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The Democrat 'Process' Unleashes on Senator Kyrsten Sinema

The Charlie Kirk Show

01:46 min | 2 weeks ago

The Democrat 'Process' Unleashes on Senator Kyrsten Sinema

"Senator. Kirsten cinema was teaching a class at arizona. State university and was targeted by a couple of students are activists and was accosted and ended up being that the people costing her again. I don't understand why these people post these videos. Same with the first one of the racist and the biggest that were not held accountable by the state university administration by the way a lot of conservatives think. Asu is this wonderful place. Arizona state university is a radical university devoid of wisdom devoid of principle. And if you want your children to hate the country send them to arizona state university. It's not to say that everyone does my good friend. Scott has one of his kids that go to arizona state university. And i think i hope it works out. Well i'm just saying arizona state university and there's some very nasty people that are produced from arizona state university but so these and we also have a great turning point. Usa chapter there. But you start to see these videos of these activists that actually post these videos you think if you commit a felony. Do you still post a video in their activist. Training one one where they learn how to burn down wendy's and you know target white people do they not say. Hey if you commit a felony do not delete the video will. It is a felony to go into the bathroom and record somebody. You are not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to film inside of a bathroom. They did anyway. So these are illegals. That should have been deported. Obviously they shouldn't be in our country the motto they're dreamers wonderful people. Yeah right now. Go into the restroom. Break the law and record cureton cinema. Were she's been a professor there for nineteen years belligerently screaming build back better. Build back better. It's their new

Arizona State University Kirsten Cinema State University Administratio State University Arizona Scott USA Wendy Cureton
France: Man who threw egg at Macron in psychiatric treatment

AP News Radio

00:44 sec | 3 weeks ago

France: Man who threw egg at Macron in psychiatric treatment

"The man who threw an egg at France's president on Monday is receiving psychiatric treatment a nineteen year old student who threw the egg at France's Emmanuel mackerel who's been admitted to a psychiatric hospital the egg a crown on the shoulder as he walked around a food fair in the city of Lille the man was detained and a probe launched the legal and prosecutor's office says the man not identified by police yet has undergone a psychiatric evaluation which has determined he lacks discernment and needs hospitalization according joys spending time meeting with the public especially as he's currently campaigning for a presidential election in April I'm Charles de Ledesma

Emmanuel Mackerel France Lille Charles De Ledesma
Climate activists in India join global protest

AP News Radio

00:40 sec | Last month

Climate activists in India join global protest

"Climate activists who've taken to the streets in New Delhi that's a police barricade shouting slogans we have to run his around the world he does take stronger action to curb climate change the issue has risen up the political agenda in many countries amid warnings from scientists the world is heading towards dangerous temperature rises unless greenhouse gas emissions all cut sharply out of the New Delhi protest one nineteen year old tell C. A. P. just because there's a pandemic doesn't mean you stop working around the climate crisis right you have to take climate action I'm Charles Taylor that's my

New Delhi C. A. P. Charles Taylor
Qualifier to Champion: Britain's Raducanu, 18, Wins US Open

AP News Radio

00:42 sec | Last month

Qualifier to Champion: Britain's Raducanu, 18, Wins US Open

"The eighteen year old became the first qualifier in grand slam tennis to win any major title and she did it without dropping a single set in either qualifying or the main draw you say I want to win a grand slam but to to have the belief I did and actually executing and winning Ross I I called believe it read account of finally stopped the giant killing run of nineteen year old Canadian Layla Fernandez closing out the one hour and fifty one minute match six four six three read account of had to take a medical timeout halfway through the final game to have a wound traded up to slipping during a point but Bradley to be the first British winner in New York since Virginia Wade in nineteen sixty eight I'm Graham like us

Layla Fernandez Tennis Ross Bradley New York Virginia Graham
Teen Dream: Raducanu, 18, Fernandez, 19, Into US Open Final

AP News Radio

00:44 sec | Last month

Teen Dream: Raducanu, 18, Fernandez, 19, Into US Open Final

"Two understated teenagers have made it through to the U. S. open women's final and one of them is a qualifier unprecedented nineteen year old Canadian light up and and this was a first for winning yet another roller coaster battle closing out the second seed arenas at the Lincoln six four in the third set and in one word that that really stuck to me is magical because not only was is Myron really good but also the way I'm playing right now I'm just having fun eighteen year old brick qualified democratic candidate followed not long after reaching the most improbable of finals with her sixth consecutive straight sets win this time six one six four over the seventeenth St Maria Zachary I'm Graham like us

Myron Lincoln Maria Zachary Graham
Kylie Jenner Confirms She's Expecting Baby No. 2

Daily Pop

02:02 min | Last month

Kylie Jenner Confirms She's Expecting Baby No. 2

"So. The rumors are true. Kylie just confirmed. She's pregnant with baby number. Two she announced it with another sweep video. Kind of like how she told the world. She was pregnant with stormy but this time she didn't wait until the baby was already want. That's how she told her famous fan gene away. Ooh every time. I just loved that. Chris acts like she doesn't have ten of the grandkids kids. She's like day of my life to babysit. It was so beautiful the announcement it was really beautiful. And i'm really excited for her. And you know it's so interesting. I know clear blue. Easy is kicking themselves. Ask right now. She's not giving away free. Promo but what i also loved about it as you know she probably would have. Do you think if there wasn't rumors to the point where like peatland had said something. She would've come out with this. I truly believe that she had hit the first pregnancy and it was so isolating and she talked about how lonely. She's about and how afraid she wants to go outside so i don't think that she would do it again. She's not a nineteen year old girl. Right this is not her first time getting pregnant. She knows that the world is going to accept it and her unconventional relationship with travis. Scott so i think she was waiting for the perfect time. I just don't think that she would hit it. The whole time and with the met gala. Come and do you think she wants to do it before they're going. I can't get a read on. Who's actually going to this gal.

Kylie Peatland Chris Travis Scott
Romeo Beckham, 19, Has Signed His First Professional Football Contract


01:13 min | Last month

Romeo Beckham, 19, Has Signed His First Professional Football Contract

"Romeo beckham signs not mls but with fort lauderdale cf of of course the affiliate team of inter miami herk Why is this ugly. Beckham's of very handsome man assisted ugly. Look my man. This is the first you hire your best mate. David beckham until novel. The coach injure miami no nepotism there. Now you're gonna place your son. Nineteen year old rahmael beckham. By the way where did he last play where his credentials. What's his soccer resume. Can we anybody wanted to google search on that. This is an ugly look. you know. It's one after the other for inter miami. This is this man's personal playground. It's not a good look. Yeah and it's definitely not the way you would start a professional soccer career right. Like david beckham with all of his access and connections if he was trying to launch his son soccer career. He wouldn't do it at fort lauderdale. The seems like something that they want to do as a family. And they're going to do because they have the access to it but if you wanted to really launch a true professional soccer career would you do it in in a major league soccer. Ussl beat one. Not you'd have your son overseas where there's a ton of pro jobs and a ton of pro

Romeo Beckham Miami Rahmael Beckham Fort Lauderdale Soccer Beckham MLS Google
Influential Educators: College President Mary Bunting

