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"nineteen twenty four year old" Discussed on Sidedoor

"Match limited by state law Gamma puerto rico. Nineteen twenty four year old deals. Castillo's father is deathly ill. She's probably too young to understand what's happening but she does. No one thing when she dances he smiles and she saw what that did for him as he was dying usa father died just before her fifth birthday. This is her niece. Good deleon navarro. After my grandfather died Do llosa's mother was left with five children and pregnant. So the family moved from rural puerto rico to the capital city san juan to be close to family this is where diaz realized. She could make money dancing. She'd perform on the street her hat to collect pennies but her mother did not approve. You know in those days show. Business was not what it is today. It was not an honorable profession. And she didn't think that it was ladylike for her daughter to these singing and dancing in the street and people giving her money do llosa's mother would do everything. She could to discourage her daughter from dancing locker in a room. Take the money she earned. None of it worked. Do especially loved dancing at the docks for people. Getting on and off the ships. In san juan harbor out is just votes. Going this is us costello in an oral history. She recorded for the smithsonian's national museum of american history in two thousand six. Somebody's is going to america. Those boats watch. Larry need for. What's america america. That explained we arrest world someday. A one of those boats. Going to go to america in the late nineteen twenties diaz. Got her wish when her family boarded one of those boats to mainland america more specifically new york city where they had relatives instead of going to school. Do worked at a chocolate factory even though she was only eleven years old when she could she'd sneak away from her mother to audition at nearby theaters. I always had a big mouth big loud. I've always been loud. I can't help it. I know out whatever that everybody say. Good my career. My words on top of everybody realized her voice gave her an advantage. So in nineteen thirty-one she entered a contest. Sing on an album with pedro flora's the biggest puerto rican composer at the time. It was a long shot but she was determined. She was very concerned about her reputation as far as her homeland wet and she took it very seriously because she grew up with all that shane that everybody said she was a bad girl in puerto rico being a singer and dancer so when she won that contest it meant lock to her she won the also was thirteen years old when she recorded the song. You're hearing cbo name. Career was taking off. Something else was happening. Cuban dances like the roomba and the mambo were becoming the latest craze. New york city part of it has to do with immigration of cubans into the new york city area. This is smithsonian latino centers. Emily key again. We obviously think of cuban-born cuban-americans than we think of miami. But actually there was a great wave of immigrants moving to new york and new jersey looking for work and at the same time you have the creation of a new sound right coming out of the mixing of communities in new york as a teenager. Began performing in cuban nightclubs all over new york city. She was making a name for herself so she took it one step further and literally made a name for herself. She was actually wanna the oh scottsdale. This is assistant curator. Ashley may your with the smithsonian's national museum of american history she says diaz was born wanna and then she changes her name and she kind of adopts stage name. The osa goddess lavious. I feel like that's such a bold statement to and she's a very bold person. So i can totally envision her deciding for herself. Oh i'm going to become the gotta gotta is now. It's around this time that what's call it an opportunity smacks her right on. You know i'm going to let you explain this one. And i don't do it my dance. I always used to feature. He's pointing to her rear end. Jaylo meat dishes. The original. I worked the stable and i was doing like this like that at this man would like that and slapped me in my behind man. I got.

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