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Peter Fonda, "Easy Rider" star, dies at 79

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

01:37 min | 3 years ago

Peter Fonda, "Easy Rider" star, dies at 79

"Peter fonda as we remember him. The son of hollywood royalty the brother and father or of hollywood royalty and easy rider for an entire woodstock generation gone today at the age of seventy nine so our friend michael beschloss remains remains with us michael talk about the anniversary and today's loss well at our sympathies to peter fonda family obviously but it's almost else's of the stars came together to give us a message because on this weekend you have the sad death of peter fonda as you said the beginning of the fiftieth anniversary anniversary of the woodstock fair upstate new york and also this is a month after the premiere of easy rider with peter fonda and dennis hopper and jack nicholson that that great counterculture film all of which suggests to me the question was nineteen sixty eight sixty nine was that a time when america was more divided than it is in two thousand nineteen and i would say yes that was a time of an ugly war in vietnam a division between the generations that ran through absolutely every american household and anyone who despairs about a time when america is divided. I think has to go back to a moment like august of nineteen sixty nine fifty years ago to see how quickly we were able able to overcome it and how much d._n._a. Of the united states draws us together in the end. I would never bet against the united states in our ability to bring our our people together

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