Encyclopedia Womannica

01:56 min | Last month

Influential Educators: College President Mary Bunting

"Than a year. After henry's death. Mary was offered a new opportunity to become dean of douglass college. The women's college of rutgers university where she was a professor in nineteen fifty eight. Mary was invited to a national. Science foundation. committee created to improve the nation's performance in the field of science in a series of tests designed to figure out what blocked strong students from continuing into careers in science. Mary saw a big problem of all of the sixteen to nineteen year olds who scored in the top ten percent on aptitude tests and then did not go onto college. Ninety eight percent were women. The time women had serious. Barriers to access college education endowments for women's colleges were much lower than those of their male counterparts. Perhaps most importantly curriculum requirements didn't accommodate the different societal expectations for women. For example many universities made it nearly impossible for students to attend part time as a result women who had to care for children during the day at home could not attend mary. It her mission to redesign the education system to accommodate and encourage women to study. She got her first chance at serious reform. When in nineteen sixty she became president of radcliffe college the undergraduate women's college at harvard university there. She saw the stark differences between the ways. Men and women were treated on the same campus. Women were given bunk beds in assigned rooms rather than harvard's how system and they were excluded from harvard's libraries and dining halls. Mary set about changing the campus. She organized the dorms into a house. System built radcliffe. Its own library and created search committees to go into low income neighborhoods and offer scholarships to potential

Douglass College Women's College Of Rutgers Uni Mary Science Foundation Henry Radcliffe College The Undergra Harvard
People Should Not Be Forced To Take Experimental Vaccines

The Charlie Kirk Show

01:27 min | 2 months ago

People Should Not Be Forced To Take Experimental Vaccines

"You're not saying oh no. No shame on you. What you're saying is i resist the mandatory nature. Yes i mean. What i have is a rather moderate political position on this and i'm called this like extremist. I say don't force people to take experimental medicine. How is that an extreme political position right. Nineteen year olds. Shouldn't be forced to take things that there's a lot of questions about and somehow we've allowed ourselves categorized. How do we allow that to happen because the metaphorical bodyguards for us our leaders to secure the blessings of liberty downward secures of really important work secur security. We elect these people to to kind of make. Sure the threats don't hit us to stave off the defenses. And so yeah and then i will also contribute to the conversation which i have earlier just to think openly about the vaccine and just do your research. I am not an expert on marina vaccine. But i've been completely underwhelmed by the experts talking about this. We know according to axios the pfizer vaccine was forty. Two percent effective july forty two percent effective the most vaccinated countries in the world are the ones that had the greatest spike in the chinese corona virus. We know that's true. And we also know that other treatments like ivermectin hydroxy. Chloroquine could be a great option for people however that's not a good business model for the main pharmaceutical companies.

Marina Pfizer
The Pascagoula Alien Abduction

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

02:15 min | 2 months ago

The Pascagoula Alien Abduction

"Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. An unexpected event happens that totally changes your outlook on life. It could be the death of a loved one. A natural disaster. A big break in your career today story is about one of those moments amplified to the max. Something's worth shatteringly. Strange happens to two men in pascagoula mississippi that not only changes their outlook. It completely ruined the rest of their lives. It's october eleventh. Nineteen seventy three in forty. Two year old. Charlie hickson in nineteen year old calvin parker or fishing on the pascagoula river despite the age difference or super close family friends. Charlie's always been kind of a father figure to calvin and today they're celebrating. Calvin recently got engaged and to help pay for the wedding. He started to work as a welder. The shipyard were charlie's a- format by nine pm. The sun has set in. They're about ready to pack up but before they go home they try out one last fishing spot appear by the old shopping or shipyard and that's when things get weird as charlie reaches into his tackle box for a piece of bait. Here's this zipping. Sound coming from behind him. It's loud enough. That he and calvin both turn around and they see this vehicle in the distance. That has these blue flashing lights at first. Calvin some cops are poking around his car. But the lights start to get closer and calvin realizes it can't be the police. He's never seen any squad car. That's the size of a yacht and floats in mid air. Yeah whatever this vehicle is is now about seventy feet away hovering two feet off the ground. And it's huge about thirty feet long charlie. In calvin stare at this thing in total confusion. They have absolutely no idea what to do or what to make of it and before they can formulate a plan a super bright light shoots out of the. I guess you'd call it a ship. The lights coming from a door on the side of the ship which is opening and something is coming out of it

Charlie Hickson Calvin Parker Pascagoula River Calvin Pascagoula Charlie Mississippi Confusion
Could the Disaster in Afghanistan Have Been Averted in 2001?

All In with Chris Hayes

02:07 min | 2 months ago

Could the Disaster in Afghanistan Have Been Averted in 2001?

"Matter whether you were for or against the war in afghanistan. I think most observers agree that the way it's been brought to an end has been a disaster. The taliban is again in control of the country and in addition to political power. They've got their hands on. Us supplied military equipment including guns ammunition and combat aircraft. So we all agree. It's bad right now but did you know that was a good chance we could have maybe avoided all of this. That's because in december two thousand one. The taliban seemed to be on the verge of striking eight deal with the afghan government to surrender. This was at a time when the taliban itself said they were finished as a political force but donald rumsfeld the secretary of defense at the time rejected the idea and when asked about the possibility of such a deal said quote. The answer is no he wanted. An unconditional surrender. How did that work out just to be clear. No one is saying that afghantistan would have become piece floor. Violence-free only that we wouldn't have spent the next nineteen years fighting an unwinnable war more than twenty four hundred. Us service members were killed in afghanistan. So we're an estimated sixty six thousand afghan military and police and more than forty seven thousand afghan civilians over four hundred eight workers and more than seventy journalists all at a us price tag of two trillion dollars that the bush administration failed to end the war. Early on is one of the many gross mistakes that they made including allowing osama bin laden to escape afghanistan according to a senate report from two thousand nine bin laden was quote within our grasp in december two one but the administration let him slip through their hands quoting from the report the decisions that opened the door for his escape to pakistan allowed bin laden emergency potent symbolic figure who continues to attract a steady flow of money and inspired fanatics worldwide. The failure to finish the job represent a lost opportunity. That forever altered the course of the conflict in afghanistan and the future of international terrorism. That report came out twelve years

Taliban Afghan Government Afghanistan Afghantistan Donald Rumsfeld Bin Laden United States Bush Administration Senate Pakistan
More Than 3,000 Fake Vaccine Cards Seized by Border Patrol

Mojo In The Morning

00:57 sec | 2 months ago

More Than 3,000 Fake Vaccine Cards Seized by Border Patrol

"Border patrol. Seizes thousands of falsified cove in nineteen vaccine cards in in tennessee. And it's become a major issue. These fake vaccine cards turned up in tennessee which leads them to believe that. There's more of these all over the united states. Where are these fake vaccine cards coming from anybody. Anybody where do you think you. They're coming from china. I mean they're being made in china and being sent over here. The shipments were packaged from china. And they were going to places like new orleans national tennessee and even up in the mid western illinois just outside of the chicago area and two travelers were boston in hawaii for falsifying their vaccination reports with a fake vaccine card. A fifty seven year old man in a nineteen year old man were taken into custody when they realized that their vaccine cars were completely false that they were mocked up cards

Tennessee Border Patrol China United States New Orleans Illinois Chicago Hawaii Boston
Thomas Alva Edison: Inventing the Light Bulb

