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"Hey everybody thank you so much for pushing that play button because I have. I have some really good news that I wanNA share with you today about this battle that I've been waging this year with prostate cancer. A good news. Today these verses from the the Ninth Chapter of of Matthew so clearly focused everything for me versus twenty three twenty two again the ninth chapter of Matthew just then a woman who had been suffering from bleeding for twelve years. She came up behind him talking about Jesus and and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself if only I can touch his cloak I will be healed. Jesus turned and saw her and and he said these important words to her but they're also for all of us take heart. Your faith has healed you and she was healed at that moment. Everybody Mafi has healed me for those of you. Who Don't know my cancer story. If you're interested you can listen to it or read it on my website web radio today Tom. Just Click on the genesis link mine counter and my confrontation with prostate cancer. These past months exactly ninety four days as record this so many changes have occurred in my life over this ninety four day period. The number one change the most important one of all being that this battle with cancer. It's brought me home to Jesus in my Christian faith that which has sent to destroy you will deliver you. Another of the changes and the outcomes from my experience with cancer is that it became the genesis for for a new faith based fitness and health. Podcast that I've created. It's called Web radio today okay. I've kind of buried the lead but here is my good news. I had my first ever medical tele visit on April twenty third the Vanderbilt Hospital and the Vanderbilt Medical Center with they're doing tele visits in lieu of appointments for for most of their patients because of the covert nineteen situation the Tele visit last Thursday was with the surgeon who who did my prostate surgery and who is essentially managing my prostate cancer. Care Right now. She is a superstar. It was also her first. Tell of visit and on the technical end we did pretty well. No glitches or anything like that. But the big news. She is so pleased with my recovery from the surgery. And the fact that I'm experiencing only minimal side effects. She also made this comment. That I'm kind of proud of considering that Emma on a fitness Geek. She said that she has never had anyone. At my age recover so quickly and so easily from robotic prostate cancer surgery but but but the big news my psa was undetectable that means no evidence of prostate cancer. I asked her. I said well watching. Tell my kids my grandkids and my close friends. Do I say it's in remission? She said tell them you no longer have prostate cancer. There is no prostate cancer in your body. The surgery to remove it was a success those words the answer to so many prayers that have been parade by me and for me over the past. Several months told me say one more time I no longer have prostate cancer. Oh Yeah God is good. Everybody God is wonderful thank you Jesus. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and sending me good thoughts over the past several months now of course like all cancer survivors like all cancer survivors. That's pretty cool to say like all cancer survivors. There is the worry the the very real chance you could come back. It's going to require constant monitoring and well also looking at other treatments that could could help ensure that that doesn't come back. Maybe more about that at a much later. Date the big news for me and for those that have been Parang for me. With God's help my nightmare is over for now

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"A do do do do do do do do do do real check what counts resent the one hundred greatest movies guy maybe number sixty nine being in the right lanes there has never been anything between us just say that metal reading aloud personalities on the screen just joan me now they don't make a lot of dumb show oh well you no don bulemia will be a sensation lamar and lockwood they talk i did say some awful things that night didn't i god knows this is hoses roses but moses moses aronie asli cabernet inspection we've got were booked over six weeks all over the country make a musical the new don lockwood he'll he jumps about music that's the number one the number one what a glorious nearly everybody welcome to episode one or two of the real check podcast the promises cinna files whether he overbroad the real world as we know it if you sheltered from the classics is i once was your familiarity with singing in the rain probably extends not further but episodes of the simpsons family guy robot chicken and believe most of the wesley uninitiated dart instinctively associated singing in the rain with the first unsettling home invasion sane in pure bricks a clockwork orange in which alex belt that particular choon well assaulting and raping a woman in view her gangs and bounce house not exactly what they're just after freed and composer next year her brand had in mind when composing an arranging a song with a hollywood review of nineteen twenty nine and some the world in the years following in sunny and fifty two screen vital become one of the most popular unrecognizable music numbers in hollywood history nor was it what gene kelly who directed target grafting starred in singing in the rain and freezing who purchased thought they had a technical a passion project much born in the decades become the sixty seven year old classic exist as much which confidence in shrewdness as it ever has taken tinseltown ends forever fickle audiences the task staging a week ago space spending a love story in delivering on the promise of infectious entertaining musical so my name is adam stole and is everyone who listen to real chat episode nerds unknown musical fan so this this climate right off the bat but and i'm joined here by gentleman who like i mentioned on episode one hundred he's only had a small slice of the village at pie certify the repays expert insights on show the date oh boy and mulholland drive a big welcome back to the most talented miss the andy hazel thank you so much pleasure to be here about this very very good film yeah the fact you'll hear forget go fantastic yet he's not looking for digging into this absolutely night so yeah he's andy welcome back to real i think he's joining us as well he's back real checks number one ticket holder he's a patriot supporter and well listen a big welcome back to the professor himself mystic glenn are brian welcome back thanks adam it's great to be back bill collins died this week and i mean that's in my childhood and ten years it was bill collins who really you know gave me a lot of movies or at least helped me understand that they were books about movies and the they were biographies and books tunes were based on you know so i put in and be dedicating this episode mr movies himself bill calling absolutely in friday's nationalism is a bill collins was i a very very prominent a strain film critic yeah we mentioned and in the lion king well so yeah he's like he's like the internet before the internet existed from fan either i guess he was quite a while yeah definitely so a yes it just before we move on guys is a couple of the formality so i changed ratings and reviews but don't you dead throws i think he's not dead for pc undeserved but dead from macaroni there's something strange going on at this point is guys apple podcast this week and find real chat and brighton review forty four and these strange story let's get it out the fifty as soon as possible fourteen in usa still look it up twenty and a yeah i couple in the uk as well let's get out of the five just a couple of middle achievable goals there guys the rains in these guys if you listen to us on apple podcast platform yeah it involves so sure thanks in advance takes a picture of the count is well we've got a young our number one ticket holder gonna brian here's the way supporting us evelyn lean joined the gunman been happening yes and i'll let you guys heard but we've actually been commission for the first time as well oh no we do was cloud atlas honesty that film you understood it really is an amazing i've never seen it all right okay all be watching the first time on his hands out to advertise that is that's billions of old school friend of mine by the name of the vanni we had a a boys not catch up the night and he said i want you guys do that why not much but i'm gonna condition we'll check the that is what he valid through eight eight eight and we could be commissioned guys remember that methane example that's i've been on one particular movie there's a cost involved but there's reasons for that is very very well justified there's not just the time that the guys in every episode as well but i mean is watching the film the the writing of the nights they all the research that's done and then they hours of editing is well and the recordings costs in the studio space is well monday highs the cloud that let's see there's a lot to get into one movie isn't it three hours ambitious you know we level god yeah you got that little to stop amick hi i'm dumb i got you excited that you're excited that you're but just before we get into singing in the rain guys we just take a moment to talk about litterbox is this really great social media platform for movie fans in particular i do know that yourselves ending glenn used this program quite prominently daily daily and yet yes summing up film fans out there essentially it's like if i'm just a bit too messy and you wanna be around people who a bit more into movies and not just into the celebrity into the transition as nature of it you guys should get in there and there's somebody website to allow you to like you know what maybe he's saying but then when i have great discussions and has a very very like eighty good rating rating systems a little lot from using it behind the subscriber that i should point out the day they'll give you any money just saying you this sort of stuff they certainly off by simple current which is kind of cool yeah not many things coming out of museum look i like that yeah it's it's very simple to use like weakens findings very easily just a great site very handy side at yeah it's a social media rob so that's what makes it more interesting in some ways and i am day because you could follow people and some people have hilarious reviews and their review is they take themselves very very seriously and then they were just rubbish reviews you know don't say anything but a lot of humorous ones and yeah so i mean i log every film i watch letterbox unburied i see day about it might take me a few days to get around to it but i date the oh i haven't got it back in when my facebook feed tells me then i sort of film before litterbox was launched yeah dude at somewhere else i copy and pasted in the litter box and dangerous appease even before they platform existed he write a review or give a movie a score or put a maybe on your watch list or anything like that goes into a fade which i look and see sack like the people that that following you see what's going on in the world movies with itself san diegan shit from from litterbox two years facebook page or twitter feed which are in their mouth i wish wish i wish more movie fans would get onto it or just some of my friends you know what i mean people here new movies but they just they just don't get it yeah but i mean i'm an easier to make lists like are you guys we talked about on this podcast on my on my list which i think you could go look at and say wow i've ranked every film film the sky over a hundred just as the jets are just piling on all the top one hundred yet reached with the maybe the the movies we did before becoming how do they have a lot to say yeah if you are banding she'll be on letterbox bucks yeah definitely and they get involved if you can find andy glenna myself on that definitely yeah and give me your opinion about the one hundred twenty maybe twenty nineteen hundred sweaty crazy is just the ones released this yeah yeah yeah it's been interesting because i've actually had like the complete opposite year like you're answering these last couple of months during these little hiatus as well actually haven't seen that much okay yeah you know average ten to twelve months which is robert lee i think is pretty pathetic but i do i do and other things do you have a logical and i have a lot so now guys this episode is part of them and had the greatest movie series based on empire magazines twenty seventeen article of the same name no doubt this list will be updated at some point people always ask me the question of what am i playing the the shirt once empire releases a new one i would imagine just off the top of my head that most of the films will be the same in my opinion it'll just be some of the twenty sixteen twenty seventeen token entries and witness list was near that will disappear that's just my opinion grave classics and a lot of the film like the film they're looking at today singing the rain is well i think you'll find the even though it might change position it'll probably still be that arrive obey arrival probably might be on the list nah i mentioned johnny come lately further down now six maybe even ahead of leaving citizen kane above guy that's gonna wait with bated breath any that's right but some so they're singing the right guys taking place during the rise of the talkies we made done lockwood and lena lamont's who have written the start enjoying the silent film of hollywood beautiful charismatic and influential the two combined to make a great on screen pass the introduction of talking pitches poses a threat to the powerful however when it's discovered by audiences that lena had an excruciating leash real voice anti young singer kathy selden woman who lacks the starting of miss lamont but possesses the beautiful voice of which is in dire need kendall gammon lena find a solution to lane is laughably annoying voice and salvage their careers these guys nerd has a question for you about the bat what was the real first full length talkie you guys know well it's often said to me the jazz singer but that's technically not correct because it had a short line mount jolson ended on all of the film is say yeah i've i can't remember what the first full length one was the first feature film with all sinker this dialogue with lots of new york in nineteen twenty eight and so the jazz singer is nine twenty seconds before so there's definitely in his ear that's for sure but yeah it's at the lots of new york is don't okay well some of your initial thoughts on singing in the rain guys i'll start here with you glenn well it's a fun movie is hilarious 'em it's irrepressible early optimistic is a joyful film in so many ways it's a movie about movies and that's always a good thing then also just a historical it's a it's a it's a period pace in that it's a it's made in the fifties but it's set in the twenties he's in that transition between the silent film era and the talkies which you know in some ways that was a tragic thing for a lot of actors who basically you know though now out of work because you know lovely actors in the silent films were when migrants that could barely we speak english or had very thick accents or else they just couldn't believe alliance and so i've not moralist out of work 'cause there's a sort of a tragic elements of that but what singing in the rain does it turns at all and it makes it hilariously funny and so it's it's hollywood would poking fun at itself you know a lot of the people in the production team they were involved in movies back in the twenties ensuring that transition period so they would have experienced all of that and so you know they're poking fun at himself in a really good natured way so yeah i love the film it's bright and colorful the songs are great performances on incredible the dancing performances all the musical performances the costumes sets its lavish and you know it's quite enough shape negative you're caught across the history of merging pitches from all the way back when it began i imagine you year across a lot of different years of film would i be correct well i wouldn't sales and expert but some interest reason i ask is do you have a favorite europe of movies that were members your personal golden age of cinema i do like the films of the nineteen forties early fifties you know the film and while i had the dramas and yeah so steadier of some you know it's still black and white with a few kala films creeping in now and then but yeah that's the sort of eroded i i am drone to especially the sort of warner brothers social conscience films where you know the crime they used to be called six and crime films but i had a really solid moral core and a lot of ways morality tiles that was the highest coated ascendancy board and all of that you know which put restrictions on what could be said and done in china and all the rest of it but you know the narrative element seldom are actually very very powerful in in a lot of ways good stuff right now what about yourself any initial thoughts on this film but you know what i mean i i think when he discovered this about ten fifteen years ago but it's kind of struck me is i feel absolutely everybody if you could even turn the sound down on this musical and they would still be extremely entertaining it would totally work you understand what was going on is just such a masterful match of writing music song and dance direction particular countries i mean literally every three seconds whenever you watch a lot of like hang on because i'm pretty much every they must be literally thousands and thousands of the outfits in this film just of metal line like the makeup is incredible there's just like every aspect you wanna talk about of filmmaking he's he and five star brilliance i mean it doesn't necessarily push the story long as you know some after doing musicals like la la land among other things going into that was like the other songs just gonna be like destructions or you election until be part of the story here doesn't really matter because the story so bound up in this world yeah but it's just make a deep run in even more fun and look i don't have much this del jennifer many musicals brea mazing section of the wizard of oz which i think is my favorite musicals of all time i'm like did i understand that film i was introduced that film at a very young age and i really enjoyed it i meditated for quite a long time actually it's the other way that's not in the top one hundred is another thing that's gonna come to the breadth of appreciation but he's still is because imply rated company on on the whole big fans of music but yet is he's his he attending up it's not the only one in the list i mean we just did the lion king yeah you lost one that's that's a musical i think lala land is coming up right fire misfield who will nami on the knicks time but like you say you're anti what is the number one thing that i'm not getting like about the or is it just personal type comes down the privilege that she thinks she had talent of donald o'connor in gene kelly in his dancing but they do the like in arguable like a a three or watching go and be find it extremely exciting because it just the sheer skill and talent and the way the smartest of this story in it's partly about obsolescence of sanatorium but just save cinema and just like they start going back and forth on him divorce he'll be out of like titletown these people had when they were like really young and then bring it up tonight in and show it showed off you know in an old singing dancing spectacular multiple dividing i think when you betty khandan al out of grain but the white is charged by stanley donen to like say well you know he's got his book of songs in the twenties please continue into a median so that developing story around these songs uneven i'm singing in the rain viewer instead of like you're a you know everything you do is the golden you're wrong we are we're not quite a bit i noticed in those in those hundred shy when we had to ask out say five five becomes autonomy bites i think we might only be like i'm like movies and that sort of like before nineteen sixty that favorites so yeah certainly around that time i think yeah there's there's a lot of talent and a lot of five favorite films as well andy a it's a very specific like three block is very very specific it's like eighty four to eighty seven london's invite my favorite movies all come from like little like you know time in the mid eighties it's just what bottle that yeah like that's my personal golden era and i'm proud to say sorry you know what i mean like it is like is this a science fiction fantasy iraq that just really struck a chord with me to this day again just trying to funnel that sort of stuff like it's hitchcock it's lynch semi in the right lane the great thing about doing real chat as well is that like that and then following this list and being taken out of my comfort zone is well glenn is that it allows me to discover these great films and he's doing irizawa his own rediscover you know great films from from a variety of years and it's you know i'm really enjoying it as so many thoughts about singing it thank you very much if you look at it it's a very very young what i love about this year is that the joy like not just for the for the medium of film which is really finding its fate in this year as well but movies at this time as well if it's just such a it appears to be i don't know if it's a big facade going but it appears to be a very very joyful time in history you know what i'm saying well now well it's postwar prosperity and yeah that that maybe that's the thing that's the part of the reason why musicals stunt today have that wide spread kind of enthusiasm and acceptance they are in a sense of the iran every now and then in a musical like lala land something comes out of chicago remember when chicago cameos at all the musical is being rebuilt there's you know the the musicals kind of rise again but it never does rise again and i i think it's just something about this era where you could go the movies cost you a dime you could sit there all day you didn't have to leave opted the screen you could watch the movie over and over again if you want it to shape mass entertainment especially in the postwar period where there's a post war boom economically there's more affluence and there's something about the buoyancy of that era i mean they'll musicals before the forties and fifties going all the way back in the twenties and thirties which of course this film hearkens back to a but there's just something about that americans sort of can do optimism attitude dude that that musicals captured that to some extent is all of its time no so thankfully we can go back to that time and enjoy it a but i dunno with the musicals will ever have quite the same broad appeal that they did in twentieth century period energy in this film is infectious as well life is like you just got captured into the energy of the film and there's some dan sequences in this movie the absolutely normal yeah yeah one in particular which will talk about a very shortly as well which just blows my mind everytime i mean it's you know it's it's also is funny the dmv lying down like there's lots of laugh out loud mormons i didn't expect this time around ida yeah you know and it's a wonderful sort of company that had say and i actually fully together with your point earlier about the musical being we expect had this conversation in about eighteen months time when steven spielberg's non west side story remake cinemas in december twenty twenty and it will be will be having exactly those conversations again i think you're seeing the rain was released from eleventh april nineteen fifty two in the usa and the twenty fifth of june nineteen sixty three in australia that's really quick isn't that glenn but yeah there is normally a bit more of a guest on that that solutely like even a you know even a year or a couple of years in in god's money these movies i think back then yeah yeah okay that really took me by surprise that quick we actually got that they were shut primarily the game gm studios in culver city california and then you ask also groundings chinese theater in hollywood loss angeles california as well of course starts with a bunch of an estimated two point five million dollars which sounds like a lot of the time at a gross twelve point four million worldwide resents the normally lodges well yeah didn't let me just get my calculator and justin inflation so they directed the film now we're gonna talk about in quite a bit today but we got the gene kelly of course in stanley donen as well a psychology direct the film so eugene towering kelly wasn't american dance of actor film stage and television one thing a film director producer toyota he was nine freeze energetic an athletic dancing style is good looks and the likable characters but he played on the screen baseline today for his performances and films such as an american in paris anchors away in nineteen forty five which he was nominated for the academy award for best actor and singing in the writing on it fifty two you start a musical films and said they fell out of fashion in the late nineteen fifties you start in choreographed occurred directed some of the most boat regatta musicals the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties they doing with judy garland in for me in my gal in nine forty two and followed by duke berry was a lady in nineteen forty three thousands chia nineteen forty three the pirate nine forty eight on the town nineteen forty nine and it's always fair without in nineteen fifty five among others glenn have you seen many of these films obscene a few of them yeah i i can't say i have not yet anyway yeah yeah it's hard to know how much direction gene kelly did i mean he's it's obviously credits at us directed but i mean is it just the dance scenes is the choreography you know like to what extent is he directing whenever they want to be doing what's done and doing whatever there's a car director is well it's very difficult to decipher exactly what yeah you know he's doing what he's on anthony lately on adama yeah oh yeah yeah and then a lady starting to move these outside the musical genre inherit the wing denying sixty in what away together for kelly directed fills without a collaborator in some of which he styled including hillary dolly in nineteen sixty nine which is not my kennedy award for best picture so would you classify yourself as a as a gene kelly fan well i think it's hard to argue with him when he's anyone's going just oh you're good at what he's doing differently and just to say anybody believe like just do what they were going to do what they say in every time i've seen otherwise being blown away yeah you also have transformed the hollywood musicals credited with almost singlehandedly making the ballet a form of commercial acceptable yeah which seems very strange 'cause like we were talking about people having problems musicals before like the ballet singing in american parents and here as we talk about reality like this film disguise disappeared on a tangent about ten minutes on your does yeah yeah i'm sure will get the w that that it does seem in retrospect one of the stranger and more amazing like rations of his he sees academy honoree award and under fifty two for his career achievement style the same year an american in paris one six academy awards including best picture as we mentioned i receive lifetime achievement awards in the kennedy the owners and from the screen actors guild and american film institute and in nineteen ninety nine the american film institute also ranked him as the fifty greatest miles scream legend of classic hollywood months which is very specific and the fifteenth seems kinda running in the snow today but some now the director of the film is stanley donen who was he just passed away this year denigrating yeah like in february i think so yeah he was american film director and choreographer who's my celebrated works out on the town in singing in the rain but which dodging kelly who corrected across size other films include royal wedding seven brides pacific brothers funny face indiscreet and you're right as nine sixty three when you know much about stanley diet does work under know much about him obscene most of those films some he's laid a career took a bit of a dip in terms of quality which is often the case food directors of this era charade was pretty good type cary grant audrey hepburn it was a kind of a old not exactly slapstick but a lotta times a thriller and i've always enjoyed that yeah they would look fantastic they symbolist when you mentioned just about like the vivid yeah definitely yeah somebody great molested about the desert maybe better what about yourself at east yeah yeah i mean not find him really interesting because there is that like you can if you watch them find these sorts of links but i think what what what's unusual like david the last person of golden hollywood eras die early this year end and becoming interviews you know they never feel like you get the no he means like doesn't have that real sort of stamp but at the same time he's clearly accused of killing a guy in a great collaborators they went very many parents have behind the camera in front of the camera creative teams southern europe liz kelly indicted the detour die i think this film is like a pet example is the way did you know there is this sort of symbiosis so they had it's pretty massively directed this film not just not just the car graffiti is well there's some great great shots in the film as well and you notice a lot of zoom a lot of very effective and then often quite humorous use of the zoom lens it was all you know quite frequently yeah sort of defend a lot of a lot of old school dissolves in this film is well yeah it's a very old school technique of showing the passing of time yeah a lot of spinning towards the camera i'm wondering where here again that and how they love the nurse someone does noted tweet is weird yeah yeah let us know if it's a bit of a sign of kelly's greatness let's see in a way that this film was overshadowed by american in paris which swiftly oscars at ease so while he's making singing in the rain he's just another he's lost film is on release and you know receiving lots of accolades and so i did a film as good singing in the rain can be shadowed by another film by the same leah actor and director is is pretty impressive phenomenal they're definitely now the film is written any you mentioned it before by a baby come in at at offscreen so the script was actually written after the songs and so the rise at the generate a plug in which the song is it actually fits which is quite unique quite a ride in the sons were from office parades and back catalogue yes i say they're all songs peed in other the films and he gets in and the ride stitch them altogether into a narrative that reminds me of bass lemons moulin rouge and the saints because yeah looming users bowie and elton john wellknown music and stitches all those well known songs into a different narrative yeah and sets and also as a period piece so no doubt luma new sort of self consciously aware of the singing in the rain i mean he's actually on the commentary on the discipline i've got the same much but he's on the commentary on singing in the rain insane same that's never good thing on the conjuring debbie reynolds is hosting an old she does literally all she does is announce who the next paris nothing else the hardest and that she has no one had enough i love other expedia edgy doesn't remember just being real talk about that these again in a little while his role glenn but that's because many of the songs had originally been written during the time when silent films were giving white authorities and musicals were popular with audiences competent green come up with the idea of the story we said jury not traditional period in hollywood and year they were intimately familiar with them definitely a good cold with this is well like you know obviously they obviously had this romantic interest in this particular a europe and decided well we've got this this idea and like you know what better timeframe to the seventeen yeah i out the phrase had been assistant producer on the wizard of oz an m g and basically just said we're gonna give you a unit we want you to make musicals yeah and it's just i mean he made something like forty musicals in twenty years something like that and i just chose the map name gm became known as the musical studio and freight had a good deal to do with that in fact it said the character you know the the sort of older gentleman who's the producer in the film is is meant to be modeled on phrase right yeah right that makes sense yeah that's fantastic because he's not like a hot the studio and he's like pretty nice guy got the job done yeah i think i have any other thoughts on the actual screenplay itself a book is decided multiple i mean it it's so economical like to be able to have the like the spinning he's not the headline and then it's like you know vocal coach is gonna get a lot of work and then we cut you even dissolve as you pointed out to the door but you look coach and then we get the round turns around times miss lamont sane and it's just you definitely fast i mean yeah it's wonderful yeah they only 'em lag is when we go into the long dance aikman's a lot of people sign out at that point in of itself it's a magnificent leap choreographed sequence but in the context of the film it does seem to be very lengthy and it slows the pacing down state but other than that slide quibble you know i i agree with andy the the the writing is very tight taught and and very effective yeah but otherwise it's like a thirty kind of gangster minute ratios extraordinary like it's really good yes so these cinematographer the piece was held rawson all right sir herald g or how rawson wasn't american cinematographer work journey early and classical hollywood cinema he's best known for his work on the nineteen thirty nine fancy film the wizard of oz as you just mentioned before his blog when he began his career ninety night as an actor at the autograph studios and the flatbush area of brooklyn in nineteen twelve he divided his time is office boy in the stockbrokers firm as assistant extra and handyman at the famous players studios in new york he's first film famous planes type in harriman nineteen fifteen as well i'm lucky they turn up all over the place and they still just a totally yeah then everybody i think december nineteen fourteen just take that year in for a minute ross inverse of california enjoined metric pitches and during world war one he served in the united states army after his de mobilization he went to work on the marion davies film the ducks the use of the contract with the davies company at nine twenty years signed by mary pickford working primarily with a brother jack pick fit in the nineteen thirties rosen signed with metro gold when my ya and directed the graffiti just some of the most popular films including treasure island the wizard of oz on the town in singing in the rain as well so it's quite a quite a lazy therefore i got all that heroin rosen so yeah what do you guys think of the greatest film looks a couple of nights of preserve put down here is that down for the color of this film instead of nurses black wide but of course we've got technicolor if you have a choice would you watch this film and black and white or technicolor if you had the choice look i think i can't imagine it in black and white okay i think the technicolor is magnificent it easing i just you never know the whole town of the film those primary colors a and you know the costuming and the set designs and everything is just unimaginable has a black and white film that well it's necessarily the story by the way if you buy the binary obsolescence and innovation going on kate the whole story yet essential parts of it which look like a deliberate fight i think like in the very very beginning will be getting outside of the chinese cinema it it looks like a like a drawing and then you kinda going into this whole world value a fake unreal that i think place around the color beautifully consultant everything owners do so warm this afternoon very warm very warm yeah yeah and okay let's move on to the cost guys that were speaking at a little bit so let's talk about him being hacked or performer james kelly he plays don lockwood he's performance in the songs singing in the rain obviously a conic some kind of seen in this movie i mean iconic he's real chance middle name without success we use the word on the shirt rap you know hundred episodes those but it just simply simply is like these films legacy is this song in this scene and it will go down in history for old time so the character does look within his performance and you guys any other thoughts on on jake elliott well he's so charming yes so handsome and charming if you know but he's kind of a nice going away there's one jarring there's one jarring moment way he posts mates coyotes elder hey we got bit creepy 'cause he puts his arm around and he leans in these don't you like he's made a twenty seconds ago and he's already hitting on a we movie stars got the glory i guess we have to take a little hot except go with it people think we laid live the glamour and romance but really lonely terribly long mr lockwood i can't tell you how sorry i am about checking for criminal before but it was understandable under the circumstances i know i've seen you would you my pictures of you saying i do remember i saw one once and what i think he would do a girl how much have you seen one you've seen them all and i mean this film doesn't pasta bestowed tastes like sure but i mean i guess you could say it's all viscera but mountainview so watching it i was watching when my daughter and we both looked at each other it's been crazy but yeah yeah basically 'cause you just forcibly ended a vehicle spinout anywhere and i'm like you got probably three times their age like let's not even the judge that it's a very very interesting thing but you're in twenty nine yet at the same time he doesn't really do anything egregiously bad and you know he he is the gentleman in again i'm like someone like robert mitchum or something like that who's always has this sort of rape fantasy is about him yeah we all know how many robert mitchum films obscene way he's actually dragged a woman off camera and right there and then come back and it's just he's still learning apparently mitchum's a bit like that in real life yeah but you don't you don't get that sense when gene kelly standing that slot creepy nece and then definitely has seen well actually know that much about his personal life i don't know if you guys are but he was like you know regarded as you know quite jumping in real life yeah yeah apparently apparently he is not nice to debbie reynolds died on easter and will come to that also pose when we talk about debbie reynolds not being a dancer and yeah having a skill out pretty quickly and apparently he was quite frustrating what ruta and kelly's update with fred astaire and is interesting anecdote that fred astaire came across debbie reynolds crying under a table because she couldn't get the dancing ride she'd never done dancing or acting she you know she's being the gymnast robbing a dancer and acta yeah she really was finding it really hard to get through the routines and fred astaire found there crying under title because couldn't get it right and he also karcher and help her out you know so that's interesting sort of sideline to the to the story okay yeah yeah i think it's interesting with with gene kelly you get a lot of like close up zooms particularly at the beginning he's faces like maton idle hands but then when you get along long shots of him particularly in the middle of this thing so you you see the the the physicality as well his exit row nice yeah it's like a great combination 'cause you don't always get that speaking of expressive faces is a donut kona vice caused by ran in the film domes lifelong pal a he becomes the head of the monumental pitches music department in the film he's phenomenal this guy i can't get a small of my face when he's on screening yeah like they were just some moments in this film and what she's doing things with his face and his physicality absolutely mind boggling and you can't help but smile and go along with a journey we did some positive yeah as well as any even in the background when other people have lines what's what's happening on his face is finally hilarious it's amazing yeah yeah of course the senate i was teaching at earlier a he's like solar dancing a good lord my yard and there's some behind the scenes as well about the fact that had to be right down as well and a you know like you always worked himself into a fit is my understanding is welcome to make this happen yeah i think he's not that well known i mean essentially the peak of his career and not much not enough to it's not on our best from the francis the talking donkey movies he made he made a whole series of mr ed style really films about a donkey the could talk in wartime films and i think the dunk he was in yami something like that or at least one francis joins me something so yeah they were quite funny this sort of like abbott and stella style schumer and so i always associate donald okano with francis the talking dumps it doesn't really have any other filming this demography that he's really like nine for yet and he never got nominated for any wars that i think i mean he studied he looks like he worded letter they feel if you like 'cause i don't really have much of a frame of reference out in this movie in his performance ryan command going on base he seems like someone who would like some variety television host on that but yeah yeah yeah there was one of those like the pitch will show our coming out and you could be like a regular on tv so he's fairly well known at the time i guess but no he's he's kind of pretty much did they get eight indeed yeah but that may come last sequence it it's up there ways you know in terms of best scenes and then the fat will favorite scenes in the film there's obviously the singing in the rain sequence but this one is up there for me it's not i mean when he does that backflip although apparently never done that move before you try it out so cameras he said yes he's got the dummy that's all totally improvise somebody throws that you know there's a scene where he's on the couch and he's got the dummy and he's using it as a prop on this slapping him in the face nick foles backwards off mccaskill that with all completely improvise provide someone just tossed in the domination all see what i do with this shows is inventiveness insurance company would have been like mono i wasn't impressed enough that he could make it ten ninety degree smoked four packs of cigarettes a day while right now the standard for the year wasn't well lungs but people were smart for cigarettes were dances like incredible anyway people need to go check it out and starts on new jeep or if he it wasn't home maybe you should hopefully by the end of today's conversation they will i'm gonna put together film a any that's that's where the costa debbie reynolds replace kathie selden the film directors gene kelly and stanley donen insisted that reynolds was always first name minds for row although the film revolves around the idea kathy has the fed lena's voice in the in the same way kathy he's doubling a line of lena's dialogue nothing he gave us the pot at level last of the styles ten cold gene hagans normal voice is used apparently as well hitting reynolds vermont many years later as well but making this movie and surviving child the hottest themes is it ahead to do as well so it looks like on this film a lot of fun this obviously but but yeah i mean debbie reynolds probably one of the you know like in along with gene kelly one of the biggest names to become you know from this film loosely dumped yeah what do you guys think of her at her performance in this film i think it's quite good accosting i mean she somebody who's like meant to be this young woman whose own giancana just arriving like you know like you had me a lot of times took about mulholland drive that you know these crazy hollywood stories there is another one because you know she's kind of driving down the street and then immediately gene kelly just jumps out of a tram adjacent passenger civic high end so begins is relievers implausible stories of stardom but she's voting for she's great i mean i'm sure you talk about you know the jails you went through the next couple of what we say yeah there were things like the good morning song and the one where she jumped the cake and dancing around on the beginning on yeah fantastic yes he writes he's got a really beautiful face in cheek and cnn and that's what's news today yeah definitely gonna go she's the mother of carrie fisher yes she also she's the same age as carrie fisher was carrie fisher style will share nineteen years of age i think she was eighteen when she wisconsin denying any when she shut the film crazy so there's an interesting coincidence they but she's got a similar kind of you know youthful the city of atlanta and the good morning sequence was horrific the main feet were bleeding into fourteen hours the shoot that scene and it will bleeding afterwards and you know so she really skilled up in a short period of time and you wouldn't but the thing is you would never know it i mean look at her dancing performances singing performances and you think like she has seized in dc for sachi young woman but it's all happening on the run more less so all the more of a remarkable achievement oh absolutely i think she says she's phenomenal in so many ways and like you say can you never know you have these behind the scene stories and noted the united center appreciate you know when the way she purchased a gene kelly bubble and he's masculinity by as much as i know you've seen one of those films you've seen a mole thank you for hanging the massive about the personalities on the screen just don't impress me i mean they'll talk they don't make a lot of dumb show where you know like that to me like what i do yeah there which means into a dumb like you're describing is ongoing but bugs bunny uses of the dumb like roggio something stupid plus he doesn't talk movies and she's a theater actress and she she probably has talent that she was using isn't yeah it is the most of this is there such a guy out of texas great moving onto 'em gene hagan he plays later in the month in the film a fresh off a role in asheville jungle i get ready the possible juice out of free did did on impression of judy holidays billy doing character from bone yesterday which hagan had been holidays understanding you which ultimately won her the row as well definitely thee most annoying in character in the film which which which was just about to say any implies that she did her job really what a but yeah that boy sort of like he's like i'm thinking about on the show for timmy yeah very effective let's see oh i've been busy lifestyle as a matter of fact yes i've been worried about it i guess but you didn't lose your job and she did you feel sorry for the people but sorry for she's the buffalo swimming or of course what do you think it's already done and there's a whole publicity campaign big plans knowing glances in dies looking down issues and there's like there's even joked about we'll know she's got these horrible boy some she's living she's oblivious to it so it's it's not exactly bullying but she certainly you know it's the bottom semi trucks which kind of feeling a little bit yeah but also you can't be that you like she's so good contract that dumb but that being that smoke 'cause he's just bang on every time i think giving us the sequence of the the the first time we see the film and she's got she's playing with a necklace and it's just the timing is so gold like it's just like another we should point out which makes things dance sequence and this is an these committee executives say well he's he editing and there's so many long share it's not like you know you like the speed which we used to think it is now so there's a lot of stuff is just raw talent ns timing and they're not afraid just the whole and let it play out i'll never know what i mean a pass from broadway melty some people like the valley i it's been stuff like this in has calculated that seems like it's yes she i think but she did anyone nominated for academy award we're gonna get to again today and i think she might she is if you're definitely not phenomenal performance that from jane how you end the lost a main cast member i want the touch upon was a miller mitchell who flies are simpson in the film a dna initials of the fictional hit a monumental pitches are reference to produce a the free and a are fm also users want a free favorite expressions when he says that he could not quite visualize it has the seat on film first referring to the broadway melody sequence out this is a jerk sixty audiences as you know just seen it obviously so yeah it's nice that you think that that mueller mitchell does in this role when i think he's good he's got that kind of a bunk kyla feel about him you know he's like this courteous old gentleman he's also been nonsense he wants to totally you know he he sees they transition recross listed there in and the idea that all will will will turn this into a musical and then he says yeah that's gonna work so got that businesslike got hurt remain at two am i think he's you know he pulls off the real quite well that's called a caricature all these like studio hidden i think you know what i mean like it's it feels like that to me but very very effective yana ninety dresser to hit a little pockets of being very very well yes but the other members of the supporting cast you guys wanna bring up at this stage is well really everyone else that day the five main cast members of course the buckle coaches i guess she's yeah yeah yeah and also opening sequence without the groundlings johnny states and and there's a woman there and you know she's like hosting the red compensate quincy's a lot of fun as well and that whole sequences hilariously funny you see the backstory i grew up for the boondocks and you know like come up through this blue collar so the background but i've romanticize the whole thing not hurting kelly's all dialogue about that is the way they capture those iconic sorts of a silent film sequences like you know running a by plane into the side of a bond and running into in the west and running into a cabinet gets blown up and all of that and i lost that sequence that whole like you know like oldest oldest stunts and standard is really menus is all sort of wink wink nudge nudge euphemism yeah videotaping his lawyer and we have to mention sicher race is well this reader we're supporting nbs cheese nobody many lines but border presence dallas and talk about wearing outfits well oh yeah the thing with the fans and that amazing veil and we will get to the boiling hot but that is yeah maybe you're right about the teams in this film it's like you know it's phenomenally well done and this film launched her into in a much greater stardom i mean she was ninety four days about this really you know center off on a new trajectory of yeah a fan favorite scenes in the film guys i'm definitely i mean i brought up before the consulate dancing is one that definitely think that for me as does the iconic singing in the rain dance number of calls and the sun sequence of dislike about as well but you guys have another favorite scene in the film when me and my two with those two that you've that you've just mentioned i mean the singing in the rain sequence you know it so often referenced and the song itself you know captures the whole field of filming optimism in the south bay reminds me a bit of doubt that others on a pendulum headman united here i got it rains pennies from heaven make sure your umbrellas upside down you know like it's all falling out of the sky all you gotta do is catch it and in a in a love the way he wipes the taxi driver aside you know the one who ride you know i'm just gonna i'm gonna walk it apparently that will he was wearing a will suit and apparently had shrunk customers and he had a hundred degree temperature apparently when you when he was making this yeah i mean that's that's really out there and the donald o'connell making lapsing off yeah yeah i think it's hot debate has do not agree with any of the melody the pod i just mentioned but situates dancing vail i think on the podcast i high school cultural capital we went and visited this costing makes additioning beller at a little like last year the year before i mean we did that top five favorite costumes and film history my number one was that outfit that she was because he's just so crazy like even if you wouldn't have ever seen anything like it before if you've ever cinema gar in the fifties the scale of it the depths of that delusion that they making this just the choreography over these incredible to be out of work we've reimagined imagine it must have been like about ten huge fans blowing a very strict all make their these by older she's like you know must be it looks like about said he made his longest but probably not just the scale of that and sheer imagination it would have gone into that and then we just gotta stands out in this movie is different pace different look different tell us game these characters you see tracy's mentioned the demise of sort of benefits how but you never know when he says the line it's just all done physically i just think that's a whole nother skillset there's just gonna be thrown into that and then back to you know i kind of realized it straight away went back to the gag and the story don't yeah not just gonna stand up me yeah it feels like it's coming out of him in days now glenn we'll just get this clarify that you did you touch upon the bechtel test a little bit earlier tonight right and then yes is the only ally palmetto penny jellies a little thing just to remind people that have have have at least two named women in it he's talked to each other that something besides the man oviously now did you actually look at the bechtel test in regards to this film was when you mentioned it before or did you just as you know i kinda thought about afterwards and i told her probably didn't pass now so i understand the uk from the research i've done now under the same way the paint as it's all i'd love to be willing to speak to paint jelly about these off the refinished today either does so we actually think about it i don't actually know what i'm just going by the recent wrong i've done now apparently does possibly even though i know you mentioned before there's no way this is why the pie and another woman fight man the republican is it the vocals are chino oh yes i think you're gonna be around around signs miss lamont yes the conversation and it's not about what i mean maybe maybe that's one woman who's in a professional role helping another person to improve their professional performance so maybe that yeah right one of those passes like he's like you get on one thing you know something that saves it when i was thinking about the film at the end of doing the research all surprised to see yes yeah right yeah yeah so yeah this according to what you will follow up on this i think by according to the research that i've done and i think you're right on yeah i think it does that is quite casing is what i'm trying to imagine a film passing the bechtel test where a woman jumps out of a cake i think they do now we've that's just a couple of frequently asked questions guys i did gene hanging down herself in this film you guys not among i said there's been a rumor the hagan spike and same with a real voice in the same way leaner supposedly being dumped by kathy leno on apparently this is only partly true hagan did dub her on speaking voice in those scenes but she did not do earn singing singing done on would you who's done either by hagan no reynolds but by making noises mhm all right we're so it sounds reynolds in the finale at you at all like you are my lucky style with gene kelly reynolds theorizing on good morning and kathy's rendition of seeing the rain as well within a deleted sola version of your mind like he's style in front of a billboard of done done for you right here looking to do anything like that why we shooting the title song challenging for the filmmaking still you know well willing hotter shit that much water just about the same vein is a filling in any rain is never believe there's not a whole the other that wasn't just right is well that was like a downpour wasn't but the milk goes on they know that there's a rumor mill but actually that's apparently not true that it's all to do with back lodging yeah so it doesn't actually show up on film does it will remain range yeah that's right only hunters something with a to make it three late from the rear they definitely have to do that to make it work the way it does show and i'm also the famous film that doors in the middle of the day as well okay it required in times said to be covered with a be big heavy top which sounds like you know like i don't like his nightmare as well and but the thing is is when you we all know the saying its iconic and then i had you don't think about that at all and that may night succeeded tremendously yeah just a little bit more trivia here guys from mom singing in the rain rental types of robbed her husband to make himself cry for the ultimate scene in the movie when kelly tells me audience but she adult lena is will do stop advancing cavalier pitcher that i'll do it like a good idea it looks like it looks it looks like it doesn't real but it looks like it should be it should but then knowing is well like the backstory that even funnier than she needed stuff amalfi soon so she doesn't have the greatest memories of this film it's all about stuff like that she didn't bite into and onion like tiny habits so yes i mean obscure politicals jari alternative alternative politics out of the american muslim this is a further make him laugh number gene kelly as donald i cannot survive a trick he had done as a young dancer running up a wall and completing feeding of somersault which is about before the none of us are physically taxing the kona who smoked four packs of cigarettes a day is you mentioned as well at the time ended up in a hospital bed for a week after wishing he suffered from exhaustion and painful topic yeah yeah because unfortunately an accident ruined all will be initial forty two after a brief rest i kona amateur professional agreed to do the difficult number all over again napoli throughout the lazy solar admitted that he did not enjoy working with gene kelly since kelly was somewhat of a tyrant account said but the first several weeks he was terrified of making a mistake states being yelled at by kelly mm mhm white simulated well i will germany somebody else's man had that role for longtime listener like oscars somebody yells rating dan i'm just trying to remember who it was now but there was somebody else costing wise role on this show van so think of some another yeah i think i don't think he said choice no guy this was the seventh time the song singing in the rain was used on the big screen lucky number seven butter salmon remembers yeah yeah totally exactly right he was introduced in the hollywood review of nineteen twenty nine where some twice spike lee fed woods in the bronx this is ben buddy in gm roster in front of noah's ark backdrop a clip from edwards footage later used as part of the talking montage in babes in homes from nineteen thirty nine jimmy durant's sing it briefly speak easily in nineteen thirty two in the old doc house also from ninety two melvin douglas ending singing the song somewhat as well as judy garland put a spin on it in little nellie kelly in nineteen forty and the song is also featured as an elaborate musical sequence performed by william bendix in the cast in the babe ruth story in nineteen forty but again none of them remember guys in regards to the now you gotta have that would cause you obviously audience glenn the dvd blu ray or for kyle dried stay releases came out on dvd in two thousand originally and then he goes special edition a couple of years later in two thousand two now this'll be the one you're talking like land because the original had nothing on it any early days of the day like not even not even a trailer is my understanding is just the film and i wasn't that great quality by the two thousand two special dish in david eight which according to the audio commentary that's on their glenn de original negative is absolutely destroyed in a fire did you hear about this year that's right a news in the in the days when they had nitrites film which is incredibly final end it was digitally restored for that particular special she'll dishing dvd release his well now i think you mentioned unreal chat before about the this is something that we've gotta be very wary about without ot's like something destroyed by fire is quite dramatic i mean yeah you know you're in previous chat we were talking about the responsibility of preservation whose responsibility is is in my suggestion was at the studios should be investing billions of dollars in film preservation in restoration because if they don't do it who's gonna do it and then universities not in the cia so well is that documentary side by side on friday by kiana reeves yeah like in definitely recommend which talks about how every time we go to preserve something it the technology comes out dieters wrong digitally like you know if you went to possess two thousand three digitally it's not gonna be right now yeah there's this whole idea in each get the physical like a physical version of it yeah school size he's put a lot of money print version yeah so this this audio commentary that's on this dvd release when have you heard that info i listened to yeah it's it's pretty good steady rain all donald i kona centuries kathleen freeman director stanley darden the screenwriter is nice living on there yeah and also rudy belmont novel and seeing the rain discuss the legacy of the film yeah with so many participants it's always a little bit piecemeal when they're a sign many voices as i said w rentals basically just introduces the participants and where you'd rather hear some of her own antic died slidell there together as well no no it's it's clearly editing they're not only in the same yeah yeah buys lemons voice sort of is a bit jarring he's got that really high pitched voice stands out from old permanently others but he's obviously very enthusiastic about the film and it looks great on that day by day and i want us to get the blu ray haven't got ugly relationship but i look for blue right couldn't get one the best i could do is pick up the dvd but it looks great i mean look really right on my tallies you can get a blue right lane but you have to leave the country nine can get it as well and never come out on blu ray here in this society which is obviously doesn't come out they came out two thousand twelve two versions obliterate obliterate sixtieth anniversary ultimate collector's edition released everywhere as far as i'm concerned except the stralia which is why i don't know what it's done doesn't exist and we've had a couple of other cool special features one which worked well for many other one not so well but there were some short film clips for example al jolson singing in the jazz singer and some of the silent film stars and they're swashbuckling scenes and things like that so you get a bit of us sort of some archival footage but then there's another feature where a little a film cannot stop pops up on the screen and you're supposed to say the early films which inspired the sequences in singing in the rain but for some reason my desk wasn't working properly only catch a couple of those but the one that i did watch which is really interesting was it took you back to a red carpet seen outside the gremlins chinese state about from nineteen twenty nine of something like that iran and you see how well they models that whole scene on and act on the kind of actual sequences and what would have taken place in the day right oh yeah it was really very odd hours bolan 'cause i've watched all the stars ones recently now this reminded very much of that is what's that i think station yeah you'll be sorry i said just as a side note we didn't we have a mention the top tier swashbuckling that happens in the in the rattlers the royal rosco has some great thoughts about thinking that really great states choreography fight scenes is spending like sarah by going into that sort of thing yeah and i've tried i've apparently they blew right as well has some hd special features like credit for is well there's more incentive for fans of the film definitely a but unfortunately yeah here's stralia version which is really looked for cable he's obviously is well glenn state but the really disappointing thing is that you can stream it other amazing not only can you know going the jay being at the blu ray seeing the rain you can actually streaming services department nada i can't speak for you know the uss how many other countries but definitely not here so you have to pay the rent it for like five dollars and age day or purchase it for fifteen dollars from google play itunes the microsoft store playstation or you cheer which is sort of coming friday now he says ridiculous as that you purchase an age day but you this year will molested and there is keeping your physical media because within the robot apocalypse come in that crash is a whole gets taken over by then you're gonna need something to watching movies with any definitely look the story ashley and i think just after nine eleven two thousand one this is like suddenly the messy spiking people watching this movie because of people wanting to my need something we're showing any something he's gonna be taking caldwell rodney alburto yet again so yeah even watch this reminds me there's a scene in crimes and misdemeanors way woody in woody allen in mia farrow watching singing in the rain and a multi allen says to the main character i have to watch this every couple of months just to keep my spirits up somebody if he gets his fantastic fantastic yeah yeah yeah dana white lake watched the film and you understand it was one of france watch her father's favorite films he said he knew the film frame by frame anyway the cinema unsee it often are high in now normally this this segment is run by out by other young andrew mccaskill which is music on monument right obviously a gigantic hottest don't put firstly i mean there's obviously a number of watching some personally that school by but he was american vision the conduction of laser and he's like trademark apparently where you're sort of wearing a captain always more of the original owner like just like you he's like a comic book by them and the songs is well there is a nice you're grounded the music announces freeze alerts but yeah any particular nuts on music in this film is a song goes go guys what one thing that stands out i think it might have been raised by somebody who is the moses opposing section that means it's usually very different to the other city other songs which requires rich and beautiful sound very much like money twenty filters tyson was a bit that that that really set out we wish accusation that is but that's one of my favorite things in yeah and it just again they just said she had been going on and the timing when connor is pulling faces to make fun of the guy and and he turns a look at him and he's got a straight face and it's just a perfect timing and then the laundry telling me doesn't catch it and it just after a year that's but that's on you yeah they've been again it's totally what states owns a beautifully done it but i'm they're doing their arrangements wonderful yeah head romantic elaine music as well like the songs to me the the songs were so great and stand out to such an extent the the the rest of the school i wasn't paying that much attention i mean yeah it's clearly is khuda stitches it altogether but yeah i guess join me it's the song is really the highlight is very julius will place the mood of the film a quiet at some sort of get through school side but you know he's doing a good job because getting the emotional response you notice transitions and that's a difficult thing to me because i think especially important when you do that transition from the story in having back and forth and dialogue from into this some particular things in the mid even right yeah and if you remember that where i think right charles and his girlfriend having arguments and i thought going into one of writing songs and it just sticks out like a sore thumb horrendous and like the film i think he's pretty overwhelming particular when he could do something like this where it's just blows in and out so seamlessly yeah on about you you know you're kind of prime just rush in the beginning and why did the stories being told you know we'd women's painting a molly would men idols all sort of like fighting realities melodrama they just went to the song singing in the rain will be making today would have had any idea that it would still be like you know still iconic to this day like sixty something years after the release of the film directors i would've nine like while we got time or some hair line yeah i dunno because given the debate and so many other films earlier at the time was probably considered a standard and i i would suggest if they didn't really know how huge was kind of vague subsequently now but anyway the hell yeah delia versions of the songs at sort of raises it reminds reminds me of the film like the maltese falcon which had been made before yeah and nobody knows who is in nearly a version of it but the chemistry out of the boat got paid lowry sydney greenstreet one that becomes definitive one and earlier renditions of meaningless you know and yeah so i think the similar thing happens with this rendition of singing in the rain i'm a bit actually bit sad but it was used in clockwork orange the way that it was minds are kind of that that brutal a sexual violence saying if somebody identify the song would that scene which is kind of a sad travesty rarely of welby original use of it yeah juries pro eleven year old son ultimately we we should mention she'll be the music is the way the reach some differently cetera rises and is a great example of a different type of dan or how this time of year so we had the charleston dance with ian all i do is dream anything we have at the beginning when debbie rose jumped remember synchronized dancing and then we have like a a very very on the nose kind of uments in any way to be able to tell a you know when jake killys taunted held wls how we feel about very conscious site you're great guest to go into a studio and then do a whole song and that's kind of sad arises just hawaiian like hot the romantic suffering which is the britain buttering disarming film here as well which wasn't so much about baseball remember for those romantic drama and so there's different divisions that and then we get you know there's a beautiful go which is another like more than near the goldilocks thirty three style is happening slow dance whole chorus line so yeah it's just a great little trick definitely there were three sandra releases that i found so they strip ahmed originally came ron music back in two thousand two interestingly leaving the rains in seemed to have a soundtrack like a vinyl release of whatever like back in the diet from my understanding didn't actually get a public relations to this century but from what i was at regather anyway i wouldn't blame gm right there online responds if i didn't release some of the songs on bond yeah i seem to remember that being released which featured a song wasn't in the movie which is why you have seen over to his dream of his own version of it after that the dancing in the beginning like smitten with debbie reynolds and by himself well maybe i should specify memorial will address seventy eight or something forty six track two thousand two runner music to this machine but then water tower music gung ho be right through it and then in twenty fifteen they release twelve track a release a forty one minutes thirty track alexa addition seventy six minutes while so yeah and then at the same time sounds like you're in the public domain he said they said releasing it yeah fucking love could be made to get the rights to use that someone 'cause you're going you know jim kelly we're gonna put this in you any saying he would not be happy with that yes for it'll cost you fucking today to from twenty fifteen motown music yeah that election tampering as somebody who wants to get the track compared to that original runner one which is forty six but again you just don't know with the with the truck numbers because sometimes try to put together a man like five alternate type began exactly exactly so yeah that should be does twentyfifth big ones is still got the alternate versions of the latest thing scenes gene kelly saying over praise of all i do is dream of you just mentioned one yeah so i ended up now on the party at are simpson's house when kelly chases after reynolds the song indian kelly's bedroom with scott from the release lease version aptitude previews and the footage has been law i said look kills me how this is pretty just get it when i hear that the reason they lost one thing about that though he's always take that comment for that don't necessarily taking this goes yeah yeah you're right because filtering in george luckily brazil and yet i cannot tell you what the film music world as well like be a matter of film scores it apparently had been lost and then years later the label release the school and i said well we found it somewhere you know what i like this week freddie mac nobody before the distant i think it's an excuse sometimes i think it's like there's there's all sorts of rights problems and sometimes things that come out because of rights issues more so because we can't find the film fans and then net off stay back a little bit i think there's a there's a bit of a stolen yeah yeah like asking for it because we don't have it you know what i mean demand reynolds solar rendition of your my lucky star was cut off the previews apparently this number has divide and cleared on the original soundtrack and dvd of the film as well so end in the steamy van damme segment of the broadway melty ballet which centuries and james kelly reviews from but the production tired and the catholic church is legion of decency see objective to a brief suggestive pose or movement between the dancers although there is no precise documentation of one aware was cross examination of the free store into the dance so abrupt tops when she reaches wrapped around kelly indicating tainting the the the purple location like woodcock leno out in a pretty we don't see it really had a desire to not be in that sense of cinema parody so cut out top scenes there's gotta be in just quickly glenn only use of your my lucky stars well being a massive fan of highly in a hearing replacing it at the end of that movie in china tied into its use here and stuff is quite you know that'll be the first time even made that connection you see now that you say it yeah well said she she she seems really things ended violent and who would have thought those two films would have come out really scott obviously a big fan of the song but the now the legacy of this bill pop culture is all i ever singing in the rain as it should be really on but i love this one kelly's hometown pittsburgh pirates games at pnc park played a scene from the film drink rain delays and i love that that john testy in the nineteen eighty three television special paintings in goes to the movies the film is mentioned at some points as painted the forms version of gene kelly is famous dance from the nineteen fifty three film in the nineteen eighty nine woody allen film crimes and misdemeanors yet cliff played by william allen and how they played by mayor federer watch singing in the rain eclipse apartment which claims to watch the film every few months to keep his spirits up in nineteen seventy six christmas special the british comedy act balkan wise tired of the singing in the rain sequence gene kelly seeing the rain secret is one of the opening scenes of the great movie ride at disney's hollywood studios kelly approved his order animatronic likeness prior to his delivery the florida it's raining do the dance titles on his parody does well in the two thousand five broadway musical spam a loss in the dance break to always look on the bright side of life complete with tap dancing not spinning bright yellow umbrellas around that's amazing yeah but seeing the rain secrets was featured in a two thousand five volkswagen golf commercial with gene kelly same break dancing in the street also featured with me royale version of the song accompanying the commercial as well apparently the party the number singing the raymond speech in two thousand five animated film robots west end up played by robin williams breaks that singing dancing after dropping off a day instead of rain he says oil defeat the film stadium and emulates gene kelly's iconic swing on the lamppost three songs for the film will feature the substitute season two episode of the media companies television series glee something i'd never seen have you guys seen any of that yeah not all of it yeah my kids and i say emphasizing any and i am in two thousand twelve film silver linings playbook jennifer lawrence is character is inspired by clip of dollar kona and gene kelly dancing to merge this opposes firm singing in the rain as well the two thousand thirteen animated shorts the surgery nine moses page the young female guys dancing with a pair of holding dan choose to the sharing of moses suppose it's two thousand fifteen remain drama film brooklyn tiny fiorella takes helius lacy on a date to see the film and then the next scene he emulates gene kelly is calling swing on the land party leaders from guys you're in brooklyn i have seen brooklyn i thought it was really good actually remember that that sacred in jamaica pretty obviously i mean yeah definitely a guy at the scene in which gene kelly things you may may his speech in the two thousand fifteen ninety miles from the intern taking the reins inspiration for the twenty sixteen musical filmar lala land i think everyone knows that directed by damian chazelle the song a good morning was featured in the legends of tomorrow season three episode harm and the videos of the bts on board with love heavily is they're gonna they're gonna mentioned on this thing so there you go that's over pop culture reference sano you missed one dude yeah okay well i did yes you have while there's a tv series called press gang like i did you might remember about kids running and he's like oh darn julie so i learned dexter fletcher now famous movie director at the end of an episode of i think last episode of the season to quote a finding of dragging he they they had this long sexual like no safe and kids but like randy tension and then eventually case in any emulates jumping the lamppost thing the right thing that i did not find that might not yet there yet but dexter fletcher directors rocket man wants to this stuff makes any how's this is well adoptions a comic book adoption did you guys know this existed eastern tell a movie love number fourteen from april nineteen fifty two not but he had heard of this glenn yeah i looked it up it is yeah 'cause i mean on a comic fan i got the collection of old us material saw this very curious about that unfortunately the car is not a and covers comics role that the cia scrapped the good you know let's let's face it what's inside is not really high literary quality about the cover is not very singing in the rain michelle really yeah but it's it's a reference to that being the content by that yeah i mean just look at it as a statement a popular segment here on real chat a sequel prequel remade on relievers all leave a learn a place glenn please leave andy he's thinking about it in trade whether it's equal but it would have had to have been made in like nineteen fiftythree yeah right so i don't i'm not that interested me when i get under well i'm i wouldn't i wouldn't mind seeing what comes next up being i mean it's got it's got a very satisfying ending some really great anything else but the great characters in uk someone's telling his although would be in trade so don't leave it alone but it also leaving going in twenty nineteen i mean did he think sacred andy well not only that he just got to brianna might the side i mean the final saying they're standing on a billboard and the size of the marianas like in a way this story oc is finished mendy only way placed a guy from that is if they if their relationship stay together and they were famous and successful and all that well there's no story in that hopefully so sadly the relationship would have to fall apart and he would have to become an alcoholic or something like not the least likely running my become more like clockwork orange tell you which arguments being singing in the idea hey siri voice where there's still no two wins by side in me i would mind fifty three to domination best actress in supporting all the jim how you know yet but man the best music streaming music will pitch when hater as well so i turned on the nations the golden globes nine fifty three he won best actor comedy or musical donald are kona no good he got something ain't gonna go ahead and honest one pretty good heart had nominated for best motion picture comedy or musical as well but noted with the one that year parents what i wanna see the look at you look at what american empire yeah probably was actually yeah yeah rotten tomatoes website certified singing in the rain freshman freshman the school of white for it one hundred love village okay fifty positive zeroing negative writes that he joins this procedure list on that top one hundred grand everyday the terminator toy story seven semel right and rear window right okay they're the only ones that a hundred and seeing the rain in the fire from be thirty or movies looked at so far as part of this list yes are the audience go as well ninety five percent so so very good run average rating of exceptionally high four point five three out of life i am db is well very good eight point three out of ten might be like all right glenn is going to be giving us some exclusive you unreal chat the litterbox school for seeing the rain will be out of find frozen litterbox school is on average at a five point two thousand reviews oh four point three very high which is pretty high noon letterbox when it is there the school's going lower the ninety day school yeah because you know they did ingrate should have done like musicals the kind of you know score low and so first of all they algorithms out i think they so the top one hundred guys does this deserve to be there he's number sixty nine a fitting position for as well so are not nice to lay on this i mean like hey we gotta start looking at positions i mean look look look some some sort of bob and so i think we still yet to get to la la land and guardians of the galaxy to i think it's just gotten but the galley say i think okay right well yeah okay yeah okay yeah so it's too late i think begins glenn it's way too low which reflects the empire ratio they're not exactly fifty annot as a classic cinema so it definitely deserve to be in the top one hundred films of all time maybe it could stand as representative of the musical genre i mean it could really it could be that which captures that hall slice of hollywood you know history in creativity so definitely in the top one hundred and and i would put her up much higher yeah i think for quite a long time it wasn't number three or four and the sudden sounds don't best teams of all time and there's always gonna be on the go and citizen kane and i think for a while this is like the rules of the game or maybe someone like number three or four and yeah yeah yeah well david scranton's britain's fiber from for a few things about movie yeah i mean he's ready seems like a chronic illness raiders sorry listen listen he's on a clinic yeah if you look in all honesty guys this film probably isn't in my personal top one hundred however it probably should be here in this one hundred because i'm surprised with the voters and they were gonna put in a million views and yet you're right but i understand these films place in film legacy yeah if you're not gonna get leniency lewin easter parade in other yeah fantastic musicals then yeah let's get one yeah but having said that i don't think there is any musicals in my personal top one hundred you know what i hear you guys like it it should be guys it it just wouldn't be mine all right so the species offer that traditional five star review system so now i'm andrews absence who should i start with yeah he wants to say hey let's go while i think it's i think it's pretty clear from everything upside down would give us a five star rating i mean it's hard to think of the film in its genre but his better i mean there are some as good andy's just mentioned made me in saint louis and you know there are other great musicals absolutely balls and so forth but if you can't think of the film based out of this is john ra then you gotta go five stuff yeah i would agree northport yeah it really kind of sums up this entire ero like i think even outside of just being musicals he's gonna look at m g and movies all films from the nineteen fifties just just has such a combination of amazing talent in one pies at one time i mean they're throwing so many things in the world stage i mean it was like thousands of people employed in gm to constantly like musicals i mean we think of how many movies the studio put out a year like it's nothing compared to what they were doing back then wherever you know every week there's another movie not the big budget you know sort of maybe and if you're gonna be out of some up as a whole that whole year of all this talent italy's industry industry i think this is a perfect example fuss about starts from years well i definitely yeah no that's fine yeah he ran you and are quite a few films so far in which you are giving some pretty high school yet i stand by my first off model and dr elbowing great show the dead and many great films that's right that's it so just like with the lion king i have to beat the slight dissenting voice so they're like i'm gonna be very very fair to this movie because i think i made a pretty clear that this film has a very very impressive legacy and has to be you know what i mean but i never ever come under my arm podcast and just trying to tell people what they wanna hear i always say like it is so let's get the final word just quickly guys but like you know it's a very very fair opinion of this movie i think the music comes in i simply just don't get along all right i i just walked away from it thinking of is good all right so what really sold me without shots and as well seventy iconic connick songs and imagery in this film is well there's so much color in this film matere keller and it looks beautiful especially the big dance number with gene kelly needy end now that scene in the beginning with gene kelly lanes and debbie reynolds cow they're trading bob's was fun mind you but those parts gene kelly is touching her name is on top of a salute to real seventy number dealing with right now is probably going on back then to me honest sadly that's where my mind went in this moment as well and i have telling that he's either glenn but it also felt like they had all these dance numbers but i just needed a branching story just sort of title together that is actually one of my biggest issues with the film is on hold right there were some points after sewn rose dislike why that happened i will say i really like debbie reynolds and this is the way that she sort of trade bosra gene kelly was great and i hope performances great sir well why why there were some coney jackson is generally lasca as well you know what i mean i'm the truth is i get why many love this movie gene killing the tourists we worked overtime to make every second of the film camp and dog kona is extremely challenging at times completely and totally not as well i'm sure this mostly comes the rule is a bit blasphemous how does not love one of the greatest musicals of all time but to be honest i appreciate the film is technical kroft but i feel unfortunately a distant as well maybe i'm just not into the league cheeky satire and fifties mentality of the script is well maybe i have limits how much i expect the film the show off maybe on suffering a need to love the film as much as everyone else in dry with all that said there's a bit of musicals outdated i put up for happiest musical the wizard of oz one is better music and the spectacle back the front i think personally they could be better gene kelly films out there as well even with turning directing is well on on the town is a film i really like if he's in that win it yeah i get why everyone loves the film i liked the concept about the screen couple not getting along offset unemployed replace the famous actress boyce without her humble nearly but on occasions of drag little for me as well i also feel the fills reputation and my app sean lee action movie a bit for me personally as well so it's definitely a very very good some days in front of a piece of american history and it's worth a watch however i never found a place in my heart as much as some other classics as well which means foles but me personally finally into the very you know the very recommended slot of greenhouse us three off yeah okay all right so you don't like that oh no no you justified it is the fear of you know i take issue with it i'm like i'm surprised you added that hop off the hearing that you thought you were gonna say full oh really yeah yeah so we do things you love these miners yet it's a great it's a classic movie but still recommend night yeah i would recommend that people should say this movie right so yeah three nonstop and recognize familiar i find this quickly guys you're gonna find the real jet dot com dot eight years will sort of social media feeds facebook twitter and instagram instagram where the patron account that we glenn way to do it but your big part of it is no doubt about that and apple podcasts wherever you guys there's a rumor dodging disappears for number i listen to the apple podcasts is too great but it plays into that guys especially replacing it i think i think apple plans to lecture caesar's say yeah like music and i think that's pretty much it yeah so what kind of situation and i'm so very very special thanks to a self anti fa coming back things inviting you would turn up three nothing in the race if you look at the least saying what's coming up yeah yeah is it well he's each day to suffer cloud that is just clarified listeners know i still in the top one hundred nine but we had been commission use like a real chance through a respected review on a similar choice you know like i know that patriot on pace to our website but yeah thanks again anything key man glenn thank you very much for coming back in the building as figure amazing a real knowledge and a yeah if you look at the top one hundred carolina has always been a bit of a while ago now but yeah i'm happy to come back and talk about two thousand one space but all i wanna i wanna call yes thank you very much in the now these include that is that a real job

