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#32 | Retaillessen met Patrick Hurenkamp, oprichter Bloomon | De RetailTrends Podcast

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#32 | Retaillessen met Patrick Hurenkamp, oprichter Bloomon | De RetailTrends Podcast

"The is the little transport costs. Podcast getting metal fallen the detailers speak of blender -sconsin at in days costs hiking segment bitterly. Uniform opening orlando bloom bloom. there's your spell. In the bloomberg would zine avon descriptors shelton horror. he does media phillies. Don't give all four on fox controller in also vein dishes the boulevard but also vein. The book cosby blue moon. Anita hill court taker blue moon is an online remissed and values is Spa designs vermeille. Stage wants a philosopher. And on the ochre best he had he ended isn't hate a quarter gate vertebra fellowship luma and open. Who moved near by. Alan is sure spawns on the the Michael will use eva beginning. Jawa your career put epetedo for a lesson most studio dom yep and lincoln style and all i more novels mercedes benz. Usa belson zulu don't dome stashes of botswana and four mercedes Virk sash without new york to amsterdam ogundipe stash could out and basically stocks have been guy beholden to tobacco. Okay well we'll just about everybody. Boston innovation and business management will show student data thanking to now basically beschloss mitchell brigade. That are basically. It's taught skin checked over directive active mcmahon's office given off the whole nigger ena. On risk. good. Any called the mayor achim shuttled okay. The usual lawson's shouldn't They have out back and tune Dot stay on the off you in now. Ninety tattoo fact about this for the darfur. Sudan's off autism for blazer from the data now eating eating eating and ada gonzalez who met diverse team of eric schmidt manson at data for stealing a homeowner shampoo blame allowed to upload data. Click on dr bass k. And hug eitan industry for actually go. Get a data. Dan in in banking for jake Retail supermarket The industry in gene and the injured. Initially i can say obey supply chain kassa-mapsi retail coach supermarket appeal. The luckiest link. Marital side plaza shaker shaker. I doubt he'll at at the supermarket. Who schnell you dark on for new test to opd. If you're not familiar with oakland. Stop laughing and all in tatum charles. What you mentioned director. Internet bay looks rugged internet's denisovans will the mood of the zone though and hellofresh for my nicholas soon Homeless nick saint downtown for the ben. Loose yeah stallions style. Your heart your okinawa and ocal who could act marked full solano. I told her that. Yeah and they're back to oakfield. Men's medical jilting music plus applicable shakoor been neyland building saddam. Now athlete main Doc markle shipped out to a debate and luke's mark all its online modell now. Fresh start and can Who to four bill back to be chapter west being home. Living's active of a steeler nickel chapter and ability from i belong to gyco hafed. It's gene in local nate launch and belgian markets. Varta to option phone. But they're all hobart and who don't is connected. Alkyl chip mark smith and team and have it on medicare roca players on the field in the central phone hellofresh nalen before which is with internet incubator infrastructure desire from. Hey that's cool ships hellofresh Naral dino faculty now includes a lot and bill here and my is the who three-day enable onto do not in belgium and start on locale for notice and okay. They after on lookout extra hellofresh momentum after from the attic onstage shafted oboe teams. We meneses geico from darker anal shelf may help and what good is meant Off an ankle success. For how solano. Oak communion tokens store. medicine vaping nausea smiles needs And stroke yeah. it's now yeah and five resolve within. Yeah just get food for walker. Thank you now. I think on ogden nicole chapter in innate launch mail here and ogundipe did For my short speaking plunk caving about issue for notable successful nights woman name on the self. Some image student died the former jail. Xining this On the name of those development and hate him mini or fail to lead the arctic. His new vehicle hill eats self patina between ninety tights by a rocket internet. And there's okla fresh with the elementary if you A dank apple apple ears short for hutson aku team have a ballot is gonna hate us. Lima admits had been my f- okay. Who uk defend mansion. Note to show up it. Could it could add. See who their the website globes. Look cowie's hilliard again. Ochre coach danka. There's usher in america will bow a new predicting markle jetta lunacy. I internet's hannah admit. Cloudy nears mentally died. Ads had social media. Google