure. Josh about the Redemption Artois. I like the for seeing the woods at the beginning. The kids hold my crazy enemy sword in the bone marrow and staff and the the guy that has the the one character has like literally has a hammer right pretty interesting arch fantastic. Like the flashback scenes of her and her daughters. Ma That's really cool With the old lady taken off the amulet and as soon as you take the off like this crazy gashes on her face and she disappears into the water. I don't know like it's a pretty fluid. Book flows really. Well I like where could go right but again with like this so many monster books. That's true I give I give it a low rating only go with the three. Just because it's like I'm GonNa give you middle ground just to see where you go with it because has like it could very easily go really terrible and boring and gross or could is be like amazing and be like the next walking dead type stuff so just where do you go with it. Ah You take it. 'cause you a first issue you put all your eggs in one basket and go with it and then change artists and changes and change that or just make an amazing the whole time. So that's my that's always worry with monster book. Sure right now I think with upchurch doing everything on at this point. I don't think we'll see a slump like that. Only because it's him driving the boat entirely so but yeah generally speaking. If a other book season can I continue not his fault possibly useful all the real reasoning. Why any that happened from Iraq queens out the first time I mean there's speculation in the world and some nonsense between people anyway? I don't have to be able to talk about it. Smartly so stop smartly also. Not a word is works. I said Okay Show you smartly all right doctor. Stranger one supreme see surgeon supreme. KOPF Hack Hack right right arguably the best book of the night like this great. I'm prefacing stories. Pretty stores doors go so books I like the beginning of black and white but then like he's crazy demon. Mantra things are in color and and it's doctor strange and he's has previously made a deal with a demon to get his hands back and which is the thing that to be became came social security to begin with because his hands me in destroying the car. Yeah he goes looking for then becomes so supreme and Yeah so oh pull up my notes to cause some crazy notes because I was unsure of a few characters in this and I had to do some research and some day and so it starts that with like a guy with cancer. And he's like how bad is the dock and he's like. Oh you have pretty bad brain tumor. And he's like yeah like they said it's an opera. Volt this They sits too aggressive. We can remove it in a I can Goes to him walking through the halls of the hospital and he sees demons floating over certain patients. And he's just like doing his social supreme thing like chickens head being like that's ridiculous and he sees things that people don't see right. I'm like always somebody's diseases. Seem to be connected to the demons even yeah and they it's it's a lot of reintroducing himself which I don't know in the last time doctor strange at his own book they had one. I finished up maybe maybe four or five months ago but as far as an origin to the idea of him being connected the hospital last few series of all about the magic never saw the movie. And we're GONNA wear doctor strange change. This is a departure from others has started missiles more like all his inner monologue is really just origin story stuff to get past it. Severe wear interest rates. You Big Fan of strange stuff now so ask. He's kind of himself talking about how he's got his hands back and how he's a brilliant surgeon and that's what he loves to do and he is just the man and he does surgery on the guy. I and takes the tumor out. He's like talks about how his life is all about balance. Now and how. He doesn't ever use his sorcerer supreme powers when he's doing surgery he devoted like a week of his time to try to create a thirty hour. Day that doesn't exist He also tried to create a a special to the saint of Victorian straight to his office but also other people that door as well so that that's problematic idea and all while he's talking it's like him going doing doing the surgery walking home going through the door and then like the Clo- comes up and he just like falls into the cloak like it's a couch or bed and is like talks about how draining like you've read how draining A surgeon is the next scene is going to his assistant. He's like speaking of draining all the paperwork that goes into being a doctor and surgeon and but he has a Brian Assistant who can do the form as long because he shares stories of Being doctor strange the sources supreme of injuries could only but only one question. That's a day that's the rule has a funny Still has an answer. Some of the questions like You still haven't told me how the mindless ones can respond to orders. If they're mindless me like I'll get back to you on that. And then he walks into his office and administrator Hagan aside character is there to talk to him like how he's already caused so many problems in this in this in this from protocol is a Gal. That guy has no man. He couldn't feel an orange with a chainsaw And this and this and this and then she faces. They're just to say hey. I'm just wondering if you're going to give me some heads up on minute my new boss and he's again who's that and he's got Anthony Lead Gate and if you do that is. I didn't because I'm not the biggest understandable to character from like way. It's one of the oldest guy he's really lose names. Doctor Druid yes and basically he was the Who's the guy that? Who is the person that trained doctors trains the elder that the ancient on the ancient one he was he? He was the ancient one. Second pick if Dr. Shane didn't work out so Matches it's a brief mentioned which will get at this point. He's supposed to be dead threat and socio that goes assume that he's correct soprano with the stories enemy about because he does not get dug out of the closet very often and as a thing. He's he's old character but he doesn't ask US hardly at all. Then as he's in the office he gets It's a code blue all available doctors to the Er so he runs down there and there's just like people uh-huh coming in like a landing ambulances like a bunch of buildings collapsing going crazy and he's well I could probably do more better work. Your he's a big deal so he gets into his doctor. Strange Fan had zealots. He was going on and he started helping. The firefighters out is a fire going like you're supposed to Things exist aren't going well and he's something's up something magical is going on and then all of a sudden out of that. He sees a few people dead but the