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Your Branding is Your Reputation with Jas Takhar and Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

38:38 min | 1 year ago

Your Branding is Your Reputation with Jas Takhar and Adam Kipnes

"A qualcomm we believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever five g is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education empowering mobile. Pc's the invention ages here. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age. Welcome through the entrepreneurs mba bringing you lessons from real life entrepreneurs. They don't teach business school. Here's your host business and marketing. Strategist adam kipness. One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is getting the noise out of their business getting out of their own head not letting outside influences takeover or. Stop them from moving forward or causing concern. How do you think about your business in the way that. What can you control. What can you do. How can you support your team. Be a great leader without letting outside stuff takeover and once. You can do that once you can get in a for lack of a better term a good meditative state in your workday. It allows you to do so much more and more stress free business. We're going to dig into that in a big way today. Here on the entrepreneurs mba podcast. I'm your host adam fitness. I appreciate you taking the time as always to listen. I want to thank c. Suite radio for providing the platform. For us i would like to thank network together for the events that they put on in for their sponsorship of the show. For those of you who want to meet other people who are in a networking world goto t. events dot net's. They have events every day of the week where you can meet people from all over the country and all over the world to help you in business and in life so anti events dot net. I'd like to thank both of them. And for those of you who are looking to continue to grow business and need different ideas of how to make money in this market without spending a ton of money on marketing or advertising. I encourage you to download my book. The ultimate revenue breakthrough. It's free if you got a free book from adam dot com. It is eight steps to making more money without spending any money on advertising. That being said. I'm really excited for this conversation. Because it's gonna be high energy it's gonna be fun. It's going to be diverse. Jaaz tucker. Thanks for joining today on the show. I appreciate being here. Just a big congratulations to you. My man and kudos as fellow contract contact creator and entrepreneur. I know how tough it is to juggle both. And you're doing that. You're putting out so much content on a daily basis. We were talking a little off. Your ad. And i can feel the synergy man. I could feel the the the the kinship towards each other. Because you yourself. Wanna bring a lot of positivity and optimism and so congratulations man like for all the listeners. And the viewers. If you're new to adams podcasts sharing this man's putting on a lot of content. He's doing a great job. Brings a lot of energy an amazing smile from guys that were walking the dark for a walk right now and and driving the gal. That are doing their thing. You can't disguise smile grass smile. I'm ensure it by adults. Thanks again for having. We'll just thanks for saying that and May i think my hair's better made my grease monkey now. I bet your hair i. I don't wanna lie to the listeners. You ain't fair. That's the hair seen better days. But i i love having these conversations and the content creates itself. Like i'd love to say that i created but creates itself because i get to talk to people who are out there doing things that have gotten beaten up by the world that have made great things happen in the world and we get to talk it out and hopefully like we said before we got on. Just put one nugget out there that someone walks away with. It was worth the time. How cool is that right now. Right like you're you're zona. I'm in toronto. Canada and we're trying to hopefully touch someone maybe in australia like. That's just so cool. Like my my father and mother. Seventy two to seventy five. That could have never imagined. You know what i mean like like able to not only hopefully inspire someone But we can start our business. Internet thing is awesome man. I truly love it because because we can. We have the opportunity now. No excuses like anybody. Who's watching or listening. What is your excuse really. Like i think if i if you're watching and listening alec now's the time to have a pendant like stop the recording. 'cause i think on our job in mining atoms today is to really bring a lot of value for you actually. Today's like make this not like every other book. You read workshop you went to other podcast episodes. You've listened to take note and then start right away with something to words. it's attainment. Don't let tuesday morning happened. Just like an happens every other week. Don't let that be here. Excuse take action on just from even one one little thing to move the needle in the right direction. Love that and for we are recording this on september. Twenty first of twenty twenty one. You're listening to this. It's toward september twenty first. It is ninety four days to christmas. Now what does that mean. I'm running a group right now. Call the hundred day sprint christmas right and you can still in two thousand twenty in pandemic that we happen to be living through and those of you listening in the future probably remember it very well. Those listened to it right now. Know exactly what we're talking about. Twenty twenty didn't go as planned and you still have ninety four days to get done exactly what you wanna get done in the ninety four day sprint to christmas along those lines thinking about that like taking now and getting done what you need to get done when you started your business. Tell us a little bit about that. Mean was this like a ban. I've got an idea and you just came out of the gates running or when how did it all transpire for you when you started your first business. Well so my first business was. What was a team that i currently have right now. It's been fifteen years for me in the real estate business and so With all the content. I do Somebody what you really do now jazzy. When you scrub it all away. I'm a real estate broker. I'm i do focus a lot of my business on investing in real estate because that's been kind of niche that i've carved out personally with the content and my my personal clients but i also have a team with my business partner of a thirty four realtors and we help people are by selling investment. So i've always been a salesperson at heart for me all started. I can take it back. As like a seven-year-old i had my hand up like right away when the teachers are asking like. Who wants talking christmas. Who wants to knock on. Doors and sal ornaments for whatever the border jared Who wants to help out at the book fair. I was always like. I'll do it probably a little bit to do with. I knew that i could get out of class because of that type of learning and not that. There's anything wrong with it. I just learned like that and then at twelve. It really struck me. Because i was the first time i got aid for for for being in kind of a sales position which was a newspaper at work. I mean i'm sure. Millions of people are listening. Right now have also started. There was a little different for me though is that i realize the people around me. My friends okay. The the the boys that i played basketball and soccer they wanted. The money would be the kind of the freedom that i. It was a macho pocketed. Weeks i'm thirty five dollars. At that time. They felt like it was thirty. Five million eight right but It was nice. Because what i started to realize that they were just scared to even make a phone call to ask the district manager for a route like for for a paper out of their own so i would get more paper routes and kind of broker them over to my friends they would deliver the papers. I would take a little kyle kind of like like a like a almost like a drug dealer. At that time you can make you think about it but at elite paper routes right then i knew i got the drop and really got addicted to were in knocking on doors and sally and meeting people of and also understanding at a young age all can make some money. I spent majority of it in the first. The first few months gutted spent it then. I was like well. You know what. I want something a little bit. Different appears shoes. That are nicer k. Are gonna save it. My father was a taxi driver. My mother was a factory worker so pigeon Pinching pennies was something that i just got a guy understood how to do it. I understood how to save. Because that's where my parents had to do. This three boys. We played all the sports. It'd make a lot of money. My parents knew save it. And so that's when i started to stand can save money. I'm going to invest this myself. Meaning i'm gonna pay myself first. And i know a lot of people especially in the younger generation. Don't know what it's a called savings it. would you pay yourself first. And as i add to my teenage years. I started selling shoes at a retail store. Then i went into the banking industry as a sales and service specialists than went into car sales for three years. And i always knew. I wanted to invest in real estate. And that's what happened. Fifteen years before i got my real estate license and i slowly but surely starting to build a team and proud to say that i as i mentioned earlier before realtors on our team ten support staff to kinda help with the sales side but also the marketing side beating the media content that i push out and and we we help a little over seven hundred buyers sellers investors every single year. Now it's amazing. You just laid out the foremost important things for business and wealth and that is selling saving investing and awards. You didn't use but you talked about it in two different ways. And that's leverage yes right and and you learned in the newspaper business. The power of leverage by having other people do the work for you and you taking a off the top and you save that money which guide you money to invest you invest that money which gave you more revenue and then you were able to instead of just just being a realtor and i don't mean that in a negative connotation because now a lot of realtors that that listen to the show and that are that are my friends but once you decide alright. I'm going to be a broker. what however you. The terminology is in canada versus the us. And now you've got realtors that are out there selling houses under your umbrella. You get a piece of that plus the houses that you sell. Tell me a little bit about how that was out. An educational understanding that power of leverage. Was it just. You did it once. And you're like that makes sense. How did you build out that team versus. Just being a realtor that hustled and being the best realtor that was out there for necessity. It started out as a society right so i had clients. I wasn't able to show them all the homes that they were requesting on the buying side on the selling side listening to the for sale sign is the listing broker or terminologies are very similar. Hyun candidate states I needed help and so and so it started off with what i call. And what we call a buying agent so it'd be adam I need somehow right now. You're newer eight a new real estate agent. Why don't you come with me all you have to. You don't have to go find your clients. You're just gonna out show the properties for me so this can do more deals sitting at a desk and you know i could do the initial consultation or all the showings putting up the first sales earnings and the walk boxes all that takes time right. And there's a league twenty four hours really only in fifteen fourteen fifteen hour work hours if you really want to stretch it out and sewing originally came from the city and the first as you mentioned there's a lot of real estate agents listening in watching run out of i mean my my biggest advice to realtors and if even if you're a veteran if you haven't done it yet this is like my number one tip get an assistant and assistant will change the course of your life let alone forget your business for a second because that will happen on its own but it will change the course of your life because you now can focus on and on talking like very tactical now as a real estate agent or as a salesperson as an adviser as a business owner. You have our core competence. What you're really good at and what you also like to do and those are the only things you should be doing so for me. In real estate. I just like to meet with people. I wanted to meet with them as i can. I do this. Can i meet with adam. The buyer seller investor. Up start and then ops and champagne with him when he moves in our cells. Imagine world like that. That's exactly what i kind of drew out on my whiteboard. I only got to meet him at the start and meet them at the end. Yes to me via phone calls attacks videos in between. I don't have to do the legwork. And so they fast forward in the first five years. I was able to get them in person within the demand person really quickly in the buying agent but then i wanted to also i started to realize okay i can kind of make it rain. I can bring in a lot of business. I obviously can't help every single and every single person that comes in. Let me start to give the leads actively i have to give up more money so i was always okay with that. Speaking about leverage i understood that to get high quality people. You gotta you gotta leave some money on the table. And i think a lot of people have trouble with that for for me. It just allowed me to scale out. And now you know you mentioned at the time of this recording where we're in a pandemic in in a in a lockdown but in the last nine hundred and twenty days. I've been able just from this desk that you're looking at right now. I've been able to do a little over seventy five homes and condos that have been sold at all got done because of the team. It's amazing when when you talk about the team you talked about. The first person was your administrative person. And then you've got sort of a buyer's agent and then it began to grow at what point in that that time period did you sit back and say all right. This is no longer jazz as a real estate agent. This is a business. And how did you start to think about it as a business so that probably happened about going to say five years in out so when i started. I was twenty three Song as right around that twenty eight Time good. I actually started to think of real estate sales as no longer retail meeting. No more of real estate agents think about like one on one let me. Just how do i meet with adam. How do we do a deal. And then the best case scenario house adam going to introduce me to friends families and and and colleagues neighbors great place to be at. That's what you're doing for me just wasn't enough. I said okay. If i'm going to sit down with adam for an hour in that initial concert initial consultation. Ninety percent of the time. he's asking me the same question that somebody else is asking. How do i skill that. Our so when i started to do with mike do business partners. us now. At the time there was three one of them passed away Otherwise he'd be with us doing doing this as well. We said we gotta think of real estate as wholesale be more people at the same time. A big big game changer for us at in about i'm your mark was doing events live events so we teach me how to buy their own old sell their own how to invest by themselves knowing in canada and the numbers are not that different. They're just bigger numbers. The percentages are not different. There's only about two percent of people in our country. Canada here and if somebody looks on your side i'm sure it's going to be summer of two percent of people nationwide that actually sell their own home so we were like. Why are we focusing on those two percents. Let's focus on the ninety eight percents. Educate them on how to do it on their but understand that ninety percent of them would never do it on their own is why we came with a book here. It's absolutely free. There's no ost for it Charge for it's really might glorify business card and we came out with Actually sell your own home and doing events around it seminars. Around it workshops around it and that's where we are now able to meet with fifty people. I mean we've been on stage in front of a thousand twelve hundred people and what we're doing is speaking using that same. Where where we're most people would only meet with. One person like adult were meeting with a thousand twelve hundred. That's when i knew this is a business. We gotta hire more ordinary. People i got i brought on some of that can make outbound. Phone calls not only take inbound but also have the ability to go outbound. We started to think more sick with systematized. The operations around around bringing in new realtors were also. How are we going to provide world class service and then another recent. It's really been the content. Were now. I'm not thinking as a as a sales person in the last specifically three years. Would it's all about marketing and branding. Because what that's done for me is. It's cut the time where i would sit down with somebody our. I'm probably not sitting down any with somebody now with a prospect longer than a half an hour because they already got a sense of me on some type of gas a video a book. It's really at that time down by half percent so much unpacked. But i want to start with the premise. That you said our business model. We decided to make it a business and tell people. How do what we do for free. So you essentially went to the marketplace and said i can make three or six percent or whatever it is to sell your house but you just go do it yourself. Yup no well. I wanna be careful on how he's like. I just wanna make context because what we really said us how to do it on your own. It's just it's just a little different little different verbiage that we use ellis more like us if you want to do it on your own. This is how you do it. We never really said you should do it on your own. You should it. That's why we're make sure we talk about the flip side because when most sales would do is this is how you can do it per call me and so i think one of the biggest knocks. I probably get from like marketers general. Sometimes my own team is jazz. You never see. Call me or call now or diesel call to action against a call to action will happen on its own. People are stupid. Figure it out. They'll do their digital deep dive when somebody who's listening right now and as they continue to listen the got their bullshit detectors on right now. Is this guy. Full of shit is for real. I don't need to swear from work. Is he for real or not. And then they're going to start to do that. Digital deep dive on me and they'll find out that oh okay he actually is a real estate broker and so what we were saying to. The market was we never released. You can call them. You need to call us. It was like used how to do it. And now in fact what we always say we stills reset it all the time was if you wanna use your causing charlie. That's okay no problem and they would leave and that's it and we save. You want more information. You can download this book. And knowing that he'll say nine out of ten people in the room would always go download that book and then there would be in our wheelhouse. Now i call it. How do you get into. Jazz is world but one of the one of the first questions might team will ask somebody who calls in. How did you get in our wheelhouse. How you come to learn about us because we need that stat. We need that data. Obviously no i love it. Because i didn't know we're going to go down this road but one thing that i do for my clients is i help people with really starting their business no matter where it is whether it's startup or whether they're just a little bit stocker whether they just wanna get there faster i provide a kick-start in one of the things i do is show them. Here's thirty to fifty thousand dollars in revenue that you can get right now it on of you and anyone when you download by bucket walks you through it and knowing that on a ten three out of ten of those people are going to raise their hand and say adam. This is great. But can i have your help in doing it. The ice so many sales people tend to try and make it sound really hard right. This is so hard you can't do it by yourself. You need me but you took the other side of that. How did you decide all right rather than making people feel like they had to have meals. They couldn't do it. you said. Hey you still do this yourself. I'm happy to help if you need but you can do it. Why did you take that attack. Was it just a numbers game or is that just who you are anyway. While aided why. Because i truly believe that we're just talking about real estate specifically for a second. I mean you can google and youtube everything how to sell your own. How to buy. And how to invest. I wanted to be on the forefront of that. I wanted to be the trusted authority. And i want to be the trusted authority. We got a long way to go. And so that's what keeps me up. That's what we there was like. One conversation will always be very vivid in my mind. We were speaking with a couple of myself and my business partner and were in our in office here when we go through the process of investing talking about investing and at the end of it. The couple looks looks at us and says guys great. Thank you so much for all the information. Can you place introduced us to a real estate agent. That's where like being big. a light. bulbs went off. We looked at each other like we laughed in the room. What's funny that's what we do the. Oh my god thank you because we thought we have to meet with somebody who sales and so it was almost like a such a way. You can tell the weight off their soldier because they didn't like anybody else wants them deal with somebody who's pushy in trying to manipulate and look. I'm not knocking anyone else's business model or any of the upon millions of a real estate coaches in general in sales coaches which is Handle their objection like there. Hockey arc in. And here's the script for this. Some of these scripts work sure but remember that the climate is the client and chances are they don't have it they don't have the script and so and so you've got a why not just being nice. Giving people information understand. I am a numbers. Die like you got beat with more people and so as you mean with more where people understand as a salesperson or a business owner at some people not going to need your business or your service or chances are the eat it right now and so be okay with that the launch of the next person it really is a numbers game sense for me. I think it is for all of us right at any type of sales. You have to talk to more people. I wrote an article at one point. Call the silver bullet to sales success. And it's just talked to more people rights and listen. It's not about selling more people. It's about listening to more people and your will shall love not to cut you off brother. There's a sign in mind studio here and says reloading One of the reasons is. Because i'm uncovering with kofi number seven eight months microsd gets through it and it's really more of a self help kind of personal book. It's such a deadly. Gotta by. I have for my team reminder that let's move the friction the crosses of of of investing into real estate and he'll eat to sell one if you just make it easy for them to ninety eight percent of as it could save ninety percent if someone comes into our world tour wheelhouse content tour office from so interested your job of mind reminder to the team is your to screw it up like dolby. Ns dopey like you've gotta by six ship. Probably by seven just for now by now the the legitimate government was really operated the markets over picking. Wait it's if they don't buy right out opportunity you can watch. What could people go for this. Just kind of open up cake. Educate me a little bit. Were voted and so for us. That's been the biggest spent no time on. When of the twelve hundred realtors in organized off of a franchise it so that was a tactical business because we had our region but but we realize we are skill centers as nodded. Worried are still side is not is not figuring out the accounting in the back end and all the trust accounts of the phone lines internet. We now we out source that so to speak being the umbrella of another brokerage and and we pay them a little cut And so would hockey that they take all that we need to focus on more heels and were able to re able to ski house. Who's spending silly foods for me. It's fantastic and the way that the that your your thought process transformed. It's been great to hear and how you did it and and i wanted to get into that for for the last five or so minutes that we have here. You're a big content creator. You mentioned at the beginning so many people are focused on marketing marketing marketing whether that's signs or facebook or yellow pages ads or billboards or realtors having their picture on their business card and i don't unless shelters. Yeah the bus shelters the all that stuff have a very specific. Always see an ad. That's a realtor because there's a model to it. Whether showed her about. I don't know but you went into the content creation area of it and tell me a little bit about why content creation. and how. How did you put together your content methodology and before we get started all those things that you mention they all like all the work for certain people and and i definitely. I'm not here to tell anyone that they shouldn't do any of that. I did a of that stuff when i got started. And so. if it's working for you feel a singer watching right now if all that all the bus shelters. I'm curious you putting your pajamas. You're not works. Do it up like you know what i mean. Like whatever works. That's your business. And all the best. And i won't horse accessory because the pies big enough we can all eat and if we run out of pies baked figuring oh totally come from an abundance mentality for me. Content was a way to get to speak to the world at scale. As i mentioned earlier about the book i was going the same questions over and so i was ready to book and said that out as i started to notice more people do video kind of get on but i don't like i don't like the cameras can tell you ninety seven cameras around like to get very very comfortable with for upon this kind of changed. The changed everything. Because when i wanna off the bench and somebody else for all the my podcast and edo mid spend some time this content. That does it's online. It's free for everyone to see. I executed on it but when i heard that would podcast was like oh. That's pretty cool that you don't need to do you. Just into a mike given you can distribute it for free. It goes to the whole world. Okay as i looked into it and as i thought about i think i can be. I think i'm naturally okay. Speaking into a mic. It's almost like a telephone call for me my whole life. I've been on the wrong. That's that's how a started creating content. And then i had a big interview with somebody in in new york went to go flying. You just picks it on the clock. Fine certain everyone around us. Do you got a chance to remind you got to record this. Got some videos shirt but if you look back to. That video is the first time i ever recorded with a camera podcast. I never looked at the camera. I never spoke to it. I didn't even want to there. I did it for other people really I spoke to him. But as i mentioned now have a lot of cameras around. What's happened is it's me. it's it's broken. The is for meetings with mike clients. Like that's been the that has been the biggest biggest doubled the biggest win with producing content. That i'm no longer spending twenty five minutes twenty minutes just trying to bill not only build report because we still do that but i mean i mean just talk about credibility and now people are walking in ninety nine percent of the time. I'm going to save that with even ready. Seen a piece of content by the podcast engage on instagram. Read an article on thin. Listen to the full podcasts or watch one of the clips went to the base or just made the job so much easier like contact really truly is the gateway to whatever you're looking for and if it's business and i know we're speaking to entrepreneurs i know how scary it can be. You're listening and watching somebody right now. That was terrified even to put out the first podcast eagles. Comfortable with the the the mics. But i want first and foremost you understand that. Everyone will scare ninety ninety. Nine percent of the people were scared before they spoke to the world and put on a piece of content until they did it. They got a little bit more comfortable over time. But it might advice to somebody who will start doing content would be do what you're naturally going to be comfortable at on. You understand. people are like well. Nobody reads anymore. There's a there's a. There's a website of medium dot com. That gets two hundred fifty million hundred and fifty million users a month. I mean books still sell so if you if you're comfortable at writing i don't have a problem writing a two sentences man. I don't even own a computer. Every i'm talking to you on the phone right now. I do everything from my phone. So so i realized is is. I'm just gonna do. I'm naturally good at Overtime he did become the cameras. While i like it. I'm gonna have fun with it. But now i'm able to take out a piece of content like this and i'm going to get about fifteen to twenty just from this conversation. Fifteen to twenty micro pieces of content a blog a couple of blogs images little clips and. That's how that's how you can Take one macro peace and take it into a micro thinking into a bunch of micro pieces. I not get started. The phone will do wonders for you. In fact the lord natural you are and the more authentic you are the war people connect with you and i promise anybody who's watching listening. Please call me out on it. After six months of like you've got to be consistently persistent you know that if you're watching or listening to this that in sales that's what you are. You're very consistent. You follow up in content production. Who have to be consistent coupling four or five pieces a day on all the platforms. That's enough just. I know that sounds like a lot but one of them could be a story on instagram. A tweet on twitter life you can spread it out after a six month period. Call me out if if you did not get any business. And i'm not talking about just like like like somebody calling you and saying i would like to buy a house from you to do accounting services or i need a massage or something of that so whatever you're selling or whatever product or services but i'm talking about watching six months how many people just start talking about you and now you starting to become the authority. I think we need to one sort of follow up question. That was so powerful that you made it sound so easy and it really. Is that easy right but there are people out there that are going to say but i don't have your personality. You've got a ton of energy. You're very if you in the in the way you talk in the way you move in and your hands a lot of it. I don't my team is. I'm getting out of sleet. Sometimes we get it and people are going to say. I've that's just not me but you mentioned it doesn't have to talk a little bit about that that you don't have to be you. Don't have to be gary v and be really loud and swear a lot and you know make people living there a little bit and some of the ways that he does not have to work for him. They both happened to be very authoritative and loud in the way we present. What can you say to the person. That's a little bit more subdued. That doesn't have like this big personality that they're just like dude. It's not gonna work for me. What do i do jazz. What them so for me. Yeah as i mentioned. I haven't i have problems writing paragraphs and sentences. And i don't mean that just impatient and i don't want to write the like i suck at grammar like till this in thirty eight years old. I have problems polling. Like i'm still figuring out the yours and in canada we really changed things much. A huge difference between american english and canadian museum. How you write it. There is grammar for me is very very tough. I have a very tough time with it. So i would. I know how somebody feels like. You asked me to write. It's where i have a goal to me to write paragraphs and write a long email will not happen. I also can't draw. Like stickman is the mo the furthest that i can go eight and so where where if i flip it for a second. I have a graphic designer. Stephen been with me now for two and a half years. He's he's he's really might creative director but his skill set man. Does this guy taken image at half. The personify mental to ponder free was a word until he came into my world because he changes things. Like i'll give him a something an image that he changes. It makes it look really really sexy at all. Where if you ask them to come on camera and do this never happening. In fact i tried to joke. I talk about you all the time. You're gonna come into camera. Just will never do it. But see there is something that your naturally gifted at one of these mediums that i spoke about video audio writing drawing animating Those are kind of the main ways to speak to the world. There is something. And i think you're just scared because it's not you're not as animated as myself. Don't have you'll speak with with authority like will you. Just you're scared to speak to the world in any type of media and that's okay. That is okay. You're why is probably not strong enough though because see when you're y you're purposes strong enough an obstacle comes your way. You won't even be you forget figuring out how to go over it under you'll go right through it. You know like like there's a reason why. An old eighty five year old grandmother upper car when her grandson was underneath the car. Regard goddamn why was real strong. And so i hope somebody who's watching or listening your wise strong nafa they you'll you'll produce content whatever natural form that you're comfortable with a lot of it jasdaq takhar. Thanks for being here. I really appreciate the conversation the energy and just the steps. You just gave us that two minute. Little presentation you gave on social media is freaking gold. So i'll be to play that you'll be able to play that. Hopefully everyone is listening. We'll go back and listen to that over and over 'cause you really laid it out while i really appreciate your time today while thank you so much thank you thank you thank you got it and thanks everyone for listening to today's episode of the entrepreneurs. Mba you've been listening to the entrepreneurs mba download adams free book. How to make more money in your business at. Www dot pre-booked from adam dot com.

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Updates From the Big Iron Farm Show 2021!- Learn More About Brevant Seeds

American Ag Today

04:11 min | Last month

Updates From the Big Iron Farm Show 2021!- Learn More About Brevant Seeds

"Jesse allen here for the american league network louis coupler with bravado seeds at the big iron farm show lewis. It's great to catch up with you man. And i'm sure enjoying a great first day of the big iron farm show aren't you. It's a hell of a show my friend a lot of guys here and a lot of good stuff going on definitely a lot of good stuff going on while a lot of good stuff going on with provide seeds as well and i know bravado. It's a newer name out there. Part of the core teva family. Tell me a little bit just about bravado. Seeds and kind of the background behind This new brand from the cordova family well first off. We're not a new brand We've been around in eleven. Other countries and basically our retailers are looking for something new in the industry so we wanted to bring new is what we're trying to do so we're not we're just bringing new and how we're doing that is we're taking some of the largest germplasm which gorchev has and We're catering to the farmers into the local area. So tampa has a large germplasm in the world. And we're certainly not new. We're just here to bring the new to the marketplace. And so we're doing that is we're basically talking to farmers and local agronomists and we're going to our research extension agents and saying hey. These are the products. We're kind of looking for. This is the environment we're dealing with. And these are the traits. Were looking for you know so. For example we're looking for high corn we're looking for you know higher placement and tall corn and some stuff that we're looking forward to survive. The winter comes early in yada yada yada so when you think about this as well louis Just the fact that you know. Obviously you can go across the gravel road and every field is different so that fits in with the model that bravado is doing and trying to fit things for growers in their specific fields. Because as we know that could change from farm to farm yeah it absolutely does change for farm to farm. Some farms are looking for a resource corn and some farms. We're looking for high economic corn. That can handle some of the drought stress. Some of the tougher acres that we do with i mean north dakota's very variable and soil profiles. And you know some fields could have one hundred thirteen different types of soil types and some farms could have one cyprus oil type. So you know we're here to help you choose the right variety for the right field at the right time with the right. Grower lewis talk about some of the products and varieties as we start to think about twenty twenty two and going into planting next year. I know we have harvest in front of us right now but we still got to think about next year so talk about some the products. You're excited about from provides seats here across the northern plains. Yeah so they'll just talk about a few. That are real key for us. You know as we start on the western side of the state you know we have. Most guys are looking for an eighty two day type of hybrid and so are kind of lead product and that as eighty to ninety two and as i e replacement and good routes stocks. Is you know the usual that everybody else says. But i mean it's key. Takeaways is is that it handles very very well cold soils and shooting up of the ground quickly. And it's it's kind of goof proof you can put it on. Good souls bad souls. You can pour the cop sewer and she does well so it handles a lot of different varieties that were doing it one Almost every plot that it was in In two twenty this year obviously we don't have or corn off yet but it's looking looking mighty fine you know as we move east chores rhetoric valley. We started getting into the eighty nine day. In the ninety four days stuff we have an eighty nine hundred ninety. Four z depending on on your maturity that we're pushing the top end you'll potentials with. It's a key. Those are two key hybrids forests. That if you're looking to be the top dog out there and breaking up the bar over a beer come to octopus. We got it for you. Why don't you guys have a ton of products and and a great team provide. I know folks can learn more bravado dot com or and they can go there as well to find their local agronomist and reach out to local sales rep. Can't they certainly can. There's a. there's a lot of great options for you. You can find all the retailers that we have on our website you know and i guess kind of you know. We have some of the best performance in the industry and its cording to math. We're not just touchy feely. We got the math to prove it. So check it out. Be great time for dot com. That's where you can find out more and louis appreciate the time here at the big iron farm show telling us more about provide seats. Thanks so much. They have a great day.

Jesse allen american league Grower lewis cordova lewis tampa north dakota cyprus louis
(EP: 144) Condo Market Update - Condo Fees Examined - Copperstone Condo

Bo Knows Real Estate

10:01 min | 11 months ago

(EP: 144) Condo Market Update - Condo Fees Examined - Copperstone Condo

"Today we're going to look at winnipeg's latest condo market report. We're going to answer the question. Our condo fees a total waste of money and we're going to look at a sample condo project in island lakes all on this episode. Don't go away you're listening to the bono's real estate podcast. Tips and advice for homebuyers sellers and owners with award winning remax agent though kaufman. Welcome listeners. I love interacting with people explaining and teaching new things about real estate homeownership educating buyers and sellers and the process. That's how this podcast was born. It really is a labor of love so if you find this podcast helpful. Please download the free podcast app right on your phone. I've made it super easy. Just go to bono's dot homes slash and you'll find apple and android format apps. You also going to hear me mention the term show notes that is where links an additional information can be found. so where are they. They are on this podcast website again. Very easy bono's dot homes slash podcast. You'll find all the episodes and their show notes right there. you know. i'm super excited about this week's episode and next week i'll hell. I'm just super excited. And today's episode number one forty four main topic is going to be the most recent winnipeg condo market update as well as answer the question our condo fees total waste of money and lastly we're going to examine a community in ireland lakes first condo fees money out the window right. I mean that three hundred bucks. Four hundred even more time is just wasted money. Well not so fast. There are actually a number of items condo fees pay for which a house owner would have to pay separately for example. Water bills comes to mind. They are usually included in the condo. Fees there are also a number of expenses which are greatly reduced when you own a conduct. An example here is home. Insurance in most cases to building insurance is already included in the condo fees whereas a house owner has to pay for them out of pocket. I've written an in depth article on variety of costs and savings. A condo owner can expect go to bono's dot homes slash condo fees. link is. well you guessed it in the show notes all right. Let's take a look at the condo market update as it is on december first two thousand twenty first highlights for the month during the month of november. We sold sixty five condos in winnipeg. That's down quite a bit from ninety eight in october. But it's still higher than the fifty five we sold last year. Same time period and the most expensive condo sold during the month of november was four hundred and ten thousand in headingley similar to houses. Condo inventory is dropping right now we have a total of five hundred and three condo listings. That's down from five sixty six last month and down from five eighty seven the previous year and every price range is affected condos thousand two hundred seventy eight. That's down from three twenty one last year and we have condos that are over two hundred and fifty thousand. We've got two hundred and twenty five. That's don from to sixty six last year and again similar to houses. The sales are actually over last year. During the month of november we sold forty three condos in the two hundred fifty thousand range forty-three as opposed to thirty six last year. More expensive condos over two hundred and fifty. We sold twenty two as opposed to nineteen same time period last year and that affects the level of inventory. Right now under two hundred and fifty thousand. We haven't hundred ninety four days as opposed to sixty seven last year and condos over a quarter million. We have three hundred thousand seven days worth of inventory as opposed to four twenty last year and as far as newly listed condos coming to market. It's dropping over last month but it's still ahead of last year's pace saw in the previous month we've listed one hundred and seventy three condos as opposed to one hundred and fifty four last year. So this pattern. Kind of follows. What houses are doing Just not as drastic there are. Fewer condos available are higher condo sales. But it still doesn't compare to the housing market last week. You heard me talking about reasons. Why buyers should continue looking for properties through the winter. That is never more true than with condos because a lot of the negatives that you associated with looking at houses in the wintertime for example. You can't see the landscaping tough to see the roof. While most of the things don't matter as far as condors go because you're buying especially with high rise condos you're not buying though the roof you're gonna get a engineering report done by the condo corporation as the state and the quality of the building so wintertime should not be a deterrent at condos. So let's take a look at an example conduct community in the south end of winnipeg and talking about copper stone estates which are located on shore boulevard deep in island. Lakes is the community that was built in two thousand and seven. They have forty condos in twenty buildings. So they're all site by sites. And i often called this style of condo like the best of both worlds. Because you have your own house you own entrance. These have full basements. Of course they have in sweet laundry and all that kind of stuff so it's basically like a house and in this case it's a side by side but you can also get these standalone throughout the city there this condos so the do have condo restrictions such as for example. You can't put a fence up in the backyard or you may not be able to put a shed up in most of these type of condos so there are restrictions. I live in something like this. And i can tell you. Sometimes these restrictions may seem like a bit of a pain but they're there for a reason they are there to prevent your neighbor from painting his house lime green and putting up a lean to in the back. So it's it's a good thing. These really have very few restrictions. Said this cop persona states. You're allowed to have pets so long as they're not a nuisance you're allowed to rent them out which is the case in most condos now. There's no mark rental restrictions however your tenants must abide by the same rules. As if you're the owner property taxes in this these units range in size there are a few there in the fifteen hundred and fifty square foot and there are a few of the other extreme over two thousand square foot. The majority of them are between sixteen sixty and seventeen seventy square feet taxes in these range around forty two hundred to forty seven hundred depending on the size of the unit kind of fees are two hundred and sixty five dollars per unit no matter how bigger smaller that's because most of these fees really are the landscaping the maintenance the Grass cutting so everybody's yard is roughly the same so they don't really care. How big your unit is. It's two hundred and sixty five dollars per unit. As i said in sweet laundry these new notes also have double attached garages full basements. Which of course you can finish or you can just leave it. As is whichever the case may be there are no common elements to speak of. There's no external buildings new pools anything like that. Most of these kinds of complex in winnipeg don't have anything like that. Each unit does come with a deck off the kitchen. And you can enjoy your barbecue in your own private space semi private depending on where you are your next door neighbor might be twenty feet away. You might be able to look right onto yours. But i can again speak from experience. It's usually not the case that everybody's out at the same time prices over the last four years nine units have sold and it's three units twenty seventeen three sold in twenty eighteen none sold in two thousand nineteen but then again this year three more sold and the prices ranged from three hundred and forty seven thousand. Four one with an unfinished basement to three hundred. Sixty two thousand with a fully finish basement. And i believe the highest in their has just barely touched four hundred thousand dollars. That's one of the big two thousand square foot units so these are really good value for the money. They're fairly decently built their large spacious. They all i believe they all have three bedrooms two and a half baths plus whatever. There is in the basement so they have a full on sweet A half bath on the main floor. These are of course to store units right now. There are none available in this complex. But if you are looking to buy or sell in this complex or anywhere else in winnipeg. He showed at love to help you out well. I hope you've enjoyed listening to this episode. As much as i've enjoyed creating it 'cause i really do love it. If you found the information helpful why not download my free. Podcasting app that way. You never miss another episode and made it super simple to go to bono's dot homes slash apps that's eight p p s available for apple and android devices. If you just want to see the show notes or read the transcript go to bono's dot homes slash one four three. That's this episodes number. There you can also click on the little microphone button and a question or comment and finally please give this podcast a five star rating again. We've made it super simple. Just go to love the podcast. Dot com slash. Bono's thank you so much for listening. Let's do this again next week. You've been listening to bow kauffman of max performance realty. Are you thinking of buying or selling. How sir condo in winnipeg called bow at two zero four three three three 2-0 to remember bono's real estate.

There once was a man from Nantucket

This is Today

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There once was a man from Nantucket

"It's national limerick day today. So i went ahead and put together limit or if you want the podcast in love. Actually you know what maybe i should. This is today. Welcome to this. Is today the podcast that features the stories that make this day unique. It's may twelve twenty twenty. And i'm russ and here's what you need to know about today you. You need to know that it's national odometer day. Yeah and that's why i'm watching. How fast. I say these things Because that's what an odometer does it. You know tracks how many miles how faster going things like that. Well yeah i. It's odometer day. So i guess celebrate by driving. I don't know this is one of those weird days that i always say point out The wide we have this. Why do we have to celebrate the odometer We've been driving less over the last year. We all know that news story right. The average person drives about thirteen to fourteen thousand miles every year but last year. Not so much. That was way down last year. But there's the story y'all knew that when you to do So i figured you know it. Slowdown my speech and that would celebrate. Odometer day It's also national. Limerick day. As i mentioned and the only limerick that i really ever know is the start of limerick. It was in like three's company a bunch in that seventies show various other programs. They would do the first line of this but wouldn't finish it and it was. There once was a man from nantucket that was the start. And apparently that's the start to both clean and dirty versions of a limerick. I'll give you the clean one. Because i wanna keep the e off the podcasts by stopped my other limerick earlier but other once was a man for me. Untuckit kept all his cash in a bucket but his daughter named nan ran away with a man and as for the bucket nantucket. Yeah we have a cricket sound effect. Perhaps that we could play. Yeah that's the limerick. That's the boring version. there's a dirty version. that's kinda boring as well actually Yeah that's see i. I've depressed you with various days. We've got boring odometer day. We've got limerick day. We just read limerick and it wasn't great How do i bring this back. It's national nutty. fudge day. You go everything is all right. We can do this. And actually you can put some miles on your car by going. Getting some fudge and limerick about nutty fudge of boy not fudge. Chocolate nuts marshmallow. What is wrong with that. Nothing unless you have allergy. Then maybe there's a problem but no other than that. Everything is great about alleged as so. Go grab some fudge. Enjoy your day today and it. Also if you're a receptionist it is national receptionist date where if you know a receptionist maybe bring your receptionist some nutty fudge today to to help them celebrate. There's about a million One act well. That's weird there's one million one hundred five thousand receptionists in the united states. That seems really small to me me. It's according to the us bureau of labor statistics. So i guess it's gotta be right but that seems really small so anyway those million people. Let's celebrate them today. And bring them some nutty fudge. All right let's talk about events for today and are then start in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven with the coronation of king. George the sixth. Okay why did he become king. Well it was because edward. The eighth advocated his throwing because he proposed to wallace simpson. Who was an american well. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that she had been divorced and well she was going through a second divorce and going through the process proposed and they didn't like that too much so they said out. Yeah you can't be king or you can't be king and be with wallace so what you're gonna do and he stepped away just three hundred twenty six days after becoming king so therefore his brother would become the king now king george the sixth would die in february of fifty two and that is when queen elizabeth became queen elizabeth and queen elizabeth. The second actually Actually on this day in twenty eleven became the second longest reigning monarch in britain. Well about six years ago. She became the longest reigning british monarch at right. Now in case you're wondering. How long has she been there. We'll sixty nine years and ninety four days now. She's not the longest reigning monarch because yeah in other countries. There's a few people ahead of her. Like for instance. Louis the fourteenth of france who reigned for seventy two years at one hundred and ten days. So she's got a couple of years to go before she becomes the longest reigning monarch anywhere in nineteen fifty nine. Liz taylor looking at another story about liz. Yeah she was married for the fourth time. This time to eddie fisher. The two stars were married from nineteen fifty nine till nineteen sixty four. Now here's the problem with all of this well. Liz taylor was best. Buds with debbie reynolds. And yes eddie. Fisher was married to debbie reynolds. Really what happened out of this was a lot of people called elizabeth taylor home wrecker because of this because while she took at fisher away from debbie reynolds leaving her with the two kids and it was pretty messy back then. Well the two didn't stay married for long. As i mentioned they divorced in nineteen sixty four however they were actually married longer than add official. It married to debbie reynolds. Elizabeth taylor went on to have many more marriages that we've talked about the show. So did eddie fisher several marriages. Well actually this whole story in a bunch of people and a bunch of weddings Really the only win in all of this is for the caters and the photographers. Nineteen ninety saturday night. Live used a time delay on this day. Why will they had andrew dice clay on the show and they thought that maybe he would say something inappropriate. I you know. He wasn't limericks he was rewriting Those anniversary rhymes in various ways. And i used to do Was one. I would read the nursery rhymes to my kids. I would read it and andrew dice. Clay voice they had no idea why and i would read. Of course the clean versions read the book but It was just fun for me. Yeah he gets to know me as a dad. Yeah and do those in to jimmy. Carter arrived in cuba. Were a five day. Visit with fidel castro. So jimmy carter. Was the first president of the united states in or out of office to visit the island of cuba since castro like basically stepped into power back in nineteen fifty nine so long drought of a president's heading over to cuba. And you gotta love this guy jimmy carter. I mean the photo. The other day though was just hilarious. To look this up it's the carters and the biden's together. And for some reason the carters jimmy carter and rosalynn carter. They're sitting down. They look so tiny compared to the biden's of very interesting photo. Also hey they weren't social distancing. People complained about that. But i didn't have a problem with that. I had the problem with. How did biden shrink. The carter's i don't know how that happened but it was really interesting. You check that okay. I'm going to go back in time here a little bit. You nineteen eighty-one something had happened this week. In one thousand. Nine hundred. Eighty one. Kim kearns and her song. Bette davis is hit number one and stayed there for nine weeks. Okay so kim kearns actually didn't write the song it was written by. Donna weiss and jackie to shannon. Jackie released the song. It wasn't a hit. If you hear the song it sounds a little surrogacy guess you'd say a weird tempo weird background music. It was really odd. But kim recorded the much more recognizable version of song. Bette davis love. That version wrote a letter to the writers and to kim. Thank you for making her of modern times. If you've never heard other version of bette davis is go. Check it out. What you think it's entertaining. We'll just say weird all right. Let's take a look at our birthdays today. Kim fields turns fifty two today. George carlin was born on the state in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven and he died in two thousand eight. Emily van camp is thirty. Five amelio estevez fifty. Nine tomahawk is fifty. Three and steve. Winwood is seventy three stephen baldwin fifty five. We got birthdays. Jason biggs is forty three. Your look may twelve. Thanks for listening to this today. We do our best to together all the correct information if we made a mistake and you heard it your super smart super sorry. Be sure to subscribe where we get your podcast. Joseph five-star deserted. I hope you enjoy learning about today. I'm russ and i'll talk to you.