History That Doesn't Suck

02:04 min | 2 months ago

Thomas Alva Edison: Inventing the Light Bulb

"And yes the inventor does go by his middle name. Sits attentively in a chair is blue. Green is fixated as he cautiously watches the liquid metal known as mercury to send long vertically oriented tube on his spring style vacuum pump. The mercury's flow suctions air from a pear-shaped glass or bowl. Attached via a second tube. This glass bowl is latest. Iteration of an incandescent light but before he sends electricity's through its copper wires and across the thread connecting them or film it as it's called the brown haired inventors using this pump to remove as much air from the ball possible. That's how he gives his little filament of fighting chance of not burning to a crisp trista zaps it with temperatures as high as five thousand degrees fahrenheit. See those temperatures are why the film is the key thing here. Alva- would have a marketable incandescent light. If only he could find something able to take the heat. He's performed countless experiments over the past year. And this time. He's using carbonized. Cotton thread here. We go again. The mercury starts pulling sizable air bubbles. Al now heats glass bulb with an alcohol flame thus expanding the remaining gases inside who this delicate work one mistake and days of effort will go to waste but as the hours pass. Things continue smoothly. The mercury is now dripping faster. One of alvis assistance nineteen year old francis gel grabs the jar collecting mercury at the bottom of the pump. Replaces it with a new one. Then ascends a stepladder deported. Liquid back into the contractions reservoir. Meanwhile alva- cautiously starts using a battery to provide any electrical current to the bulbs to wires the flow of mercury continues to evacuate air from pear-shaped glass as the film inside. Glose after ten hours of this. The bulbs ready. It's time to see if this filament is the

Alva Green
Olympic Stories More Lovely Than Silver and Costly Than Gold

The BreakPoint Podcast

02:15 min | 2 months ago

Olympic Stories More Lovely Than Silver and Costly Than Gold

"The olympics ended. Sunday night though. Many of us hardly noticed they were on hard to cheer for athletes representing our country. Who don't seem to actually like our country that plus the insufferable push to sexualize. These games have just turned many of us off. Well that's a shame because there really were a number of inspiring athletes. That were competing in tokyo. This year their performances in their stories are worth knowing and were celebrating like sydney mclaughlin after winning the gold in the four hundred meter hurdles last week. She said this what i have in christ is far greater than what i have or don't have in life. And she went on to say. I pray that my journey may be a clear depiction of submission and obedience to god. Another female runner who shocked the world was only a teenager. Adding mu won an olympic gold in the eight hundred meters as a nineteen year old. She's the first. Us woman to win the event since nineteen sixty eight and in an interview said this as a follower of christ our main goal is to live in the image of jesus in order to connect to god and then there's wrestler tamra a stock the first african american woman to win gold for the us in wrestling. Her interview after the olympics will bring a smile to the face of any american and her testimony of god's faithfulness just put it all in perspective back before the olympic. She told faith wire this. It's by the grace of god. I'm even able to move my feet. So i just leave it in his hands and i pray that all the practice my coaches put me through pays off and every single time it does mensa stock also noted that her dad well he would have been the loudest one in the room but tragically. He died in a car crash. After one of tamara's wrestling meets back in high school and he also likely would have approved of the way. His daughter responded after she won. Gold she said in an interview. That's now gone viral quote. I love representing the us. I love living here. i love it. And i'm so happy. I get to represent the usa another olympian who set a record despite incredible challenges. Four hundred meter sprinter allyson felix in tokyo. She earned the distinction of becoming the most decorated. us track star in history within medals over five olympics. however she almost didn't live to see this one she'd already won six gold medals three silvers before becoming pregnant back in two thousand eighteen faced with a choice between her career and her child. Allison chose the child and she endured a challenging pregnancy. That nearly took her life and the life of her unborn baby.

Sydney Mclaughlin Olympics Tokyo Wrestling United States Tamra Olympic Allyson Felix Tamara Allison
All Eyes Are on Teenage Track Star, Athing Mu, at Tokyo Olympics

The World: Latest Edition

01:29 min | 2 months ago

All Eyes Are on Teenage Track Star, Athing Mu, at Tokyo Olympics

"Meters the first time the us has claimed top spot and this event since nineteen sixty eight games in mexico city. As if that wasn't enough mo- also snagged new american record. Back home in a large room in trenton new jersey. A pandemic era olympic scene were quickly becoming familiar with jubilation from viewing party. Back home. you can hear al jennings who has coach mos since she was nine. Mo- was born to south sudanese. Parents moved to the us just before she was born in new jersey before the games her brother told the new york times quote when you are from an immigrant family that comes in with its back against the wall. You know what the bottom is. He continued it gives us a focus on pursuing things. That would help us improve our lives for a thing mo that focus was running before heading off to tokyo. She shared her hopes on her youtube channel. I want to be an olympic gold medalist completely honest so i was looking forward to that. And hopefully that comes god willing. That hard work paid off today at just nineteen years. Young one footnote the podium featured none of the medallists from two thousand sixteen summer games in rio because women with naturally high testosterone are now banned from the eight hundred meters if they don't take medication to lower their levels. That rule disqualified all three of the reigning medalists more stories from the olympic games. Coming up including france's love affair with judo plus super fans team israel. That's later this hour. You're listening to the world. i'm marco werman.

Al Jennings New Jersey Mexico City Trenton MO Olympic United States The New York Times Olympic Gold Tokyo Youtube RIO Olympic Games Judo France Israel Marco Werman
Biles Returns to Competition With a Bronze Medal and a Smile

AP News Radio

00:49 sec | 2 months ago

Biles Returns to Competition With a Bronze Medal and a Smile

"Nineteen year old a thing more led from start to finish winning goal Tuesday at the women's eight hundred meter final will claim the first American gold in the event since nineteen sixty eight in a time of one minute fifty five point two one seconds I was just focused on being conscious of what was going on around me you know if anything happened I was going to attack it and with whoever you know is making that move raven Rogers of the west took the bronze gold four demerit mensa stock of the USA in the women's sixty eight kilogram freestyle wrestling competition defeating her Nigerian opponent USA men's basketball Kevin Durant twenty nine point ninety five eighty one win over Spain it's now one of the semifinals against Australia Simone Biles picking up the bronze in the final of the women's balance beam Gabby Thomas of the US a bronze in the women's two hundred meter Jamaica's Elaine Thompson harav repeated as the gold medalist I'm John at three

Raven Rogers Simone Biles United States Kevin Durant Wrestling Gabby Thomas Basketball Spain Australia Elaine Thompson Harav Jamaica John
How the New Testament Opened Author Micah Wilder's Eyes to the True Gospel

The Eric Metaxas Show

02:22 min | 2 months ago

How the New Testament Opened Author Micah Wilder's Eyes to the True Gospel

"Mike. Take us back now. You're nineteen years old you you kind of stumble onto this baptist minister in florida. And you're trying to convert him to the mormon faith and you kind of bumped into the wrong baptist minister because this guy because there are many baptist ministers you could run into who wouldn't wouldn't have pushed back in the way that he did probably so what happens at this point Do you continue meeting with him or do you. Just go read the bible on your own. Yes so after his challenge to approach the new testament like a child. I i accepted this invitation but it wasn't in a humble or a childlike faith. It's because i believed in my own arrogance that i could prove the mormon church truth through reading the bible exclusively and so in the mormon church we had extra biblical scripture that we were adhering to for truth. So i'd never really put the same amount of of trust into the bible is is a christian should and so i then began this process of reading the new testament daily for the remainder of my mormon mission which was about twenty months and i actually ended up reading the new testament in total twelve times from beginning to end it was through the power of the word of god that my eyes were opened and i was washed by the water of the word of god and i started to see the difference in the gospel that i was teaching as a mormon and the gospel that was revealed in the new testament and i loved what you said before the break. You know paul said should we send deliberately so the grace may abound. Will god forbid right. So as a mormon i had the cart before the horse i was trying to earn a right standing with god and trying to prove my worthiness to god believing that it was through my works that i could somehow make myself righteous not recognizing that we love god because he first loved us and so our faithfulness in the works and fruit that are produced through us is that which comes as a result of love of gratitude of faithfulness to the god who loved and saved us and so we then walk in the good works the goddess prepared before him that we should walk in them and so i came to recognize that there was this beautiful gospel. This good news that jesus love for me with so grand and vast that he paid in full measure the debt that i owe to god and god was asking of me for justification was to trust in him to believe that jesus alone was the only way to salvation.