I.. Model season and this is something twisted in broke them. That wasn't of the natural plain and then A young girl heard her dad had died and he liked pushed her to sleep incendiary in to the trauma ward because things are does not going. Well Ulsan weirdly of all characters. I thought the record shows up right the super like see list villain like not not not powerful. I mean kind of a Ni- just just to throw away guy and he's but he's got a gigantic like enchanted crowbar right. He's US and he's just destroying crushing things for no reason whatsoever. which like he's just like? Yeah I'm doing it. And then he just can't rainman. Amen uses a gap. You have no say over Mac and do whatever I want and then you actually takes a crowbar and wraps it around some like some rebar twist around around orchestra range right throws into lake. I'm like record the whole. The wrecking crew all women shown objects. That's how their power works at all kind of like like with or used to be accept. It doesn't turn them in another prison. Just makes them superstrong as long as they have a weapon so this bigger version that's way more powerful than his normal weapon. One is completely crazy in that like just very different because even with magic items they're still see listers like one hundred percent they show up the brake stuff in fight like the thing the hulk or whoever but there'll bag is enchanted items in this version of the JEREM. Item is so much crazier and he's so much more powerful. It's nuts so anyway. Mark Waid Kev Walker are the storytellers. And that's where it leaves. It doesn't really say like who writes right. You're draws this has weighed lease the rights of a yeah. It is neat that they've been drawn passes out and not that I'm aware of he is. He's really fairmount daredevil Right he did a series guys. Awhile back the incorruptible events or Eric. Incredible in Iridium Bill. They're both antastic Series wise in where he basically just just dumped in. The lake is crazy. The escort jazz I like to like four and a half Doctor Strange's book than having a character. I haven't really read that much. Ever that uses man like doctor fate and I'm more of a DC guy. The more Mr Kohl at crazy like aspect of things but he's one character that benedict comeback Like the actor made me like the character after better in comics Shan. They haven't so drastically changed comics to make him like benedict cumberbatch. That like I'm like Oh my gosh. I'm reading for that. Like the kind of Tony Stark a little bit the characterize both those ones are very similar to the person they hired to play the part. Yeah cast cast really well. I've I've read Ironman for like an values for years and I they right. Tony Stark as Robert Downey Junior. Now it's hard not to like Robert Downey really created may character who he is now right but strange that it's not as drastically noticeable like an. It's an action on us but all to me Ram and it was a good book. It's cool I'm cure soon. Goes I like the way these like doing double duty. He's like I have all these mystical powers but I still love the surgeon. I love helping people being a doctor and in this book he really talks about like how it used to be all about. He wanted to be the best just to be the best and now he's doing it because he knows he is the best thing he can do. Things other people can't and he's just about being helpful. I I liked that a lot. He's like really come around right in that. I thought that was cool. So I'm curious to see where it goes. I mean it's actually a book that I'm actually pick up myself because it's it's pretty neat Art is fantastic. I really do I give it up like four and a half as a really good book. Yeah so fall with you. I mean score wise is this is my scores but I give it a four book. Wise like arts really good as far as series strange his run through series lately but as far as stories. I don't really even really bad like this. One's really got a different attitude. Doing the dual dual identity thing for him where he's gentleman Bofors alive and while he's talking about during surgery on the guy the with the cancer in his head part of the reason he's in trouble hospitals because he's doing surgeries. The Hustle. Never give him permission to do as part of all the paperwork. It's happening so like he's even doing that like picking cases that you shouldn't pick which is a cool thing in your watch Dr Drama. TV show you know. That's how his is working the way housework the entire time on is all about that weird edge so like Doug that too and I mean the wrecking crew. While they are see listers I dude tak-taking crew there so silly but I do like them. So is cool seeing him Scores before I mean mark. Wade's is hauled writer for for a long time whenever the the to India both doing we're going on t shirts going around that were marquis as evil because of Iridium ball which is so dark it was awesome but as far as a writer. The he's great. He's a nice guy. Team sounds awesome anyway. So for Roswell you know about the surgeon I'd give it a four to I liked the idea that they're focusing a little bit on the searching side of him. I really like the idea that the like diseases and stuff are kind of wing to Evans about. That was calling for issue like you said Mark. Wade's awesome writer arts. Great and in it they credited with a story of it. I think that's something that they should be more. Yeah four out of five sweet. WanNa talk about supernanny team since Tommy starring Superman. I don't think there's anything we're talking about. That's not true. There's bullets boring not treanor superman eighteen. The Clark can't reveal. We talked about on the last episode. A tiny bit while awesome last last last episode me says ago K.. LASSOS MORPHEUS US true after about that. This is again writer. Wise is being drawn by Ivan raise. He's one of my favorites aquaman right and it then you hit the command Jeff Johnson. Often I was. You're talking about the timelines so so says bookcase place between two different Events Amman of Clarke Clarke slash cow. Getting ready he to reveal his secret entity finally right and Between going back to that and like the meeting of the international whatever inner glac Dick Council of Planets that John. Kansas believes set up which to me. I thought I maybe something had happened after. Leaving the superheroes but it's I don't know when that happened. That happened in an earlier earlier. Issue of Superman basically John. Ken was like how can we. Don't all get along and then they're like. Oh that's a good idea. That's that's how he that's why John was sent the Legion because they gave Jack. They're like. Oh you started our thing that started legion years later. So yeah so. This book starts out with him listening