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Zulfi - Episode 2


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Zulfi - Episode 2

"Welcome one welcome all the all new episode of Zulfi. This is your host to Shar. And today we have with the director of the film. Silja Ladies and gentlemen. He's the man behind the firm. We are also excited about the captain of the ship. The man gifted within finite patients and welcome to the show silence by Saturday. Please tell us about how the whole journey started. And what made you choose the film. Somebody of the two thousand ninety thousand nine hundred ninety eight. My short film and I've been in this industry learning growing everyday meaty since last five years and to make that first short hyphen was. I mean I the day idolise that I realized that this is just the start and I guess when I when I was done with it a friend of mine contacted me on on instagram. Saying that that is a writer who was keen on making and he just wants to read the script. So I I think the SEAN DOT AC doors and more than that. He's sort of connected me to but I don't Shanteau placed Jabbar in the insolvency. Orphee so he's going to shut to shut down the from. That's user of course when I when I read the script. I you see the thing what happens. Is that up until now I was always of the opinion that whatever short phone I make I would you want to live my own films. Okay because there is something that you know. There's there's something special about been. The story comes from you from your experiences and says from Your Life from whatever you've seen not in that sense I I I was. I was a little bit. I thought I was stuck up there so I thought let let me just see the script and understand where they're coming from and I really. I really liked the script so for me to This is on one side one. No I really like the raiders nail. He did so. I decided that I'm going to take on this because I mean I a director at this stage I couldn't have gotten more lucky to ghetto already scripted. Yeah that's how basically the whole process of me getting interested in offense started okay so a borrowed from the widow. We all know about it minus twenty five degrees. What was the other stiff challenge that you faced on the sides so baby almost ten days prior to actually execute and One of my major challenges voice to keep the crew motivated or does the shoot and those initial days also In void seeking locations findings will be the main character of because we wanted to get a boy. was wrongly. We were looking for ten per ten year old actor but the wider to share the story. About how you found does with you on the street so I mean it was. It was one of the first day in daily. And my first agenda as the minute I land war and search for this boy who was though integral partner? Told Him Vike. Let's let's if there are any dramas in and schools or NATO. Let's look forward. You know interesting looking kids on the road Horford the the thing would lay in in the windows and especially during the month of January. Is that everything anything that a shut. Schools shot everyone holidays. A lot of the local crowd's Ramla Doc. Utterly goes to you know. Cities like Delhi or the move to Jammu what happened. Was that one of the afternoon why we're taking the place. I saw this young boy who was just standing are on the line by Busek Walk Eleven I can we please speak to him because he looks looks. He looks about like a really liked. The you know his skewed face and some of his mannerisms over what I noticed what time and that was it so I went and spoke to him and I sort of had a word with him. He said that he was starting doing school. So that also with the kind of language that we had in the field hit it went you know the Dolan. The Language Language Addiction. The the dialogues was was you know I wanted to understand or speak in on the soya. He he did and then we just had to speak to his parents and his parents just had to say two things to us. That does make sure that you take care of travel and you go food and we had feet so that boy has also very very used to have in in the hotel he would. The job will almost twenty minutes everyday like walk in the cold and we also sending go back. I mean even for him right even for that kid. It was the very first name sort of an experience to see an crew from Bombay and very imaging modem as a beautiful like the whole process of him learning those lines signs and every day would come in certain areas and found in most of course a lot of those resources with him and you know yeah to get those emotions out and stuff. It was beautiful assignment. What have you done though as you do now? On on the hindsight I do think about a lot of these types of What could I have done better will come? I think really. I hate to me after some time right now. I really can't pinpoint I think I what I feel as Adama head I couldn't I can think off right now. Is I could have just given some more time to some scenes which means that we could have. It could have been so how we shot the students. Three days are a mainframe short with IT industries. I just felt that if I would have given some more time or other own scheduler did scared some of the scenes in With with with having more time on I mean at the top of my head right now I can think of but then again you know there are there are cost stains and logistical issues. And the go being there for ten days in in those temperatures and stuff so so we had our own sort of challenges technique. Wise out probably a A lot of learning When I see the film monitored and obviously audience thanked as a director and of course so Saddam Chew Mario Sudan actually points out a lot of those ideas so so in that sense? So there's there's a lot of learning heaps actually I mean this is just the second from so I guess again just start. I asked this question to Saddam Trudell also about compressing four days of shoot into a fifteen minute from how challenging was it. It's actually it's no under challenging because we were very prepared those of us we know exactly Ah The visuals to the to the film right. So in terms of V very short of what we were doing Hollywood executing on what days of what seems so when it when it came to batching sitting on the edit. It was pretty easy actually so i. I don't think so. That was any of my. I mean that was a challenge because it's only ninety four days. Bush will bring random stuff. We knew exactly what we were shooting of. Course so some of your your beat which is secondary sort of shots. You can get a bit excited even such beautiful locations and scenes at on. We knew exactly what you're getting into even on the edit we are almost eighty wasn't through with the Post post-production process. How do you think is the coming up so far I would say I mean this? It's good it's good it's something it it's Like is it doing expectation. Yeah it is it is in fact I would just like to add that when I see the film him again and again and I've seen the film with whatever we bunch of him so many times and what I feel is see look at just eighty percent right from computers I get up. Duffy linked auto. It's a different of as of now. I only wanted to do justice to everyone. Everyone in a way the actors including your the atrocities. Which is your sentimental for visa? Honey she also manager production Saudi man is archie managed a costume all four actors. Were there in the film USA. You know what Dan choose done with. The added in Oran- fabulous so so all of these people are the mind diet crew and there the whole team staying for ten days and those temperatures and fighting and Conway for get which bigger life man but something like. This will never be forgotten where I'm coming coming. From referring to our discussion. We had during Orios. You said the movie would be made in binary so the result would be binary eleven zero or one not so easy to zero all are using a one year. I'm seeing half years over so assigned by I've seen on the streets and I have witnessed the Bashan which you execute your graft. What is it that drives you the love forward they do? It's as simple as that. It's the most cliche answer whatever given but I love storytelling elections. I love watching them. I love making them. I love Aw creating something from scratch visualizing A seen something that may have occurred to me. Something that may have happened to me in the past I would have gone through those emotions or I would have seen my friends family or you know people I know would have gone to those kinds of emotions. I would want to recreate in very slow or yeah I mean it's a beautiful like I mean I can't I can't tell you how passionate about passionate I feel about What I do I? It can be expressed so contagious. I must do tanker so it's something that really I will not get now upkeep of showed them do you make films for the audience critics. See I know the answer. I just want the listeners. To know louder by examining the jury because we made this film foreign the festivals. Yeah so so. Is it for the jury for the festival on you. Also keep you in mind see at this stage act which I am which is though the kind of maker. I am right now So I would want to be technically ready song I want to learn good storytelling We learn storytelling by watching. Stop by seeing how those are those woke or right-now this stage on You know making short films on our own like me I mean a Komo short-term not many many more of US violon trying to Microsoft I'm develop myself as a good filmmaker which I in which I would consider myself making films for the Judy which is which Richard mean that I want to be technically very sound. I would want to be able to studied. Allow to have good aesthetics sensible filmmaking so we are in that sense a beacon. Toby made our audience liaise. Because I also WANNA make funds for myself I don't want the audience to dictate other. What other my friend's Studio Mickey to another or Jaguar xe So I'm GonNa be memorably spoke about this this year. You're planning to make at least six films but I'm definitely around Johny like I really want to. I'm really thinking that it's all that's what I that's what I meant though. The first thing I said is there sort of put out won't be by I Johnson on on Youtube. I've figured that this is something I love. You leaders some kind of expedience of and it was just Simple story so so why making affect me so much in the way that I WANNA make A. Aw Sixty thousand here too stiff should what so. Yeah let's see commander. And lastly what advice vice would you give to the budding directors especially the short filmmakers. I am writing myself. I mean Nobod- you've learned so much so watershed you'll learnings. Just go there and make to be honest you know what they do of unmarried very very funding to not funny. It's so I go visit the short and I was in. I'd want to your mommy from Brazil. I watched a film that and uh so there was another ship and the people who had made the and then of course there was. I'm like does this discolor these guys in the band okay. Okay and they had an open question system wound so people would ask questions so happy. This is one kid who who was on. And he wasn't a kid. He raised his hand. Me Ask this question do and rocketship. What other filmmaker would make the district indicating so I guess gamut has issued FM? I mean whatever it was do some to some people out there. That could have been a normal question right headquarters cameras so the minute. That question was thrown out the director. Who made that very Menorca past asked him to pass the mic to him and he on Russia Russia took the Mike and I swear to God? I'm never seen Something like this. He basically of very angry when he said that Lobos. He'll gummy her every time. And you ask the same question Stu was elected or who's the point is not about actually asking asking. The burned is going hard and making it so. If you really want to make something go there with your phone and make something gamut of modern eager. They must audience Documenta Bullard in school. You know what you what you want. So don't don't worry about the cameras on on right now at this stage of an annual. So even for me I. It's been what five six years or have been in this industry making headphones. And what nor do we knew I jumped up. Could send you the name of that war. It's it's something that only you can nobody. Nobody will help you so you just have to go out there and make it if you want to be in should have stories for them so in that sense just go there and make it. I wouldn't say anything technically because it's very personal. I won't say anything I won't be able to say anything on the lines of what anybody to me. Go on our studies. You'll when you have to make it right so just go there and make. That's that's the simplicity advice that anybody can anybody like today if if I have to You know like I'm like on. I look up to our directors the directors who are who've done so within the country. If I go in on this question let's say the biggest of the director he will do. Simplicity just make it. It's so simple. It's not simple to make it but it is. That is that is what it is that you just have to walk

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Congressman Ken Buck

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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Congressman Ken Buck

"Tune into the show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with Kayla northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Cage. Thank. The swamp is the subject of an HBO documentary that will, Air, tonight, and one of the Congressmen participating in that I believe representative Ken Bag. Welcome back to the show. By the way you were the first one to sign on for that weren't. I was yeah. In fact, the producer from a New York City came down on the train and talk to me about it because he had read the book and wanted to do a film that was related to the book. Now I ran for that Denver Post article. Raise. Some eyebrows yesterday. So I was going to last question I but we'll do last question second because this article by Justin Wind Girder Well, the headline kind of says it all in Hbo Film Ken Buck Suggests that he will leave Congress soon is that the case? Gail. Let me something. What are you doing reading the Denver Post? I will you've got collect information from all sources right I even watch CNN. Subscription to Pravda them. Come. All right but. Let. Me Let me are you. Retiring no here here's the weird thing about this. You know I am frustrated in Congress because we continue to accumulate debt and then does my it's the reason I went to Congress. I think that we are we are going to go off the cliff with. The debt that we have and and so I have worked hard to try to You know reach out to other members Of the Aisle and talk about this issue, and we just keep piling on more and more debt. So this film crew follows me around for one hundred and fifty, two hundred hours here in Colorado mostly in DC, as well as Thomas Massie from Kentucky and representative Gates from Florida, and You know out of that hundred fifty to two hundred hours of video on me. They pull out little segments showing the frustration and I haven't seen the film yet but I I've seen the trailer and then saw some of the excerpts from the the article yesterday and I obviously expressed some frustration with being in Congress and how I am unable to get things done the major issue that I am therefore and so. Yes I I'm frustrated anybody who tells you that they love Congress and they really feel it's the most efficient way to legislate in this country is either lying or not be in Congress and so yeah, I'm I'm I'm frustrated but I have not announced any retirement plans and I don't plan on doing it. Well, that's good to hear or those who enjoy working in com-. Congress also fans of Sour Milk because right now, I'll tell you what I I don't know how you do it. I really don't because it must be just so So exasperating and you know it's funny The post article again yes I do read the post One of the film's director said as you see from our movie can is sad going on to say. That Ken is beaten down by the system. I've had the great pleasure of working with you for many years and I don't think that's an accurate characterization. I think you might be frustrated by the system. As, well, you should be because unfortunately as he just tweeted Republicans have to quit acting like Democrats. Now and and we do and and and I think we're losing our brand and it's part of the reason. I. Think There's so many people in Colorado are either choosing to be unaffiliated or in some cases they're leaving the Republican Party to become unaffiliated because The Republican brand for decades was a fiscal responsibility. It wasn't Democrat light and I'm I'm the As you know that you're of the State Party and again I took that job one because I think cory Gardner as a fabulous United States senator and and Donald Trump is doing a great job as president but but to I really want true from within the party, I don't want to leave the Party and complain about I WanNa from within the Party regain that brand of of fiscal responsibility. How do we do that? How do you do that? Well I think a lot of has to do with Education I. Know You don't even hear the presidential candidates and most of the Senate candidates talking about spending and we have record revenues already had before the pandemic record revenues in in the US government and and yet we were continuing to outspend those revenues to the tune of one trillion dollars of debt before the pandemic. We'll have our national debt will be approaching thirty trillion dollars by the end of this year. That's just unsustainable. Well, and as you say in the documentary, this president referring to President Trump of course has presented budgets that are huge. Typically, the Freedom Caucus would be leading the charge to criticize an executive branch proposal that cost that much money. But well, you say that somewhat gingerly because well, you also added that criticizing President Trump is quote unwise explained that My criticizing president trump. When I talk about the budget of he has submitted the reality is that if trump president trump cuts a dollar from Medicaid or Medicare, you're gonNA. Have commercials You know when when Paul Ryan suggested, we could balance the budget in thirty years Gail not tomorrow but. Thirty years. They ran commercials on on Paul. Ryan. With a grandmother being pushed in a wheelchair off of a cliff right and The same thing would happen with with president trump. So he has been he has done his best to cut programs or to reduce programs and budgets, but but not to give the other side, a big target to shoot at them. Really Congress has the power of the purse Congress is responsible for these deficits and and we need to do better in Congress. So I'm not criticizing the president the reality is is got submitted budgets with with very large expenditures. Seems as though when it comes to that second stimulus pretty much congress is not making a whole lot of Congress a whole lot of progress excuse me. Where do we stand right now with the stimulus and do you feel that it is a wise decision because it goes to well the spending nature of Congress and you've got Democrats essentially paying folks to stay home and Republicans paying them to go back to work how about they just go back to work. Well. Here's the problem we need the the in our economy. If if people don't have money to spend the the economy comes to a crashing halt both sides of the aisle work together to avoid that in this last round of fiscal stimulus I opposed it because they they both through so much pork into it that it was ridiculous but we. Have people who are unemployed and hurting we have businesses that we need to to support this pandemic, an unforeseen event and I think that we need to pass some type of spending bill. What we also need to do is talk about how we're going to repay that money. Are we going to raise taxes sometimes that has a counter. Productive Impact are we going to? make sure that we reduce entitlements or How do we repay this money? Perhaps we we have a strategy to increase revenue down the road, but we can't just start spending trillions of dollars and not talk about this is how we're going to repay this this amount of money interesting politico reporting that about two weeks ago. And were in two weeks into the talks aimed up producing this Kobe relief bill and the two sides have not resolved a single issue Speaker Nancy Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer not come to complete agreement on anything with a White House chief of Staff Mark, Meadows, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and then they reference an axiom that I'm sure you're familiar with when it comes to legislative politics, nothing's agreed to until everything is agreed to but in today's rather well overheated political scheme, well, anything ever be agreed to in total. Well here's the challenge, the the the Democrats, and particularly Nancy Pelosi want to embarrass the president and want the country to believe that this president cannot govern We are ninety, three, ninety, four days away from a presidential election a they don't want to give the president, a victory, a legislative victory and and what they're doing in the process they are hurting those who are unemployment they're hurting those who own small businesses I think I think there will be a backlash to the strategy of of using Americans as pawns, but we we will just see in and ninety three days. So much going on. Hey forty-seven now, thirteen ten, kfi thirteen, ten, Kfi. K. A. Dot com joined by representative can buck my understanding is that you have a follow up a to your twenty seventeen book new book just released capital of freedom Co authored by Shonda wary with a foreword by Senator Mike Lee tell us a little bit about your book. Well I give her tours of the capital in the evening and point out different historical features and gone with various historians and The. Architect of the Capitol. House the story and others and and learned as much as I can about the capital and Each of these features could be an architectural feature or statue or just even a story that occurred in the capital has a great constitutional meaning and symbols to it, and so I I talk about the Constitution the book I talk about the way that the progressives are moving the country in a an a direction that is. Contrary to our founding principles and frankly the values that made us great and so I think people will enjoy it because it has some interesting historical facts in it and to it it really talks to cancel culture that's going on right now in a in America I wanNA, get your take as well on the tick tock situation There is no deal with Microsoft president. Trump has threatened to ban a Tiktok what's your take? Well to talk a an APP that is has been created by the Chinese is used by the Chinese Communist Party as an espionage tool, and we have to be aware in this country that China and Russia in particular are gathering in. On Americans and they are hacking into every database that they can, and they're they are. and I don't suggest that this is on the horizon preparing in the event of a conflict they will be able to engage in a a cyber attack on America and hope to shut down the American economy and gain a military advantage in. So doing we've got to be aware that tick tock and apps like that are being used for that purpose and I think the president absolutely has the right and perhaps the. Obligation to stop China from gathering intelligence on UNAMERICAN missiles The House actually voted to ban tiktok on federal devices. During a floor speech, you called Tiktok of very serious national security threat Again, as you just reference could be used in a cyber attack against our republic. Now I gotTA. Let you go. No you've got a lot going on but going to break out the popcorn and watch that HBO documentary the Swan Tonight. I am planning on watching it tonight and I'm planning on on signing some books I. Hope People Enjoy The book also and and thank you for the time. Gal. I. Appreciate being on with US certainly appreciate your time as well. Representative Ken Buck. Eight. Fifty. Now, thirteen ten KFI K.

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Full Episode: Saturday, August 14, 2021

World News Tonight with David Muir

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Full Episode: Saturday, August 14, 2021

"Breaking tonight as we come on the air. The catastrophic magnitude seven point two earthquake in haiti. Hundreds killed more than a thousand others injured. Those numbers expected to climb new dramatic video tonight of a woman and child being pulled from the rubble. Rescuers desperately searching for more survivors hospitals overwhelmed with wounded patients. The violent presenting a new crisis for a country already political turmoil many still haunted by the earthquake. Disaster of two thousand ten. What we're learning tonight about the situation on the ground plus rob marciano standing by is tropical storm. Grace threatens to complicate the rescue efforts also breaking as we come on. The air president biden announcing the us is sending more troops into afghanistan to help evacuate american personnel and afghan visa applicants the taliban rapidly gaining more ground controlling more than half of the country's provinces afghan security forces on alert bracing for more fighting as militants close in on kabul also developing. Tonight that highly contagious delta variant fueling a staggering surge. The white house reportedly planning to give booster shots to more americans. What we're learning as infections by more than nine hundred percent just since mid june and the troubling rise in cases among children. I see us filling up the intense debates over safety measures at schools. What parents need to know tonight. Governor andrew cuomo speaking out the governor granting his first interview since announcing plans to step down saying he is not a martyr after state lawmakers announced. They're dropping their impeachment. Investigation and new harrowing details in the deadly middle school shooting in new mexico. Why the local police chief is calling a student who was killed a hero for the rescue caught on camera during dangerous flash flooding in the south sea world headquarters in good evening. Everyone thanks so much for joining us on this busy saturday. I'm lindsay davis. We're following several major developing stories. Tonight as we come on the air president biden just announcing more. Us troops are heading to afghanistan with the taliban closing in on kabul but i the devastation in haiti catastrophic. Seven point two magnitude earthquake rocking that island nation at this hour hundreds or dead the us geological survey tells abc news. That number could rise to the tens of thousands. Today's quake more powerful than the one in two thousand ten that left an estimated quarter of a million dead and there is word of several aftershocks tonight of at least magnitude five. These images are from the western part of the country where there is widespread destruction. Homeless crushed buildings collapsed. This church feeling the brunt of the earthquake. It's fear that many remain trapped. One man you see him. They're using a hammer trying to break through part of a collapsed building. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the injure. These people being treated outside. Haiti is already in turmoil. Just one month. After the assassination of the president there and the humanitarian crisis may only get worse with tropical storm. Grace now approaching the island rob marciano joins us with the track. In a moment but we begin with abc's elwin lopez tonight devastation. In winston haiti that massive seven point two earthquake leaving hundreds dead in loci a sign of hope as people pull a woman and a child from the rubble. Another man covered in dust carried out of what's left of this building. The injured treated in the open air. The country's hospitals stretched thin assure destruction. Seem everywhere you look this hotel. Reduced to piles of debris people believed to be inside rescuers. cutting through concrete in search of survivors. The acting prime minister oriole henry declaring a state of emergency for one month period. The quake striking seventy eight miles west of the capital of puerto prints just around eight thirty this morning. Usgs predicting high casualties and widespread disaster for the caribbean country already in turmoil but quakes along the same fault line of the catastrophic seven point. Oh in two thousand ten. That killed an estimated two hundred fifty thousand people. A disaster for which. Haiti is still recovering. This earthquake is larger than earthquake in two thousand ten. It's about two times more energetic than that magnitude seven earthquake the impacts on both human life and infrastructure and eighty are likely to be very devastating this crisis coming just a month after the assassination of the haitian president leaving the country in a state of siege and tonight a new threat looming tropical storm grace racing toward the island of hispaniola potentially hindering rescue efforts. And if not just that tropical storm threatening haiti the usgs also says that more people than the initially thought are also at risk from landslides usa. Id also has a team already. On the ground assessing the humanitarian needs there when tropical storm could not come at a worse time for haiti elwyn. Thank you and as we mentioned. We are carefully tracking tropical storm. Grace currently turning toward haiti. abc's senior. Meteorologist rob marciano joins us now rob. When will haiti start to feel the effects about a day and a half and this is moving very quickly. It's not close to haiti yet but it will take a direct hit right now. Over around guadalupe and we have tropical storm warnings up for allow those islands including rico which will feel the impacts during the day tomorrow. But you see the line going right. Over haiti monday night. Into tuesday morning with wind and heavy rain and potentially flooding and then getting a cross cuban into the gulf of mexico. At which time we'll have to watch it obviously very carefully here in the us. More immediate concern for us in the. Us is what's left. The fred we expected to reorganize restrengthen and head towards this part of the gulf of mexico. Gulfport pensacola late. In the day on monday and tuesday as a moderate to strong tropical storm. Lindsay robb we know. You'll be keeping an eye on that for us. Thanks so much now to the other breaking news president biden announcing hugh sending additional troops into afghanistan to help evacuate us embassy personnel and afghan visa applicants and moments ago the president doubling down on his commitment to withdraw us forces. Despite the talibans rapid advance militants are now closing in on kabul the capital the afghan security forces on the streets with a strong presence but so far elsewhere across the country. They have not managed to stop the taliban advance. Afghan civilians desperately fleeing airport packed commercial. Flights fully booked many who worked for the us forces searching for visas to get out one former translator pleading for americans to help. Abc's julia mcfarland is in london tonight tonight. With the taliban on kabul's doorstep president biden announcing he is increasing the number of troops going to afghanistan. The president saying that will now be five thousand troops in kabul. That's an additional. One thousand troops being rushed there to assist with the evacuation of americans and afghan visa applicant a heavy military presence. Patrolling the streets in kabul. The state department starting to move personnel to the airport for evacuations. Leaving a small core group behind. Obviously watching this just like you're watching this and seeing it happen in real time and it's deeply concerning clearly from their actions. It appears as if they are trying to get kabul isolated. The taliban now controlling more than half of the country's provinces one of the latest fall mazaar-i-sharif in bulk province afghanistan's fourth largest city the afghan government overnight releasing this video claiming to show s strikes on militants in that province before it fell to the taliban today. The taliban boasting about the spoils of war posting this footage appearing to show afghan military aircraft now in the hands. Funston afghan president ashraf ghani speaking today defined refusing to cede official control to the taliban even as the country crumbles visa applicants crowding this airport processing center. Desperate for a way out. Thousands of these afghans risk their lives and their families to help the west. Now they live in fear reserved for american forces wizar- for the use of forces for the collision versus. They have to take care of us. That is our turn to be helped. So many in desperate need of help julia. Mcfarland joins us now live from london duly with the taliban closing in on kabul. What's the latest on the evacuation. Lindsey with boorda's staff ghanistan closing in on all sides the options for escape a running out most commercial afghan airlines have every c. Booked leaving the country for the next week at least tonight the state department announcing it is considering charter flights to ensure that every us citizen can leave safely then z. Julia thank you. Let's get right to alex prochet at the white house tonight. Alex president biden is a camp. David is these two developing international crises unfolding. But he's being briefed on both afghanistan as well as haiti. Lindsey biden hearing from his national security team in afghanistan biting defending the draw down in a statement writing one year one more year or five more years of us military presence would not have made a difference if the afghan military cannot or will not hold its own country secretary of state antony blinken spoke with afghan president ghani today offering support and biden's also warning the taliban that any action taken against us personnel during this mission will be met with a swift and strong response and then on haiti biden saying that. He's saddened by the situation there. And he's authorized an immediate us. Response lindsey alex. Thanks so much and be sure to watch this week tomorrow morning. Giancarl goes one on one with secretary of state. Antony blinken about the us withdraw from afghanistan. The taliban rapidly gains control. And also tonight. we're learning the biden administration is reportedly now planning for the possibility that more americans will need booster shots. The news comes as kobe cases. Surge new infections up more than nine hundred percent just since mid june but vaccinations are also on the rise. The white house reporting today. Nearly a million shots administered in one day. Most of the eighty three thousand now hospitalized with kobe are unvaccinated and unlike previous urges more children are getting the virus. Here's abc's orene shop tonight with the kobe. Nineteen crisis exploding across the country. The biden administration now. Getting ready to possibly give booster shots to more americans as early as this fall. The new york times reporting nursing home residents and healthcare workers would be first in line followed by older people. Much like the initial rollout. Dr anthony valgy says they are evaluating a potential out on a day by day basis. We believe sooner or later you will need a booster for durability of protection. The news coming hours after the. Cdc recommended a third dose for people with compromised immune systems. I think every shot helps. Emily zips has ms rolling up her sleeve today. Even though i had two doses. I was considering myself unvaccinated so i figured a third shot would be at least a better chance of having a better chance. As cases spike a staggering nine hundred percent since june more than eighty three thousand americans now fighting the virus in hospitals beyond the breaking point. We need help as soon as possible and unlike previous surges. This time more children are getting sick at one point this week. Dallas had no. Icu beds left. for kids. of your child's car wreck of your child has heart digital or factor. You something he's nice. You bet your child away for another child. Who died in alabama the virus landing seventh-grader brody barrett in the hospital. He says he will never forget what he saw saying these kids. Oh bill later walking down a hallway british air could imagine so. Shaw joins us now answering. Let's focus on just the children for a moment. The numbers just staggering ninety four thousand cases. Just last week lindsey. That's the big issue here. Is that kids under twelve or not clear to get vaccinated. That's why experts are pushing anyone who can get the shot to get vaccinated now. The good news is at the white house has announced almost one million doses were administered. Just yesterday that is a big jump. Lindsey an alarming jump for shores orene. Thank you and with cases on the rise and fifty six million children getting ready to head back to school. We know that many parents are certainly concerned about their children's safety. So let's bring in. Abc news medical contributor. Dr john brownstein. Dr. thanks so much for joining us tonight. Why didn't feel it. We're seeing more children get infected. Does this variant make children's sicker than the previous strains that good evening lindsay i really concerned about the exponential rise that were senior chips and while we don't think necessarily the delta is more severe this much transmission happening the community means this box will impact are vulnerable populations including your kids and this is why it's corner to the adults around them to get back stated right now with so many children heading back to school in the coming weeks including millions of course under the age of twelve who are not yet eligible for the shot. What's the bottom line. Is it safe for kids to return to in person. Learning is so important for kids to be in person this year and we have the tools we've dealt them over the last year. We know that the combination of masking social distancing testing and vaccinating. Those who are eligible will mean that we can create a safe learning environment for our kids. Dr brown soon. Thank you so much for your time and insight. Tonight disgrace it. Outgoing new york governor andrew. Cuomo is now speaking out for the first time since he announced his resignation. Cuomo who is leaving office in a matter of days remains defiant. Here's abc's filipa. From outside of the governor's new york city office tonight. New york governor andrew cuomo speaking out for the first time since announcing his resignation in an interview with new york magazine. Cuomo saying i'm not a martyr. And i feel like i did the right thing. I did the right thing for the state. It's a stunning fall from grace. After a state attorney general's report found sexual harassment allegations against him credible but even during his resignation announcement cuomo maintained that in his mind. He never crossed the line. I have been to familiar with people. My sense of humor can be insensitive and off pudding. I do hug and kiss people casually women and men. I had done it all my life and with new york lawmakers announcing they will suspend the impeachment investigation into the governor due to his resignation. Cuomo who has just days left in office tells the magazine. He would win an impeachment case and he would have made the state legislature looked like a ship of fools. The assembly speaker says this evidence we believe could likely have resulted in articles of impeachment. Had he not resigned. The governor also told the magazine he saw just two options option a. and option b. But there could be an option c. according to campaign filings. The governor still has millions of dollars left in his campaign account. And if he's not convicted of a crime. Lindsey he could run for office again. Phil thank you so much and there is still much more ahead on world news tonight this saturday late word of a tour bus violently crashing with dozens of people on board and details on the deadly shooting in new mexico. Why police are calling the boy who was killed. I kiro tonight. Do you have a motorcycle. Atv or even a truck that's sitting in your garage that you've been waiting to sell with rumble on dot com. You can easily turn your unused vehicle into cash in minutes. Rumble on dot com. We'll give you a cash offer for your vehicle and pick it up for free anytime anywhere. Harley polaris canam yamaha and even if you're just looking to trade in rumble on we'll pay cash no matter what the maker model visit rumble on dot com today and enter promo code podcasts to get a three hundred dollar increase on your cash offer fast bikes faster cash. He's raise your right hand. She was the darling of silicon valley magazine cover after magazine cover but now accused of massive fraud. She faces decades in prison. If convicted and continues to maintain her innocence. This is not fake it to make this was a product that didn't work. I'm rebecca jarvis and for more than five years. My team and i have been following the case of elizabeth homes. And we're here to guide you through every development of her trial from the new evidence presented in court to how the jury might react to her new life. The drought elizabeth homes on trial begins august thirty. First wherever you get your podcasts just moments ago tonight a tour bus crashing on the new york state throughway with dozens of people on board the bus rolling over today while traveling to niagara falls. Police say the crash sent more than fifty people to hospitals. Hospital officials say that children were among the passengers. The cause of the crash remains under investigation tonight and new information tonight on the deadly shooting at a middle school in new mexico. Today the albuquerque police chief calling the student who was killed a hero for sticking up for friend and trying to break up a fight. Investigators called the shooting yesterday an isolated incident between two students both of them around thirteen years old. The suspect is now in custody when we come back. Dangerous flash flooding in the midwest and how good samaritans jumped into action to help a woman trapped in her car to the index tonight a deadly plane crash in the battle against devastating wildfires in turkey officials in moscow say russian firefighting plane crash today while trying to land at an airport in southern turkey. Investigators say all eight people on board. The plane died five. Russian service members and three turkish citizens torrential rain pounding southwest japan triggering dangerous flooding there the severe weather today. Halting trains and traffic damaging homes enforcing residents from their houses flooding yesterday triggered a massive mudslide killing one person and injuring. Another two people remain missing forecasters predicting more rain in the coming days and new video of a heroic rescue during severe flash flooding in tennessee residents banding together yesterday to save a woman trapped in her car intense rain around the memphis area triggering the flooding causing many cars to stall or become stuck. And when we come back a young cancer survivor finally gets to meet the woman who saved his life finally tonight. America strong at three rolled cancer. Survivor meets the bone marrow donor who saved his life. A celebration is jacob. Perry left riley hospital for children in indianapolis nearly two years ago. After spending one hundred ninety four days in the hospital he was able to go home. Thanks to a bone marrow transplant from a perfect stranger to treat an aggressive form of leukemia. And this was jacob yesterday in his mother's arms with his family right by his side as he entered fitting stadium in worcester massachusetts. The now healthy three year old was about to meet his life saving donor. Who was a perfect match rachel. That's rachel running across the field to meet jacob and his family at last. Hugs all around the twenty-three-year-old getting to know the little boy whose life she saved being able to meet. Jacob is the greatest gifts that i have ever had. It was like i just got a little brother trying to so blocks that there is a stranger out there somewhere in the world that can help. Save our little boy. There are no words. it was just just speechless. There's amazing a dream. come true a day. We prayed for for a long time. It took five days for rachel to add years likely decades to little jacob's life and his family is now forever grateful for the gift of life from a stranger celebrating both rachel and jacob tonight. Thanks so much for watching. I'm lindsay davis new york. I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Night have a good evening good night.

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August 4, Hr 3  Congressman Ken Buck

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August 4, Hr 3 Congressman Ken Buck

"This is mornings with Kale northern. Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Bent. Eight, ten, thirteen, ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten, A. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. All right. My facebook question does your. Have you been working at home. Did you had the luxury some? Mike. Collett a bit of a curse. As a result of Covid, nineteen shutdowns and the lockdowns and the closures and. Restrictions and guidelines and the laws that aren't laws. Yeah. You know where I'm going with that. But have you been working from home seems as though this has been trending for quite some time this work at home versus making that commute, you miss the commute. You know it's funny because I've talked to some that say, yeah, do Kinda. Miss the commute well I think what we miss is the normalcy in our lives as we all had to. Adjust and adapt to the new normal. That is a covert thousand, nineteen world on so many levels and so quickly, but it seems as though. We've been moving toward work at home for quite some time. Is it working out for you because again with all the changes, not only jeff to contend with the zoom meetings and? Everything, else that was work related carving out a space perhaps maybe you didn't have a Home Office and you had to create one to sweet in order to get your job done, and all the phone calls with the boss and the colleagues and has interrupted in a major way, and this is not A. Rhetorical question but. How has it impacted your work product? Indeed, your productivity as a result of well creating that space so that you can do your job at home and having while the pets underfoot, rudy is prone to barking, yes. I know and particularly when the doorbell. Rings. So you've got the kids at home and you've got juggle. playtime with the kids and you've got juggling work and OH. Yeah. Then there's the whole home schooling component making sure the kids are up in front of the computer for You know the remote learning that probably will continue for quite some time as many school districts among them. Really School district six adopting that hybrid system of learning slowly reopening in a time of covid. If, you have the option to continue working at home. And Charles Pain. It was interesting reference this several months ago Charles, Payne over on Fox business said I and summed it up. I. Thought just beautifully, very succinctly saying, yeah. We have been moving toward a work at home. situation for quite some time. Covid nineteen just expedited the process. So My facebook question for you. This morning, if you have been at home, do you intend to continue working at home the money? You're saving my gosh with the commute and with the lunches and with the happy hours and just buying stuff to placate yourself when you're having a bad day. Little retail therapy right. How's it working out for you? Nine, seven three five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten, you can also drop me a text on our thirteen ten Kfi k a text line at three, one, nine, nine, six by the way first time just text Kfi. two, three, one, nine, nine, six. Now, companies have actually resisted work from home arrangements due to well institutional inertia and worries about productivity. But what I'm seeing is for many companies, the productivity has actually increased. Work, output is through the roof because. Well, folks are a little bit happier looking for that ray of sunshine that proverbial silver lining, and a time of uncertainty, and they're actually more productive than they used to be. But this kind of interesting when you look at studies a number of them, suggesting that this work at home model actually does work. There's a piece in the wall, Street Journal by Erica Coma? SAR. and. She's talking about how beneficial it is particularly for MOMS. MS, COMA SAR is a New York psychoanalyst and author of being there why prioritizing motherhood in the first three years matter. But she cites a couple of studies that goes to the efficacy of working from home in two thousand fourteen. For example, there was a Chinese travel agency, call. Center. They estimated that each employee who worked from home saved three, hundred and seventy five dollars based on higher productivity. One thousand two, hundred, fifty dollars in office expenses and four hundred dollars from reduced attrition. And then there's ATMA. AETNA has long been a pioneer in flexible working arrangements at Nah shed two point, seven million square feet of office space saving the company seventy, eight, million dollars. A year thing about that? So I was working at home a win win situation for you or you're suffering from cabin fever and you want to get back to the workplace nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, sixteen, now, thirteen, ten. KFI. K.. All sports story in northern Colorado, state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi? Hey, listen up. Northern Colorado rockies. Baseball can be heard crystal clear northern. Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Well. Essentially got a little bit troubled yesterday talking about that. Then for Post, Article that was referencing Hbo, always a documentary, the swamp and. Representative Ken back. One of the three Congressmen that actually participated with that. So in that, and again, that airs this evening God email from communications director. Right after the show ended saying, well, I just listened to that, and of course I was a little snarky opening the segment was sad eyes and said, well, Ken, Buck is sad. Not My words. Those were the words of one of the directors of the documentary. But yeah. Asking that question as to well, what is representatives represented bucks future in Congress because in this Denver Post piece, the headline says in Hbo Film Ken. Buck suggests. He will leave a congress soon. Sell his communications director said, well, you said you wanted to talk to him. So we will do. We will do indeed that when representative Ken Buck joins us this morning at eight, thirty five and I have a feeling, we'll do last question, i. Eight thirty, now, thirteen ten, KF K a thirteen, ten, KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage tune into the hall show at noon and no Co. now at four back to mornings with Kale. Northern. Colorado's Voice Thirteen, ten K of K. A. Occasion. By. Swamp. The swamp is the subject of an HBO documentary that Will Air Tonight and one of the Congressmen participating in that. I believe representative Ken Bog. Welcome back to the show. By the way you were the first one to sign on for that. Weren't you? I was. Yeah. In fact, the producer from New York City came down on the train and talk to me about it because he had read the book and wanted to do a film that was related to the book. Now I remember that Denver Post article that raised some eyebrows yesterday. So I was going to do last question I, but we'll do last questions second because this article by Justin Win Girder. Well. The Headline Kinda says it all in HBO Film. Ken. Buck suggests that he will leave Congress soon, is that the case? Gail. Let me ask something. What are you doing reading the Denver? I. Well you've got to collect information from all sources. Right? I even watch CNN. I'M GONNA, get you a subscription to Pravda them come. All, right. But. Let. ME. Let me are you planning on retiring? No, here's here's the weird thing about this. But you know I am frustrated in Congress because we continue to accumulate debt and it is my issue. It's the. It's the reason I went to Congress I. Think we are. We are going to go off the cliff with the debt that we have and and so I have worked hard. Hard to try to you know reach out to other members, both sides of the aisle and talk about this issue, and we just keep piling on more and more debt. So this film crew follows me around for one hundred and fifty, two hundred hours here in Colorado, mostly in DC as well as Thomas Massie from Kentucky and and representative gates from. Florida and You know out of that one, hundred, fifty, two, hundred hours of video on me. They pull out little segments showing the frustration, and I haven't seen the film yet. But I I've seen the trailer and then sauce some of the excerpts from the the article yesterday. And I obviously expressed some frustration with. Being in Congress and how I am unable to get things done the major issue that I am there for and so Yes I. I'm frustrated anybody who tells you that they love Congress and they really feel it's the most efficient way to to legislate in this country is either lying or should not be in Congress and so yeah, I'm frustrated. But I have not announced any retirement plans and I don't plan on doing. Well, that's good to hear or those who enjoy working in Com- congress. Also, fans of sour milk because right now, I'll tell you what I. Don't know how you do it. I really don't because it must be just so So exasperated and you know it's funny this post article again. Yes. I do read the post One of the film's director said as you see from our movie can is sad going to say. That Ken. Is Beaten down by the system I've had the great pleasure of working with you for many years and I don't think that's an accurate characterization I think you might be frustrated by the system. As. Well, you should be because unfortunately as you just tweeted Republicans, have to quit acting like Democrats. And we do and and I think we're losing our brand. That's part of the reason. I. Think There's so many people in Colorado are either choosing to be on affiliates, or in some cases, they're leaving the Republican. Party to become unaffiliated because the Republican brand for decades was a fiscal responsibility. It wasn't Democrat light and I'm I'm the. You know the chair of the State Party and again I took that job one because I think Cory Gardner as a fabulous United States senator and Donald Trump is doing a great job as president, but but to I, really want true from within the party I, don't want to leave the Party and complain about it. I want from within the Party regain that brand of fiscal responsibility. How do we do that? How do you do that? Well I. Think a lot of it has to do with Education I. You know you don't even hear the presidential candidates and most of the Senate candidates talking about spending, and we have record revenues or we had before the pandemic record revenues in in the US government, and yet we were continuing to outspend those revenues to the tune of one trillion dollars of debt. Before the pandemic. Now we're going to have, we'll have our national debt will be approaching thirty trillion dollars by the end of this year. That's just unsustainable. Well, and as you say in the documentary, this president referring to President trump, of course, has presented budgets that are huge. Typically, the Freedom Caucus would be leading the charge to criticize an executive branch proposal that cost that much money. But well, you say that somewhat gingerly because, well, you also added that criticizing President Trump is quote unwise explained that? I'm not criticizing president. Trump when I talk about the budget of he is submitted, the reality is that if trump president trump cuts. Dollar from Medicaid or Medicare you're gonNA have a commercials You know when? When? Paul, Ryan suggested, we could balance the budget in thirty years. Gale. Not Tomorrow. But thirty years They ran commercials on on Paul Ryan with a grandmother being pushed in a wheelchair off of a cliff right and The same thing would happen with president trump. So he has been he has done his. His best to cut programs or to reduce programs and budgets, but but not to give the other side, a big target to shoot at them. Really Congress has the power of the purse. Congress is responsible for these deficits and and we need to do better in Congress, and so I'm not criticizing the president. The reality is he is a submitted budgets with with very large expenditures and. Seems as though when it comes to that second stimulus pretty much congress is not making a whole lot of congress. A whole lot of progress excuse me where do we stand right now with the stimulus and do you feel that it is a wise decision because it goes to while the spending nature of Congress, and you've got Democrats essentially paying folks to stay home and Republicans paying them to go back to work how about they just go back to work. Well here's the problem. We need the quantity in our economy. If people don't have money to spend the the economy comes to a crashing halt. both sides of the aisle work together to avoid that in this last round of of fiscal stimulus. I opposed it because they they both through so much pork into it that it was ridiculous. But we have people who are unemployed and hurting. We have businesses that We need to to support this pandemic as an unforeseen event and I think that we need to pass some type of spending. What we also need to do is talk about how we're going to repay that money. Are we going to raise taxes? Sometimes? That has a counter. Productive impact. Are we going to? Make sure that we reduce entitlements or How do we repay this money? Perhaps, we we have a strategy to increase revenue down the road, but we can't just start spending trillions of dollars and not talk about this is how we're going to repay this this amount of money. Interesting politico, reporting that about two weeks ago. And, we're in two weeks into the talks aimed at producing this Kobe relief bill, and the two sides have not resolved a single issue, Speaker Nancy, Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, not come to complete agreement on anything with White House, Chief of Staff Mark, meadows, Treasury, Secretary Steve, Mnuchin, and then they referenced an axiom that I'm sure you're familiar with when it comes to legislative politics, nothing's agreed to until everything is agreed to. But in today's rather well, he did, political. Scheme. Will. Ever the agreed to in total. Well. Here's the challenge, the the Democrats, and particularly Nancy Pelosi want to embarrass the president and want the country to believe that this president cannot govern We are ninety, three, ninety, four days away from a presidential election they. They don't want to give the President A. Legislative Victory and and what they're doing in the process. They are hurting those who are unemployment, they're hurting those who own small businesses. And I think it. I think there will be a backlash to the strategy of of using Americans as pawns, but we will just see and ninety three days. So, much going on eight, forty, seven, now, thirteen, ten, KPFK a thirteen, ten, Kfi, K. A. dot com joined by representative can buck my understanding is that you have a follow up a two year? Two, thousand, Seventeen Book New Book just released a capital of Freedom Co. authored by Shonda wary with a forward by Senator Mike. Lee. Tell us a little bit about your book. Well, I give tours of the capital in the evening and point out different historical features and I've gone with various historians, and there is the architect of the Capitol, the House, this story and others and learn as much as I can about the capital and Each of these features could be an architectural feature or a statue or just even a story that occurred in capital has a great constitutional meaning and symbols to. To it, and so I talk about the Constitution and the book I talk about the way that the progressives are moving the country in a in a direction that is contrary to our founding principles and frankly the values that made us great, and so I think people will enjoy it because it has some interesting historical facts in it and to it it really talks to the cancel culture that's going on right now in in America. I, wanted to get your take as well. On the tick tock situation. There is no deal with Microsoft. President trump has threatened to ban TIKTOK. What's your take? Well to talk is a an APP that is has been created by the Chinese and is used by the Chinese Communist Party as an espionage tool, and we have to be aware in this country that China and Russia in particular are gathering intelligence on Americans and they are hacking into every database that they can, and they're. They are preparing and I don't suggest that this is on the horizon but they. They are preparing in the event of conflict. They will be able to engage in a cyber attack on America and hoped to shut down the American economy and and gain a military advantage in. So doing, we've gotta be aware that the TIKTOK and apps like that are being used for that purpose and I. Think President absolutely has the right and perhaps the obligation to stop China from gathering intelligence on. UNAMERICAN services. the house actually voted to ban tiktok on federal devices. During a speech, you called Tick Tock of very serious national security, a threat and again as you just reference could be used in a cyber attack against our republic. No, I gotTA. Let you go. No, know you've got a lot going on, but you're going to break out the popcorn and watch that each documentary, the Swan. Tonight. Are. You Planning on watching it tonight and and I'm also planning on on signing some books. I hope people enjoy the book also and and thank you for the time Gal I appreciate being on with Certainly appreciate your time as well. Representative Ken Buck Eight fifty now, thirteen ten, Kfi k a thirteen ten K.. K.. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI. K.. A.. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice causing in eight fifty-six while the whole sports story in northern. Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen. Ten. K. F.. K.. Classic Congressman Buck You read the Denver Post Gail Eight fifty seven thirteen ten k. k. thirteen ten JFK, a dot com. I'd triangulate I even watch CNN from time to time for entertainment purposes only. Northern Colorado's voice morning. So Gail live, and local via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. All right. Just a reminder we talked about this yesterday, but just wanted to pass this along that. Well, county public safety officials will indeed at test the county's emergency alert system on today. This according to a piece out of the Greeley trip by Trevor Read Those already registered with the Code Red, emergency alert, system will receive an automated call at ten. Am this morning those who have not signed up are encouraged to do. So the alerts by the way are free. Now, what kind of alerts will you get well severe weather situations a notices for residents to stay inside during critical police activity and boil water orders. If a water systems are in any way shape or form compromise to incidentally and June the Weld County Sheriff's office issued a reverse nine. One, one about a suspect in multiple drive by shootings the suspect ran from police. Later, that morning farmer who received that alert reported as seen, the suspect in a field alerts for severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes will be will be delivered to those who sign up via automated phone calls, tax emails, or any combination of those options based on your specific preferences. So you do have some choice here to sign up, all you have to do is go to. Nine one one alert Dot Com that's weld nine, one one alert dot com or call nine, seven, zero, three or four, sixty, five, forty. But again, that reminder that Weld County public officials will be testing the county's emergency alert system this morning at ten o'clock stay with US Brady Hall. Hall Show Coming Your Way from noon to two, and of course, standard swint with Noko now at four. Thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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Sustainable Futures

The Sustainable Futures Report

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Sustainable Futures

"This week climate action stage the climate innovation forum. Twenty twenty one a three day event. I got a press pass. And i'll share my review of some of the sessions. Also this week's agenda. More on the nuclear plant. Tisha extreme weather in north america shortfalls in the uk and the future of these sustainable futures report. Hello i'm anthony day and this is the sustainable futures report for friday. The second of july twenty twenty one other podcasts are available and i'd like to draw your attention to the friendly futures with dave monk. He talks about climate change but in the context of many other things which are changing our future. Each week he says way. Chat with experts in blockchain cryptocurrency. The metaverse agritech future food future of work future energy biotech trans humanism biohacking i quantum computing regenerative agriculture nano-technology climate change electric vehicles space exploration introduction of universal basic income returned to slow fashion and so much more plenty to exercise. The intellect finds the friendly futures on apple podcasts. All your favorite podcast site. I put a link on these sustainable futures report website. Where as you know you'll also find the full text of every episode of this podcast with links to all my sources. I've just been listening to a discussion with mock. Connie united nations special envoy on climate and former governor of the bank of england and no quinn of hsbc at the climate innovation for twenty twenty. One is a summary of what i picked up county and quinn commented on the g seven communique which identified twenty twenty one as a turning point in the campaign against the climate crisis unfinished business. They said moldova. Done was victory. Achievable eight has to be. They said in the last twelve to eighteen months. They said that they detected a change in mood. Towards the urgency of the climate crisis there was a positive attitude now. Positive action was needed the next five to ten years. We'll see a new industrial revolution. Ten years the chat what. That'd be too late. Well five to ten years not cownie said that we face a fundamental rewiring the economy which take the rest of the decade. It's now seen in business as the top strategic issue but at least once the consequences of cove associate at the execution of plans towards achieving net. Zero is crucial. Many financial institutions is still analyzing how to achieve net zero. An exactly what it means. They don't want to back technologies until he has certain they are the right technologies and therefore not ready to make new investments. But there's no doubt that considerable investment will be needed and needed urgently. Major industries are faced with fundamental change. A greater understanding of new technologies. New mindsets is essential to unlock the investment. To make change happen. Apparently someone joe biden's recent time at conference at said convincing customers all this was very difficult however no quitnow nova just be said that customers have his bike all over. The world will becoming proactive recognizing the need for change and engaging with the bank and asking for support covy has demonstrated how fragile the economy is major industries convinced of the needs change and sm as as positive supply. Chains also recognized the need to change these smaller companies need help either from government or from that customers to achieve the transition the tc the taskforce on climate related financial disclosure is aiming for common standards for measuring carbon footprints and climate related data so fought ninety. Central banks have come on boulder. This and insurance companies and pension funds are following on questions followed the discussion how to build a net. Zero investment portfolio financial institutions should map out a pathway to net zero assess each investment according to its nearness to the puff. And maybe drop those. That are not going to succeed. Is the aviation industry a stranded asset almost certainly without innovation long-haul flying needs sustainable fuels which have been shown to cut carbon by eighty percent then needs to be a commitment from the industry to give the fuel supplies the confidence to make the investment needed to deliver these new fuels aunt politicians just thinking of electoral cycles before anything else. Mount connie quoted an example of his native canada where people had voted for parties committed to introducing a contacts. He thought the white of public opinion was changing. No gwen said he thought there was changes. Well personally. I can't see net zero on the climate crisis creating much interest at the badly and spent by election coming up this week. How can we educate consumers austin. The delegates apparently david king former chief scientific advisor as said that governments have not been clear. Enough there's private sector innovation for example the ability to track cobb through a complete supply chain is being developed. Should the government be more assertive on the one hand. The government has withdrawn grand scheme at ninety four days notice but on the other hand is created an environment to encourage change like the ruling that fossil fuel. 'cause may not be sold off to twenty thirty. The government needs to work with the private sector to define the signals and regulations. That should be set up. The final question was whether regulations and targets will be the key driver towards net zero or whether depend on the hope and passion of entrepreneurs and business leaders that was a strong response that hope and passion on no use without a plan an organization should decide what it will look like as a net zero organization and determine where it is on the road to net zero. Both connie unclean agreed that. This is an existential threat. It's about human survival. Is it too late. Asked the chad. It's not too late yet. Said connie when is it too late. Let's not find out followed an interview with lord nicholas stern author of the two thousand six stern review on the economics of climate change. Last week he presented report on leadership for sustainable resilient and inclusive economic recovery on growth to the g seven conference on behalf of the uk. Prime minister in conversation nick going. He praised the uk. Government's ten point plan for dealing with the climate crisis but warned that the urgency in the scale of the challenge was not well understood if we continue with planned infrastructure development for example using current technologies and techniques. We will drive warming to three degrees centigrade. Following cove it. He believes that they must be a new pattern of growth and investment bus. Be at center stage of the recovery. We must not go back to consumption-led growth an equally. This is no time for austerity. The you came a set an example net zero carbon and one and a half degree global temperature increase of the targets and were recognized in the communique following the g seven conference the g. seven also walled against austerity and said that investment was the key although stone believed they could have gone further with investment simple developing countries. The government is saying the right things but the pace of change is not yet enough. Stone gave the example of china which has just established a group under the leadership of vice-president to deliver china's net zero goals. He acknowledged that the situation was not identical to the uk but showed the importance of the issue to government. He called for cabinet minister to take responsibility for delivering the. Uk's net zero policies. He reiterated that the uk government is saying all the right things but the challenge remains to mobilize public and private investment and move from plan to action the twenty twenty one comprehensive spending review expected in the fourth quarter of the will demonstrate the government's commitment to its rhetoric. All not i joined later. Sessions of the four. The same message about urgency and the need for action was repeated. What can business do next. Week's sustainable futures report will be about sustainable business. What can you do in your business and in other news nuclear power and extreme weather. There's no doubt that a reliable supply of electricity is fundamental to the recovery and the future development of the world indeed speaking on the climate innovation for nicholas. Stern said that kaban zero and jersey was the top priority and a continuing interest in the new japan station at hang klay in southwest uk. It will be the largest in the country and eventually will be the first of a new fleet of civilizations as old stations are decommissioned. It's expensive the pie. It produces will be expensive. It's way behind schedule. And the two similar plants. In finland northern france have similar and serious problems. The saving grace seems to be the station at tai shan in china built to the same new design. This station has been completed and successfully entered service in twenty eighteen we need to sell atrocity a stable continuous source to supply baseload for the moment. Renewables and storage systems on their own cannot meet total. Demont certainly not in winter is worrying then too low of a radioactive leak tai shun it worried. The markets to the extent that uranium prices fell although this appears to be no more than a blip. The key question is whether this incident is serious enough to threaten the whole programme. Or whether it's a contained event planned for and controlled in the normal course of operations. It's crucial that. The media delivers a true and balanced storage of the public which is always skeptical of nuclear power. I've reviewed arranged reports on this issue. And you can find the links to the articles as usual at the end of the text on the website which is sustainable futures dot report. According to the south china morning post the increase in radioactivity in taishan did not spread outside the reactor. Some us at live from the hatred is under construction. Reported a statement from edf which is involved in all four of the sites. The statement confirmed that radioactive gases that had built up in part of the plant were delivered released due to a fuel rod via after the coating on a small number of the roads deteriorated. These gases were collected and treated before being released into the atmosphere in accordance with regulations on the incident was described as a common event on the other hand the f. t. the financial times cold for greater transparency pointing out the lack of transparency was invoked in the china bill disaster as well as the original coconut break. A chinese official told the f. t. that local people still not know what had actually happened at the plant. The leaflet published in delhi warned of implications for india's nuclear program as the taishan incident reignited debate in india about both its own nuclear plans and new care expansion in china which some indians considered to be close to a rogue state. This is public colored by ongoing disputes. At the sino indian border. I continue to moments reports for the moment incident. Seems nowhere near as serious as the fukushima disaster which led to germany counseling all new nuclear plants and accelerating the pleasure of its existing fleet. We still don't know all the details. I'll keep you informed as far as i count extreme weather. You're probably aware of reports of the heat. Wave in north america. Which you've been coming in over. The past few days from all across the united states only twenty six june portland oregon in the pacific northwest reported. Its all time hottest day at one hundred eight degrees fahrenheit. That's forty two point. Two degrees centigrade stores sell out of portable air conditioners and fans. Some hospitals council at dole vaccination clinics cities opened cooling centers. Baseball teams counseled opus bed. Weekend games and utilities. Brace for possible power. Outages on the twenty ninth of june lytton in british columbia. Canada recorded forty nine point six degrees centigrade. That's one hundred and twenty one point. Three degrees fahrenheit like the north west of the united states. This era is just not used to such temperatures hotter than dubai. Much houses don't have air conditioning. Vancouver police reported that over the previous week and more than one hundred and thirty unexpected deaths occurred largely attributable to the extreme heat according to meteorologists the heat over western parts of canada and the united states has been caused by dome of static high pressure. Hot air stretching from california to the arctic territories. No single incident even want to serious as this can be said to be caused by climate change however it is wholly consistent with the theory that says that climate change is causing more extreme weather more frequently if temperatures exceed thirty nine degrees centigrade day and night. Human survival is threatened the. Uk's climate change committee published. Its third independent assessment of uk climate risk last week it identified risks to human health well being and productivity from exposure to heat in homes and other buildings as a mejid and ongoing. They warned that new evidence shows that the gap between the level of risk we face in the level of adaptation underway has widened adaptation. Action has failed to keep pace with a worsening reality of climate risk. That sounds a bit less optimistic than connie. and quinn. who my question. Last week often didn't produce an episode of the sangha futures revolt. I decided to use the time to look at ways of extending the reach of this podcast into new areas. New audiences something. I should've done a long time ago. A little research was revealed that there are masses of results is at a life begun to exploit them. One approach will be do. Mutual shoutouts on complementary podcasts. Like the wonderful. The friendly future is that you heard the beginning of this episode. Dave monk is going to mention these sustainable futures report on his podcast in return. I've a number of interviews lined up with pud kostas and we will either interview each other on each other shows. All we will create a single interview which both podcast will publish. I'm not considered paid advertising. But i'll see how the other avenues were i. My research emphasizes that before. I do anything i need to identify. Listener i've come to the conclusion that listeners to the sustainable futures report for into three groups they are sustainability professionals senior executives particularly sustainability manages health and safety risk manages procurement finance consultants and standards professionals secondly sustainability activists and lobby groups support absolve extinction rebellion in the school strikes members of greenpeace friends of the earth. Wwf and so on and also organizations. Like the elaine macarthur foundation which promotes the sex economy and thirdly consent citizens people aware of the issues and eager to take action and getting involved in recycling presenting wildlife beach cleaning and that sort of thing some people have goes who fall into to all of these groups a let you know how might promotion develops subscribe now if you like the sustainable futures report. Please subscribe to the irs. So you don't miss an episode. You'll find the subscribed by mobile counts your favorite if you like it. A lot considered becoming a patron patron dot com slash. sf on p. a. t. e. n. dot com slash. Sfo for all of. You have this many things and special. Thanks to patrons for your ongoing support as always your feedback his eagerly-awaited you can tell me direct all. You can share your comments on apple podcasts. All on these sustainable futures report website. And that's it for this week. They will be another sustainable futures report ex friday. I'm anthony day. That was he sustainable futures report until next time.