Mormon Church Mike Florida Paul
California Governor Candidate John Cox Believes in Faith and Free Will

The Eric Metaxas Show

02:07 min | 3 months ago

California Governor Candidate John Cox Believes in Faith and Free Will

"Folks. I'm talking to john cox. The man that i hope will be the next governor of the state of california. Wouldn't that be amazing john You said my faith. I assume you're a christian. And when did that become important in your life. Well i actually adopted my faith as an adult. I didn't have a religion growing growing up. My mom was not religious. One iota and i always questioned where i was from and where i was going. Frankly and so I met my first wife who happen to be catholic and i adopted the catholic religion. I did it without telling her and sought instruction and and was baptized. When i was nineteen years old and now i've been electorate. My church for twenty years taught sunday school. I was don't brag. How did jimmy carter. Okay all right. That's nothing you wanna brag about. Nombre again i just. I'm just head my background. Is i got involved very much church and i felt it was very very important. I believe in my faith. And god's plan for us. I believe in god's love was shown through giving us all free will and freedom and free will is god's gift to us and it's it's in the constitution as the first freedom the the first amendment to the bill of rights is freedom of religion and that's because people came to this country seeking religious liberty and god gave us those that free will because he wanted us to love him. Because of our own choice. I want my children to love me for their own choice not to be forced but see communism. Socialism and big government doesn't want that they want to force you to do things and i think the essence of god's love is free will and that personifies itself in freedom and frankly the us is the greatest country in the history of the world because we celebrate freedom and because we have that firmly a solidified in in the bill of

John You John Cox Jimmy Carter California United States
"nineteen  years" Discussed on WTVN


01:51 min | 1 year ago

"nineteen years" Discussed on WTVN

"Twenty nineteen years report limitations apply traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense sometimes starring customerid next update at six thirty I'm Johnny hills newsradio six ten W. ABC six first warning weather it's meteorologist Andrew Buck Michael so we either snow today but after that what do you think yeah we'll get into another like Ranma snow tomorrow and then rain snow mix kicks in Sunday night so today we got snow showers pretty steady snow early this morning and as we continue into the afternoon some pockets of snow on an office specially for the eastern part of the state generally what we're looking at about one to two inches of snow by this evening eastern Ohio getting into a little bit more than that so a little bit of snow out there force today not a huge snow but enough to make things look a little white for us as we continue into the afternoon we get to thirty two for the high tonight's partly cloudy couple flurries will drop down to about twenty four tomorrow a quick band of snow kicking in mid day not a lot maybe a dusting up to an inch will get up to about thirty five tomorrow than forty one Sunday with that rain snow mix returning Sunday night okay forecast it's powered by the basement Dr little chillier this morning then we have been Westerville at twenty seven we have twenty six your severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN coming up on Columbus this morning you we know this morning the Kobe Bryant memorial has been sets Machel Polina with more the memorial for Kobe Bryant will take place on February twenty fourth at the stable centre with the basketball great became a legend centers also known as the house the Kobe the memorial will include Colby his daughter Tiana and the seven other people that were killed in the January twenty six helicopter crashed in Calabasas California on Friday before game against the Portland trailblazers the Lakers held an emotional tribute to Kobe shop fox news so of course we'll keep you up to date on that story plus looks like there's.

Andrew Buck Michael Columbus Kobe Bryant memorial Kobe Bryant basketball Colby California Lakers W. ABC Ohio Tiana Calabasas Portland Kobe shop
"nineteen  years" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

01:47 min | 2 years ago

"nineteen years" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Salvador nineteen years later it's June ten I'm alone unknown in nineteen years today I haven't packed I leave tomorrow yesterday I baby sat a kid a four year old with Britney at the end he chose for books for me to read to him and one of our own Dr Seuss oh the places you'll go and after Britney read it to him he said that it made him feel better and he was hugging me now I'm home I will cut with Britney and I feel good about leaving and I don't know when that changed because I've been scared and there's something about the state and then S. full circle on June tenth the day before I left to us about I had dinner with my mom and my aunts we started talking about the trip and my little cousin then you don't really surprised me your nine and how do you think you would feel if you were going also have like rain now feel happy for you yeah you're going there and seeing my grandmother and my grandfather and I wish you luck any advice if you were to go to a place that you never been to well what would you bring want to clean my room yeah.

Britney Dr Seuss Salvador nineteen years four year
"nineteen  years" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

01:57 min | 2 years ago

"nineteen years" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Nineteen years in my in my exit briefings that poor Gordon in December two thousand we were told we didn't qualify for VA medical care they said that only retirees and those would qualify service related disabilities at time of discharge were served by being medical care although he needed it I never even tried to get in the system managing my mental health took many years but I'm I never sought help while I was in the navy whether or not there is a widespread belief that the NSA would revoke the security clearance of any service members seeking mental health assistance which indicate that we met lots job one wouldn't be discharged so we'll spend too much time learning our target languages and job skills to risk it after work I didn't have any difficulty finding work later I had a job lined up with the defense contractor almost entirely by virtue of my top secret clearance it helps to deal dudes that hired me came from the same tiny community within the military even if they had been out for decades eight seven seven eight my take is our number this is the take away on the next on being he had this tremendous fear that I would be discovered and I now realize that that's just here was actually when I really wished something would actually seeming because I'd never been seen joy laden on the practical moral and spiritual aspects of gender transition end of living as a woman for the first time in my life I'm Christy Tippit join us tonight at nine on ninety three point nine FM W. NYC.

"nineteen  years" Discussed on KQED Radio

KQED Radio

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"nineteen years" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Nineteen years in my in my exit briefings that poor Gordon in December of two thousand we were told we didn't qualify for VA medical care they said that only retirees and those with qualified service related disabilities at time of discharge were served by being medical care although I needed it I never even tried to get in the system managing my mental health took many years but I'm I never sought help while I was in the navy whether or not there is a widespread belief that the NSA would revoke the security clearance of any service members seeking mental health which inescapable he met lost jobs one wouldn't be discharged so we'll spend too much time learning our target languages and job skills to risk it after work I didn't have any difficulty finding work later I had a job lined up with the defense contractor almost entirely by virtue of my top secret clearance it helps to deal due to the higher team came from the same tiny community within the military even after they had been out for decades eight seven seven eight my take is our number this is the take away support for KQ EDA comes from mighty mite termite.