and he's like listening till the reporters talking about. What are we meeting here for? What's going on they? I used to serve free ice cream on Fridays now. They're doing just free coffee and he walks up to the stage and starts to speech. And and there's I mean there's like a million zillion people there in front of the daily planet and then flashes to then Gar where they elected the first United Planet I guess President. He's another talking with Adam strange things. Thank Gary Syrian Shows up and he's just like hey supremes up man he's like I'm here just in case this happened is told not to come like. Oh Okay did you see you know like he really is that. That's the little simple like if you write superman well. It's little things like that. That's like nick. That's cool superman. Is that like intimidated. People Lake of similar Sonata. Do this Okay I'm good and I that's the kind of stuff that's like. It's shows like his power and any assistant has his conversation with Adam strange. Who is a an earthling? But he's been off earth for a long time. Yeah and he's like he sees a different perspective and he's talking about like I have a secret identity and he's like you're not Batman are you. You are Batman like his. I'm now man so forging which is hilarious but when he's like talks about having a desk in his desk you just like so shocked about everything in and it's just like you know like I get what you did it to begin with but I also WanNa know now like those are two so totally different thing because now you're a dad and husband like why are you doing it and it's just like a really cool moment because because it's his him in Adam. Strange who Anna Strates doesn't get the play that he deserves. I don't think like he shows up periodically but he's in the black stars thing No use the new green lantern manner and green lantern But he just he doesn't get the play. These are exists. Such a cool character. I think he's they're setting him up for some big things I think so too because he keeps showing up in random places. WHO's the new Tom? King Book Coming Out Yeah. Same Guy did the So they didn't the initial miracle him in judo. Gosh what's the guy's name artist. Art Gerard is Gerard. Gerard Juror his last name wrong anyway. The two of them did Mister Miracle. They're doing a Adam strange book also so I wonder if of this stuff is simply put that moving forward. I don't know that for sure but maybe Adams strangers into showing up pretty consistently in this book to for the past couple of Enron. Yeah which I think is great but anyway flashes back to Clark Kent and he's walking through the plan offices assist and from his desk and walks on the wall and as always actually super crazy classics brand covers but as daily planet covers which that was neat in the background even noticed that he didn't super ad and then he walks in his office and he likes these like Perry's like heart racing often like he walks in any period. Talk to you and then you just like it. But there's no words just like him opening a sure Perry falls down and he goes over anyhow exam and it's just like it's a pretty amazing moment because it's like when you're that close with somebody that you never put the two and two together. I can see where that would have. Never been like. Why would I ever think that Clark was superman right? 'cause I'm here so you're you're so involved in your daily tasks Just like Oh. I'm going to try to figure out what this person who this person I. I really might be. No I'm just going to get this paper advocate this. This is what I'm all about people like you know. How can how can like Superman have gotten away with for so many years? Is it well yet. WHO's been around like Louis knew it almost immediately because she's different you know but like the relationship was different and they make that Joe couple of Veja after this to these couple of ages reminded me a lot of the Robin? Rip Fish Yeah Eighteen. Yeah yeah flashes to Jimmy in Gotham wise zoom in Gotham photograph guy. He has his own book on right. Now I kinda using goblins came out currently series called Superman's PAL Jimmy Olsen Edward Right now I would think around issues six seven as a comedian. I don't think it's a twelve hour. Miniseries issue five. We have a cover with Jimmy driving driving me a- dragging the Babbel so he was in Gotham for his own story during his own thing and this guy came around the same time so either. It's just really great. Planning Linnea editing staff or desire to go planning because it makes sense right. So He's in Gotham taking pictures of dead penguin and and there's a missile and the Pagan and he's like walking over the crime scene in the conflict man easing coolness. Go on Jimmy Wales squad. Do I can do this. His By Buddy it's GONNA get cops like no like you. Can these listeners. Like hey guys. There's a thing the caller to this this it's a red herring. It's actually scarecrow and okay. Yeah I love how Quick Superman just solves that whole thing. Just insolent again. It's those those little things that if Britain well make superman a great a great character assuming can either be written amazingly or horribly and this sonal Luna situations just because like he has super strength and super powers. People is all also forget that he has super intelligence. All his everything's things amplified as Superman. He's he's also a genius. Like Clark and Bruce are equals in Bruce's mind and bruce doesn't think very many people equals is to him. Brian is it just because you have more powers when he doesn't mean you're my equal but he looks at Clark Helix at cows and equal and it's like he doesn't do that very many people now now and so that's huge so then he brings up to a rooftop. I'm Jim you're sitting there and he's like. Hey Jimmy glasses glasses on his look. I'm actually Clarke's as I pretended to be Clarke's again. Batmans way better like pretending to be him like mess with it forever. Every news is the lowest told me earlier today and he says like are you kidding me. And he's kind of pissed off about it and then he like it's like Jimmy. Hold the camera and doing a selfie between the two of them hilarious. Laureus doing like the peace sign all right so ridiculous and then it's superman like Kinda angry with Lois and she's like of course. Jim I've known Jimmy Learn. Learn known you. I'm GonNa Tell Him we're Tom. Perry I told Jimmy and he was really upset about it but it's cool. We're all good and yeah it's just like Himalayas. Relationship is again shows like the depth of their relationship ship like she is married to the most powerful individual in the universe and she works him but he also respects him the on loves them but she's like hey come Sunday control like she's telling me like the most powerful individual in the universe. Hey I got this chill out right. I think that's brilliant writing again. 