really dr and duke and a buck you both or slam dunk julia with ample adopted by natalie bischel on the stop he moved downhill for. And you notice out. Aimed over bashed do lousy sneak. Barrack is still there. Yeah okay okay. Nothing hunky oak type now and november ties The vi summit Blom to my home in the bloomberg com now does accuracy fiat men mexico. He'd been acco skin. Go or kuwait oaken inordinate launch from the blumenfeld and donald stover. Vermeil almost earlier latest copa medium and partner in lessons that doesn't really can make it mecca and athletic zsa Dot neyland expert loped scout on its quaker oak. It's for a short onto At bloom shocked veto guns and you fair guns muscle tone of fewer ambled today. Jaker online most need to feel dr off. Ignorant won't be s echoed guns on at the at and mere fanatic clinton danka and updates inch ornamented politica my oklahoma actual forty fair sites. Gator me and is an important. Yeah okay can you them off my vote in the motor and the guy who Joke lie merkley. An ear spiritually finally. It's called ships. Life is taking the lead. Lick the ears to facts clones by familiar fleeing marshall and our time is worth maybe hold on now. How to oaken and designate. not mobiles. Going gonna help emits a bow. On the platform enin hair stylist observations from the bloom and act and he'll clank loop here to back at votes. Enter your home. Shelf tweets in the bush's And i hung in client gag from what hoop clothed her catholic who your feedback loop not thought of economic. Ain't amount bishkek stand on long long into cardis cruciate over over catalyze hutcheon bishops take in periodic Have geic in our who. Comets lack clear held stroke for not inhabited oakland snell and suck center in into stalker Angels co formerly an awesome caving. Hubel stop good sign on toasted in those days in kutaisi slaughter act. Slow share outplayed from rocca. Disney's yeah and berchtesgaden Okay and he helped oak. Nab as k oakland clear about the online saddam slowed was truly tax into documenting. Most out. bart's manama folks. Inca get an as coon finance editor. Cd cheating pilot are oakville. We marketing and my focus was paducah. South america okay. All right and who'd cake nile of fresh all mine onto those are gonna modell or the by machine folks on the elephant in the move to the park needs inversion venue oak. Dr look l. She's fill invited comes. Dum dum. discussion has sector growth. Yeah fluid shaker shakur and paying within a fresh to kill who was mansi. Speed accepted or to conflict markelle and augmentation fair secluded and they also think normally the focus and bloomberg took out behalf of the flu recoup inch design and my community mets giga sites And helped for go on with muckleshoot. Marcus learns often. Hashtag need for a new metro State of new on checkout. Hey online the guy oakville at the ticket either faster. Look those big disaster. Fidel today An died stale habits bloomberg get bind short. She met them about the forum of of menominee. She's mental stellar get. A vacuum may look alabama house and compliments. Google gets evoke probation for skillful mac. And she knew dealt callejas The acre yeah. Yeah so you know that. Oklahoma bloom moon columbia. Yada yada get marv. Mavs you think inch owns lookalike. The fcc middle shifty ask the still nine and two thousand three hundred yards on the first visit. Angels facing the union. Yeah standings phones and obeying at the blue brush. Yup and apple's ahah tune foundation stealing helpful come to a are was loosened. Thailand bosa of absorbing. Yeah it's a look moon yati so and that would be out of office and a little in favor to the safety anderson today. Allowed to them off your louder than i know. Zahir normal covert agent homayoun belt night after he will Onto the gator marketing nara. Feeling you don goshawk el paso for that ad and oak platform. There's shown vacuum lakers And the shoplifting. Natta black in each state the international Between in the average annual snell Historic method pilots in dad's loans and their nationality tobacco newton to infect long Nasty belkin Dana market and an okay. Year i've initiated also fame would to distribute yup Claimed the supply chain thompson. Quarter this Don better leader mitch. Behind us now. I can view will affect tissues. Stop it for the backlog of darfur staff and laker dumb. Lefty unfailing on the failing in khotan lou from the khotan the hatton nardo vinko conditional cheap indicia and all these stopper Yes start with dr pimple to your fish killer and had almost ghost on this on the fair sites max. Yahoo fair should at work for gloves. I'm doug That's that's key issue favors over that the bad llamas needs to snowpack blue economic indicator full of them come to they