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"Accuses a nineteen year old Chicago man of posting messages on a social media site typically use for jokes to threaten a deadly attack on an abortion clinic in the city court papers say Ferrante streak wrote on his I. funny page last week that he'd called slaughter in murder any doctor patient or visitor he saw at the clinic adding he wasn't joking the family doesn't identify the clinic the teen is charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce carries a maximum five year prison sentence family and friends of twenty five year old Rashad Cunningham are demanding Gary police allowed them to view any dasher body camera video that shows a what led up to the shooting that killed him police have released a very little information only that the shooting started with a traffic stop Cunningham's girlfriend says that's not true she also says that he did have a gun on him while he was riding in his friend's car Saturday morning but he also had a permit to carry it there's a vigil scheduled for tonight Lee County sheriff's department is investigating the shooting the NYPD officer who place garner in a chokehold shortly before he died back in twenty fourteen has been fired a police department judge ruled last week the chill cold violet department protocol today the New York commissioner James o'neill agreed with the judge's findings to fire officer Daniel Pantaleo it for absolutely no Victor's here today at the gonna family not the community at large is certainly not the courageous men and women of the police department to put their own lives on the line every single day in service and to the people of this great city in video of the incident garner could be heard saying I can't breathe several times it became a rallying cry for protests against police brutality in in California governor Gavin Newsom says he plans to sign a measure aimed at deterring shootings by police his office says the bill approved today will modernize the state standards for the use of deadly force by officers he changes existing law to require officers to only use deadly force when necessary his office says it will encourage law enforcement to train de escalate situations before turning to the fire on the measure passed.

California James o'neill New York NYPD Lee County Gary Ferrante Chicago Gavin Newsom Victor Daniel Pantaleo commissioner officer Rashad Cunningham murder twenty five year nineteen year five year
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"It through nineteen years New Jersey fast two eighty seven in Edison this recorder sponsored by quest diagnostics now there's an accident on the shoulder on two eighty seven sound very good for north fansided aged four there was a car fire on the shoulder that's been cleared out of the way but still lots of slow dance each way to eighty seven Edison seventy eighties coming out of the term by the main Broadway an accident removed from the local lanes of seventy eight and twenty four so my spent trying to get a two eighty seven nine in lake with some typical bunching up also sinkhole in Sayreville nine north at Bordentown Avenue the right lane closed seventy west in Toms River in accidents been cleared out of the way not a bad afternoon garden state parkway New Jersey Turnpike across the Delaware slowly believe Jersey advan Franklin the Commodore Barry the Walt Whitman bridge Hudson River crossing delays back down under five minutes choose quest diagnostics for your blood work and take advantage of the retail locations online appointments and test results are in network with horizon Blue Cross blue shield of New Jersey and most of the health plans quest in J. dot com traffic every fifteen minutes next reported to thirty three from the all American auto group traffic yes shop today at all American auto group dot com I'm John rivers on New Jersey one a one point five thank you download our free New Jersey one one point five app on your smartphone and listen to us anytime anywhere access your Jersey new fast traffic and chat with our host exclusive apple only contest search for you Jersey one one point five store free two.

New Jersey Edison quest diagnostics Sayreville Toms River Delaware Hudson River John rivers apple Commodore Barry Walt Whitman bridge Blue Cross fifteen minutes nineteen years five minutes
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"Impressed with all the donations we've had through these nineteen years people who have opened up their hearts and their wallets for so many different reasons that you don't know why this speaks to someone but I can tell you that if you ever saw this place you'd be all over it you'd be all about it it is absolutely amazing the joy you feel when your field yes you're white turn to the lord in a baby you don't feel joy in a hospital you feel destroy here of all places at a cancer center yeah I'm stunned by that every year because then we talk about this a lot that it's not just what the the good work of the doctors and the research here which is shared all all over the world mention nurses that I'm not a doctor I was going to get to actually I was working my way by cell I was working my way to the nurses and the entire staff because we understand we can we can understand how horrible a diagnosis for a child the cancer is and we can understand well you get good doctors and you could research and you and you go after that but what's understood here and you talk about the joy is a children's healthcare of Atlanta they understand the state of mind of the entire family this walking to the door in the healing process is about warmth and joy and that's as much as important as actually the doctors getting in there and taking care of the actual cancer of the leukemia whatever it is and that's what you feel that's what I feel when I come in here every year is that want to enjoy it every year I talked to a patient who is happy to come here to get treatment and that's a testament to the entire staff the nurses the doctors all of the care givers and that's the how do you how do you turn a place where you're dealing with such issues into a place of joy I don't know I'm just going to support it they do it the other thing is any adult who's ever dealt with surgery at a cancer whatever I mean it's a miserable experience right these kids come in here and they got poked and prodded in hand treated so many different ways of chemo and radiation whatever and they just have joy about I don't yeah yeah and baby on there in such a warm welcome environment think one of the things you when you walk in here and it feels like a kids club yeah like it's like you think of people going to a fancy club for adults this is all geared through the eyes of a child and that's what they understand right and so the furniture's at the right scale and they've got so many fun activities for the kids and we talk about all those things but to me what really matters here are the people who work yes absolutely you know it takes a special person work in a cancer center it takes it extremely special person to work in a child's cancer center because even though their survival rates of cancer have skyrocketed over just the time we've been doing here the nineteen years the survival rate and we started was in the sixties now so the eighties right can you imagine I mean you go back through human history make a lot of progress with health and safety and all that through wherever your political beliefs are religious beliefs when you think humanity started right right whenever it was a long time ago no matter what you believe it was a long time ago right right and so we made no progress in life spans or and outcomes for so long and then in a blink of human history we've had these enormous improvement in survival rates for people who do get sick and lifespans overall for all and let's not forget that happens because people like our listeners give money so let's get it out there eight eight eight seven five zero twenty seven seventy two that was really we had a guy really making me work here WSB radio dot com you can text the key word W. S. B. to two four five eight seven and then after you give sometime this year come on by and see the great work that they do here because it really is amazing obvious talk to Addie at ease hi Jose's mom hi how are you great how are you you were smiling ear to ear Andy this is a very important day for you why myself SO we're condition called last night and saying they don't from three hundred eighty thousand kids only one gaze condition and he's only child last last night how we're looking at the same time so you this is what I heard or you tell me if I'm right to your child this is so rare this condition that your child is the only one in the country somebody said the only one in the country and then he said no the only one in the world which one is it is not the only only one in the country so from three hundred eighty thousand kids only one gaze condition the last night yes but the lesson I am with the leukemia he's only try on the whole world and he's right here yes my goodness and he got to do something today that people just tuning and did not hear us talk about there's something in front of you would you pick that up and make some noise with us this is only a black and white why do we ring the bell here children's healthcare of Atlanta weaving in the mail today because the law says condition the first condition the last night hand syndrome we are not able to given the more chemo and this is our fight we just got to continue fighting not only for dole leukemia what including for the last nine we want to make everybody in the whole world that they need to donate for the research of Lesch Nyhan leukemia or looking the only another kind of cancers and how old is Jose who says eight and how old was he when he was diagnosed with the six almost seven yeah that's the one or not we have parents listening right now and I I I just would like them to get into that moment with Europe you you have a healthy five six year old and then you get this diagnosis and what what what what does that what does that do to a parent to hear something like that so it's a devastating when you're saying the world cancer but that doesn't matter how hard these we just got a convenient frame and we just got it believe on the doctors and believe in god that he was the one who's going to heal your son and he's going to be the person who's going to guide you through the whole area of the cancer well I just I just want to say to our listeners the you have you have them praying with you and we ask for the the thing here nurse which is money so we got the prayers and we need the money and all of our audience is praying with you and we ask you to call eight eight eight seven five zero twenty seven seventy two and anti we have now the audio when Jose got to ring the bell.