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Part1:Eric Halstrom

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

1:08:16 hr | 1 year ago

Part1:Eric Halstrom

"Xm PORTS PRESENTS RAISES WITH. Steve Big becoming interviews. This alloys who was stupid a very good Thursday race bans serious to nineteen. Xm Two. Oh One sports on nine sixty four listening to Sirius. Xm online at our website. Steve Nick Dot Com a beautiful beautiful day in upstate. New York starting to put a string of them together and actually starting to put a string together of really good race days and yesterday yesterday might be. I'M GONNA speculate might be the last the last day. I can't speak the next Monday and Tuesday yet but it's getting close that we won't have too many more days where there's just too venues to peruse that. But you look at today and Charlestown Gulfstream and Churchill and boy. Oh boy there's some there's some really good raising the that pick five starts tonight at Churchill Churchill at Charlestown and wanted to remind everybody eight twenty eastern twelve percent. Takeout support Eric and the team at Charlestown a sequence seven by ten by nine by ten and is actually the third level. Claiming allowance starts it off than a first level allowance. Ten horsfield good group actually and then another allowance as the sixth going six and a half than a four and a half a third level allowance and a closes out with a nickel Nantou fillies and mares seven so seems like a nice sequence at Charlestown I looked at Churchill and the pick five. There is a feature the fact. There's a feature at both the afternoon venues both Gulfstream and Churchill that are really stakes quality the third level turf allowance at Churchill. There's a group of ten Morse's an eighth of them are stake. Winners and several graded stakes winners. Yes eight to five favorite front. Run the Fed who you know. That is formidable in. There doesn't necessarily have to win you got Mr Dumas for maker you got Casa creed we I'd Seidler and Belmont. You've got an interesting horse. Phil Simms Down Inside Royal Mesa. Who spent the winter on the synthetic interesting going to be a price ritzy? Ap Jackson taking over Ritzy AP six to one so very very good group and it's a fun sequence the pick five starts in the sixth might be able to lean on frost or frippery in there. There's a couple of this more than a couple of of juicy prices seventh and eighth. I think I found a couple of interesting horses and in the NIGHTCAP. It's a fifty claimer. That's got a little bit of everything I it's kind of a hodgepodge. Morse's that got a horse from Bob. Pass that there's been a way over year but as a maiden but contended the cal oaks. So it's kind of a funny Of The nightcap the nightcap is is tricky ticket building. I I'm I've got this election's done but I I waited on. The ticket building called the ticket building at noon after off the air and after we've seen scratches. Maybe that might help a little bit. And Gus looked at it too so you can compare and contrast than many players over the years that have have taken if gus an iron incomplete harmony they. They'll they'll take my topic and stop picking of they'll pick and they'll fill the ticket and met with Nice. Success is by the way speaking of success again yesterday the after that. Nice little pop it at will rogers on Tuesday I. I'm so glad that we had just enough time. For Seth yesterday and when he mentioned silvery enough in that nine nine ninth eight the eighth at Tampa yesterday I I wanted to really kind of drive. The point home I thought Silvery enough was way the horse to be and somehow I from seven to two ended up in almost seven to one paid fifteen. Forty so I know a couple of people heard from a couple of people that That did okay. King was overly enough Speaking of Bob has junior pop up. Pops the devil as it were So a lot of good things to to get into a we do have to deal with the thorny issue in Maryland after the first break Tim Keefe is going to join us. The situation little Starting to get strained at this point because you know with so many other venues virtually news laughed really that that hasn't come to the table and hasn't green lighted their Their racetrack properties to be able to run A. But they're still waiting on Annapolis and it's beginning to be kind of quizzical. Pennsylvania obviously is In a similar holding pattern but you can kinda tell by some comments that Tim Keefe made that got into Got into the coverage arena. And we're going to talk to him and it seems concerned. Obviously about getting going in Maryland but is is also bothered by the potential of MJC not adjusting the stakes purse structure To benefit than to gird the overnight purses essentially what? What Nyerere did what you heard. If you heard Martin Panza again On the replay. Or you hadn't heard him yesterday. Live Martin explaining the the tabling of any number of stakes from the spring schedule at Belmont. What it is able to do is reinforce the overnight purses for the everyday racing for the the maidens the allowances that clamours etcetera and the the trimming of a person's. I mean the graded stakes races. The rated stake races have their own value. Because of the you know the residual black type for the participants and taking some money out of stakes Valmont from a million and a half a million five hundred thousand who. The spread that out over the meat. That's a nice. That's a nice benefit that you know. That goes a long way. So Tim is going to talk about. Discussions with management about and the payments into the preakness meant as it were and how many of those steaks are you know. They're gonNA run the whole the whole preakness week stakes slate. For instance mean you know for October. It's a little hard to know and make decisions. It was a little different. Obviously the the situation for New York so you didn't have the lead up like for instance. I brought up the Brooklyn with with Martin because there's no. The elders elders that are in banging down the door right now after being idle for two months there's no handicap division horses that are screaming to go a mile and a half in the Brooklyn much like there aren't there weren't three year olds clamoring to go a mile and a half Next week or two weeks from now without some lead-up so we'll talk to Tim We'll talk to Eric Hallstrom. Who of course is now at Indiana downs and The grant I should say and Eric with a long distinguished career in drag management excited to hear even under these circumstances how he's finding things that Indiana and they're set I mean and you can tell there I think you can tell from some of their press releases and so forth. They're excited. They're just happy that they got a date to kick off and Indiana Derby and oaks and and so forth. You know they're going to start June fifteenth and run to November Eighteenth. And will likely you know? Do some handicapping Again this summer and and into the fall with bill downs and Rachel and then Eric find out. We'll find out what Kinda handicapper. Eric is We'll talk of course to ask him and Dick Powell and rich ain't gotta get rich on today and we missed rich. The somehow things spun out of control the last few weeks and we will We will get rich in here. I want him to catch up. And of course Rich probably thrilled to be back. Handicapping Santa Anita and getting back into a steady flow speaking of Santa Anita they drew as the Churchill. You got a huge huge steak card that Churchill on Saturday and that of course will be televised on Fox. Sports one America's Day at the races. But let's start at Santa Anita where the grated opportunities the Wittingham and the Daytona as they go into holiday mode for Monday Memorial Day the twenty fifth but the Daytona and the Wittingham both drawn feels a seven couple of couple a notes Outta here the Daytona. Which of course is is being run at five and a half on the on the main turf. Course as opposed to coming down the hill like it used to but Doug O'Neill with a trio can here while Ben Jacko good to see him back and Murad Khan Stubbins Bondi's got sparky Ville Ron Ellis. Who Very steadily is rebuilt his operation blamed on the law in there for him sister on for Costa and Sadler Texas Wedge for Peter Miller then the Wittingham the great two mile and a quarter of course starts on the hill about United for the roths and Dick Mandela originator. Shows up in here? How about Jad sending Rock Emperor Rock Emperor if the Winningham Synthesis and bold endeavor? George Papa Pajama multiplier. Peter Miller and desert stone for both this so great stakes. Nice the nice to be able to open. Pp's and see graded stakes again. Of course last week. We had the desert stormer. Oh never reached we never got ahold of Of Simon Cal him right put that on the back burner then over to Churchill. They've got a big long another card of nothing but overflow fields and the Matt Win Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars Grade Three Matt Win and Fifty Derby points on the line with Jay Primm tomorrow. We'll get all Ajay's Belmont thoughts and much more but the Matt Win. He'll the twelve major federal outside post through the twelve. So Rosario has gotta figure out a trip MAC field back in the back in the gate Saturday. This goes off at five. Forty four about a bunch of interesting is. You're actually flap. Jack is back Jackson keep waiting up. I know we'll we`ll. We'll cash flap jackets on point that NY traffic saffy Joseph Paco Lopez back riding by the way Including today at Churchill NECKER ISLAND FOR STANDOFF RIPTA CASH. Mcpeek shake some action. Brad Cox racing attachment rate is in here for Dale Thales. Been shopping a spot for him. Ray Handle Celtic or Celtic striker informative for euro. Saint Louis pneumatic for Asmussen. Instead of with Miss Nikai. Let's take an early break. And get Tim keeping here and get going with. Steve on Sirius. Xm radio develop by horsemen bills. Dot Com is a cost effective time to environment friendly paperless revolution of how equine industries bill and receive payments vendors rape will generate electronic invoices free choice whose owners can pay through the same website with just one click say bodies tax invoices handwritten checks and postage costs easy accounting for all parties with the highest online security measures. Get STARTED FREE HORSE BILLS DOT COM simply registered with your name and email address redesign up no subscription piece vendors until the first invoices sent. Bronner's you get a free account. Comprehensive Dashboard information on all horses owned to billing records. Ach and credit card. Payment options for vendors generate invoices efficiently and receive payments quickly from both owners and other vendors syndicate partnership managers get flexible billing payment options to both tenders and syndicate members for more INFO. Call eight eight eight nine. Three eight forty six forty three eight eight eight nine three eight forty six forty three or log onto horse bills dot com. That's horse bills. Dot Com get started in Kentucky over eight million dollars in additional. Money is available at the five Kentucky tracks for horses eligible for the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund. Kentucky is a good place to raise your kentucky-bred come home to Kentucky and make a start D. R. F. Sports for Digital Edition your ultimate weekly. Bending Guide published by daily racing. Form Derives sports form delivers all of the analysis in insight. You need for every NFL game more than forty college. Football matchups beat the spread with powerful transit sharp angles tapping best bets expert picks winners and more offered his four ninety. Nine Aparicio at this week's edition free era dot com slash sports for enter code R. F SPORTS ARIZONA RACE TRACK INDUSTRY PROGRAM FROM. Prepare you for an exciting career in racing. Turn your passion. And she will paychecks. Nearly ninety percent of students are employed in the racing industry immediately upon graduation. What career track are you on the University of Arizona Race? Track Industry Program Enroll today and get on track for success for scholarship opportunities and more. Check out our website at you wade. Rt Dot Org. Why is accreditation important? In after care thoroughbred aftercare alliances standard of accreditation and grant process provide donors with confidence that their contributions are allocated in the most effective manner. Accreditation is only awarded after a complete review of an organization. Aftercare cannot be an afterthought for the industry to learn more or support the mission visit therabreath after care dot org now back to at the races with Steve Vic on Sirius. Xm radio were back at the races. Coming up on twenty into our one and Tim keep is going to join us from the Maryland Ta. I would much rather be talking to to tim about an upcoming starter. And I'm sure Tim would rather be talking about upcoming starters But right now we gotta figure out When those The starters are are going to actually be able to run TIM. Good Morning. Good Morning Steve. Thanks for having me on. No not at all. You know it's I'd been Kinda checking with You know with the the racing office at Laurel at the see how close it was. It seemed like things were were edging forward and The health officials in an Orange County and it seemed imminent. And yet the you know. The plane keeps circling Thurgood. Marshall Airport Been Closed. Obviously to the middle of March so yet been tough for everybody tough for everybody not just here obviously but all around the country and and certainly pandemic around the world. So you know I think we have to all be cognizant of that fact but tokes here on Maryland. Yard governor is done He's been very methodical in his approach to how he's handled this same DEMOC. He's relied heavily on. Medical advice is Permits Health Advisors. He came out a couple of weeks ago with a phase three-phase stage of opening the state. We were very hopeful. We're optimistic and hopeful. We're would be part of phase one And when that didn't happen and that was kind of tough that was difficult for us You know we've got a great relationship with the Maryland Jockey Club in the group. Our advisers are lobbyists lawyers. We've been in touch with the governor's office We've we've got a lot of protocols in place ready to go when they give us the green light I think we've done a good job. All of US collectively relaying. The governor's office and those that will eventually make the decision to open how we handle the the the covid nineteen how we handle the racing without crowds. How we handle keeping everybody safe to laurel and ultimately the decisions up to the governor. We have had meetings with Enron. Oh County But the the the bottom line is we have to wait for the green light with the go carts and We're hopefully were hopeful. I guess also we would be running. Maybe this weekend with Memorial Day coming up. It's been I get a little more frustrating to see some of the states around us like Charlestown opening New York's getting at least it's got a date. They haven't carpet on when they're going to win. They're open so it's you know it is frustrating for us not even having target just You know we just have some ideas on on when we think in might be open. We're hopeful next week. The governor will come out with either a second stage of openings. We're in announcement a certain businesses that he's going to allow to to reopen next Friday And we're again we're hopeful we're going to be part of that announcement but we're just going to have to wait and I could say could follow up and say you know. Has You know the other venues that have been running. And and the protocols that have been successfully implemented and obviously those are being displayed and and are being presented as part of the discussions So I mean and and it's not as if there's anything it's not as if as people are concerned in Pennsylvania that there's some animosity Where we're obviously there isn't Pennsylvania but You know certainly The governor in fact by allowing the redevelopment plan to become law two weeks ago the if he if he was at the racing. So it's not it's not the issue it's this is strictly nuts and bolts the business of business being rebooted. You know throughout the state. I guess at absolutely I mean you have to remember. Governor Hogan says the head of the Governors Association. So he's GonNa take a little bit more conservative approach. Perhaps that of the other governors Have the And it's it's the governor and I said he's very regimented at how he's going to do it. He's he's explained how he's going to do it. And he's sticking to the advice of his advisers and that's that's just the reality He's he's he's. He's a great supporter of the racing industry. As you just mentioned You know we've we've passed the The Redevelopment Act Redeveloping Laurel and Laurel Ago He was just on the air last weekend. Saturday with Belinda stronach accounting to preakness state October third. So He's definitely a partner of ours. It has nothing to do not opening. The raising has nothing to do with his feelings towards towards negatively toward their industry. Not at all well beyond then just giving that green light There's concern Just you know it happens that Martin van was with US yesterday Tim. And and he laid out the structural amendment that was necessary to basically reinforce the overnight purses and You had a piece with Bill Finley and TBN yesterday and in a you express the an and obviously speaking for the. War's been obviously concerns over. How money for the you know the upcoming meet and basically Laurel is nearly year round racing. talk a little bit about those concerns and Obviously this is going to involve discussions with the stronach rope about potentially trimming some of the stakes maybe and maybe trimming the preakness purse Because there's no there's no certainty as to win the you know the the revenues are are going to begin to come back to fill up the first account although you do have a decent buffer right now in that person count at no question so right now we have a little over three million three point. Two million dollar offer that will sustain for the next fifteen roughly fifteen racing days and equal levels as as as as before when we were racing background. Only on fifteen Trying to keep the person the same we're going to keep the owner Maryland bred owner bonuses. Same we're going to keep paying back to the elastic four percent rate big. It's important to get money back into the owners and the trainer's hand And having said that obviously our our purse revenues are derived largely by the clock revenues from the Casino there closed. We're not realizing any revenue certainly. There's a lot of unknown. We don't know when the casinos will open when they do open open. Certainly lower capacity You know so then you look at the handle to you know our faneuil. Yeah handle yet are handled. Should BE GREATER You know if you kind of look at what some of these other racetracks are handling throughout the country have been you know setting some some and record some of the venues Beezer so many unknowns in trying to plan between now and October. It's it's very difficult but as I said before we have a very good relationship with the Maryland Jockey Club now and the strong group. Greg Fables He's been great since he came in. From basically from Timor we've been very had very good discussions with him. It's never too early to start the discussion now because I believe in in a lot of us believe that we need to focus on our Maryland. Guys are local Maryland horse men and women that have been here struggling and the owners and and you know yet chemicals. A Great Event. It shines a spotlight on us. It does a lot for us in Maryland but these guys are the nuts and bolts of are year round racing. And and you know until we can see what the revenues are going to be and how we're GONNA have to be able to handle the preakness. It's just too early to tell you know. Certainly it's not going to be like every other preakness. It's going to be different whether that it's GonNa be lower you know purses or or fewer snakes that that's not a determination to make right now but it certainly is needs to be part of discussion to be to be thought about. Do you have a does it. And and you know obviously with what the using what naira has done already the with the same with the same kind of mentality and the same approach. This is nothing new I mean we. We are exempt. He was with US last week. Charlestown hit the same thing. They trimmed some of the Open Company. steaks and and the classic So that they could basically guarantee you know the rank and file horsemen Something close to the normal I levels You know it's very important. I mean everybody's concerned about right now but You know there's a sustainability element to this and Orson and an owners. They you know they've they've been paying bills and they gotta get something back They if they at least have a chance to get something back and that you know. That's the motivation undoubtedly. Do you have a feel and obviously this is. You know this is really open ended but The have a feel for what what number would you know would really help and would basically you know? Kinda frost the cake and be spread out So that you know that things could be sustained through the at least for the calendar year when you say number what do you mean what do you mean by a number? Are you are? Are you gonNA present or ask for a and and suggest that you know? We probably need two and a half million to go toward purses between. Let's say July and whatever whatever the period is that You know until until there's a certainty as to how much you know how much revenue is going to come back and you know and when you know when those Stipend money's begin to refill the perse accounts. I think really. It's just a matter of I don't know expansion question now I don't have number Is there's no number that I can come up with today to to. That would be realistic. But I think the real question is GonNa be is just to see how we handle to see when the slots come on and and and how they come back and You know it. Just having some of those negotiations with the group to see with their feelings and their thoughts are see their contributions might be as well. Though I to be honest with you I can't give you a number but Separately Talk a little bit about The horsemen You know I kept kind of expecting you guys to come online and so we really haven't spoken to anybody in the region. I mean I touched on things separately when Alan Foreman joined us. When we were waiting for the redevelopment plan to become law but for the rank and file the horsemen that You Represent Tim. How has everybody fared and and you know? How long can they hold on here? the were they able to get the any help from the federal resources. Obviously it's been very difficult for a lot of a lot of the owners. A lot of the trainers Fortunately through the federal government I don't know the numbers. How many trainers here in Maryland realized that The benefits of the loan? I certainly think come up. I know some of them. I don't have any. I don't I don't have the numbers. That certainly was an anchor of a lifeline for a lot of You know it's been difficult. It's been difficult not knowing when we're going to open not knowing you know the time frame that the anticipation that it would be mid-may or by memorial weekend and then having those dates come and pass it gets it makes it harder and harder for the horsemen to keep hanging on and and then you know when we tell them. We're hopeful that it was going to be the following weekend and and there are a lot of discussions that we have as well that You know we're not able to a lot of it. We have a lot of the conversations. We have our in confidence and we have to be careful with how much we share But at the same time we need to share enough of that information to give our horsemen the knowledge that we're working towards them. We're working towards the date forgiving. The government The state government. All the information they need to make the decision for trying to to make sure that they rises isn't something personal. This isn't something perhaps political You know he's just this. This is our governor. This is the way he's going to handle it. And and you know that's that's the reality of And yet it's been difficult and not everybody is shared the same hope. I guess that that I think sometimes I have. Sometimes I have a tendency to look through rose colored glasses but You know I think that's that's that's what we have to do. We have to be hopeful. We have to realize we're having only industry. It's not just the the racing industry in the state or in the country suffering. Everybody shirt were street. I mean everybody is. And it's it's hard to to realize that when it's our bottom dollar when it's our payroll. We have to try to make the end of the week. It's hard to say. Well you know everybody's in the same boat because it's focus on yourself but You know I guess in a long winded answer. It's been tough on everybody. We're hoping we can see the Delight at the end of the tunnel. You know by next by next week. So should also include As part of you as part of the concerns from a breeding standpoint from a Maryland bred program which obviously has been a on the upswing and as rebounded after dire conditions and concerns in several years ago Tim Any anecdotal your deal with a lot of home breeders And and good ask anybody. Was there any you know? Any mayors taken out of state over the last It a little while and at any any concerns of of those type over this did I. Don't I don't have the real concrete answer on that I would say you know. I know Pennsylvania's had some struggles. I'm sure you've seen the struggles with their governor In their breeding. I I think anything. A lot of or some of their mayors have filtered back in the Maryland northview up Pennsylvania's closing stores are selling focusing. All their their efforts. Here back in Maryland. You certainly I think for us in. Maryland are breeding industry. That's helped us As far as for some of the breeders that I'm training for which I'm training the they. They sell a lot of their horses there. I know I've I've had some conversations with a few of them. They're having some anxiety of perhaps about the fall sales. They're gonNA look like when they go to sell their yearlings Whether they'll keep them whether those element loss it's hard to tell but You know for right now. I think we're holding sway and we'RE DOING. We're doing pretty well. And with breeding industry. I've got a couple of minutes to owner trainer and breeder as well so You know I I kinda see the all three sides of of the industry and you know certainly it's affected. I'm to what it complete extent. I'm not positive but it certainly has impacted somewhat well Certainly the Maryland horsemen with a as as good a representative as could be produced. Tim Keefe Who was president of the Maryland? Tj And in constant contact and you know working with Everybody at at The stronach group the MJC and basically will undoubtedly be ready to to throw the switch and And get going as soon as the NAPA says. It's all right we will. We'll be ready to go anxious and ready. Tim Best the lock and his anything I can. You know. Pass along and Anything I can do to help the do not hesitate to ask And I'm looking forward to talk to you about The next the next eight too fast the catch. That's that's what we're looking for and Some other good ones adding the on today not at all. Tim Keefe everybody and you can follow him on. Twitter T. L. K. racing or visit He's got the the website to Tim. Keefe racing DOT COM and Tim It's it's hard when you talk to horsemen that. Are you know when we used to talk to Rick Violet? For instance you got a business you got you got your your. You know your four thirty to hear four thirty four thirty. Am to nine thirty at night. Business You know you got your stable and then when you end up you know the head of a Horse Horsemen's group you've got There invariably unpaid positions and It it takes a Lotta time And Maryland Smith certainly with a terrific representative in Tim. Keefe Will stay right here. And we're going to go from Maryland out to Indiana where there was a little bit of uncertainty and and it wasn't Firm then all the sudden everything fell into place and the word came that Indiana would kick off their season. June fifteenth and We're delighted that we get a chance to talk to Eric. Hallstrom who Is IS NEW INDIANA GRAND BUT Has Been a success everywhere. He's Gone Eric Morning. Good Morning Steve. Really good to be with you haven't haven't talked to you in too long and Happy to have you and and you know you stepped into a a really of I. I suppose a set of challenges you couldn't have imagined but talk a little bit about the the way things unfolded And the decision making process and getting Indiana's season in a written into into place. Well it it has been challenging a call five by saying let's also realize were. Were all healthy. Here we've We've kept jobs. We've got some a lot of really great things going for us here in Indiana so we could sit and worry about a lot of things that have happened or what we've had to tackle and I kind of looking the other way and saying let's make some lemonade out of some of these women's and we've got plenty of opportunities here And even though we lost about a quarterback me you know we were scheduled for one hundred twenty days. That's ball long me and we're we'RE STILL GONNA end up being about ninety four days and once we get going you know. We're starting to be a real long consistent product for Racing customers all over the country and really all the Tappan here. We just kind of changed our focus and We would be crazy to keep the schedule that we had which was included some Saturday nights with lot of Amtrak promotion and whatnot. It's just too. There's too much uncertainty there. So we've switched it up and you know I almost beam scheduled to be a little bit fluid as we as we kind of go through the meat but we might wake up a month into it and find out that Monday to Thursday afternoons are working. We might wake up and say that's not where we should be at and then I think as long as you're good partners with your horsemen which I think we are. We definitely are You can make changes especially when you've got ninety four days. We got plenty of time to correct and figure out what's next talk couple of nuts and bolts about the meat because One of the things that Certainly is come out of these last two months The you know the reevaluation of the early part of the weekday calendar and The idea of running Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursdays As you know as you're spot on the calendar that Alone I think Is Sort of a response to what we've seen over the last couple of months with the Monday Tuesday Wednesday success of Tampa and fodder and will rogers. Yeah and you know I I will. It's obvious we're not the only one who spend watching racing over the last couple of months. We everybody seems what happened. So you know. We're we're really really close partners with our horsemen here when you get in the spot. We're really almost trying to salvage. And we're not the only one and it's not just about the business at Indiana Graham. But we've got horseman who are you have a whole lives invested in Indiana Breeding and racing? And you know we've got a responsibility there and one of the main things. We came out of this looking at was. How are we going to fuel? Purses keep them at the levels they were in two thousand and nineteen which is remarkable. If you think about at this point Very few places able to when you lose a third of your business to stay flat with last year. But that's what we've got to So but I qualified again by saying we may find out the month that Monday to Thursday isn't exactly it and then we'll switch it up if that's the case for a of time to react and make what's best for us in the horsemen and you know in this crazy year We'll probably put off a lot of our on-track promotions till twenty twenty one which is blaming disappointing are merging folks and we worked really hard to try to come up with some really fun things for for the track but those to put that in the next year full there and and we'll bring him out when the when the time comes but it's just really really hard to predict that you'd have you know. Banner crowds coming out here. In the summer it's impossible to believe that. No no doubt the talk a little bit about how you made your decisions and of course You know there is. You know the the casino portion of of the racing at At Indiana Grand. And the you know Hoosier as well on the harness side talk about the the you know the per structure and in the decision you made some of the stakes and the open company. because Indiana the Indiana Bread side of things is a big part of your schedule How did you make those decisions yet? It's a it's a good question. I think that's You went right to where we started thinking and say this. Our casinos been closed since March sixteenth. And that clearly fuels much of our purses and and we need it. But it was flourishing before that happens and we add a table games and Sports betting near the end of two thousand and nineteen. And you know I got here. In February Stephen I walked into the casino and insofar as place in the world. I mean there you got great race and Sports Book. You got bars. You've got a bunch of young people playing table games and all I could think of the whole time was I can't wait to get these people out to the race track. Because that's exactly who are you can influence. It's very difficult to take. Somebody is a slot customer. Bring them over to the track. They just don't care and there's blaming we love our customers so it's not a shot but those that are interested in sports and those that are play blackjack and craps and stuff like that you can get them over to the over. The racetrack and I couldn't wait to do that. However now we just got different set of issues so we're focusing on that national simulcasting market. We'll see if Monday to Thursday Pans out and like I say we're ready to change it up. That's not where we need to be. Then we'll we'll be something else I wanted to talk about the about the Indiana Derby and oaks and so forth but bringing up the casino and bringing up the The patron aspect. It gives me an opportunity to talk about your background because when I said you walked into a challenge It it actually went beyond just the pandemic Effect Your also take a position that had been filled since the inception of the building by one man in John Schuster and just tragic that which really shook everybody there and and you know industrywide I it. It's pretty gotta be a little difficult to just kind of walk in and be somebody that is taking over for. I mean really a guy that that just was an institution I mean. That was on his way. It seemed to be having his whole career Be there you've been at as as interesting series of of racetracks. Are that have a little bit of of you? Know intrigued each Canterbury and the the outstanding success of the Amtrak Appeal of the of the place We talked to Andrew Offerman a couple of weeks ago and they're going to be challenged by not allowing patrons for a certain portion of the year at least Fairgrounds and Louisiana downs understand the gaming aspect. And I just WanNa give you an opportunity to talk about your background and you know what your objectives are and as you know we hope and expect things to get back toward you know a steady. You know normal I I. I'm so tired of hearing the word normal but Talk a little bit about some of the long term goals. Yeah I'm really glad you brought up John Because he was a friend of mine. See you know. I worked with him as a Caesar's employees for you now. A couple of years we. We did some core cooperative marketing things with a pick for between the tracks. And you know he. Would you know what cancer no good and we all know that People around here Miss John and I told everybody right from the start. I'm stepping in with one foot. Not both because I wanNA make sure we understand that if it wasn't for really horrible circumstance with John I wouldn't be here and But you know life goes on. I've even made friends with family and understood. They understand. You know the things time to do go on and so we were moving on. We've got a race that we've renamed in John's honor go beyond Indiana Derby Day this year Renaming THE PADDOCK. And His name. So those are minor things and we all wish you was still here but The you know the program here and the the casino is such a hidden gem and I have seen some great things. Fairgrounds is magnificent place. I think you know you and I were down there for the Fairgrounds the Louisiana Derby Day in two thousand nine when Rachel One fairgrounds oaks. It was awesome. The greatest creative RACE HORSES IN AMERICA? And you know there's but here in the and we've got a gold mine a really really fabulous facility with You know an opportunity. Do things down the road that even better but in this year that we're at right now we've had to refocused. And I never would have guessed driving Indiana that. We'd be running the the answer. Be on a Wednesday know. I think anybody would say boy. Something really went wrong. But something really. We're we're making clip going back to this. It's almost like you. Nobody's setting the ball up on t for you. They thrown you ninety eight mile. An hour fastball. At your knees and you're GonNa have to correct swing coach. Park and the best what we're doing and you know that really grateful to the folks at Churchhill. They didn't ask to run the Derby on Labor Day weekend. Either I mean. Don't forget this is a once in a lifetime. Hopefully it's a once in a Lifetime. Opportunity for us But having the are Indiana Derby and the oaks as a qualifier to their big races. Fantastic and you know. They're they didn't tell us what they need to run. These races But I I can look at the racing counter and say here's where they don't belong. We're not going to run them on the same day as the Haskell or for the travelers might be or what we still understand what we are and You know something Middle Week when we can have the best horse in the world and the best riders at our facility. That's what we're GONNA do. And I I'll bet you anything. We a handle record this year and that will be you know we take out of the year. It was a positive feeling very good about that. So it won't be the same on-track experience and you know there's people out there that not too thrilled with the Wednesday Indiana Derby for this year. I of tell them we're doing the best we can. Everybody's had to change some things up and actually what is the date? I because I don't have it in front of me. It's GonNa be July eighth which the Wednesday. So what a big card. We've got six stakes plans that day. One of two great threes on that card. The Derby are oaks Both being like mentioned Qualifiers for Kentucky Derby Kentucky Oaks and their point system And you know just with the general way out of three year old map this year still somewhat Not completely dialed in. We just tried to find the right spot now in the other piece of this is in Indiana. We can't even have spectators until July fourth and that's at the best that I would hesitate to say that one hundred percent certain that will have people on track by July fourth. But if we're able to we can at least have people here you know it'd be quite a scientist. We had to tell the governor of Indiana. Hey you're not essential. You can't come to the Derby. Wow Him the opportunity to come enjoy the day and Wednesday. And you know like that. Say WE'RE GOING TO. We got plenty of great folks got a great TV production. You Know Rachel Nancy or top of the game as far as analysts and you know bill. Downs is just fabulous now so we we got plenty of good things that we can put a great show on still well one of the most important questions and I know people are to one of a confirmation. I the GUS grissom and the Florence Henderson. Are they going to be on the stakes? Calendar the GRISSOM in the Henderson are on the calendar. I'm guessing there's something there that when I got dressed Kevin really interesting names. I tell me the background and Gus Grissom Florence Henderson and the answer. I just you know so okay. Of course it's uniquely Indiana and the The Mary Holman George as well and and one of the appeals of of State Bred. St Bread Programs. And and you know the regional is is that It's about as American as it gets and I guess the another big question is Have you ever been to the five hundred you know I? My first one of my first job was as I started getting through The my racing career was I. I was in Indiana back when hoosier opened up in the mid nineties and I worked at off track betting facilities my in fact my oldest child. My daughter was born in Fort Wayne and One of those years I got the opportunity to go to the indy. Five hundred and you know in the car racing not necessarily my thing. I be up front about that. Hasn't on another race fence but just like anything. It's amazing spectacle and loud is place in America and was a bigger facility. Then I could have ever thought you could build but I have been there. I probably won't buy tickets. You know when they come back up but I can say is definitely part of the Indian culture for sure very much and of course Marie I bring up the Marinho. George Is She was the chairwoman of the speedway for a long time and Very prominent In in Indiana you know Indianapolis and Indiana. It's it's one of the appeals there and a Wednesday a Wednesday Indiana. Derby is fine It's an Indiana oaks and Undoubtedly will be targeted by you. Know by plenty of Of of top outfits the points and what are the perse levels were they adjusted yet. We took a you know the head of justice take schedule a little bit to make sure that we didn't impact our overnights at all so our overnights we'll come back same level two thousand and nineteen And but there was minor just wants to stakes counter. Some of the states. We eliminated was just because it was a meet has been condensed. They would have run prior to your are opening We did take a couple of hundred thousand dollars off Derby but still be three hundred thousands with the folks at two hundred and You know very much a situation where we've got a very very respectable stakes calendar left for you know our ninety four day meets signed and I actually. I just occurred to me to go to the the condition book. And it is up and It's all laid out there The two hundred thousand dollar Indiana Oaks. Three Hundred Thousand Dollar Indiana Derby and of course both graded The rest of that Calendar and the rest of that State Card includes The Schuster As you mentioned renaming. The Warrior Veterans For John that's that's lovely and The General Assembly as well You got The two WHO's your Readers Sophomore stakes As well the start the car at least in the book so the stakes heavy card on Wednesday July eighth and Nice Nice. When does everybody wants to have to nominate Let's get that out there. So that horsemen no one Nominations closed June twenty-fourth. Okay so they got your time yet. We still had about a month before those close. And you know the way. The three-year-old change you know we'll definitely fill a gate that day Plenty of interest have decisions been made As well Eric about The wagering menu any any wrinkles. I we got. Obviously we got a couple of weeks. The you know to to revisit that but Any anything that you know of that the horse players need to know. Yes so thanks for asking. 'cause Rachel and Bill would kill me if I hung up the phone and didn't talk about side from some of the fire on track stuff. We really talked a lot about. How do we make Indiana grand racing consistent option with for batters with you know especially those that are sensitive some to certain takeout issues and whatnot? And so one of the things we've done we've always had a pick. Five that you know has a carry over provisions Not Jackpot just a regular carryover. This year We you know brainstorm. We said let's make this the best most attractive. Pick five in America. What are we going to do? So we moving into the last five races on thoroughbred program with a mix meat It'll always be the last five but it's also going to be our. He's Rachel turn from that. She sent me tax last night the world and she spelled it with like six ours if that kind of Rachel hyperbole the deep into things but the world's lowest takeout for pick five and that may or may not be correct. Because I'm kind of listening to Rachel whether that's true the We're going to go with eleven point nine nine percent five takeout and now it's a little hokey out. I don't mind you can laugh. Whatever but we're we're trying to find ways to to pitcher meet and do different things and and the point is still. It'd be very very fair for are wagering. Costumers are picked. Five will be you know at lower take goes. You're going to get and It'll be there's going to be plenty of things offer and I guess the the best part to we can throw out there that you know we could have one of the better meets in part of it just comes from maybe some unfortunate circumstances in the mid west with other tracks which is not for anything any of us should or do root for. But we've got plenty of horses We got about eleven hundred stalls here. We could have two thousand stalls and fill them up this year. The interest is that high And so I- good feeling that will come out of the gate with four fields and our turf course not being used till June. I mean I think looks like something you'd see in Golf Magazine's beautiful then. Maybe that helps us it a little bit later in the season. And you know we'll find opportunities and positives from all the stuff and make the best of the year but I will. Courage are wagering friends out there. Take pick five. That will have and. I'm sure we'RE GONNA come up with some sort of catchy slogan 'cause what else are we going to do with our stay at home right now a lot of times? Thanks and Right now Rachel Lois take out in the lead and I'm trying to cheat or something but if I catch you in that now that that's a that's a clever hook and It it it is a little corny but that that's okay at In Indiana is after all the fifth leading Corn producer in among states and got a ways to catch. Iowa. So it's not as Corny as Iowa but It's cute twelve eleven point nine percent Takeout pick five this year at Indiana grant on the last five and you know you mentioned the mix meet you got what you got a handful of Quarterhorse days mixed in. Yeah we do so that ninety four four of them will be strictly quarterhorse days. And we're actually GONNA add We'll have the Monday through Thursday regular mixed county but we're GONNA add for Saturday's select throughout the me basically a month Where we'll quarterhorse days and they you know we got a really great program here. He's the the person's on these are That they're running for even with the pan-demic are fantastic. And so if you are a quarter horse racing fan you should really should keep an eye on what we've got going because even during the the money Thursday will have a race or two but then in those days you know we got the stakes for you know hundred plus quite often and you know this this day and age. It's a good number and we'll see how that see how that works. I know our quarterhorse leadership here is worried about having enough riders. In that tells you that there's a good thing got enough horse as well and of course On the on the quarter Horse Front Tomorrow. Reinoso get started and You know you mentioned Eric. That the other the demand for stalls in addition to you know the regular lineup of of Barnes that are you know coming back Indiana the situation in Chicago and in Altoona ISLA with Prairie Meadows Arlington That's where those extra those extra horses. are are undoubtedly You know looking for a place to to run so Point well taken the that. Indiana should have Robust is and again. Like you said we're not you know nobody. Nobody happy about the the situations there at at Prairie Meadows and Arlington but You know it. It is making as we're seeing already made for really good wagering opportunities in the venues that are that are up in going so we're looking forward to it and we're looking forward to checking in as the meet. The proceeds at Indiana Grand June fifteenth. So we got about three weeks and Monday. Through Thursdays four the action and that goes until November eighteenth and July eight the big date on the calendar a Wednesday for the Indiana Derby an Indiana grant. INDIANA OAKS will. We'll have We'll have plenty of fun leading into that. You know that day We'll we'll give it A major focus. Yeah and Steve. I surrounded fan. I listen to all the time and I appreciate what you do and looking forward to a partnership of summer with With you guys what. We'll get some more interesting on macos on when all the talents come back now. I D I Y. I I wanted to congratulate you on the position and Indiana's Indiana grants future in in in really good hands Erik Ostrom Stay SAFE and best to everybody out there as they get ready for A truncated but robust season this summer. Okay thank you Steve. Eric astrum everybody from Indiana Grant. Let's take a break. Top of the hour. Get Dick Powell win. And we'll talk a little Hong Kong deck and in fact I was talking. I was talking to one of our mutual friends yesterday of Dick's and Jim Cornes. Who is not just a mutual friend of mine index but mutual friend of thousands literally thousands? And not just not just around Saratoga but it from Dubai everybody. Everybody knows cords Speaking Fort Wayne. He's out in four. Wait for those of you that that didn't have the kind kinda lost track of gyms up to he's out in Fort Wayne. It is wife She her that's where she's from At least that's where her parents are anyway So she's so. They made a move to to Fort Wayne. The home of W. 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What career track are you want the University of Arizona Racetrack Industry Program Enroll today and get on track for success? Nearly ninety percent of our students are employed in the racing industry immediately upon graduation for scholarship opportunities and more check out our website at UA. Chart T I P.

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Trials with treatment and emotional


29:56 min | 1 year ago

Trials with treatment and emotional

"One of the huge things in sobriety early sobriety. Is definitely emotions and what I can tell you is. I have relapsed due to emotional swings and not knowing how to handle it. I simply just just wanting to get rid of all the shit going on in my mind enduring circumstances Yeah. It's it goes from one high to the low to the high. It's like a roller coaster and you never know what you're going to get and something something simple consent you completely off the wall to where you're pissed off and angry at the same time. Something something little could happen and I could be absolutely happy. I could be. Joyful in just the highs and lows are huge in early sobriety and. My first stint with a I didn't really get a sponsor. and. I went to a thirty day. Ninety Day Inpatient Treatment Program. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. You can use. Tools that can help you create record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listernship. It is easy to make a podcast in one place simply download your free inker APP or. Go to. Anchor Dot. FM. To get started. So I went to this Ninety Day Rehab Program good was allowing me to leave and go to work during the day but I was there other than work I would have to sign out and In were not nor to go anywhere else. Had its own in house rules and one of the rules was. You had to attend their a meeting every single night. and then if you wanted you go to more, you could. So I started I started going to a initially in and taking it serious initially in this Ninety d program. So what happened? was I was doing really good. I was on fire hours. It was going. and. It was easy because I wasn't really having to deal with much like I. Blocked my sister out. was in Phoenix so she's the only family member I really have in Phoenix other than her family So I just Kinda zone them out and just kind of folk tried to focus on me her best friend was. Somebody that I was somewhat interested in at the time, but I mean I had to block off communication there as well and just focus on me. So I started going through their program in after about fifteen days. They have me run in a small group every Tuesday and Thursday night, which is it's great. But it's how can I run a small group? This is how I felt at the time. How can I run a small group when I don't even know how to deal with my own Freakin problems? So I was frustrated within that program. So. Let's say I got about. Forty Four days in forty five days in somewhere on there about the halfway point. And one of my buddies from in their moved out to a silver living house. Why I ran into him on the light rail and he said man, it's way better like you should. You should look for sober living house. I got this lady's number she. She has other houses the House. He was in was completely full but he said check it out call this lady and I'm sure if she has a bad open teller that I sent you and you'll you'll have no problem getting bed. So I called him up and she said that there was a bed available and it was two blocks away from that ninety. Day. program. So, I make probably one of the one of the. Most A really terrible move on at that moment life. I go. I go against the program and I exit early and I moved into a sober living house. and. As soon as I got there the very first day. I, got this roommate. And he asked me if I've if I use if I do anything, do I drink what was my in? I told know I struggle with alcohol said, but I've done math a couple times in it's never really messed with me. So. He explained to me how he gets away with doing math and. He's smoking it and I my emotions are everywhere I just moved out of a place I don't know the house is kind of I. Don't know I'm not used to the house the route to works going to be pretty much the same buses. So that wasn't a big deal. But I thought I was ready while I had been I had. I started not going to a meeting. in about. A week into that sober living place. I had went to want to a meetings. and. He actually asked me. If I wanted to use like he said, he had some if I wanted to use them so. Knew it was wrong. I. Knew it was a bad choice. I did it. I, win against the grain I did it and. From there. My Alcoholic. Illness my. Allergy. tells. Me Everything's GonNa be okay. Everything's GonNa be okay. You can have a couple of beers go head coach you a beer and a couple of shooters I mean. It'll calm you down like it's not a big deal like. You this guy is using hardcore drugs in here and it's not that big of a deal. He's doing. All right. Okay. The reason why? I listen is because my I have a disease then tells me everything's GonNa be okay. Every single day. So. Start using a start drinking go get a couple of drinks. STARTED, getting real buzzed but I cannot stop by want. I've craving more and I want more, and there's a little mini fridge in the room. So I buy some beer stuff in there. Well. I'm supposed to work at eight o'clock. The next morning ended up not going to work on home and binging stand in the room pretty much not do anything high on the math and drinking. You know got plenty of alcohol they're just continue to drink. They don't even notice they like do not notice nobody in the house they're all doing their own thing in their own world. So then. I decide to go. To the LIQUOR STORE AND GETS MORALE CALL WHY More Vodka. A lot more vodka in I came back. Well I started drinking on to the extent that I blacked out. I. Don't what happened I was removed from the house apparently, I was asked to leave. Me and that dude ended up getting a hotel room. I paid for the weekly rate because I had plenty of money put away because I was still working at this point you know. I was still maintaining my job. I was still doing the only thing newest bothering me I was telling my. As long as I could stop drinking. If I can start, I just proved to myself. I could stop drinking. I did it for forty three days. Didn't get a sponsor. I just cut back on the meetings and I thought I, had it in you know what? I chose to I chose to you on. So I mean I can quit if I want to right. So we're at the hotel. And were there a couple of nights drinking engine still not going to work? and. I. Think it's GonNa be a good idea to get a handle. So I get a handle vodka started down on the way back. While I ended up getting stocked on. The end up calling for paramedics bay take me to detox I ended up in detox and. Doubt the motions they were going on throughout that entire thing the being scared the nervousness the. The joyfulness of leaving a program the. I allow just the motions were just raw that time and I just didn't know how to handle everything. So. So. I get OUTTA DETOX I find another sober living house that they arrange meaning to Tell me I'm GONNA pay him on Friday 'cause I have good intense that I'm GonNa pay him as soon as I get paid on Friday all give them the money. Okay. So go to work. I'm staying there I'm going and forth I'm sober now few days I'm doing this. Mind you. I don't try. By that Friday when I got paid. I. Took my check in Iran I mean I hit and run basically I was. Untruthful unloyal Kaleida say for a place to stay that's that's not something that I would normally do my addiction what I had to for my addiction. Because if I SPIN That amount of money that I'm not going to be able to drink this next week and my addiction comes first which. That is absolutely terrible. You know. So that's why we're focused on sobriety I now. But I got one of these. My counselor at the Inpatient Treatment Program. Asked me to write a letter. Of a circumstance where I used multiple emotions in explain it. So I decided to use when my ex night argued, and it was an argument that happened before I went to this ninety day program that I had just talked about. This was when we were still trying to work things out for the most part. I felt a little antsy anticipation I was in Phoenix in her apart and added an apartment complex. She had just gotten off work. We were. We were walking outside I had drank drinking energy drinks. You know to be honest with you. The only thing I drank was an energy drink and there's no point lying about it now. So. Yeah. That is all I had used to this point. So I I noticed her trashes full. So I offered to take out trash. So at this point feeling a little hopeful, you know I, I just did good deem. As I got back I heard her talking to my sister on the phone. And this is one of my distorted thinking comes in Oh. They're talking about all she's given my sister an update on how nate stealing like I'm at this point I'm not really talking to my sister much because I know I'm. Trying to get my shit together before a contactor. which I know. The she would talk to me regardless but I tell myself this. So I avoid the circumstance entin easy way to pick a problem. It's an easy way to put separation between. Man. Somebody. Find the reason. My Own Paranoia So. I felt a little surprised with that incident like shocked. When I heard you talking about me. I was starting to get mad. I, felt anger. I heard her say good things. They were pretty much good things I felt some joy. That was you know made me a little happy like Oh yeah. She's given me something good like she's telling my sister. All good things. That's good. But when she got off the phone I begin to question if she was giving pretty much reports on me. She told me how she talked about going to church together. I felt acceptance because we did start going to my church with me the church that I was attending. In later on after a few times of her joining me, she brought my nephews. To the same church, which is Kinda. Cool. I kind of told her because we had been off and on I told her that was her church. Now that was her in my nephew's church and I would find my own church like. I can. I don't think it's going to get too much into religion, but I don't think. If it's non denominational if it's just by the book, I'm not talking about any kind of. Stuff outside of the book but. I am you know so? I I figure. I. Can find another church like. Find somewhere to worship in to get a good sermon once a week. She. She began to get upset with me And I started to feel fear I didn't know what was going on. She. told me. the mice sister in her thought I had been on something the last couple of days and to be honest I can I can honestly say right here right now I hit at this point I'm probably. I think I was claiming. Ninety three or ninety four days somewhere in there doing a I'm going to meetings every time this time I'm starting to work with the sponsor a little bit earlier in the day I actually the same day I walked outside of work in I worked with my sponsor. I typically walked to the Light Rail I decided to walk to the gas station I. Needed to Cana Chew. Yes I did. I walked him out of the I watched him walk out of the gas station with two tall boys. Now keep in mind in Phoenix you can buy regular beer and and high-voltage beer at gas stations. So he walks out with two tall boys and he sticks one in his book bag any cracks the other one open in starts pounding it. So. At this point, I'm irritated. On kind of. I'm feeling a little disgust. Well then I found out that I saw that earlier that day. I found out the he called her and he told her that I had been on something I had been drinking. He thought I was or some shit. So. They came to this sumptious on something the last couple days. I felt disgust because I knew I had been I knew I was doing the right thing and I was. I was pissed screw this thing. This dude supposedly eighteen years sober he's. Working the program is Charon. Certain. Certain of meetings. So. Kind of felt betrayed a little bit there. and. Now. I'm starting to get an emotional situation right here. I. I I got mad. And I begin to argue what they're telling her I had not been using anything other than this damn energy drink and I had one more 'cause it was a two for five to four. Whatever it was. It was a two for something deal I remember that. And she told me to leave. I walked out and was walking down the street. I felt sadness I. Felt Myself Screw it. I told myself pretty much. Just screw it. I will drink and I'll stay with coworkers. House. I'll stay co workers that said I could stay with him if anything happens. So I'm start heading over to his house give me a bottle of vodka drinking. I quickly filled up with disgust. But, then this co worker I start staying with he's a he's a war vet. I stay with him that first night he doesn't really know. I'm drinking I sneak out walked the liquor store. That's right down the street comeback. Slipping through the the sliding glass door that's connected to that room I was staying in. And I got I. got a big bottle. Know I'm content? So I drink all night till I pass out wake up in the morning got the shakes going on a little bit continue to drink. Will I work with this guy is well, this guy's not my sponsors the different guy. Will this guy? He has you're not going to work today I said, no I think I'm GonNa take today off will he knows damn well that we all work Monday through Friday kind you make your own times or whatever, but it's a Monday through Friday pretty much go on when you want as long as you make yourselves I told him I'm not going in today. and. He knows that's a red flag if I miss work. So. He decides to come home. A little literally catches me drink. We get into a little argument. He said I'm not going to be stay there very long. So that night mine laying in the room reading a book because I don't want to go out. So living room because I don't want irritate this man eating more. Let me stay at his house. I'm just GONNA mind my ps and QS sitting here read this book and drink the bottle that I have in front of me. So. My anxiety through the roof I'm trying to hide from this guy. I don't want him to know him drinking will. I'm just sitting there calm and relaxed. Next thing you know the door bursts open any points a gun at me, and he says you need to get your shit and get out get. Out Right, now. So I raised together on, put my stuff together. I Sydney, the man I didn't do nothing to deserve a gun pulled on me. Could you SASS me leave with this point? He's already got the gun at me. So he's like I don't I don't care. You need to get out you need to get out. So I packed up my shit. I pretty much. I think I left some of it on the on the sidewalk on the street because I was in your carry it all. I found a way to make it to work the next day. Case I make it to work. And? My managers asked me hey, are you'll cain like? Are. You sure you're doing. Okay. I said, I, am an Joe and I kinda got into an argument. I, stayed at his house. I was going to stay with him but something went down and I can't really stay there anymore. He's like, what happened why would you do that like and I didn't really say much and then I went to my office and I started working While Joe shows up about two hours later. And he walked straight to the manager's office he told the manager he pulled a gun on me. He admitted he said he was in the wrong. He pulled a gun on me. He didn't mean to do it. He didn't want any problems at the workplace he still wants to keep his job so. I feel awkward tension is kind of. At this point, it's on Thursday, I get paid the next day. So I wanted to go in I wanted to make some sales in payday tomorrow. So I basically for that day. Make a shit ton of sales. Don't have anywhere to go. So I ride the light rail up and down up and down to about three in the morning when they make their last call her last run. Get off I'm sleeping on the sidewalk kind of at a bus stop with my bottle that I was quarter that I was carrying around. Had A couple shooters in my pocket I. I tend to keep to shooters with me at all times so that if I did start to withdraw I, had something to get rid of the withdraws until I could figure something out. So that was Mike My Reserve plan like. Only drink if you're withdrawn. So I got that while I'm drinking I think those shooters I. Go to the liquor store. I ended up staying up pretty much all night before work go to work. I when I walk into the building I look straight homeless. Beata. Torn up like. and. I go to the bathroom on the bottom floor and I get ready. I can give myself all ready to go and this was the start of me. Going to work. During the day. and. Acting up at night ending up staying at random hotels with random people being the only white guy in the hotel room. When I wake up in feeling out of place on debut in what's going on here I sneeze I got a sneak out I. Got Reopen. Go find me a bottle first thing in the morning. And so. That's just a little rundown on where that drinking started where my AJ started The first two times the first time I didn't have a sponsor. The second time I did have a sponsor I saw him. Messa but now that I look back on it, I realize you know I can't he's human to in I can't allow somebody else's decisions to affect my sobriety. That is something I learned through that lesson. So that was the key lesson. So. I give up on a for a little bit Until until after I get arrested after I go through inpatient treatment whatnot maybe a year or two down the road. So I kind of give up on I started like white knuckle quick quit and go through that living houses in and out in and out constantly once they get paid on dip out sneaking alcohol into this over living at some points because I did not want to withdraw missing work. Days because I was too fucking hung over or I wanted to drink that day. So I would miss work. had. Made up with people for for random date Sinoe. For something to do gotta dating site met with people I was lonely. I was insecure. I was bored like. I was missing something inside the alcohol was not helping. So. It was only numb and so much. So I looked. For, something else to put in there, I'm not going to church anymore Can I find the lady to help me feel better maybe that'll help my sobriety. And none of those meetings ever turn out very well at all. One. Of the biggest reasons is because every single time I would drink before. I met somebody. Staying at the sober living house or not. I would stop at the gas station or stop at a walgreens or. CVT I think CBT's I'd stop there and I'd get alcohol drink before meeting people. So I stay at this other sober living house for. A couple of? Weeks. About two and a half weeks and on New Year's Eve no Christmas. Knows New Year's Eve. To start working the next day like call I, called my boss. Said Yeah come back He gave me three weeks off. So I can take care of this be at this place for three three weeks. He said come back on the on the second so on. On the thirty, first, I go out. And I get trashed and I'm supposed to meet this right. I show up at Jack in the box I'm waiting meter she shows up. We're driving down the road weekly planned on and scheduled to go back to her house. Have a few drinks enjoy the new year together. Well. We don't even make it to her house. The about three blocks away. She said, you know what you're drunk. I'm not dealing with you. I'm GonNa take you back to where I pick you up. She takes backdrops me off. So, unlike fuck this. So I get more alcohol I, go back to the sober living house and I start hide my drinking while it's only obvious that I'm drinking. So they find out on the first. In the evening and they take me to detox or they know they took me to the hospital. I'm sorry and they said, once you get done with the hospital. If you go here or if you have to go to detox, then will accept you back. So all right. Okay. So the second. Released from the hospital I walk straight down I get another bottle. Walk Straight back and tell me no, you can't come in and you got to go. And then that was another one that was another huge loss all kinds of stop right there. I don't WanNa drag on too much but yeah, sober living house. Struggling A. Good you need a sponsor. Okay, it's good but you can't cut back on your meetings and you can't put your sobriety and other people's hands. And that's basic recap and. You know don't get emotional don't allow emotions. Put you in a situation where you decide to relapsed where you think you're confident or he thinks worried or you don't know how to handle this emotion. Well did. You better learn how to figure it out. and not covered up because otherwise my experience when you have to wait. To to cover to need to actually deal with it. It. Hurts a hell of a lot more here in a much deeper hole and. I would just recommend basing these emotions as I have been up into today. So. I hope you guys have a good day. Thank you for listening. We'll get back. We'll get you back another one here soon have a good day. Bye.

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The Steelers Preview, Part 1: Why worry about the Steelers future QB right now?!

Behind the Steel Curtain

23:14 min | 4 months ago

The Steelers Preview, Part 1: Why worry about the Steelers future QB right now?!