'cause like I this kind of halfway through the bookish but like I'm going to say that when I saw that this was going to happen kind of irritated I wasn't looking forward to as like this is GonNa be stupid as pleasantly surprised on this book. They're they're doing this the best way they can do this so far. I'm like I'm impressed. And he's like she's talking about how he's GonNa do this seven. She's a hey I've been writing this piece since our honeymoon and he's like you haven't maybe like yeah I have to uh but she probably has true. Yeah because she's a first She likes she loves her job. She's she's a brilliant woman. And that's what makes Superman brilliant. The is input like idiots around him. And that's why again like Mike. I his son his crossed every DC book. We've done tonight and every I the things things we've done but like i John Mike I haven't yet. The super sons book is really really good but then like we came back older GRANDPA which who turn out to be crazy. Whatever else but John is really like he's a good kid like him. Like that's why hope Damian like I hope I think he becomes the thing is Damian. He's a good kid. Bad individual makes sense. Okay Exactly but he needs John. Oh Yeah John sees things like he's just like he's got that purity but he's also like young so anyway. Are you believe the same thing. Obama Ciaran so to extent amplified right VIBE A lot. Yeah so anyway. Standing there listening syringes like hey it is. He's telling a story like I come from the planet but I was adopted by these people. He's like an I'm Clark Kent reporter for the daily Finite I have been ever since I moved from Smallville Kansas and it just shows the reaction of like a ton of people and some of these people. I don't know I asked. Ross Ross in those of Amar some I'm GONNA use like red on. Fire was smoke around it. She's a recent villain that was fighting Superman. The red in the COP corners of firefighter that he's helped on and off random. Sometimes I just thought that was talking about Mira for a second phone down you know. She's a different page of the top corner Yeah She's a firefighter. Firefighter type that he's helped multiple times just as a thing in Chicago. She had a little crush. Your because he's your man but speaking crush the superman there's some very interesting reactions throughout this whole thing Diana heads down arms. I'm cross and she's angry. Be John John's a smiling John. Stewart smiling cyborgs Rooting Hawk woman as flashes excited Lowest is crying supergirl in crypto excited. You know Young Justice's just. They seem excited like Connor. Originally they surprised I mean. Let's hunter knows. Yeah you know but like end mirrors dislike interesting this. I don't think that she cares but looks like Bart's laughing. That will giving like wonder woman remember that new city to wonder woman had her own Superman. Oh man that was her boyfriend and he's since been dead or merged and now we have our current superman so for her the entire series. It was human while no swim was about Clark keep their relationship a secret identities a secret the entire books about that and we come this so for her Her positioning and by language is more a matter of New England entirely angry more like burned. I don't know because like she noses in the same. Do Choose Mary to even though that they're married to she was in in relationship with even though they're Kinda the same still gets messy right now but yeah her reaction that things because of that which is interesting. I mean I don't think really touched on. That is what happened with her when all that stuff happened like when the way way died nudity remain died in our superman showed up. He was very on the impression that the Bruins GonNa return to just like he did with with Newsday he by using the happening radicchio uptick by the healing chamber. Fine however this reality you've the two there was no healing chamber so he did not return. Eventually there's a Nixon split story that makes any s year missile plants. Yeah Mixes Pick. Yeah Yeah that guy one of those great Gazoo from Flintstones same individual Martian. Same thing anyway eventually. He merged urged choose the two together after trying to raise ours remained with the two superman ours. Being the pre new the to our current superman so as our I mean the one hundred fifty to the current Superman Seattle gets messy so effectively. I believe he has both from what we understand. He has both sets of memories memories where his parents died the car crash and memories where his mom lived on his dad had a heart attack sweeps both sides memories so memories of him being relationship with one woman but also being married to closely and having some and that's life that is the one that is of mean property memories but they're not the hold for him in the world that there's not really been a whole lot more between him and her and lay an Villes about Lisa we understand it is is at her she visited and dude and that's basically that entry to even though this he's okay with now was originally he was like yeah you're superman and that's basically how she acted too so very. I don't think it's really changed. There hasn't been more about that. I'm aware of but that's the way we understand sanity laced right well in the in the scene which shows Batman smiling so I think Batman I an knows more than. Oh He's definitely aware the truth Clarence thing the Batman Universe not changes. Joseph is sites. Tim Drake it was way different. So really changed like look wise. When nearly two happened green lantern most part in amband? Yeah are the two do things. Didn't change a grand for Batman. The underlings change a little bit. Because Tim how totally backstory age. The boys wherever lineup is hard to save really. I mean we guess that the time of when you started when Batman story started. Don't lineup exactly. But they've changed him back kind you've kind of. They repaired him a little bit. He still has the origin story. Being the prep school would like Crime Vase Robber but care. Why not rid angsty in like? He's not originally Jason Todd Anymore. He more smart him and he's always had about stories during detective where future Tim which is clearly from before nine fifty two eight showed up and been like. Yep You're missing part of Your Life Pro Youth Stephanie Avenue this whole thing that my dear being dead and my wrecked his world kind of so like where exactly. He's he's still young justice in and he runs again jetsons pretty much like he always did. So it's almost like an justice is not different at all. The original backstory is not still current story. The one of the dead