have athletico in dallas donald down atalanta and are still new dominates. I hate him or your article. Immensity dick napa in the bloom on. That's the dot com boom at any. Fear factor marla and not skill macro. Hollywood is. okay yeah snub. It's not a taylor. Allowed higher gear but punk capital shave. No moon jae on those ferrall noted for platform which jewish bakers due to nominate quakers. Who ever gator and voted in healthy. Start africa yard. And it's four. Shama air commits mic baker on. Its for eight largely the newest short to Rabab fda they'll clue not Former she let her go though when he's was new basma curse twitter into the news talk seven based and he blew me neither dantonio confusing fool. mce neo the designs and found oak midst Expect on on our team division. Let's say he is too short to instead is that's all yard from two four new Ninety over embar quaker okay. Louisville gets we today can affect quaker Ddr for notified on the uk's amac the quaker dortmund's steve space in eighty per bloom offshoot in the short averaging platform aca platform rabinovitz alma bay. His vehicle in verita anco on notice. And they'll often almost mythic lakers price. Need canfield failing camille totem totem inco price objects. Onto the moment. You mocked me longer to main documents guys and the oakland Don dot com more. Hope they do not film in its in its four. Yeah okay and The the layers will be here for your own. Some phenomenal with morgan vote. Commerce need for about on bloom. At-bats comecon ourselves to conduct tuesday martini info on an saying only diety up new okabe battle says unique in two states for the two Ondaatje develop in dates days. An active quincy men's dot com Day and dots took it and she needed Quakertown officials sandy foolish to laugh and the ad lost lawsuit may make bear becky. Spay alert eater. Jane mike gaba events or decoration. The vaguer miami on the oakville planning puttick. She looks chic. Not legit oklahoma admitted dynasty shake. Our studio ended also be muckleshootcasino upgraded. I make my immediate a using twitter. Feed him his facts. dorky Haven rita rookie shop. the little. Who who did you successful. Boredom international meals applies. It will do yeah business. Mackey donaldson of motulsky falcy. Where now to help develop on to go into the national taxi new muscle mementos give. Manson blue mohican. It is on his fan. Also in multi component placement onto latitude et cetera zinc fallen amway mccain hamilton team in documentary film mental. Thirty four yards. Ao made a picture an interview. The crucial thing for i on everybody data kroto currently in blade also predict and serves. Unbel- buys yukio associated the reigning now the athletes zaphon beholden siebel. Open a mentor verbiage. States bloomer either today vega free cell phone phone and philosophy show and lots of nashville from data and ena guns dot not be blue. Moon fancy Crack on eaglet oak. Cadeau cave on their madonna look alike available influ bottle in phoenix local. You can occupy the dude my oklahom- malices and only philosophy female video. How to not vote on kate and cottam yard off each facelift for cotton meets. Need to face. Looks dank boats cop now influ pebble this. A potato developed oak house reacted to and shop outcome. Guide me arresting cadeau. Kafer medicine not meant value caucasian. That's eight and today to is still evokes. Says andy michael tool the villa. And he's on ecobill jail for balancing Get along with she's today. easement only moms and of dina. Okay doomed his oak mitten metal shop online. Keyser at an astro t meant but they'll states officials on today. Collateral continue show from here on and inclusion. Okay okay and you start my job luma. Yeah yeah starts them. The numerous and dr hollandsworth air goto gained height to north america. Halt the amid luma on the For code now to tend to raise and and dark in for new head shots from go luma oak. This stu this Atlantic are accurate. Who take the needle. Bladder hooves put for flower graham. What you just to safety fascinates the conference do immense and yoga dash designer momentum. Fox shammas dove bloom of and in medals have mir on to vote and i should never collected the fish bloomer out in front of items Additional in front of a mirror head process favor is needed. Mediocre muddled. Shortly meant vertigo. Need dove bloom at an apple initials fierce buttocks. My fair share bloom in hash. The vote mark mckay player all students nathan and hatch and bloom if oklahoma white mccheese emails and quick. You remember tips down from ski for. Hdr amer shop gommunist ethelson martin on the who don invite planning a consumer of shelton. Stop there the ethnic fairfax allston blue over over two and a half and good blew my ma best. Seen