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"ning mark" Discussed on Acquired

"Yup okay david so take us forward. They sell the business to hp. What's going on after that. So we've alluded to needing a couple times along the way mark head started naming. A what year is this. What year stops sale. I can't we did the episode with michelle easter. Yeah which was so great that hp and bought the company way back in early acquired history. So i wanna say it was two thousand five. I think actually don't ever in down. When mark started naming it was two thousand. Seven when obsolete was sold to hp okay so mark was gone along with ning and anding was sort of a away for any community to launch their own social network. I guess kind of in a way like what we have with our slack like white label facebook. Yeah once again ahead of its time mark. I think was not super thrilled with how that was going so he ended up stepping back fulltime brought in right after the acquisition doppler acquisition brought in jason rosenthal from ops wear who had been a netscape guy before that to come in and run ning mark. Step back to just being a chairman so remembered now in two thousand seven. We're now in the heyday of web. Two point zero which it's so funny like any other point in time if we hadn't had the tech bubble and the crash and everything lived through here. The rest of the market would have been gaga over. Facebook linked in singa shudder fly and was stored. Butterfield's i flicker Flicker and everything that was going on. It was so exciting in the valley. But because everybody's still had the hangover from web one dotto valuations were miniscule for these companies will in two thousand two thousand one two thousand to even in two thousand three venture firms weren't raising new funds so everyone's precious holding onto the last sunday..

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