nineteen years five six year
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"Independent life this is Chad dead set I am I understand that if I wanted to win that war Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the year if I could win that war in a week I just don't want to kill ten million people I don't want to do that I want to go that route so we're working with Pakistan and others to extricate ourselves nor do we want to be policemen because basically what policemen right now and we're not supposed to be policemen we've been there we've been there for nineteen years in Afghanistan is ridiculous it is ridiculous what nineteen years and yes the reality is if we wanted to we could have wiped them off the face of the earth you know that I know that we all know that we're not stupid we're not foolish that's the reality we could turn that place last factory who would that have served nobody I don't have anybody's policemen as we look around to see the amount of money we're spending the fact that our debt is continuing to rise the fact you were overspending again talk about shaming which should have financial shaming we start shaming our government for overspending we're spending how many millions and billions of dollars in wars that we don't don't begin and guess what I don't wanna be somebody's policeman and I sure the hell don't wanna blow to rebuild your country and to nation build your country if we broke it here's some money you guys fix it that should be the way we talk we have our allies and our friends we will protect them they will protect us we got each other's backs we would like you to be an ally and not an enemy but you do you go I don't wanna spend anymore money I don't I do not I'm over it we got issues here home that are being dealt with we're not dealing with immigration we're not dealing with the fact that healthcare is out of control we're not dealing with a lot of things that need to be dealt with and we've been there nineteen years at some point in time we got to go we do we have to go the people that have made their billions thank America and it's time to move on that's it and we tell these nations this way it's gonna work we're stepping out.

Afghanistan Pakistan America Chad nineteen years
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"Of nineteen year old camera cloud an eighteen year old briars McGill ski or on the run accused of killing the young couple trying to dis from the U. S. in her boyfriend Lucas valor from Australia and the cloud inch McGill ski are suspects in another murder of a man found at the site where they're burning truck was discovered at Selleck stone reporting new charges have been filed in connection with the murder in the linked in springs neighborhood in Seattle just two months ago we get new details from come was Greg Herschel king county prosecutors have now charge the father of the two men already accused of first degree murder in that case he's charged with taking part in the robbery that led up to the shooting death of Steven Sande William D. as seniors accused of driving his sons and their accomplices to and from the shooting scene and charging papers say it was all caught on surveillance video Seattle times reports the victim was selling heroin and methamphetamine out of his our feet and was known to regularly have a small amount of drugs and cash on hand Greg Herschel komo news a nineteen year old sky way man is charged with the armed robbery of one man and killing a witness king county prosecutors say low rent a van Gogh was arrested last week in connection with the shooting death of Angelo pope on June nineteenth in north Seattle The Seattle Times reports he remains in jail on two million dollars bond police obtained video surveillance footage from a nearby business before making the arrests of suspected burglar shot his way out of Puyallup south hill mall earlier today we get the story from Cuomo's Franklin Z. police say the guy got into the mall through the roof around six o'clock this morning witness indicated that a person was the shooting out the store fronts inside the mall and grabbing a bunch of clothes and things like that captain Ryan foreman says it looks like the twenty two year old Milton man shot out the glass doors at Macy's in order to get out of the mall police quickly condom they didn't have to fire any shots no one was hurt but the mall was shut down to early morning walkers Frank Lenzi komo news well she clearly wasn't there for the Chiluba come most Manda factor tells us about a strange sight at a fast food restaurant in the Portland area a sergeant with the Washington County sheriff's office was in line at a Taco Bell in Beaverton and she sees the car in front of our of the driver I'll call out of the car window and starts pouring it into the mouth of the Taco Bell employee through the drive through window detective say that peak to their sergeants curiosity and so as soon as the car pulls away from Taco Bell she pulls at driver over and she got arrested for D. Y. the twenty three year old woman was booked into jail the sheriff's office says her blood alcohol level was point one two Amanda factor come on who's you know think what you wish but probably just the most creative way of leaving a tip I've ever heard it's so you wanna look at it's three oh nine here come on using just something to be aware of it the color is a little bit different in hood canal this week it's transformed into such a bright shade of blue green it's actually visible from space here's como's Corwin ache satellite photos of hood canal show the water way has turned a shade of tropical teal resembling the carribean sea the reason a seasonal bloom of final plankton trapped by the canal steep and deep top barber fee like a Norwegian fjord and the water this in her account takes a long time to flush out to exchange itself with the Jan Newton is a university of Washington oceanographer the blue is not harmful to swimmers or wildlife but Newton says excessive final plankton and hood canal is a concern because it tends to deplete the waterways supply of oxygen Corwin hake komo news company this time three ten that means time.

nineteen year two million dollars twenty three year twenty two year eighteen year two months Milton
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"And nineteen years ago we began this radio show the Hugh Hewitt show and we've had nineteen wonderful years except for the fact I don't have a producer I've never had a prisoner drains been next door the whole time but some that will match what we got it done we got yeah two hundred eighty affiliates or something like that but I Majel we get it done if I only had a producer but I have an engineer Adam it's been wonderful man engineer Adam in Dwayne spin around I'm I'm not saying the I've been here you can in fact see came in today for the occasion which is rare on a Wednesday he usually golf and when's if I could doctor used to be doctors always golf on Wednesday generalissimo golf is because on Wednesday and as always done that time for the pre market report also does take a nice can gradually nor that note from Bob friends of Cleveland now the only way that this day could be better if the fetching as you and I were spending it by the lake in Cleveland or perhaps out at breaks up there in training camp I agree that would be better that would be that'd be quiet I did not ask that the hand but Bob maybe because my anniversary will come clean and admit finally but I was a big Baker Mayfield draft Baker Mayfield fan and Bob France was all for Sam Donald you think I'll do that on my anniversary come clean I'm not sure he well he trying to maintain a myth and lower my standing in the eyes of my beloved fourteen twenty AM the answer audience inside of Cleveland the folks down in in dog pound landing Columbus at ninety eight point nine they now may now but you know Bob is always constantly throwing dirt in the error prone smoke and I got to correct the record time to correct.