leader stateful beta dinkic Martini fluor taste fan and dotty is the clock. This from bloomberg blue mascow Hash on Late at night you john war-cakes from data five funk madore victory over stop estimates inter shall expensive account focused on landscape gains margaret. Cho does against now the dating an eight or visit five london and any is set to do as marco's dad's flaunt along william the marked the show epinal her no. He'll announce that and as for how from bloom for della You go along. Blast to show discipline daddy. Focus is on august which contains nicotine from yours and apple. Your our heart. We met exterior. Finish eating not each me or is hostile and scaping tights speech And you you depend on online latency online so to begin to the to to cotija fish steps spilled onto banal calligas took minner this evening in st african. Make you loops of attitude. Needs to cabinet the year The boom of tour. Osman securities heaven bloomer. The company battle showcase misconduct steelers a photo. Launch europe's gang opening madaba needs field to hoke smith. Matassa are suspected as us now. Copay diplomats cope with banner atom babe bait years people. Get of bangolo Dasy oh cookies convention. Yuval pop stores intuited sixteen minutes To daughter another story. So can you to into shower state. In the bloomberg coping the investing in the oakland international road show on pop up stores but little breath now for all the began ptacs visine is also offline entity for azima near mensa method extra puttick and attacking view long phone on him a manama mensa fall nevada and other stories margaret aided virtual bag end up unveil another story. Sita eating who usually get kicked music or something. Dad's converse s hall at goma and not at the end of the story. Saddam allowed to oakville. Both mets met rituals l. Deco midmarket boto. You've america have a dot com back on basil. It's bay In in in yeah thanks left mcneil to the method for whom jay i'm barbara met and sham in you will flower grab on vehicle soon. He'll yeah hey moy Scope you know. Look acre and a whole sick days scheme. Each each lost my doxa degree hill for bazooka dot com. That's good it's okay name for us all the time. I would picnic okay. Conditionals nato's awesome destined bislett geic. Hey who acton. John offline retailers Evacuated supermarkets often online sheep remarks and will for Yeah the the deal. When and need them on i hall nabbed not nouveau for all types helpful in faith even remain name won't gyco november kiara multiple doughnuts in cabot jail. He gave you my stalemate wounds relate without self out Yeah hoover ethic aching house from the dosa for bucking our screens elf. Graciela in florida and shimon shamir. Can embezzle back mogens now. And you're die to life. Do not feel for helene in slack. Shaking develops talking to me and barnum mama's for new eight in life airs folks whole nine. You'll you'll eat oak. Altar mobile atlantic shellfish. Chica is shown time fuji combination anything south exceed my own sweet earlier in appaling onto what doing in Condtitonal and open black. Utah that locker. She'd is josie for links to catholic for marketing. My nieces eurozone elson. Alison modal. Bloomers deauville. looked fair back. How in a vehicle for gopher is special crossbar and narrator phones ninety deville indigent among owners an eysenck dates from goes declining the oceans electronica bloom and dominated a safe and shavers com Ope in new buyer lung option. Robert internet athletes felicia. Tonight's the move on the braille for startups. Yeah look and be safe from israel. madisha break even to. Yeah look in detail. I should atheist over either. It health my dodgy. It's an aunt in dr amazon mechanical. For instance in into who come and having gory Hill malcolm louder if you will allow us. The now. Economical deviate added art van. Wbz ogm from shelf Academic allstone succession doubts door state. Edict down lopa bay. St doubt for oak shelves alto victims. She had four here. Yeah they've been as nathan have. The most ended up writing Our votes back nouvelle. Qua- marketing canal cloud garoppolo shipped. Ever mir aqaba in other t multiplied goes over and flow candice black and each linked. Athem my about ended up to oakland alto. Flat backward should dominica confident of the name contacts. What are the shoot of catholic jesuit re-communicate scottsville each who year over year audience. Duke your dictate adults outta shaffer detriments homeless convoys new to market value both both now rebecca oakville zeal. Keanu for engineer Kobe being decals lemur. Damascus supply chains number democracy. The new shop and beta amyloid be nearest. Who knows steve. Chicago do pet started doing. How do you throw over enough to hoop subtle stage to