"This episode is brought to you by. Hp instant inc. No one is reading your mind. But hp instant inc knows when your printer is running low and sends new cartridges before you run out so you never have to think about inc for details visit hp dot com slash instant inc spotify conditions. Apply pittsburgh zoo. Fans what's going on. This is jeff hartmann or behind the curtain dot com and for the second straight week. It's just too. There's just two last week. Dave was on sabbatical. I'm not sure what he was doing on sabbatical. But he's back and now brian. Anthony davis is on sabbatical. I don't know when. I get my sabbatical dave. Welcome to the show housing out. It's going all right if you started this late last week. Have been here for the show but but that didn't happen and we honestly it was. I wanna go on by myself at eight forty five ish or did i want to at least have someone else on the air and wait for jeff so like. Let's do this. it's late we don't have to we. We don't have to listen to brian. Talk as much. We might not have to have quite as long as a show right. Yeah but now. We do miss brian. We miss user absolutely and you know if the person that schedules my softball games should just be taken out and beaten to pulp. I don't know that's that's well. It's it's very. It's very simple because you know when you get down to it when someone already says. Oh don't schedule me for tuesday's because i have to do my locker room for my let's rise. I don't have any other options. Tuesday or thursday as worked fine wednesdays and the team. You're playing tonight day. could anyways again figured out yet. Dave's woman schedule my okay. Let's get on with it. I do wanna make announcement as of this being recorded. Which live thursday on her. Youtube channel can falls on youtube search. Bt sealers radio. Subscribe and like the shows. We appreciate it We are law dog days away from week. One that's right lawrence timmons ninety four days. Have you ever seen anyone puke on the football field as much as lawrence. Timmons did in his time in pittsburgh. I mean he threw up all the time. I put a gif of this on twitter. And i had people responding with other gifts of different games of him throwing up on the field. He puked on david. I've never seen a player dude that many times. Well it's so funny. Because i only i only remember watching. It live and noticing one main time. See it. i'd be like. Oh yeah and then i'm like. Oh maybe that wasn't the same time so yeah. So i guess i guess so but i've seen it so many different times i'm like. Is this all from one game or is this for a different games. I know the miami miami one one year i remember that so because i remember thinking all was he's not in condition yet. It's the first week of the season. So there's also the i remember. The miami game is really hod there. The dolphins made the steelers where black he's in the end. And that's the one that i had shared yamani and he's just Water just be anyways. Lawrence stevens i think is one of the most underrated players in the mike. Tom inara and he was his first traffic. We know that he was. I thought he was really good in. Yeah no one talks about. Everyone talks about linebackers. They talk about james farrior in some modern fans. Talk about vince. Williams or no one talks about lawrence timothy forgotten guy. You know what i mean. Yeah i mean. I personally thought that he was a extremely more than solid player for the steelers. And yet you're you're you're you about that with with the mike tomlin draft pick and everything else. I thought he did a fantastic job. But as as we know when a lot of times people at that position and some other positions that whenever father time hits you it issue pretty hard so you know it doesn't take long for someone to to find out that Their best as are buying them but when his best as in pittsburgh were really good days they really. They were really good absolutely. Let's talk about some news. It was happening with the pittsburgh steelers this week. Oda's grab all three phases are now completed. The steelers were supposed to have four workouts. This week they. I think they did have one on monday. But it wasn't a practice and then tuesday wednesday thursday. That's it face three done. The next step is many camp. David i want to ask you. If was there anything and if if so what was it was anything surprise you from not as at all. It's funny i. I'm curious if they intentionally put the running backs right in front of the media because nausea for the first round pick or if that just happened to work out that way but there to be an awful lot of najji and but that's what you expect whenever you have a first round pick. Anything that jumped out at me was how i don't know if they got in trouble was sharing so much but man. Oh man is the week went on. There was next to nothing to to of reports coming out from from. I think i know. What did i think i know there was a video. I'll say writer at the pittsburgh post gazette. That narrows it down. He shared a video of them. Working on fake handoff shovel pass forward manzano. Now i do know from my time away from behind the curtain a year ago you are given stipulations on what you can and cannot do a practice individual work as the only thing you can share in that was not individual where i guarantee you that might have been so anyways so okay go ahead make sense that really big I'll tell you what for me. Attendance was a surprise people. Forget the break before oh ta started. That was when the steelers is a part of the nfl. Pa and cam heyward is very vocal about why you know why in the world are we doing. This is to a virtual. The steelers were going to not attend any voluntary workouts. And then i remember saying in our slide channel camel be there. He's the he's the nfl pa rep for the steelers. No way he's gonna go against the union and then everyone their camps. There spoke the first day he was saying that was planned was planning to. He said that they gave the steelers organization. I think from art rooney down. They met they talked about ways to i. Guess gonna ease players into it. Whatever they did whatever. They changed cameras on board with it. The players on the team are on board with a great attendance. I was surprised. I wasn't expecting that many What about any disappointments. Anything that disappointed you. Not as i mean by expectations were very low. Just honestly tickets to see anything from as to me is a bonus. So the only way. I would have been disappointed was dec- zero pictures. Zero videos and zero zero players showing up would have disappointed me so honestly i can say i'm not. I'm not disappointed in it. Just because it happened. Didn't happen last year happened. Now that's a good point I was. I put this question out on twitter on my personal page and it was just suppose the dead if a player doesn't show but not as how do you react. Are you saying mad. Voluntary doesn't matter. Do you think i wish they were. They already a matt. It's football shorts. And most of the. I think the majority of people survive hundred and fifty seven people. That voted said that they were. They didn't care is voluntary. I kind of care can be honest. I wish. tj. What would shown up for a week you know. He didn't show up at all that i saw. I didn't see i. I can neither confirm nor deny that. I didn't see joe haden there at all. I those are the two david decastro. Didn't any my gosh thinking david decastro. The offensive line is so green. this year. everyone is in a different spot in a different position. You'd think you would show up. I i understand it's voluntary. I think it was. Who was the player that they've been around. They don't need to show up one of the players in the past three weeks Ta's didn't interview. They asked about the veterans as out. They've been doing it all the time. Tj during long time tj sooners rookie contract. He hasn't been doing it. That i mean my gosh it again just to show up at the same time. There's there's a positive to that you're giving players. Like alex. Highsmith alive repetitions quincy rochet was going to be getting a lot of repetitions of t. J. watt out at said it'd be beneficial to them. But i gotta be honest. It's a little disappointing. I'm just being honest. I wish some of those guys would have just shown up for a little bit but it is also what would be more disappointing with that which will never know or who knows. Maybe we will is to these guys communicate with the with the team at all. Do they communicate with the coaches to say. Hey i'm going to be there. I'm not going to be there this going on or was it. Just wonder if tj is gonna show up today. Nope he's not here. That's that's the difference and we'll probably never do that so that i know what you mean. Sometimes it's it's an attitude. It's a mentality about you know. Hey let's get this done together. So i search i know the cam said cam heyward said that mike tomlin tony. The team in the he him being the rebels. Look i don't. I just wanna see you all like. That's what he said. I just wanna see you all now. I wanna see what kind of condition you're in. And he. I think he was basically saying. I'm not gonna push guys to the break here. I just wanna make sure. I've we see you guys get in in the facility. I guarantee you. They were in contact with joe. Haden t. tj watt david decastro and anyone else that this time good. I have a question for you then. Because i don't know if you saw this report or not but several. Nfl teams has cancelled their mandatory minicamp. Because they said they got everything they needed to a not as because player showed up any chance. If all those guys would have shown up released. One week that the steelers would have done that. I don't think there's any chance mike. Tomlin zaka turned down an opportunity to get his team on the field together in work especially like i mentioned the offensive line. You can't give day use it if decastro to show up what he'd done. I think he still would have had many camp. He might have altered it a little bit. But i think he's still has many campuses coming up. What are the dates. On that i forget. I think it's fifteen to it's tuesday. Fifteen to the seventeenth. I think. Yeah your tuesday thursday and then thankfully dave did some homework and he found out that the steelers will be reporting to training camp on the twenty first of july twenty first is the twenty first. Is the date set by the nfl that they can report data so the steelers have not announced if that's what they're doing or not if they d if they don't you're kinda like will lie. Not i mean understand. That might be a longer minicamp because of the hall of fame game but that's what both them and the cowboys are allowed to report. Yeah you're right and we still don't know we do that. Many camp is going to be at heinz field. The steelers made an announcement that does not mean fans are going to be able to be there anything. they're just gonna hold it at like training. Kim plash jackley. We haven't heard about training camp yet and the green bay packers on thursday. They went to twitter and said that they're gonna. They're expecting a full house this season and they're going to be taking their show on the road for training camp in. There's going to be fans there. I saw that. I don't know if you saw dave of the. When i saw that i'm thinking the seals have to follow suit. I mean unless the state of pennsylvania or something has some type of restrictions. I mean you would think that they should be announcing the after minicam. They should be announcing the dates of camps in. You would think because you also have to remember. This was green. Bay's minicamp week because of when they started their stuff so they announced it today which was at the end of minicamp so hopefully at the end of minicamp we get the same thing from the steelers. If you were a betting man would you think that they would be in latrobe with fans of summer. yes i think. I am a betting man. But i don't know if you can actually get of the camera there. I don't know probably spent on an bill cower. Yeah all right. Let's get to the main topic of today's show in something that in my let's ride for friday morning is all about mason rudolph and the ad. I don't wanna hear people say wanna listen to that just here. Let's listen in. I was talking about the future. The future of the quarterback position Opposites hit me like a ton of bricks. Why do we care so much right now about the future of the quarterback position any. This is seriously been an ongoing debate. I was speaking with a fellow softball player. Dave knows that is a fan of the website. As i was leaving the fields today. And he's talking about things and he said you know. I don't understand why people just seems like people arena against dwayne haskins. Just because his name is he's dwayne haskins and he went to out of state and i said i agree with you hundred percent as it. It doesn't make any sense to me either in it also hit me that. I don't know why anyone cares right now. If dwayne haskins plays this year the steelers are in trouble. Because that would mean that. Ben roethlisberger mason. Bergh offer both hurt so 'cause i don't see dwayne haskins winning the number two job the day do you care is the first question about the future of the quarterback position. Right now yes. I do clinton not more than what i stand. Not more than i care about the twenty twenty one season. I mean it's nice to know. I mean if the steelers had nobody under contract i mean. I'm really glad they did the one year extension with with rudolf because he'd have nobody to contract. You're like oh my goodness what's going to happen next year. I could understand thinking about it. Some but i think we're putting way too much emphasis on it right now because there is so much they can happen through this season and particularly this preseason to help give an idea of what's going to happen in that regard it's funny because you say that with wayne haskins and you say about how many people are so down on him. I asked opposite. I'm like why are there so many people so high on him as well. I think the real answer should be in the middle. You know what i'm saying. Because well he i mean he s he was a first round draft. Pick has not well in the nfl so far yes he has potential. That's why it should be somewhere in the middle if it works out. Great if it doesn't a well and like you say that that is a great thing to be. Isn't it much better if you're going to have someone like that in the mix not saying that he's going to be in the mix foreshore or not for twenty twenty two but isn't that much better to have that twenty one. How many people were saying. Oh the steelers should have drafted their quarterback for the future so they could sit for year and understand the system will grant. He's been in the nfl two years. But guess what. Dwayne haskins to do this year if he wants to have a shot at showing that he can be a starting quarterback again. He gets year in the system. You know give mason. You know any you. Shouldn't even i mean who knows like you said about the backup position that you're not banking on him winning that but that's all going to play itself out eventually. That is really twenty twenty twos problem. You're right we need to focus on twenty twenty one and not who's going to be the next guy after benn. It's who's coming in off the bench four band if it has to happen. I know that in two thousand eighteen when mason rudolph was drafted in the third round and the steelers made a small little trade to move up in front of cincinnati. And taken you and dave. We were very excited. We get upset if they would have drafted him in the first round. I there's anyways that's fine. No ed so. I was pretty excited and i guess and i say this my podcast on friday morning is it was the first time i felt that the steelers drafted maybe not guarantee made the next guy you know. Having you think that all the quarterbacks had been behind rothlisberger in his career. Whether it's charlie badge byron left. Which brian saint-pierre dennis dixon michael vick A of landry jones. i could go on devlin. Hodges none of them. None of them ever felt like wow. This is the next. This guy could be the next guy mason. Rudolph kind of felt like they have. The one thing that people have to remember is that he's he was a third round. Pick and i think the one thing that's screwed with people. The most is kevin colbert's comment that he made sees me about. We had a first-round grade on him because he said that people then said he should be playing like a first round pick. He's on a i on bakkies the third round. Pick so i guess for me. I was so excited. And i know david that excitement in so down in two thousand and nineteen when he didn't play well i told myself. Just just enjoy ben ben. I completely changed i. There was a part of me it would then roethlisberger got hurt in two thousand nineteen. I'm going to be really candid. Here is a part of me. Deep down inside said now. We're going to get to see something like we're gonna get to see what life without benz like. Didn't like it. You like it. So i don't know and in the question marks around some of these players. We're talking about mason rudolph in particular. He didn't have a quarterbacks coach since he doesn't eighteen or two thousand and nineteen. He played zero snaps in two thousand eighteen. You talk about automotive dress yet. You talk about like practice reps. He was getting nod if he was getting any scout team. A nun and so in two thousand nineteen. He gets thrust into the spotlight. Randy feeder is the is the offense coordinator. Let's not forget that mess. And i mean my goodness i thought he made some strides in thinking about the year. The ad the concussion when earl thomas hits him in baltimore arabs are in pittsburgh vs baltimore then the whole myles garrett situation and then to cap it off to put a cherry on top of this crap sunday is the shoulder. Injury that ends of ending a season. Any asks surgery on the aussies. That's crazy and all because markey's pounds penalty got hurt yeah. Bj becomes steps. And then you still. You have this enigma. That i feel mason. Rudolph is horrible. Two thousand and nineteen. He'd be the first person to tell you. But in twenty twenty. He doesn't play other than garbage time. He plays week seventeen. The only other time he plays is in dallas game at the end of the first half. Ben's going to the locker room. I think a turnover in all of a sudden he goes in. There doesn't do anything and then then comes out after the second half but i guess two thousand seventeen to twenty weeks seventeen. Is that one game enough for you to be a little bit confident in mason. Rudolph moving forward davor. You still think you're i can't get two thousand nineteen out of my head i it. It gives me some confidence. I don't think it's enough of a sample size to give you overconfidence. But you definitely saw unimproved player who played an entire game at least from what you saw your before and like you said. I had rain defeating her as his quarterback coach who was already in over his head as the offensive coordinator. You know he wasn't good enough coordinator to just be to stay on as coordinator let alone have another job with it. Just that did not work did not work. And i you you take mason rudolph. Who was in street clothes every single game his rookie year. He did not address. Then you come in the next year and he's finally supposed to be the guy that gets the backup. Rats gets a little bit more work than can actually finally start progressing and he gets thrown in week two. I mean think about that. Last year was really the year he was supposed to have the year before where he was pretty much. Just the backup the whole time. You got to come in and do week seventeen. I mean if we just took two thousand. Nineteen out of the equation altogether. How would you feel you know really know much. You wouldn't know much but you wouldn't. You wouldn't be gone completely down on everything and i. I've even going to argue that the counterpoint that i actually did an article it was actually a couple years ago. I think that that. I think steelers fans would give a little bit more grace to mason rudolph and his development if he would have been a first round pick even thought of yet. Because we're like well sometimes we. It was late first round. We did put the first round pick with him. But sometimes you just got gotta give them a little bit Get going you honestly. I think i mean just even before he played in two thousand nineteen you know how many people and then i mean what i what i made this this before he played snap. This was after his rookie year. I said everyone's like oh rudolph's not gonna you know not the answer. He didn't even dress his rookie year. Like he's not the answer because he was a third round pick. That was a a narrative. I saw all over the place. I'm like okay. So if he would have been a first round pick and still didn't play at all you would feel completely different about and i always said if you would've taken him and throw edmonds and swap them swap their picks how would steelers nation. Look at both of them. Time completely different. But that's just that's what the draft does when you put it that way. It makes sense for sure. All right you know what we're we're close to mid way point here. I want to take a quick break. I have a question for you about mason. Rudolph when we come out of the break It's about what happened this past off season. We'll talk about that. You're on the audio side head over to part two. If you are here. Live on youtube or on facebook. Stay here. We're not going anywhere be back.

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John Zmirak

The Eric Metaxas Show

42:46 min | 2 months ago

John Zmirak

"Welcome to the eric metaxas. Show with your host eric. Metaxas neither folks. We got something pretty dramatic right now. Let me just read this on august. Sixth two thousand eleven. Us army helicopter carried seal team six members into the skies of afghanistan. The elite fighting team was ready to exit. The helicopter called extortion seventeen for its final mission to help capture or kill taliban leader qari to hear but The extortion seventeen in its personnel would never reach their destination instead. Thirty americans most of them from seal team. Six and one american military working dog were tragically killed when a taliban controlled rocket shot out of the sky. A documentary about it called fallen angel call sign extortion seventeen i'm glad to have done brown a former. Us navy jag. Officer the author of fifteen books as my guests to tell us about this. This is a harrowing story. It's hard for me Don brown to think that this happened and that so many americans don't even know about it. Eric you'd nail the first tragedy. This is the largest loss of life of american life on the afghan war and the largest loss of life in the history of the us navy seals and the traffic is twofold number. One we don't know about this. I was. I talked talking. Sebastian gorka just the other day and he'd been deputy national security vacillated under president trump and had not heard about it. This happened under the obama. Administration this shootdown occurred august. The six two thousand eleven just ninety four days after seal team six. Got some of these guys. Teammates took out osama bin laden into seals greatest victory and yet their story isn't told and the senate part of the tragedies there appears to be an inexplicable military. Cover up this chopper. Hung in the air for seven minutes. We lost contact overdue. Seven minutes over the landing zone best we can tell we lost contact with it for ten minutes. It had seven afghan commandos on board and eric. I did not know when. I begin to write this book that we were forcing our special operations. Units namely seals rangers to fly with with afghan units. And they did not want to do that era because he there was a problem with what we know is green on blue violence where the afghans were shooting our guys in the back so i suspect something happened on that chopper. There many unanswered questions. But i appreciate you and the good folks at tbn taking time today to hell. Are these guys listen. This is this is a salem salem. Now we talk about all the time Salem now dot com is where folks can see this. Why want to interview you. But i am just when i hear something like this. That thirty thirty americans were killed most of them seal team six. It doesn't really get bigger than that in terms of news to lose thirty americans and then i think we don't know it so first of all. Let me thank you for bringing this to our attention for writing the book for making the film. The film is called fallen angel. A fallen angel call sign extortion. Seventeen as a military terms. But if you go to salem now dot com folks check this out salem now dot com so don brown. How do you find yourself. You've written many books. But how did you find yourself focusing on this. Well this great question eric. In two thousand thirteen happened to be watching a press eclipse from a press conference at the national press club in which several family members who lost their sons on. This chopper appeared along with several prominent conservative members of congress allen west. Was there louie gohmert. Was there a mutual friend. Jerry general boykin was there and others and as i was listening to these family members. Talk about what happened to their son's. It was clear that something went wrong. There was a black box that disappeared unaccounted for one thing riveting The bodies of these americans had been cursed by an islamic e lomb at baghram airbase and that was part of the of the presentation of the national press club. Something told me. Just try to reach out. And i reached out to. Karen vaughn very prominent a gold star mother. The mother of navy chief. Aaron vaughan on facebook karen handled a major military disaster. When i was in san diego we have fourteen. Go go down. I said if i can help you let me know she wrote back and said we've been praying about somebody write this book. We like to talk so at drove four hours down to atlanta net. The vons they live in florida we spent about three hours at a denny's restaurant than sizing the up at the end of that meeting. Billy vaughan slip across the table. A stick shift a drive. I should say which had twelve hundred fifty pages of evidence which supported which was underlying the military port. I took that hung looked at it and was very clear that they were massive. Cover up so multiple fronts. One thing leads another air at your prolific artist. One of the greatest country. This is the hardest book i've ever had to ride. It was very very difficult. Because you get another families you realize it's not need to happen but it started that way. What what about a military cover up. I mean when. I hear this stuff my blood boils and i feel like we need to raise hell. This is unacceptable. Who and why would they cover this up and who would cover this up for what reason. Well well the first evidence of cover up is this helper. Had a black box onto the vote with the cockpit. Voice recorder the The army the navy the military sent in of a group of army pathfinders from the chocolate down to look for the black box. I read the deposition transcript. Investigation pathfinder commander said. They searched for three days the first time they'd never been able to find a black box that blockbuster have a voice data recorder a voice cockpit voice recorder. We hear everything going on. It would find lay landing. Aah suspect there had been a switch out of taliban forces who got on this helicopter with our seals. I suspect something went wrong inside. That charbroil suspect green on blue i. I can't prove it. A thousand percent like that. There was a fight chopard between ourselves and possibly taliban who wanted to blow it up from the inside or asked you. they're coordinating with guys on the ground. so why would they. Why would they cover it up. Embarrassment to the administration embarrassment to their false These guys are one hundred percent our allies. I mean o. Rama wants to take credit for getting some bin laden. Obviously and so few weeks later this happens and he doesn't want this on his watch. Except here's the problem. It happen on his watch so it. Did you think that this was covered up for purely political reasons so he could be reelected. I think everything that the deep state does form. The various reasons is politically driven to maintain power. This is one year before the two thousand twelve presidential election. And if it got now that are seals had been sabotaged. See most americans. Eric and i did not know. Did not know where flying these missions was afghans. It you read ranger testimony. Seals testimony as part of this investigation. Bay did not want that. They slowed them down. These are the greatest words in the world slowdown down by citizens who who makes that decision. That decision was made by the administration at the time and at that and in fairness that decision started before obama came in through toward the end of the bush administration after after we took out bin laden obama pushed for this afghan in the lead thing and he wanted afghan's everywhere on our missions. They created problems everywhere. They slowed our guys down with the best train warriors in the world. These guys are islamic. Some them are loyal some of them term. We had a major general. Harold green shot in the back in two thousand fourteen by afghan guarded as afghan security force. And kill these green-on-blue attacks rather hide in two thousand eleven and two thousand twelve. It's ridiculous i mean on blue. Obviously green being islamic Blue that's us correct so this film is just out. It's it's based on the book. Obviously it is based on the book but also we've had since the book came out. We've had witnesses. Step forward to corroborate what was in the they call the book conspiracy theory but we have live witnesses who there on the ground or in the air who take part. In the film we have a navy. Mortician who steps forward as we see the bodies when they came in you know. We have ballistics experts to call questions calling the question the ridiculous conclusions of the report so the book is a large part of billion bond. Both written books as well. The filmmakers have done fabulous seeing the film. It is highly emotional and dramatic. Everybody needs to see it eric. Salem now dot com folks. There's a lot of great stuff at salem. Now dot com. I think you probably wanna use the code eric. I don't know what the discount is but salem now dot com before we go. The title is fallen. Angel call sign extortion seventeen. What does that mean to us. Nonmilitary military folks stores seventeen or dorsey. One seven as the military votes call is the call sign for that helicopter sources. Seventeen was an army. Chinook helicopter big trans troop transport helicopter. That was the call sign. It got shot out of the air in that. We lost our men inside that chopper stores since seventeen. I just don brown thank you And folks. You got to check it out. Fallen angel go to salem. Now dot com. The book is by don brown fallen angel call sign extortion one seven salem now dot com don brown. Thank you thank you eric. We appreciate you appreciate much. And it makes a fiery rain bow by while. Hey there folks. How many years have i've been telling you about relief factor. What like four. The truth is i know there are millions of people in fact some say over one hundred million people struggling with some kind of pain maybe from exercise just getting older. That could do it getting older. Which is why. I am so impressed. With an seth talbot. They are on a mission. You rarely see this kind of focus and commitment seriously. They recently shared with me that they are doubling down and went to literally double their total number of happy customers in the next year. And i believe they'll do it. So here's the deal if you're struggling with back neck shoulder hip or knee pain. Even general muscle aches and pains than i'm suggesting you order their three week. Quick start still discounted to only nineteen ninety-five about a dollar a day to see if we can get you at a painting and then after that less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day to stay at a pain go to relief factor dot com relief factor dot com or call. Eight hundred five hundred eight thousand eight relieffactor dot com eight hundred five hundred eight three eight four. I use it. it works. Check it out different circa taxes here. Joe biden and the democrats have laid out the most socialist agenda. Our country has ever seen instead of following president. Trump's blueprint that had the economy booming. The dems are going to raise taxes increase regulations and skyrocket and already outrageous national debt. If your retirement is in traditional investments it is in jeopardy. Americans should be diversifying their investments with gold and precious metals. Gold gives you control over your wealth in protect you. From market volatility inflation and a weakening dollar when investing in gold. I turn to legacy precious. Metals legacy precious metals has over forty years of experience in helping american's protect their finances and this team is prepared to patiently. Consider your own personal financial. Needs if you're looking to invest in gold call the good folks at legacy precious metals today at eight six six four seven three six zero four or visit them online at legacy. Pm investments dot com. Don't leave your retirement to chance. Friends contact legacy precious metals today. That's eight six six four seven three six zero four. Hello there Speaking as a comedian in all seriousness andrew cuomo has killed a lot of elderly people. But forget about that. Here's the issue. He groped some women years ago. And we think he's going to be kicked out of office. Aren't you glad john's merak any thoughts. My dear friend. Well you know what really warms the cockles of my little heart. I didn't even know. God cockles in your heart. But let's put that to the side. Yeah they're criminal charges here and there's a chance that andrew cuomo could go to krizan and nothing would make me happier than to see that people behind bars when you need ball. I know that you're using it in the in the pejorative sense. And i'm happy. Let me ask you though. Seriously he put out in fact for people who know nothing who aren't paying attention to the news. Give us a presi if you would of what happened yesterday He apparently did a defiant press conference where he's fighting charges that he's been groping and molestation and making not john q. Wrong or to to give you have to start with the the attorney general of new york or roasted general. Yes yes. eighty seven pages. Eighty three pages damning information accusing governor cuomo of really awful stuff basically. I mean we're not talking about you. Know borderline stuff. No no we're talking about grabbing women's breasts grabbing their behinds talking to them in gross detail about his sex life making suggestive comments. I mean all the stuff clarence. Thomas didn't do. They try to use to keep off the supreme court. Apparently andrew cuomo was doing that. While doing lighting the empire state building up paint to celebrate legalizing infanticide and enshrining abortion in the us. The new york state constitution while dumping cullman patients in nursing homes to kill off thousands of old people while they were empty beds on the comfort. Pixel don't need to agree with us in any of this stuff. We'll just look at the facts. The attorney general of new york. Okay this is not somebody. That probably thinks the way john and i do up. Put out this report. it's extremely damning. It's really serious and and yesterday as you were saying. He did a very defiant press conference where he actually said. I mean it's kind of funny. Because when i watched a few minutes of it i thought to myself. This is like the definition of kind of smarmy creepy. I mean you feel like he really is blowing smoke and saying that we're living in political times and this is obviously a political hit job and you thinking the attorney general Really isn't the kind of person to be doing a political hit job on the democratic mayor of the state. So this is really serious. I mean she. She's a black woman. Left wing democrat not the most obvious hatchet woman for going after blue state democratic governor. So it'd be is if bill barr had had gonna case against donald trump. You wouldn't be able to say. This is a partisan hit job. I've got a piece in stream are called. Hey andrew cuomo is our are human beings flawed diamonds or mystery meat balls and in it. I tried to address the roots of our division politically in america. We're divided between people who think that human beings are flawed diamonds. You and i believe we're diamonds. Because we're images of god were flogged because of original sin were being pounded in this life to see if we crack or not. And if we don't crack we go to heaven and if we crack we go to hell. That's a very simple thumbnail. Description of the traditional christian worldview that there's life there's death judgment there's eternity post christians liberal christians x. Christians like pope francis. These people believe that we are mystery. Meatballs we are. We have been put together. We got we got that and we were put together by a random process of evolution. We may or may not have a life after this one. We're probably not going to be judged. Because god wouldn't judge people ride. Maybe we'll just going to return to the universe or become part of guy or be absorbed into the panthers spirit but there's no judgment there's no sameness no redemption. There's no forgiveness. Well if you those are two utterly incompatible worldviews if you go to the butcher shop and he tries to tell you no no these are diamonds gonna charge you this much because these diamonds. You say these are meatballs. And i'm not even sure that their beef you're not gonna be allegri agree on a price or we can't governor country. Half of us thinking that the other people are flogged diamonds who have inalienable rights profound responsibilities and immortal souls the people who are saying to take the dead baby maxine. Where three masks. Stay ten feet away from your spouse close down. Everything live in a bunker why why are americans and australians in australia. It's becoming a police state. Fifteen thousand dollar fines for criticizing the lockdown over cove. It in australia snitch is turning in their neighbors for attending protests. That that's coming here. Why are these people so phobic. Why are they so desperate to be afraid because they don't believe in having this life they don't have a firm faith in an afterlife so the entire universities you on your couch for the next twenty years watching netflix and ordering ubereats. That's the whole universe and you were to catch kobina. Die the entire universe who disappears far as you're concerned so anyone who won't take the dead baby vaccine who won't wear the face diaper. They are threatening to destroy the entire universe. There are super villain like thanos in the infinity. Ward's they have superpowers. They're gonna glittering everything because everything is you in your sleep john. I think you're a great learning has made you mad. I want to say that what you're doing of course is brilliantly summing up as you do almost uniquely where we are you have this choice and it does come down many things come down to this and you know this but it comes down to this this really buena review and you summit up with the flawed diamonds versus the mystery meatballs But it is true. Isn't it that that if you really think this is all that there is. You're scared to death of losing it in other words. You're far more fearful than you would be if you knew you have an immortal soul and that you're going to be in the presence of god in heaven by the way people tell me heavens a pretty good place might even be better than this. So there are two views. And you're quite right. We're seeing because of globalization and the internet in a way acceleration of this. It's almost like a like a a a threshing winnowing. there's wheat and there's chaff and you get to pick It wasn't always quite as clear as it is right. now in. The cuomo case illustrates it horrifically. Here's why you'll believe that unborn. Babies are disposable and the elderly people are disposable. Are you going to really have very strong ethics about hitting on married women. As cornwall apparently was asking one of the women that cheat on her husband with him or pushing a little too far when when your testosterone level peaks and pushing further. We first of all the lines. That feminism's tried to draw are completely crazy and hard to discern in the wake of the sexual revolution. We don't really have mores that are stable. That's the point. That's that's the whole point. Is that if you don't believe in a transcendence if you don't believe in right and wrong then you have to ask the honest question. Why would anybody blame governor cuomo. What's wrong he's just living out. The world view that most people effectively passively accepted and the standards being proposed or somewhat incoherent for instance one definition of sexual harassment is an unwanted sexual events. Until you try whether it's wanted or not. I mean to some degree of the sexual harassment thing while there are real in horrific cases of sexual harassment they are. They're trying to kick boys out of college and put boys in prison for ordinary mail. Fallen heterosexual behavior and and the department of education had tried to fix the standards under troub- to being the Bringing back the presumption of innocence and the requirement for evidence the old timey anglo-saxon things like proof And the feminists outraged. They want it. They really wanna standard whereby beef. A couple sleeps together in the next morning. The woman regrets it. The guy goes to jail. Terry thomas great british actor who won said oh what a shaw You can look that up but really. That's what this is another is. This is the it is such a mess because you have incoherent worldviews with incoherent worldviews. You you have you know. The norman mailer grope hypertoxic masculine on the one hand and then you have the antithesis It is such a confusion. It's where we are. It's at least entertaining. We're gonna go to a break folks. I'm talking to john's mirror please. do not forget. Go to metaxas talk. Dot com food for the poor needs. Your help metaxas talk dot com food for the poor. Please help thank you just stewart. I'm talking to john's mirror in john's merrick talking to hey john You wrote another article. The first one was about cuomo. People need to go to stream dot org and print out your articles zamira z. I. a. nosey r. a. k. Mirek so what's the second article about public health dictatorship ramos with her. Tayo chip the public health potato chip post christians. Craven deserve. i talk about what's going on in our stralia. Another english speaking country with the magna carta with the same heritage of individual rights the same cultures. We had founded not that long after we founded well at according to summit news. There's a proposal that is strongly favored. Which would do find stuff. Sorry beatles fines of up to eleven thousand dollars for posting information online. When you criticize the lockdown if you organized a protest against the lockdown in new south wales twenty thousand dollar fine wait a minute. Wait a minute. We're not talking about china. We're talking about australia. When i visited australia of maybe five or six seven years ago. I can't remember. But i just thought this is as close to america as a country that i've seen it just seemed to be kind of wonderful and free and sorta healthy in that way. I'm a little bit shocked john. Australia has taken this direction. This is really because all right. But i wanna finish if you attend the protests. Five thousand dollar fine if you share information on social media about these illegal protests eleven thousand dollar fines now. Why has australia taken this. I think it took this turn back in nineteen ninety six when after mass shooting incident. Australians guns were all taken away is why we have one in nine hundred ninety six. There was a mass shooting that resulted in thirty deaths. It was horrendous but in a hysterical panic the australians let themselves be completely disarmed. it's virtually impossible. You live out me. Outback and hunt kangaroos to have a weapon for self defense in australia. Any country with the citizens give up their guns eventually. This kind of thing is going to happen. Governments expand until they hit resistance. The power of the state keeps growing until something pushes back against it. That's why the american founders. If you read the debates over the ratification of the bill of rights the only question about the second amendment was our gun rights so obvious that it's insulting to even write them down. Thank god they wrote them down but one founder after another with no dissenters said an armed. Citizenry is the last backstop against tyranny. We know jury will prevail in america because the citizenry will never be disarmed. And just as king george when that government became too radical the arm citizenry pushed back and kicked out his royal governors. An armed citizenry is the last guarantee against tyranny. And you know who else knew that. Fidel castro who seized all the guns when he took power the nazis who sees all the guns when they took power vladimir lenin who seized all the guns when he took power. If you anyone who's trying to take your gun rights whatever they say. Their reason is all public health. The gun violence epidemic. Maybe i should wear an extra mast. Know their intention is to take away your freedom. That's why they're taking away your gun. I know australia i. I don't have any question about this. But what is the link in other words right now other than the general trend. I guess you're pointing to the link is us. Christianity is on the wane in australia. You see lots of liberal. Christians and post christians aunts lots of scandals damage the churches there so as people lose faith in an afterlife. This life is everything. The next twenty to thirty years of takeout is the entire universe as i was saying in the previous segment. You don't believe in an afterlife or don't strongly believe in it. You're gonna cling to this one so desperately. I thank god at the invasion of normandy when our men got off those ships and had these horrendous casualties rates. I'm glad those were believers in god. I think if they had been modern liberal twitter consumers they would be weighing within months. Is it really worth risking the destruction of the entire universe. That is me. that's all i care about. Is it really worth joint. Care that much about concentration camps two thousand miles away. That's that affect me. Nazis probably won't conference the united states. I'm going to be fine. I'm not risking my life over this. That kind of selfish but covering looking out for number one leads to cowardice. It also leads to tierney. Anyone who will wear a mask won't take the dead baby vaccine is a threat to you entire universe you why on univer and being having the point of view that you and i do. It's becoming increasingly rare just because of comfort that we have. We live in a culture where it's easy for people in a to be lulled into ascend into a a a way of thinking that doesn't think about ultimate it just thinks about me and uber eats or whatever you were putting but it's kind of interesting because that's the downside of prosperity obvious right. I you know a good friend of mine and his family just caught kovin. I think this through. Because i won't take these vaccines because they're all linked to abortion. They were developed either using pieces of dead babies like the johnson and johnson or tested. There were all tested on clone pieces of dead babies. Like all the other maxine. I've had to think that a pro-lifer my entire life am i willing to risk my life over this. If i if. I if if it were true that this vaccine would make it unlikely that i would die of cold and i'm i'm overweight. Saw a risk group john. Hang on this is too important. We call cliffhanger. We'll be right back with john's merak. John's mira my guest john. You're just making a really important point. Pick that up again. I at risk. For tying if i caught covert because i'm overweight. Okay that's my own fault. I might well lose twenty years or thirty years of life. If i caught cova break now if i took this vaccine people are telling. The chances are very slowly to die from the disease. If you got the vaccine. I'm not even arguing with the medical. Let's say that's true. Do i wanna by thirty years. Twenty years of life by entailing myself in the abortion industry. I want to secure my life at the expense of the desecration of the bodies of unborn children. I don't think it's worth it. And i don't think god thinks it's worth. I think god expects us as christians to be willing to accept a certain level of risk living in a fallen world where diseases run rampant. That's how things are the fall he does. He expects us to to take that risk. It expects us not to profane the bodies of unborn children with these vaccines that were developed which to me are no better than if they were made by. Joseph mingling using the dna china here literally. The only person who's talked about this. Nobody seems to have picked this up. You talked about it on this program you wrote about it for the stream but no one is talking about what you just said. This is a non-issue effectively. Well i just saw a memorandum from the car knocks fisher from new york. Timothy dolan telling trees that they cannot give catholic religious exemptions from the vaccine because of the abortion linked because pope francis has said that the abortion. Vaccines are fine. So you'll have to obey the pope catholics bay. You may have a conscience that tells you it's wrong to you. The deadbeat axiom but prese are ordered not to get Exemption letters to catholic. okay. John why would. Why would cardinal dolan do that. I don't get it. I don't get our eurocrat hack. I don't know if he believes in an afterlife. May not think it's very important but he is a coward and a bureaucrat. And he is renowned for doing the easy convenient comfortable thing over and over again. You can have faith that this man will not buck. The will not buck the party line. Caesar mammon and saddam will never find an opponent in cardinal. Dolan or in pope francis pope francis by doing. This is taking away a legal protection for catholics around the world. Where we if we want to say no to the government we wanna say no. My conscience says this guy. You're not gonna stick this into my body. Pope francis is now on the side of big government. He's on the side of joe biden and george soros and look. We always knew that. But it's still a dramatic step. He didn't need to do this. why would he do this. why would he make. Why would he go out of his way. He clearly went out of his way. He did not need to do that. The the legacy catholic church the the part. That thinks it's fine for joe biden negoti communion in nancy. Pelosi caller sofa catholic that legacy catholic church of gauge with ten million dollar buildings on park avenue. Eat wants to be part of leviathan. It wants to serve the world and the the progressive governments of the world. The way that patriotic church serves the communist party in china. The patriotic church is the one appointed and controlled by the chinese communist party. There's an underground church. Which has survived and thrived underground persecuted for sixty years. These people are taking the side of the government. Church and pope francis made a deal with the chinese communist government saying the patriotic church is fine. Government can control the church. We love china. China does a better job doing catholic social teaching than the united states and the vatican gets two billion in bribes from the chinese communist party according to a whistle blower who did an article about it at breitbart. So the the pact. Between pope francis is vatican and the chinese communist party sort of apocalyptic. I mean it's staggering. It reminds me of the hitler-stalin pact in nineteen thirty nine to apparent enemies coming together against a common enemy. In both cases the enemy was the democratic west the united states the free market and the rights and individual human beings. Why do you think other catholics aren't speaking about this way. You've spoken about it. I mean i have to say i'm surprised. All the catholics. I know are all the catholics. Who hawaiian still in the in terms with who's phone numbers i have lost. I'll feel exactly the same way. But i mean you're catholic magazines like first things or is writing about this church. Milton dot com my friend. Michael virus life site news writes about it. I write about it at string. Dot org a. I mean good catholic priests. The problem is if you are a priest the bishop controls your life so if you had to criticize the poet you will be homeless jobless without any source of income and no retirement so these people do their best to try to serve the people who they're committed to but they have promises of obedience to their bishops. It's not like you can just go to another store front and open another apostolic pentecostal church number seven. You can't do that. It's like you're in the army right and by the way our military has been ordered to take the vaccine and i'm getting anguish emails from people saying i don't want to take the dead baby vaccine but i had three years of service of one year away from retirement to lose pension. I can be put in the brig i mean. This is incredibly creepy. See this is. This is what i'm saying. A de blasio. I think yesterday ordered or a gay gave a diktat demanding that everyone in new york. If you wanna go to a restaurant or something that you get the jab. Maybe only one jab. I don't think you have to get two or three but the point is how can it be that. We're at a point where we have a population that is so ignorant and selfish that it is not pushing back against this. I mean i am astonished that this can. I wanna visit my friends and family back in my beloved native new york city and basically to blasi was saying that vaccine apartheid laws are going to say. That's impossible thanks to vaccine apartheid. I won't be able to go home to your to visit my mother's grave to go go to the hospital whereas born. The font were baptized the italian restaurants. I like to eat best friend from second day. I can't do any of that because of the vaccine apartheid laws. You can come. John and i can go to these restaurants raise. Hell just for the fun of it. I think it would be fun. We're going to be right back. We're talking to john's mere. I know you're not leaving. Don't forget to go to neutral. Medics dot com. Use the code. Eric dot com. Use the code eric. Thank you all seemed to blagden. Y booed feta's sports fans. I'm talking to john's mirror john. This is tough stuff. We were here you and i. It's funny We were both at yale together. You already already on this page as a has a very young man. It took me some time but it is amazing. Isn't it that all the things that we've been talking about over decades here we are here. We are having to make moral choices about eating in restaurants about. I mean again when people criticize germans for saying oh. I don't want any trouble. That's exactly what's happening in america today people like. I don't want any trouble like i don't. I don't really believe in god that much. I'm just gonna do what people tell me to do. That's right well. I've got another extreme dot org loss of faith in jesus will make you a natural slave and your nation a slave state before the coming of christ you had societies like ancient athens the roman republic where men would risk their lives for the sake of the community because they thought even if they died their name will live on their descendants and in the in the legends and the stories of the people once christianity comes to society. That doesn't cut ice anymore. Our expectations got raised to personal immortality. We as a people came to believe in personal were talapity and judgment of light of life after death based on a judgment of how we lived our once. You throw that out the window or or wave it off. Oh you know a good. God would have low standards. Because you know that's what i think. I'm tired change the channel. That's the argument followed logically step by step but a good god would would judge us by very low standards. Wouldn't really expect very much of his. Frankly people suck and god knows that you know. Maybe he sucks to. I don't know but really there are not hard and fast moral standards Except racism is wrong. Because if you don't say that i'm gonna get fired so yeah. Racism is terrible. I don't want to get fired okay. I've got go here. Worldview my colleagues sticker is on the back of my previous. I part of the alette. I have the blessed assurance that i will be permitted into westchester. Come on that's funny. John i just want you know there are people all over the world quietly howling They hear this stuff. We don't get to meet these people but they're out there. They're listening and appreciating What you say I'm i'm certainly appreciating it. It's just look it's so true. It's so painful that that's where we are. And i i have to say i've come to the same conclusion recently realized that believing in jesus has become more difficult in the sense that now you have to take stands now you have to put it out there. And it's a weird thing because it is separating the sheep from the goats. there are plenty of people that go. i believe. I believe it's like well. Now you're going to have to say okay. I will not take the vaccine. Because i believe that it implicates me in murdering the unborn. Now i will risk losing my job now. I won't go into a restaurant that gets tough. And that's when you have sympathy for the poor suckers in germany. Who kind of thought. I don't know. Do i really want to risk my job or my neighbor looking at me funny. I'm just gonna go along with you know with the national socialist regime. What choice do i have. Well think about this. What was it that spread christianity so powerfully in the roman world thirty seconds. Go ahead all right. It was a willingness to die rather than worship cesar but two churches. Today are acting like their job is to extend life on this earth. The early church did do that. It sent the martyrs to die rather than worshiped. Caesar are pastors. Bipolar are telling us no worshiped caesar pinches that sets. What difference. Does it make the judge. I want to end on a positive note once again. I have fail john. we love you. Thank you folks. Go to neutra. Medics dot com. Go to my store dot com. Use the code. Eric and check out john's ex writings at stream. Dot org or else.

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August 6th: Cori Bush calls for defunding of police while using private security HR 1

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August 6th: Cori Bush calls for defunding of police while using private security HR 1