mother and five raised until eventually the father died aimed just being smart kid out of that and it was Batman. It isn't isn't exactly the same. It's still at weird other. Prep school call nonsense. Much whatever that was kind of the whole idea behind rebirth was to put back the history of the characters and they they did it to an extent but not knock completely to right. That's why all these care if you're getting back memories from lost things and why West shows up again a bunch of the characters that were connected to wally like Dick Grayson then and most the titans all sung out there old memories back from the previous universe. o Superman has all those because he's from the other universe so so he fits very differently. And that eventually I think must affect our avails connor showing back up that just as characters back their memories to at least the ones around around before right IOS connected between rebirth and doomsday clock. Because you found out the document apple is like the guy behind all that he was knee. Misplace Lay Superman and it caused you fifty to happen and all this stuff and crazy. Yeah sign monry one part of this book because because I felt like there this is one like little segment that like Kinda makes the whole book. Click in front of the podium and he says in my travels I get to see see and hear people discover and rediscover themselves all the time. I get to see you find happiness. You didn't even know that. was there in fact I seen here at every day. That's a big part of what inspired me today. You and that's why like I think depending in Superman as the he just cares about people and he's standing thing there and he's just like he's proud of his heritage from both crypt on earth and he's excited for the future and he's excited to continue to be reporter and I mean at that point is like how do you give like Superman like interview. which is like? I'm good. That part are you looking at my bone cancer answer right while yeah be just like the interview. Lowes Lane tries to give Superman and the movie right like how you how you do do that. I don't I don't see that part working so well moving forward but I guess we'll see a arcane. No but he does say you WANNA show a superman on both parts arts need to be represented the same time. I don't know what happens then. But thank you for inspiring when he shoots off into the into the sky. And everybody's taking pictures and then the most hilarious interesting part of his whole book which I didn't see coming usually kind of flip through books to kind of get a feel for for before I start reading it. It's the I. What do you call the injustice gang? The you like the the bad guys like just. It's everybody stand around and is BRAINIAC and a Carr's yelling at Lutheran he's like Luther. How do you not see this coming? And Luther is passed out of BRAINIAC MONCIA coming the another putting out alluded like hits his fall. Like very like BRAINIAC. You're supposed to be BRAINIAC. You know your computer. You know everything supposedly right but yeah you didn't see it like luther man like give the due to break like I'm almost like I almost feel. I mean luther is supposed to be a genius like he's supposed to brilliant. I get it like to an extent. But it's like man brainiac. BRAINIAC your yell at Luther such tool CNN this part to they do a good job of explaining this. But as Luther is like not just regular lex luther. He's like God lex Luther. He's got all kinds of crazy powers. He's eating merged with Lakey. Blake on Hell Hell Hell. Aw Hell Arsim Hesam if things. I haven't been keeping Nice. But I know the different name via he. He has been recreated in his like alien like reborn by Crater Lady Universal. So you really see him. In one scene colleen the PERP along long red and it transforms into the business suit. The purple and red in lake kind of off white color is way looks like now normal. Luther blew himself up and and was rebirth by the weird crazy lady thing to be what he is. Now there's surely series on call the year the villain in tech. Hello arsim hell wherever. He's calling himself which I should know I do. I don't remember anyway. It's a mini series dealing with How he is he is right now? Apex I don't think so. How Risen Oh yeah hell reasons the name of the series yes apex? This is the name of him. Yes in the back of the book. Apex Luther Lining of agents a ruth super genius billionaire inventor Super Villain LEX LEX. Luther is now APEC selects imbued with God like abilities. Thanks to per pupil per putuo of the crater multi-diverse field Ez Zor born as apex lacks inside of a hybrid human Martian body. Luther is now. Nearly omnipotent capable of traveling across infinite realities his motivation he spent recent months. Dispersing Dr Gifts to the villains of the D. C.. You helping them to be the best bad guys that can be in. The name of serving perpetuates will to reshape the multi-version her image full of Apex Predators under control. And that's what I story lines about. Yeah so I think that's why why rainy AC is so much like how come you didn't know this. Because he knows everything now that silvery everything still brainiacs is really I was always kind of under the impression that likes Ukrainians Villains you. That and just didn't matter to them like it. Just wasn't a big deal. So the accuracy that Batman Batman has a handful of those two so that it's who are wise Josh we book You know I don't I don't WanNa be. I'm having a hard time with this. Very very often may give it a five only because I'm going to be a little biased. I Love Rambo. I love any other character am going to give it a five because the writing writing aspect of it how they wrote the little nuances and what Suman is actually what he's all about. They threw those little things that I love. And it's not seen as much today like even the most of my greatest the greatest right as I think grant Morrison didn't hit on all those point like they should have for this hit and hidden away that I was like mouths. Amazing it's like you make Lois that strong powerful woman who she is almost smarter than him at some aspects. She does see things that that he doesn't see she. She still does surprise him his relationship with Perry and how much he loves him as a Boston's a human being and his relationship. Jimmy I felt so important to fly their nyc during a rooftop and have a conversation with him like those things are important and they the touch and all the stuff that mattered so this book of five. It was great like I was actually not looking forward to without a stupid housing Jeez dumb like why are you going to do that. Like his mutt awesome and it serves a great point. He is a father with a super son now and his wife is like I. Just there's