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"nisqually middle school" Discussed on KOMO

"Dot com while supplies last and save two dollars every time you touch yourself waves forecasted to dry Tuesday plentiful amounts of sunshine out there hi temps in the low to mid sixties were starting things up really cold and ending the day in the low to mid sixties so certainly a nice one out there no still dry tomorrow clouds are going to increase on your Wednesday in by Thursday into Friday showers are gonna be likely to round out the work week rather soggy and head into the weekend that way as well set point in a coma weather center sunny skies but really chilly temperatures to the south of us in Hey listen thirty two degrees thirty nine to the north in Bellingham Olympia thirty degrees right now it's forty two at C. tech companies time eight thirty six well the snow much county sheriff's office is reminding people to be prepared for winter weather in the cascades search and rescue crews responded to two separate calls along the Pacific crest trail over the weekend and one case a man had fallen into a creek in was sick in the other room and fell and hit his head both men had to indoor snow and cold temperatures they were both brought up the mountain and taken to local hospitals it is thirty two degrees at the summit of Snoqualmie pass this morning but that there are no restrictions and no problems on the roadways come on it's time eight thirty seven a tiny critter protected by the Endangered Species Act is blamed for years of delays on a planned road project to make it safer for kids walking to and from Nisqually middle school one of the Thurston county commissioners is making it very clear he's fed up with this more from call most Carlene Johnson Thurston county commissioner Gary Edwards tells the Olympian he's fed up with the go for being prioritized over children the most.

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