"Southern colorado endeavor stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner swims. We made it the friday northern colorado. Welcome in to know cone now. Right here on northern colorado's voice one zero three one and thirteen ten. Kfi am appreciate you being with us here on this friday. Going to be a blast here today. A lot of stuff we're going to get to. We're gonna get the serious stuff out of the way some news coming our way to get get all of that hearing our number one. I made the promise that i wasn't gonna talk about code for the rest of the show yesterday. Can't make that promise two day because that delta variant man it is it's dominating news headlines right wrong or indifferent. It is and we wouldn't be doing our job if we weren't telling you about that so we'll get to some of that talk then our number two on friday like we do we make ryan pull his hair out. When the three of us get together brady whole brian carey and myself will have a this week's takeaway the big story for each of us we all cover so many different areas we're going to have the big takeaway for each So that'll be coming up in the ten o'clock hour as well. You're not gonna wanna miss that. That is always a really good time. Let's let's get into news four northern colorado. We've been talking a while about roy auto Retiring as the city manager. Well greeley city council has appointed an acting city manager. That is a ray see. Leave the third by morgan. Mackenzie out of the greeley tribune while the city searches for a successor for city manager. Roy auto who announced his resignation in july really city council on tuesday appointed someone to assume those duties in the short term. That's racy lee. The third will transition acting city manager on the eighteenth which is autos last date. According to a news release from the city is more than thirteen years of experience as a later in municipal government and he was appointed deputy city manager in in december through this current role with the city. He oversees public works economic health and housing community development and more during his time with the city. Raymond has shown tremendous leadership ability mayor. John gates said in the released council consensus to appoint a season professional ensures continuous. A continuity of city operations and administration leadership while counsel begins a comprehensive head. Deliberate national search for greeley's next city manager but before his time in greeley he worked as a public works director for the amarillo texas Community and the assistant director of st services in dallas. He has experienced and has served in other departments such as city secretary's office human resources risk management and library services. League goes on to say. I am truly excited about this opportunity. And the future of greeley again motivated and excited each day to support and sustain the dedicated citizens leaders and stakeholders of this community. I'm thankful and honored in the level of confidence. The city council hasn't me. I'm here to serve the city of greeley in any capacity necessary. The city has an amazing team and we are committed. Insuring really is a great place to live work and play. So congratulations are Raymond lee there We'll see if he throws his Hat in the in the rain to possibly be the next A city manager or if they go in a different direction continuing on for news for northern colorado. You can text into the talk girl. Tax sign at nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one tech's kfi k. To that number we're asking today. What your big takeaway was from the week. What's the one story that you're taking away with you. There was a lot of them. But which one are you taking with you. Well county drug task force arrest drug dealer undercover meth kia after an undercover met transaction. In greeley again. Morgan mackenzie thirty six year. Old man faces multiple charges after the well. Kennedy drug task-forcing gaijin undercover purchases with him. On june twenty-ninth. The drug task force conducted a controlled narcotics transaction with suspect suspected. Drug dealer named jose louise. Harare del delores record stayed. The transaction was planned over the phone between harare delores in an undercover investigator. They arranged to meet at the greeley mall They were under surveillance before and during the arrangement he was seen getting into his vehicle in leaving his residence about five forty six pm the same time. They undercover investigator arrived the location according to arrest records at five fifty five pm. Harare deloris arrived. Harare delors was seen exiting is vehicle and getting into the passenger side of the undercover vehicle. The investigator was able to identify him based on pictures and previous encounters with them while they were in the vehicle Harare dolores gave the undercover investigator. Fifty six point seven grams of meth fifty. Six point seven grams of meth in exchange. For eight hundred dollars s- apparently they're you now. You know the going rate for math. I guess but fifty six point seven grams for eight hundred dollars which was provided from the task. Force funds. arrest records said arrest Excuse me it came. Restaurant record said That it was eight hundred dollars and it did come back. Positive met the conversation between the two inside of the vehicle was recorded and has been booked into evidence this that the law enforcement agencies that do this go undercover. Like that it is. It is so crazy. I don't understand how they've got the nerve to to sit in there. And do that. Because i certainly wouldn't you got a known felon right. They're getting ready to deal drugs and Just just craziness the drug task force once against Followed her delores sime leave his residents and enter into the same vehicle as the last transaction at six thirty five. Pm his truck pulled into the parking lot records state. He was identified as the exit of the truck in enter the undercover officers vehicle. Her delores provided the investigator with four more ounces of meth Which was later tested and confirmed by the really police department. The total weight of the meth was one hundred and thirteen point. Eight grants according to arrest records. The video and audio recordings from july seventh incident were also submitted evidence so they they ran Again then on july a warrant was issued for her delores arrest and he was booked in weld county jail. His bond was said to twenty five thousand dollars. Harare delores faces charges for unlawful distribution manufacturing dispensing or sale of drugs. His first advisement hearing is on september. Twenty third how. Many how i mean. How do you get in three. Stings is at three to stings. I mean i get. Maybe they're really good at their job. But i feel like you. You might be able to pick up on something after the first time. Apparently not Last story here for news for northern colorado. This one has upset a lot people and rightfully so fort collins and boulder venues to require vaccination prove so we oppose the question about restaurants Earlier in the week. It didn't take long did it. Now we've got four collins and boulder businesses that are going to be requiring vaccination proof to attend concerts boulder's fox theater and boulder theatre along with the aggie. The aggie theater in fort collins will soon began requiring concert goers to show proof of cove nineteen vaccination or a recent negative test before even going further. I know that there's a lot of people are upset about this. I think you have the right to be but did you really have any desire to go to any of those places anyways. I i have never been to any of those places. I had no desire to go to any of those places and i will continue. Do not go to those places. Not only because of the vaccination proof but because simply i don't want to so let's ask ourselves honestly. When's the last time you've been to one of these. Three places tanner. It's not about that. It's about the principle. Don't let three businesses trying to tell you what the principal is. Yeah there's a lot of businesses starting to leak in that area. That's not not real positive. Don't let three businesses set the principal. We set the principles still z. To entertainment llc which owns and operates the venues will begin. Implementing the new requirement august seventh. So you can go today so k. But tomorrow how dairy the policy will be in place indefinitely. Those who can't or won't show their vaccination card or a negative test. That is less than seventy two hours. Old can have the cost of their tickets refunded. It would be kind of okay. Don't do this. don't do this but it would be kind of funny if everybody like. If if a bunch of unvaccinated people bought tickets in event and then they just turn them all away at the door so nobody went to the show. They'd refund at all. I think that would be kinda funny. Don't do it. I am saying. Don't do it let me be clear. the company is also asking but not requiring guests wear masks of any employees are vaccinated in will wear masks. The move meant not only to provide community health benefits but also to keep the venues from going under is it the odor c. z. To ceo cheryl la- gory told biz west. It's an interesting one. We're gonna see more of it but again at the end of the day. There's still a lot more concert venues. That aren't requiring it so if you feel strongly about it go and see a concert somewhere else. Hey if you're looking for a An investment property you know realty is a real estate's a great way to get a great investment there's a great investment property that has popped up in non desert pending or xp realty. Shot this over to me this morning. It's a too bad one bath house that if you're looking to maybe get some renter's or clean it up a little bit and flip it. The possibility is there Two hundred Excuse me it's a single family home. Built in one thousand nine hundred eleven thousand two hundred fifty square feet lot in a in a subdivision in nine awesome opportunity in non affordable home placed on six lots plenty of room to spread out extra can be used for an endless amount of possibilities including rv boat parking adding on bigger garage etc frisbee golf park and large open space across from hopefully fence backyard. New roof in. move in. Ready you Can i ask desert pedder about this. They're asking two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for it You can call. Desert petting her and ask her more about this property but a great investment property for anyone looking out there to invest in real d nine seven zero three nine seven sixty three thirty seven. That's nine seven zero three nine seven sixty three thirty seven desert padding or at esp realty nine. Seventeen the time. Let's break we'll come back on the other side denver cops not getting vaccinated. So what do you do. Do you fire him. We'll discuss snow canal presented by the jeanine agencies northern carlos voice. One of three one thirteen ten. Kfi cave here mornings with gail we. Days six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Shop on august nine forty three. Welcome back to the program. No on this friday morning. Hopefully everybody out there. Having a great friday get it started off right. Warmed up here at the back end of the week. Maybe get some golf plan over the weekend. Li- going on in northern colorado. I'll tell you where all be beyond a float in severance for severance days Out there with the severance football team be out there for the morning So come by and feel free to say hello. I forgot to wear pink today. Boys i am so sorry angel. Okay that just. I was talking to an angel. Padilla just walked in. And i messed it up. I didn't even realize that. I am so sorry. We said it yesterday on the air that we were gonna wear pink today and they stay true to their were. I feel like i need somebody to fill in. I'm gonna go home a change. Because i i'm i'm wearing black on a friday like that's way too gloomy eighty how let's get the brain back on track. Here i apologize about that. Boys back there as well This story came out of cbs. On more of a serious note here survey reveals majority of denver. Police officers have not received the covert nineteen vaccine. They found it found. Fifty seven percent of denver. Police officers are unvaccinated the the the union issued a press release stating health and safety is a core value but the union says it quote respect and trust our members to make their own choice on how to maintain their health in a profession that exposes them on a daily basis to multiple contagious and infectious. Disease is also. They're exposed to bullets. Bullets kill more people than covert. Somebody's gonna say no they don't and the history they have. Bullets been around longer won. That argument the survey included about seven hundred eighty officers. If found four hundred forty six or fifty seven percent of now received the nineteen vaccine. The survey didn't ask why they weren't vaccinated but it did ask if they would get vaccinated as a condition of employment. A total of five hundred fifty eight or seventy two percent of those surveyed. Said they would not so that raises the obvious question. Here you're gonna fire him. You get a lay off fifty seven percent well seven. Excuse me seventy two percent of the seven hundred eighty officers. That were interviewed. What are you going to do but when you've got politicians like congresswoman corey bush out of missouri saying things like this the thing i won't let them get that off. You can't get that. I'm gonna make sure i have security because i know i have had attempts on my life and i have too much work to do there too many people that need help right now for me to to allow that so if i end up spending two hundred thousand if i've been ten ten ten more dollars on it you know what i get to be here to do the work. So suck it up and defunding. The police has to happen. We need to define the police put that money into social safety. Nets the yeah. You heard it right. Yard got cobs through have been quitting in mass numbers. You've got him rethinking their career. Decision and corey bache so. I couldn't believe it when this popped up when i saw and heard this clip. What was she thinking. Because joe biden on a number of times which was alive at a number of times. He said the democrats have not called to defend the please. And what are we get corey. Bush doing calling to defend the police. So now cops. In america not only are under attack for the pure point of just being cops and being funded but now under attack for not getting the code. Nineteen vaccination corey bush leading the charge. This is when you know you messed up as a democrat wins. Cnn has a headline that says corey. Bush just handed republicans a twenty twenty two gift her the us capital of protests the protest the lack of an extension of the eviction moratorium put public pressure on the biden administration forcing her a versatile on the issue that win thrust into the national spotlight. And something she said. Wallen said spotlight is likely going to haunt her party. Next fall in an interview with cbs thursday. She said this When asked about her use of private security which is heard that clip setting aside the part of the quote where she explains her own personal need for security which certainly got the attention of bad faith critics on twitter. It's that last line defunding. The police has to happen. We need to de-fund the police has already been clipped by republicans by republican campaign operatives and could pose a problem for democrats in twenty twenty two. Why because there is no issue. Better for republicans and swing districts and worse for democrats in swing districts than the idea that democrats in washington wants to fund. The police usa today poll conducted in late. June and early july showed that just over one in five americans said they supported the fund. Moment while seventy seven percent opposed it but worrying is important here as a sixty two percent majority of those polled so they support using some of the police departments budget to fund community policing and social services with just thirty eight percent opposed to that framing. Democrats have spent the last few months insisting that the dangers of defined the police movement are overblown because their parties elected officials. Don't even talk about it anymore. That the only people talking about it are republicans but bush's Pronouncement on thursday puts allies to that idea and hands republicans that clip that they can wedge into dozens of attack. Ads linking swing district democrats too deeply unpopular policy coming out of the month the out of the mouth of a democratic member of come Congress i couldn't believe it that is one of the most Dumb political moves. That i have ever seen. We've all seen some dumb ones. But what she just went on and said is just ridiculous. I love she says look. I need private security. So i'm gonna keep my private security in essence people who are policing her safety. She needs to keep that but we need to defend the police. It has to happen. She doesn't care how much money she has to spend on it. It has to happen. Your thoughts calling at nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten or text the to talk sign at nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven one three zero one texter here going back to when we were talking about the vaccination card how has having to show your vaccination card not an invasion of privacy. I think it is. And i think we are at the end of the day. I think we're gonna see court rulings. That are going to have to come down on this. there's gonna have to. It's gonna have to happen because you're gonna have lawsuits. That will come out. But look this is where this is where this this puts me in between a rock and a hard place because i believe businesses should be able to do what they feel right with their business and if if that z to entertainment feels like. That's what's best for their business. Then i then it's hard for me to say that because then on the other hand you say well i'm not going there. There's other places. And i promise you the private industry right the the capitalistic way. We'll solve it. It will sort itself out because if there's enough people that really truly believe that is an invasion of privacy. Somebody's gonna open up a theatre that doesn't require it. it'll solve itself. I know it's a pain right now. And it's really bizarre in new but it'll it'll fix itself nine thirty two of the time. I want to say thanks to shine shop here in greeley folks the weekends coming up looking to beat the heat and and have a nice cool drink. Stop by the shine shop on tenth street here in greeley for the best craft spirits. You're going to find possibly in the state. I know for sure here in northern colorado. David pennington does it. The right way with his family owned business and the pulled pork is even maybe better than the spirits and the spirits are the best so you tell me decide for yourself. Stop by the shine shop in greeley and let them know you heard about him here on. Kfi gay let me know. What's what do you like many like to pull pork in there. You like the food in there or do you like to drink better or the combination of the two. Which is my favorite nine thirty three time. Let's get a break. We'll come back on the other side. It's no co now presented by the j nine agencies a north dakota's voice one or three point one and thirteen ten. Kfi let's get to the bottom of our news and weather center. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi earning ring out down down down and the flames satire and it burns burns. Barn luring by just seeing this news year probably the biggest nba news of the offseason. The denver nuggets have added jimmer for debt to the summer league squad. I've loved jimmer for dead Byu right isn't that where he played. I think it was byu. He was just launching threes from anywhere. Now now i'm gonna. I'm gonna be mad if i'm wrong on this angel padeas here. Let's introduce angel please. Byu i see. I don't get those right a ton on fridays. When i'm ready to get in there we're getting ready for one of my favorite segments news or not and that's the way the news go so what we do here is angel has brought some news stories. We're gonna get the headline. we're gonna work through them a little bit and we're going to decide if that should have been news or that one should have stayed in. Somebody's computer so we're restarting here. Angel i one here mechanic customizes car to shoot flames from headlights. I'm intrigued in one. The price on it. So as a russian hot rod enthusiasts showed off his latest custom vehicle. A car that shoots joetze fire from the headlights nicknamed the dragon. What's the point just to have it. I guess it'd be a car that shoots twenty feet of flames twenty feet. Yeah that seems very dangerous. He says he's gonna do an event later this month. That will feature the dragon setting another car on fire. I was gonna say right. That's the that's the only thing you're going to do with that car. Unless the only way that i could see that could be like a a positive things like you going camping for the weekend. Your car up there and everything. Oh man we forgot a lighter light the campfire in your steve. Bekker's got guys. Don't worry about it lights up. His car and all of a sudden got flames. Coming out of the headlights. I don't think that's news. Do you think that's no. That's not news it's cool. Don't get me wrong but it's not news next one here. Ohio man and his ninety five year old. Grandma cook up the world's biggest oreo that read that headline again and that had so many different ways it could have gone. I did not. I honestly it was going to be mad. I thought it was going to be met him that when he said Cook up But read the headlining in ohio. Man k ninety five year old. Grandma love that portion cook up. Yep math world is. What i thought was coming aches. World's biggest oreo. All right all right. so what how. Big is the world's largest. Oreo guinness world record waited at one hundred and seventy five pounds. Holy it is on tick talk if you wanna go check them out. It is yes is it. Have you seen it. yeah. I just saw a picture of. It's like it could probably fit on this tape really cover it. Holy cow that one hundred. What does a normal oreo way like. I wanna know what size the class of milk was. That's true cook. You have to have that. But i feel like i don't. I don't think it would take two people to pick that up to train donkey. Like that's one that you might just have to. You have to just take the top off and take the pill the top of the orioles and then eat that and then the other or you just like the whole twist lick put it back really and then yet the whole the whole process that right. I am not that guy. I am just okay. Here's that boomer in the milk you get but you don't get once or twice usually twice i Get a fork and stick it on a fork and just dunked the fork in there and just hands free. it's very convenient. I it you have a whole method is do you. Do you use the four to two dunk dunker oreos. No usually just make a big massive into a mike. If i'm doing if i'm eating this video orios. I needed and like late at night so i'm not to make a mess all right all right now. I'm just straight in there. And if if the thing that makes me upset and this is where i liked the forecast. I've never done it. Is that when you're trying to dunk that oriole in the bottom and my fat pause my hand won't get to the bottom and it's like so close and then you like move it and you can feel the edge of the cookie hitting the milk and it's the most annoying thing ever so this is how i get around without using a fork. Pop the cookie in your mouth. Take a drink of your milk. So it's such like a shot. Yeah well tail or your shots but no alcohol involved here So the flirt dares to your this weekend folks. The world's largest oreo one hundred and seventy five pounds. The kind of crazy. She was ninety five years old. And i think that's the most impressive park there. Ninety four or something to do with your grandparents make a giant cookie. That's pretty cool I'm going to go news on this. Because there is a world record involve we've talked about. But also i hated just news has to be blood and gore and everything. This is a great news story. I'm saying news. Yup all right got another misleading headline for you go. Florida woman becomes the world's oldest competitive powerlifter. Okay all right so just before her hundredth birthday which the same gallon cooked the oreo tampa woman edith. Murray traina preparing to turn hundred on. Sunday was just ninety eight years old and ninety four days when she last competed But yeah so. She's a powerlifter just breaking records. That's insane ninety eight years old. Still powerlifting but i don't want to be mean but what is the way that she's lifting. It did not say okay. So that's like two hundred and fifty so okay. That's impressive for ninety eight. She could almost pickup that oriole which we talked about. She could almost do it. That's impressive that she's ninety eight years old and instill that active. But it's just like to me that just read like hey woman who was fit. All her life stays fit like i. I'm gonna say not news on this one going to yeah. I'll agree with not news. Oh okay this is a reoccurring story. fbi investigating latest alleged los angeles jetpack guy siting. There's a oh remember the story from a while ago there is guy he has his own like custom jetpack. Right around california. He's back that's awesome. This dude is definitely either a superhero or super villain. And he's in his early stages of this right now. This is a this is the start of an actual superhero or super villain movie. And i really hope he's a superhero. I love the quote from the pilot. Here he says use caution. The jetpack guy is back. It's straightforward but i mean. Could you imagine the mind The the mine twist that would be for a pilot. Here's like i still another day in the sky and you'll look over there's just a dude with a jetpack on it's like oh don a second. So how long these sightings been going on for does it say. I think just like over the past. He's only been spotted a few times but up at like three thousand feet six thousand feet. So he's a holy cow. So this is. I mean i actually envisioned like those jet packs. You know it. Got her on the tube into the water which is a technically. Not a jetpack probably. That's what i was envisioning but this is just a full-on like full-on jetpack. Yes that is insane I liked that story a lot. I liked that story. That's one we're going to continue to monitor. I think that's news because what is it dude with jetpack. Do he's up to something and win. Is going to give them a call. That's true maybe it is. Maybe it is it could be and then he's like. Hey suck on this jeff bezos. Maybe that's what's going on That's definitely news story anymore for us out. Got one more here. Thought this one was fun. Cat runs onto field during yankees orioles game in new york. I saw this and the mlb is trying to make debate. You remember the coors cat horse cat. Yeah was out there. Running around that thing. I'll tell you what if those two cats got street fight. I'm taking the coors cat. Oh yeah that thing looked. Feral doubt looked like it was doing method. I mean that it looked like a meth cat. Yeah i saw. I saw the video of that carrying out there. They put it in slo mo. What is our obsession with this. I don't understand it. We love animals get involved in sport. I think we've just baseball. It's a spectator sport. You're sitting there for a couple hours. Maybe the game's not that great. Look there's a cat and outfield. it's just all look. Oh it's really excited to see on the guards chase him around. That is true. I get just as equally as excited when they're a fan gets on the field though. Just i love seeing drunk. Fat dudes run and trying to vade. The police like video. This guy like ten gars was slow as hell to but he just man he was putting little shimmy. And shake into it and yeah. That was a great one As far as the yankee cat. i'm saying that's not news because it's not the coors cat hagia padilla thank you so much for my friend. I appreciate it We should have you back on here at the end for the headline cutter. I been awesome so far for us this year in the internship and We'll give you your proper farewell at the okay. Thank you so much. That's been news or not. We'll take a break when we come back on the other side. Wrap up our number one good guy. Brian carey is here. Of course he's here who wouldn't be. I mean why is the women out spreads here. Just talk talk smack. He's also wearing pink. I don't think so okay. He's not wearing pink. Neither my they'll go down. Presumably the jeanine agencies northern carlos boys one zero three point one and thirteen ten. Kfi gave this whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi good vibes rolling on this friday co now by the j nine agencies this next story. I'm having a hard time doing because they it's they've got a picture of this right in the middle of the story in texas there is a quote unquote dangerous venomous snake. On the lose in grand prairie. The owner tells me the west african banded cobra got out after a quote on quote cage. Malfunction there's a pick of it it's it's it's like hood it's hoods up. Hey guess what you call that. The hood on the bag and luggage is is that. Is that the hood of. It's the hood of a kobe right. Yeah yeah thank you. Where's rikki ticky tavee. When we need them. Please tell me you watch that movie. Oh no never saw rikki tikki tavee no the mongoose the kills the sake thank you gotta watch it. We're the same age. We had different childhoods. That i hate cobras. I hate i hate. Snakes was telling ryan they're they're disgusting. You had a it was a boa constrictor. You let slither on you. Yes that is disgusting. It was fun now. There was a little like nervy but it wasn't like anything terrifying yet. No it's which is it. Which is more unnerving. Hugh snakes or spiders It wasn't spiders spiders really. I just don't like how they move. Don't don't don't don't don't okay here. Let me let me get you the right answer on this spiders at least have lakes. They've got too many of them but they're still moving through quick though so do snakes. Snakes don't have legs chill though. I'll be like in the bush and the truth. You know then there on your head biting and killing you now is. Snakes are very very disgusting creatures. That i do not like Let's see here so yeah that's going on in texas with everything else going on. There's there's cobras. i'm more scared of that cobra. That a lot of the things in the news that supposed to be scared about that is So don't go to texas right now. it's all. I'm trying to say coming up in the next hour. Let's try get this thing. Who am i kidding. This isn't getting back on track in the next hour. Brady whole host of the whole show joins me brian. Gary that good afternoon guy will join me as well. The three of us will get together. We're going to do our big takeaway from the week for each of our respective. Obviously we cover a lot here on noko now Brady does a great job in the sports world. Maybe brian's got a new job he wants to share with us. I don't know what what he's going to have but that's coming up in our number two. Hey it's the dog days of summer are here. It's really really hot out. The smoke is bad. The air quality is not and it just feels even hotter with that out there. Don't let your house get that way visitor. Solutions nine seven zero two hundred twenty seven fifty three nine seven zero two hundred twenty seven fifty three from full on maintenance of your of your air conditioner. H them or if you just need a little bit of a tune-up or you need a whole new system. Put into place. Dusty rhodes at air solutions is going to be able to help you do that now. I apologize. i didn't do the rap. That apparently brian gary did earlier. This week for dusty. But that's just not my style. Maybe i'll try and draw something a little bit later on. But it's air solutions in greeley again nights have in two zero zero twenty seven fifty three. We appreciate their support of this program. Be part of the conversation today. The talk girl sign at nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one to talk grill in kramer's wedge store in kersey. They've got the locations here in greeley as well Will we're gonna be talking with henry here in the very near future about the food that they've got we still need to get it setup because he said he was going to bring some in and he may just need to come and Breaks the food in sample with us for an hour Look for our number one. Buckle your seatbelts our number. Two's going to be a fun one. It's no co presented by the night agencies. When we come back. Brian gary the good afternoon guy. Brady whole though. Show join me for this week's takeaway right here on northern colorado voice one of three point one and thirteen ten k of k.

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Adventures in Diet Land -Lessons from a Former Fat Guy  Ralph Peterson

A New Direction

1:04:45 hr | 2 years ago

Adventures in Diet Land -Lessons from a Former Fat Guy Ralph Peterson

"You say the game is good. Monday morning then copied code live is on the to lead need. Hello everyone and welcome to new direction. My name is Jay Izzo and when you have one of these great rate amazing practical life changing unbelievable you can't you can't even satiate yourself because it's just so much and you just want more right see see. Here's the deal so today I have my really good friend. Ralph Peterson on the show today. And he's he's done a couple of books with US and they've been outstanding listen. The books have been outstanding. You know what he's GonNa do today. He's going to talk about his bestselling book that he wrote called Adventures in Diet. Land the end fitting. That's what I said to you. What holiday season? Of course. It's fitting how to win at the game of dining from a former fat guy. I I am reading the cover of the book folks. That is the cover of the book. Don't blame me. That's just the truth. This is an outstanding ladies and gentlemen. I just want to tell you I Pick this book up. I couldn't put it down Ralph sent it to me months ago and I was trying to figure out. What am I gonNA fit? This book called Adventures in Diet. Land and someone Inde- I myself have been someone who has lost a bunch of way and and everything but this book as out standing. You're going to love listening to him. First of all I call call him because he's educational and entertaining. And I'm not sure if I can do because I wanted to Ed. I wanted to enter chasing but it didn't work so but anyway right this book immigrate we're going to be talking to him because it's just outstanding. He's so much fun. Hey but let's do what we do every week right the thing they do every week as I said you know what we're four par people were physical people. We're mental people were emotional people and we're spiritual people and so let's check in with where you're at this week in all four areas of your life right so physically on a scale of went to ten one being miserable ten being outstanding. Everybody out there. WHO's tuning in by the way on CASS Bax? FM Live facebook. Live this folks who are listening via podcast at some point did you poke the Iheartradio spotify and of course a great friends that the Oak Ninety three point five. Oh let me stay the ninety three point five. FM They'd play the show's it was on Thursday and Friday so physically scale of one to ten one being miserable ten outstanding. Where are you all at today? Physically right I mean fives average right so where you add not everything right. You mean you'd physically okay are you are you are you. Are you doing the things that you need to do. We weren't that holiday season. You know. Oh you sound like you're eating habits going. We're GONNA talk about that right now muscle bring it up. So how's that going for you right. If you're doing it. You know you stand with it you know and and you know what we're GONNA learn is is right and I've said this before by the way. Dieting is really not something you should do because I say it all the time right because if you're going to go on a diet do you know what that implies allies you're eventually gonNA come off it. It's just the fact if if it's not gonNA talk to you about it's gotta be a lifestyle if you aren't willing to make lifestyle changes this never gonNA work. And so so. He's got to talk about that. So how you doing against some exercise you do the things that you need to do to make yourself better and you know just two questions. Every time I ask you whatever areas in your life you know first of all. Why are you that number? You know whatever that number is in the second is you know. What can you do about that number right now to make it a little bit higher and if your number let's say is a four? I don't expect you get to attend but can you get to a five right. He gives her something that you can change right now to get to a five right because that's really what if I'm looking for. So what are you GonNa do physically to make that change all right. So let's look at the secondary of your life mentally right and what I mean by that is what are you consuming. What are you what are you? What are you doing to enhance dance? Your knowledge your wisdom your understanding of the things around you right and I'm not talking about politics here. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about really doing things for yourself. That's expanding your brain rain truly expanding your brain on both the right side the creative sign on the left side the logical side. Okay because if you're just watching news and you think that that's helping you. I'm just just telling you right now. It's not the news is not helping you right. That's that's people talking at you. You really consuming anything not actively participating in the learning process process. It's not you act really going through and becoming really expanding your knowledge on some level and that's what we're talking about here. So what can you do right. Same scale ones miserable tens outstanding. What are you doing? Expand your knowledge in the creative side and the logical side of your brain right and then same questions you know. Why are you that way and then what you change right now to make a difference right into the next number all right so you have two numbers? You have fiscal number mental number. What about the emotional number right and emotionally? What am I saying emotionally right? Well I what I'm saying here mostly as we have we talk and psychology Moshe quotient emotional intelligence right. I'm going to get really simple for you. It's really when we talk about that. It's two things it's one is how well are you able to control your emotions right which is intention and then the second piece is how well are you able to tune into the emotions of others right because you know at this war we get pretty selfish in this world especially you know in a time of year when we're supposed to be very giving I'm very the open with everybody. You know what happens when we get into these holiday seasons many times we get so selfish and because we want what we want and we want it now which means that what we do is. We're really no longer being intentional. About how controlling our motions because we get frustrated because we're in long lines. Are we getting what we want. or it's slow or whatever the case and so all of a sudden our motions are Arawak and then you know what the other thing that happens during this time. You're really frequently. which is sad is we? Don't think about the other person and we don't tune into their emotions what they're going through what they're thinking what they're feeling and I'm not talking about sympathy. Here are talking about empathy walking in another person's shoes and that's what we talk about when we're talking about emotional quotient so emotional intelligence. Is Those two areas. So how are you doing doing in those two areas right how you doing emotionally right. Same scale ones miserable outstanding and then questions why are you that way and then what can you do to change it right because gives you can write your capable exchange right because you can control your emotions if you want to all right so you have three numbers now. Let's look at the fourth spiritual area and a lot of people go. I don't know Jay. I'm not a spiritual person. Well you are. We all are believe it or not because if we were to remove the physical mental and the emotional everything that's left is really spiritual because the truth of the matter is there are certain things. We just can't explain in their certain things that that we that we have inside of us that touch what we collar soul. Sometimes we listened to music and it does something to us that we can't explain or we hear a lyric or maybe there is a quote or you know there's there's something inside of us that we just have no explanation for and that science will never explain but that touches us in such a way that it brings us a sense of joy not happiness okay. Happiness is a result of something right. You get happy because something happened. I'm talking about joy. That's something that you have inside of you right at different levels right and so for some people. That's God for some people it's nature for some people. It's meditation for some people. It's a variety of things. But it's something that you get into contact with. That brings you to twists piece. That brings you to a sense of joy. And so I'm going to ask you on a scale of one to ten one being miserable ten being outstanding. How's this pitcher area working for you and if it is God I just ask you this question? How's that relationship working out for you? If it's nature how all of its Karma you know how sound work whatever it may be so you have four numbers right the physical the mental the emotional spiritual you have to think of those as kind of being the Ford legs of a chair right if they're uneven. It certainly messes with our posture and the chairs. Not Very comfortable at the same time time if the chairs too low because all those areas of too low it's also very uncomfortable and it's not going to be where we need to be in terms of our life and so I want you to get to all of your areas up at the same level but I want to get them as high as you can because that's where you're going to be the most comfortable in your life and that's where you're going to be the most effective certainly for sure sure and you want to talk about somebody who's really really effective. I want to talk about my guest because my next guest is APP -solutely unbelievable and outstanding. His name is Ralph Peterson and he's fantastic. He's the owner and operator of Ralph Peterson. LLC A Management Development Company that specializes in helping mission driven organizations built five-star five star management teams within the law long-term industry in addition Ralph. Peterson is a number one. bestselling author this book. Matter of fact is one of them diet land and he's internationally syndicated columnist highly sought after management development coach and public speaker were both members of the National Speakers Association. So you know how I feel about my innocence. Nisa brothers and sisters. You know what folks if you need him higher. It's really not that hard peterson dot com and also I have his links on the right up blog post right up. Ralph is a board member of the National Speakers Association and is an active spokesman for adult basic education programs. He's his management career. Hiring hiring promoting training managers is when a tough field. There is an it's because he's in the field of housekeeping. That's really tough as he says to start with. No one wants to be a housekeeper. Oh he says. Out of all the housekeepers I've ever worked with maybe ten percent of them see housekeeping as their career. Yeah he's yet. He's really successful at it. He brings more than twenty years of experience. It's a senior management and organizational development and human resources. He's an all in one package folks I. He's consulted to a wide variety of industries largest small always brings to the table or practical approach. Sound advice and the best thing Alabama Mall has. He has an unbelievable sense of humor laser. Gentlemen please welcome to the show. My friend please. Welcome Ralph Peterson. Welcome to a new direction. A welcome back. Thank you sir. Very happy to be back. Happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving everybody. Yeah that's that's awesome. Thank you for doing that. You know I neglected to do that. So This book Diet Land which you wrote and I fell in love with. I WanNa do this for you. Okay because if you don't mind him and do this for you right out of the back because you do listen to very first of the book and let's do legal disclaimer here. Okay so first of all Ralph is not a doctor okay all right so let's let's just make sure you all understand. Ralph is not a doctor. I'm not a doctor of physical doctor and so we are not we are not telling you this is how okay what Ralph is telling. You is that he lost one hundred and fifty pounds and he had learned a lot of things mentally and emotionally certainly physically and even spiritually about how how that worked and so we want to get that out of the way to do that and he's very open that when he talks about how to use is this book and I'm just speaking for Ralph here. He he is a sugar addict. He's self admitted sugar attic. It's on page twenty one of the preface of the book right so it and I'm GonNa Paraphrase this for him you have to come to grips that you put yourself where you're at and that you're the only one that can get out of it but it has to be different you and and let's start right there because that's what you I basically paraphrase perfect you you have to come to grips that you put yourself in the situation so you're the only one who can get you out but you have to be different. You talk about that and what you mean by that. Well the same person who got you to be overweight is not gonna the same person who's GonNa get you to be back in helping. You GotTa Change Your your approach and really. It's just about approach. It's not like everyone's like you had to change your mindset. That sounds like an awful a lot of work. You know what I can do is there was a there was a there was an exit that was exit. Eight on this interstate. That had this gas station and I know this is gonNA sound stupid but you know it just like the best gas station pizza. If there is such a thing was at exit eight and there was only one thing that I it could well two things I could do when passing exit. I could stop and have pizza. Which is what I always did or I would try to distract myself and force myself the drive by accident? You know what I mean like. It's not like you have to change your entire mice. I just need to get past actually get today. I'm winning wanted. Inner City can't turn around keeping simple. Keep it's a small little thing I just WANNA put up on. The front here is because it's the number one question I get wants somebody years I lost so much weight. They WanNa know if I had surgery and I think that's an important question because because the answer is no I lost one hundred and fifty pounds without surgery. Not because I didn't want it. I did want surgery. I did want to take the easy road. I I want to go to the doctor and say you know there's nothing I can do. I mean maybe you're nice work but the doctor wouldn't give me surgery there like You have no oh history of weight-loss which apparently is something you need to show. You can lose idle alert. I don't even able to show that I get really good at gaining weight. Although I would have loved to embrace Surgery I did not get surgery. And so this everything we're GonNa talk about is about losing weight without surgery just from the top. Yeah no no no no. I'm glad you did because that is really important. Because you're very proud of that fact to in the book you make a very clear statement in the book saying you know look at these. This isn't about getting staples. This isn't about you know doing gastro bypass i. I had had to do this right. I mean every pound I had to do had to work for on my own but again i. I'm I'm not slipping and who the going under and having a bypass over it's still a lot of work. It's still impressive. So if you're able to lose weight maintain it. I mean it's still impressive. I'm not I'm not downplaying. Anybody who went that route. I'm I'm simply saying that it's always the questions asked immediately of me and I want to be clear. Didn't isn't that do it. Basically because my doctor wouldn't do it for me so get out there and do it yourself. Well let's it's an let's. Let's just go to April twenty fourth twenty thirteen breezes resort Nassau Bahamas you wake up at three hundred and fifty pounds announce on the side of a toilet. Okay folks if that doesn't get your attention right there then I would suggest something else because the literally the story is about. This is where the story takes places right here. Go ahead you and you're kind of a little. I didn't wake up aside. I woke up stuck with my head stuck between the toilet and the TUB somehow yourself in there because I did I had drank too much day before and was Dolly. You know the last thing I remember was running to the bathroom to throw up in the twilight they let him then. I woke up in a very precarious in painful position I think my mouth was open to which makes it even worse since I was is facing the toilet. So that's that's helpful. If that doesn't help you at all talk talk this how this how we got there. Yeah so I Well how I got there how I got over weight and and how I ended up in the Bahamas on that day was I was. I was working as a as a salesperson and it's always sales traveling salesman so I traveled a lot and when when I first started it was pretty common to take clients out of potential clients out to dinner and of course it would be their only night outling. Nobody ever wining winging dining there. You know these clients and so it'd be a special treat for them and so of course they would want to have a a drank a one or two and then what happened was was I was I started to entertain every night and so even though it was my clients only nine months it turned out to be my every night and so every night I was entertaining every night. I was drinking until you get to that point where I couldn't stop drinking and so even when I wasn't entertaining even when I wasn't with anybody I would continue to drink and it snowballed pretty terribly from there and I wanted to quit. I wanted to quit I you know. And and a Lotta title people say you know. Oh you quit drinking. That's how you lose weight as if there's a lot of a billion calories and Jack Daniels the truth is that's not the calories stories from drinking. was I used food to try to sober up so I drank until eleven. Twelve o'clock at night and then order Chinese food. Because I you know I drank too much and you know what do you need. You need something ready right like pizza. You need burgers or rice Chinese rice. Even though it's you know comes with the general challenge chicken that rice price should soak up some of the alcohol that was my thinking. And so that's I would over eat at the end of the night because I was trying to sober up with US Food Soubra and so it's not the calories and alcohol. It was the calories trying to you know try and two from alcohol and so I tried to quit a bunch of times and then I decided about a month before I went to the Bahamas all inclusive which I don't recommend like all inclusive drink as much as you want On that kind of and I went out and and sure enough drank more than I should have. And I had one of those moments and it wasn't the first time but it was. It was the last time where you know. Everybody's talking about hitting rock bottom and you know it's funny when you think about hitting rock bottom I I almost for months maybe even years when when I was when I was having for a long time. And you know when you're talking about three hundred fifty pounds to put into perspective. I had a forty eight inch waist right like I my my waist which it's four feet around. I could put the seat my carseat all the way back and my stomach still touch the steering wheel right like I needed to seatbelt extender in a in an airport in Minero plane. I I've broken office chair. I sat up chairing a meeting and I lean back into Cher broke underneath me like I was having right like if you don't understand Dan how how heavy furniture fifty pounds is. It's it's really heavy and So I had been. I had been struggling with weight and I'm struggling with alcoholism and I saw I saw you know. Just weird thing when you're really heavy. It's you never see yourself the way other people see you you you know you're always some little bit of sense of denial and you're never give quite given up on yourself either right. Think you're always trying to be like no. I'm going to get it all right. This neil is blown But I'M GONNA get the next meal or this day you know. Yeah all right so I had a bad breakfast I well. I'll start again tomorrow now. Eat like an idiot for the rest of the day right so right. It's what we well. It's what we do right. I mean we we kind of like okay. I'm going to start tomorrow so today. Went doesn't matter. Someone eat whatever I want and yeah that's right. The fact one of my rules of dieting is to to start on a Friday and the reasons because every time. I said. I'm GonNa Start Dieting on Monday. I ate terribly like more than I would ever normally eat on Saturday and Sunday because of my mind. I'm like you know come Monday. I'm never GONNA go to Burger King again and so I would literally just overeat telling yourself you're gonNA died on Monday. You're literally giving your excuse to not hold back until then and so today's Wednesday. Start Your Diet on Friday this Friday coming up. That's the day. Don't give yourself any time to to his crazy. Yeah his name. Is Ralph Peterson. His Book Richardson's Dietl and how to win the game of dieting from a former fat guy bestselling book Amazon Bestseller. By the way it's an outstanding read and he's here with us on a new direction. Hey everybody did you know that a new direction has a new sponsor. 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I wanted to thank molly. who own the brand new branding iron cafe at six thirty six east Linden Street in Wa- Who Nebraska where I went to high school who just won their I State Championship congratulations warriors. I'm really proud of you. And as a former warrior football player man. You just made us really proud. That can't be greater but check out the branding. Our our cafe is right there by the stockyards it's awesome. Their food is great. The mollies are great. You're GONNA love them. Check them out. It's the branding iron cafe and they bring you a a new direction and Ralph Peterson. And we are back with Ralph. Peterson and I hear on a new direction and adventures in Diet. Land so Ralph let's talk. Let's let's talk because you kind of jumped right through chapter one pretty easily like well I was GonNa ask you about this is going to ask you about the belt extender on the plane and I was GonNa ask you about the Joke Brooklyn Chair incident and I was Gonna I was Gonna ask about the car accident and ask about eating for six and it's fine I I have all the battled wounds of of Being heavy and would I talk. Let me just make the point. I was trying to make that is heavy. I dreamed of the day I was at rock bottom. I really wanted to hit rock bottom. I want and understanding what that means. In retrospect I think is really helpful to people who are struggling with the now. Because if you're out there on your like I i WanNa hit rock bottom. I wish there was a place where I you know. That would be the most devastating thing ever. You have to come back from that from me like it might might rock bottom. I say in the book I have a little thing I I rock bottom and then I fell down the stairs which is true into a pool and had to be rescued by security guard was most embarrassing. Terrible event painful but I I don't I don't mean to laugh at that I it i. I'm sorry I really don't but the fact of the matter right or is that you I mean this really happened and your three hundred fifty. Of course I mean it really did happen. It's it's sad but at the same time it's like it's kind of funny because it's the only way sometimes we can get get get get our attention right. It has to be something. Yeah I know it's true. And and the biggest thing with me in retrospect again about what it means to hit rock bottom and so what it means to hit. Rock bottom for me was about permission. I needed to give myself permission to to stop drinking and start putting myself and start dieting and start saying you know where to things. I was literally looking for enough street. cred to get credibility with my partner with my wife at the time with my friends I needed because otherwise if you're like you know what I'm not feeling very well I don't think I'm going to drink. All of my friends would be like. Don't be a we'll see just how you can have one beer but if I said hey listen I almost died yesterday. My Oh my God you really shouldn't I mean they pumped your stomach but it's it's it was way more reading bottom from me was way more about having something that I could some event that that I could show my friends who go see this. This is why I can't do that anymore. This is why I can't hang out with you anymore. This is why I can't eat buffets anymore. This is why I can't you know until that was a huge eye opener to me. In retrospect that it was never truly about me hitting rock bottom. I wanted to be able to show everybody else that I'd hit rock doc. Bottom such a convincing way that they were stopped going. You're fine just have another beer because every one of my friends to this day. Just want me to have a beer one. Beer's not gonNA kill you going to hurt you can't you. Don't have one drink a SIP. I mean you can't even have a stip not being malice. I mean nobody. Nobody wants to drink alone right. So it's important to understand what hitting rock bottom for me so I was super happy. I finally had this event where I hit. Rock bottom fell down the stairs. There's no I I woke up my head stuck between a talk sue. Suicidal doesn't even begin to explain to the level level of despair. I felt but the good news is day that I left the Bahamas. Matt I mean steaming Matt and I was mad at the right person for the for the first time in my whole life. I was mad at me and I knew that I could. I had to change. It either had to jump off the balcony or just change and for a long time dieting in living healthy and having six pack it seems so foreign. It seems so difficult. Like how do people do that. I remember one of these one of these infomercials as watching watching 'em lane in the Bahamas I'm in bed. I'm bloody from head to toe. I mean 'cause when you fall down concrete steps into a pool they're very unforgiving could be powered and you're drunk drunk so I was raped from head to toe and so I'm laying in bed and I'm mortified because you know we had just started the vacation and assorted everybody else. So it's like this. This all inclusive resort. Everybody goes for the week. And it's like Tuesday. You know what I mean every skilled air until Saturday and so were you and you don't want to make eye contact with sound like I'm just GonNa stay in my room and just watch you know crazy. TV and there's a commercial and infomercial this at the time and one of those extreme workouts. We're going on. Everybody was in the the thirty minute or six minute ads. And all that shit was extreme and there was this guy this girl and they were just ripped. They were goddess if they Marino perfect bodies and I just remember sitting there and thinking that's their job their whole job back in having the job where somebody goes. Hey do you wanna go grab a piece of pizza and you have to go. No no I can't because I'm working because it's my job to look like this and if I have pizza I won't look like this anymore. So I I gotTa keep this type so I can keep working to pay the bills. Like what is he's like shredded by. What if I treated my life and being healthy like it was my job and that's how I started? I went home both mad as heck attack and armed with this idea that if I just treat it like a job routine like you're gonNA wake up in the morning. What are you going to do? And then we're GONNA do then we're going to. What are you GonNa the planet today? Don't wait until tomorrow tomorrow. I'm screwed right right. His name's Joel Peterson. Books titled Adventures in Diet Lands Fabulous book by the way. Bailable Amazon is on Bookstores it's also available audio if you did you read. Did you refer your book by the way I love that. I do the same thing. The audiobook book yet. Because it's available audio kindle. Paperback I'm holding up for those. who were with us on facebook? Live and for those cast box. FM and of course folks listening him on Iheartradio and other podcasts and and the OAK FM It's a great book. It's called the adventures Diet. Land How to win at the game of dining reading from former fat guy should really pick it up. It's just a great read. It's real honest in being tastic. I want to address something that you talked about in chapter after two because which by the way it's the chapter I which I think is a great title. It's called timing is everything we have all done this At some point my life. Because I I remember doing this you talk about. It was June seventeenth two thousand seven. It's one thousand three hundred ninety four days until you turn forty and matter of fact I did this by the way I was over three hundred pounds and I mean I checked myself into a weight loss accountability clinic. Nick dropped a ton of weight and and with with you know manage to with some help to get but what ha what an input back on and then take it back off again But then but we which by the way everybody does right. But here's the thing is that this was two thousand seven. It's now twenty thirteen. And here's what you say. I'm further away from the goals that I had and this is when I wanted to commit suicide. This happens to all of us doesn't it. Does this have to people who were just like going. I can't stand this anymore and we go. I want to do it by my fortieth birthday. We'll see her fiftieth birthday or forty fifth birthday. Where we have some marker right and then we don't do it? What was your experience of why we don't why you didn't do it? Because you clearly laid it out I mean clearly it said okay. It's one thousand three hundred ninety four days until I'm going to turn forty and then here you go and you're now further away. Why you know Two inch one. I put a lot and and you know what now that what I'm even thinking about it. I I feel like I still do the same thing and that is I put a lot of after it into something and then try to sell it to somebody else like like. Isn't this good. This is a good idea like I do. And then if somebody poop WHO's it it kinda loses its loses. It's a A. I lose my ability to follow followed through with it and so I remember like I. I was devastated to find out. I had so little time between where I was in my fortieth birthday. I felt like such a loser like I I was like. Oh my gosh. Like I've done nothing with my life in a simple basic. I can't even take care of myself. I mean Urania late thirties and you can't even take care of yourself. It was it was really really I opening and then what nobody tells you. 'cause everybody like like if you listen to if you listen to motivational speakers and people who are business books and you know which is exactly what I'm into and they tell you something that's really great and that is you should make lists you. Should a goal is is just a dream unless you ever written down right. Let's put it on paper. Write it all down. What they don't tell you if you do the work and write it down but then still don't do anything with an you find that same list years later? It's things like somebody's ripping ripping off duct tape like. It's like it's like. Oh my God look what I was. I can't believe I didn't do any of that. And they simply because once I wrote it down instead of being stolid like hey now that I wrote down. I'M GONNA go with my goals. No writing it down. John was enough for me. Apparently I wrote it down and stuck in an drawer. Couldn't get in. That's why now I don't write down lofty lofty goals. I write down schedules which is way different. Because now I'm committed with a timeframe and you know and I. I know better better than to take. I want to I WANNA lose a hundred and fifty pounds. That's what I WANNA do. No that's not what I WANNA do. You WanNa do. I WANNA make healthy choices. I WANNA be the type of person who doesn't eat donuts for breakfast. I want to be the type of person that goes for a walk every day. I JUST WANNA be that type type of person. I want my friends to go. Oh I knew you were going to be on your walk right now. It's why I called. I WanNa be that person you know seriously. Let's just keep let's be. Let's keep for sure. I I want to be the type of person who earns a million dollars. You know what. That's that's tough. What if I just start with having a bank account like I just want to have a savings account and I wanna be committed to adding ten dollars to my savings account a week? That's it Le- let me just do that if I do that. On the right path saving money and going through a walk everyday. Isn't that nice kind of person type of person that goes for a walk every day person who saves a little bit of money. That's nice. Yeah that's what I wanted to get the big lofty goals. Of course one hundred fifty times. Of course I want to run a marathon. Of course I want to be a millionaire. Oh sure right now. I'm totally satisfied with my sneakers. Shakers Bongo walk totally satisfied. If I'm able to speed a little bit fashionable should be just to get by exit. GotTa get by that exit. Listen listen I I agree with you because I think sometimes what happens people. People have this big lofty goal. But they don't they don't outline the steps to get there and then what happens is because we're now get to that big lofty fast enough. What happens is we're not satisfied with the current step brand? So what happens along the way as I keep telling people because you know. There's a big popular word out there now. Momentum right get into momentum get it into momentum right but the fact of the matter is there's so many people out there who are just stuck and if they can just be satisfied with one simple step in the right direction then what happens is they can take the next one in that direction. And then what you're saying it's being content in in that moment going. Okay all right. Maybe it's not one hundred fifty pounds but I am walking every day and and you know what I am I am not you know I am not going to you know stopping at the seven eleven To Go to to to go pee because Because I'm GonNa pee in the woods and we'll talk about that a little bit later but that's when he rules But it it really is true we have to learn to be to be satisfied At that point going I mean I'm making some strides here and that's good and I'm GonNa make the next one and that's good and then when it makes take the next that's good but sometimes we get so caught up into the big lofty goal and we don't get there and and you know as you as you talk about these fifty steps we'll get to hear a little bit it. It actually sets us back because then we never do it and we never get there right so i WanNa talk to you about something in chapter six and it's called adventures in Thailand. Let the Games begin. Because here's the thing that I thought was so eye opening to me about this. Is that when your mom was at home. She was making food for you and so she would have to call you to dinner every day right and dinner every day and then comes this great invention that we all love called the microwave. Oh boy called the microwave. Here's what I it ruined my life. Yeah yeah no so I get that. I'm GonNa let you talk about that. But here's the piece that here's the piece. I wonder if people aren't paying attention to you because I don't know if that if you work through or if it was accidental but so much of what we are today has been constructed from something we worth child. I totally agree and so some people go I you you know. I don't WanNa look back at my childhood. And that has nothing to do with William Today but man when you get into chapter six you prove it well. I don't know so what we're talking about. Is that when my mother. We got a microwave break before we got a microwave. My mother other was finishing up her teaching. My sister how to make you know basic food like just basic culinary stuff. What baking powder was baking soda flour? How how to level off how to give you know great cheese? I didn't know any of them. The youngest of four so my mother was eventually going to get me but my sister was ahead of me and my sister to this day. Cook everything from scratch. You know and I'm really good at heating stuff up and it's because my mom We got a microwave and my mom got a night job so my mom got a job in the microwave right around the same time so she stopped cooking for me instead she. I started buying for me. Pre made meals and it went from asking my mom but was for dinner and her telling me wait right like just wait for dinner. No you're not put that down another way. You're wait for your day your ruin your dinner. It went from that to I buy you some hot pockets. They're in the freezer. Teach yourself something up or never when ever you want launch. Every time I open the freezer there was pot. Ties hot pockets pizza bites. You know magic fries. I mean you name. The the microwavable edible food that was coming out in the eighties and it was you know the the colored packages Galore and I so I did not learn how to cook. I did not learn how to how to wait for food. I did if I had a wham of not hunger. Just oh I feel like having. Oh you know it'd be really good right now with this thing would just go make it. And I stopped asking. And that's kind of perpetuated it but how I figured that out was was in this journey of trying to figure out how to change my life and change my habits. One of the things I realized was I didn't know how to cook. I really don't know like this. Won't I want you know as a typical you should read all the ingredients and the rest you know in a hotel in a grocery store should just make sure like read for what like what am I even be looking for or like not a stupid person but I've been grabbing going for so long ordering at a restaurant like I just didn't know how to cook and Phil is like you know with the slowing me down. Is that stupid microwave. I've got to throw away my. I'm not gonNA use it anymore. My mom would heat up coffee black coffee on the stove and Pan. I can do that but listen. I just recently started carrying cash again because where I live. Everybody is now charging three hundred five percent surcharge because they're being charged and so they're no longer you know accepting plastic with no with no with no fees and so now. I'm going back to cash. I did catch my whole thing. I want Pinot three to five percent speaks. That's what it was like for cooking microwave so one. Yeah my rules throw away your microwave stock how to cook it will slow you down It will make you better every time by the way we're talking. We're here with Ralph Peterson author of the Book Adventures in Dietl and How To win at the game of dining from a former fat guy? It's it's an outstanding read. It's available Amazon Barnes and noble books everywhere. If they don't have another book she'll just tell them I want and they'll get it for you and then say you should put some of these on the shelf because these this is really good buck. Matter of fact it's even says number one bestseller. So why don't you have this on the bookshelf. Because that's ridiculous that you don't really say that to the person at Barnes and noble. I really want you too. And then tell him the face it out so that they see it because it's really important. It's a great. It's a great read. You'RE GONNA enjoy it by the way I don't care who you are even if you feel like you're in amazing shape. 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And so as we're in chapter six there's something in this chapter that I found very appealing that I think the listeners WanNa hear because I don't think there's probably a listener listener who's ever struggled with their weight and weight loss. Who has ever said? I have tried so many diets so let me do this little bit. Atkins against Paleo Body for life craze weight watchers. Just to name a few. But I mean you've tried grapefruit diet. You've tried them. All every a grapefruit diet works. That's a that's a fun. Little thing to know that if you pair a grapefruit with protein you're not hungry it it It's a hunger killer. It's super great like a couple of scrambled eggs and a full of grapefruit. I dare you to try to keep eating. No of course you know. It's a real good. Yeah everything I've tried everything whole pre sixty the F factor diet Paleo Atkins. You set all those Jenny Craig. Oh my Gosh Tanny Craig. I like Jenny Craig. And you know what I learnt. I failed it every single one of them but I knew what was what made me felt. Ah could I'm like you know what the reason that I don't do. Well an Atkins is because you shouldn't tell them what I must suffer so just as a there's Different people are different Overweight for a different reason means. Because I'm GONNA stop because I one reason or another loved that overfill full feeling and when you're doing atkins they tell you as long as you eat lean protein and no carbs. You can eat as much as you want. You should never tell us stuff or you can eat as much short. Sure because we take that literally and we you know it's way too far out of my my normal the Jenny Craig. I have some I have some friends who are right now. Jenny Craig and I was so eager and probably annoying to them when they said. Oh we're doing jenny. Craig Good Okay Jenny Craig. That's good Ads edged food to it. Now like you're not supposed to ask like I know but that's what made me fail. I fail the Jenny Craig. Because the it's not big enough portion for me as a stuffer and so so I would have two or three Jenny Craig but the the work around. Is You add vegetables Broccoli. And it didn't matter how much Broccoli ADB Adblocker at Brussels sprouts out of vegetable to Jenny. Craig how you get Jenny Craig to work because you don't I just I know the work around. I know how I played the game anyway. I know how overworked at so that it made me feel maybe gain weight rather than lose weight I found it interesting. Full disclosure closer. I am on weight watchers and it is the Diet for me and I'm so happy they just changed it so happy okay. We're GONNA talk about that but I'm willing I wanNA I know I we're GonNa talk about that because I know you're on ww But I wanted to talk about something that I don't think people are paying attention to and as soon as I read it I was like. Oh my gosh that makes so much sense and I really want you to address this. I'm just GonNa give you the I'm GonNa feed you right. I'M GONNA put this on T.. For Yell at you wack it okay when it comes to problems with Diet plans that send you food. It's the same pitches the fast food restaurant we know. Don't do anything. Listen to sit on your couch. You don't have to prepare anything you know to think about it. We're just GONNA bring you delicious food and you know what our food is so good that you make you lose weight even while you sit there. It's this whole mentality of grabbing. Gaucher's mentality if you don't have you don't listen learning about how to Cook Okay and how to put meals together and that's for somebody else. Who's got the time you haven't got the time? Let us do it for you. It's the biggest crock that I bought got into sports. Ever and again it leads to be thrown away my microwave and going no more no more of this heating stuff up out of the freezer. But I can't cook it. I ain't meeting. I loved her quote their where you said you know the one line that they both use as we know. You're busy they do. Do they know you're busy. We all busy. They're still right. That marketing camping still good. How did they know it's so I'm let's go through that fifty rules. Everyone and we're not going to do all fifty by the way because we don't have time but your top ten are really really really important. And so Let's let's see if we can get through some of these top ten because these top ten are really set up the other forty because Yeah they're they're really crucial. So rule number one is begin with the end in mind taught. So what do you mean when you say if people are going to start doing this GonNa play play in the style that have their adventure diet land. What do you mean by beginning with the end in mind I mean what are you trying to accomplish like what are you? What is the goal here and obviously obviously we're going to say you know the goal is we want to lose weight? We want to. We want to be a different person healthy right but that that's super important to know. I know that what you're what for me. It was never about weight if I weighed. Four thousand pounds but it had a size thirty two waist. Let me tell you something I would not care one bit about that. Four thousand way right. I still way I wanted to look a certain way. I wanted to fit into certain clothes. You know I I wanted to be able to shop in store. Your many stores do not make a close available for people who are three or four x two stores so much so that they're not specialty stores for people who are three four four four x so for me. It wasn't about the way it was the way I wanted to look in the way I wanNA feel. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to be able to take my shoe front ways. I always taught my shoe on the side because I had to put my belly. He's somewhere when I ben Dover right so begin with the end wh what is your actual goal and share. Let's say it's to lose weight but for what what do you WanNa look like. What do you want to feel like? What if if the number doesn't matter as far as the wait? Good luck because I again. I don't care about how much I weigh as much as I care about. Oh how I know. It's a really good point because I you know I mean you know. I'm an avid gym. Goer you know. I love to go gym about five days a week and I love when I lived heavy and I lived hard and the thing. That people don't understand is I don't worry about. I don't worry about how much I worry about how I look and so i. I want my waistline to be center. So it's because the muscle justice heavier. I can't it's hard to explain people just I wanna I just WANNA look down. Yeah Yeah so you know when I'm when when my pant size is going down I'm actually. That's the happiest moment when I can get into to. The next pants is down. Those are the happy moments when I can get into the next short size down. Those are happy moments for me that it's not the way it never as I think. Sometimes we put so much pressure on on that. I feel like we overdo it. The second thing you have is pick a start date and you have to qualifications three qualifications. Pick a date. That's at least two weeks away. Don't wait more than four weeks and start on Friday. That's right so like right now. We're listening to your your listeners. Radio Show and hearing about this this guy who They sounds really fantastic and he is. I know who wrote this book about tired. And you're like you know what maybe some of these make sense. You know. Maybe maybe maybe I should or could maybe he did it. Maybe I can do it. Which is the best thing I can offer just an example I get it which means if I did it trust me? Anybody can tomorrow's Thanksgiving right so tomorrow is Thanksgiving spiders black Friday Saturday. I don't know if you heard what I'm getting married. There's an awful awful lot of cake and pies and my future over the next three to four or five days right. It's going to be very challenging to start today. Get all excited about listening to this radio radio show and then start a diet on Friday. So I'm saying wait at Lea- give yourself at least two weeks because you need to set yourself up for success if you're going to try to start a diet and you still have rings refrigerator this we've got A. We've got to get those out of the fridge. We're going to get clean your cupboards outbid separate yourself from the bad food. The other other thing about not waiting more than four weeks as if it's three weeks later you're not GonNa do it so I put yourself on a timer way before four weeks at least two two two weeks out and I talked about earlier all diets. Just start on a Friday every day and I take it one step further. I always weighed. Beat in with weight watchers. You go to a meeting every week. I always weighed in on Saturdays and Saturday mornings with buy in for years and years and years I recently league changed my way in to Monday morning because I find myself. Give myself a little too much liberty after my way in Saturday morning and you know all the time in the world all to eat like an idiot Saturday night and all day Sunday and Monday morning. I'm gained all the loss I've taken so I've moved my wait days to Monday morning. So there's another tip. It's not the book. Take it from me. Starts You dying on Friday on Monday. So you go I love it. I'd here's the one that really. I mean this really punched me in the face because we don't talk about this and you. You're the only person I've ever heard talk about this. And it's the fourth year fourth rule and that is choose a plan that is going to be one that most closely resembles recurrent eating habits. I thought that was brilliant. I I think that's I think that I see this now. I mean it was. It was pretty great when I thought of it. Dan when when when I figured it out then but I see it in business to where people try to do things that are not that are so outside their comfort zone that it's hard for them to even get it off the ground and and that's what it was with Diet and there are so many diets the F factor diet works. It's all based on fiber e eight and more fiber. Because if you're in a position where you have to you can't exercise as much because of work or practice U. F. Actor worked so beautiful if you're the type of person who likes high fiber foods then the Paleo Halio Diet or Atkins which are pretty similar. Those are fantastic. Dies for people who really do. Well maintain themselves on or real strict strict protein diet people who are just normally naturally grown to protein. I'm not I eat everything I liked to have a slice of pizza. I like to have You know eggs and I like to have chicken or whatever so for me. The Best Diet for me was one. Let me have what I was normally. I grew up eating regular the food meat potato and vegetable and so that's why weight watchers worked the best friend because it mirrored what I currently was eating. There's a lot easier 'cause you'RE GONNA turn to make these huge huge changes every time trying to make use changes. The only time I ever was successful as I started make small changes small meaningful changes ages. That's awesome let's let's get down a little further Number Eight is get to know your doctor. I love the story I after I wrote the book I went to my doctor and I gave her a copy and she cried and she was so moved like I failed. You didn't fail me. Here's the thing about that is I haven't seen doctor and As much as I I mean on way better now but as much as I didn't ever want to be you know The type of person who can't be honest this with a female doctor doesn't WANNA physical by a female doctor my doctor. She's a maybe a couple years older than me lace she. We could be dating. You know what I mean like issue in my age range. And she's my doctor wanted to do a physical with me and I'm like I'm not comfortable at all. I'm heavier than you should ever allow yourself to be and she. The of course isn't right so she's got everything that she's way better position than I am. You know. Forget that the pedigree. She's the doctor of course but so I was never honest with her she would be like You Know House to wait you know after. She weighed me. So I ain't twenty five pounds in the last three months since you've seen me but I I feel fine Is there any problems with joints. And I don't know I would took me thirty minutes to walk fifteen feet into the hospital. 'cause you know sitting in a cartoon I was never never honest with her never and she did the best she could poking prodding or are you sure. Do you WanNa can we talk about the house. I know super embarrassed harassed and finally I just I was just you know she had shown me She turned her monitor for my little checkup there and it looked like a mountain and it was ten years of my weight gain and there wasn't one time it went down. The graph just went up and I was just so she actually offered for to get me into overeaters anonymous. She's got You know you're not a candidate I serie you know. Maybe we can do overeaters anonymous. You know and that that was when I was. It was the first time I'd ever broke down. I mean I wasn't like crying like a little kid or nothing but I I was. I was again very embarrassed. Really really really dead set into and I said you know I'm like I I I I need help. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do you. I'm I'm I'm you know. I mean the level of despair and and I remember her just going like we. We can help no problem like oh you need to do is be willing to accept help. You know all you need to do is go. Hey let's stop avoiding. They'll make an eye contact with me. I'm a doctor. I'm here to help you. And she did she overeaters anonymous. which I think I wrote about didn't work out exactly well for me? But how is the three hundred fifty pounds dollars the smallest person there so I was like Oh. That's that's helpful they. Should you know when it's still relative to I remember. I was at a weight watchers meeting and I was right where I was trying to get onto three hundred pounds. I mean I was doing so well and I was around three o one three. Oh one point five live three hundred point five and I was like every week. I'm like come on. We get onto three-under-par couldn't we couldn't wait and you know I get there and I'm convinced I'm going to do it and I don't want to like I'm like two points above three hundred and I sit down and I'm all mad and somebody goes you know so did you. Have about weigh-in Micro Gab. I mean it's three hundred twenty a two and a guy behind me goes. I wish I weighed three hundred twenty and I was like Oh my God. What a jerk I am? Yeah Wow perspective. Perspective perspective is everything. He was struggling to get under four hundred in. I'm acting because I only lost point one pounds a world was ending. Either you realize we've been on for an hour. This could go on all day. I could just sit here. We've just by by the way there. He's got fifty got another sponsor for the show and they're gonNA have to our slot on the radio So this this book Diet Land is outstanding. It's been tastic and Ralph. I've asked you twice before this. This thing that I'm about got to ask you and I'm going to ask you again. You know the first of all you've been a great guest. You've been a great friend and and I appreciate you so much and I'm so grateful for you to be on the show and I always ask in. The show's called new direction. Because we help people find a new direction in their life or their career or their business or all three if you could leave the listeners of a new direction direction with a new direction based on Diet land what would that be from. Ralph Peterson well. I got to tell you the dieting and your own health is super personal and I always you know people always like what what should My friends really heavy. Like what should I say to them. You know my answer is nothing you know Malone. I hated it when people like. Do you WanNa talk about your weight like. Why are you a Dr An expert or something? No don't leave me on You know there's this great thing about to become a dog owner because my fiance owns a dog in from very it'd be the first time I in a dog and one of the things about pets that I've learned is that people take really butch better care about their pets than they do themselves right like if my if the vet says. Hey your dog and the dog's not going to like it and you got to force it down their throat and you know pat him a couple of times after work because it's really going to be careful but in the end just going to work for him we would. Do you know we tackle the dog. We'd force it down his throat we'd pick up vomit with all of the smile which somewhere along the line we just. We don't don't treat ourselves the same way because in my instance I never thought I was worth. And if there's a new direction I think that used to be taken is that you. You should really appreciate that you really are worth it. You know you should. You should get a mirror. These pull up to one of your is not both of them because you'll get cross. I just couldn't one. I just one there. was somebody in your life. We looked in that same either show looking in and they completely fell head over heels. They saw the most amazing most beautiful. Most worth it person in the universe. And that's what you need to start saying you've got to start putting yourself I I you are worth it. You're more important than your kids. You're more important than your spouse your more important than your job. Your friends end your neighbors your parents. You are way more important than anybody in the entire world. You're worth it. Take your take do something for you put yourself i. It's worth it. Let this beautiful. His days as Ralph Peterson books tiled ventures in Diet land how to win at the game of dieting from a former fat guy. The book is outstanding. It's a bestseller. You need to pick it up Amazon. Listen to him. Read it to you on Amazon audio on audiobooks. It's fantastic folks. This is the show right. I can't ask for a better show. This is the this is unbelievable and I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful for all of you. Listening all over the world Thirty seven countries and growing every week. We are so grateful all over the US and could not be more thankful to all of you out there. I WanNa wish you great holidays especially this Thanksgiving this Thanksgiving show so happy Thanksgiving to everyone everyone out there and if and if you're listening to this later it was great right for you as well and You know what. Why are we say? Be inspired because when you're inspired that means you can inspire other other people and when that happens that they can inspire others and that can make this world a tremendous place. So you'll be back here next week with another van. tastic guest I promise. And as I every week chow everybody to show Talk about your confidence and the CES don mix. It has got to cave donohoe got you know you can't do. This is your Brand new things Jane. They can't find us to reduce China's. Thank you you a new direction new. Dr Shaw the brand new things sir. You can't find to calm Alan