no point for him to have a secret identity anymore. What's it's the point? It's Kinda true there is kind of no point anymore. I can argue the opposite side of that if you want to sure. I don't the Rascal in square the book. I and so I'd give it a four and a half a lot of the reasons why you loved it. I did too. I also was not looking forward to this issue because I thought it was kind of a gimmicky thing and they're going to go back on it. You're in a couple of issues But that I can't think it's more just say like a transition like it's it's a big deal but it kind of isn't all at the same time I am sure it will have implications in future issues that it's not going to be like the end of the world for them or anything so Art Ivan raised as one of my favorite artists really good. The story is a lot better than I expected. So four and a half score wise I give four and half also it. It is really really really well. The scene with Perry in office is amazing. Like the Non Dialogue. It is just so good and like it shows you the major difference between Perry white and lake the way things Spiderman A. How did how that reaction happened for Spiderman? Very different and the way Peres with candidate has always been. Kim is like almost like a city. Father figure dad but as Perry's always kind of Been Down Your Dad's I'm your dad. Your Dad the city. That was hard to say. I'm your Dan Just because Carcassonne new to that and nothing from. Kansas taught him to be what he was. So like. That whole thing there's really amazing the Jimmy Olsen It's just funny. Oh Yeah I knew all the time. It was so funny but he messes with him. I know all of that man is hilarious. Ace came back twice double hilarious. I gotTA throw in there that that was so funny. That in that flashback scene. He's like Oh that's an old joke on earth and then Jimmy Olsen literally Adam Adam straight. Oh yeah just like out here. There is no old Joe. It's a new joke out here. In Jimmy Olsen literally says Larry US so good so funny I the writings a really really good. The Arts great my argument with with with the reveal. The identity is not entirely true. And I feel what you're saying and I get where he's trying to go with it. But if you really want Superman building people even aim at daily planet. People worked with before that. You Ain't it Lois Lane you didn't even Perry white you can Jimmy Olsen against the enemies. As all the time I I agree with you to an extent. But here's here's my thing is that there's GonNa Rebuttal that this this one thing superman mass superman's weaknesses never been Kryptonite or magic or anything else. Cements weaknesses always been every innocent life around him so it doesn't matter who they are even if he has a personal relationship with them it doesn't matter his his his weakness has always been the innocent people. That's always been the issue. That's what makes it doesn't matter how powerful he is. He's true he can he can ben instill in you know leap building single Gal Blah. But like his face doesn't matter how powerful he is like like that's villains know that he cares anyways and taint his target. It doesn't matter and it doesn't matter who the person is. I think the threat level slightly different. Because I don't know because I ended up saying I know that like Lois. She smart enough like she puts herself in danger on Thursday. Gets that about her and he loves a regardless. But it's like nick what's he gonNa do them on the fortress of solitude. He can't walk every human being in a for every innocent person the solitude you know any. He can't do the Iran thing which he actually there was a an arc where like the super robot's common try to dislike control. Control everything right. There was an arc that that happened happened in just like that. That's that's Superman's weakness. Roadmap for sure hundred percent because he's smarter stay William Griffin. I imagine he can do all those those things like he can outsmart mixes licking whatever you want but like this new next thing. I I didn't know that like I'm hanging behind Superman Billy. I'm here I'm getting. I'm cure. See where that goes but you know the end of the day. That's also his greatest power is that he will. He loves and cares about everyone. I'm sure that's why he didn't kill Manchester Black when they were on Saturn or whatever is a he just took his powers away. Because he's like he's that hero. He's I just I la demised that part out of you so you can't do these horrible things anymore. But I'm not gonNA kill you because I'm not that kind of person story right. Yeah that's what makes him brilliant and as it may superman people like all managed voice. Go you know what no if Superman's written properly the the way that he should be which this book was he's the greatest superhero ever created. That's he he's just he's the the one that everything and everyone like wants to basis Superhero ofo. 'cause he's like he's the greatest superhero of all time. And that's how I feel and you know people can argue all day long but this this is my opinion. But it's also our podcast so people handle listen to my opinion and not arguing. I allowed to hear your opinion. I promise you even being great. I see that throughout history with this issue. I don't think that it's I don't think it's in the universe or anything and you're right. Every single life is important. Life the superman regardless who it is but now the bill and he says vicinity target exactly view and hurting more. What hurts more ADO? Never Naomie Harris him equally. Guess to an extent but if it was a person that he worked with evie slightly different I think about or more to him that way. I'd I'd have just because of picking favorites in general scheme of things like a random new dyson helicopter crash. Koi Ryan is helicopter crash. We've never met Kobe. All we know about him is what the media has given us and what we've seen him do in what we watched him do enliven high meet Phil when he play Games. But there's a lot of do die plane that dying whatever kind of plane crashing Asian means nothing so like that scope in connection is feel like it's more detrimental and not as safe as it used to be for those people around him. Does that mean that the story's bad. Oh no no. It's a great story. You're right awesome and in into your into your your support in in years like there's a story that I referred to on this podcast multiple times and it back in the mid nineties when toyah man caps a bunch of kids and one of those kids whose cat grant another reporter for the In in metropolis she was a TV. TV reporter but Ryan. She's part of shoes friends with Clark and she's friends Lois and The show Kinda for Clark but whatever but Her son son Gets kidnapped to a man and her son. Because