producer engineer Adam golf Bob friends Cleveland Bob Bob France Sam Donald Hugh Hewitt Baker Mayfield Columbus nineteen years
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"Nineteen year old woman was nine months pregnant when she was murdered last month. Their unborn child was taken from her three people are now charged in her murder, and they're being held without bond tobacco in court next month lawmakers, they're now looking to re to introduce a Bill that would require anyone coming to a hospital with a baby born at home to provide not just ID, but a DNA test to Peru to prove that the child, is, there's in today's democratic weekly address. Senator, Debbie stab of Michigan says quality, affordable healthcare should be a basic right, for all American families, but she says, Senate Republicans aren't doing their part. She says Democrats are trying to act, but they need some help lecture member of congress. No, you don't want to go back to the battle days. Winning sheri- companies could refuse to cover children with asthma. Or charge women more simply because we're women over the past two weeks, congress has passed bills to lower prescription drug prices and another one as well to protect preexisting conditions in New Jersey overnight, ten people were hurt at a shooting at a bar in the states capital, Trenton officials say five men and five women were brought to local hospitals. Seeven Hamill is a resident of Trenton, and he says, in his city right now, there are drugs everywhere. Crime is terrible. Shoot somebody for five dollars around here and mayor read goose, you're telling reporters outside the bar that he has learned that the gunman drove up and fire to people gathered outside the bar before taking off. Search for the suspect continues a hiker who went missing in Hawaii has been found alive after a couple of weeks at the details now from ABC's Todd in. Well, search volunteer, Chris Burke, Quist was the first to spot. Amanda Eller from the window of the rescue chopper on Friday. While we were in the helicopter. And we got her out the thirty five year old physical therapist was last seen on may eighth which went hiking in Maui forest she knew who she was where she was. You know, definitely how long she'd been out there, very surprised after two weeks in the forest Eller was found in healthy condition. She lost her shoes. She no injuries. Eller is recovering at Maui memorial. Todd ant, ABC news. The union representing San Francisco police officers now calling for the chief to resign for how he's handled the police rate of a freelance journalist home, and office, chief William Scott, acknowledging yesterday, the searches were probably illegal and apologized for the way his department handled the investigation into just who leaked a confidential police report to Brian Carmody the shit law in California protects journalists, from search warrants and Scott said the paperwork seeking court approval of the rate did not adequately identify Carmody, as a journalist police union firing back today, saying Scott ordered the investigation knew he was a journalist and deceive the sergeant who wrote that search warrant traffic.

Amanda Eller Seeven Hamill William Scott congress Todd ant Debbie stab forest Eller Trenton Brian Carmody murder Maui memorial Peru ABC sheri Maui forest Senator Hawaii
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"It's a two series right now. ESPN ESPN's, Myron medcalf. The bucks are in trouble. Like you cannot talk about this in any other way. But the fact that the number one team in the NBA team that won sixty games the team, that has Jaanus who supposed to be the MVP. They're in trouble. They went in one two games. Here they are two and they look like an inexperienced group, they look like a group that thought they had it thought they were on the way to the finals that got punched back in the mouth, and here, the going back to Milwaukee limping back to Milwaukee Janas. Is not the nineteen year old. He was a few years ago, and the guy who was this promising prospect, he's an MVP candidate hood, and I'm not gonna treat them any other way if he fails in these next three games that's going to be an important part of his young legacy. He's got a show up because I think this bucks team to go from being one of the best stories in the NBA to being one of the biggest disappointment if they don't capitalize on this opportunity that they haven't frontal as for Toronto. Kyle Lowry is dealing with a bump on his non shooting hand and we've seen an occasional lymph from Colli Leonard. Earlier Audie SPN radio T has an analyst, Josh Lewin bird. I I'm impressed by it. I was thinking about this today for no other reason, San Antonio Spurs fan. They're not going to be happy to hear this. But quite Leonard is as we know a few months away from free agency. He's got a lot of money on the line potentially two hundred plus million. If he stays in Toronto and signs the max and at this point he owned it. He's got nothing left to prove from that standpoint. Certain players, maybe not a lot of them. But certain players in that situation might just say, all right. I'm going to protect my interests year nothing guesting that he would not play. But maybe not go full speed, especially if he's somewhere where he doesn't wanna be long term and just say, all, I, I'm gonna make sure that I, I don't take any risks here, but he's laying it out all on the line. He's emptying the take your he's playing through an injury of unknown severity. And I'm not sure if that speaks to maybe his connection with the lockers, being stronger than some people think that it is or that speaks to its competitive nature. And the fact that he just wants to compete championship win a championship regardless of where he is. And what he plans on doing if you months from now. Dame, five Eastern Conference finals coming up on Thursday. It's here on ESPN radio as every game until a champion is crowned sportscenter allnight ESPN radio. As for the west warriors took care of that. And they're of course, waiting for the winner of the east, then once the NBA finals wrapped up. Then blood for Golden State is Kevin Durant really undecided. Jump Ramona Shelburne, Byron Scott with our Rachel Nichols. I don't think that they have to make an ironclad decision before they have all the information. Why would they? Why would they make a call now? Kevin durant. Certainly could not have predicted going into this playoffs that he was start the first around people saying, oh my God. He's consensus best player in the game. But then the next round and a half people saying the words don't even need.

Kevin Durant NBA ESPN Leonard Jaanus MVP Toronto Kyle Lowry San Antonio Spurs Colli Leonard Myron medcalf Josh Lewin Milwaukee Milwaukee Janas Ramona Shelburne analyst Dame Rachel Nichols Byron Scott nineteen year
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"Everybody. Mark Levin here. Our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. We have a lot of positive news right now have a positive news. Well, I'm a little over sixty. I'm sixty one years old. That's not the positive news. The positive news is I cannot remember when the unemployment rate was three point six percent. Three point six percent unemployment and you're not hearing this on the news off state is considered full employment. That is there's always a couple of percent in the population who leave their jobs looking for other jobs, or maybe somebody gets pregnant, they leave their job or whatever. So there's a little bit of room for voluntary decisions when it comes to employment or unemployment. Three point six percent. Unemployment means ninety six point four percent employment. And again, I'm telling you, I don't ever remember that. Maybe it happened when I was three four five six years old. But in modern times, I don't remember that. And there's a reason for that. It's the lowest unemployment rate in forty nine years in half a century. People should be celebrating in the streets. People should be celebrating and happy hour. The media should be celebrating their hosts have smiles on their face ear to ear. This is incredible. It truly is. It truly is a massive economic upswing. Certainly. Compared to recent administrations and unquestionably compared to the last administration capitalism works. Tax cuts work. Deregulation works. In other words, the opposite of what democratic presidential candidates are saying works the opposite of what Nancy Pelosi and the other thugs in the house want to do works. It works. Unemployment among Iraq, Iran. Vets. One point seven percent unemployment among the divide things in the ethnic racism. So Asian two point two percent. Two point two percent. Unemployment among Hispanics, four point two percent. That is a record low since it's been tracked in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. Unemployment among women record low. Unemployment. Among workers that who do not have bachelor degrees or above fell to the lowest in nineteen years in nineteen years. Three point five percent. With high degrees without with college degrees without black Hispanic white. Asian women men. Capitalism works this president his economic policies. Are fantastically.

Mark Levin Nancy Pelosi president Iraq Iran six percent two percent nineteen years three four five six years forty nine years sixty one years seven percent five percent four percent
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"The nineteen year old suspect is being charged with one count of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. He's expected to make a court appearance later this week. I'm Jim Roope. Now your forecast from the Ramsey Mazda weather center tonight, mainly cloudy with occasional rain, low forty eight tomorrow tomorrow, I should say variably cloudy skies with the. Chance of passing shower high sixty six tomorrow night, still a chance of a shower early low forty nine Wednesday, cloudy cooler with areas of drizzle getting up to fifty six degrees in Thursday's outlook, mostly cloudy with a couple of showers. Thursday's high getting up to fifty six degrees for the Ramsey Mazda weather center, it's currently forty nine degrees in New York. It's forty eight degrees in millburn, traffic and transit up next. I'm Bob Brown and seventy seven WABC or New York comes to talk seventy seven WABC new Bernie and sit in the morning pit bulls in the projects only somebody like involved in nonviolent people's all the thing with pit bulls. Oh, yeah. They're nice. One day. All of a sudden, they're not nice. They get radicalized. Pit bull and a computer if you know something bad's gonna sit in the morning weekday morning six now on devices seventy seven. People frequently consumed green leafy vegetables tend to have better memories as they age green leafy vegetables. Take good for your brain and memory and also for your heart and getting your greens has never been easier, which smart smarter from invite health every survey supplies,.