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Season 4, Episode 30

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Season 4, Episode 30

"If you haven't heard by anchors easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain first and foremost is free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or your computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one convenient place download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. We did drunk owns podcast. We love anchor spent everything to us and we encourage you guys get on board with it. And we can't wait to hear your podcast but more importantly. Make sure you go listen to ours. Yeah, what over over, you know what is your boy styles goes LSD block. Make sure you get the presence album look out for the locks album okafor chic solo look kiss solo album these are all coming out. Check us out at pharmacy, for Life Dot Com pharmacy with F. F. A. R. M. A. C. Y. for life dot com check us out of juices for Life Dot Com and just check out the wife Adua styles. Book the real hype and you know what? I want to give a shoutout child's Ankle Rico shout uncle, nate night, shadow uncle facts you all now listening to the drunk. podcast in this is your voice stops goes LSD block. Nine. No. So, as the PGA. With the Phillies. Up. Tonight. Overnight For. Week Oh when no. Perfect. Quite, it puts a long game being the robot casts a pair, which is like that. I see you moving. GET INTO One thing gotta say y'All. They so boom. So we did our allies seventy more, right. We're right at the called me around like eleven eleven thirty. He's like Yo. Yo Yo you are. Sitting there playing a game I liked it. You know you got any play the game that. I knew. Back. East too much. But. A. Series they they are black people. Never, followed the breakfast when it comes to cooking with season like. You said. was. Really don't. Something we can't do that too and. We workout workout is not one of those. Follow the directions. At least the earth stops what it does to get you. As you put it in Sydney can't take it back. You can't think about. that. Can't, apologize later. I. Dan You time that further would. Seek. Ask. Night we'll. Wait. Not. was coming. You. Own Glow. See my heroine. Whereas she on a private island, she's my hero. But one. Crew of baby. World to. PC. So good view nice view everyone's perfect. But. It. Is Your live do. All man first of all, I was scared out watching it from home. No I'm saying you know what I mean you know. Just a bowl store, right? It's not like me so going up so. If. We're OLMEC listen. Choose on private planes they do. The war Asu crazy I wouldn't want. So I was scared for your. By, just one of the planes I gets skip. Luneau. Whatever? But actually decrease. You Arab. I Iraq on? A. Drug Vargas coming back y'all for special Friday edition. We are you draw on some overnight. Rigo among the facts. Are. And we are back in studio. As. We. Take Show road without juries. Go. Different little different right Ed only one block in the whole damn. Town blackout. Block Studio Everybody Twenty Point Mail alleged never go out. Worth. Our while. I can't remember the last time. I had the lettered according to this was sleep through Abe ain't. Going whitby but we're not alleged without Generator. Got To. Vote Sing. Okay. John out the A. Senior houses in cody point. Agree. First of all. So close associate way shes checkerboard out here 'cause one block. You'll. Carney's point next block your pin next over background for that. It's like it's like when he came streets in this township. These was like it's tails negative history I should. Point six years I sold a half of fight. Has As. All worth. No. WHOSE HOUSE IT originated. In front of your house okays. Right Stopping to do I'm just saying. Sounds. Good. Eighty eight. Land Avenue. Gained game if you know, you know he was there used their. Solo. Guy Right. Play. I only got ran I'm dislike, todd people like of. Waiting flew immediately to tell them that something's wrong like waiting for the media to settle dash on people's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like like because people don't say nothing less needed. said he slowly when we tim, it can't wait with UNC like when he said he liked to be. Capable Kinsey TMZ US dod man. They all work together many all on the same network owned by the same little fucking. Give you all the state news all the problems on the world and S Y'all waiting for the solve your problem like me stop me. That's that's my rant. Thank. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Question everything. Merchandise becoming next week. Couple were. Were were. Right. Oh right. Right. That they can live. On. Array. Of Public Service. So. We'll just call it the it will call it makes them all. Hasn't. That's that's what this week. I feel like I should get term. But I'll. Vote against one. sounded. Didn't, it. So. Nobody. got. Adjoining this week is. You got. Problems or somebody right? Don't bring the social media bring straight to. Talk now you talk shit restraints on. Because if you won't put it on social media that means you audience, you look public. Now, I can't. I can't rely on cut from Saint Call from cut from. But. Now I might use your social media I lived in New Jersey live in Calif- as diff- got Louis yet clearly nowhere close to the guys. Get. My. Camera because we wanted. A. Virtual fighter. WILL WORDS But I mean realistically if you up. Realistically. Problems on my why? Why putting on social media when you can just. And whatever way you want to get out and having to be compensation. The odds, occasion. You can be whatever you want. Sometimes like the thing saying that I sometimes, the social media when you put it on the platform, it brings other people in. And sometimes, that can really get things out here. Because you could sit there. And you might bring something up and the person you come at might not be a confrontational person. But other legal watching might be what the Shit's. Looking for your behalf. Of that other bragging today Napoli Adores. Cool. I'm keeping bean. I seen I seen my brothers Gay I. See my brother's getting like quite a few fights. My Dad was you got probably with my son yet criticized Saturday morning. Levin clock I'll give busy right there. The driveway. Yes that's that's also I. Don't think these. We don't doubt that's going to happen to. This today. I'm Bob in the weaving girl soon. Yeah, that's my. That's my PSA. Who we could go a long way up that could go a long way. Realistically because you put on social media. It changes that you got extra people saying the flame. Guardianship quarterback instigators. You Got Instigate Catholic. sliders all that should people that don't like you they jumping in that. Turnaround in vote rain creed old Shit, Storm Levi man. I really at something to say this again, I know all this one add go out and then the wait industries is very right now. It's shot over social media right now in in late night then you back your game. Off and. Every. Time. Out. They. Resolve. Is Over goop. Stadium you'll people talking. To that's the big thing to happen on feet of he's talking. So she needed instagram where you got something to say. Yes somebody say. Good row. Say like me like talk in the right also now you use admitted at one person. Now you've got twenty other talk about them. Now, you really got a problem de I'm just saying. When Fits Awesome Hey I knew issue him whereas Art Don Twenty. This Nydia you starting to me. Like. Rochat. Sale, you're talking about making it over. Say Two thousand. Twenty minutes. Let's say Z. I feel like. I feel like you gotTa issue you can actually get into Persian. They. Don't try to get at the on lookers. PSA. We. have. Oh. So that being said that cocaine that shampoo. At what happened in? A row. and Oh shameful. Bucket Darva size added leisure suits. The Shit. Bro. On My job Joel. EMBIID. You somehow I need mustard gas early. visit. All, right okay. So a couple of minutes. Forty two threads. Have a dark spot. Your Shampoo. Bleach because then clean light dark spot. Of Your Bleach, the whole club leads. Carbon though I, really twenty you. Our. House. That's. Over now right now. Let's go k where all. So. Dumb as. Moves word. Here buddies bull from the sea hawks. That's the funniest. fucking. It wasn't dumb but they. WOULDN'T BE They ours last week according to be magazine dropped off. while. Whatever yet? So I'm assuming that this girl. That wack. Because this season, I'm GONNA try to sneak in girl in the Michael L. While trading can't. Have just see. What he's saying Jersey on Ryan. Wissel around move my one of your coaches you know that's the that's the conditioning coach Jack. I, I'm on both sides of. Should Okay Because Way Society that the bubble decreed Abo- against NFL. NBA Now they creating a bowl. So she kind of bubble because she didn't get tested and not like that I. See what he made and everything like that with that. By end of the day, did he do something wrong? He was trying to get don't plus the. First of all, they both allow family members like immediate family meaning white somebody immediately you coming to boat. Mostly Young. Now, a girlfriend is not eating meat had been. Youngest. Wussy. Thinking about go managed to get real is going to happen. That's why months he not only one sneaking busy. Watching. I. Guarantee. I guarantee if there's a female all the staff. She's filing even his real system. I think we heard about this. Probably, guarantee personnel taking never heard about. Even. The UNDRAFTED PLAYER That was like I. I mean if you call sat in, you'll sacrifice. Contract guarantee okay now. That's Kinda wrist but Boca Moment Lebowski go wedding a bubble. Go making was he can't go to have. Good. Because His girl Assads. That you give real now. On TV girl in and I bit home all. Long. That takes everything's. Certainly can conflict situations owned. That fuck you get fire on your day off. For you. That's WOP. yielders is going to be a pitcher this Nigga, like this is right or he will be able to monitor. and. It'll be a mean arrested rookies. Don't be that Nick. Won't be gotten. With Steven, Naismith, Bass Times Jigsaw. Don't be that guy. was these other? Of Come. Max Bill in other box was sitting told dominate. They all agreed that get nothing. But he said this is one of the Times that somebody gets punished that should be give. meaning that he deserved second teens because of like this right years not seriously. I've never hitting the by committed a crime at all. And billion. Belong. To make. The separation not. Below into. This. Season that he probably got absolute. Fixing this already. Say. Right he probably called the hotel manager, right? Carol coming up there she need a job. We will. All the payroll. My personal housekeeper? Yes she reward one. Again. I you're not only was sneaky chicks. Then, you can't tell me. To. So because he got caught, I think is. Eight mile for my word you know as you. Remember acl. He was I. Last night. Like? Nah. He's He was mad as. You. Air Will Young there I feel so young all. The whereabouts browder did the same thing no. No I took my two months. The he wants. Now. Janua trade kid. Terrorize the. First of all they that I. Can reach. The train campus. Muslim. On a regular season. You know everyone. A. Winner there. That's the special teams coach Huda told you. Came to. Be One of those can't nick. Berg of being. A Halfway decent job. The have man especially good at. Your partner says ain't nowhere near as hard in practices. Tapping. That will give. You the last event for David Wright if you will. You missed the tackle. To worry about You might. Be. Like Shake you. Over a Florida. Honor. So you, there's no pressure. This not been appointed. Wasn't a bad job. Undergo the niners back day off of. Black Bull. came. Out. He had a rolex Lazar chaining. Raiders. Have they would've? Boy He. was like where you had on the. Chenonceau. WHO Jog Little Bit table. With a Rolex word rulers, the changes up. More violent shit right like farm. But. Continuing trend. NECAS doing dumb shit. Salvageable aboard up. So was. That himself to billboard heard I in CAL-. Mountains of dumpy over new you can't tell me this is a job. Yeah, he'll. Probably. Get. Bill I'm sorry I started thinking about don't take. Like he's like The next. Big these. I'm like. I duct tape saying. This duct tape in studio. But I ain't never been confident enough she the only body. Or fucking bill this guerilla take. Tidy Whitey. He had tried to. Do was this out why unaware wargin? Okay. So he would remove Amazon. More. Says if Yogurt Unaware. Why Biggest for dramatic back draws. Another type sites we. GotTa you gotTa digitally one though because he had Kreil. News Channel had a helicopter out near light. So he got like, that was his billboard. Billboard. So a twenty John's billboard. Will they're? Gone, we're GONNA get it poppin. Says Religion Beers you wait let. Some beard who you. Know and then. Elliott Senator You. No. I'll do. Billboard. or You. Are Not. Really added not. Drug is. Literally. The Nazi level Av. Kate. I said you mind King. We believe. and Bill. Now with. Hanging away your mobile we got pass. Is Enough. fucks. Yeah we are. Don't judge is easy. To bring his masters. Pulo. Will Yo. Man That was. AM. L.. Let's light perpetrator. The. Right, I got a crazy crazy. Off Roading. In jeep he's getting a tattoo done. It. and. Go back. Off when he was put. Around his men Lib sneak by. Hundred. SKIP. I skip down. Watch that youngest. Ms Liam Payne. Vastly. Different. Fast Food. So well. A. Candidate. He back backing out. You. Ill like. Girl you you had. The candidate super one point five, eight. I saw Rostov on the back and forth again high. As I will we later? He backed out. Would he wanted a? We all know you gave him the. Eunuch Aberdeen. Jetties. Give taking take this money Tokyo Hush and he shut the fuck up or they told me you WANNA get. Off. EIGHT DON'T DO A. Reggie backed up. So would you take what you think the? Threat Slow Man. To be. At everything you got a super one point A. New candidate our. Nine out of them. Mobilize for you. So I saw one point five billion, right So. So. Nick dot fire like everybody in the whole world. The budget. He. Fires facts the whole community talked about before four days. Though Kevin Kennedy Lanes, all the age and all. About that When any other time. He would bag but right needs to talk about for days. By like forty eight hours. All new but he kept. Because this neurotic here. What. AM saying is. I. Mariah Carey. I'm GONNA marry her. Sorry nickname I can't. Go Man in your. inbox in Boston something it on Zimbabwe and. Let me know what you don't. As I say about this. I. Hope if. Says he backed out I hope I, hope somebody. You'll really powerful blacks behind goanywhere about this gossip setup for. From while you coulda did both could Assu one more why billy is still going to be a work them. Through But. It had to be a deford the Denver main listen. Cordial bone and. And you set the. What the rest of the? You will. Be Less. On that. But. Yes. So. Trump plastic folks keeps funding. Now. All. Thorough golf by backside did I backed I company? Where we go, he put it out there y billion. Knows I. Think. I'm sorry. Rigmarole late. They might have been like you go quietly with you. All right. See you shake one of the things WHO's fight for while They might be letting us you. The joints. Little mean. It was a drink a while out. Of the had Ryan seacrest. subletting somewhat acid that they fire. Somebody was in already. Sent me doing it was like A. Mike Blacks. Glasses. Is. The pool along. You little. Housing. How how they? Don't ask awards for we day. But it's in the book. Now that around. Jokes. You all. With. The Speed the has also with you were doing your your vote both side until we ain't we was all about I'll. Get well. Aired what? We thought about Lou Williams even the. event. See The low. Guy On. Down there so wings was good. Okay. So, one of the workers there at the medicine came out said. Oh. Lewis City. He sees. No no nine. So he did. Very well, researchers. You Up. It'd be saying who lived there go there by your. Berg the girl. When I was down is a day. Women. For women were. Red Light. He he convinced me not go there as I said I gotta visit I mean visit that medicine meltdown. He commissioned. You should win for the wing by Google. Of. Twenty, five years old. I, did. A lot of tastes like dave man that's medics. Air A. Up Players for the. Walker. lost. Among. I had the money. So I look. So my good time would have been a good time waves. Relief. He said a wage is good, but the women is saying. The women was good. Story was. I regarding sweet lewiner. Pat. City. Oh. See that means he's a heavy contribute. that. Would advance. Bars I've been to TV's me. August. Establishments dot nice little fifty sixty extra. Yeah. Put It on whether or not with you sneaking the wings right. So. said. Who is The expert rose to the US via meth. Upcoming. Series on be. Fifty six. rose reach out fitting to listen. As Oh fifty nine. Year. Years. You'll. Learn. As you can't go I would so. You. Say. Guy Don't be that got so some internal. That's everlasting. Yo Yos Austin City if you WANNA use this. I need you. Won't. See take a picture. Of Wings and vital. Black Bella. Say. But the ways good though I have. I. Can See. You out of here. Because like about business. Like. Bob His bro. It's going to be a pitcher and into news right is called. The bike is like politicians over the phone each other's cameras here. Metro quick. Room that we gotta get. Going because I. Think you'd like. I don't know. What was speaking of money you? The in kiss. Over. The Baby Mom. Erode one. SEX TAPE UP THERE TO To narrate the Word that was distant. Ever. Is On us? But. The woman back neck you can't pollen guys day Eddie to. One shopping to. Hey that's about. This event. At all. They're not. One. I. Come on. This, guy. Is Exit Most. For the most on did. You gotTA. Do you ended you new new come around taxes dry? Alot. Obser- yet, good. Let's see. Yeah I mean I just want to. I. Want to leave as anything I need all the little coins. Edina. Have Gallons. You. Want. The whole lot word I hope. Of which tell the salty pool. Telling Part Dunbar business here. got. A stepdad's ever watch electro back. Lee. Lows Lake. October. Out over member for you get locked Christmas Matt upset with you. That's easy candle. Thank. Covert out there KANTER's you always. They were so. His own. Right now watching site. Is Not As a single mom pushing applications to run out ABA he, face ranger had. Game I. came up with these legs. Don't outcasts that. But not as the. Dania doodle episode I. Check. Nabi side shots, Stepdad's absolutely. Or? Powerful. To needs only resume saying. You just always just after the cut for the walk. What is Your juicy juice. Come on. Twenty. July. We went from what we were doing. Good. To this. Like that three. C. Aggressive. Those. Excuse. Miss. Water. But I get. A long over. I would. Imagine that you eight years old bus down on this fucking. This this Strawberry Apple. He sees grown man right out of the bottle put in. We're. Getting. Rabuku. Around who? Kidnap. Using. The bathroom he touching you gotta go. said she. threw. Me So ao. Specialist. Such like a obviously a lot of social media be with his everybody mad. The people that like one on vacation like. Up Nursing US money everything. We have essential workers get beat down. non-essential workers also. You okay but adding the date. majority of everything's coming from the system was letting his. Essential. Word is working is not the problem, right? The government. The government is giving US bonds everybody here nearly about gambling about what was game like stack. Stats. Like where does. Up The government got issued as Samadi home. and. then. Would you say they caught it? They start a civil war is what they yelled. The war, the city workers get mad. Government. In a Muggy, this having fun best. Workers is star war. On like ship right lesson coming from you. because. His thing that's going on, you walk both sides of the. Foundation. They don't the gate. I Spoke Foundation I walk by myself. Back. Imports for me. I mean. Of Music. Just saying you're. Like. This use essential organ for money that of fought back Bob certain. Had to whatever got. Was One. Of Door, to, door. Get ill, those that love. Never. Put My name do ado. Shootout snacks in like two months. He was a snake for. Just. Three months. Since. All as many the I, start his men between the workers in unemployment. One of his name think about it. They Pomona Shit like crazy man and we all four men. This is where I was getting man John Get mad at me in that. I understand when yet I'm. Thinking about his early ideas on. I go. The. Bottom of my heart. Wasn't by teaching became. Little bitty again, those flirts he's. Saying, you can't get mad at them built enough the government. Bro That's what I'm saying the government do more. Wars story pay the players don't hate don't hate the game because the game is keeping things up. Well, today we. Will Not Be yet who coach? Megacell you tie. Game. I see a lot of heating on of speed. Never, WANNA be case in. A No deals will be doing at A. Look they'd never before and everything. Of Black Personal Ed. Gaming News. Knock between the. Give of the game. Yes I don't hate on. vk. Twenty. Trying to get into. I didn't know that. Our. Our Rely rose would oppose. This The thoughts of US tried. Those very valued Rome. I'm tired. You know take everything is immigrants offside they've been drinking. believes. WHO believes please? I do not the beef between. Up Civil Civil War is going to happen because Obama was. Started because people. Are Like Oh green when you've been in my head. When also Miami? Florida central worker, the one of the crazy folk you. Anyway, but you Lamy. A night you'll central road stop breezy of those stop stop. I. visit the all see that don't solid solid. Gas. While we're from home. Oh Oh that's love though. Fuck you to. Our boat. where? AM. I just WanNa see that I mean I think is Kanye Mattie southern. Getting getting. Advocate getting you live. That's obligated. For this. Ourselves. Nobody that sign in fucking wining and dining. ooh. She's still. Work. So you. No. On the Lao. Worked them all. Down two weeks. I want mobile considered studying doesn't always money mask as As. People you. Incentivize you. Telling me where my master's book job. Flight. Look can't stop. Our. City. I I say that to. Say That you're at Amazon the further need to raise I know every job is giving something. No. Party own. Brow. Chick Fil labeled. So raising right Hazard Pat we're. Having hacking text every I think. You know what you didn't have to hear. You could've made up an excuse. You say you kids and Blah. Blah. Blah and didn't let you need. At least. Buddy. Blame or saying understand my pay. I was doing it certain. Out. Playing Bridge. Like Double D. Last full check with. Dollars. Around my dependence up to good. GonNa doing now. Seventy dollars testing. Banks. Just cut the. Together Abbasi is out I can't see the. Right. Now don't. Care what they say Kelsey. Don't do not. Be The guy. Speaking to be. So. Hubadoo be mad at his lawyer Reagan. Why Cup His lawyer is you. That small resolute or delusional. Now does that that real? I. Overlooked there I sing and kept war. I saw in chemical was. A baffled about. Waiter. Said again so Everything's going. Mortar. I mean, the ocean who were you sexual assault or sexual assault is a sex assault case but the Lord said wiggled since at all high radio. Radio. Rio Facts. Traits. That the. Same they laid now bar now. Twenty. Learning. That lovie rule like that? All. That was like a mini series. He had no respect Yemen the do the. Lawyers say that he's He's mad at his lowly. Okay. So was. This small breasts women are losing. Their account would happen. I don't know I. Don't know where to start with this. Who knows? That's what I'm saying like that's what I say or or this is facts or this does a lean this life would no I never loan when I saw Because leaving. It sounds. I wasn't. We would say that I mean like. I don't know maybe to look. Lose. True. Because it's nothing that says you know. It's like this right that's disrespecting all small breasted women Bro. I think that's a hail. Mary. Out Come up and. Bango worth ruled that. Shit though Shit at the wall was six. S. Well. any lag woman in this case is delusional because we. So we saying that all small breasted women do don't have already senses the understand at being touched on or being. Sexually harass you. To. Look into this. This did. Not Awful. So take that away twenty three window. But reason you don't see. Lord. She put above. And say that. She beat boss lead by hurt her mom. And he because. Racist. As you saying she was more the issue of her dad not being. So Lauren Hill this motherfucking. You'll is Long Shit. But she never denied girl last week. On the parents on that, in fact, they'll go down on that show. A real hair you like yuck lying. Is and I pulled up by the St Lois on but as I say about how? She was. Cool able. As you were saying, you know like. The Morning Valer attacker tack like people were trying to kill the fan over Audi wounds. Of Somehow trying to be. Because, first of all the north. Avenida. She saying on that. One because my thing is. Like when we talk about everybody around the world will facebook everybody you know me I did it because I. Like the people that's present. I've been informed since years years ago I've been four nominee, but the the vote came with people understanding or read up. That's why I said that trump is like one of the greatest presidents because in trump era is the most people in. Theory, you can doubt do say those crazy it's crazy having a manual waco question questioning everything. His trump made people wake up requesting the whole system would approve the president's you. something. So that's why our again trump I'm glad you did that. Because before how many people? How many people you? So I mean people crossing the president that's really Some of that is like celebrity too right because you got a girl so. When the kids was makes you buy more agile? Your Mom's Lauren Hill. So. You know that outside world is probably looking at you from a different perspective as opposed to with his housemates like. You're trying I think some of that might just based off of you know trying to deal with both sides of that that window. And like no prompt Lawrence standpoint is I'm radio way I want rage. Last. She like Laura Understand Day with the government is the one society is doing with the media's all our daughter is five up side like all kids kids everything the kids are warmth if. The kids more in tune to social media that we ever will catch up to and they already they're already I it this time to build up to where we right now with Internet understanding in announced computers. Kids picking like this like right now younger kids like grab rather. So matching, you don't agree with Associ- is though what's your kids do? So what do you do your household you total? We'll talk stops with is talking enough like I mean there was an so understand where he by you say there was like get on. Or lives at risk because we all know that everybody with our influence people die. If we could start down Michael, Jackson prints like anybody that wants to go into who she says people. Realize. died. In IS A. Travel, Laurie Hill. She's my error. CanNot. Miss. Education Law help go back and listen to that our honestly go back and listen to the. And see what she's talking about an early nine now be late night. Evolution. Out To. Essentially. Create a fucking weather putting single things. So against systems, they don't want her. So we got. We can't have. Get labeled her that meter lean control pressure from the outside. Way Everybody was. Her into loan booth last night she could say I totally agreed this you. Say, she'd never denied will grow. Of Say maybe still at the same length like turn of the my mom my dad. mother-in-law. Got, what in Eylau you. Still get worse. It might be I look back now. Right? Everybody will young right? We have us. All. We. Know he said that right but now Batman like your. Weight more asked not Ga.. Now who? Got Way more as. Not. Good. Elective. got. Exactly. The teeth that s summertime food angel is. A well aware it was going on life and everything and ask was helped me understand that I would never do that. Again I never do that again like I. Did something wrong I didn't get abused so I was. That's A. Clear respect of with I was doing something wrong. and. Now looking they don't. Like. Is I feel for you I don't I don't. I don't I don't support that shit like. You have a bad day now. With I'm not without like that. Yeah. But I know everytime I gotta ask I never gonNA ask as nothing. as He. Never, got to answer open I didn't desert that were never. The. Bed. Yeah I never did it. Because I Never happened to. People. Really. Interesting. That that. Of Abuse. Maybe I don't understand why mom was like this whole thing. That goes hated that goes right. You know neck and neck. What you're saying was that you just limited as society right now that is so rigid entitled. Especially, if you come in from some type of a Celebrity or some type of lineages. Out influences gator. Kudos. I'll say. One thing she said in a video extensively was that her dad was yet. I mean as you she gave her dash gave data out in the same compensation she was like well. His defense is dad. Bird. Nine, years old. Where did he actually learn how come off? I mean we were saying, I don't let you use that because he had become a father because at days how my dad raised us is not how is my goodness how he raised his kids is not how his dad resist. Every spruce will be different and stopped using. Excuse me today on my dad was his dad wasn't around every granting the day. You'll man you raise your kids differently and you follow tradition step so. I guess my question. Is Okay. That was So does that like even even if you sit there and you analyze it and you know He was there might have been there every capacity that you've felt he should have been there. But. there. So you learned something whether you learn what not to do what to do. Okay. So my thing is if he's not there at all, you're lucky you're sitting there trying to figure out. So what not to do is not the principal father. Like. Not. Not to do meaning that. So you're saying presence on father is woods everything will build a me that some. Of The Anyway because editor day the way I look at late then come from my father we look at light 'cause my uncle, the our understand like my uncle. The present, my father. This. Found say is. But. You talk about death in the Household Oh my dad was miles. So but my understanding lake big of my day. So why would understanding my dad out of balance business? And never wrote a curse. Makes no kids as maybe because if my day I mean I was really had my dad understanding of life regaining. preppy tomorrow. So That you've been filed right. So the. Days that you give children and as as you try to prepare the four right is up to them to take it in. Is that for them is up that in the listen understand what is the whole big thing because a lot of people giving the chance to understand what's really on the world everything they only give with given. What I'm trying to say that my dad was my dad or. The worker and way my daddy have a knowledge of understanding. My Dad was a horror fucking work period. I can never take that from our horror but my thing is the next level was she works out. The necessarily. Know because my now. But guess what? Though the next loud me was understandable is really going on. Now visible Jace Commodity Ivanhoe Awkward Right now. So my son my next my son might do johnny no hallward hardware work never start looking at row we don't supposed to be Working Kyrie Also wasn't worth timeless certainly something else. That's our understanding like the way it was lonelier he started questioning everything. They, novel Taught Me to question every fucking thing. Then we saw question everything you learn by questioning, you can't learn without person nothing. You learn. What you've been told to fuck in a traditional. Family family passed generation that you always pass families. Follow. Did you tell you that you didn't be harbored. No. It'd be acids words. Okay. So So. So what I'm saying is like you'll pick out things from. and. Certain things that he'll do that. You won't necessarily graduate was. Say always able to give you was. Able to provide you and understanding that. Your. Dad. Never. Thought that provide you as. Use Collision. Also -sition for whatever reason at that moment to be able to receive what he was getting too. Okay. Might want MMG in your work and everything, but I know that net but I don't now. Updating. Your mom. Would Chew. There's no life without you were. You were you understand the lake without you. So No. So once told me that as you may. Be That that made me look at life differently and everything that stopped that to this will curse that was going through my Bam everything was. So now my son's get a chance the understand or learn for me that is about your mind and not about hordes workman. They taught us that visit you work hard. You were be Cesspool November fucking. Harder more where you says. They won't get it for me. had. Rentals of Weirdo trying to say is that because it will just trying to say that just because you're following your light on me that you're going to get I, that's a journalists occurs. His Father Your Life Alex. If gentleman came from another mando. Yo, he's A. He's a pilot, but it was not my father up in my household John said, he groped his nobody in my day. Today so Just as a quick follow. How do you? Think would have happened had not been there for whatever reason why the pass way whether he just. Moved on without y'all. Lot, the whatever. But if he wasn't present, right. How do you think that would impact now? I think it would change it but. I can't take away from the superwoman because my mom was like acupunctures incredible. I'm trying to say in federal and when when people lie instead a woman can't raise a child Eli a man when they all people I hear you say this. A woman can't the main is a fucking lie. Because my mom was our backbone amount was the focus foundation of whole family. My Dad worked over model the foundation not without foundations you have nothing you have. Got To, have a foundation. She is all. She was the backbone about physically like like. Faden. Like learning the I. Like everybody needed like that's why I believe that women could. Could raise a man she could resume. I'm not saying. Oh. We do. So I'm not saying album we can do it I just said that it's your phone doing now me is some woman help Gessler. Well, a little help away and I think the little help came from. Louisville denying able was nothing for. Ashtray Bitch. Four. As A. You know. To each day on. More or less. I hope because I think they had like five kids together. Loyal Marley. No I I almost a son He's like twenty three. She's twenty one that was I once read song about what she pregnant should warn of his education. But only get that she had a she was mess will a. White cloth in she took it back. I should obey like. burs yes. Bad like she was like like like. Like. The Straw she like. Hey. And he moved on, she was ready to like now. Read about that. That was a game. that. Back read about that. I'm just GONNA. Do doing math. Simple math. Score Drops Nineteen ninety-six. Reality was ninety, five, ninety, four. So publicly when they were out. This education drops ninety nine. And he? Pregnant by another. Time. Woke That you see. Other relationships and get playing by somebody else because they to get over somebody else that happens all the time which. One Bait. Not. More. Rapidly allowed who get culpable. Johnny like to get over this person everything that person don't want to be with you ever somewhere else you had no choice for this day place. Obviously. A good thing. Knicks eight bars. Duma thing in the video and a good lease. Churches Mount. St For. Somebody going to go any, they reach out to another man, but this happened women to May. To, regular girls Your. Goes somebody. Ma. that. Temporarily hopefully the broke, but you gotta do. You're stuck in the situation by him Nansen situation. But that's why some people begin tried in unfamiliar relation is because you might have regarded blue won't be what Happens every day. Every day and like that's what that's will be oxidised. Twenty twenty. Three you. Social Media Smart Right. The the media never talked about issues like this this issues that we're talking about career how or fucking community. Period. Are they over offer. Spin off of the overall started with Herbie in the child. Put up a booth forty, five percent of the households by female. That's like four. Forty. Percent Married Forty percents female. Ten percent run strictly by men. So when a woman eats a male child. Because she The house will know male in the household. What does that do to the child in regards to relating to a woman having a woman heat them their whole lives she's. Singing singer. Sikkim warriors questionnaire make sure six correct. Generals Shit proper. Since. Voting. But that's the that's a big problem. I mean. We can't learn what the game proposal Afghanistan. I WANNA go right because like I said No. When I say I, say when I say saying what I said, why is just don't remember what I see. Order right go. I say the media talk about it. Was He last part of which Yoga meeting don't talk. About it today, we'll be talking about right now you're over right now is for a community. This is not. No Fox new those CNN you'll never see. It what I'm trying to say is we gotta start, upgrading upgrading this conversation's or communities you know. Saying you'll see it on vitamin in. Motherfucker snap. And you crazy she did but you have no idea why might snap No idea what was going on so Your waibel. I see? that. So. In this. South is going on. Here's been. Recent train of owning this connor something. Like. You kill enough shoot in China head. So a black man shot viral white came so. The host, the people, the right people who? Are Anti. Like why does it covered why I send about this? So I see people digging into. Having like you. Wasn't reason why? The stories. Him Smoking Smoking was trying. have. This Ever. Ever listen to. Kill the kid. glasshouse narrative. Is still a bad. is, still bad looking for people because in the day Bro, like we drink any. At. All right. We got. Disagreements on gazing everyday. But why would I want will begin to? A child like childlike thing about it bro it'll. It'll make no sense at all version. Of, all that he said it was. based. Whatever that like six hours? Is We got no argument. PCP on a step of. The kids in the House that's what I'm saying. A. Krakow's love bugging. Old, Greco. That Nigga, you know he disliked fuck you. Want. Loco. We. Get. A diamond to your family history. To isolated. Presented narrative, and then don't dive into wide wide happened go. To related to. All our matters not assume. All. Say. On that, he will occur at someone else killed wrongly. WHAT LARRY ARE ISRAEL STAND UP FOR IT If we feel like there's homework. But they will we have these situations. A lot of other groups won't stand up for us. Oh he had a record. Could you record mobile person? There's not a person in the world while you hear wouldn't Howard record if they got caught doing something they will. Just. Call I never got caught. Never got record. Everybody's done. I, agree with that but accountability is countable taught by this little. So alive. Thompson. Thing. Right now, I mean I would never do if if alcohol maybe go home in deputized my house with everything. No one where I needed to drink apple. Period. Because they was so rupp somebody that care about you WanNa tell you what you did. Know. This one has say once you get off that. Somebody going to tell. You so your grandma last night like he was crazy the is he Your normally do. Way. Outgoing. Nikki. Giovanni well, well, Negga. Cute. Years because. What. With. We'll select happens though. was. In. About talk about it. Talk about where in the perks Burton's person's vote. You can't get people do but. That's what I said. You can't get perks. Would you do but it's a little busy. But it's too. Small Four. People get on a belt. Because it was hooked on hurts they couldn't get him because purchase a prescription so you can't get them every day normally going Richard not necessarily the same village is the dope essay. Perks they scratch the. Neither you all? The Don't. Go. down. This conversation scared. Drove Buying A. Gold every Song Papa per where. You. Go who allowed his to be played. I. Will. Has. The pills on that I'm I'm GonNa say you can pill because I. Argue pill that'll mean but. You don't do you take pills. Same only read is is the ultimate solid. State Good dosing on twitter. Somebody about is like these robbers v promoting facts going drugs like Out NBA, young award chimed in. And was I. We're not telling you do this. level. Not. Legislator. The big argument was all week long was it was a? Nikki Nobile. Being video right. Instead that somebody like that will models with everything it is somebody put. The Nelly video tip drill I think we'll sit there. They took that bdo wipe was like Yo. Why y'all went about Nikki video was not talking about this. First of all L. E. Video got no. Easy uncooked. Scenario I the girls in the video of tip drew right. It was. They was nobody's. Ever this girls just want to be in the limelight. Corey, being sean girls away out right. They give them a a way of as like I did this dog is doing. Right so they won't bother them girls on of Cardi. B. Don't video but a girl tips to. Girl and say I wanna be that girl with her s who we never seen lottery basis we just ask for around. US. For. All of us. We're going to wash until. After the Research. Almost. Because a lot of girls say, well, what about Nellie? No, it would have been talking about it because I thing is. Guys, it was opposing girls because reading the girl video obscenity they. It will bend over backwards sliding cars through the as. Well. He's did I Davis. was. Saying. About the chips. Rally. Did you get involved with the Governorship Mosley worker you. May. You've vows on facebook drunk podcast isn't brand promos has dropouts radio. Any will almost back as dot com check us out man and. Outside. Ninety, four days. Since. We're. GonNa Taylor got killed. Okay. True Through. I mean so. So nobody not they're not bite not doing about it. Like. We. Love your. Locals store way new. The bixler were icy waller eluded does all. Earlier. Today shows east. Jetta. Case Right. So like they showed the. Last night on new. Had Times. So. They were saying. that. The, vilely entity the to her. On thousand nine hundred. It was like they had a no knock warrant. For somebody. WHO Had nothing to do. Her at all age stain is we were on. Would you say this nothing? Abyss Anisette from day one this. Has Ogle's of them on the platform and I that's my role model right? Right nothing. You has longed product products. Your Slow Yoga. Thing this hat twenty this was having every day. We gotTA STOP WAITING FOR SYSTEM TO HELP US WE WAITING FOR RE RE RE ALLEGRI missile. System so listen to us right but the whole time the system was made against right. So what do you do systems made against? You don't you in that You're not that busy download Dan. That's the only solution to this problem kyrie candlelight semi otherwise and this. I. Will Debate anybody somebody multiple the show me I don't WanNa. fucking. Watch craze, keep Martin talk about it. What's going in and say, they don't want to get justice this. Tell me how do you do it? We. A Hillary thing hitter out. Did He bowl route? Saddam. Saddam out now. They. Do Business up because he know Boeing, we can't. We can't wait for Boeing well, we await the bullion route what we devote. Ever. Good lesson we built yours out now. Is as Saddam while we wait. What what we will. Say is. Okay didn't do so. While we while we wait in vote, Saddam. Encourage Robin. To. Say Okay. No, they ops they. Wasn't get day day. Be. About. Go about it. Bro Thing about this system was not what for US grow the only reading on. Jettison. Them carry. The Bro I play like vote play minute saw. A. His. Agree on. All the all who can. More evidence you said arrest until agree on. Encouraged to. WHO WE NEED IMPUTATION Agree on. Raw. Single domain thousand. Dale the songs. Just. Cancel. Two point I'm the same. Say but as a breast hurt the killers, right is not happy somebody else again. That's what I'm to say. That's what I'm talking about. I'm going to send kids me. And I can't kids meaning that they'll understand what's going. On Sale Right now, what I'm trying to say is that they they could easily be an institution when you're older. The root of problems, the system, we all rob the system into somebody attack, the system broke. My ten system about. Rose happening Bro. How many do you keep Western does always ready to think they blazed same they drug game. What are they getting? Ready to come up with takes place saving system robocops backups he'd get arrested another biggest place. Stop playing. Them. The same and you can't see that man. The the. Guy. Week be seen to be bartenders. Drinks Lousy. Outside. where? Were you at but you know yeah. Yeah. Backs either. Jive is hid all.

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Politics with Amy Walter: The Role of Political Disinformation in the Race for the White House

The Takeaway

47:01 min | 1 year ago

Politics with Amy Walter: The Role of Political Disinformation in the Race for the White House

"Which? Listener supported W NYC studios. It's politics with Amy Walter on the takeaway good to be with you all. Wisconsin was the epicenter for twenty twenty politics this week president trump and former vice president Joe Biden both visited the city of Kenosha, which of course, has been rocked by week's violence in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed black man Jacob, Lake by police officers. Surprisingly. Trump and Biden delivered very different messages. The idea that this president continues to. Try to divide US give succour to white supremacists talks about how there's really good people on both sides talks about talks in ways that are just absolutely. I I've never used this regard to President before not only incorrect bit immoral. Just simply wrong you take a look what's been happening for the last ninety four days we would put it out within one hour would take one hour maybe less and that's really what happened here. And it happened in Minneapolis also. Came in third nine days and we came in. It ended almost from the minute we came in. Now. These last two weeks have provided president trump the best opportunity to reset a race in which he's been badly trailing. Biden all summer. His Republican convention offered a rosy and inaccurate portrayal of a president who effectively tackled the coronavirus pandemic. Both during and since the Convention Republicans on the President has focused intensely on the unrest in. Kenosha. Arguing that it was a snapshot into what the country would look like with Joe Biden in the White House. That polls released this week showed that for now, at least trump's attempts at a reset have failed. Biden's lead is anywhere from seven to ten points not much different from where the race stood in early August to talk through all of this and more I sat down with my king politics reporter at politico and Katie Glick national politics reporter for the New York. Times here's Katie so both Donald Trump and Joe Biden and headed to Kenosha this week and put forward radically different visions about how to confront questions of law enforcement and racial injustice president trump went I and his focus was really heavily on questions of law enforcement on what he cast as. Chaos in the streets he did not meet with the family of Jacob. Lake. he was dismissive of questions around systemic racism and he really tailored his message to focus on law enforcement. Biden. Went there a couple of days after president trump did and he such shoe engage perhaps a broader audience I'm certainly he nodded to law enforcement he condemned a the degree to which any protests have on either side veered into violence but he also made a really concerted appeal to black voters he met with Jacob Lakes family he spoke with Mr Blake by phone. And he offered a really forceful promised to seek to dismantle systemic racism. Should he become president? Interesting Katie. There were calls really almost from the beginning for Joe Biden to go to Canossa and. He he did obviously but not until after trump had gone what was the thinking from the Biden campaign about going there now short so close Biden has been extremely cautious about his travel during the pandemic on with the exception of campaign stops in his home state of Delaware and in neighboring Pennsylvania you we really have not seen him get out there much is since March when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered the campaign trail and you know Biden himself has said that he would like to be out there more but he's very conscious of trying to set a good example that that's part of his message setting a good example for taking this virus seriously social distancing wearing a mask was. Has His team is certainly been very critical of the big rallies that trump had over the summer up. But at the same time, we were certainly hearing during the Republican National Convention and after a number of Joe Biden's allies making the case that he does need to be getting out there more and especially they felt that that he needed to be pushing back a little bit more directly on some of the characterizations of Biden that the Republicans were making around his approach to as they put a law and order issues. So it combination of those dynamics but also really the calendar Biden is had said that that he had intended to get out into these swing states more vigorously. Liberty, and then this really sort of searing that came into view and they ended up accelerating that. I WanNa talk about this question to that that in Katie's answer sort of amplified as well as is sort of how the national media seems to have framed the issue of Kenosha as a campaign issue and it's mostly been around this question of how violence we're seeing there. But also in Portland is going to impact swing voters, which is really code for White voters and it seems like there's been very little attention paid. To the ways in which what we're seeing in Kenosha or other cities around the country are impacting black voters. How do you see it? Well, you know it's interesting I think I think you're right to point out that a lot of times the conversation around swing voters really is referring to to white voters and that's a coalition or excuse me demographic that has really been added in large number two Biden's coalition. Politico has polling with morning concert that shows even as a support for black lives. Matter has fallen from June to to now to September by about nine points. Biden still has a significant lead over over president trump on the issue of race and I think that's important thing to point out because that's because African. American still remain a very strong demographic for the vice president and or for the for the former vice president and I think you know African American. Voters have long pointed out the issues and policing and public safety have long been calling for changes to the criminal justice system and it's an issue that. Democrats have certainly given a lot of lip service to but haven't necessarily acted upon really what's significant policy changes in many years arguably many decades and that's think also what makes a joe Biden's trip to Kenosha? So significant is that he's he's really leaning into, of course, his retail politics skills by making sure that he's engaging black voters and voters in that area but he's also calling with thing what it is, which is something that for that president trump has not really been able to capture, which is the real existence of systemic racism and then taking that a step further by saying not only. Does he plan to acknowledge the existence of this issue but that he plans to in his administration and a by the administration address and rectify these issues which is a really again I think a very significant. Moment for for him and his campaign because a number of black voters particularly at the margins thinking about African American men in particular are still very familiar with what this ticket represents as a former prosecutor on the vice presidential slot, and of course, the architect of the ninety four crime bill the presidential pick. Now that's a really good point man and also you know I think a lot of us especially those of us who grew up. In one thousand, nine, hundred politics you know what we would have seen from a another Democratic candidate going to Kenosha would be leaning in almost exclusively. On as Katie's pushing back on this question about whether the Democrat is soft on crime right and spending very little time talking about systemic racism. But what you're saying is actually Joe Biden is is doing both of those things which is. kind of rare for any candidate to be doing. Yeah, absolutely and I think. It it again, just these two candidates Joe Biden. Donald trump could not be any more different and I think Kenosha is a really great example of how fundamentally different these two, these two men these two leaders are we have the law and order candidate of course, Donald Trump and the racial reconciliation candidate really enjoy by maybe that's a bit of a reach actually to call him that. But that is the the message that that he was pushing coming out of while in Kenosha and I. Think. That is the and of course, Katie can can can verify this but it really seems as though that is what the campaign was like Biden and Abidin hairs ticket to really be looked at as a racial reconciliation. Let's figure out how we're going to make this better Let's figure out exactly how we're going to tackle systemic racism and and eradicated or at least make conditions in this country easier and safer for African Americans and Katie. Do think that we're going to see. The vice presidential nominee. Senator Harris on the trail more talking about things like this. Well, we just saw her featured in an ad that that just came out this week that that address matters around policing had on she was in that ad with Joe Biden and certainly she. Can speak from a different life perspective the that she brings to the table and she's also a little bit more fluent as the California senator, in the language of the left language at the protest movement in a way that Joe Biden just is and You know they came up in different political environment's different political generations. Certainly, she is seen as someone who certainly, she was the prosecutor former attorney general very much also a figure of the establishment in many ways but but she does bring a degree of comfort. That's a little bit different in terms of engaging with protest movements. For example, in terms of how she talks about policing a into, it's really just kind of a different perspective that she brings there then, and so it certainly seems that she may be out there. I know that the campaign sees her as someone who? May Well, be helpful in helping the the ticket connect in communities of color our African American communities, Latino communities again is California senator, a lot of experience representing a Latino voters and and they believe that she may help them connect I in communities in the West in particular of course, Arizona Nevada will be very important So definitely as we see Joe Biden getting out there yeah, I, think fair to imagine we will start seeing more from Harris at some point as well. Myo La- just sort of wrapping up. These last past two weeks and the focus of the trump campaign on the so-called law and order. He's been hammering this message now both during the convention and his trips Kenosha and then interviews about you know Joe Biden's America's going to be. A burning hell scape you better elect me. And yet this week, we also got our first slew of real high quality national polls that show Joe, Biden still with a pretty hefty lead. So is this just not working? Well, you know coming out of the conventions it was very clear that the the message that Republicans have now decided to latch onto with trump is this idea of violence unrest coming to your suburbs which we know. Is. A phrase in is an idea that is just loaded with lots of euphemisms and dog whistles and I think that the I think the reason why we see the polls still holding up in the face of these sort of scare tactics is because the voters are able to recognize that the the the future the irony of the message that this is Biden's future. America of course is the fact that we're looking at trump's current America the unrest that they're showing in the streets is happening under. This. Current president and it's it's doesn't really comfort or make any difference I think now we know with through the polls that message doesn't really doesn't really fly because folks are able to see this is what's happening now under this current administration and I, it's still very unclear what the trump administration's plan here is to alleviate a lot of this unrest and make sure that Americans do feel safe in their communities outside of just be sort of blanket law and order statements and promises to. Punish protesters and looters and rioters. To the highest highest extent of the law, which is also something. That only few people have really seen. Yeah. It's funny when you're an incumbent how people expect you to do stuff when you're the challenger, you can make a lot of promises has But when you're the incumbent, that's actually in front of voters, all the time voters are smart. Katie I want to pivot now to what we can expect for the next couple of Montier. Labor. Day weekend has for so many years than this unofficial kickoff. To the campaign season even though this campaign feels like it's been going on for like a hundred twenty, five years. But let's talk a little bit more about Joe. Biden. Trail Biden has been very reticent to hit the trail but now you know has been to Kenosha went to Western Pennsylvania what is his schedule going to look like and what will the will all these interactions with voters in these states look similar words just like these small round tables no rallies, no roe blinds, things like that. It's such a good question I and an important question especially for a candidate like Joe Biden who is such tactile politician he loves the rope lines he loves engaging with voters. Few saw earlier this week actually couldn't help himself and ended up shaking campaign staffers he and when he got to Wisconsin with and then later had to correct that and didn't shake someone else's hand at least someone who so get his energy from crowds that are responding to him. So you know the degree to which he does have to be confined to smaller events does her perhaps presents a bit of challenge You know they've said that in a lot. This seems to be a little bit of a work progress but you know he said that that he does not intend to do this sort of massive rallies that trump is doing they're very conscious of. Again. This role model idea that. As they seek at every turn to critique donald trump's stewardship of the corona virus to suggests that that shows all of his you know as he sort of suggests, his is failures of leadership they feel that they cannot be the ones out there violating a sort of social distancing practices. So they have to bear all about in mind, but at the same time that there does seem to be a recognition that he does need to start getting out there. More you know they've been outside, he is headed to Michigan that he's headed chew an event in Pennsylvania He has said that he's interested in going to places like Arizona and interestingly also Minnesota was another state that he mentioned. So you know certainly a work in progress and I don't know that we can expect to see this sort of three states in a day type of campaigning approach that you know certainly, we we come to expect in other presidential elections. The candidates zipping all over the place just because there are so many more. Details at play and certainly next month could look very different. But what we do know for now is is there there is an interest from the candidate and from the campaign and. Getting out there in person more and we've certainly seen that entrust reflected in a lot of congressional allies and other supporters of Biden who say that you know this is the time he does need to start getting on the ground. So we'll see where that next week my as you are thinking about these last sixty days, you have a president right now who is running behind what is your expectation for what the trump campaign does from here on out to try to catch up with Joe Biden. While I think we'll see a lot of what we've already been seeing in that. There will be this continued effort to try to find a message and just latch onto it and ride it out for as long as possible hoping that that. Moves the polls in any single direction right now, of course, with Kenosha front of mind for a number of voters that a law and order message at versus being soft on crime is something that I think is is is the campaigns. Goal or just one of the messages that they've really tried to lean into this point depending on what September brings or even October really now that we're seeing a war ramped up message on this potentially this potentially life-saving a vaccine that could becoming very conveniently in time for November I think that's something. We can certainly expect the trump campaign to really at least ramp up messing on saying that it's coming it's coming and that's something that of course I mean will give. I think some voters a sense of hope. But at the same time again, I, think we have to also factor in the fact that. Voters have been watching this thing unfold along with the rest of us and I think a number of them. A majority I would argue according to what we're seeing in the polls again are saying you know I'll believe this when I see it and so. I think you know the these last sixty days our elite up to an election that is a referendum on the president's handling of the crown virus his handling on on race and racial race relations. I'm just the general direction of the country and people's confidence in in democracy at this point I think is really what we're looking at. And this is and Biden is leading on all of these referendum issues. So it'll just be I, think a continued. March for the trump White House to try to find something that is very concrete that they can latch onto. They can create ads for they can that president trump can tweet about to make this lesson election of a referendum and more choice between two very different people. King thank you very much. Katie Glick. Thank you. Thank you. That time is a very busy time for campaign organizers who would be swarming college campuses looking to register new voters. As part of our continuing series about how covid nineteen has changed campaigns, I reached out to an organization who's been doing this sort of campus organizing for years. Nexgen is focused on three main things, voter registration voter education, and then ultimately the turnout of young voters eighteen to thirty five jared duluth is the state's director of next Gen, America in a normal year most of our organizing the Kerr's on about over two hundred and thirty campuses where organizers and our volunteers can be found all over. Campus right they are standing outside your classroom outside your eight am with coffee and donuts where outside of your cafeteria in the afternoon, and then at some point maybe even later on the day, one of our volunteers will knock on your door. Ask You if you're registered to vote there yet this obviously as with all things with covid seems this year has really been up ended with so many campuses being closed or with being remote, we've moved to a hundred percent virtual remote model for this year. So talk to us about what one hundred percent virtual looks like. So we'll show up in your zoom instead of passing out a paper form we will drop a link where you can register online or if you don't have online voter registration, find the actual form that you can print out later at the library and return yourself in some of the other things are like very new and very creative and you know when we get to work with twenty, two, twenty, three, twenty, four year olds. There's tons of great ideas that folks have. Recently, we actually have organizers volunteers started creating. Dating profiles on popular APPs like bumble or tinder and actually starting conversations with people on there about whether the registered how they can request a vote by mail ballots. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you saying that you're just setting up fake accounts? To, say like Oh hey, my name's Jarrod. Interested in learning about how to register to vote or are these people who are already on their either people that are already on these APPs. These are people that are already using them in their day to day life instead of maybe talking about the latest movie that you saw or what the weather is like or something funny. Did on the weekend making sure that your including and part of the conversation. Hey, this is a super important election and have you registered yet and have you thought about how your vote? In a pandemic, it's not just dating sites. It's it's any of the places which young people exist and go about their daily lives whether that's for entertainment whether that's for education whether that's in their jobs. Is there any way to measure though whether you are able to get these younger people registered to vote versus where you would be at this point in another? Universe where you were able to do this in person That's a great question and the answer is it is much more difficult. So as opposed to where we would set a table and pass out donuts and students would fill out a voter registration form were right there and can make sure that they sign in the right spot or that they put the date where it needs to be. We are kind of having to turn a lot of that stuff. You know back over to folks however, you know we still largely contract this we have an online platform set up where we can share. That with everyone that we talked to a link, you can drop into any sort of online conversation in the first thing that it does it gathers the person's information and just checks whether the registered. From there, they can go on and either if they're not registered, they can register or get more information about voting. If they are registered, they can go and find out more information in their state about requesting vote by mail or finding out of the early in person or how to make a plan for how they're going to vote on election day. So we really consider our online platform as this one stop shop how much work then are you all doing just educating? About the process versus the kind of work that you'd be doing probably once they're signed up just getting them. To, turn out and vote education is I would say ninety nine percent of everything we're doing right now our job is attorney young people out and get them to vote for the Democrats. We've made our argument there with these young people and we have it. They are going to get out and support Democrats the question really for us is how do we make sure that they can vote and there's all sorts of questions right? It's if my school doesn't come. Back, but I registered there with you in two thousand eighteen. What does that mean? It's really different kind of for everybody and so that requires a ton of work on our part and I. Think why we spend so much time investing in recruiting and training volunteers who are essentially young people. These people's peers that can help them navigate some of this process, and then our job is to make sure that we're providing folks with the tools and information to make. The choice that's GonNa. Be ultimately the safest for them that make sure that their vote counted the share. Tell me what you're seeing. About this interest and whether you are concerned that Joe Biden still has some work to do in order to get some of those younger voters and younger voters of color interested in registering and then turning out for him. So we just did We just released our most recent youth tracking poll a few days ago here at the end of August, and what we have found is that of young people eighteen to thirty five who say that they Are. Definitely voting this year that number is at seventy seven percents. So for a little bit of context that same number at the similar point of time and twenty sixteen was sixty, nine percent. So we have seen an eight point jump. That's huge. I mean remember Donald Trump won Michigan Pennsylvania. Wisconsin. by by about seventy seven thousand votes like this is this is this is that margin. So young people are definitely fired up i. think we are seeing. Actually, that ever since you know the George Floyd protests in those sorts of things have happened in terms of both voter registration numbers and just the intensity that we're seeing it is absolutely made effect in terms of young people really turning to politics as an avenue for them to make the change that they wanna to see and I can tell you just anecdotally as we started to do more events really around taking action on issues of systemic racism. And police brutality those have been some of the most well attended events that we've done throughout the year, and this is a a huge motivating issue for young people this year and I think given the way that trump has conducted himself as kind of a stoker and chief of of the violence that's going on I think you know I think there's no question about where those young people will will place their vote this year that care about these issues. After my conversation with jared, I decided to check in with someone doing the on the groundwork with students Daniel, fitzgerald, the organizing director for next Gen Nevada prior to the pandemic next organizers would appear in classrooms on the UNLV, campus. Classes have moved online. So has the organizing one area for a program that we'd doing in person class speeches were we going in person to talk to students but now that most classes are being held on zoom we're still contacting those professors to speak to their students just not in the flesh had to get creative and meet students where they are. We hosted virtual animal crossing rallies through the characters of our staff members and invited people on the game to come. Attend and I believe even one of our users had a little speech about why it's important to votes. It's not only social distancing that has changed things inequities laid bare by the pandemic or also on the ballot I think due to the pandemic conversations that we're having with our volunteers are a little more emotional because it seems like all the issues that matter to us in our affecting us or on high, but I think that has also helped motivate people to get involved. This is politics with amy. Walter stick with us we'll be right back. The takeaway podcast five stories, you need to know more about every day Putin would like to see the liberal world or fall apart people of color have always understood that the American. Dream was a fantasy in an ideal. There is a crisis of institutional decay and our country the risk of sea level rise going to sink us before the sees ever do may your rage be a force for good or a daily podcast that breaks through the noise subscribe to the takeaway podcast on Itunes or wherever you get your podcasts? We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend and the plane was almost completely loaded with with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that their plan where. I'll tell you sometime. It's under investigation right now. President Trump speaking Monday with Fox News host. Laura Ingraham. Trump's claim of a plane quote almost completely loaded with bugs. Is a conspiracy theory. Something that started online a few months ago, made its way like a toxic game of telephone to the president. Now. The idea that disinformation and conspiracy theories thrive online is nothing new. But as the presidential election ramps up and we hear things like this, coming out of the president's mouth I wondered has anything in this realm. Since two sixteen, I think the difference between now and twenty sixteen is that this has become an industry onto its own. That's been collins a reporter for NBC News, covering, disinformation extremism, and the Internet. Information is a very good and easy way for people to make money on the internet or it become famous on the Internet and back in two thousand sixteen that was only known really by foreign actors in a bunch of domestic trolls who didn't even really know that they can make money from it didn't really understand that this was a cottage industry at. Now, it's enormous. What you see on facebook that is the most. Prevalent stuff is the most. Egregious and over the top hysterical things that you can. You can push out that was true in two, thousand, sixteen, but the. The providence sentence was really only known by. Macedonian teenagers, and now it's known by pretty much everybody and you're saying these are domestic influencers. These are folks that the Russians have set up. This is like a homegrown people in this country who are. Basically spreading knowingly spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation. So that, they can make some money. Yes. So with on specifically, that's probably the biggest. That's the big ticket for for twenty twenty it's the rookie leagues plus a Pizza Gables it's every. Possible combination of every conspiracy theory combined. It's like, Hydra. It's like the it's the final level boss of the video game, right? Those people are largely domestic actors, the people making money off our domestic actors they're selling t shirts, Amazon selling books in the bookstore they have twenty four hour live streams on youtube that are you know buffeted by advertisements in Patriarch, which is like a donation service. These are Americans. Are Americans sitting around trying to get people to join their cause to take down the deep state by posting garbage information on the Internet? Now, there are political operatives people like Jacob Wall who have turned. Their ability to lie badly into a jaw or. Into like a donations. Funnel for themselves. It's still unclear how those people make money, but they do because they have lots of. So. There are the high level pariahs that have you know put put themselves in position to do nothing but spread disinformation. But then there are these small level lifters to WHO Probably. Believe in a lot of them believe in these conspiracy theories and they think they're they're doing it for the cause and a nice side effect for them is that it's extremely profitable. They making money. It's not just by selling t shirts like how do you make money by going up and becoming a viral sensation push yet the theories You can sell advertisements on the videos that you. You tries to block a lot of ads that are sold these things, but it doesn't completely work. You can also you know another way you can do it is just patriotic said donation service. You can say, Hey, look, we need your support to keep life going people are making thousands and thousands of dollars that way sometimes more than that. There's another way of doing accruing email us. This is what happened with that number that we build the wall thing the thing that Steve Bannon was. What we to go into those people made. Enormous millions large email list they were selling to political groups. And those groups in pay top money. These are people who you know. This is a list of people that were willing to pay for a wall probably wouldn't exist in handover money with nothing coming back to them that there's no incentive for these people. If you have a list of those people if you're if you're a campaign, you want that list. So that became a very lucrative thing for them. I'm so glad you brought this up because. This is one of the questions I have to is when it comes right down to it terms of the bigger threat to to all of us but certainly to this election, is it that as you said, these are homegrown Americans using these platforms to make money by spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. or is it still that at the end of the day? Russia and other nefarious foreign actors? They're so good at this and they're very clear in what they want to be doing in terms of. Pushing Americans to believe certain things about candidates or. which. One of these things do you think as you are of processing what this could mean for November which one is more harmful to this election I don't think you're going to discount the foreign interference element, but I do think it's sort of like a multi level marketing thing like a pyramid scheme where. At some point other people get involved in the pyramid schemes takeover, the playbook of the guy at the top. the the Russians outlined a really perfect way to spread disinformation on the Internet that was then just copied by all these domestic actors. You know get a fantastic Li- trying to take over trending topics on twitter have a small barter bought army that amplifies this message behind you. Work in direct messages were work with people to amplify messages at a specific time in the middle of the night. So by the time people wake up, it is trending topics or a right wing blog tate's it, and then brings it to Fox, news or something. This is a playbook that has been created by these bad foreign actors. In these domestic matters, all they have to do is copy it. Now Foreign Actors are always at the forefront of the new ways of doing this stuff and they are going to create more. We're GONNA see a new playbook in twenty twenty. Don't even know what it is yet. For example John is basically just in pizza gate came out of the Podesta leaks in two thousand sixteen in. We're now seeing the fruits of that Labor for years later. So they're going to be seeds planted this time that will see in twenty twenty four, and we're still recovering from all those foreign disinformation seeds from points sixteen right now. And this has been fascinating. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about it. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it Ben Collins covers disinformation extremism and the Internet for NBC. News. Ben will be part of a special hour. This Sunday at nine am eastern on MSNBC entitled Belsey the Disinformation Epidemic. In two, thousand, sixteen Russia used the partisanship and extreme polarization in the US to its advantage. Existing divisions along cultural lines were easy to exploit and became touchstones in their efforts to undermine American democracy. But Russia is not the only various actor in the space. I sat down with Cindy, OTAS Vice President of analysis at the Aletha Group and author of true or false. A CIA analysts guide to spotting fake news I talked with her to understand more about who the foreign threats are today. The National Security Community has a responsibility to lay out publicly all the threats as they see them, and so it's absolutely accurate to say that it's not just rush out there using disinformation as a tool in a tactic to advance you know a particular foreign policy goal. China, Iran, Saudi, countries that are increasingly seeing the effectiveness of using disinformation, and because they themselves have you know a domestic capabilities where they used propaganda to control their own populations and limit freedoms at home. They do already sort of have that capability that they can turn to advance their their foreign objectives as well. So it's accurate to say that you know these other countries are are involved as well, but they're. Going about it in very different ways, and they also have very different levels of capability Russia is on the more sophisticated end of the foreign actors that are out there trying to use disinformation. They learned a lot from two thousand sixteen about how to cover their tracks better They've shifted some of their tactics and refined their capabilities to be effective and then you have a country like China for example. which uses very overt means to you know spread false information and conspiracy theories about very particular areas of concern for them. So we see them use things like social media influencers, their own government run media at Cetera, very overtly to push back and to spread false information about the coronavirus pandemic, for example, or to push back on what they see as damaging rhetoric from the White House on things like the the trade, the trade issues, Tiktok, etc. So there's there's a foreign government peace and then there's also these foreign commercial. Entities as well. that have popped up particularly in recent years in for example, Southeast Asia Eastern. Europe that call themselves things like PR firms or digital marketing firms but they sell things troll farms that you can hire to wage online influence campaigns. So we know this information is being used by both foreign and domestic networks to sow distrust. Of course, looming over all of this is the fact that we are about two months away from presidential election, an election that we might not know the results of on election night and which President Donald Trump has without evidence. Continually suggested could be rigged. One thing about all of this, that concerns me is what will fill the vacuum who will be out there debunking false claims. Wants election night is over. We don't have the resources at this point we simply don't. We've learned a lot in the United States in the last couple of years, but we haven't entirely put all of the resources in place in terms of both within the social media companies at the Federal Government Level a lot of a lot of what is happening is that these two sides of things are deferring or Relying on the media nonprofits, academic institutions, disinformation researchers to do a lot of the combating investigation and messaging themselves, which is just it's it's not a fair position to put these people in first of all because they're not usually given the resources as well to do that kind of role they're doing it for free in most cases, and it's just not sustainable with the amount of content that were we experience on a daily basis and we'll see throughout the election and afterwards So. You know I think we're GONNA see exactly the kinds of things that you mentioned pictures going viral that are taken out of context or were snapped by a real actual person at the moment they claim to you know be taking the picture, but it's completely you know they're they're making conclusions that aren't accurate. They're making linkages and that sort of thing. Yeah. I it's it is going to be a a a challenge for anybody but you're right the idea that either nonprofits or even the Serb traditional mainstream media can they do enough? Do you think to kind of prepare? Americans for this moment or do you think that because their influence is just not as powerful as it was that it's going to reach some people but that the social media platforms reach many more I mean it's really going to take a whole of community effort and I haven't seen that coming together yet where you know mainstream media outlets are partnering with Tech Platforms Partnering With Government Civil Society, etc.. To put out consistent messaging about some of the things that we outlined. So. we're not going to necessarily know the election results in maybe any of the elections that you have voted in right in any of the races that you voted in on election day this is going to take some time. Here's how the process works. Here's how in voting works. Here's how absent he works. This is legitimate. This is you know, but it's a process to help educate peoples that the when they see the claims of. Tampering or candidate won on election day. But now you're saying they didn't win. Because of what I've been told as rigged process, you know we're just in such dangerous territory when we're not doing that sort of consistent messaging to help educate people ahead of time so that they notice to spot these things or to question the kinds of narratives that they will absolutely be saying on election day and afterwards, and that's your point too rights and need that it can't just be facebook alone and it can't just be the media alone or a group like yours. Saying these things there needs to be a coordinated effort but that seems unlikely. Would this be different if there were different leadership at the White House or is it even more complicated than that? I do think it would be different. It hasn't been a priority for this administration for various reasons and without some sort of overarching coordinating mechanism bringing all of the relevant parties together. Coming up with a strategy and then implementing that strategy many many months in advance event like this it's going to turn out exactly as it has, which is multiple different groups trying to do multiple different things and hoping that it has some positive effect. At the end of the day you know in the disinformation community, there's a lot of coordination that takes place, but it is very, you know it is very fractured at times. It can end up being very niche where we sort of scurry off and go work on our relevant piece whether it's building a tool to to find deep fakes or working on the policy angle of this or doing investigations into particular threat actors we tend to fall back on our niche, and so we really need that sort of coordinating mechanism and that would be a perfect role and indeed a responsibility of government typically Cindy Otis, vice president of analysis at the elite group and author of true or false. A CIA analysts guide to spotting fake news. On. Thursday and opposed facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced further actions the network would take to counter misinformation on platform including a ban on new political ads one week prior to the election sucker. Berg also addressed the possibility that we might not know the election results on election night and pointed to their voter information centre as a resource, and here's what I've been thinking about lately. Those of us who work in traditional journalism are used to the attacks by politicians. Especially, this president on our profession, but the constant stream of fake news has also driven many voters away from their traditional sources of information to those they feel Cantrell. Friends and family, and that's made platforms like facebook even more powerful. It's why tempt facebook to patrol the material on its site are often ineffective after all. If you don't believe the national news media is telling you the truth. I would you believe Mark Zuckerberg is? That's why it's so important for us to patrol our own social media feeds and pushback on posts we know to be untrue. Just, like many of our callers said they are doing my name is John I'm from East Hampton New York. Unfortunately, I have a lot of friends who had decided start sharing. Some pretty crazy stuff I call him out all the time. They tell me naive this Lorenzo from Hollywood Florida. I feel that social media is the battleground. I'm a soldier on the frontlines war against misinformation I call out this information all the time for both sides, but it is heavily skewed towards pro trump. Just, is Jeannie Sanders. I'm calling from Dallas Texas. If it's someone who? has sort of gone off the rails with Cunanan or cannibalism or some of the more bizarre things that I really wouldn't even want to repeat then they're they're beyond hope. The. More. We misrepresentation sit out there the more likely they are to be believed. That's all for us today. Props to the folks who make the show with me every week. Our senior producer is amber hall, for Tricia, Gay. Cup is our associate producer major assist this week from producer Asher stock learn polly Irungu is our digital editor. David Gable is our executive assistant. Jay. Cowan is our director and sound designer Debbie. Convinced. Fairchild our board ops our executive producer is Lee Hill. Thanks so much for listening. It's politics with Amy Walter on the takeaway.