of Superman and like Like you know cat had introduced him to Superman in a few times he felt like he had an obligation to save all these kids and he helps all the kids escape but it still kills him. Cat Grant Loses. This is her child and she breaks down just devastates. Her Superman could not do anything about it in a devastates him because right and like dislike all of these kids get away and safely and he finally figures down he stops torment but that one kid dies but but the thing is it was a friend of his and his friend his kid and a kid that he met but you know what because he inspired that kid although his got away and ultimately when he sits down for breakfast of his parents in Kansas and he cries on machen shoulder impact can't put his hand on his shoulder. Says you can't save them all Clark Right. You can't save them all he's like. Yeah but I should be able to. And that's the thing with Superman is humanization like his humanity. Hannity like the and that's the things it doesn't matter that he knows Perry that he knows Jimmy that he knows all these people that work there because it's like they could be the. Oh the coffee shop down the street tree from their house or the doormat Apartment or this 'cause you know what they can try and attack John but John is super boy different situations. Certain basically ultimately Keith Lockup Lois in the fortress of solitude with Crypto and Crypto is a tough tough however ah being he's awesome and that's actually been that's come up before I think I think he takes on Mongo at one point all scared and just it just ferocious as insanity but it's just like he has people who are important in life in his life but it's like I man like I A I see it but I also don't think it's going to matter I don't I don't think it matters to superman as much. I think it matters more to the villains who like now instead of just the random guy down the street. They're going to go for these people they know are close to him. But we'll see what happens. The stores controls that way or not a bad guy. That's what I would do if if big small whatever Ross whatever Anyway okay so after after the shoot man Go take inside. We'll go and play Batman clips of words. I know with a callback because not a normal thing. I'm GonNa play those suffering and then we'll come back here in just a second with show. So I guess enjoy Batman the emails this absorb brought to you by the God damn bed man swear to me Elfriede where my shoes how much suck would suck suck if a which could check would swear to the lollipop loudly though lovely lovely lollipop they pop album this Brought to you by Taco Bell. Nola title is on that hello to all the ladies out there. Radio land too key to key okay. And that was that or a version of Batman I guess whatever eighty so From there are we move onto the action figure review Joshua efforts next few review all right this week actual figure of us. At least we have another sound vacuums Sir so anyway. This week we have an up and coming kind of you. Kind of already. Aligned themselves in the Three and three quarter one eighth scale Georg four inch line and it is a chemical joy toy and the brand of this is Crossfire it's based off video. GonNa have several characters that they released. The one that I picked up is a swat figure. It is the Strip called the Swat figure they come in a sweet sweet Slide box it's not a sealed package That means people like CBS who refused open figures and enjoy them and touch them. uh-huh and become one with them like I do like just really enjoy it You can open it and then put it back in that big of a deal so it comes in a pretty not like sweet black with like The figure Kinda put on it like shadow Are Really Neat. Little little little instruction instruction Mike Pamphlet and then like foam surrounded by supertax it. Little bag of Accessories couple comes with Some hand switch outs and feet switch out some pistols a billy club an assault rifle. It looks like cure. Your Classic Swat figure the paint jobs amazing the articulation is you know ankles knees mortal hips hit Waste and then mid torso elbows wrists shoulders. And then the head my one issue with this figure overall I love the the figure but the one issue I have with it. I don't like the head that much I wish if the one thing that could've done detailed that they put into it the helmet could've come off. It would've made it a way better figure but they made the head sculpt the helmet part of the head sculpt so that the helmet is naturally come off. That actually bothers me. Because what I'm going to use this figure for personally is a custom of shockwave from Jj. Now and I've already done it and it looks amazing. If if they would've made the helmet removable on the head. It would may the figure better but I do like about the figure. The paint job is like a Nice Matt. Finish like it's not super glossy glossies super like stickier. Weird on the paint job is very thorough. It's really really good. All their tickly points great All the joints move really really good. Good the accessories fantastic. Yeah this joy toy company is doing some really cool things. I've read a bunch of reviews on lie. People really loving unlike whether going with they have a Lotta They did like a Russian Assault crew they've done am a marines assault assault assault crew with like five figures on all sorts of different figures. They pronounce some female characters. Look really really good but this differs my picked up. You know you're GONNA get probably anywhere between big toy store Amazon Amazon anywhere online anywhere between twenty seven ninety nine to thirty dollars like so big like well. I think this was twenty seven dollars so twenty seven to thirty dollars which is like pretty average for independent market one eighteen scale figures. which you know you're you're you went to all the twelfth scale? Figures independent markets are going and the fifty dollar range. So I I. It's a decent. It's a decent price on if that's what you're into but gi. Joe You're not being thing right now we've discussed last few episodes that there are some really cool companies coming up and coming that are doing really cool. Things this is joy toy is like it's right up there with the Marauder task force in a boss fight acid rain being there's well Asrian's kind of its own thing you know. Whatever it's it's a they've been doing wild wild longer? I don't think they're trying to consolidate necessarily I think they're just a totally different thing. But these guys are doing like almost generic figures that people can just a container jacked into their their action. Figure true building style kind of just got this end of their action. Figure Universe See it's really really get figure Still to picked