folks. Whoop ville anecdotes focusing on Oak dookie basically basically smith into your emmitt smith's lifestyle design etc decor from meydani and cadeau k. From your safer only months gene newer. Do hooper diago santoni oak lawn ago. Mideast on flour. Graham kgo perform though of monir the voltage godot cave omission longtime or so animal in zach like a march who blind yourself uni m m cabela's is best belong on the front of the hino after the countryman. Oga opd zaka client each leg into move contour and get on diner to jet over moscow narin on the stu montana's wealthed ohmeda. Yeah mark glad. Medical jacqueline and actor corporates Dean of the faculty deepest sheriff him. Oh at the plant afterward. Faith the mall fast word. Accolade bay evolved implemented arcane she she'd to short circuit the ads focus during sheffield qamar inequality to do niche for local shoot mesa ails on the mark i to domini door deter shadab. Mr the don did over each postel. Fear little tom does no stage. My middle senator. What's newer startups go. Get the re flower active him guest lumina that folks envio she died. The flower company needs an hr rookie At night to top blueprints and all greets karnik ulama blue homeless out who calculated contingencies cahoots who took clogged evanston kisha folks and lifer oak steals. It is all talk with an amway thing. Gag nar off lopiano down to stop acknowledging good okay And we'll be montpe- stella indian philosopher to oakland utica blue moon m. for all shell fell in a four tickets will in the industry the gate of heaven africa only day. Unity pneumatic unique. Mac is still baker. No and End up taking over for George f stop 'unique laker for answers belong act. I j smiliar lead me. God's going to be a luxury get half gobert new floppy ears and it goes on the mvp fair tire and think you could pushy t- No confidence and declawed. Sit if at oakton. Posted buli designed volt and esther doak clump collage. Would saudi novello for details. Coker it is now digital the activate athletic either and bukit for studer feedback on to funk lonzo design fair site and and he tackled. Oh yes acre acre and. he need to eat eat. It here lonzo ondarroa a for sample to form an mitzi data The name it may in on designed pushes michael away mar mac of flashpoints live on the on the name of estevan make you either need oakwood oxygen into she. She moved out for new. Fm clones. aware throw sheffield officer and guinness. Latin maccabi new ashore nuclear community that the athletes check out. Shell from skinny. Rockford's i should know the ambled spare tire vegas. Mike whoville shorten kittens. Zanu dome diplomats fear Friskin cooked lifestyle by its and deal them idiot. Vega our on there in the price range of remember in that way safety vaccinate flower. Graham and i noticed of flour grams in the blue in and owns new by a new book. The addition and addition is naked. Fear though an excellent flagship product that's provocative action and kerosene a go accident your donal and all night. Forty addition and artists oilfield emotional momentum survey keke bolsa them cares addition to knock knock on. Nikon z gratefully element to the main main main original thousand and a Ish at the called on envio all name schick ties. Tyson who videotaped Focused the nation's don't ask a waste off at adored of momentum odell and it's who mohammed for speller on china bucatini very fool investment will be actual memo off. You'll feel blue bloomberg. The court date or does belong stop vase. Axes begin from blue days. Doc oakfield Midler news update dot. You african last homecare mets and did sign the middle of the laboratory and asia mid level absolute need quaker don ovallis acres over left and do more stake before recommend laboratory shampoo Voter guides in search digits. Have lots of red. Flack faiths beat to ninety gregor nco. Today is on the Doc rebecca Shape today a To do mongoose hemp. Life's needy alley. Will athletes. eighty sheets are lucrative shades. Marmot alternating Phone of moral heads and anger applause. Not my ego states. Stop mac and alaska four built issues. Bulow gets not off lopiano for air. Some alto. manda arco bowed our Fallacious excuse me american with an acre hemley spatially serta. I know it's okra. After we'll be lows dema near on on the marks tanaka and baker For holiday for data so looking dude classical fairly mets on the issue each dude maisy daughter. Gopher based over vega eddie quaker home for him oak. more luca. step if boss don't need to fill arable ambled easy. Donald mir mic of skin disorder omen. Who'd ako she saved. Vehicle launch this lost planet and die leered declare film and video co. field in the best some track. There's actually kota. It'll show over craig's mesa quaker city nylons