Ramsey Mazda weather center WABC New York first degree murder millburn Jim Roope Bob Brown Bernie fifty six degrees forty eight degrees forty nine degrees nineteen year One day
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"Good morning. I'm Joe Bartlett, President Trump firing back saying disgraced acting FBI director Andrew McCabe story is getting even more deranged, he accuses McCabe deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein of planning a very illegal act. The Cape admitting to talked about invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove the president from office. Trump was lashing out before the full interview had even aired calling Andrew McCabe a disgrace to the FBI and to the country has claims have already caught the attention of one of the president's allies on Capitol Hill. Senator Lindsey Graham is now calling for a congressional hearing. He's asking if that conversation about the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office was quote, an attempted bureaucratic coup. Correspondent Cecilia Vega. Meanwhile, the democratic backlash continues to the president's declaration of a national emergency. So he can build his border wall. There are already a number of pending lawsuits. Now battle moves to the courts, and they're the Trump administration may have to demonstrate that this is a bona fide emergency not just a political and around congress with challenges coming from border, states, landowners, and others as correspondent, Terry Moran. A double murder in the Bronx woman and her teenage son beaten and stabbed to death. Police now looking for the woman's boyfriend Mirasol Ortiz didn't show up to open her story yesterday. Her daughter called police when they arrived at her Bronx apartment she and her fifteen year old son were dead. Police say both were hitting the head with a heavyweight the boy was strangled possibly as he slept. Ortiz was stabbed in the head. And torn money was found on her body where it is cops are looking for Mirasol spoi- friend who reportedly has a prison record for assault. Analyst stacked in Rossini's seven ten wwl wire. Anthony Weiner is out of prison serving time at a halfway house to the Bronx. He'll be there for three months before getting a full release in may we never sentenced to nearly two years in prison for sexting and underage girl. Wait going to be held today for NYPD detective Brian Simonson who was killed last week in a friendly fire incident. He's being remembered by a lot of people, including the deputy inspector Courtney Nyland at the one hundred second precinct was an institution not just in this precinct. But in this community what he's done in his nineteen years for the community and for this precinct. I can't even put into words. Two suspects are now facing murder charges made a Blasios continues to blast Amazon over its decision to abandon plans to build a second headquarters in Long Island city. He tells NBC's meet the press Amazon just took their ball and left. They said they want a partnership, but the minute there were criticisms they walked away. What does that say to working people that accompany would leave them high and dry simply because some people raise criticism, but the mayor also suggested that many of Amazon's progressive critics and understand how the deal would work was it all a hoax two brothers now talking to police about. That alleged attack on empire actor jussie smollet police telling ABC news, the two brothers claim empire's star jussie smollet paid them to carry out a fabricated, homophobic attack. Sources say detectives are actively investigating that allegation who make something like this up or add something to it or or whatever it may be now smollet doubling down on his story as police probe whether he staged a hoax, that's correspondent aerial Russia. Bodega is in New York City wanted to be able to sell marijuana if it's legalized by the state Fernando Mateo a spokesman for the United Bodega of America, all this money should not go to white owned businesses. They should not go to corporate America. Yeah. He says Bodega wanna be the wholesaler for pot in New York. A Florida sixth grader who wouldn't stand for the pledge of allegiance is facing misdemeanor charges. The eleven year old boys accused of telling a teacher. He wouldn't stand for the pledge because the flag. Racist. A Stephen by the school district in a Tampa. Suburb says the boy was arrested because he refused to leave the classroom and made threats while he was being escorted to the principal's office back on February the fourth our news at nine o'clock brought to you today by Dr Liederman radio surgery, New York. Call two one two choices for more information..

Trump Andrew McCabe president New York City Courtney Nyland Mirasol Ortiz FBI Fernando Mateo murder Amazon Anthony Weiner Senator Lindsey Graham Cecilia Vega deputy attorney general Brian Simonson Joe Bartlett rod Rosenstein Mirasol Terry Moran congress
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"At NFL his nineteen year old Shannon namer who was pregnant her two year old daughter and her boyfriend. You're listening to ABC news. Newsradio time is twelve. Oh, two. I'm Roger Hudson developments in the murder case of Kelsey Berith from woodland park. ABC news is reporting that a woman is being investigated for possibly disposing cell phone in Idaho. Multiple sources tell ABC that she's a thirty two year old nurse from twin falls bears fiance. Patrick Swayze has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Berra's death. She hasn't been seen since thanksgiving. Denver city council has unanimously voted down a proposal to add more red light cameras decided instead to improve safety by adjusting the timing of some yellow lights, it looks like the Broncos have narrowed their search for a coach to five candidates. I five to interview is former colts head coach Chuck Parag Pango he was at the UC health training center on Wednesday nine news in KOA Broncos. Insider, Mike Lee says whoever gets the head coach job may have to accept Gary kubiak is his offensive coordinator. It appears we wrote this a couple of days ago. Gary kubiak wants to come back as an offensive coordinator. And he's gonna stay here Merkel's says that's not for sure at least not yet. If you're feeling a little ill after the holidays, just make sure it isn't the flu. Dr John Douglas Tri county health says flu cases are spiking and it's especially worrisome for kids in the elderly. We look at older folks folks over the age of sixty five or particularly likely to get sick, and we see increased hospitalizations in them. Dr Douglas says it's not too late to get the flu shot. According to a new study, the craft beer industry has a strong growth line research from C. Plus our research says Colorado has eight point four breweries for every one hundred thousand people and claims if those breweries have a economic impact of seven hundred sixty four dollars per person our next update at twelve thirty. I'm Roger Hudson. Newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Water.

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"nineteen years" Discussed on WINT 1330 AM

"That going. Oh my gosh. Two thousand nineteen that's like that's like a galaxy away yet. Here. We are two thousand nineteen. Remember when we were younger, we would look at the millennial. We will we will look at the new millennium, and we would figure out how old we would be when the year two thousand came. And I remember going, oh, I'm gonna be old. I'm going to be my twenties. I'm going to be so old. And now it's nineteen years past the money. Oh, my son. I have a son God willing turning nineteen. The hasn't even healed nineteen years. So that the president's people. When you think back to the sixties and the seventies and eighties and nineties time goes by fast. So New Year's resolutions. Don't have to be annoying Vega. Be therapeutic. We don't wanna get depressed in the new here, and it is depressing. You know, because a lot of things haven't changed politics. Haven't changed our jobs. It might not have changed family attitudes. Have not changed our problems. Did it miraculously go away when the fireworks bursted, you know, the other day? So here we are with two thousand nine hundred eighty no Christmas lights having to clean up the house. Having a realize we need to make a new year having looked at our credit card bills. Because boy, did we spend a lot of money, right? Over the holidays. We always do and that kind of it.

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