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Latest On McCoy

"Coming up nine teams we'll get mandatory minicamps on Tuesday today. We'll look at the nine storylines facing each of those teams as they begin the mandatory portion of their off-season program. Twenty one other teams continue voluntary OTA's today. By the way only the chiefs in bears are not on the field in one way or the other today. We're happy to have you with us on this Monday. Hello, everybody. I'm Wendy next Josina Anderson, Damien. Woody, Mike Tannenbaum, and we will start the staff noon in Cleveland Ohio. The Browns began mandatory minicamps tomorrow and Odell Beckham junior is expected to be their OB. J missed a voluntary minicamp in April given to new teams with head coaches and then missed all the one of voluntary OTA's in may showing up for the first day, only, however he's been clear. He's been working out on his own plans to be at the voluntary portion, which, again, will begin tomorrow. And Jo Jo I know you've been in touch. I'll ask for some more perspective. There. Well, oh del coming to the start a mandatory minicamp has always been the kind of the plan, and everyone that has been associated with the Browns as far as a front office. And the coaches staff has already known that, that was what it was going to be. I think that we all have to recognize this is some of the things that Odell has shared with me studied is still only about to fuss months, since he got traded, and there's a period of transition and acclimation that he is had to go through and still adjusting his life to go in from New York to Cleveland. It was not something that he expected at the same time. There are some justify talk in terms of the time missed in terms of building chemistry with the teammates and what have you. But I think what Odell will most likely underline when he comes to Cleveland, for the mandatory camp is that when it's time for football and the lights are on. He has a history of being prepared when it comes to his football production. We'll talk more about this offense as a whole, and that assimilation that Joe Jo- efforts that do want to ask you about do Johnson now. Well, do John. Nsen. At the time that they had the running back from the chiefs that came over to the Cleveland Browns, as far as a wing hunt. Winning the team, there was some talk about he Johnson, perhaps wanting a trade on. He has not participated in the OT as I was talking to a source yesterday that said, you know, we know that it's voluntary will be looking for him to participate tomorrow. In the meantime, obviously, there have been some other running backs we've had the opportunity to fill in the gaps as far as the wraps Nick Saban, things like that. So he will have to show that he can assimilate in there and not necessarily worry about Kareem hunt. Because one of the things that the source said to me yesterday, was that, look, regardless of whether that running back is joining our backfield. He's still missing a game. So he's going to have a big opportunity to still get his stamp in the backfield and make it so that his foothold is firm, by the time that Kareem hunt comes back anyways. So. Easy to point to be Jay or Baker Mayfield, or Freddie kitchens. Any one of those could be a story line. You're watching or the storyline. Most notable to you. But really there's so many here Damian, what, what stands out for you with Cleveland as they begin mandatory. I mean, yes. Mandatory minicamp tomorrow. I mean, listen, we've almost we've talked about OB J nauseam. But I think the bigger to go to the macro level, you have a lot of pieces on office. But you only have one football. I think that John Dorsey has done tremendous job of assembling. A bunch of talent. Now can pretty kitchen turn us into a team because everyone is so excited about the Cleveland Browns. This is probably the first time in a long time that we've had this type of exposure for the Cleveland Browns and a positive manner. But can they take this and create momentum moving forward? Nothing to me that's going to be that's what I'm gonna be watching. With the Cleveland Browns, we're not alone. I mean they haven't had a time game and I don't know how long and I think they've got four coming up like this season. So everybody's watching to your point in talking about the Cleveland Browns. What are you watching though right now in June? Go debuted touch on it a little bit, but it's the development of Freddie. Kitchens. Going back Josie into your point about Odell Beckham junior not being there. I think that was unfair for the head coach from the standpoint of we know that Lovie Jay's get ready to go. He's a world class athlete, but as a leader in the first year of an offense, it would be great to have him there. So they could develop chemistry and pretty kitchens a year ago, and I believe in free catch it's I think he's going to be a good head coach but a year ago. Freddie kitchens was a position coach at he's competing. It's John Harbaugh. Mike Tomlin two of the best coaches in our industry and the expectations that are on this team this year. I think Freddie kitchen has plateful and they're going to have to jail quickly Baker Mayfield. Still a young player and again, the amount of reps that they need with OB Jay and Jarvis Landry the running back situation like you. Josina. They can't get as many reps as possible. And I think the development of Freddie kitchens is going to be the most interesting storyline, because he has a sharp learning curve, in a very small amount of time, he seemed to certainly earn Baker mayfield's ear last year. Josephina likely a big reason why he got this job because of the production and because of the, the, the chemistry if you will between those two. Have you heard anything Simpson that would would mean otherwise as they go forward that he's not on the same page is his players? Well know first and foremost, success definitely help. So when Freddie Kachins became the head coach, they also had some victories at also helps the development of the relationship. I think one of the things that I continue to hear behind the scenes from the coaches with the Browns. Is that what they're trying to focus on is that we do our system to fit the players and not the other way around? That's what they really feel like is the key to their success. And not only that, even though they have a little bit of new terminology or what have you one of the things I heard that Baker Mayfield. Underlying was that, listen. We had some things that we're working last season. Don't change a terminology in too much of it like make your old terms will what you guys brought in kind of fit into the terminology of what we're already doing. So you don't make us have long acclimation process with the mental a learning curve with this thing, and I think that Baker Mayfield also has his chemistry built before hand with Odell these are guys at practice at places like USC last year even in their off-season time I know that they've been in communication. We know that Odell has a fast learning curve to and not to mention that another coach meant mentioned to me over the phone that Odell was not the only one missing portions of the camp as well. There've been other wide receivers who have been injured not to say that, that excuses. The chemistry portion by even in the running back group in the wide receiver group. There were other people who use one thing I want to add to that and Mike, talked about the missing rips. See the Cleveland Browns are going from the hunter to the. Hunted. Now, this is a totally different. They're gonna find out everyone's talking about the Cleveland Browns. So now every week when we approached the regular season every week, people are going to approach the Cleveland Browns differently at, and I think that's going to be a huge challenge for the Cleveland Browns. Now only when you missing these reps. But now you gotta deal with all this notoriety, and all the people talking. It's just a totally different dynamic Daming. You touched on this earlier. There are a lot of alpha males in that locker room. I'm not worried about when they lose forty nine forty seven and they put up a million points weapons when they win three to nothing that to me will be the test that they're going to have to overcome when you know that offense gets shut down and their defense carries them to victory because for good teams that's going to happen over sixteen game season. So there's one ball as you mention and there's going to be some games, especially in that climate, and that division when they're going to start on offense and they still may be successful as a team to me that will be interesting to watch. Let's be clear this time last year. We were talking about getting a free beer if. They wind okay you single game. It's a far cry from where we are right now there could be one more piece of the puzzle gerbil Quayle visited the Brown also met with the ravens of Panthers. And Joe do I believe he said he'd take the weekend to think it over where do we stand right now with McCoy while I communicated with all three teams yesterday they had not heard from Koi, one source from one team. Did tell me that they were informed that he would make a decision today, but we'll see if he's still sticks to that. I know all three teams at being the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Ravens and the Carolina Panthers all feel very good about their situations. The Cleveland Browns source said to me that they feel like the fact that they have before three system as a really big thing for them in the fact that they have the most Kaplan, as we know the Carolina Panthers also this season are going to fluctuate between a forty three and the thirty four is the so that's something that they can sell. And I know that the Baltimore Ravens have been saying that you're not going to be double teamed as much here because we use our linebackers in a different way. And you have Joe Cullen. And you know, some of the other aspects. They are in terms of the veteran ship that he likes there. So all three teams are kind of like waving their flag. And saying, okay. Me and enter players. I heard last night from the Carolina Panthers who were trying to recruit him hard. So we'll see if he can, you know, kind of follows with that form to make a decision today and or if any other team jumps into the fray, a juicy for for an office standpoint with, that sounds like is a very effective agent sitting here in early June and saying that while there's three teams are so interested in him. That's a really good job by the age and look journal McCoy, it teary pass rusher. That's a premium position he was productive last year with six sacks so that he's done a good job to have three teams to try to create this market. I I'm sure if you decision today, that means he's going to get a deal that he's going to be very comfortable with. Keep in mind that everything I was just saying is actually coming from the team. So I literally was checking whip the teams. And you're right. The agent is good in terms of creating leverage because let's just say if it's between the Cleveland Browns, and the Baltimore Ravens, we don't know if the Carolina piece was used to create leverage, but I am hearing direct from the teams themselves that they are all are waiting. And they all have you heard how asking me if I've heard from him in so? They'll have interested in here. Here's an idea no pressure, but between now in three would work out well for us, so about us. So go ahead. Gerald stay with us all week long here on NFL live all thirty two teams at every single one or on the field tomorrow and Thursday. That means there is always some news somewhere. We've got you covered on NFL live every day this week at one thirty. The dolphins at the field tomorrow, in south Florida, this time for mandatory minicamp, the most pressing storyline in Miami starts, and ends with the quarterbacks after the team acquired, Josh Rosen via trade with the Zona cardinals are there are those who argue that Josh Rosen went from one difficult situation to another. Nevertheless, he does get a chance Mike for a new start with a clean slate. A what do you expect to be his biggest challenge as we roll through mini camp now? And set our sights on training camp over Josh Rosen. It's really continuity. You go back to UCLA. He's had a five coordinators over the last five years. So really for him he needs continuity. So we can learn an offense grow and develop so UCLA gets drafted by the Arizona Cardinals last year now with the dolphins. And if you're a dolphin fan and you're sitting here in February of twenty twenty really what you hope is that you have your head coach a quarterback, establish and surely Brian floors can win enough games and establish his program, and his credibility credibility. That would be a good start. And if right it's Patrick wins the job. That's okay, because Josh Rosen may wind up being their backup in two thousand twenty and they still have him under contract for Atra more year. So from that standpoint, the value in Josh Rosen is not only his upside, but the length of his contract. So they have really the luxury of evaluating Rosen, be practicing games in two thousand nineteen and then saying, okay, is there, a better, alternative in the twenty twenty draft and Fitz? Patrick may be the quarterback that helps Brian flory's gets established in the short term. Well, we know too, that you have to make good use of that time when you have young quarterbacks here on their rookie deals, whether it'd be backup, or certainly as a starter is Ryan Fitzpatrick, who, by the way is thrown to pass for seven NFL teams. That's a record as he viable competition here at this point Damian. Absolutely. Because one thing we know about Ryan, Patrick Brampton. Patrick is one of more streaky quarterbacks that we've seen in National Football League. So he's had moments throughout his career where he's put up incredible numbers and a guarantee he's going to, he's going to do everything within his power to have another. What I call it another bite at the apple because he's in a proposition. We don't know what Josh Rosen is. He's highly talented. But again, like Mike sit he's been in a ton of different office assistance. So he's he needs to get its footing back on, on equal ground with Ryan Fitzpatrick jazz. John, I think, for Josh Rosen, it's really going to be about him showing his mental acclamation, you know, he came into the NFL a little bit with a chip on his shoulder self admitted as far as teams that had passed on him even before he was able to play for the Zona Parnell's. And then he went through this drama situation with trying to figure out what was his future going to be an Arizona. And the cardinals also bringing in Kyla Murray, and I think what he wants to show. In Miami is that he can have a smooth transition that he can handle adversity. No matter what it is. Because I know you were saying it might not be so bad for the dolphins if he ends up as a backup, but I think Josh Rosen really wants to prove that he can be a starter, and that he can also be a leader to a team. And but the thing that I think does work in his favor as that all the talk out of Arizona Cardinals from his teammates, is that he was a good teammate and that he was professional. Matter of fact, Larry FitzGerald gave him a very professional sendoff at his celebrity softball game right before he was to fly to Miami as well. So I think for him, it's just to show that he can keep things balanced mentally that he can handle adversity and still actually pain that goal of being a starter for this organization because that's what he wants Josh, Josh Rosen. Let the people speak. And that's what I was gonna say, was Josh Rosen may have success and progress and never get on the field. You know, you go back a couple of years ago, Patrick Mahomes, didn't play his rookie year and learn a whole bunch from Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great leader and a great mentor. So he may make progress. He may learn the offense and not play a lot and may compete next year. So Josh Rosen could have a long very productive career, even if he doesn't play a lot this season, and I actually liked the quarterback room in Miami. You got Jim Cole will who's going to be in that room moves to me is a tremendous coach reference. Joe flacco in the things he did with Matthew Stafford during his time in Detroit, and Ryan Fitzpatrick in that room. So I think that's going to be a change. That's that's gonna be that's gonna be a big change for the Miami Dolphins as far as quarterback room is going to be a huge advantage. I think that the judge, you know, I was just saying that, you know, I think it'll be interesting to watch it. See work to take it as a personal affront, if he does not beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick because I think that he's going in there with the expectation of himself that he should. And if he does not how he can handle that throughout the season because I don't think he's coming in there in his mind thinking that, and both of them shouldn't because they're both competitors. Right. But especially Josh Rosen he is very proud within himself. And I think he's coming to Miami with the expectation that within himself, Wendy that he should win. Well, that makes a lot of sense, but I think it would also go a long way should he not and should he be forced to sit for a while, which may not be the end of the world. But I know he won't like it if he handles that with grace, and if he handles out and still contributes in that quarterback room, you know, that alone will go a long way and telling what is info future may be. So we shall see, we know of course it Miami as a whole in its entirety as a work in progress. I can't believe it that Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit how long until it got their alarm. Probably get there. I'll learn until we get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button, do what's this button, do what's this? Don't believe at Geico. Could save you thinking percent or more on car insurance. We continue now with press coverage Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media this afternoon at Jim Kelly charity golf event and was asked about preseason games. Here's what he said, after talking with a lot of the coaches, I'm not sure they believe it's necessary to have four preseason games to evaluate players who want to get fans great value. And I'm not sure for free season games. Does that? Nah, if he were here are follow up with clearly be what does that mean about the regular season? Are we going to add to regular season games and go to eighteen because revenue make no mistake about? It is in play here Damian. And I know I could see your head as I read that, that you agree, money, talks, my friend. Absolutely. Because the owners they get the, the lion share of the preseason revenue, the tickets, and so on and so forth. So they're not gonna give up that without getting something in return in this in this situation. And it also goes to a lot of players already knew. Anyway, most going into preseason most organizations. They know most their Ross's almost set outside of maybe a couple of guys special teams, somebody who just flashes from nowhere. But most most of the Ross's set going into one and a training camp. I see you nodding your head, which is funny because when we when you watch like hard knocks, for example, it almost it. I understand it television. It seems like there's a lot of people sitting on the seat of their pants to find out. Made the team. And they're those cases. But is that true? The roster's predominantly set totally agree with Damian on that. Let's say it's like one through forty five you go into training camp knowing who's on your team. And in fact, a lot of the staff's, I've been on the coaches are repping those practices differently. They're starting to get ready for either a preseason series or two or really for opening day. Like, you know who basically your stars are and you have the back end of the roster competing for a handful of spots. And then we also tell those guys you're also competing against the waiver wire. So when player excavates cut from another team you know they make take your spot. So there is definitely the lens of the Commissioner, and touch on it in a statement, which is you don't need four games to evaluate your that's just out the sport that we're in nowadays with that said, can you get your players ready to go? And can you get the backing of your roster properly evaluated I think two preseason games really can get that done. But as you mentioned, Wendy, does that mean we're going to go to eighteen and two. We need a lot more information that money's got to come from somewhere. Right curious, if they do do the two preseason games like what would be the formula for the coaches because typically in the four preseason game system that third preseason game is used mostly as a run through. So if they would then make the third kind of like the fourth and if you do that would it be too close to the regular season game in terms of being concerned if a player gets hurt because that's treated like more like a run through. And then the other thing I would be concerned about if they go to that too player system, would be the quality of the games in the preseason because you know as what I'm saying is is that when we're looking at the regular season like it seems like it's taking time for the games to get going because some, some so much of the players have been missing. So I wonder if that would trickle more into the regular season if you have to I'm just speaking loud, since we just heard from a player perspective. Always look at set timber is almost an extension of the preseason it because a lot of a lot of these starters are not playing much. So you always we always say, like in the first month of the season, Gaza exhausted. Because they haven't played a full game. So that's when everything is based off a four game block. So usually Goss start rounding into form after that first quarter market a season. So that's why you don't necessarily need that now because of the fact that it wants about reducing the number, I'm sure they're going to probably maybe training camp. Guess guess adjusted. Well, these things these things, these are the stakes you have to have I tend to that point, you'll coach bell checks. Are this maybe six or seven years ago? Another trend we're seeing right now are these scrimmages and that's where you can get a lot of work done, and that could be good against good. It's not always going to be contact, but it's going to be, hey you're, you're I drink skill players against their first string, you know, secondary, so scrimmages is another way to get your starters. Ready to go? All right. Get ready to pay for scrimmages forget it. That's what we'll do. All right. Former New England Patriots tight. It still sounds weird former. I know what's out there to you might be involved with. Plot. Rob gronkowski said Sunday morning. He is happy and retirement. However, he stopped short of totally shutting down rumors. He would at least consider a comeback. At some point is agent. Drew Rosenhaus suggested that in the first place when he retired Mark. The comeback. Me your hand. Yes. Yeah. Expediency back. Is he did last year four to four time patriots quarterback? Tom Brady opted out of the voluntary portion of New England's off. He's opting instead to train on his own Brady. However, will be in Foxborough for patriots mandatory minicamps this week. All right. Fill in the blank time guys, the most notable storyline for the patriots as they begin minicamp is who wants to start Mike, what will for personal standpoint after sixteen years of the jets for with dolphins. Why degreed calcium side retire? Yeah. Yeah. I would say to me the and I know you touched on this a little bit earlier, Jane, but the New England offense is going to really evolve James white Julian Edelman are really the two most productive skill players that returning and kill Harry. I think it's a really intriguing rookie but he's a rookie. So is the first six to eight weeks of the patriot offense go look a lot like, hey, we're going to run the ball some play action. And again, you're you have to productive skill players in white and element. But they're not your prototypical outside receiver. So I think it'd be interesting with no Brock, especially how they're going to control the middle of the field. And I think the offense will evolve especially early in the season day what we saw in the last year. I think it's going to be more that this year. Because when you look at the patriots offense running from run football. We look at the patriots offense. Where's the strength? The strength is office line. And a running back running back position. They might have the deepest stable of running backs in the National Football League. So I think as great as. Tom Brady, you know, greatest Tom Brady is, it's almost like going back in time to win the dicey. I started with remember Antwan Smith. And Corey Dillon you know you. Brown. Red. Sudden. More more that this year, I think that makes a lot of sense. And just you know, does the championship streak continue for the patriots. If you're just taking a macro perspective. I mean, there was so much talk at the beginning of last season, you know, the patriots fall off because they weren't having the same sort of success that we see at least, particularly in the beginning of the regular season and then they picked it up in the postseason. Like we I look at it'd be like that. Throw. Fame. Okay. This year the year where they fall off the president now. No, no. When is set to to what's wrong with the patriots? Why they're there. Headline. Just to the other side of the ball. Interesting in keep an eye on Michael Bennett. Michael is a very productive and versatile player. I think it's going to be fun. Just stay in the patriots, as we're gonna let him up. And I it's can be game plan specific, he'll be up and down the line. I'm sure they'll stand him up at some point, but Michael Bennett's very productive player. And I think coach bell check. We'll have a lot of fun to move around each week, snatches has versatility. But he also sets the tone. You know he has that alpha characteristic in the way that he plays. So he can bring a little bit of that. L O B swag to the backside of the end the frontside rather of the patriots defense as well, just with the way that he plays. Well, I will say this, not at the wins and losses, don't count in September, and October could certainly they do, but Bilbao techs told me if once ten times that he doesn't even judge his own team until November that he doesn't even believe he knows what he has until he gets into the month November. Meanwhile, the rest of us we, we got it all figured out mid September. Don't worry about it. The New York Jets have held nine practices, including voluntary many. That came in April because they have a new head coach levian fell has been at nuts. Sam darnold, newest weapon, though, expected finally to be present when the jets take the field tomorrow to begin many camps, so it will be the first time to see Levy on bell in the gangrene or with the gangrene action, finally, I'm ready, ready. I want to see it. Yeah. I think everyone in jets nation is definitely looking forward to this. I mean he's going to be a spark to that offense. He's going to be a sparked to that fan base. It'll be interesting to see how he helps darnold in terms of being a security blanket somewhere. You know where you can go if the offensive line is breaking down and then even more so than that is just watching lay the bell himself. Is he the same running back? Happy lost has gained a step. Does he still play that same way? What kind of condition and has him because we just haven't seen him at all. We talk about L showing up for one or Antonio Brown being there for a couple, but we're just waiting to see him period. You know. The just haven't had a Bonifaz star on offense like this since I think Curtis Curtis Martin came over from the patriots, I believe it's been a while. Like, like, what he can do for Sam, Donald is, is absolutely tremendous. He's going to give him not only the threat of just out of back. Oh being. But in the middle of that outlive. We see Tom and Tom again, when lady on bell was with Big Ben. How'd he would take a little dump off pass for five yards and turn it into twenty twenty five yards? So with Sam darnold. You've got a young guy. He's going to help them out protections receive in out of the backfield because you can line them up as a wide receiver. He can. You know, he's one of the best. Route run is the running back position in a National League. So he's going to do one just for that offense and look at the other side of the ball, you know, they added to interesting coaches in Greg Williams and Joe it who had worked together in New Orleans, and they have a couple of players on defense that are true blue Chipper game-changer Leonard Williams. Jamal Adams, they drafted quitting Williams. They signed CJ Moseley like those four players are. All right down the middle. Yeah. Their and their true difference makers, and I think it's gonna be interesting to see how they're us. We just talked about how Michael Bennett was going to be moved around in those players all have some versatility. So I think the jet defense has a chance to be really good with a number of impact players quick great because they say, we gotta go, but what's Adam gates is biggest challenge for this team. Well, again, I, I think when you look at him with, you know, Sam darnold, it's taking Sam darnold to the next. We've talked about this before, but labor, I'm Pels obviously great runner. But I think what he could do in the passing game and increased Sam darnold. Completes your percent. You'll between Leon bell Jamison Crowder as the first two moves that Angie's maith that was not a surprise tho. Those will be SE would say long handoffs, and I think see Sam darnold. Hopefully get off to a good start for him. Try to elevate the confidence of his teammates around him Sam darnold. Take that next step in his sophomore season for sure date, the rebuild is over. Yeah. Listen. The fans in New York, they don't wanna hear five and eleven six and ten tastes nearly like okay. Right now, we can start winning man. Rudy has. Oh. John John is over in New York New York's football giants again, mandatory minicamps tomorrow. That includes veteran quarterback Eli manning. And the giants, I bake and APRIL's draft. Perhaps, you heard also of quarterback, one by the name of Daniel Jones saquon Barkley, who's been a hit no doubt hold in J dot com on Saturday. Everyone has something to say and right now, people are saying it was an awful thick wait till he went to Super Bowl. They'll be what a great pick. Okay. One thing not up for argument done it. He does win to yes. Everyone will agree. It was a great pick. It's no reacted Monday. And this is pretty. This is pretty perfect. I'll start with this. Daniel Jones, ladies and gentlemen, with will win. Two Super Bowls. Is this an overreaction it isn't overreaction right now? Can I see him play one regular season game before I started talking about Super Bowl? Of course, they want Barclays that have confidence in his new teammate. But I need to see him pull as. Way before I can start putting rings on his finger like Damien Woody over here. Don't hate on me. Okay. This is listen. This is the over-reaction. I mean what are we talking about here? All right. Because we have some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Dan Marino, who had never won a never want to Super Bowl. And now we're gonna make a prediction about him. Order back from Duke went in to sue bowl from all. What was the Duke part? What are you have? Wanna carolina. Every. Boston college. That's probably what it was just saying, I would say it's a massive overreacted, if you go back a year ago, there was five quarterback say in the first one, only one started opening day. I totally agree with what Josefina said, which is not even play this year loan start. I gave saquon Barkley in eight plus as a teammate, but really, you know, Daniel Jones, there's a reasonable chance. He's happen. Even play a lot this year. No. If he likes to win it this year. Yeah, I know. But again he has the high agree has the play. He has to go out and function. There's a lot of people that really questioned whether he was even the six pick overall. So hey, I appreciate saquon being a great team. But I think we're ways ways away from saying that this guy is a super swing. Doesn't that tell we know you two touchdowns lining substance that do Duke your your school over here, but I feel like you know, the longer that it takes him to get on the field. The less likely something like this is going to happen, because front offices changed teams chains, let alone you even having the reps to acclimate and get better. So you're saying right now you have to play behind ally man, and we don't know if he's even going to play. I know everyone wants to see the Redskins and the giants play a sap to see you know, compare the Dwayne Haskins to the Daniel Jones picks. But it might not even be that's probably going to be ally and Dwayne. What about your back right now? But, you know, if we go back a year ago, let's say you're Pat Shurmur, and your Jay Gruden three head coaches star rookie quarterbacks. Todd Bowles in New York with Sam darnold, right? He's no longer there. Hugh jackson. Our rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield. Clearly he's longer there. Steve Wolfe star rookie quarterback in Arizona Joshu. He's not there. So you don't think those coaches notice that they're gonna play the quarterbacks that they think given best chance to win this year. So they could be there next year. I mean right. Dining him to survive. Von Miller come around the edge before we start talking about two Super Bowl. I just say this. I feel like Daniel Jones gonna play this year. I used it. You are in the minority. I think he's going to play this year. I look at the giants. I got huge question marks on the defensive side of football. I think I, I don't mean I think that the worst team in the NFC Damian, and I think if team you're the number six pick in the draft and your and your season starts going awry, you think that you think he'd just gonna have a guy, the number six pick sitting on a bench. You think Patrick and calculation though I gotta win enough games. So I could be here. I don't want develop Dan Jones for the next head coach. I want to win enough game. So I could be the coach. Twenty point. And he may if he thinks, for some reason, The Danny Jones gives him a better chance of winning to keep his job, you'll have no choice. I really interesting point there because you have jobs potentially on the line with all this talk, everything that's been going on in New York with the general manager, too and the head coach. So it's going to see Mike is right because it's going to have to be a calculation for the coach that even if he goes to go. Excuse me of even if he goes to Daniel Jones, how much more likely are you potentially put in your own seat on the hot seat by doing that? Because you are is the likelihood going up that you're winning or losing at that point. All right. To be determined picks. Hoosen. Stevenson, he decode a Duke. So for him to sit for here and learn is a is a good thing. It's kids can learn, you know. This Mark universities produce smart athletes. And this is true. Okay. All right. Let's talk about the lions for a minute, they start minicamp tomorrow as well. And you know, mending fences, beauty of June. They won't Calvin Johnson back in the fold but their relationship has been strained since two thousand fifteen Detroit made him pay back at least a million of the sixteen million dollars signing bonus. He got into twelve Johnson told the Detroit Free Press. No problem the only way they're going to get me back. Is that they put that money back in my pocket? So basically is easy. The lions write him a check for a million dollars. He comes home, and it's all good, right? It's a little bit more complicated than that. You really I would think you really need ownership to take over the these discussions because from a front office standpoint, you do have to pursue signed bonuses. Because if you don't after one person leaves if another two or three players leave go after every player. So it's really. That you remain consistent L Calvin Johnson is an all time great. And, you know, the easy solutions to say, hey, we'll pay a million dollars to be our ambassador. But from a front office point in that situation, a couple times in my career if a player's going to walk out. Retire, you should go after the money from a standpoint you wanna make sure that all the players understand that a contracts to eighth street. And if you do retire, whatever the fair and equitable amount of the paraded signed bonus, we're going to go after that. But there is easy solution here that you would need ownership to get involved with all players made the same all plays on may two sane you talking about. You said an all time great for the Detroit Lions lions head head issue. A Barry Sanders that will resolve. They resolved it eventually and now you've got an issue with another all-time great Calvin Johnson. So it will be who the Detroit lines to get this get to get resolved. Because that may right there late at late at all on the line and. Listen, another player comes along, and does that, and if he's not on the same level of carbon Johnson ball means, do what you gotta do because like you sit and Mike. Now all guys saying so you. So you right him to check. Brian would check right now. All right. This will be a question. Cavin Johnson is a special player. He shouldn't even have to be put in the position where he has to say this to underline the contingency needed to be acquiesced to in order for him to even come back. Look at what the Los Angeles Lakers, even did for Kobe Bryant when he was he got a big balloon payment. I think it was like north of forty million just to recognize just for you being used. So can he get his you being you payment just for a million? I mean that's not even anything when you think of the pie that the NFL owners are bringing in club to club, and in fairness to Bob Quinn, the current Joel manager, that's trae lions and map Patricia the current head coach. They weren't even there when this all went down. So obviously, there's some scar tissue that goes Calvin Johnson is absolutely by the this is one of those things where you wanna get obviously, the approved from our fifth, and then you bring them back. You celebrating for what he was the franchise the icon. But that's something that, hopefully, you know, Martha forward, you get hurt or approve it, you pay the money. He comes back. And now like you said, you move forward the way Barry Sanders came. Back. But you do hope he's back in fold. At some point, that's where he belongs. I wanna you've, I want to be in me payment. Vaga of chips. Kid winter, they'll be didn't even have to ask. Is this like, man? Stay quarterback. Dwayne Hoskins returns to the field this week in the nation's capital as well for the first many camp of his NFL career he will likely compete with case keenum for the Redskins starting quarterback job, the question here Damian for you and you referenced earlier, there's only one football this was when we were talking about the Cleveland Browns, there is only so many reps and training camp to get quarterbacks readies out of concern here for the Redskins, as they try to make a decision. Not if you know who you all you want to be a starting quarterback. I'm sure Jay Gruden probably has an idea of how he wants to divvy of the reps. I think the days are over when you can have, you know, three or four four accidents. No way you can deal with the reps and hitch a quarterback grade or playing so, again, think Jay Gruden understands who who he probably has idea who wants to be the open day start, and it's this up to him to divvy of the reps equipment. What thing we've got to keep in context about twain, Haskins. So I think he's going to have a chance to be a very good quarterback. He only has fourteen starts at Ohio State except behind J, T, Barrett and cartel Jones. So he doesn't have a big resume either. So he knows how to rep- seeking. Yeah. And but likewise, though, like for the Redskins to get off to a good start better off with case Kim initially, let someone Haskins learn for a little bit gang because he only played fourteen games on Ohio say that is not a lot of repetition shield used to say twenty thirty starts before guy was ready. He'll Coppell obviously the sports change. But I think that's gonna be interesting to see how Jay groome does how we approach is it. I mean I think they've been play out in Redskins camp. I mean Kaz to that, and I believe Mitchell Trubisky had thirteen starts coming out of the university of North Carolina that just went there and it's still worked out for him. Although you could see the progression from year to year to two years, we, obviously under the new head coaches system, but I think they're going to also be looking for a quarterback too, so that he can ignite that offense excite that offense. And I think it'll be up their competition in training camp to really see Dwayne Haskins can show that he's at the point of maturity now level-headed enough to really do that from jump as opposed to having a more traditional series. With case keenum starting and then Dwayne has been somewhat coming along later on in the season leader. We talked touched on earlier in the show. But if you go back through Bisky he did struggle and John FOX got fired. And now Trubisky. Got better Matt. Now. You did a great job. So again, if I'm Jay Gruden do I need to get off to good start to save my job. This case keenum, get me to twenty twenty. So if they think that there's going to be some growing pains with Haskins because of the limited experience, college out of these guys that you're talking about getting fired there, all like defense coaches, what? What? Was that the right coach for Mitchell Trubisky at the start of his career because maybe had Matt Nagy been there and to your point, it was a more of a pensive minded coach. Maybe it would not it's not it's not undermine you know, the point because obviously more reps are going to be helpful to any quarterback. But, but if you're special, perhaps, you can do it just kind of like the quarterbacks in two thousand twelve who came out the rookie year. Regardless, case keenum Dwayne Haskins there Nuff other pieces in place offensively to allow for success for these guys. They go on Assad remains to be seen. I will say, I think the risk is wanted to better officer lines win healthy opposite coached by someone we know very very, you know, very well and Bill Callahan. They got you know, guys who's coming back this year. I'm gonna torn ACL Adrian Adrian Peterson's SO I can see this team really leaned heavily on the run game. If, especially if Dwayne Haskins is a quarterback to kind of ease him into that transition. Yeah. I agree with David when you look at guys like dairy skies and an average dalvin cook from Florida state who's at Minnesota, both those guys got her a year ago. I think both of them are really poised to have a big year if they're healthy. So I think the running game for Washington if it is Haskins as the core back again based on only a very limited experience, Idaho state the running game would definitely be the way to get this guy up and running in terms of easy him in there. Not playing the whole load on him from day, one early success, which can go a long way again. The Redskins opening up many camp tomorrow, Tuesday to Thursday as their schedule. The Denver Broncos. A tip the field in the mile high city for mandatory minicamp, as well this week and all live will certainly be on quarterback. Joe flacco as he tries to solidify what has been a revolving door for the Broncos with regards to starting quarterbacks which the key, Joe and Mike for Joe flacco. The win besides. You're not on right, right? Well, the key is to get this offense off to a good start and to be calming solidifying force at the quarterback position something, they have not had ra- like two or three season, when you kind of think of names, like Trevor simian Paxton Lynch, all of these guys and didn't kind of steady at down since Peyton Manning left, so that he can show that Elway made a good decision bringing him in there. And that also that a free agent can hold it down. In addition to their draft pick do lot whenever his time as well. It wanted to keep an eye out of speak of draft. Choices is Noah fan tied-in from Iowa if you look at Joe flacco, what he's been most successful in his career. It's throwing it to the title and, and I don't think it's by accident that they made one of their first picks a pass receiving tight end into a fence. So for Joe flacco to get off to a good start. Look for him to feature Noah fan early. Denver Broncos outside linebacker von Miller, hosted, his third annual grassroots summit at UNLV on Saturday, drawing passed in the NFL stars to the sim city for a workout and film sessions. He's gonna teach him what he knows and have everybody else participate. I mean at one point you got wear here, helping Aaron Donald and the caption should be as if this hitting beats much. Not even fair. I mean you Aaron Donald is one of the most technically sound defensive attack interior Russia's that we've ever seen played a position. And now you have DeMarcus ware giving them even more tips to just ravage interior. Lonzo. Grabbed rabbit. Yeah. You know, the humble bread. This guy was this guy has made a lab, man. I mean just look at them. I mean, deep, the tackle Giusti look like that and can and can move and rush the passer like Aaron Donald can so just raise. This is a tool, but, you know, when you when you around guide, the Magas, where is you just add more to that's great example. Like we talked about this around the draft talent. And character this guy has a both Gill. He's so talented and mean so much to him. That's why he's going to go down as an all time great. He's trying to any little thing to get better. He, he have a chance to be the MVP of the league this year. So for him to do that in his own time, it just speaks to how dedicate it is. And how important is to him. You're talking about him being a specimen real quick. Just a quick anecdote. You know he's got the size where he's sharp up top. And then, you know with the tapered way. So that's why and Williams told me that he heard that Donald trains with the waste trainer. So why his started training with weights, stricter, even know he's over three hundred because he wants that. Aaron Donald show Clinton. I just thought that was wanted me sleeping and nothing. Sorry, he's working on I anti thought again, we are ninety four days away from the start of the season. So we'll good reason to celebrate number ninety four. How about this? This is de woody's career. He played twelve NFL seasons from nineteen ninety nine to twenty ten DeMarcus ware ranked thirteen index. The leader hall of Famer Jason Taylor John Abraham, the only other player with one hundred plus tax Joey porter on this list. And then Simeon rice and hall of Famer Michael Strahan tied with ninety four and a half, who's the most feared who's your most feared pass rusher view played against, so we're going to go. Oh, sorry. Oh, really? I'm going to take over this product. Yeah. So he's meet number. I'm going to go with with Jared out. When I when else went to Detroit Lions, one of my motive rights at one of my first assignments was that guy right there. Jared Allen in the Metrodome. This guy has an array of rush move very long athlete kit been dip. You'll those, those are the things that you need as critical pass rusher. He was one. Jared Allen was one of the best pashas that I've ever gone against number four. Who do we I'm one with a former teammate of mind, yet, I'm gonna go Richard Seymour here and Richard played in Canada unconventionally like the three four defense. But what made is so special was the fact that he was so big. We come big cat because he was a big guy long on a he didn't move like a guy that was three hundred and ten pounds Mike. You know this fan. Yeah. You know. Boy, we say we had a double team. This guy have four hands on him at all. S right. That's a wreck the game he could absolutely game. So I'm going to give a lot of props. Richard more at number three. I got Jason Taylor played against Jason Taylor. Many times in the AFC east. Jason taylor. Just read first of all read new with speed off it, but he had probably the best counter moves with any guy that I've gone against extremely long arms and the great thing about Jason Taylor. He forced fumbles, I don't know of a guy who force more fumbles than Jason Taylor rushing and passing. He was tremendous at that. And even though he was undersized. He was very effective against run because he had great leverage, great Leith. And he had great effort against the renaissance L. Absolutely absolutely. At number two. Demarcus DaMarcus where I mean, listen, this guy right here his on leap was just unreal. I even for me, and I have long off. It was hall meeting in touch DeMarcus where his been and his his rush. The variation of his rush moves coming off the edge are second to none DeMarcus ware as one of the best pass rushing to me any generation, and number one, I got big fellow warrants out right here. Yeah. Wars revolutionize a position to three technique position outside shoulder guard. He was not the tallest guy which played to his advantage head to head to leverage. This guy was big. He was fast and he was just elite getting he was errand on before Aaron Donald. Okay. I mean this guy, I'm gonna three three technique position had almost one hundred sex, which is unheard of you know coming from that position. So profit warned set up. I'll tell you what. You look at the four that are down there. Those are still. Note, there is no disrespect among these guys right here because I could easily put any of these guys up here. A lot has had to do with guys at, like I'll play against Pacific -ly. So all often in the AFC. See all these guys are elite elite best daddy. Tomorrow's Jeremy Fowler. What's he up to well, not much because no video access to Steelers OTA's day because the team is undergoing team building activities? Hello, dave. Buster's. I hope Jeremy gets to go. He's sort of he's been there, all along. Anyway, Bruce areas wold his first minicamp, as the lead man in Tampa Bay this week is first priority is certainly no secret areas is charged with getting more out of starting quarterback. Jameis winston. We say Hello now from the film room brought to you by horizon Verizon that is, as we talk about the main storyline for the buccaneers as they begin minicam. But again, I mean you can say it. We say it all over again but it's true, it's James Winston and getting him on the right track and really getting more out of this quarterback Damian. Ghana that says he's come to league has led. The league internal was tired with the league with Blake Bortles. That's all you need to know. Right. Their job at a quarterback. Number one job is to protect the football. If you can change Bruce Arians can change that about James the he has a shot, but that's going to be that's the project areas is working with for Jen Winston right now. Gotta take care of the football. A lot has to do with the bucks defense books deepens was terrible, a lot of times they're shootouts. And they're playing from behind, which, you know, a guy like Jameis Winston is forcing an situation. So having Todd Bowles there, should you know, help that defense out some, but James needs to help the team. Bob protecting the football. Yeah. And we talked earlier about Adam gay speed defined by the improvement. He we hope to see Sam darnold. Likewise, Bruce Arians came in to fix Jameis Winston and he has to bigger targets on offense in Mike Kevin's. And then the titan OJ Howard and those are easy. Guys to find those should be easier. Throws for James, and I agree. He has to clean up the interceptions the fumbles if he could do that. They should be improved. But if I'm a Buchan ear fan really where I'm concern is I look on the other side of the ball. I've lost a couple of players. Quantel exander, obviously, Gerald McCoy and now JP very good pass rusher Jason Pierre Paul uncertain. If he's gonna play this year if he does probably late. So again, they're gonna need to control the clock. Try not to get behind because I think that defense has really struggled with the losses and the injuries. They're dealing with part of, what will help stabilize James Winston is, you know, paying attention to that balance between the past and the run that you're calling. So he's going to need that run game to also be helpful for him so that they can bail him out situations where, you know, he's getting pressure too. I do remember in covering the bucks. A couple of times, not only were they just working on accuracy. But also his ball plays went in the second and third level at the sideline and what have you. So all of those things need to come together in a clean season where you're having success. It's drama. Free, and you can, you know show that you've improved in these areas mechanically as well. Again, going back to Mike Evans. Those are the down the field throws that James should be able to do. He did that Florida state and Mike Evans. He can make those contested catches. And then again OJ Howard down the middle of field. Big athletic first round pick from Alabama. Those are two targets for him that hopefully if I'm a buccaneer fan. They're getting the ball early getting confidence getting its completion percentage up and keeping that defense, which we know is going to be short handed on the sidelines. Limiting those turnovers. No fumbles. No interceptions. Bruce Arians head coach comes in. I mean, that's just seems to me it's a toll ask, if a guy who's got to be the CEO the entire operation to say, hey, you got to fix Jameis Winston. I mean is that realistic for the head coach? When he's got so many other things to do his whole other changes stripes on zebra. That's. Yeah. Hey, listen. I know what you did quarterback whisperer but. He has a big project ahead of them loudly or Wendy, the one place, if I'm Bruce Arians on, you get a lot of help from Todd Bowles. They're very talented coach should be a head coach again in another year or so. But let him handle the defense I have to get James Winston rate. And it goes back to what d would said, which is it starts with eliminating turnovers just doing that? We're gonna make progress if we're the buccaneers.

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