quakers. Yeah sagar in the phone Sued and oak short bloom vericose Baker said Talia for skilled africa bloom sometimes clocked globes today at may still africa methodically Roche's says difficult patch mark. Okay yeah and on. The corona impeccably official nate genteel impeccable business or prescribing adding to the lockdown at home The hill spun in from the the he need today. The low bird vanquished gagging our and the blue media addidas launched climate Kennedy novell macomer. Who team who's your ford andy off starter. Having an older pusher by vague estimate shelf pucca. News launched sheriff and attachments. Come erica also part jeter article in phila- stupid and hayler thank you have have gotten on the tool. But he lost travel hot Dakin oklahoma for stop eubanks on a gables The last open now. Shakur new come java for foster today to fill 'em mirror closer combs economics to glover mental open to lupul and sheyanne fuck donald tire to high Hall the opening bell yet zinc acts goofy guy newell who we have mentioned as yes no good okay for yashpal off stunt nine stellar nizhny. I show afternoons inonu. Dank show gag nar four key says oh quarter lumumba stone. Mess of obama blue macaw. This could apply on You hash screened to here took air getting lattes morale comedy who long meant a now an ethnic over long demand. His new clothes launched albany mansa at boston. Myemma who tina extel to agree for loss. Mack feel for nash. Been okay Yeah yells managing him. He'd been to open with all even leave. Give to eighty leave of main on this Euclid hasn't c. Oh who worked at this schutte and how old in in managing muscle. Yeah now we've got The took over oak state's athletic. This'll the states captured worked out this. The car and different dating the habit is in the. Ceo is the lighting on it. Stewart's am will on andrew nye. The elke ever stop a maka mets Blue since court shows air has aimed for a marked and the miniature. Yeah he had a good thing. Think bauer ben. How you're on the name days method products emitted mark and ear seattle from blue moon. Schema hunts enhancement. Seo will issue productivity day. Show a new athletic air. You have to but the what you live in an a team you stay cooler. She infrastructure Darshan on you will dighton too o'gara for new now andy community. You've lost the athol hoots Correct the life of for new go and the ambient music for the selfie little. Clint seattle's you look over from air local at the beginning on each of my come to you. Yeah let's let who who new fact is now four. Navalny flower graham new klein team the onto. Erica was gone so Luma brief bush martin. Boston being have a boom issues of economic environmental tested. How ears actually not a marketing okay. Each conclude on who you feedback immense stellar and atmomic overdraft teams Longer to main cooked. Mac that's let's look like factor starter moment ever all seats on on success. Is that over. And they'll stay success. Dopamine bosco new. Who'd bay who took home susie a to close the branch in manama from romo for five yard. Yeah think back on the show long so fair forgot gag In the bass go prevents the to call all along Bloomberg states available habil gingell third hill consulate in For the check in for your tammy net over effort own sauce. Blue moon china onto zero. T debated a copacetic. Ambi look blue luminita associated mets. Hit more bullshit from failed. Get free jeff. More oak avocado and oaken invaded on the format. efforts you need a one trick. Pony hartfield in the eight short demands nelson a mode american lifestyle. Americans blue and the okon levinsky. The oakland means i our is a view. Klay us excellence logo five here right now. Yeah you yourself. Oakland for new what is equally dang not any league new hip samovar committee smith k. Tv demon aegon embarked on dots on lake thin and our hill for she at how martinez belonging here food. Your attitude who does my contribution of honest schemers author l. a. n. yeah inch Okay of ecommerce. The name which is on the name squeeze eight month. Ville skin leaked Context overnight ink marks eople humour guy. He'd love clothing and about oak. An aggregate dixon goldie ship dave near the ipod the iphone se and it goes off. Molly are made under order. Our xfinity del Continue moye guy. about folks chevelle design also and they see darnold four-building shit. We will have been in neyland. Need each visual feet member. Alex the epilepsy quickly last night. Yeah hey thank you for more vall. Yeah name you'll see. Also he's for that. He has pulled coast facebook cost. You offered last urban task focused. And i assume that he the lesser fallen that he thinners cake for me months. He plans to help thank you.

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