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Keep Breathing: Avoiding Hypoxia with the McMurray Enhanced Airway

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02:15 min | 1 year ago

Keep Breathing: Avoiding Hypoxia with the McMurray Enhanced Airway

"I have to magnificent nurse leaders with us. I i've got roxanne mcmurray. She has been a nurse for thirty five years in practicing anesthesia around thirty. She is the inventor of the mcmurray enhanced airway and also the co founder of mcmurray. Medical group mcmurray is a retired. Clinical assistant professor insistent program director in the nurse anesthesia program in the graduate school of nursing at the university of minnesota mcmurray. I also have on the podcast today. Noah hendler he is a nurse practitioner healthcare technologist and strategist who helped value-based episodic care models initiating some of the nation's first bundled payment programs he served on the front lines in busy urban trauma centers lead clinical informatics work through post acute settings and helped deliver new levels of transparency for both medication. Reconciliation anna hearings. Noah's co founder of sun sale and roxanne is also very involved in the organization. And today i am just privileged to have both of you on the podcast. It's a pleasure to have you both and so nurses are at the center of everything we do. This campaign has been such an education for me and i know for the listeners. To over fifty percent of care provided to everyone is from a nurse cova shots are coming from nurses. You guys are so important and we appreciate and love and value us. I want to start by saying that. Also wanna know what is it that inspires you in this work so go ahead. Let us know what that is actually saw. I think it's important to underscore your point. That nurses really are the largest workforce healthcare and. That's something that is overlooked off and something that has definitely become central to my work. I entered healthcare as the second career after the death. Good friend that he wasn't when he died cernan. Apart of meeting meagerly. I felt address. Nothing releasing to much and i kind of drifted further away from where i begun my career working directly with people actually photographing looked at rhonda. Kids were survivors of the genocide. Hasn't success evolving software but in the wake my friends death. I just felt like i needed to contribute in a more direct

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