it up. I give it about Because the head sculpt I I struggle with it I mean the Gog the the problem the head sculpted goggles even molded onto the helmet right. So it's just like it's one solid more like you can't even take the goggles off which even a Gi Joe figures and stuff like star hours. Figures like the goggles are removable. And they're not so like that. I think that's the one part they skimped on but I give it about a three three seven five out of at five sure overall so sweet nice figure wise. Hopefully we have a video for that one So check out the UH TOBBACO IS PODCAST DOT COM and look for the Youtube Channel. It should be on there and we're going to be up on Youtube Gentlemen. We're going to be doing. Through Noah Negra here in towns with the Valley Stream Youtube Age at some point. So that's where like Taibbi on their also pioneers L. side. Say I if I all stuff on the website as well there's links to pretty much everything but you think Ross. It's pretty sweet figure. I could see you've been pretty useful for like you saying customs staffer filling in with your collection of need. Generic is there and I think a lot of the new lake one one eighteen scale stuff coming out. They're all about customization as kind of goal that they're going with bits like a lot of blanks. A lot of you know just basic figures so. I think that's neat. Sure cool all right. We'll move onto the lesson the day I guess so. Rosalinda learned that John. Kent solves problems with this. I mean against it's true I ask questions later. It's definitely should. They Joshua Hawker thinks he's super handsome. That's also true. That's given all right so what I learned today man. That's not true though. I do like Batman better in a passenger swayed on Superman not true not true at all I mean just fine but what did you learn something awesome and I can't remember what it is now. Fellow thing I thought about the daily planet recycles action comics covers for their covers. That our papers bunch of the US. Oh that you're really good at baby name name songs when we go to baby showers. That wasn't it either. Now remember what it was also now too much must have an important overflowing flowing brains Gosse and so I asked you first because mess hasn't been true not true at all because reasons my favorite man Christopher Reeve as superman all right so the book to walk books to watch Ross will. Do you know about books that people should try to read excited for that. Robyn anniversary special special. Yeah I think though it's like that'll view cool book. Is the group shot supposed to be the the main cover. No that's the two thousand ten cover. The main covers legally Lee weeks when the red one with him jumping in kind of like a dark night style. That's the that's the normal ache over a flame school image stupid DC. It's the normal cover. I'm also excited for where Superman Legion both go. We talked about those right. I think Gotham city monsters. stews is finishing up in the next issue. It is and that's pretty fun book for in the in the last one. They fought like the classic universal monsters. Offers Frankenstein Easy Frankenstein. Fought Frankenstein and may have liked. Crushes head in May have me. They did awesome as getting books lodge. Soggy is good. The Black Stars Book is good. switchback degree lantern at some point supposedly. No it has one more issue. Black Stars only a mini series Agreements comes out the following month. The new guardians book started started and Safari. I I liked it on excited about Burns Galaxy. Elsie happens sure Books I would say if you're not reading Batmans gravy should be. It's pretty early is pretty good detective flavored things that we don't normally get in Batman books. Awesome stuff like that a lot as far as Series we just had a new story started number eighty six for Batman or get the new writer James Volume. I'm Tony Daniels. Doing the art so new storyline next over there at this point is in second so if you missed it just lets retailer no second bronze those. We're both good as far as series outside. That's still super excited for Strange Academy I think that'll be great. Eddie new spiderwoman one really good to actually. I'm pretty stoked for the hour. We're getting new costume again. halverson either weird bike jacket. That was sort of a knock off version of that girl. It's adaption of original Costume Isra Coloring so. I think that's cool so I was like the original costume better anyway I feel like there was another one. Another yeah those really cool for marvel movie. I can't remember what it is. Shoot so I haven't done this for a while Nearly talked about comics for awhile right. I had one more. I forgot about Kellyanne Aquaman. They're about to have a kid again right. The first time in this continuity that the second in time in general yes and they're they've set up aqua be almost more MIRA sidekick seems like than aqua man's but I'd like that they're putting putting all like the extended stuff into it now. So cited for future of aquamarine suite. That didn't help if you figure out if that's alright and doesn't make any difference. It's alright I'm sure I'll think of next time probably So I guess I was a desert if you don't like facebook already you like us on facebook. Help us go to Vince and commissions and each of interviews of people his book instagram. All social media's share of light light great interview on apple and Google play and stitcher in spotify all those things you indefinitely do that. Like don't just like it. Just go in dry to quake review or That that makes massive differences on this end right. The other thing too is you know rate is good that righty review and let us know what you think you know than a message like send. MSNBC Hey I I really like the podcast or really. Don't like the podcast. And here's why don't be a jerk about it like if you don't like it tells why so we can like adjusted or fix it or talk about about it you know you never know Mabel. I talk about your question or comment or concern on national podcasts. You never know what's going on so Yemen would one or if you just want Batman Impressions and Steve. I can't do now we've got better. I told everybody in the podcast and on the more reserve. So that if they wanted to pay you you to say something investments voice. They had a week and a half to do it until the antibiotics kick in her few. That's about as hoping he would do like birthday parties. It was like. Hey Billy it's Batman. I think you know what I mean. That's not creepy. I'm Batman. Eat your vegetables room you know. That'd be sweet. Yeah swear to me to be swear to Mayor Kenney now real good two weeks ago real good route needs to keep Jalpa K.. Hey the.

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