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"ninety six hundred thirty two months" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

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"ninety six hundred thirty two months" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

"How are things going great and i just wanna say <hes> have a great team of people carnation including reporters in each of the minor league affiliates that's and that's part of the reason that we can provide this coverage because we've got people in state college and johnson shooting in the backfield and jupiter etcetera that are all working together to deliver this coverage coverage. I liked it. I'm able to cheat off your website so say i want to say thank you on a public forum that i do cheat a lot off your website so thank you eighty four to an extent right of course <hes> you know we we have lots of subscribers from people in the in the mainstream media like yourself in others <hes> lots of players families and then you know there's a there's a group of hardcore fans out there who are really you know. Pay attention to what's happening. What you saw regan's is of course your sister. General manager used to run the international program. He would you know kidding me sometimes and say hey. Nobody wants to know about this. New kid we sixteen year old. We signed in. Certainly i'd straight absolutely people were asking about him so he told me the story. What's what's what's the skype out. Everybody wants to know about every player in the cardinal system. Is we all know people love. Cardinal baseball doesn't matter if you're sixteen or thirty six they wanna find out about these guys before we jump into the minor leagues points been a hell of a run here with saint louis cardinals eighteen games above five hundred and <hes> you know mike show well and i had faith in mike since day one when he took over for mike metheny and he's got them playing as a team he he's gotta coming to a head here in twenty four regular season games remaining. It's all come to you. You know to fruition. This is what mike shelters about. He gambles and a lot of those things. <hes> you know pay off and he he builds a family atmosphere with his team and it's it's really paid off with the major league club. You know i didn't watch impressed me. The most is that my show has stayed the course you know he had a couple of situations nations like the carpenters for example where you know he could have reacted strongly but he might have caused damage with kids relationships with his players and he ended up you know financing that pretty well and of course he also had the benefit of of tommy edmund stepping up and playing well but you know he's kept allegiance every team you can see that the guys are playing hard for him and like you said there seemed to be having fun i looked at tommy edmund and those plays it he made last night behind jack flaherty and i thought that was was the difference in the game the over the shoulder catch in foul territory then he came in on a ball and a barehanded play doer di made that play and then there was a routine grounder into shift after after that he was a part of all three outs and i thought that was the key in the game him making those three plays and you know i know the cardinals feel. They probably his best position. Defensively is second but maybe give our listeners brian an idea about what he did defensively in the minor leagues well. He it was primarily a shortstop coming edmund and the cardinals had him playing some second base they actually employ third and as we've seen his arm is plenty strong enough to play for basis basis well <hes> this whole idea to play the outfield is really a thing that happened in the major leagues but you know he's got a very credible job out there as well and you know for coming having to come in and contribute like he has earned the trust of mike show because you know we've seen some other cases with rookies where they haven't got a chance to play but edmund edmund you know really earned his way into that. You know regular rotation and you know he has become a regular on this team. <hes> the other defensive play by the way that you know we saw also john harrison baiter make a very good strong catch coming in and you know we should not look the fact that harrison later came back from the minor leagues and has done everything everything expected of them and more although he didn't necessarily do it as well last night he's shown better disciplined at the plate you know he's drawn more walking striking out and of course that defense which you know edmund invader both are key cards in a in a very very strong cardinals defense. Let's talk about your minor league player and pitcher pitcher of the month and the minor leagues the final minor league <hes> month of this regular season. Who did it go to for the car. Donation dot com are clear the most for august as adults garcia and then of course it has a reputation either being red hot or ice cold and in august. He had the highest old p._s. Yes in the system at eleven sixty hit eight home runs in the month more than any player in the cardinals minor league system drove in twenty one in twenty five games <hes> but on the downside garcia has this this past season. His strikeout rate went from twenty three percent last year to thirty he percents this year and you know thirty percent strikeout rate is just you know. It's gonna. It's gonna kill him now. He he on the positive side he drove in ninety six hundred thirty two months months from memphis but he was willing to see entire year yeah five hundred twenty nine plate appearances so you know while that's the best home run r._b._i. Total that any cardinal tangents snick stabber noah in two thousand eleven. You know that that <hes> in the building consistent contact i think is the reason that goes garcia got passed over for promotion to saint louis in september. I'm curious o'brien. We'll get to the pitcher of the month in a moment but his speed would that help this club in september if need be and if so why not i just call them up for that. I think rennie rose arena is is <hes> better runner than garcia. Course you still four fourteen basis for memphis but he got caught ten time. I'm so he's not exactly you know. He's not exactly a successful based dealer so i mean they make their decision that randy guy that they called up rather in our sent. You know i think based on everything. I think that was the best decision pitcher of the month. Well.

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