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"nisshin avenue" Discussed on DSC On Demand

"Pleasant drive in the country. That's a pleasant torpedo or rancho bernardo. Right now fifteen southbound a few accidents let you know about the i just after auto parkway this is blocking the carpet and the two right lanes. Traffic is stopping the seventy eight then. Unfortunately a little bit Further south on the fifteen after an accident being cleared before rancho bernardo road. Traffic is heavy. Right there from fella. Sita five southbound. An accident is blocking the off ramp. I'm sorry Right shoulder beat on ramp at nisshin avenue. And then on. The five southbound the offering walk at cesar chavez parkway this traffic report is sponsored by zerorez carpet services upholstery cleaners. Get three rooms of carpet cleaned for just one hundred thirty five dollars and a fourth room clean free. During the summer special ending soon zerorez carpet service and upholstery cleaners visit zero san diego dot com for details online today. That's zero san diego dot com. But here's my friend lori on the show hi lori. How you doing hi. Hey dave so. We got talk about food here. Because every family has a gross concoction a recipe that seems to be unique to their family. And we like to share. Everyone's home culture. And if yours is the grossest laurie. You're going to go for one i stay. The kona kai resort and spa which is newly transformed and handed. And you're welcomed to laidback luxury. You can relax in our guest guestrooms or at the signature. Spa enjoy nightly bonfires on a private beach or lounge by the pool. Go to kona kai dot com down splendor. What is your off. yes you deserve it. Tell me about this growth food. You had eaten your family. Well my mother used to make worst tuna casserole. Ever i it itself fishy and it's got a weird texture to it. Then you add the mushroom soup wet. Ps and top it off. She never used like potato chips. She always used those Crispy onions and that by the time it got on your plate that onions would be off dewey and mushy and so the whole meal would have the most horrible texture do it. Emily and i are big fans of good texter. We don't like bad texture. It just doesn't melt in your mouth. That sounds awful. Anybody want that. Anyone would want to try that. No no no. No no takers right. It looks like you're on the list. All right thank you very much. thank you dear. see later. All righty charlie. You're on the kgb. What's going on charlotte. Best friend to no question about it. What's the worst okay. My dad was from scotland and my mom used to make this haggarty. You know my dad is from salem. They don't like any good height. There's nothing nothing good. Nothing good scott's good whiskey and that's it so so you know they. She thought you know she's gonna dress her up. So i was going fishing our time working on boats and stuff and he said charlie. Bring home some anchovies. I wanna smash him up and put them in. The haggas saw that was cyril completing. Watch with a little. Bit of catch-up saver work. But the worst part about it is that after about a year making it actually had a heart attack and died while eating it. That's pretty bad. i understand. it's okay it's kind of an indication that it's bad food die while eating it the corner gonna take note of that so bad. They died while they're eating. Even though they put address it up a fellows taken that one zero or stain with meat salad so far dressed it up with ketchup though boy's going to pass there isn't enough ketchup. Hi dan good morning dave. Love your show. I love your stand. Tell me your eddie land brains. What is this specifically about lamb brains. You know why not cow brains or brains. Why lamb's brains. Well we used to have big. Gatherings the net rosen lamb and they would use the olympic. Dave the whole lamb goofed off. Anybody ever had any kind of brains at all any brains. I've had no rain and no brain eaters. Anybody any brains. I've not i've not consumed. I'm not an oregon fan and hung out with brain eaters. But what kind who. i believe. It was a cow taco. Oh couldn't they offered by. I couldn't bring my taco a waste of a good. Shell isn't it it's your. Are there anybody here. A fan of the organs but how anybody oregon's longs kidneys guts. Doom brains livers kidneys pancreases. Things like that. My husband. I got to i one time i was. Oh this is so good this dip. We were staying at some fancy place and they had this dip out every day and it was. Oh it was good. yeah. I'm guilty and tried but no go back the owners and i liked. It is because. I didn't know what it was now. But now you do when you can't write pretty much pretty much. Yeah any says. My grandmother makes jello with carrots and raisins in it topped with matinees and equal sprinkles of equal focus jealous. Now no one of these. You know what i do. Yeah you gotta pick one pick the worst one you got to pick the worst one but you also pick pick one that you would eat and if you don't pick one you have to eat them all you got to pick it before we move on because once we move on it's not available anymore. Forget about brains. You don't get your tell us this at the beginning pick the tuna casserole or wants the jello or is taking the gel okay. Christopher says pigskin hang on. I'm not even close to being done foot pigskin on a huge crunchy crust with mayonnaise. Tomatoes lettuce avocado and hot sauce..

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