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Mark Levin's First Introduction to Saul D. Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals'

Mark Levin

02:12 min | 1 year ago

Mark Levin's First Introduction to Saul D. Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals'

"It was 23. I don't remember. And, uh, Began an agency called the Action Agency, which no longer exists. And it was run by a great Patriot by the name of Tom parking out of Dallas, Texas. Long story short I was his Don't know. Chief of Staff Executive assistant. Whatever you wanna call it. And I was the first one in the building. During the transition. And, ironically enough was a building right off Lafayette Square doesn't exist anymore. They knocked it down and build a new building. Just as well. There are a lot of cockroaches there. In all forms. So I'm going through various data and statistics and looking at computers such as they were back then, but anyway Then I come across these big boxes. I mean, they were big. And they had thousands of copies of this red and white paperback book. Called Rules for radicals. By Saul Alinsky. And I'm relatively intelligent. I'm in there and see what the hell is this? No. Linskey was a Communist. I didn't know much else about him. Excuse me. Community activist out of Chicago. And I found these boxes in the Vista office Volunteers in service to America. Remember that part of the great society? And I said, look more and more into it and spoke to various people. I found out that you the taxpayer, we're paying enormous sums of money. To purchase this paperback book. And circulated in mass. In our inner cities. I said, Well, this sure as hell explains things in Philadelphia, where I Mostly familiar. It was the street brothers that was their name. And very radical. And In some ways, very violent.

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